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Anytime people are self-diagnosing themselves, be careful.

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That's true, but most transgendered people go through years of therapy before starting the transition process

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The main problem I have is when six year old children and such are being subjected to counseling, and people under 18 are getting counseling, drugs/hormones, and surgery as if if they are the opposite sex.

In some instances I think the doctors and parents should be charged with child abuse. I mean six years old? That is unbelievable unrealistic, and it makes me very suspicious about how competent these "experts" are.

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Let me preface by saying that your hormones fundamentally change the way you look and act. Once you hit puberty, your testosterone/estrogen kicks in and shapes your body and your psyche. And the later you wait, the worse it gets. Especially if you have dysphoria associated with your gender. Like imagine if you were trapped in a prison and it was slowly changing over the years to become your worse nightmare. That's how trans people feel. So when many trans people transition, it's later in life when they have the stability to do so. Therefore all the effects of hormones are in full swing and they struggle to not stand out in society. All they want is to fit in into a society that usually rejects them. So when a child starts transitioning at a young age, you have to see how it's celebrated and envied by the trans community. That person will grow up they way they feel like they need to and will look like the way they need to.

That being said, no one should force or push a child to transition, it should only happen in the rarest and most scrutinized circumstances. It's huge deal and not something to be taken lightly.

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But how can a child meaningfully consent to such an action?

I am personally familiar with more than one case of a minor transitioning. I am not aware of such a level of scrutiny. On the contrary, I think it's utterly strange that you see multiple cases pop up in certain communities which are very focused on transgender issues, but not so much elsewhere.

It's also frightening, coming from a family that's not very good at conforming to gender expectations. Very few teens are comfortable with puberty. I remember being quite horrified. My sister was none too pleased either, and she exclusively wore guys clothes to try to hide her changing shape. She also was very into sports and socialized mostly with guys. Both of us are now women comfortable in our own bodies. But my sister has mentioned to me that she thinks a kid like her would be pushed to transition now, in some of the ultra liberal circles we grew up with.

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I think kids these days who are feeling this way should be being counseled more about how to feel comfortable with themselves than how to conform to societal stereotypes to be accepted.

In the same vein, other kids should be encouraged to communicate with kids who seem "weird" or different, rather than bully and ostracize them. In many ways, this seems to be happening.

From a lot of reading and personal experience it seems like it's a fad to be a victim these days, so everyone wants to find their victimstance.

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I've never heard of a kid being pushed to transition. More like given the option, some kids will gravitate towards it, which makes sense because transgender adults very often say they knew from a young age that they identified with the other gender. It's then up to trained professionals to determine next steps.

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It wouldn't be malicious. It might not be seen as pressure. But if enough people ask a kid in that vulnerable state of entering puberty "Oh, you're going to transition, right?", it's going to have an impact.

I guess the problem I have is that kids aren't really settled into an identity. Yes, I can believe transpeople felt like misfits and the other gender early, but how many other children, who grow up to be comfortable with themselves, do as well?

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Who is going around asking kids if they're going to transition? You may have a skewed perception of liberals and how they talk, just saying.

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Other kids. The occasional well meaning adult.

I happen to know a community that's liberal to the absurd. It was involved in trans stuff before it became cool. I've witnessed the "oh, are you going to transition?" conversation. I'm aware that this isn't what a mainstream liberal community is like, but it's in that crazy liberal community I know that you see multiple minors transitioning.

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It absolutely is a tenet of the mainstream left. Right now many schools across the country are establishing policies that dictate teachers are prohibited from sharing information pertaining to "transgendered kids" with their parents. Therapists specializing in transgender issues are being installed at elementary and middle schools. There are supposedly apolitical communities here on reddit where the consensus that a child being prohibited from transitioning constitutes child abuse.

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I find that very hard to believe, but even if true by your own admission this kind of attitude is very rare. It's certainly a lot more common for children to be shamed for their gender identity and forced into treatment for that.

