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[–]fgjjghgfhj -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (8子コメント)

I mean, who even cares anymore? There is no country worth fighting for, nor a planet to save, nor a future to work toward, nor a culture to interact and provide for.

[–]SaltyTigerBeef 8 ポイント9 ポイント  (0子コメント)

1-800-273-8255 This is the number to the national suicide prevention hotline. You seem very depressed and might want to give them a call or at least talk to someone about it.

[–]theghostpenis 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (5子コメント)

FCC rule made in December 2016, and hasn't yet been implemented. Did anyone have a problem with ISPs collecting/selling your information between 2008 and 2017?

[–]whatmeworkquestion 4 ポイント5 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Yes. The only real travesty is how long it took for the rule to take effect.

[–]Serraph105 26 ポイント27 ポイント  (7子コメント)

Where's all the demoRATS who voted for this? I know they were the ones who really did this. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!

[–]vishyswoz 6 ポイント7 ポイント  (2子コメント)

This was a vote split on party lines

Close to all republicans voted for

Close to all democrats voted against

[–]realquestionsto -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (11子コメント)

Help me out here. As much as I dont like idea of my browsing habits being sold. This bill increases freedom. Why should the federal government limit what a company may do with its property?

[–]tundey_1Maryland 2 ポイント3 ポイント  (4子コメント)

These 365 members of congress aren't the problem. They are just the latest symptom of our defective system. Lobbying is legalized bribery. Plain and simple. If these 265 guys & gals don't take the money, others will take it. If you vote out these people, the incoming guys will take the money. Lobbying and all the associated bullshit disclosure rules around it is like the NCAA. We all pretend the players are amateurs but we know they are getting paid.

[–]Ed98208 4 ポイント5 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Then why didn't any Democrats take the money and vote yes?

[–]tundey_1Maryland 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Do all bank robbers rob the same bank on the same day? While democrats may not have taken money to support this bill, they are also complicit in lobbying-to-riches. I remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz supported a bill that protected payday loan lenders just last year.

[–]xatencio000 -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (3子コメント)

People need to calm down. Your website history is basically sales data. Companies sell sales data all the time. I know you all want to make a big deal about it, but you're only doing so because you were told it was done by Republicans to screw you specifically over.

[–]quisp65 -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (4子コメント)

Yesterday's total of businesses that sell your information on the internet 1,500,403

After bill.... 1,500,404


This has nothing to do with protecting your privacy, because you don't have any. This is about having different laws that apply to ISPs. I'm fine either way on this issue. It's not really that big of a deal.

[–]zavmonster 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (7子コメント)

Can someone explain why this is such a big deal? Are we mad that it opens the door to further privacy issues or what?

Even though I agree that Republicans seem to be total hypocrites and have little interest in the betterment of the American people, I don't understand how this particular issue is so awful.

[–]hck1206a9102 -2 ポイント-1 ポイント  (5子コメント)

Honestly, this isn't my data. It's data about me not owned by me, stored by me and only created by the result of my actions... I'm not sure why I'm supposed to be upset about this

[–]nosayso 23 ポイント24 ポイント  (5子コメント)

Ctrl+F "Democrat"... no results... but I thought both parties were the same?

[–]NerdBlood -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (3子コメント)

Nobody believes this. Stop saying this.

[–]bowsting 3 ポイント4 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Well some people believe this but those people are typically wack jobs.

[–]nosayso 6 ポイント7 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Bullshit, if I had a dollar every time I heard the "giant douche vs. turn sandwich" line I'd have more money than Trump claims to have.

[–]NerdBlood -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (0子コメント)

That's not the same thing. They are definitely giant douche vs turd sandwich. It just turns out that one of those is less bad.

Edit: Why am I getting down voted on this? Do people not understand that both can be bad to different degrees? It's not black and white.

[–]CarneDelGato 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Today I purchased a VPN subscription.

[–]almondbutter -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

It sucks because the woman who represents my district is on this list. Extra bad because she lost by a very narrow margin. Having Clinton at the top of the ticket really fucked us all very badly. No one wanted anything to do with the DNC after the primary, so naturally, none of the well informed, fine citizenry were able to vote for Democrats in any of the local races because they all professed their adoration of Hillary.

