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I start at CityYear- New York today. :) i am looking forward to it.

So whats been going on? i have been bored this past week. I saw Straight Outta Compton last night. I liked it. Not a fan of rap music in general but that movie put it in perspective.

As always, /r/historicalworldpowers needs more players. We lost a bunch of players from the last wave. Central and Eastern Europe need players. as does North America.

/u/anthropology_nerd and /u/Confiteor415 are doing some great RP in the Eastern coast of North America. There is an Inuit and a Cascadia nation too. seriously! Join! haha.

anything big happen on reddit recently? ive kind of been ignoring the meta subs as of late.

anyways, howre all you doing?

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We at /r/HistoricalWorldPowers need people in

  1. South America
  2. SSA
  3. The Maldives

Do join, it's fun when you get the hang of it.

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Almost finished moving into my apartment. Luckily my roommate is also a huge map nerd, so we're hanging our maps in the main room. So far we've got my Geologic map of Wisconsin and his flight map.

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The seventieth anniversary of VJ day approaches, somewhat less heralded than I would have expected, but it has led to a variety of public events and the like. One of these was by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, who gave a speech that surprised me and I suspect many who follow Japanese politics for the degree of contrition it showed--Abe was the PM who publicly questioned that comfort women were subject to coercion in his first term. But he didn't actually specifically say "I'm sorry" and this has ignited a mini-controversy--One camp says this shows Japan has never really reckoned with its past, the other points out that Japan actually has issued quite a few apologies. This isn't helped by the recent resurgence of the nationalist right wing in Japan.

For me, though, this has all been affected by the fact that I recently finished King Leopold's Ghost. Or to put this in other words, this is what Belgium's Royal Museum of Central Africa has to say for its "history" section:

Leopold II and the colony’s origin

The Museum’s history begins with King Leopold II. He was convinced that his small country, which industrialized rapidly between 1865 and 1880, required a colony to support its industrial expansion.

Leopold II employed Henry Morton Stanley, who had found Livingstone in 1872 and sailed the entire course of the Congo River in 1874-1877. The UK showed no interest in Stanley, but Leopold II recruited him to further explore Central Africa on his behalf. Stanley’s service to the king helped lead to the recognition of the Congo Free State at the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference

A Colonial Palace showcase

To promote Belgium’s work of ‘development and civilization’ in Congo, and the latter’s economic potential, Leopold II hoped to build some form of museum or ‘showcase’.

The original plan consisted of adding a colonial wing to the Natural History Museum and to the 50th Anniversary Park, both in Brussels. When these plans were not carried out quickly enough, the king opted for an exhibition at his royal estate in Tervuren, an area he had known very well as a young prince and Duke of Brabant.

And when it talks about the transfer of the Congo Free State to Belgium, this is what it says:

When King Leopold II died in 1909, Congo Free State became Belgian Congo and the Belgian government suspended all construction in Tervuren. The Museum of Belgian Congo was officially inaugurated by King Albert I despite the lack in some rooms of Girault’s planned murals.

The politics of memory does seem to come with a very large double standard.

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Yeah but that's the Belgians. Everybody knows that those two-faced waffle-snaffling lowlanders are up to no good. They're like the North Korea of Europe... a shifty, more devious version of North Korea.

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Isn't Stanley's accounts the basis for Heart of Darkness?

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/u/elos_ submitted a thread to /r/MilitaryPorn and called it "Germans manning firing line after repelling an attack" except it is obviously Russians, armed with M1895 Winchesters,, not to mention the Russian cockade on the cap. And probably staged.

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Can't be. They're clearly all facing east. Russians fought westwards. If they were Russians they'd be facing the other way.

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Which is surprising coming from /u/elos_, I though WWI is his expertise?

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How can we trust anything else he posts from now on?

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Apperently we are leaking into iamverysmart. Good work, everyone!

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That was a neat thread. I was told my education was worthless because I didn't actually live through the Civil War.

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Well, that's what you get for being a Lincoln apologist.

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I just wish the checks were big enough to be worth it. My parents always said there was better money in shilling for the current government, but I just had to follow my passion.

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pbuf, /r/punchablefaces is funnier than it ever was.

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It's honesty a highlight of reddit events. It's so simply delicious. Nearly cried laughing when somebody accused SRS of brigading, when the brigade was coming from 'inside the sub' 😂😂😂

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A few things:

  • My parents are trying to achieve the goal of becoming the WASPyist people ever. My Mom joined a bible study, my dad joined the country club and we now have a subscription to Architectural Digest.

  • Research is really fun, I spent all summer doing economics reassert full time and it was great.

  • My dorm is not yet built so the university is putting me up in a hotel for the next few weeks. This could be good or bad.

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Tell your mom to step her WASP game up. Assuming of course this is anything like the Daughters of the British Empire group my mom was a part of down in the States.

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She is currently living in the states and working full time so she doesn't have the time nor is in the right location. However she was involved in a group to get a stoplight installed to help children walking to school.

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Good on her, shame she can't join the drinking club for posh old Brits abroad.

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Busted my ankle something bad. Hurts like hell, but at least it isn't broken.

Playing a lot of EU IV: Cultural Genocide. Playing Japan for the first time, and I wonder if I end up add the Holy Roman Emperor line every time I play in Europe.

Wish I could do some proper work. The backlog is only getting larger.

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I end up add the Holy Roman Emperor line

Do you mean as?

I never got the hang of the HRE, I usually just beat up on Austria as the ottomans or GB.

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Japan can be pretty relaxing if you stay out of the mainland's squabbles and just colonize the Pacific. I made a Japanese empire that stretched from the Arctic Circle to New Zealand, straight up and down.