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I can see your concern with trying to fit into society and be accepted. Even outside of transgender/sexuality issues people are rejected for not fitting in or being perceived as weird by others. I understand how many people struggle to fit in some way in a social sense without being ostracized. I can sympathize with that.

I do have difficulty in being forced to, as I see it, play into other people's fantasies. Calling women men, or playing along with made up identities as zhe or zher or whatever nonsense, changing English grammar so that their is singular.

The ironic thing to me is, it kind of seems to me that the trans community was a lot better off five or six years ago when they could live their life incognito as whatever identity they wanted to live before people started telling everyone they were bigots if they didn't openly accept them. I mean, generally trans could use whatever bathrooms they wanted to before do-gooders were calling attention to it couldn't they?

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I do have difficulty in being forced to, as I see it, play into other people's fantasies.

Exactly. And that's my main issue. It is not right to force someone else's pretend reality on me.

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That's accurate, but I think it's important to protect the freedom of an adult who has undergone psychiatric evaluation (and passed said evaluation) to obtain hormones and gender reassignment surgery and be treated as a member of their adopted gender. I'm not going to argue that biological sex doesn't change (you're stuck with your XX or XY chromosomes, I know) but I think if someone is referred to as a "he" or a "she" and passes as such that they have a right to be left alone if they fit the aforementioned parameters. If they're not assaulting anyone or using their gender change to harass members of their adopted sex or former sex, trans people deserve the freedom to be accepted.

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And does that acceptance mean you have to, by law, refer to them by their preferred pronouns even in casual conversation?

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The problem is that you can't "adopt" a gender. You are what you are, and that's the end of it. If I'm to go with this, what I'm essentially saying is that I believe a woman who transitions to a man is the same thing I am after all the hormones are taken and the surgeries are done. That's nonsensical, and everybody knows it. Most people are implicitly willing to admit they don't believe somebody who transitions is an actual (adoptive) man or woman because they'd never romantically be involved with them if they knew what they were.

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If you can't drive until you're about 15-16 in most states.

Enlist at 18 unless with parental consent at 17 I believe.

Drink at 21.

Rent a car at 25.

You shouldn't be doing any of this transgender crap at these ages. These kids are still developing, have little maturity, some haven't hit puberty, lack full rational, the list goes on.

Just because Johnny says he's 5 and likes wearing a dress doesn't mean 16 year old Johnny still likes wearing a dress.

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I don't know how true that is these days.

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As someone who pretty in tune with the topic, its pretty true. Of course there's outliers, but not many people make decisions so life altering like this without some guidance or help.

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I was banned from /r/ news for a short period of time for saying this a while back. After a few messages back and forth with the mod to whom I sent a definition of the word bigot, I unsubscribed.

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Yep. Some subs are definitely not conservative-friendly...

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Yep. Some subs are definitely not conservative truth-friendly...


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I wish they'd stop putting these pictures of the worst Halloween costumes of all time at the header of these types of articles.

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Try to find a normal pic of a "she he" as my little cousin calls it

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I mean aside from their therapist simply keeping a record of their disorder, no photos needed of this kind of activity.

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I would like more complete studies about endocrine blocking chemicals/hormones in our water, air and environment and its affects on transgenderism/homosexuality. The flame retardant in couches and other furniture is a known culprit as well as plastics. As a parent of a bi-child who has imbalanced hormones and saying she feels transgrendered, I think we have some serious environmental toxins we are overlooking. There is evidence of animals changing genders, whole runs of fish only one sex.

Before we talk about morality, talk about the damn science and contaminants . and years of birth control pills and estrogen running into our waters. The way we grow our food using waste fertitilizer from the towers of smokestacks burning off the excess waste. We collect and use the nitrous waste as well as the heavy metals and other poisons that attach. Then we till that into the soil to enrich it.

I did my college thesises on these subjects.

