beatmasterflex asked: What's the point of a space that serves PoC but is hostile towards white people? What good does acting racist tow white people do for anyone? This idea that nobody (specifically black people) can be racist to white individuals is honestly disgusting. If minorities understand what it's like to feel oppressed by racism, why spread that to other people? (this is coming from a concerned black guy)

lol the point is we servce POC. lol What’s the point of hospitals if they won’t give rooms to me, the not sick or injured?111!

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  1. thisisnotreallife said: As a white person, I’m confused about why people are still talking about how this blog is hostile towards white people. It’s not? It’s not about white people? Jeez.
  2. presidentofpissedoffmixedgirls said: “I’m a concered black guy” made a fake blog to send this ask unanonamously