[–]theeemaster -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

wow that was chump change..

the truth is because of trump and this change.. most of them are probably done being career politicians.. and that fact is a new party is coming.. probably 10x better then democrats.. so definitely the time to cash out!

[–]arsa37Florida -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

im sure you can't buy the internet history of anyone specifically but in some sort of way of statistical way , doesn't the cable act prevent tht

[–]StrictlyNaija 11 ポイント12 ポイント  (0子コメント)

They're all Republicans? Hmmmm, seems like a....trend?

[–]BazTehBarrett 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Luther Strange is kicking himself.

[–]hubbubnub 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Not American but is there a podcast where people talk about these things?

[–]redline42 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

So Americans love porn. Lots and lots of porn, Reddit (/gone wild), 4chan and occasionally they pay a bill.

[–]Mr_unbeknownstForeign 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (3子コメント)

Can someone explain the GOP position on this, and the DNC position on this? Why GOP support vs why DNC is against it?

[–]JaKKeD 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (2子コメント)

So does this mean our ISPs are going to start bombarding us with ads somehow?

[–]crushedbycookie 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (1子コメント)

I see a ton of negativity regarding this bill? Are there any good bits? Any arguments in favor of it?

[–]Buhnanah 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (5子コメント)

Sooo what does this mean to a regular person like me? Why should I care if they're looking at my browsing history?

[–]xatencio000 -2 ポイント-1 ポイント  (17子コメント)

What does this actually do? ISPs already track website history. They already have all of this data. What is the downside - from the user perspective - of an ISP selling this data to a marketing firm?

[–]WabiSabiWill 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (8子コメント)

Other than the fact that it's not theirs to sell?

Maybe you're cool with me taking pictures of you while you're in your house and then selling them to whoever will pay for them?

[–]TurrPhennirPhan 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Not a single Democrat or independent (not that there's many) on the list, Republicans all the way down. Guess that's not a shocker. Sorta happy to see than Rand Paul didn't vote for it: he's far from perfect, but I appreciate him sticking to his values here... it's a rarity in politics.

And that's three politicians directly representing me that DID sell out. Cruz, Cornyn, Olson. Guess I've got some letters to write...

Last: I'm a member of the Libertarian Party, but Democrats? Thanks for resisting on this one. There's a lot we disagree on, at least on how it should be handled, but you have my support in protecting my privacy and that of every other American citizen.

[–]DiscoConspiracy 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (1子コメント)

No word from Wikileaks on this bill, or did I miss it?

[–]Ghost-Industries 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Please be civil? Seriously? WTF? If the fucking congress can't be civil then I won't be civil, got that? Fuck this congress up the ass.

[–]Racecarlock 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

There it is, there it is, fuck you Hatch. Fuck you. 106 thousand dollars? Granted it's one of the highest prices on the list, but that just makes it worse! Like, how much do you already make? I never voted for you, but now I'm definitely never going to. Choke Utah Blue.

[–]MissDiketon 24 ポイント25 ポイント  (0子コメント)

But I thought there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans? /s

[–]MagicComa106 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Here's to hoping that, in the age of the internet, we can get money out of politics and end the oligarchy before its too late.

[–]foxybutterfly 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Fucking Barbara Comstock

[–]DoctorDiesel1 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Well guys, it's a lot of porn.

[–]Maggie-PKMichigan 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (4子コメント)

I can taste the vomit in my mouth as I listen to my Government professor talk about how Republicans stand on the side of "Freedom", I fail to see how any of this provides freedom to anyone (except those who would profit)

[–]arguing-on-redditMissouri 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Both parties are exactly the same!!!

[–]Mundon 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Fark you, PA District 7 House Rep Patrick Meehan.

$126,000+ from Comcast.

You better believe I contacted him and I am waiting for a response.

[–]GollumParty 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Both parties are the same, it doesn't matter who I vote for, giant douche vs. turd sandwich hurr durr durr, am I rite?

[–]lamabaronvonawesome -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

In some ways yes in some ways no. Yea they are all bought but one REALLY doesn't give a fuck about you and one does a little bit.

