reddevils 内の Sir_Wayne_Giggsy によるリンク /r/reddevils FIFA Tournament Enrollment

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Definitely want to be in on this too, on PC though :)

reddevils 内の JuanV01 によるリンク If people still questioning what our Kits will look like this season.

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Love the away kit, hopefully not too expensive.. shirts are extortionate usually

soccer 内の j13thehunter によるリンク Leroy Sané has agreed to join Manchester City on a four-year contract. Transfer fee of around €50m. According to BILD

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Downvoted but I see where you are coming from. In my experience the older fans are all pretty reasonable and you're able to talk to them properly about football. Not so much with the newer crowd

soccer 内の Bigbodypresence によるリンク What do you expect your team's lineup to look like in their first game this season?

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Would be a good signing but a bad time to get him back really. Just after a successful Euros where he played great, so that's an inflated fee.

soccer 内の CarlosWeiner によるリンク David Squires AMA - Tuesday, July 26 @ 11am

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It's a cartoon strip Peter makes from Family Guy

reddevils 内の Donthitsme によるリンク Who do you think Mourinho will field this Saturday against wigan

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Probably Johnstone in goal then and maybe Bailly in the team?

soccer 内の seaders によるリンク Official: Vincent Janssen has signed for Tottenham Hotspur

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It's actually "this Jan-uary, it's time to Michael down your Vincents"

reddevils 内の Donthitsme によるリンク Who do you think Mourinho will field this Saturday against wigan

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I can remember reading that there would be no Euro/Copa players there? That would rule Romero out. Not 100% sure if that is right though

pcgaming 内の Finrecon によるリンク Battlefield 1 Domination Gameplay And GTX 970 Performance.

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Apparently that is a bug and it is actually running at 100%

soccer 内の theczar69 によるリンク Eder: "Cristiano told me I was going to score the winning goal."

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Someone must have done that at some point for it to be a rule

soccer 内の shakira11 によるリンク Antoine Griezmann named UEFA EURO 2016 Player of the Tournament

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Doesn't agree with you and is therefore wrong, don't be so narcissistic dude

soccer 内の Jfm509 によるリンク Chelsea are even loaning out youth coaches to Vitesse.

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There's always more to learn about the game and other clubs and leagues will help with that, great move from Chelsea.

Games 内の luxmentis123 によるリンク The Witcher 3 and the Management of Narrative Scale - Writing on Games

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Fully agree with you here mate. Avid book reader too and that ending really fits her character well. Spoiler The ending of the books