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                         Green Man Updated Election Day 
  "Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice to God"-Zohar
 "Humans are an infection and Ebola is Earth's immune response"-The Hot Zone 
"Thou shalt not kill". "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword"
              "Evolution and Big Bang are correct" Pope Francis, Vicar of Jesus
            "Overpopulation is my top concern" Ebola Caesar Ron Klain Nov 1
 "No matter who the people vote for, they always vote for us"
Jesuit Fr Joe Stalin refined this Protocol of Zion (They are Edomite not Jewish) statement to "People who vote count for nothing; people who count votes count for everything". Mein Kampf was also a Jesuit creation by Fr Bernhard Staempfle written for Stalin's buddy Adolf Hitler. 
     Green Man is an archetype of the Creature (Created things) "...changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator..." Rom 1:24 Green Man represents the Gnostic goal to return the world to the Garden of Eden absent God according to the Emerald (Green) Tablet of Toth "As Above; So Below" Hey, if God can do it, Man can do it better or so goes the Luciferian logic. 
     Tekhelet (Blue Dye) was used to make the Tzitzit (Knotted Fringes) real Jews under God's Law used. It was made from the now extinct Hillazon Sea Snail. Counterfeit Tekhelet is made from Murex Trunculus; its Yellow secretions are exposed to UV (Ultraviolet=Highest Energy Visible Light) which turn Blue. Green Man (Lucifer=Light Bearer) is the same Fraud; Light (Blue Light is Refracted Most) acting on Chlorophyll=Green; close but no cigar. Lucifer is Satan, the Dragon, Devil, Serpent, cast out of heaven and into the Earth which deceives the whole world. (Ref Rev 12:9)  
     Following a Priest? Make sure it's JESUS. Scapegoats (Jesus is the Scapegoat of Lev 16:8-10; Lucifer is Azazel; close, but no cigar) are trained to lead Sheep to Slaughter; Shepherds (Amurru is the Edomite/Red Shepherd) paint their legs Red because Sheep are color blind; we are as well until we invite JESUS to enter our lives. 
      God does not live in Cathedrals, Temples, Synagogues, Shrines or Mosques (Acts 7:48) Green Man thrives in places like Chartres Cathedral and Rosslin Castle, Synagogues of Satan or behind the Green Doors of the al-
Aqsa Mosque. Jordan controls the al-Aqsa Mosque and Temple Mount. Jordan is a Hashemite (Edomite) Dictatorship. Edomite/Quyraish Bedouin, Grand Orient Lodge (US/British educated, initiated in Paris=House of ISIS) Luciferian Mason, fake Muslim King Abdullah II controls the site which ties together Abraham, Ishmael, Esau, King David, Solomon, Zerubabbel and Herod's Temple, Muhammad and Jesus
    In the Arab world Green Man is al-Khidr is immortalized in Kataragama "Shrine of al-Khidr" al-Khidr accompanies al-Mahdi; Christians know them as Antichrist "Alternative Messiah" and False Prophet, the Beast from the Sea (Sun or Leviathan) and Beast from the Earth (Green Man/Gaia). "Nature begs vengeance..."-Our Lady of La Salette; the Scourge of the Green Man will be the Ebola Vaccine. Before buying into Catholic Prophesy know that Our Lady is a Phoenician/Canaanite invention called "Our Lady of the Sea" aka Asherah, Anat or Isis; she is El's Couselor; El is Saturn/Chronos/Time. The Roman Catholic Pope is not the Antichrist; this is about Knights Templar, Freemasons and Jesuits taking Vengeance.
     "Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in the message. Global Climate Change is entirely man's fault. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side". Ban Ki Moon Copenhagen Nov 1 "Day of the Dead". The Unification Church "Moonie" disciple and Korean CIA asset just announced the UN plan to cut human emissions of CHand CO2 "Everyone just stop eating and breathing" COand  Methane oxidize to form Water Vapor, which rises to the Saturation Level, forming Clouds; more heat=more clouds, which reflect Sunlight and the resultant IR (Heat Energy) Simply more Luciferian Bull Shit!