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EUIV is my favorite game to play inebriated. No story to pay attention to, just glorious Dutch Expansion.

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Going through a terribad picture from /r/shitwehraboossay for here and holy crap it's a time consuming process to write it up.

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I gave my first lecture today, on Creationism in the Courtroom. It went pretty well. But I had 5 hours of teaching today and it was super tiring, I don't know how actual teachers do it.

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So, a few weeks ago on Sources Saturday, I was asked if I knew of any good secondary sources on the Tarascans, as my old archaeo prof specializes in that culture. I asked her recently, so here's Dr. Hirshman's recommendations.

First, Pollard's text Tariacuri's Legacy is outdated, as the AH wiki notes, but Pollard did update the book's positions in a 2008 article in Latin American Antiquity. The book is a goodstarting point, and Pollard continues to be active in Tarascan studies. Christopher Beekman has written some overviews of western Mesoamerica that touch on the Tarascans as well.

For specific elements of Tarascan society, here's a list of English-language authors and their specialties.

-Amy Hirshman: ceramics and economics

-Dave Haskell: governance

-Christopher Stawski: settlement patterns

-Karin Rebnegger: obsidian

-Erica Begun: Classical Period/western Mesoamerica at Teo [sic]

-Christopher Fisher: agricultural systems

-Veronique Darras: obsidian to the north of Tarascan core territory

-Eduardo Williams: ethnography

-Blanco Moldanado: metallurgy

One of Fisher's grad students is finishing a dissertation on Tarascan ceramics as well. Most other scholars are writing in Spanish and French, the last three predominantly publish in those languages but have published in English in the past.

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A whole civilization of giant lizard-monsters lived in Mexico and didn't take over the world? How on earth were they stopped?

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Heading home from a trip in Colorado! Love the state! Went to the Rockies (hiked to emerald lake) and Garden of the Gods and ended the trip with a drive to Pikes peak. Really awesome, and it's a great state! But eager to go back home, heading off to Purdue in 5 days! Gonna start my history minor too with a civil war class!! Yaaaaa

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I have no idea what's been happening lately, but I just feel great. Not getting anxious about things, or worrying about the future. Just having fun in the moment. It's fantastic! And that's when I'm sober.

Although OKC is making me laugh kinda. I went from getting no messages back, changing/getting better pictures, to messaging cool girls who then delete their profiles :')

Ah well. Life, right?

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Today I'm gonna sign a contract for new job and give notice for my current job. I've been waking up at 4am with splitting headaches the past few days and I think (hope) they're from stress, not some bigger problem.

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I am pretty darn excited about the AskHistorians panel at the AHA conference.

I'm still watching DBZ, getting near the end of the Fusion Saga. Sometimes I get momentarily tricked into thinking "ah yes, this is a serious show with people doing serious things" and then people get turned into candy and eaten and I remember that no, no, it is a very silly show.

Anyway the DBZ afterlife seems pretty awesome if you're anything other than a mass murderer, so I don't know why everybody's so upset about dying. What actual downsides are there to being dead? They make a big hullabaloo about how you can't keep your body, but... it doesn't seem like a big deal, and there's always a chance they'll give it back to you anyway.

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I finally got a car! It was $8,750 and I'm paying $200 a month on it. It's the perfect car for me. I'll post pictures tonight when I get home from picking it up from being detailed. I'm so so happy everyone. Thank you for the advice.

Also, I'm so over allergy season. These nose bleeds can go straight to hell!

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I got Arkham Knight and it's great fun, though I wish the batmobile wasn't so heavy a part of gameplay. I much prefer swooshing through the air everywhere.

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I saw "Straight Outta Compton" last week. I'm a pretty big hip hop head, at least for the old school stuff. I always have a hard time reconciling the great music with the blatant misogyny in the lyrics. I was pretty disappointed with how the film brushed over the misogyny in the lyrics of all involved. Then again, I shouldn't expect a warts-and-all film when two of the producers are also principal subjects in the film.

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It did show how they treated women like shit

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Urgh. Mondays. I log into my work account and I am immediately assailed by uncontrollable sleepiness. We need to go back to our hunter-gatherer roots.

Also, I learned that a whole watermelon is a lot for one guy to finish. Next time I'll stick to slices.

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One week left of the real working world. Then a couple weeks off and back to school for my Masters. Time to remember how to do math again. Also how to live like a student.

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I think this summer will be the one where I attempt to get over the crippling anxiety about showing my legs and will actually wear shorts instead of just sweating in jeans in the heat. Maybe.

Also, I am starting to suspect that people think revolvers were only ever used in the 'Wild West', thanks to a family discussion at a party I went to on Saturday. It kinda alarmed me. Then again, this is Britain, so firearm knowledge is not really that common.

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I've been really out of reddit for a while but I'm slowly starting to get back into it again.

Something about a really great trip with my irl friends made reddit "fun" seem really hollow in comparison.

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You know what would be cool? A movie about Zenobia. That would be cool.

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Last time I asked about good books on WWII eastern front, now I am interested in learning more about Pacific theater of WWII! Is there any good books that summaries the recent researches and prominent views of the academia, especially regarding Japanese side of things, where past historiography had been tainted by unreliable sources?

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Went looking through a thread on r/AskWomen about people's thoughts on communism. I wasn't really expecting a hotbed of nuanced, intellectual discussion but halfway down the page, some users got into an argument about Eastern Europe, which ended with one person saying that anyone nostalgic for the communist era must be a member of the political elite or "mentally ill" and just... twitches

I really don't want to get into an argument on the internet right now, but I just can't not respond to that. I spent so much of my degree having that argument about the relative merits of the communist system, that the desire to make a rebuttal seems to have become instinct for me. Goddamn it.