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Hello, I am sorry I am not educated enough to speak on the "imbalanced hormones" your daughter feels but having grown up as a gay male I can tell you with all my heart that you need to discourage hormone therapy for your daughter.

Growing up homosexual is a very confusing and scary time; I am assuming for this part your child is younger and hitting puberty. I discourage the use of hormone therapy because your daughter wants nothing more than to fit in and feel normal, trust me I did too. I think it is extremely dangerous to tell our young homosexual children that they can change genders and that it will solve their "otherness" feeling. There was a time in my childhood that I would have believed someone that told me I could just take hormone blockers and remove my genitals that I would fit in and all the boys would like me. That would have ruined my life completely. I have great disdain for this new transgender movement because I think it maliciously targets young homosexual children and can possibly destroy their lives. I encourage you to seek counselling for your daughter or maybe encourage her to dress up more masculine or join sports teams but not to let her make any rash decisions in her teens that could effect the rest of her life. Also try to make the distinction between masculinity vs femininity and actual male vs female. If your daughter feels more masculine that does not mean she needs to do transition to be able to play with the boys.

I mean this with absolutely no ill-will or hatred, I am just trying to advocate for the vulnerable young gay children, like I was, from getting even more confused during their formative developmental years.

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Don't forget the main culprit: liberalism (humanism), where you can't be wrong about your identity

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That people enable LGBTQAlphabetsoup is seriously gross. We shouldn't have to change reality for the mentally ill and encourage their illness. They should get some help. I can see homosexuality being borderline, but transgender is full blown mental illness.

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I would just like to know how it's a mental illness? I do find it odd.. I guess. But don't really care what someone does with their body as long as they don't make a big deal out of it (Caitlin Jenner was so annoying).. I don't think homosexuality is a disease and I don't think transgender is either. Maybe some ppl have other mental issues and like someone else said, they want attention... but I find it hard to think that a disease causes ppl to want to change sex.

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Transgender strongly resembles body dysmorphic disorder. It's also often got a lot of mental similarities with anorexia.

The real question is "why do we stigmatize mental illness to the point that it's considered an insult?"

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Something is messed up in your brain on a physical or chemical level if your body is telling you that you are, in fact, not the sex (because lets be honest, gender and sex are inseparable or men wouldn't need to bolt on a pair of tits and chop off their penis) that you were born as, but you are the opposite sex. Further, anything that would make someone so uncomfortable that they would take such drastic action as severely disfiguring their body is certainly a mental illness. Normal people do not undergo intensive, invasive operations for no reason. Normal people do not harm and disfigure their bodies, and certainly not to that extent, over a feeling of emotional discomfort.

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Fair enough.. I'm a little more socially liberal on these things but I do feel as tho there's a lot more to transgender than we know at this point (as to why they wanna change).

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Especially people who are physically born with both gender assignment and forced to guess which one their body intended. Why can't our genes also tell us to be one gender, but the physical parts or "deformity" was opposite or nearly non existant? You don't choose to be male or female, you also can't choose your genes. Why is this such an issue? Why do people care what other people do with their body/lives? Who is it harming? People opposed seem to have more interest in transgender than actual transgender people.

[–]TheOutlawJoseyWales1Make My Day [スコア非表示]  (1子コメント)

Being born XXY is very rare. These people are the real "Transgenders", which they really aren't even that because the scientific term for them is intrasex, and they are not relevant to this topic because they are a scientifically valid case of being "transgendered".

[–]Inodavtion [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

You're saying sexual preference and identity must be validated by science. I don't think opinions work that way. You are attracted to the opposite sex and anyone who doesn't follow your guidelines of what is normally preferred suddenly has a mental illness? How does that make sense? And again, why do you care? It doesn't affect you.

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What about homosexuality?

