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After this season of Game of Thrones, it's clear that there is no one left to root for - except the Night's King. #wightsupremacy

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I am deeply engrossed in Travi$ Scott's "Days Before Rodeo". How one mixtape could be equal part bangers and sad jams is beyond me.

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Rodeo soon.

Maybe check out Mick Jenkins and Jazz Cartier if you like Travis Scott. They're not all that alike, but I like all three. And CyHi.

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How do you dance to these and please say mosh.

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We're SJWs apparently according to KiA (I'm not linking to the post because I don't want to get a metabot trace back). I figure people here are Historic Justice Warriors, fighting ignorance and common misconceptions in history, but I guess it's much easier to slap a label on this place after a rebuttal hurt your feelings, and throw it in an echo chamber.

Click on that link at your own risk; you'll be slapping your forehead in desperation over and over. It was fun for a couple of days, but now the self-satisfied, gloating attitude of superiority of that corner of the internet is starting to lose its appeal and I'm starting to wonder how people can be so fanatical about minor things. Is it because we no longer have to worry about the bigger problems that the smaller ones become bigger? Or is it because fighting for smaller problems might see some results of sorts, while people feel helpless addressing the bigger problems of society? Or are my shower thoughts prime food for Bad Philosophy? :)

Aside from all the musing, I had a pretty good weekend. Tried some 30 year old Armagnac which was delicious and had two great nights with friends playing board games.

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Well. Game of thrones last night. Just wow. A lot of that stuff happened already in the books,but the one thing with stannis was totally unexpected to me.

Huge crisis in europe and the middle east in /r/HistoricalWorldPowers. I feel like I responded well and protected all my allies. I still need my conflict to he calculated. Trying to be patient.

Also, we need a tech mod over there. Please consider applying.

City year interview today, also hear back from my high school if they're interested....still no word on the china thing.

Was totally too drunk this past weekend.

Howre all you doing?

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Up yours robot.

I met the GFs aunt this weekend, it went better than expected.

I am erect with anticipation after seeing the FO4 stuff yesterday. I already pre-ordered the collectors edition with the Pip-boy for your phone.

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So last night I (we) our watch began. As a book reader, I no longer have any insight into the coming seasons of Game of Thrones. I'm still holding out for the Mannis, but what is Hype Can Never Die.

In other news I saw an amazing Beatles cover band, got paid to stand around for 6 atrociously boring hours, then blew that paycheck on the Steam summer sale, and argued with my friends about history. Also E3, looks like Fallout 4 (or Oblivion With Guns 2: Dumping Tea and Shit) and DOOM are gonna be pretty good. What're you guys looking forward to?

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I can't stop watching Postmodern Jukebox videos. It's starting to effect my sleep and work.

Please help.

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sorry, I don't know a cure either.

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The neighbors are going to find the cat eating my face to jazzy renditions of top 40 songs with impeccable vocals.

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Well it looks like the Cavs have finally run into a wall and the Warriors are looking like themselves in the NBA finals. Lebron had another triple double. He should win the MVP but he may not since the Cavs are going to lose.

I'm thinking about submitting a paper for a conference in October. I've never done this before so I'm not really sure what to put on my paper proposal or CV

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Lebron has no help again. No kevin love, no kyrie Irving. It's a miracle they're even putting up a fight.

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If one of those guys was healthy I think they would win the series

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So apparently I finally incurred the wrath of SRC, KIA, Voat, et. al. over the past week, along with /u/quouar. Apparently there are quite a few fans of Rhodesia out there, and not just because short-shorts are ironic-cool. I won't bother rehashing the entire thing, as I spent a bit of time rebutting here (Look, don't touch please!), but man, talk about overload of false-equivalencies. It seems that some people just can't conceptualize that a) Being anti-Rhodesia doesn't make me pro-Mugabe let alone b) The fact that Mugabe sucks doesn't give post-facto legitimacy to the minority-ruled government of Rhodesia. I even got called a "Leftist" in there, which is really kind of hilarious.

Fun times.

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So I finally got back to work on my thesis today. It was nice actually; after over a month of not thinking about my thesis at all, I began researching some of the material that I felt was missing from the first draft of my second chapter. And I honest to god actually did a productive day of research. I turned up some stuff that I can write about.

The problem I've always had with research days is that it's essentially fishing; you can spend a whole day looking for a secondary source that doesn't exist. Even when I have a primary source to work with I can spend 7 or 8 hours forcing my way through 100 pages of early modern French and have nothing to show at the end of it.

But today was not that day. So I'm pretty happy.

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What's your thesis on?

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The reception of Galileo's work on the inclined plane and pendulum, specifically with reference to the work of Thomas Harriot, Marin Mersenne, and Christiaan Huygens.

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Cannot close pull out bed. Much sadness. Otherwise life is cool.

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My quest to become nocturnal is showing some progress.

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No dont

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Why not?

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Mostly because I did and it was a mess.

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I'm doing it on purpose. Ramadan starts this week and I want to sleep the day away.

