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e621 aiwait anthro armwear canine clothed clothing collar crossdressing dog elbow_gloves erection fur girly gloves hair knifeh legwear looking_at_viewer male mammal panties penis pink_eyes pink_fur pink_hair ryuu short_hair solo standing stockings underwear

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Dick looks weird.


The dick has boobs.


Pity about the blatant cock...


And Mouth...

Damn... this looked really good as a thumbnail... the muzzle I don't like. Body is perfect. This happens IRL too XD

loled so hard when i found out a 14 year old kid has this as his avatar on steam. so young and so gay so quick. sad day we live in when children are introduced to fagetry when they're still conditionable. now before you scream OMFG THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY U SUX, think about it really.



Oh Jasmin, your trolling is so hilariously bad.

10/10, would read again just to see your fail.

Marbles said:
Oh Jasmin, your trolling is so hilariously bad.

10/10, would read again just to see your fail.

he's just frustrated that no pretty bois want to touch him x3



50 bucks says this kid's gonna be on e621 in like a month. Is this one of those sights that is crazy about under age members, or we dgaf?

Aw. Though that was a she. Looks it in the thumbnail. Very nicely done though. I love the tail ^^

Jasmin, Go fuck yourself, He is my friend and just because he is 14 doesn't mean he doesn't know what he wants and he wants Dick. I turned gay at 13 and I bet you'll say something about that too, I don't care for you at all and the only reason I am commenting is because I want to defend my friend. Again, Go fuck yourself with a baseball bat with rusty nails and barbwire wrapped around it.
If anyone wants to add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ezki
Everyone likes a femboy ^^

NO ONE can "turn" gay. if it appears that way its because they realized they were gay all along after viewing a male in a sexual way. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay but there is something wrong with kids looking at porn.

I would also like to add that this is 22 year olds friend fursona named Aiwait http://furaffinity.net/user/aiwait

7 years ago

At least he has nice hair. :3