      Joshua "Son of Nun" aka Yah Shua, Jah Shua, Yehoshua, YaHUsha is not JESUS. The 14th Hebrew letter "Nun" means "Fish", "Kingdom" and "Heir to the Throne"; Malkuth "Kingdom" or Leviathan (Sea Beast) in Kaballah is the 50th Gate (50=Jubilee) meaning "Understanding" of the "Physical World". 4 Lunar Eclipses in succession on Passover and Tabernacles is a Tetrad; the last one heralded the 6-Day War; the one we are in now features 2 Solar Eclipses on God's New Year and the Rabbinical New Year; heralding the Jubilee Year. Esau's Yoke is about to be removed! Remember the words of Jesus "My kingdom is not of this world" Jn 18:36 This is a Spiritual War we are in, the Physical War was lost 6000 years ago when the Serpent convinced Adam and Eve they would not die; Oops! 
     "Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground...unto Cain and his offering he had not respect...Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him...the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth...a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth...and the LORD set a mark upon Cain..." Gen 4 Nothing sheds blood more than the Scourge of Ebola. 
                                Oct 28 "Feast Day of St Jude" 
   Jude is the last book before Revelation; he is known for asking Jesus at the Last Supper why He would not manifest Himself to the world after the Resurrection; his letter is about Salvation and Persevering under difficult circumstances of the Great Tribulation. "For there are certain men crept in unawares...ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness..." Jude will  take you 5 minutes to read, I suggest doing that now because Jesuits fit that bill perfectly. 
    On Oct 25 an anonymous US Official calls Benjamin Netanyahu "Chickenshit" meaning "Worthless Coward". On Oct 28 Haaretz (People of the Land) publishes a picture of Netanyahu piloting an airplane into the World Trade Center. (His pal Mitt Romney was scheduled to attend a fundraiser in the WTC on 9/11 but got the word ahead of time to avoid that) On Oct 31 Netanyahu wove "Grassy Knoll" into a speech to the Knesset. Scripted? You betcha. Ref Michelle Obama's "Black Widow Dress" on Election Night on the same spot Abraham Lincoln stood, he is the last US President according to the vision of C. Alan Martin in 1971. Grassy Knoll refers to CIA shooters who killed JFK; the Vietnam War ensued.
     On Oct 28 the Green Door closes the al-Aqsa Mosque; not coincidentally, "Behind the Green Door" is a 1972 movie about a woman initiated into a public Orgy including women, men and animals.   Israel (Star of Molech is not Jewish) closed the al-Aqsa compound and Mosque of Omar (Great Speaker) on Oct 28 and closed off Gaza on Nov 1. Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu are both Luciferian Masons following a pre-written script toward WWIII, The "Golden Dome" and Octagon (Jesus is the 8th Covenant between God and Man) shaped site is where Abram offered Isaac (Ishmael in the Quran) as a sacrifice (replaced with the Lamb); the Winged Horse "al-Buraq" (Lightning) surveyed the Earth and Heaven for Abraham and Muhammad (Myth of course); David purchased as the "Threshing Floor" of the Jebusites (Canaanites in Jerusalem) for Solomon's Temple and where Jesus turned the tables on the "Money Changers" and watched the Temple Veil tear at His Crucifixion. Fake Jews wear the Yarmulke (Kippah or Zuchetto) at the Western Wall under the Temple Mount to replace this veil because they reject JESUS CHRIST. This will be the site and cause of WWIII. Antichrist is "Little Horn" aka the "Great Speaker" (Dan 7:8); his Idol is the "Abomination of Desolation"; his throne (Isis=Throne) is "Satan's Seat" aka "Throne of Pergamon" currently in the Berlin Museum. Got JESUS in your life? Time is getting really short!
    On Oct 28 Pope Francis I decreed  "Evolution and the Big Bang are correct; God is not a magician with a magic wand" Pope Francis I, an initiated Jesuit was speaking on Jesuit theories at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The lying Pontiff has shown his true colors. 1 Tim 6:20 "....avoiding profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called" Profanity is Blasphemous contempt of God. Listening to this man's vain, profane babblings? Better think twice. 
    On Oct 28 "Feast Day of St Jude" Sir (Knight in service to the Queen of Heaven) Elton John called Pope Francis "My Hero" for "Promoting acceptance of homosexuality within the Catholic Church", at the AIDS Banquet in NYC. Elton said "Jesus would support Gay Marriage" Lev 18:22, Lev 20:13; 1 Cor 6:9 1 Ti 1:8 and Jude 7 beg to differ. Folks, if you want to be in the "Wedding of the Lamb" I suggest reading the Word (Jesus is the Word made Flesh) before listening to Sir Elton or a Jesuit Pope who believes he Evolved from Alien Pond Scum to become the Infallible representative of Jesus on Earth.