[–]TheOutlawJoseyWales1Make My Day [スコア非表示]  (4子コメント)

Biology today is rooted in Darwinism. If we accept Darwinism and the ideas of natural selection, then homosexuality automatically falls to the wayside as abnormal. The root of this abnormality lies in the brain, as there doesn't seem to be any physical causation that makes individuals be attracted to the same sex. Looking at animal populations, this again seems to be quite abnormal, at least in mammalian species, even though we do see some homosexuality present in some animal populations. Animals also experience mental illnesses so we can't point at other animal populations and say that it is normal because other animals also exhibit that characteristic, especially since it is an extreme minority behavior.

[–]EndTimerLiberal [スコア非表示]  (1子コメント)

Biology today is rooted in Darwinism.

In the same way physics is rooted in Newtonianism (by which I mean to say we've figured out some things since Darwin, and the classic "survival of the fittest individual" isn't entirely the root of modern biology), but yeah, evolutionary theory explains the diversity and similarities of life on earth.

If we accept Darwinism and the ideas of natural selection, then homosexuality automatically falls to the wayside as abnormal.

If you mean evolution, you're mistaken. Populations, especially social ones, evolve towards fitness of the population. A group of humans is fit for killing, say mammoths, and surviving, not a lone human. To suggest individuals must always maximize in their own reproductive fitness would be like arguing "Darwinism" precludes the existence of ants, since surely ants would trend toward birthing more and more fertile female offspring until the whole hive, even the drones that care for the eggs, all were queens themselves.

The root of this abnormality lies in the brain, as there doesn't seem to be any physical causation that makes individuals be attracted to the same sex.

Nitpick, but a structural or chemical abnormality in the brain would indeed be a physical cause.

Looking at animal populations, this again seems to be quite abnormal, at least in mammalian species, even though we do see some homosexuality present in some animal populations.

What? There's an astonishing amount of homosexual activity among the other apes. Humans are exceptional for how rarely there's same-sex sexual contact, versus gorillas and bonobos. But same-sex exclusive apes are pretty rare. Then there's giraffes, which have way, way more homosexual activity throughout their population than heterosexual. Do most of these animals have mental problems? Seems to be a very common problem for mammals.

Current thoughts on the matter are that predominantly homosexual men are a small but real benefit to a population as another hunter, another set of hands, not going to create additional offspring as a burden. Which, for 3% of the population seems like a merger benefit. I don't know. But hey, "Darwinism" doesn't explain why people don't remain maximally fertile their whole lives and live forever, either. Evolutionary biology has those pretty well covered, though.

[–]HauntedHead [スコア非表示]  (1子コメント)

If we accept Darwinism and the ideas of natural selection, then homosexuality automatically falls to the wayside as abnormal.

So, you're saying homosexuality isn't genetic because if it were, it would have been eliminated?

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We don't know if it's genetic. At least that's what I'd argue, because on one hand a man and a man can't make a baby, but on the other it's possible for a closeted gay man and a woman to have a baby.

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I completely agree with your assessment. Liberalism has condemned these mentally flawed people to a life of misery that reality based mental intervention may have saved. As the lunacy has spread over recent years I often wonder how many of these people are simply lonely seeking attention of any kind. And picking one of the new liberal victim classes fits the bill.

[–]TheOutlawJoseyWales1Make My Day 9ポイント10ポイント  (1子コメント)

Liberals claim that the way to fix these people is to make their perception your reality. Which doesn't work. These people still commit suicide at astronomical rates, they still suffer from other forms of mental illness at astounding rates, they live low quality lives, and they're more likely to be victimized by others because of their mental illness making them vulnerable to exploitation.

[–]optionhome [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

But for sure they only vote for those with the big D after their names.

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Homosexuality is a mental illness, but it's just been normalized by the media to the point of societal acceptance. It makes no biological sense whatsoever for two people of the same sex to be attracted to each other.

[–]10sixteen 5ポイント6ポイント  (2子コメント)

It makes evolutionary sense to have a male that won't mate with the females stay behind with them while other males go out to hunt or find food.