[–]lordcheeto -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (4子コメント)

This is a crap, illogical argument, no matter who uses it.

When someone runs for Congress, they already have positions. People and companies choose to contribute money and resources to their campaigns because they believe in or benefit from those positions as well.

Simply contributing money to a campaign does not support a claim of corruption, and it's frankly idiotic to suggest otherwise.

[–]MrWipeYaAssForYa 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (1子コメント)


It is idiotic to think that giving someone $600,000 would influence their actions. Right.

[–]hotvision -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (1子コメント)

So glad I stood by my pretentious moral high ground and voted for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton. She's corrupt, and the email-thing too.

[–]SocialJustiseFlorida 457 ポイント458 ポイント  (72子コメント)

All Republicans. But both parties are the same.

[–]omeow 15 ポイント16 ポイント  (50子コメント)

All Republicans. But both parties are the same.

Your first sentence contradicts the second one.

[–]organictimemachine 8 ポイント9 ポイント  (0子コメント)

You should put /s at the end of your second sentence.

[–]PritzkerAmerica 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Sarcasm isn't a second language for you, I can see lol.

[–]fingaz1856 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (3子コメント)

But its comments like these that make Republicans hate Democrats even more.

Comments like these won't get Republicans to see your side of the argument.

[–]masahawk 309 ポイント310 ポイント  (36子コメント)

That's the point. Many Republicans or Hillary haters say both sides are the same, they aren't.

[–]Cyclone_1 3 ポイント4 ポイント  (26子コメント)

Yeah, I think to call the Democrats and Republicans identical is hyperbolic for sure. It's not really a true 1 for 1 comparison/ratio/whatever.

I do think, however, there are times when the Democrats are eerily similar to Republicans and I think some people on the "left" in their frustration of the Democratic Party's failings get inarticulate.

[–]masahawk 22 ポイント23 ポイント  (24子コメント)

Then please provide some examples of Dems doing something. I'm ignorant to the facts on that one. Not trying to be sarcastic I want to understand the other side.

[–]Cyclone_1 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (13子コメント)

Sorry. I am confused. Can you elaborate on your statement above?

[–]FusRoDawg 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (1子コメント)

'member when you had to fight for net neutrality?

[–]masahawk 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

'Member when the Constitution was followed

[–]factisfiction 11 ポイント12 ポイント  (7子コメント)

I dont think, ideology speaking, both parties are the same. For the most part there is a huge difference. However, the one thing that both parties have in common, and I think its a huge root problem in politics is that the big donors > the voter. Doesnt matter what change the people want, it won't happen if it doesn't fit into what the corporations want.

[–]gold-team-rulesCalifornia 14 ポイント15 ポイント  (3子コメント)

Nowadays, I think most modern democrats (at least most of the Boomers), are just moderate Republicans at worst. And modern Republicans are just fascists.

It's a shame, I do often wish the Democrats would be far more progressive like Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, or Kamala Harris. But I'm glad they're digging their heels and voting as a unanimous block against the Republicans lately.

[–]OhmiglobNorth Carolina 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Kamala isn't super progressive, her record as AG has some problematic stuff, I'm still waiting to see how she shapes up in the senate though.

It's bizarre that CA of all places can't get more Leftist Dems into elected office.

[–]NovaDeez 4 ポイント5 ポイント  (0子コメント)

I do think, however, there are times when the Democrats are eerily similar to Republicans and I think some people on the "left" in their frustration of the Democratic Party's failings get inarticulate.

Okay, but the issue is people excuse their own inaction by claiming both sides are the same, and they ignore Republicans repealing privacy laws, and trying to remove healthcare, and hugely inflating the defense budget at the expense of public services, and point to "Oh my god, the DNC liked Hillary better than Bernie".

[–]fingaz1856 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (7子コメント)

Idk... I'm from NJ Corey Booker voted against cheaper medication because he received a couple of hundred thousand $$$ from big pharma.

This kind of BS happens on both sides o the isle.

