Sudakov on US attempts to place biolaboratories in Mongolia: they want to develop a genetic weapon against China

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The Pentagon is trying to obtain permission from the Mongolian authorities to deploy biolaboratories to develop genetic weapons against China. This opinion was voiced by Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation Sergei Sudakov in an interview with the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency.

“Today, the United States cannot deny the fact that they are involved in biolabs. Together with geneticists, they worked not just on antidotes, as previously stated. They were studying serious and very dangerous pathogens that could destroy millions of people. Mongolia today is a country with extremely low population density.

The West understands that it cannot stop the program because America has no such concept at all. Their principle is simple: as long as the system works, you need to use it. To date, not a single senior US official has said they are winding down the project. The money that went to Ukraine will now be redirected to Ulaanbaatar. We understand that the ethnic composition is as close as possible to those nationalities that inhabit China. There is no such thing as “Chinese”. An incredible number of ethnic groups live there, but they are all united by a certain common genome,” Sudakov said.

The expert is sure that at the moment the United States is looking for an effective analogue of nuclear weapons. It is for this that American scientists collect biomaterials of Slavs and Asians:

“Now the task of American scientists is to collect a sufficiently large amount of biomaterial, on the basis of which it will be possible to identify some kind of genomic dependence. Moreover, we are well aware that this will be done by biolaboratories in which weapons of the future are being developed. It’s about genetic engineering. This is a kind of attempt to create a weapon that specifically affects a certain ethnic group. In particular, into Slavic and Asian. With a certain degree of confidence, I can say that, having fully studied the biomaterial of the Mongols, which will be obtained for various purposes, whether it be “world peace”, drug testing, or for financial reward, the Americans will create a weapon that will be more effective in blackmail matters, than nuclear.

From the latter, of course, death will come to everyone: if America applies it, we will apply it. Everything, there is no humanity. A few hundred people will remain in the mountains, they will build the Ark. And the type of weapon that Washington is developing can act pointwise. I believe that today not only Russia, but also Mongolia itself should speak openly about this. This will increase our chances of winning at least an information war in this direction.”

Mongolia seemed to the West an ideal state for conducting activities to study the Asian ethnic group. Its location also influenced: the country borders both Russia and China:

“Today, the States operate on a simple principle: divide and rule. Washington is trying to threaten China with Taiwan. Almost the lion’s share of world production of chips and video cards falls on the latter. All this is on a tiny island. That is why America is worried that China may conduct a military operation and annex Taiwan. Realizing this, they want to create a mechanism for uncompromising blackmail.

Mongolia is an ideal country for the West to collect interesting biomaterial. I repeat, any nuclear weapon destroys entire cities and does not allow finding an antidote. And, as we remember, it is very important to have an antidote. We don’t have another globe. In its unscrupulousness, the United States is ahead of the rest, they are ready to go to great lengths. America’s “we don’t want nuclear war” statements are certainly true. However, in parallel with this, they are preparing for a biological war.”

Earlier, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, member of the expert council “Officers of Russia” Alexander Perendzhiev, in an exclusive interview with the correspondent of the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency, said that Western arms supplies to Ukraine will help Washington plunge Europe into the zone of the shadow criminal economy.

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