     On Oct 28 the Antares Rocket and Cygnus cargo ship exploded on takeoff. Antares is Alpha Scorpio, known as the "Hound of Hel" or "Cerberus" the "Bloody Beast" guarding the Gates of Hell. Cygnus is Zeus (Lucifer) in the form of a Swan who seduced Nemesis. Arabs revere Nemesis as Manat, the "Goddess of Fate". A little warning from God here? You betcha.
     On Halloween Sir (Sir=Knight) Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Space Ship 2 "Enterprise" exploded after release from the Virgin Mother Ship "Eve" (Eve=To Breathe or Give Life) aka "White Knight".
Cornerstone was set in place on the English language side of the Georgia (Ge=Geo=Earth; George is St George aka Green Man) Guide Stones; it was later removed and broken in Masonic ceremony with the pieces handed out to onlookers. The 6 sides of the Stone Cube functioned as a Dice; the numbers/letters inscribed were: 20-14-MM-8-16-JAM. The significance of this ritual is formal rejection of Jesus Christ as the Chief Cornerstone in favor of St George "Green Man". Arabs call him al-Khidr. Green Man is the Holly King of Christ Mass "Adonis". New Agers call him Sanat Kumara; Santa, Sanat and Satan are pretty obvious eh?
     Green Man rides the Pale Green Horse "Death" with "Hell" close behind. The date of this highly symbolic rejection was Kol Nidre, meaning "All Vows" Oct 3, 2014 was the night before Feast of Atonement "Yom Kippur"   "MM" The Master Mason smashing the Cube represents formal rejection of the Holy Ghost, the "Unforgivable Sin". Masonry, Jesuits and other initiated orders nullify Oaths and Vows made in public in favor of Secret Ceremony Oaths. Rest assured, God sees those Private Oaths and Ceremonies and holds all accountable. The #1 Commandment written at the Georgia Guide Stones is "Maintain humanity under 500 Million perpetual balance with nature". "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies" Barbara Marx Hubbard
      "Zaire Ebola can live 50 days on glass, door knobs, tables at 39F" UK Defence Science and Technology Lab (DSTL) Report Oct 26, 2014 Zaire Ebola "ZeBov" and its variants are patented; the ZMab Antibody is patented. In 2010 the CDC acquired the patent from Queen Elizabeth II; the Bio-warfare "Portfolio" was manufactured by DSTL on behalf of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Phillip wants to be re-incarnated as  "Killer Virus". The only thing I'm aware of that lives 50 days on 39F doorknobs is BULLSHIT! "Ebola is mutating to become airborne" USAMRIID Chief Peter Jarling. 
      Fresh off a $multi-billion fraud judgment, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, British manufacturer of the Ebola Vaccine has appealed to WHO Director Margaret Chan (she works for Prince Phillip) for Immunity from prosecution on Oct 28. Health Care Insurers are now providing quotes excluding Ebola as well. Patent the Disease; Hype the Disease; Immunize against the Disease; Profit from Disease; exclude the disease from Health Care plans and receive Legal Immunity from Death/Injury? "Corporations are people my friend" Mitt Romney "13% of people infected with Ebola do not develop fever" -WHO. Without a fever, insurance may disqualify coverage of Ebola; the cost to treat Green shirted Thomas Duncan was estimated at $100,000/Hr.              
     Who would develop and patent a deadly disease and its cure? Vaccine means "Pertaining to the Cow"; the Holy Cow is Hathor.  Jesuit quack Edward Jenner changed Cowpox to Smallpox and spread the disease with vaccines; injecting dead cow does that sort of thing. Oct 28 is fake Jew Jonas Salk's birthday "After inoculating children with the Polio Vaccine, you don't sleep well for 2 -3 weeks" Injecting Simion Monkey "SV-40" Virus, dead Pig and Cow cells makes even hardened Satanists worry.  The CDC admitted that from 1973 on, the Vaccine caused nearly all Polio cases. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are Edomite not Jewish. #10 "It is indispensable in all countries to trouble the people's relationship with their Governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, strife, envy and to torture by starvation and inoculation of diseases". Jesuit educated, Talmudic fake Jew Ron Klain named Ebola Czar Ron shepherded the bankruptcy/bailouts of Fannie Mae and Solyndra. He was Jesuit Joe Biden and Luciferian Mason Al Gore Chief of Staff, and Balkan butcher/Waco murderer Gen Wes Clark/Kohen adviser. No medical or virology experience, just a liar promoting the airborne Ebola lie.