[–]cheapStrykerCalifornia 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Hillary is way different. She gets her bribes from Saudi Arabia and other foreign nations and launders it through her bullshit foundation. Way different

[–]tossme68 -2 ポイント-1 ポイント  (2子コメント)

How did the bill get through the Senate? The Reps don't have a super majority. It takes 60 votes to get the bill to a majority vote, so the Dems didn't fillibuster and it won with no Dem votes. Looks like the Dems in the Senate got this bill passes with a little slight of hand.

[–]falconbox -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (2子コメント)

You realize a similar law was trying to be passed by Democrats over the last 4-8 years, right? SOPA/PIPA?

The only reason no democrat voted for this, even if they support it, is to keep their hands clean in the case it goes bad, since they know it's going to pass with all the republican votes.

[–]lombardo2 -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Shhh you will ruin the circlejerk. Both Republicans and Democrats don't care about the American people as much as they care about they own interests which, for most of them, are money and power.

[–]UmamiUnagi -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (3子コメント)

As far as I know, Rand Paul is the only Republican that didn't vote yes. Were there any others?

[–]Link_1986 11 ポイント12 ポイント  (2子コメント)

so basically never vote for a republican

[–]IeatInternet -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Wow a post on r/politics thats not complete garbage good for you!

[–]augustdazed -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (13子コメント)

I am being flippant here but why does anyone care? I don't care at all.

First, for me it is helpful to me to have various adds match my interest.

Second, if you don't like the add, instead of clicking on it, go to a new browser session and just search for the item yourself. That way you get the knowledge and the company doesn't make money of you.

If you buy anything online you should use multiple browsers and try routing through an Onion router anyways as the prices you are shown are already varied to you anyways because of where you live and what Amazon, or whoever, know about you already.

[–]SpellsThatWrong 76 ポイント77 ポイント  (13子コメント)

Is it just me or is America a piece of shit?

[–]arpsachin2 18 ポイント19 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Naaa. I think shit is an understatement. The turd in the WH is gonna take us down even further.

[–]maoglone 3 ポイント4 ポイント  (3子コメント)

My rep, Thomas Massie, is a cheap date.

[–]AwayWeGo112 -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Thomas Massie is one of the most principled politicians we have. He just proposed an audit the fed bill that is making traction. Very liberty minded, dude. Maybe that's why he doesn't get a lot of donations.

[–]strboole 18 ポイント19 ポイント  (1子コメント)

I would just LOVE if each of these people were the victim of personal hacks, where all their private messages and pictures were released online :)

If you can do it to us, then we can absolutely do it to you! And I promise you have more things to hide than we do.

Let the games begin.

[–]cheetahlip 5 ポイント6 ポイント  (0子コメント)

All republicans.....makes me even more proud to be a democrat!

[–]SpartanNitro1 25 ポイント26 ポイント  (9子コメント)

My favorite lines from before the election.

"I can't vote for Hillary because she's corrupt."

"Both parties are the same and Trump wants to shake things up."

"Democrats are in the pockets of big corporate interests."

"Bernie was screwed so I'm voting Trump."

"Voting 3rd party will send a message to the party establishment."


[–]IcarusFlies7 -5 ポイント-4 ポイント  (4子コメント)

If you don't think ISPs would have spent the money to flip a few dems if they had to, you are naive as shit. Dems voted for Iraq, Patriot Act...don't kid yourself, they aren't on your side.

[–]SettleDownButtercup 447 ポイント448 ポイント  (119子コメント)

All Republicans. Does Reddit still believe Republicans and Democrats are the same?

I'm convinced Republicans are literally evil.

[–]Xiphias_ -2 ポイント-1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

From my point of view the Democrats are evil!

[–]toasterding 3 ポイント4 ポイント  (1子コメント)

According to Reddit, our protest votes for "bust" should have ushered in Bernie's progressive utopia by now.

[–]JoeSnyderwalk -4 ポイント-3 ポイント  (0子コメント)

I certainly don't think they're the same, but the cynical part of me tells me that if the Republicans hadn't had a majority, a few Democrats would have flipped and this would have passed anyway. Those big telecom companies donate to both sides, you know. This way the Dems get to take the moral high ground for their base while still not exactly stabbing their big donor friends in the back. Same thing happened with Collins and Murkowski not voting for DeVos.

