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I just reposted this in a seperate thread, but Rand Paul did a really well received AMA recently.


Yup, he thinks free healthcare is literally slavery

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Ask the folks on /r/shitstatistssay and they'll say the same thing

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Now, what have we here....

The last time I've seen libertarians stroke their cocks so individually was when a new edition of Atlas Shrugged was printed.

Edit: also should it not be stateist and not statist?

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It's certainly not about or run by statisticians.

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Yeah that's what I thought it was about at first.

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stateist and not statist?

As funny as that would be if it were true, English spelling does not work that way =(

If stateist were a word, I think it would be pronounced "state eeist." As in, "America has 50 states. That makes it the stateist!!!"

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Oh lol, ok :D

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What the fuck? Does he not realise that many countries have free healthcare, as well as private healthcare, and doctors can choose where they want to work?

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I wonder what inspired that logic of his, does he thinks that teachers get conscripted to public schools or something similar?? heh

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Well, probably.

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You're supposed to have a right to trial, though the US often doesn't always respect that right. So by his logic, lawyers and judges would also slaves.

Congressional duty of meeting and governing would also make politicians slaves.

For libertarians everything is slavery, except of course slavery itself.

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No obviously sweatshop workers in a local employment monopoly work there voluntarily but when a doctor has to work for a local democratically controlled monopoly it's slavery.

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... because free healthcare means that doctors are conscripted and not payed by the government, right. Because senators are conscripted too, mhm? Doesn't seem to have a problem taking that slave salary, the poor chap.

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I think the most annoying sentiment that goes around on various websites with regards to the US election is the idea that "both parties are equally bad".

I mean, I feel kinda bad for the yanks, having only 2 parties to vote for, but the idea that you aren't going to vote because no party suits your views perfectly is just very entitled.

In Sweden we have 9 relevant parties and even then there is still no party I can really identify with, but I still vote.

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Well, in the end it does kinda feel like it's always the same people leading the country. I didn't perceive any notable difference between the Bush and the Obama years. Sure the speeches are different but on the ground it's still the same shit. Every progressist changes I was excited Obama would bring have faced so much obstructions they either never happened or got diluted into insignificance.

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Yeah it's a real shame, Obummer got neutered pretty hard by the Congress.

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Congress is consistently the worst (most corrupt, stupid, etc.) part of our government, by my analysis. It's a damn shame most Americans know nothing about the Framers of the Constitution, Federalist Papers, et al, because the people who engineered this country frankly clearly envisioned something different than what our government turned into.

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As a young American, it's so concerning to see this stuff in our politics. And no one is the slightest bit concerned that presidents and Congress can't get any shit done because they tend to fight each other. I'm jealous of other countries with more than just two parties to vote for, because here, you are either Democrat or Republican. Here, you can have varying views and not really align yourself with either party, but if you want to vote for president, you have to choose between those two parties. Local government is a little better, with people less aligned to the parties, but it's still not great

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I absolutely agree, this notion that these two parties are just a normal separation line in politics is just crazy.

In most European countries, if we could only choose between the Democrats and the Republicans, the Democrats would get 90%, the Republicans as the ultra right wing reactionaries they are would get 5-10% and then the Democrats would split up into conservatives, socialists, liberals, greens etc etc and we'd end up were we are now.

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I think it depends on what perspective your'e watching from. Middle class Americans probably are going to find the Democrats infinitely better than the Republicans than the most part. I think the lower class are the people who feel that both are more or less two sides of the same coin.

Indigenous people probably get it worst. Democrats and Republicans continue to use dirty tactics in order to acquire more of their land and threaten them with "pencil genocide." That's when they threaten to take them off the list of Native Americans, therefore allowing the government to do whatever they want on their land.

But most Americans could care less since they're 1% of the population and don't contribute to an important voting block.

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Ok, by now i'm like 90% sure Trump started his candidacy as a way of promoting his reality shows and books and so on (as he did before) and now has no idea on how to get out of this mess...

The Palin speech was just so fucking weird. I know, circus is a part of politics everywhere, but thats just bizarre.