                United Nations Day and the Islamic New Year
     Media hype over Ebola is covering the big news. Cesium 137 spiked radiation 1000X over the previous record at Fukushima Oct 24  and the TPP Meeting in Australia Oct 24-26 over United Nations Day and the Islamic New Year. "Nobody shall ender the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" -UN Planetary Initiative. The color of the UN Building is Green, the grand meeting hall is Green and the UN Meditation Room has 11 Chairs in an 11ft X 18ft X 33ft Trapezoid shaped room with a 13,000Lb Lodestone Altar illuminated by a single shaft of Light for the 10 Horned Beast and "Little Horn". Out front is a Gun with its barrel tied in a knot, a broken "Golden Globe" giving birth to a much smaller Globe of the "Golden Age" and St George "Green Man" killing the Dragon.
     Hilal is the first visible crescent after the New Moon; the symbol of Islam represents "al-Lah" the Arab Moon god. Mormons recite "Pey Heylel" meaning "Marvelous Lucifer" at the 2nd token of the Melchisedek Priesthood because Islam and Mormonism are Pagan Arab religions. Don't be casting stones here folks, Pope Francis sits on the Chair of St Peter above the Shahada "There is no god but Allah" and most Protestants believe John Calvin and his TULIP nonsense; after celebrating Samhain, the day Martin Luther cast his stones at the Roman Catholic Church, they will set up the Grove of "Green Man" and light their homes on Festival of Lights. Lucifer is the "Light Bearer" after all.
   On Sunday (Dies Solis) Oct 26, Israeli Whore John Hagee held the 33rd annual "Night to honor Israel" at Cornerstone Church saying "Never in my life have so many come together in support of Israel"; Jesus called Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom ad Egypt" Rev 11:8 and in John 18:36 "My kingdom is not of this world". Cornerstone Church is the wrong Cornerstone!
   10/25/14 is the "Islamic New Year". On this date measured radiation in ground water spiked 1000X previous record at Fukushima. I am not a nuclear expert, if any of this is provably incorrect please let me know. Underground Plutonium fission is producing Cesium and Tritium "Heavy Water". Fission heat melts rock and produces high pressure steam underground, resulting in spherically shaped cores similar to those used in Hydrogen Fusion devices. Eventually, Plutonium enhanced Nuclear Fusion could occur, the resulting Earthquakes at the intersection of 3 tectonic plates. This may very well make the "...foundations of the earth do shake...the Earth shall reel to and fro as a drunkard" Is 24:18-20 and cause "Earthquakes in diverse places" Mat 24:7 Nuclear Fusion of Hydrogen to Helium (He) releases the energy of the Sun; the particular title Jesus used for Himself which caused the Scourging and Crucifixion was "I Am He". Japan (Jih Pun) means "Land of the Rising Sun". "Revenge is a dish best served cold" Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite by putting Nitro-glycerin in a clay matrix; the shock wave initiates the explosion; "Cold Fusion" works the same way and yes it's proven and real. Earthquakes sending "Shock Waves" across Fusion Cores may very well work the same way. Initiating Earthquakes like the 2006 Yule Earthquake in Indonesia or the 9.0 Fukushima Earthquake is quite easy with Scalar Wave technology, so be careful blaming God for the upcoming calamities. 
     Geo-engineering the Earth with Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Radiation (Fukushima) and Oil (Deeo Water Horizon) is just great fun eh? Engineering Drought, Floods and Tornados aka "Weather Modification" and profiting from "Weather Derivative" Investments and Insurance is priceless; made possible in large part by a generous $1/2 Billion/ year, no-bid, US taxpayer financed contract with CIA (Tree of Knowledge and Central Intelligence? tough to figure this out eh?) airline "Evergreen International"; a fleet of B-747's paid to spray Aluminum, Barium and Desiccated Blood over the globe; Who thinks of such things?