[–]HRP 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (3子コメント)

Yo, why the fuck are so many people harping on this sentiment as of late?

[–]SettleDownButtercup 29 ポイント30 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Because we heard it from smug Redditors for years. We now have quantifiable evidence it was a lie.

We need to really rub the reality into those Redditor's stupid brains.

[–]HRP 2 ポイント3 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Sure -- I just feel like I missed a memo, is all.

[–]Under_the_Gaslight 4 ポイント5 ポイント  (0子コメント)

The GOP has been the party of corporations and major shareholders my entire life and the Democrats are the only effective bulwark against them.

This isn't news. Make sure you don't forget and don't let others forget either like they did after GWB.

[–]stephen89 -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (12子コメント)

You say as you're on reddit and probably use facebook, and twitter, and google every day. All websites that sell your private data to 3rd parties without regulation or your permission. But only ISPs should be blocked right?

[–]tylero056Minnesota 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Fair point--In my opinion it all needs to go.

[–]REdEnt -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Its not that they're the same, its just that the Democrats have the bare minimum conscious. Yes, Democrats are leagues ahead of Republicans, that doesn't mean we should be happy with some of their shitty practices.

[–]Loyd_Xmas -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (1子コメント)

I'm somewhat of a centrist. I hold a number of conservative views but have found myself completely at odds with essentially the entire Republican Party for some time. They are an embarrassment. Democrats tend to be more polished and not visibly contradictory but at the end of the day, many politicians are the same IMO.

[–]ty1553 -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

I'm convinced that Republicans and Democrats are literally evil

[–]ScofieldM -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Have you ever heard of SOPA and PIPA ? Reddit organized several boycotts over that, democrats were in on it too.... even proposed PIPA https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/ot34v/dodd_accused_of_bribery_over_sopa_remarks/

[–]PhilemonAndSalome -5 ポイント-4 ポイント  (0子コメント)

They don't have to be the same to both be pieces of shit.

[–]Pantarus 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

They are the closest things we have to that big round table in a hidden bunker, with florescent lighting. A group of sinister old white money all trying to figure out ways to take over the world and screw people over.

Whats worse is now they even have a POTUS that looks like an old James Bond villain.

Narf, What are we going to do tonight Brain?

Same thing we do every night Pinky try to screw everyone who isn't already rich...then try to take over the world.

Its simplicity itself, we shall fool our constituents using words like freedom, choice, and god. We will then use their inherent racism and fears to create monstrous golems, we will even tell them that the democrats want these imaginary golems to take their jobs and rape their daughters. They will be afraid, angry, and as long as we stick to the plan...we can literally say ANYTHING we want...and they will believe us...Mmmmwahahaha.

NARF...can we tell them that the democrats gleoms are trying to steal their toe jam and give it to the Australians? NARF

Yes, Pinky...even that.

Sounds like a good plan Brain...but how are we going to fly all that toe jam to Australia? Narf

[–]theghostpenis -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

This is a rule change made in December 2016, which has not even been implemented. Republicans voted to block the FCC making that change. The impact on you? Everything is the exact same it's been the entirety of the Obama administration. Instead of the FCC rule saying you had to opt-in to allow ISPs from being able to collect and sell this data, it stays the same as it is now. Have you complained to your ISP the last eight years about this? Have you asked to opt-out, or sought an ISP that has opt-out provisions?

[–]Jack_Candle -1 ポイント0 ポイント  (0子コメント)

They're the same in the sense that they are both corruptible. Saying that the dems aren't is living in fantasy land. We are only seeing the republican side of it right now because they have the vehicle to do so.

[–]fingaz1856 -2 ポイント-1 ポイント  (1子コメント)

I'm from NJ and Corey Booker received over $200k from Big Pharma to vote against cheaper medication.

Yes, both parties do it. Blaming the Republicans and ignoring the fact that Democrats do this, too, is just the kind of distraction the politicians on both sides of the isle want.

