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Phoenix Racing was established by Finch in 1989

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New Zealand then lost the ball in the hands, again

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forces launched an air strike at 2.15 a.m

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Myriad other insurance options are available besides termpolicies, which offer more complicated investment opportunitiesand have different pricing structures

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but there's a reason that Drew is who he is," said right tackle Zach Strief, one of the Saints' offensive captains

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Brook bought a house on site at Disney World in Orlando, preferring to stay there by himself in a gated community of fellow Disneyphiles

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Full-back Ben Smith, running back towards his own posts mucks up his pick up after a Georgian kick and loses it momentarily with Georgia looking clean through

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I think it’s about time Wart had another chance to go toe-to-toe with Mario and friends.

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They patted the remaining hair that tries so hard to cover his head

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— James Bristle and a friend were digging in his southern Michigan soybean field when they unearthed what looked like a bent fence post, caked with mud

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“Just really, really big,” Girardi said

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About 80 percent of graduates go on to college

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Backspin: No other American gets more out of his game

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"The single most determinant variable is going to beearnings at this point," said Mark Freeman, chief investmentofficer at Dallas-based Westwood Holdings Group

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Bart Janssens, the charity's director of operations, said "we do not yet have the final casualty figures," adding that the group's medical team was treating wounded patients and staffers.

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As mayor, Giuliani endorsed the Brady gun bill, which requires a five-day wait and background check before a handgun can be sold

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So female football fans who have been to rugby find some of the conventions - such as remaining silent during penalty kicks – a little constrictive

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Oil production increased 0.4% from August.
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