                            Pharisee School of Hillel
     Rabbis are today's Pharisees. I'll try to be delicate here, but the mind of the "Hardened" occultist is as "Reprobate" (Rom 1:27) as it gets. Fukushima isn't difficult to see FUKU and Shima. Fornication Under Consent of the King is not what you think; Fornication is derived from Porneia or
Porneos "Idol Worship" in the Spiritual sense and "Adultery" in the physical sense; these are prohibited by the 2nd and 6th Commandments. Fornication has nothing to do with unmarried sex; it has to do with Adultery. Idols such as the Cross (or Crucifix), Six Pointed Star and Crescent (Hillal) violate the 2nd Commandment. Pharisees of the School of Hillel taught Divorce is permissible if for any reason a man's bride becomes unacceptable to him" Jesus taught that committing Adultery is the only reason for Divorce. In Arabic "Mecca" is derived from Mechus meaning "Adultery". The Triple Goddess is worshipped at Mecca as Uzza, Manat and Al-Lah.
      Shima is Ashima, cognate with Manat (3 Arab gods infecting Islam are Uzza, al-Lah, and Manat) the "Goddess of Fate" or "Measurer of Fate". Fukushima was an intentionally planned "Extinction Level Event" at the site of origin for the Atmospheric Jet Stream, intersection of major Ocean Currents and site of 3 major Tectonic Plates. For more information on Fukushima go to the Fukushima and Deep Water Horizon page on Daily Updates. Jesus returns to "Destroy them which destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18 Freemasons know Manat as Asherah, the Poles used as the Gates of the Grove. Fukushima is and continues to be the most destructive event in human history since the Flood.
     The UN directed Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting over United Nations Day and the Islamic New Year was no coincidence. TPP will be completed by the end of 2014, ending the National Sovereignty of 40% of the planet in favor of International Corporations and their hired attorneys. TAP Trans-Atlantic Partnership will take care of the rest of the Earth outside of NAM Non Aligned Movement with all sides controlled by the United Nations under Unification Church disciple Ban Ki Moon. Religion is controlled by the Vatican City; Military by Washington DC (Russia and the US arm both sides eg Iran-Iraq; ISIS-Syria) and Earth's Natural Resources by the City of London Corporation. The Satanic British (Birthright of Ishmael and Esau) entities now control the entire Earth (Ref Dan 11:38-41 "Dividing the Land for Gain"). Ripped apart in the middle is the US, with the largest Oil (Bakken, Gulf of Mexico, ANWR, Green River), Nat Gas and Fresh Water supplies in the world. The $Quadrillion value of all these Earth riches kept away from citizens on CAFR's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports who don't even realize the US is a bankrupt Corporation about to go into receivership of the Creditors.
     America the Beautiful? Not quite, how about God Save the Queen. In control of the WHO World Health Organization is Margaret Chan a Committee of 300 "Olympian"  and Officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. In control of the City of London Corporation CEO Fiona Woolf, appointed to investigate the Royal Child Sacrifice/Pedophile Ring; fittingly Woolf and the Archbishop of York quit on Halloween 2014. Woolf is the sister of Baron Harry Woolf, fake Jew who wrote a book "I am Jewish" about his Sephardic and Ashkenazi grandparents (Neither are "Jewish"). Harry is Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and Committee of 300 Olympian; her husband Nicholas Woolf was the Enron account auditor at Arthur Anderson. Fiona Woolf is currently in charge of investigating the Marc Dutroix, Jimmy Saville, Chateau Amerois "Castle of Kings", Jill Dando murder, Satanic pedophile/murder/sacrifice ring. George Bush Sr "1000 pts of Light" Charity is named for the 1000 pts of Light Chapel in Chateau Amerois in Muno Bel Belgium where "Black Nobility" and "Mother's of Darkness" like Barbara Bush convene to sacrifice children and write the progress of the Luciferian New World Order in blood. "Nobody shall enter the New World Order unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" UN Planetary Initiative. Fiona Woolf is  a Commander in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; Woolf and Chan work for Prince "Killer Virus" Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II; maybe she will invite you to the Dragon Awards Dinner in the Great Egyptian Hall. Statues of Gog and Magog guard the entrance to the City of London because Satanists deny Jesus Christ and His Millennial Reign on Earth; they need us to believe "Gog and Magog" is Russia. A host of lying Wolves are preaching this Lie to Christians right now eg Texe Marrs, Joel Rosenberg, Chuck Missler, Sheikh Imran Hossein, Grant Jeffery, Hal Lindsey, Mormon Church.  Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium over 1000 years from now!! (Rev 20:7-8) Amar (Canaanite god of the West), Amurru (Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god), Ameru (Serpent) are the Serpents whose Wolves are guarding the Sheep; we call them Reverend, Pastor, Father, Master or Rabbi, but they are all the Gnostic Cathar Church of Amor (Love) leading Sheep to Slaughter. Feel the Love yet? Paul said Charity is the greatest virtue; no wonder the Authorized Bible uses "Charity" and new bibles use "Love". If you believe Israel is God's restoration of Jews to the Promised Land, you are falling for the Lie. Jesus is Shiloh (He whose it is); Shiloh restores the Tribes of Jacob (Gen 49:10) Jesus is Melchisedek; if you believe any man on Earth can hold this title (Mormon Church) you are falling for the Lie. If you believe you are living in the "End Times" you are not in personal Covenant with JESUS! Head for your Prayer Closet while there is still time. JESUS' "Dominion" lasts forever (Dan 7:14) Edom's "Dominion" lasts 3 1/2 years (Dan 7:6) Don't fall for the Lies!
