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I really hate reading threads full of "So you're saying that…", especially when there's an actual story to use.

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So you're saying that you are of the opinion that Hitler did nothing wrong?

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👆👆👆THIS GUY👆👆👆

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So you're saying this guy is like when Cicero whipped up a moral panic against the patrician class to win a legal case for the provincial Sicilians and then turned around and whipped up a moral panic against the provincial Gauls to win a legal case for a patrician?

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And Carthage must be Destroyed!

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Because it's carthanogenic.

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pizza pizza

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Yeah those conversations always end up taking place in some la la land that has squat to do with the actual situation.

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Prospective medical professionals are all told to clean up their fucking act when they start. For example, here is Brown College's instructions on social media:

Social networking. The medical school strongly advises students to exercise caution when using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, You Tube, and blogs. These tools, while useful for interaction around social causes or political movements, can also create professional and ethical dilemmas regarding relationships with patients, patient confidentiality and patient trust in care providers. Additionally, they contribute to a blurring of the line between professional contexts, in which you represent Brown and the medical profession generally, and other more personal interactions. AMS students must be cognizant of the “social contract” between physicians and the public that holds medical professionals to high standards of behavior.

Specifically, students are prohibited from sharing personal expressions, in the form of text, photos, images or video, that:

  • Violate patient confidentiality;
  • Violate the doctor-patient relationship;
  • Depict illegal activities.

Students are strongly discouraged from sharing personal expressions in the form of text, photos, images or video that could impair a student’s ability to form a therapeutic relationship with patients or to have a professional relationship with medical colleagues and supervisors. In short, the administration of AMS expects students, like physicians, to maintain a high level of professionalism in their non-medical public life.

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Yeah, some people watch too much House and think doctors can be complete fucking assholes with zero consequences. Medical proffesionals seem to have much higher standards of proffesional conduct. I'd assume it's true with dentists.

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When I worked in a hospital, we were required to do an online social media refresher course every year. They'd remind us about not discussing patient cases, even vaguely, not taking photos at work, even if ourselves, all that kind of stuff. One of my coworkers was actually fired for talking shit about a surgeon's abilities on Facebook.

They do take this stuff seriously. You can get yourself in trouble with online activities, especially when, like Facebook, they're posted under your real name.

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So glad that this is what my alma mater is now known for.

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It's not a bad thing to be known for.

/are you being sarcastic, dude?

//I don't even know anymore

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While I can sort of see the point that being suspended for associations seems problematic, this was a tiny group, private (invite-only) and had only 13 members. The idea that any of them were totally inactive seems unlikely. Besides, their names aren't being released, they're suspended pending investigations into each of them individually, which makes sense. If you got caught up in a drug bust, you're going to be detained for awhile until the police are sure you weren't involved. It's just how it goes while the authorities figure things out, they can't just take your word on it.

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I don't get it. Like sure, let's just say they have a very twisted sense in humor about raping someone.

But to do it on Facebook. There are so many places on the internet to post discussions and shit that's closed and personal. But they choose Facebook? That's such a dumbass idea. Especially if you are planning to be in a professional field and shit.

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But to do it on Facebook

To do it in the name of your school. It wasn't any random facebook group, it was a group titled "Class of (College Name)", which makes it even worse!

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I used to work in a dental school and based on my experience with soon to be dentists, it is pretty clear that dental students are fucking stupid. Dental students in their third or fourth year and in their residencies are even dumber than first year students though I'm not sure why that is.

First year dental students all try to cheat on the same test in the same class at the same time using last year's answers that they've shared with everybody and miss all the questions because an additional question was added at the start and fail the class en masse.

Third year dental students don't understand that the implant study they are basing a paper on wouldn't have three or four years worth of healing data on dental implants when the study's first implants went in 6 months ago.

Once they get to be real dentists they seem to snap out of it as far as I can tell.

The handwriting never recovers though.

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That's why I save all my trash talk for my LinkedIn network.

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It was a closed/private group wasn't it? They probably didn't think they were doing anything horribly wrong/illegal and just used the most convenient place for them each to talk to each other online.

shrug Still stupid.

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I know that it was a private group. But if some member ever wanted to backstabbing them, they got their full names and shit. Which is used in a professional field and could come up in a search if someone ever posted the stuff to the public. Just straight up dumb.

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Don't get why people on that thread are treating a 13 person group as equivalent to a large subreddit.

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I'm so glad social media wasn't really a thing when I was in college and high school. I would have been in so much shit if what went on in our dorms was posted on the internet.

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I actually was in a dorm when social media was starting to be a thing. It was a struggle, but I managed not to make any posts about how I wanted to drug women with chloroform and rape them.

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These aren't just random students in dorms. They are medical doctor (dentistry) students who are instructed from the get-go about the ethics of their profession. They aren't some engineer that can spout off random ancap bullshit when the clients aren't around. Medical students are taught medical ethics as one of their first courses. Part of that ethics course includes standards of behavior.

Dentists regularly put young women under anesthesia to perform surgery. There is no tolerance for le distinguished rape humour. If these guys can't figure that out by year 2 of the program, maybe they'd be better off in law school.

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Also, take a look at the articles about the actual jokes themselves. They weren't stupid puns or knock knocks. It was basically them describing how they wanted to rape and abuse women then them saying it was a "joke".

It didn't seem like an attempt at humor at all but just deranged hate ranting. I don't think they were just trying to be funny, I think they have actual problems. I don't think they were legitimately planning on raping someone, but that doesn't mean it wasn't royally fucked up. Talking about how much you want to brutalize women, even as """"""""jokes"""""""" isn't the paradigm of health. I'm kind of annoyed at how everyone is saying it's normal "boys will be boys" behavior. It's not. It's jusy wierd.

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You can just do it relatively anonymously, like an email list serv on you'd gmail account, a GroupMe, crack jokes on a TeamSpeak server, instead of choosing the most public service possible.

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I'm from Halifax. I assure you, outside of the internet and the university, nobody is raging as hard as the media is trying to portray.

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SnapShots: 1, 2, 3 [?]

ttumblrbots will be shutting down in around a month from now.

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Weird amount of authoritative boot licking going on in this thread.

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    I'd only heard they were joking, can you link the thread where they talk about the actual threats and tactics and stuff?