Just Plain Old Lazy! (Bara!SansxReader) {LEMON}

Just Plain Old Lazy! (Bara!SansxReader) {LEMON}

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Miss Bone Humped By DrunkenFrisk Updated Dec 18, 2016

Okay, so, wattpad deleted my previous description. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Immagine having no friends, being an adult, working with kids waaay to much, and living all alone in a big, dark house that was left to you by your dead grandparents.
That's you.
Of course, until you find one of your old therapists in a grocery store, and realize that she's the mother of Frisk, one of the children you take care of.
Toriel invites you over, and it kind of snowballs from there. Sans, Mettaton, Bp-
It got crazy real fast.

A few notes:
Bara Sans=Big Sans
Slow burn. You ain't just gonna meet em and go- "let's fck"
You have an ex
Who sucks
 Cuz exes suck
Huge dong
Sans x Fem Reader

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  • coolio
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AuthorChan_Dreamer Aug 06, 2017
I'm not lesbian -.- i'm a Author/Auto who CORRECT'S PEOPLE!!
mojoB22 Feb 24
////////o\\\o//////  why did he have to say that?! And can someone please tell me what the heck Bara means?!
Reverse_975 Feb 21
And i think we all know what type of 'wierd' it's gonna be;)
mojoB22 Feb 24
/////o\\\o//// why?! Also can someone PLEASE bloody explain to me what bara means? Seriously is it another AU or what?! Cause when I look at pictures all I see is undertale sans and papyrus. What is a bloody bara?!
Crossover_whaat Sep 03, 2016
Thx for the slowburn. Best fics ever are slowburns instead of 0 and all of a sudden 100. Like WOAH BRUH, CALM THE FUW DOWN
DrunkenFrisk Apr 09, 2016
Yea, I am. ^.^ we're having a feels trip today, students.  XD