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Ah OK, that makes more sense.

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Wow this Game of Thrones season is getting shat on in /r/asoiaf but fuck it, I really enjoyed it. Everybody is like "oh my god D&D you just put Sansa there for shock value, and I'm like, fuck no they put Sansa there for relevance. If she was in the highlands still she would be doing jack shit with around 15 new characters, which is fantastic for a book, but terrible for a show.

The wall they handled well, fucking. Trolls. That's was pretty genius of them IMO. Fucking got me pumped for benjen and as soon as Olly appeared in the door I knew it was a trap. Fucking got me the entire episode.

Ok Stannis, don't know if is is completely dead yet because of that jump cut :< but I like his story line. He was a broken man and army. And all these people spouting "he's a tactical genius why did D&D fuck him up with a shitty ass battle" well as amateur and professional historians here could say, it's hard to be a tactical genius when you have a quarter of an army with dead moral and no horses. He isn't a magician, get over it.

"Everything always goes right for the boltons" been hearing this one a lot and it is a bit true, but their reckoning is coming. AND THEY LOST THEIR KEY TO THE NORTH (Sansa). So that is very bad.

Kings Landing was great. SHAME SHAME SHAME

Don't know what's going to happen with Dany because the books just ended like a split second before the show did. Pumped for Tyrion and Vars to rule again. Love that bald bastard.

Okay Dorn was stupid. I give that. Not even a fire and blood speech, but hey, tell me one thing Dorn does right in the book? All his plans fuck up in great fashion. I would want Prince Doran to plan my funeral cause it will probably fuck up so bad I would somehow be brought back to life. Dorn's running theme is great ideas getting killed by harsh reality. Red Viper. Queen making. Quentin. And I don't think the black fire pretender is going to do well too.

Here's hoping the new book gets released soon so I don't have to listen to other angry book readers. For the Watch

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I don't watch the show (no hbo for me) but I love seeing the meltdowns on r/asoiaf. I understand frustration with the show but damn it would be hard to cram everything from the books into the tv show. It would leave non book readers terribly confused and might be boring

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There are some good criticisms for the show, but a lot of them are ignored because of all the other stupid ass "well fuck they didn't make Stannis super cool"

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I understand Stannis love but I never liked him. I don't like the pretty much complete removal of the GreyJoys. And how did they rationalize the attempted assassination of Jon?

[–]georgeguy007High Chartist Chancellor (was elected tho, like Hitler) 0ポイント1ポイント  (7子コメント)

Oh I wished they had greyjoys too. Would have needed an extra 2 episodes and 3 main characters to make them work though :/

And they kept it simple. Just the whole "we can't fucking trust the wildlings john, you can't keep them here. Youre stupid. They killed my family."

I think it will become much more clear in the show and in the book when we see what the NW does got he wildlings without their dead leader Snow.

[–]8BallTigerInvest in confederate Bonds, the South will rise again! 2ポイント3ポイント  (6子コメント)

Most of my criticisms revolve around decisions that have kept the show simpler for the viewers so what can ya do

[–]georgeguy007High Chartist Chancellor (was elected tho, like Hitler) 0ポイント1ポイント  (1子コメント)

A necessary evil for a 10 episode, high budget series in afraid. Wish it went to 12 like 2 seasons ago.

[–]8BallTigerInvest in confederate Bonds, the South will rise again! 1ポイント2ポイント  (0子コメント)

Or even closer to 16. The wire has 14ish episodes a season I think

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Same. The show needs more Penny the pig-riding dwarf. But for every Greyjoy taken out or Tyrion trip shortened, there's a not-having-to-watch Dany mope about which man to marry or Dany sitting in the wild doing fuck-all. God, she got boring in the books.

[–]8BallTigerInvest in confederate Bonds, the South will rise again! 0ポイント1ポイント  (2子コメント)

I'm convinced that he completely write himself into a corner and didn't know how he was going to get out of it, which is why that part is a bit weak. However There are some good essays about Dany's time in Mereene and why it's important to the overall story

[–]ciderczarUnrepentant Ouiaboo 0ポイント1ポイント  (1子コメント)

I recognize its importance, it was just a slog to get through when there was cool stuff going on in other bits of the world. After the teaser release of Winds of Winter, I'm excited for her thread to get thrilling again though.

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I'm really excited for some good ol fashioned Targ violence

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I am currently reading Ian Kershaw's Hitler, and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for more books on Germany from 1939-1945? Specifically on Nazi prominent figures!

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Steam Sale!

I got Endless Legend and finally got the Civ 5 Expansions

I have no idea what's going on in Civ 5 anymore. Somebody halp. How do I religion and what did they do to my culture trees

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Why am I not surprised the vaccine caused autism, Bush caused 9/11 bro also prefers consoles to PCs. He prefers emotion and myth to actual evidence and reason.

I genuinely think everyone that appeared to die in the last episode of GoT lived and vice versa whenever there is any doubt. /r/asoiaf has corrupted me. Though I did actually like the Dorne storyline, it was pretty fun.