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submitted by kenja-time
So on the live thread I posted the following comment, enjoy.

Mormon here. You want to know what is wrong with Utah? Here ya go. Sit back, this will be long. The Mormon/LDS church is a cuck-breeding culture.
The LDS culture is kind of sissy in general. Not historically, it used to be a very salty frontier culture, but it has become a very feminized culture with emasculated soft men. There are more crying men in the mormon church than probably the rest of the world combined. Bleeding hearts. Betas. Men who think more like emotional women. Men who exist to serve and pamper their women. There are huge feminist undercurrents within the church. For example the story of Adam and Eve has been reinterpreted with Eve has the hero who had the courage to do what needed doing. Women are naturally more righteous than men, which is why they have the priesthood (and women don't), a kind of saddled responsibility/yoke to whip them into shape.
Here is a post from an exmormon on another forum to help put this in context.
The emasculation of men is a separate subject but one that I resonate with. It's something that I think sisters in the church also don't comprehend, just as I don't fully comprehend how the patriarchy effects them. I had a conversation with my wife where she was talking about how harmful pornography is to women, in all it's various forms, objectifying women and creating standards which are unattainable. After my wife's little rant, which I wholeheartedly agreed with btw, I then explained to her that everything she said is precisely how men in the church feel. In all its various literature and publications, from the Ensign with it's leave it to beaver stories and photos to whitewashed Teachings of the Presidents manuals that describe nearly-perfect fictional men who never really lived, the church creates an unattainable standard for men that becomes pornography to women. The church is their porn and can often drive a wedge between husband and wife just the same as a copy of playboy or fifty shades of grey would.
Making matters worse, we then see our wives comparing us to those standards all the time, which they let us know in various ways. They openly lust after a certain type of husband and father that we aren't, perhaps even a specific leader or leaders that they idolize, maybe hanging up framed pictures of them or things they've said in the house. From our end the church then puts overwhelming amounts of fear-based pressure laced with eternally damning ramifications on the men from the time they enter boy scouts. We are taught to submit and be perfectly obedient to the will of leaders, and if we don't, our families will be led astray, and the consequences will be laid on our heads. If we aren't receiving profound spiritual confirmations that the leaders are perfectly inspired, we're sinners, something is wrong with us. The righteousness and the will of God, moral good itself, become synonymous with the church and its programs. Just a few weeks ago a stake youth leader came and spoke. His whole talk, aimed at the young men, was about the teachings of presidents manuals and how all of the past leaders of the church were exemplary men, near-perfect, and way ahead of their contemporaries, and that all young men need to do is follow their impeccable examples. Messages like this aren't just absorbed by the young men, setting them up for failure, but they are absorbed by the women also who then have these superman expectations.
I know, you're all shaking your heads thinking WTFO!!! You have to understand, people raised in the church grow up in a highly fundamentalist religious environment. The Mormon church is obsessed with pornography. The UT State govt just officially declared it a public health crisis. Boys are taught that masturbation is a grave sin. So boys grow up in this environment where they are sexually controlled, and then they are pressured to marry at a very young age and start having kids, etc. Basically they are molded into sappy women pleasers through sex control.
But it's so much more than even this!
Time for a quick little history lesson to help put this crazy into context.
Who was the first bonafide american socialist? Joseph Smith, the mormon prophet, founder of the mormon religion and church. He founded a no-joke socialist government in Nauvoo IL back in the early to mid 19th century. They even had their own militia which at the time was 1/3 the size of the US army. At the time of Joseph Smith's death he was actively running for POTUS. And why did Joseph Smith die? Because in a very authoritarian/theocratic kind of way he ordered that a local printing press be destroyed because he didn't like what it was saying about him. Brigham Young then carried this torch to Deseret which eventually became the state of UT.
In religious terms the whole socialism thing is called the "law of consecration." And even still today in the mormon temples people swear oaths to participate in the law of consecration, that their personal property, even lives, are dedicated to building the kingdom of zion, blah blah blah.
But, there is more, things also take a turn to the right. In addition to this the church, in its scriptures, says that the Constitution was an inspired document, the founding fathers were inspired, and that basically America was created in order to pave the way for the true form of Christianity to be "restored" to the earth, which had fallen into apostasy over in Europe during the dark ages. And this is what the mormon church is, the "restoration" of true Christianity. And then in addition to that, the mormon church had a troubled history with the US govt. Danites. Mountain Meadows. The whole polygamy business, government threatening to send the army, denying statehood in UT, etc. There is some really wild history. Mountain Meadows ranks #3 on the list of domestic terror attacks in terms of body count. Think about that. Mormons were like a Christian version of Islamic Jihadists in the 19th century.
And then add to this even further, there is also a doomsday aspect to the religion. Not just the normal Second Coming talk, but really heavy stuff, how the church members have a responsibility to prepare the world for the coming apocalypse, they are special warriors sent to the earth with divine missions to that effect, etc.
So in that context there are kind of three camps within the church. An extreme leftist camp that lends towards socialism, hence Sanders, and then also an extreme right-wing group that sees politics through a deeply pious lens, hence Cruz. And then a milquetoast group in the middle that can't make a decision to save their life, hence Romney and Kasich.
Ok, so where does all this lead? Well, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch, John Huntsman, Glenn Beck, etc.
You've got a smaller camp that is fanatically liberal. Small, but present. They did a poll at BYU and Bernie won. The current mayor of Salt Lake is a lesbian. And then you have the extreme righties. Beck, Mike Lee, etc. But regardless of whether they are left or right wing, they are a bunch of girly men.
The fact that Trump is brash, appeared on a playboy, etc., this is makes him unpalatable to almost anybody Mormon.