Or an piece of elaborate performance art and we're just to bourgeois to get it

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I feel like he got it in to help the Clintons and then once he got some steam his ego took over and now he wants to keep going just to see if he can actually win the presidency.

Trump did talk to Bill Clinton on the phone just before entering the race...

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Also, wasn't he a democrat up until recently? I can only hope that he actually doesn't support all the things he says, and will back flip on it all if he ever actually gets in.

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    So basically the opposite of whatever the current President is

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    He goes golfing with bill ffs

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    Is this true?! Could he actually be an elaborate liberal plant that to destroy the republican party?! Could Netflix license that and make a dramedy somewhere between House of Cards and Fargo?

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    Trump / Palin ticket could power this sub for decades.

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    I'm trying to find some redeeming feature of the Republican platform. I'm coming up completely short. Nothing strikes me as even close to sane. Not to say the Dems are terribly fantastic in general, but christ compared to the Republicans they seem like the best thing in the world!

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    I watched a little of the republican debate, I had to turn it off, it was delusional, and yet I know they can't really believe it because I don't believe most of them to be insane... it's just odd.

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    They live in an alternate reality.

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    Well it is pretty impressive how they can stay politically relevant despite their horrible platform.

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    Well there just seems to be this 350 mil people country, half of whom support extreme right wing reactionary knuckledraggers. Hard to believe, but it must be true apparently

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    Trump literally says he could stand in a street in New York and shoot people and he still wouldn't lose votes.

    Marco Rubio's best thought out response to 'I could kill people and still be popular';

    "The bigger problem in NY is it's almost impossible to even have a gun and protect your families."

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    Unless he shot someone who was going to vote for him.

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    I doubt Trump would be aiming at the kind of people who'd be voting for him... if you catch my drift.

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    Just watch the first 30-60 seconds of this, it's like something from the German 1930s.


    What's more frightening is they'll do the exact same thing at the Democrat debates too, the supposed sane, non Nazi people.

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    I had to turn that off.

    It honestly is just a mockery of itself. That really seemed like this sub got together to do a play of all the stereotypical shit Americans say. But it was real!

    How are these people potential leaders of one of the most influential countries in the world

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    I really do not want to come off as a broken record, but things like these are the reason why I want a proper European federation. Contrary to what my attendance to this sub might imply, I really do like most individual Americans I met. Their political establishment on the other hand frightens me. I want a European federation to make sure that whatever happens in America will not be enforced on us by their corrupt and perverse political system.

    What happens to individual nations that do not enjoy the same amount of "historical respect" still given to the European ones? Go ask Chile, or Argentina, or most South and Central American nations.

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    Yeah that is mindblowingly patriotic.

    "But it's just healthy love for your country!"

    Yeah, nah mate, this is well beyond that.

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    I am just so confused by the American elections.
    So Hillary and Sanders are fighting against each other but are in the same party?
    How is it benefiting the party if they openly talk shit about each other?
    And how are they doing politics during this time? With them having to travel the country and doing debates when are they doing their actual job?
    I honestly prefer a system where I vote a party and not focus on a person. I don't even know how Merkels husband looks like and honestly I don't care. I know more about American politicians than my own.

    [–]jansenchengMOOSLEM Scum 16ポイント17ポイント  (9子コメント)

    From what I can tell, they need to fight to be the presidential candidate for the party first, them which party becomes ruling party, doesn't make much sense, but that's how it is.

    [–]MajesticAsFookAustralia. Home of Fosters beer and the bloomin' onion. 1ポイント2ポイント  (8子コメント)

    Yep, and that's the reason why they only have two parties.

    [–]jansenchengMOOSLEM Scum 0ポイント1ポイント  (2子コメント)

    Didn't they use to have like 5 parties?

    [–]sparatuvs 10ポイント11ポイント  (1子コメント)

    We've pretty much always been dominated by 2-3 parties, these parties switch names every hundred or so years, but basically it's Federalists vs Anti-federalists, that is still the defining issue in US politics as it was in 1787.

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    Is it a legal thing though, that thee can only be two parties, or is it sort of like LNP/ALP here?

