The Daily Caller Call-Out

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Following his speech on the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan walks off the stage at the Wells Fargo Center.

In dubbing Trump’s prolonged clash with the Khan family his political breaking point, the mainstream media was characteristically bullish. Yet, the right-wing media echo chamber still brace for the worst. Within 48 hours of his speech at the Democratic National Convention, conservative media outlets got busy turning Khizr Khan, a grieving Gold Star parent, into an enemy of the republic. A broadside on the blog Shoebat accused Khan, a practicing U.S. immigration lawyer, of being an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile, a Washington Examiner piece hinted at Mr. Khan’s financial incentive for publicly denouncing Trump. And dusting off a 1983 law journal article explaining basic facets of Sharia law, the Daily Caller ran an article featuring the headline, “Khizr Khan Has Written Extensively On Sharia Law.” In short, a multi-front attack on the character of the man who would presume to criticize Donald Trump. Bob presses Daily Caller editor Scott Greer on the news value of such coverage.


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