[–]iminyourbase 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Far right republicans say the same things about democrats on their message boards. But, even as someone who doesn't have any allegiance to either party, I have to say that I agree with you. The right wingers call certain democrats evil, but I just don't see the same kind of spiteful or bigoted rhetoric coming from the left as I do from the right. The comments from right wingers are pure hatred. And the legislation coming from the GOP caters to that spiteful, hateful, selfish mentality.

[–]falconbox 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

You realize a similar law was trying to be passed by Democrats over the last 4-8 years, right? SOPA/PIPA?

The only reason no democrat voted for this, even if they support it, is to keep their hands clean in the case it goes bad, since they know it's going to pass with all the republican votes.

[–]--ManBearPig-- 31 ポイント32 ポイント  (1子コメント)

That's just something Trump supporters said to justify their taking a gamble on a TV celebrity.

[–]ElranzerNew York 260 ポイント261 ポイント  (62子コメント)

Does Reddit still believe Republicans and Democrats are the same?

No, that's just something Republicans say.

[–]danman2 0 ポイント1 ポイント  (0子コメント)

And propaganda they tell Democrats.

[–]RedditAtWorkIsBad 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Or, honestly, hard core liberals say it too. I used to say it back in the Nader 2000 days.

Yeah....I fucked up.

[–]livebythefoma 1 ポイント2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Those aren't "hard core liberals" those are dumbasses who barely read anything past the headline. See, the 2016 election.

[–]BoredofBS 20 ポイント21 ポイント  (1子コメント)

Here is the kicker, republicans don't seem to be criticized by the right for their shitty legislations, I like the fact that the left is able to criticize itself.

[–]notare 7 ポイント8 ポイント  (2子コメント)

GOP stands for Group Of Prostitutes.

[–]Me_Tarzan_You_GainsTexas -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

It actually doesn't

[–]puss_parkerswidow 8 ポイント9 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Virtual human trafficking. It's making a profit off of repeatedly violating your privacy and it could affect your livelihood.

[–]bogusnot 124 ポイント125 ポイント  (56子コメント)

Libertarians be like, "but it's anonymously aggregated."

[–]nufli -3 ポイント-2 ポイント  (0子コメント)

No. We don't be like that.

[–]oxygencube -5 ポイント-4 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Not really. You don't see Rand Paul's name on that list.

[–]nonadesMassachusetts 33 ポイント34 ポイント  (0子コメント)

Libertarians don't understand data science and that with enough data points from one source, it's not anonymous anymore.

[–]ElranzerNew York 35 ポイント36 ポイント  (4子コメント)

Libertarians, when forced to choose a side between Republicans and Democrats, will almost always pick Republican.

[–]Morilynx 10 ポイント11 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Isn't it funny how they're called the right when they're never so keen on doing the right thing?

[–]WhatIfImPurple 73 ポイント74 ポイント  (12子コメント)

It's amazing. Literally every single one of them is Republican, just like in the block to have Trump show his taxes. Not a single Democrat. I can't believe this is the America we live in, where lines have been drawn so distinctly between good and evil, yet the general public don't seem to care.

[–]keldoheadMassachusetts 43 ポイント44 ポイント  (3子コメント)

Republicans are the scum of the earth.

[–]qazwsxedcrfvtgby 16 ポイント17 ポイント  (4子コメント)

I will be calling my representative again today.

Ken Calvert is a big dopey piece of shit. He won't attend town halls, he won't erase his inbox so you can call him. Big grimey piece of shit who is more concerned about sanctuary cities.

[–]Sage2050 65 ポイント66 ポイント  (4子コメント)

This is a clear example of "democrats are against this, so I'm for it".

[–]Raezak_AmMontana 30 ポイント31 ポイント  (2子コメント)

Also a clear example of "companies give me money so fuck my constituents".

My senator literally told me that he voted for Betsy Devos because he believed in everything she did and that our other senator receiving 1/10th of the money from teacher unions that he did directly from Devos was every bit as suspect. He's such a fucking scumbag.

[–]Hufflepuffupagus 158 ポイント159 ポイント  (42子コメント)

Not one of the Democrats voted for this but the majority of Republicans did.

Tell me again how both parties are the same.