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By definition Freemasonry is a mystery religion, since it is an occult religion, i.e., its doctrines are not disseminated for public inspection, but rather one must go through various levels of initiation in order for one to gradually learn greater levels of its teachings. Thus, most Freemasons are simply dues-paying dupes, unaware of its higher doctrines. For those who are interested in extensive scholarly documentation regarding elite esotericism, including Freemasonry, and its practice by the globalist oligarchy, see under the heading "The New World Order: Government's Attempt at Autoapotheosis", pp. 87-98 of my following article, being sure to read the footnotes, since much of the information on this is contained within said footnotes:

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It's no "mystery": the Masons teach and believe there are two gods, the one they worship being Lucifer (aka Satan) and the one they consider their enemy being "Adonai" who they also call "the God of the Bible."

Additionally they are heavily involved in sexual child abuse, abuse-based mind control, and every kind of corrupt business, political, and judicial dealings.

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Everything is considered a mystery school, including Christianity, Judaism, and whatever else you want to through in. Between history's liars, and today's abusers, much is obscure and requires deciphering both spiritually, materially, and reasonably.

Gnostics are not luciferians, as in satan, that is the vatican/christian/jew attempt to squash all learning arts acquired from 'Latin' not 'Satan.'

Satan is also used in conjunction with Pluto (Trident) and Saturn (Rings). It is a mish-mosh of lies and abuse from high-level religious controllers.

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https://files.catbox.moe/j1gle8.jpgJPG who are the Shriners, Oder of Eastern Star and Jesters

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its a mystery school and only the upper echolons are luciferian.

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Stop saying Luciferian and use the word Gnostic. By putting people on that path they will learn a lot more tangible information about them.

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Mystery School, Musterion, Mystery Babylon.

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Yes that's exactly what it is.

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Bro. Albert Pike - The Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Fellowship, Shriner publication quoted by Charles W. Ferguson, Fifty Million Brothers: A Panorama of https://invidio.us/watch?v=dvUNRekfEE8