    [–]sparatuvs 5ポイント6ポイント  (3子コメント)

    Because of "winner takes all" voting for smaller parties is seen as wasting a vote.

    [–]commanderjarak 1ポイント2ポイント  (1子コメント)

    So its simply a function of no preferential voting system then?

    [–]Itchy_plebs 0ポイント1ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Ostensibly. The two parties also use various minor procedural rules to hamper third party candidates and don't include them in the debates. The last time Ralph Nader ran for president he wasn't even allowed to sit in the audience. It's more of a "you don't know your on a leash if you sit by the peg all day" kind of thing.

    [–]armoured_wankball 1ポイント2ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Not only that, but a 3rd candidate would split the vote. If Sanders were to stand as an independent, it would pretty much guarantee a Republican victory and vice versa for Trump.

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    So Hillary and Sanders are fighting against each other but are in the same party?

    It's not that far removed from having a party leadership election in other countries/systems.

    e.g. the Westminster System, where party leaders can be deposed at any time the party wants (and if they're also the Prime Minister, that gets handed to the new leader)

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    The only benefit of having two parties and a primary election process is to eliminate clone candidates. The Netherlands has at least 7 major parties and surely some of them have similar policies. If all candidates ran for POTUS then Sanders and Clinton would split the liberal vote thus guaranteeing a conservative win likewise for conservative candidates. As a liberal Bernie fan you rather vote for Hillary if Sanders lost to prevent a conservative candidate from winning.

    [–]commanderjarak 2ポイント3ポイント  (1子コメント)

    Why not just not use a first past the post system, and use preferential voting system? In Australia, I vote for someone, if no one gets enough votes to win, the person with the least votes gets eliminated, and their votes go to the person you marked as number 2, then to number 3,4,5, and do on until someone does get a majority of votes.

    [–]vzzzbux 1ポイント2ポイント  (0子コメント)

    In the UK we considered it. We had a vote on moving to AV, which seems to be the same system that you use for federal elections.

    It was a resounding no vote, unfortunately. Too many people believing the utter shit being peddled ("we need an incubator, not a new voting system" with claims of it costing £250 million to switch, or that it'd be too hard to vote this way, forgetting that's how EU elections work), some voted against AV because it was seen as a referendum against the smaller party in the then coalition, and some voted no because it wasn't full PR (which wasn't on the table anyway).

    Then in 2015 we elected yet another single party government who got far less than 50% of the vote, but since it was slightly more than last time they became a majority government instead of a coalition.

    [–]TotallyKnackered 0ポイント1ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Closely linked to that: I miss the parties writing up a clear program of what they stand for and what they intend to do.

    Here it's just speeches, headlines where they spout slogans. And this year it seems 100% of the GOP candidates only focus on what is wrong, without putting forth solutions.

    There's too little information to make an informed decision.

    [–]W00sterNow with more Freedumb popcorn! 0ポイント1ポイント  (0子コメント)

    See Primaries in the United States

    None of the parties have a party program oif platform, they are just political umbrella organizations. You basically have to belong to one of them in order to have any chance but you make up your own political platform.

    [–]shitamerikanssayGod Save our Country 7ポイント8ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Donald Trump defends Putin over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8_F09DCRGs

    "In all fairness... he hasn't been convicted of anything. First of all he says he didn't do it."

    He says he didn't do it? Well no fucking shit Sherlock why would he fess up to it?

    [–]MajesticAsFookAustralia. Home of Fosters beer and the bloomin' onion. 27ポイント28ポイント  (9子コメント)

    Sanders supporters are starting to make really dislike the guy, which is weird because I agree with most of his policies.

    [–]canyoutriforce 23ポイント24ポイント  (1子コメント)

    Bernie Sanders circlejerk is extreme on reddit

    [–]blandwhiteguyWorld Champion of Australia 21ポイント22ポイント  (0子コメント)

    The brogressives are out in full force. Free healthcare and legalised weed! Nevermind his best policies are the ones that don't actually benefit them directly, and so they hate those policies. The worst is the if not Sanders then Trump crowd. Leaves me speechless.

