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As many of you are aware, I wrote a post pertaining to SRS last week titled 'exposing r/shitredditsays'. This is a continuation of that post.

Let's get started shall we?


There was this one user that openly stated that she thought that the punishment for a false rape accusation be the same as for committing rape. Her comment was linked to SRS. Can you guess what happened next? She received these two pms from frequent SRS users. She uploaded these onto /r/SRSsucks explaining her situation. Users on the sub recommended her to tell the mods of SRS, asking them to ban the users involved. Taking this advice, she sent SRS modmail the same picture of the PMs with the usernames unhighlighted. This was what she was greeted with. /u/intortus , a mod of SRS and former admin (we'll be speaking about this in greater depths later on in the post) decided to comment on the thread by saying that he/she never received a message regarding this whole thing. The OP produced a screenshot of her message. /u/intortus went silent. Never gave a straight reply following that. So here's a breakdown of what happened in short:
  • User says that she thinks that false accusations should be taken as seriously as actual rapes
  • SRS disagrees, posts it on their safe space
  • The user who got linked receives rape threats from SRS users
  • PMs modmail of SRS as per the advice of /r/SRSsucks users
  • Mods do nothing, instead bans the user
  • An SRS mod comes over to a post in which the user explained her situation. The mod says that she never received a message from her
  • The OP provides proof of sending the message
  • Nobody hears back from the mod (regarding this situation)

Don't let SRS fool you. They're far from being anti rape. In my last post there were some SRS users who came over and tried to justify muslims who were pro rape (which they obviously failed at)


Okay, so in my last post I only mentioned that this guy exposed SRS and got shadowbanned. I never really went too in depth. Let's see what actually happened. Here is his massive comment on Askreddit when asked which subreddit has a toxic community.
If you want a tl;dr of his comment, his first six words are all you need to read:
SRS is actually an internet cult
Now to go more deeper in, he says that the worst thing about SRS isn't that they are social justice warrior assholes. It's that they form from other toxic subreddits on reddit, and with the help of the administration team, they have managed to turn reddit into their own site. He/she then went forward to creating his own sub called /r/metaredditcancer to document how the site is being run by SJWs. He/she(Please excuse me SRS, I'm assuming the user to be a he in this case, typing an extra 4 characters is irritating) called for users to subscribe to his sub to "gain a greater understanding of what a powerful cabal of agenda-driven users are doing to and have done to this site that we all love". He also said that he'd " intimately involved in discussion with this cabal of users regarding their control of reddit, who knows what their agenda is and what they want to do with their power and control, who has sat in their private discussions in internet chat rooms, who has seen leaks from their private subreddits"(Prolly the doxxing that I mentioned in the other thread). This cult or cabal, as he liked to refer it to as, was known consisted of mods from a bunch of SJW compromised subreddits, or as we know of them today - the cancer subreddits( /r/news, /r/politics, /r/worldnews, /r/Subredditdrama, /r/creepyPMs, /r/offmychest, /r/TIFU, /r/explainlikeimfive, /r/changemyview, /r/LGBT). He claims that they censor anything that goes against their social justice beliefs (which I'm not going to be surprised about). He gives the example of how 2 SRS trolls managed to make their way onto /r/lgbt, moderated like a dictator until the admins were pulled into this. When they(the admins) said that they weren't going to ban the users, the subreddit fell apart, with other smaller lgbt subreddits being created. According to metaredditcancer, the SRS users/mods take control of subreddits through private subreddits where they plan their agendas. I'm taking a short detour over to a new part - admin involvement, as it was mentioned in his comment(and I'll add a bit of extra info).


Metaredditcancer claimed that the reddit admins were directly involved in this cabal. An admin, /u/intortus got fired from reddit. He immediately became a mod of /r/ShitRedditSays. As an admin, he carried out the role of SRS, furthering their agenda thus proving to be a part of this internet cult from before. He used to shadowban users that posted in subs that SRS didn't like.
Furthermore, I found this picture of /u/intortus discussing the innerworkings of reddit with SRS users, but it didn't stop there. He went ahead, speaking about how he profiled users, to carry out SRS's agenda - banning people they didn't like.
Here's a comment of his where, as an admin, he accused SRSsucks of brigading, while he facilitated SRS brigading.
Let's go back to metaredditcancer now


Continuing from where I left off, metaredditcancer continued to speak about how the SRS takeover of /r/subredditcancer was one of Reddit's greatest downfalls, following which he gave one of the best summaries of SRSters(is that what they're called?) I've ever seen -
He said that they are the psyyhcopaths that they are because they lack friendship IRL (explains the mods of me_irl :p). As many of these users consider themselves to be oppressed minorities, who are looked down upon. That's why they join this cabal - in an attempt to find internet friends. So even if they joined this cabal with innocent intentions they eventually end up corrupted by this social justice agenda. Those that don't comply get kicked out. The user claims to have known another user who got kicked out from one of these private subreddits once she realised that this cabal was just an "ego-driven desire to control as many subs as possible". Now this cabal apparently looks to your personal information through IRC chats and facebook groups.
He also mentions another reason as to why SRS is succeeding at this shit. They try and act superior to other redditors. To quote him:
The cabal acts as their cool kids club that they weren't good enough for in real life
He concluded by saying that reddit is going down the same path as digg.
Very soon , we'd see not just subreddits compromised by SJWs, but all of reddit compromised by SJWs. And from what we've seen over the past year since he posted the comment is that he's right. Look around Reddit- all the mass censorship, the need to be politically correct all the enforced 'rules' in default subs. Go back and look through yesterdays world news post on the guy that attacked others while yelling 'Allah hu Akbar'. The number of [deleted] comments was staggering.
Any way, let's move onto the next part


Here's some of what he shared on the subreddit:

/u/lolsail , a mod of /r/circlebroke sent sent him a death threat

/r/offmychest mods abusing their power

A mod of SRD bragged about getting laid from multiple subreddits as a male feminist. He's also an active member of SRS

A corrupt admin, /u/intortus again was called out on /r/iama

SRS doxxed a mod that they didn't like

And then..../u/metaredditcancer was shadowbanned, r/metaredditcancer. Why? The admins never really gave a very clear explanation. There are several possible reasons that float about -
  • /u/metaredditcancer was an earlier shadowbanned user, /u/KamensGhost (said SRD, already known to be in the hands of SRS)
  • Or the more probable reason, he was banned for exposing SRS, admins didn't like it - decided to ban him

I think I'll clear it up here for this post. /r/subredditcancer was considered to be the viable alternative for /r/metaredditcancer . And I'm sure that this post'll get linked on SRS again. Last time they ran a bot to look for 'racist' comments. The best they could come up with was me defending freedom of speech.
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