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(thread) rolling off the smashing success of exposing Black wife coffee company , i figured i would continue to expose some of the spooky stuff going on regarding the military on the homefront. Mainly "warrior culture" and "seal worship". Image
Disclaimer. I actually do respect (combat) veterans deeply. However america has fallen into a trap of unconditional love for its warrior class. This is wrong. One look at creeps like @FPWellman will send most veteran respecters into a psychological spiral.
Lets start with the creepy love affair that has taken place recently with the UPPER echelons of combat forces. Back in ww2 , buck privates would do amazing shit and be on every newspaper in the country. Everyone knew basilone. Now everyone knows jocko willinc Image
Most people do not really understand combat at all. They believe that your training , or technology , makes you stronger than the enemy. This is not the case. Its simply a force multiplier that gives you better odds. Take those force multipliers away. and even seals get REKT
We will start with one of the most disgusting stories of the war on terror. The "lone survivor" marcus luttrell. His famous movie cemented navy seals as the ultimate super soldiers who can hold off massive amounts of enemies.

TLDR a seal team was inserted into a valley and was ambushed by 7 militia men and completely wiped out. Marcus luttrell , the lone survivor. was saved by a local man named Mohamed Gulab. Pashtunwali is an afghan code of honor that requires you to be a decent person no matter what
The truth of the story is stranger than fiction. In the movie its depicted that they were attacked by a massive platoon or larger sized force and they took out tons of them. This didnt happen. it was a squad sized element of around 7 militia that ambushed them.
The military lied about this and said the force was much larger. Likely to save face of the complete disaster that this operation was that got an entire QRF (quick reaction force) vaporized in a helicopter from an RPG.
They decided to make a hollywood movie about (the worst disaster in modern military history) for propaganda purposes. However what happens next will sicken you deeply as an american
Mohamed Gulab was the man who rescued the surviving seal marcus luttrell. However because of his actions he was being hunted by taliban non stop. They killed family members of his and attempted his life multiple times. Marcus learned about this and tried to get him into the US
Eventually he managed to get him stateside , this was around the time the movie was coming out. Marcus was happy and got him all set up with a place and everything. It was the perfect payment for saving his life.
However through various interviews with american media , Mohamed Gulab started telling a slightly different story than marcus. The most important being marcus had a full ammo load on his plate carrier. Meaning he did not fire anything more than a single magazine.
this of course , means the entire movie was made up and that marcus could potentially be labeled a coward. as in the taliban recorded video , you can audibly hear his team mates calling his name in a panic.
This of course , did not sit well with luttrell. This relatively harmless correction of events from gulab could throw a wrench into everything. And the most disgusting thing ever happened
Marcus stopped taking the calls of gulab. You have to understand this is a man who cant speak english and is alone in a country he has never been in. He was completely abandoned by the man whose life he saved for simply telling the truth in an interview.
I suggest you read this article as it covers everything in more detail. So i can move on with the thread