    [–]NechaefI hate free speech! 18ポイント19ポイント  (0子コメント)

    I've read this before but I never run into them. Maybe because I don't frequent defaults or large subs any-more.

    [–]fresheadMaybe after the war we’ll be civilized again 7ポイント8ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Should I send back the Bernie Sanders man thong, then? I was going to model it for the everything thread this week.

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    Hillary Clinton once cheated in a game of snakes&ladders 40 years ago!!!

    submitted to r/sandersforpresident

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    But when Sanders will lose the primaries, they will all vote for her

    [–]SCREECH95wanking over war > health care 4ポイント5ポイント  (0子コメント)

    These people are super selfish and don't like women. They'd rather vote for trump.

    [–]thisonewilldontThat's not as good as zero o7 4ポイント5ポイント  (0子コメント)

    I kinda like him, although I don't think he can win the primary never mind the election, it's interesting to see though

    [–]sdfghs1/1.606938e60 Irish 5ポイント6ポイント  (5子コメント)

    Insider said that Bloomberg may start as an independent candidate

    [–]Goofykidd 0ポイント1ポイント  (1子コメント)

    Is Michael Bloomberg a left or right leaning candidate? Fingers crossed he is right leaning so he splits the republican vote.

    Edit: he is left leaning, duck.

    [–]sdfghs1/1.606938e60 Irish 2ポイント3ポイント  (0子コメント)

    He changed party 3 times

    [–]JebusGobsonEurofag Extraordinaire![S] 0ポイント1ポイント  (2子コメント)

    You have contacts with insiders on the US presidential race?!

    [–]sdfghs1/1.606938e60 Irish 6ポイント7ポイント  (1子コメント)

    [–]SawJongOccupying Japan 0ポイント1ポイント  (0子コメント)

    You're almost like Trump with those skills.


    Edit : Damn, timestamp doesn't work, relevant part starts at 3:13

    [–]Devam13ooo custom flair!! 4ポイント5ポイント  (0子コメント)

    ShitAmericansDo: Deciding an electoral candidate with a coin toss.

    Why can't they just do normal voting like each and every other democracy.

    [–]finigian 12ポイント13ポイント  (1子コメント)

    I'm still hoping Trump is troll the entire country.

    But the perverse side of me almost wants him to win just to see what would happen.

    [–]jansenchengMOOSLEM Scum 9ポイント10ポイント  (0子コメント)

    That's what quick saves are f...... We don't have quick saves? Oh.

    [–]JebusGobsonEurofag Extraordinaire![S] 2ポイント3ポイント  (0子コメント)

    US elections are a strange affair.

    "Professional seat filler" sounds like an awesome job btw

    [–]SyntheticValkyrurGuac Bowl Merchant got #stumped 2ポイント3ポイント  (0子コメント)

    Rep. Candidate Dr. Ben Carson strikes again: "Putin is a one-horse country, oil and energy"

    [–]Dreamerlaxcanadian pc cuck 2ポイント3ポイント  (0子コメント)

    I'm relieved that Trump didn't win Iowa. I know Cruz is no saint.

    [–]trollshep 1ポイント2ポイント  (0子コメント)

    I can't believe that r/all is being filled with bernie sanders crap. One of the posters is in poverty and donated $32 and someone replied with you should've donated more... He made $3m in a week and people still donate money to his "cause". That whole sub is a cult.

    [–]PostColonialAsianMuslim-Soviet 5th Column 0ポイント1ポイント  (4子コメント)

    Loads of SAS coming when Trump (inevitably) wins Iowa.

    [–]baudelaireanBiblical history is the key to understanding dinosaurs 6ポイント7ポイント  (3子コメント)

    Actually, he came in #2.

    [–]PostColonialAsianMuslim-Soviet 5th Column 1ポイント2ポイント  (2子コメント)

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!!

    [–]baudelaireanBiblical history is the key to understanding dinosaurs 0ポイント1ポイント  (1子コメント)

    Unprecedented free media coverage and hype for months and he doesn't get first. Unbelievable.

    [–]PenstubalThank you for your service O7 0ポイント1ポイント  (0子コメント)

    He barely finished 2nd... Rubio was only 1 point behind him.