Forex trading is not easy and you can’t sit 24/7 to trade. If you do, you won’t know when you grow old and regret you didn’t enjoy your money and your freedom.
So, I developed X-Doubler EA to suit the 2 types of Forex traders. Which one are you?

How much does X-Doubler make weekly?

  1. Type A settings:

The EA will make pips very fast. Weekly ROI averagely is 20-30% Monthly ROI averagely is 100-300% Type

  1. Type B settings:

The X-Doubler EA will make pips slowly Weekly ROI averagely is 1-3% Monthly ROI averagely is 4-12% This account, currently running made $2,986 in just 9 Days. i.e 42% ROI in 1 week

Result of 3 live accounts

This Account made 2986$ in just 9days.
42% ROI in 1Weeks
(Type A trader)