To add. Mormon boys do full-time missionary service for the church when they turn 18/19, which lasts for two years. Well, a LOT of these guys go to Spanish-speaking countries for their missionary service. I went to Japan myself. Anyway, out of the top 10 countries with the most mormons, which includes the USA at #1, 8/10 are spanish/portugese speaking nations. Close to HALF of the entire mormon church is Spanish speakers.
Point being, the LDS church has a literal vested financial interest in open borders. It is a complicit actor in our immigration woes. And this is something I have witnessed first hand as a member. Out here in TX for example the church aids and abets illegal aliens in various ways. Welfare money. Helping with rides or housing. Helping illegals find work. Lookup UT and you'll find that it's a sanctuary state. We talk about sanctuary cities, rofl, the whole state of UT is in that category.
Even for immigrations who have naturalized the mormon church will get in the way of their assimilation. There is this mindset in the church that people should study the gospel in their own native tongue. So all over TX are Spanish-speaking mormon churches.
Anyway, long story short, Mormons wouldn't be fans of The Wall or the Muslim bans. They are too multicultural and sophisticated for that kind of talk.
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[–]Poganin 1 point2 points3 points  (1 child)
Interesting. But why are you still a mormon?
[–]kenja-time[S] 1 point2 points3 points  (0 children)
Well, I'm not an orthodox member by any stretch. I'm talking some mad smack here, but I can give it some mad props too. I'm just in bitchy mode cause of the election. As far as the religion goes though, I take the good and ignore the rest, or laugh at it really :) I stick to the core Christian parts. And without going into all that, I think the Mormon faith has a uniquely awesome take on the Christian gospel which makes sense out of a lot of things that otherwise are pretty ludicrous in my opinion. So, I guess I stick with it because I haven't found anything better... but I have looked around, for whatever that's worth.
[–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points  (0 children)
Thanks for posting this for everyone.
[–]hotsweetleather4IND 0 points1 point2 points  (0 children)
They are too multicultural and sophisticated for that kind of talk.


[–]muscleg33kTX 0 points1 point2 points  (1 child)
Thanks for the insightful info. Do you think Trump has a chance of winning Utah in November against Hillary?
[–]kenja-time[S] 0 points1 point2 points  (0 children)
In the general, yeah, I'm sure people would vote Trump over Hillary.
[–]zerofuxstillhungry -1 points0 points1 point  (0 children)
You left out the most hypocritical parts of Mormon history, though.... Old men having sex with underage girls and the wholesale slaughter of the Blackhawk Indians lol
[–]Octopussy00FRA -1 points0 points1 point  (0 children)
The United States of America, or how to be reminded there are still christian cults in the world.
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