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What, it was a pump'n'dump all along? Where are my fundamentals? Oh well, at least I managed to improve my cost-average with my cheap expensive coins at $300.

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Was it a pump and dump? I'm thinking most of that price came from that Ponzi schemer switching from LTC to BTC. Did he cash out or did people just realize it was a one time thing?

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There doesn't always have to be one clear-cut reason for the markets to move. The key to understanding the movements of financial markets is understanding what most people are doing. BTC had been stuck in a range between 240 and 210 between April and mid-June. When more and more euphoric fools bought into the Greek narrative, price finally broke above. All of the shorts that had been established in that range got squeezed when that happened and eventually had to cover. The ensuing rally sucked in even more fools and we pushed to the 300/320 area where we broke down in early January. Since then we had failed twice to push above that level, meaning there are a lot of sellers there. These are likely people who have accumulated coins over the last year and averaged lower and whose break-even is around 300.

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Oh please get the fuck out of here you shill. One simply needs to draw a log-log chart of the price from the beginning of bitcoin and you can see there is a lots of upward movement. That bitcoin is whatever it is right now is a miracle after all that happened. Honestly, I'm buying more as we speak. This is it gentleman. The floor. Bitcoin can only go up from here.

Just in case you don't own a bitcoin, here is 1 satoshi /u/changetip. In order to get on Satoshi's Space Ship, you'll need to hold bitcoin. Hold it and when you get to the Interstellar Comet, please make sure to check out the wide array of fully unregulated flame throwers at the corner market. Some of them even dispense napalm. Since the comet has no fascist police stomping your face into a curb for victimless crimes like smoking crack cocaine in a playground or going 30 over the speed limit in an unregistered personal conveyance, it is up to you and your rational self interest to protect your wealth. They also can be a very quick way to get rid of ants, which for some reason are everywhere in the city of New Satoshi.

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That honey badger just broke 2000 chinamonies. Did you feel the breeze all the way down here on bitcoin's nutsack? For a brief moment the lower hanging ball was higher than the higher hanging ball. In the short term, that sort of rise in chinamonies is unsustainable. The balls always retrace and resettle.

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Good point. Until we reach 250 we will be working at 200% of the standard shill capacity. After that we will slowly return to the normal shifts.

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My pump and squirt tactics are working full blast to the face of bitcoin.

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Shit, we worked hard on that deal, but it's paid off in spades. Best of all, we've handled it so carefully that the world will never know that the entire Grexit crisis was really all about the good ol' Bitcoin pump n' dump.

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Don't be hasty. We are still not out of the water yet. Do we have enough agents scheduled for the next shift?

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I'm getting ready, just need to get something new to attack blockstream or Luke or Peter with

[–]jstolfi 6ポイント7ポイント  (2子コメント)

You don't fool us, butter spy. Don't expect to trick us into revealing that we already have agents planted inside Blockstream taking care of discrediting the company. We will not even tell you how many of them are our agents. We have already told them about your failure; look for your personal belongings in a cardboard box in the parking lot.

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I'm a double agent, I'm an asset, until I'm not

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We thought that about peggy until he didn't so much wander off the reservation as fly off with a jetpack.

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Next shift should have a ponzi scheme ready to execute and blow up to attract negative PR. I'd help, but you know, just don't have the time to do anything but come up with ideas.

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As a Junior Lower Sewer Employee am I rewarded some more daylight during these harsh times? I've already did my 100 hour workweek commitment. Also I'd like to talk to HR for these shackles I got. They hurt.

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Since you are a recidivist runaway those shackles will have to stay on for 6 more months. With regard to your first question you have to ask yourself; did Satoshi Nakamoto see any daylight when he wrote the whitepaper for us? Now stop wining and get back to work.

[–]IntroshineBitcion realist 10ポイント11ポイント  (0子コメント)

I am Reek.

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did Satoshi Nakamoto see any daylight when he wrote the whitepaper for us?

He coded to save us.

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Uh, excuse me, he didn't just code it to save us, he crafted it with divine wisdom to end all wars, destroy every world government, return this blighted world to peaceful feudalism, and end the fed.

Sounds like someone didn't read the whitepaper.

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It's lots of fun when Bitcoin makes price movement - be that up or down. I'm not sure how many more price slides the average butter can take.

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you underestimate their psychosis

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Greek food, that's a nice touch. They have played along well with their currency pretense. I especially like it when some Libertarians became overjoyed that they might go back to the Drachma! Oh how we laughed and oh how the lizard overlords licked their eyeballs at THAT one.

Save some spanakopita for me.

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I was on a short term @disney shilling contract this weekend promoting #playmotion will I get my bonus?

Also BTW plsymotion is awesome preorder one now at the Disney store and you get a free figurine!

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Sure, there are no losers on our side.

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when can we expect our payment (in filthy fiat currency of course)? It's hard work thwarting these tireless top minds and their potent butts. I lost three good workers this week while they were out spreading pro-fiat disinfo in the field.

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Tell me about it, I lost 4 good field officers in Greece last week. They were shilling near the extremely busy Bitcoin ATM in Athens and were drowned in Tzatziki by an angry mob that did not want to hear any anti-bitcoin gospel. About the payment; the bonus will be included with your monthly payment so it should hit your account by July 24.

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Wow that was quick. See, you stop paying attention to Bitcoin for a few weeks, and it goes up to 300+, then you stop paying attention to it for another three days, and it's down to 275.