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    Welcome back sur mon blog de Bagdad à Jérusalem, l'Orient indiscret (après une longue absence, c'est vrai...) >>

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    52 minutes ago

    Why Designating the Iranian Rev. Guards Terrorists would paint a big Red Target On US Troops in Iraq via

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    I talked to the Saudi expert and Princeton Professor Bernard Haykel about the future of Saudi Arabia, why Jamal Khashoggi was killed, and his own interactions and dealings with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salaman.

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  4. Nous n'avons aucune autre motivation que d'informer.... et cela depuis de nombreuses années que nous faisons ce beau métier....

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    1 hour ago

    Who will wield the influence when Iran and Russia have finished stacking the deck?

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    $68.2 billion: The amount of firearms, bombs, weapons systems, and military training that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have bought from the US since the start of their war in Yemen – billions more than previously reported. via

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    14 hours ago

    "Many Israelis will consider April 9 a celebration of democracy. It’s not. This Election Day should be nothing more than a painful reminder of a deeply undemocratic reality, one that the Trump administration seems pleased to perpetuate"

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    US has struck at least $68 billion in deals for bombs, weapons systems, and military training with Saudi Arabia and the UAE since the start of their war in Yemen

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    9 hours ago

    - video of LNA fighting near Khallet Alforjan, Ain Zara, outskirts of . Classic combined-arms tactics: -Couple of dudes taking potshots with an MG in general direction of enemy -Tank doing donuts -Someone walking by with an RPG -A guy on his back filming it all

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    Hezbollah is aiming to pocket millions of dollars a month by soliciting money directly from its supporters in Lebanon and abroad

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    Syrian flag General Authority for Maritime Transport SYRIAMAR vessel Laodicea transits Bosphorus towards Med en route to . Likely coming from a Crimean port, AIS set to Tripoli🇱🇧. & its ships (incl. Laodicea)are on OFAC SDN list since 3AUG2015.