[–]NakedAndBehindYou -2ポイント-1ポイント  (1子コメント)

Sounds like specious logic to me. Almost every personality disorder could be rationalized if you try hard enough. Doesn't make it correct.

[–]10sixteen [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

I never assigned a correct/incorrect value to my example, it was a counterexample to your strong assertion that 'it makes no biological sense whatsoever'. That's too universal a claim and I provided an instance where it may in fact make sense, I never claimed that it was correct or incorrect. Just thought I'd suggest you use less universally assertive language because when you do, you constrain your argument too much.

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There are a few theories, but the basic idea is that gay people increase the odds of their siblings passing on their genes successfully.

A genetic possibility is that a group of genes may increase the likelihood of a person being gay but may still increase reproductive success overall. Basically, if a set of genes increase reproduction for 90% of the people who carry it, but 10% have the genes in just the right (or wrong in reproduction terms) combination to become gay, the overall net effect is that more of those genes get passed on.

A more social perspective is that, because people live in family groups and communities, gay people may improve the chances of their siblings reproducing and their offspring surviving to adulthood by contributing their efforts towards raising nieces and nephews. Again, even though they themselves weren't passing on genes, they increase the likelihood that their siblings will pass on similar genes.

Finally, gay people can and do have straight sex. They may not want to or enjoy it, but historically people have been forced into marriages they didn't want and had kids from those marriages. It's possible that was happening among ancient tribes as well.

[–]NakedAndBehindYou [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

Basically, if a set of genes increase reproduction for 90% of the people who carry it, but 10% have the genes in just the right (or wrong in reproduction terms) combination to become gay, the overall net effect is that more of those genes get passed on.

This still implies that the gay people are the unlucky ones who ended up mentally ill instead of endowed with superior genes.

gay people may improve the chances of their siblings reproducing

This only makes sense from a "selfish gene" perspective, ie from the perspective of our individual genes are trying to survive and reproduce, instead of from the perspective that an individual human is trying to survive and reproduce. While it's an interesting way to look at things, I don't think it makes sense to assume that a single gene has free will.

Finally, gay people can and do have straight sex.

All sorts of people with mental illness lead normal lives to the best of their ability. But the illness still impairs their overall experience of life. I view being gay as sort of like being colorblind. Can you still lead a full life? Sure. But there is something "off" about you that prevents you from having a normal life experience.

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I don't see what's so conservative about dismissing transgenderism as a fake legal contract. Even if you believed that transgenderism is a mental illness, discriminating against them would still be a violation of the 14th Amendment and the ADA. And if gender-reassignment surgery is effective at alleviating the negative symptoms of transgenderism then it should be embraced as such. Feeling icky around someone who is transgender isn't conservative, it's just biggotted.

[–]TheOutlawJoseyWales1Make My Day [スコア非表示]  (1子コメント)

OK first, feeling icky around someone who is transgendered isn't bigoted. If transgendered people can't help feeling like the opposite sex, then why am I a bigot when I can't help feeling uncomfortable about being around a man who has chosen to take female hormones, slap on pounds of make up, and surgically attach breasts to himself in hopes of becoming a female? Most transgendered people only look like the sex that they wish they were in passing, so in a way a symptom not unlike the Uncanny Valley kicks in, where the person may look close to a woman, but just isn't.

Second, if we are allowing gender reassignment, which I don't care either way about so long as it does not affect me, then why should we force everyone else to recognize you as whatever you wish to be? Just because you (and that you is a rhetorical you) want to be something doesn't mean that I have to alter my reality to accept or enable yours. I should not have to change my life to make special exceptions for people who willingly choose to alter their reality, nor should anyone else. That's infringing on my rights.

If I want to be rich, should you enable my reality by giving me money? Or if I feel like I identify as a slave master, should I be able to subject you to the whip when I please in order to live out my imagined and new "reality"?

