Tokyo 2020 and Gender Equality


On recent remarks made by President Mori, he commented on Thursday:

"My recent remarks at the JOC Council meeting were inappropriate and also contrary to the Olympic and Paralympic spirit. I deeply regret my comments and would like to sincerely apologise to anyone whom I have offended."

Tokyo 2020 reaffirms our visions, and will continue the Games operations with the aim of improving a society, respecting, celebrating and embracing the variety of individuals and diversity: dimension of diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, languages, religious or political beliefs or impairments.

We pursue our visions putting importance on unity in diversity, sustainability and recovery: we are determined to work continuously in order to leave legacy for our society.

Our top priority is to ensure safety and to make all the stakeholders feel secured. We stay mindful of the development of the situations surrounding COVID-19 and will work on our preparations to take all possible measures.