Today we are announcing plans to discontinue Hive unlimited cloud storage service. Please note the following important date: 

  • October 15th 2015, Hive service terminates and all data stored in the Hive cloud will be deleted.

Effective as of today, you will no longer be able to upgrade your plans but all accounts will remain fully functional at until termination.

Please download the content in your Hive account and safely backup it to your PC, Mac, external hard drive or another cloud storage provider. After October 15th 2015, you will no longer have access to your content, which will be deleted.

Customers who have an active prepaid annual subscription will be eligible to receive a refund for any unused subscription fees. Your refund will be calculated based on the service termination date of October 15th 2105. Refunds will be automatically processed and issued to eligible customers directly on the credit card on file.

We thank you for the support. 


The Hive Team


Question #1: Why is the Hive service shutting down? 

Answer: Hive sold its technology platform and as part of the transaction was required to shutdown the service.

Question #2: How do I get my refund from Hive? 

Answer: Refunds will be automatically issued to eligible prepaid annual customers directly to the credit card on file. Please note that monthly subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.

Question #3: What happens to my data stored on the Hive cloud service if I am not able to backup before October 15th 2015? 

Answer: Data in accounts and all settings will be deleted after this date without any recovery option.

Question #4: How can I back up my data? 

Answer: Follow the same process as with any file download using the Hive service. Note that with Chrome browser, you have the option to queue multiple files downloads at the same time.