[–]meshugga [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

OK first, feeling icky around someone who is transgendered isn't bigoted. If transgendered people can't help feeling like the opposite sex, then why am I a bigot when I can't help feeling uncomfortable about being around a man who

Because in the first case, they're making their own body their business. In the second case, you're making someone elses body your business.

[–]DevonWeeksModerate Conservative [スコア非表示]  (0子コメント)

Feeling icky around someone who is transgender

Did anyone say they just feel icky? I didn't see any of that. I think what it comes down to is this idea that we are supposed to embrace it as though it is "normal" behavior. It isn't. I agree with you that we still shouldn't discriminate. That's not the issue. But, it seems pretty straightforward to me that someone born a man then deciding he doesn't like it and should be a woman instead is not in perfect psychological health. Transgenderism actually fits within the diagnostic framework of several behavioral disorders. I love them still the same, as much as I would you or anyone else. I just can't accept that their frame of mind is completely "normal" or "healthy."

[–]cummanderkeen [スコア非表示]  (4子コメント)

Damn. You are way too concerned with who's "normal" and who isn't. It's almost laughable.

Social Conservatives: Rejecting and judging people who don't subscribe to their idea of normalcy. Closed-minded.

The lgbt+ community is fun, you seem like a bunch of squares. I would not like to party with you.

I subscribed to r/conservative so I could better understand fiscal conservativism from your perspective and decide whether or not I could get behind it in any way (and if not, at least understand it better.) I now understand why so many people hate Republicans entirely.

Y'all should be ashamed. If anything, you're sick in the head. (The people referring to homosexuality and transgenderism as a serious mental illness that we should condemn.) Ick..

[–]TheOutlawJoseyWales1Make My Day [スコア非表示]  (1子コメント)

Y'all should be ashamed

For holding a different opinion than you? Guess we are probably also literally Hitler.

The issue that I have with the homosexuality/ Trans debate is two-fold. First, I don't think we are handling it the way that we should. Encouraging mental illness doesn't seem to have the effect that we are told that it should/ does. The numbers of people in the LGBTQ community who are victimized because their mental illnesses (and not necessarily just homosexuality/trans/whatever but the comorbid diseases like bipolar, schizophrenia, chronic depression which are present in astronomical amounts in the LGBT community), who commit suicide, who live low quality lives is astronomical. If simply changing their "sex" was the solution then we should see these issues abate and these people would experience near baseline levels of suicide, etc. But that doesn't seem to be the case. If we were not told that we had to change reality to revolve around these people and if we could focus on delivering proper treatment (and I'm not talking conversion therapy, I mean really understanding the mechanisms), we could help these people live high quality lives.

The second issue I have is from a rights perspective. Like I said earlier, I should not have to alter my reality or my life to incorporate someone else's false reality. And yet, on this topic, that is what I am expected to do. I should deny reality and entertain someone else's fantasy. And that isn't right. I don't make people carry me around on a litter because in my own reality I'm a Chinese Emperor. And I shouldn't be punished for refusing to accept or acknowledge and encourage someone else's fantasy.

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I like your last paragraph. I wanted to say something along the lines of, "Never when I felt uncomfortable was everyone else supposed to change, I was supposed to examine my own irrational beliefs" in another post I made, but I thought it sounded too much like people are supposed to conform to everyone else. Your last paragraph said what I feel very well.

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Honest question for you: do you hold that people are born with a liberal/conservative brain? I mean, if it is possible for one to innately have a male/female brain despite all other biological realities, it seems only logical that most of the defining characteristics of the mind are innate and fixed from birth, no?

If one can be a certain sex in his or her mind that does not correspond to objective reality and bear no judgment for it, surely you have no place to judge me a bigot.

[–]Wirsinda -2ポイント-1ポイント  (0子コメント)

That sure is a long road to take to say they're just plain sick/wierd.