"Humans are an infection and Ebola is Earth's Immune Response"
Richard Preston wrote this in the "The Hot Zone", a perfect example of how people with no relationship with God feel toward most of humanity.
     "Discoverer" of Reston Virus, star of the 1994 book "The
Hot Zone", Bush Jr Smallpox liar, now USAMRIID Chief Dr Peter Jahrling "Ebola is mutating to become airborne" Oct 15, 2014 Peter was the Smallpox spokesman at USAMRIID during the Bush Jr years claiming "Smallpox is the gravest threat to the US". Now he says "Ebola may be transmitted by aerosol more easily in colder, dryer climates" Like the US and Europe this winter, on Airplanes and in Hospitals Pete? Oct 25, 2014  The purpose then as now is to promote Vaccination through Hype and Lies, nothing more.
     Shedding the blood of 7 Billion people? Where on Earth did this idea come from? God of course. "And almost all things are by the law purged with blood, and without the shedding of blood is no remission" Heb 9:22  
    Green Man and Gaia (Ge=Earth) "Earth Mother" are archetypes of the living Earth, worshipped by Witches, Shaman, Soothsayers, Neo-Pagans, Heathens (Jer 10 describes Christmas as a Heathen custom) etc who do not know and worship God as the Creator and Jesus as God in Flesh. A 28 day Lunar Cycle matching a woman's 28 day menstrual cycle, Lunar Gravity causing Tidal swings and Sunlight acting on Chlorophyll gave rise to worship of the Beasts of the Earth and Sea, the Sun and Moon. The problem? Lunar Gravity has nothing to do with Tides and the Earth is not Living. 
      Gaia fashioned an Adamant Stone Sickle (Jesus is called the Adamant Stone) and coerced her son Chronos (Time) to castrate her husband; Giants were born of Gaia and the blood, while Aphrodite came from the Testicles "Balls". Aphrodite is Venus aka Lucifer. Pagan Arabs of the Quyraish (Jude 7 "Core"; Num 16 "Korah"; 1 Chr "Kore") Tribe introduced Venus/Aphrodite/Lucifer as "al-Uzza" to Muslims; the Triple Goddess being Uzza, Lah/Lat (Allah) and Manat. Notice the Priests of Korah who rebelled against God in Moses and Aaron's day were swallowed in what else but the Earth. Pretty hard to believe Muslims could be fooled like this? Christians believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus for Pete's sake, so go ahead and cast the first stone. NOT! 
    The Balls of the Flagrum used in Crucifixions were designed to cause massive internal hemorrhage much like the CDC/USAMRIID manufactured Ebola (Balls) does. Rejecting the blood of Jesus Christ as remission of sin, the shedding of blood is required which is why War and Disease are created and managed.
    Aphrodite "Gaia" is equivalent with Hathor the "Holy Cow" and Zeus "Green Man", the Bull. At CERN he is called Cernunnos "Horned One" where Satanists oops Scientists are attempting to prove "Gravity" exists and God is wrong. Ever wonder why Lying is called Bullshit? Vaccine means "Pertaining to the Cow". Think twice before asking for the Ebola Vaccine! Vaccines are a Jesuit creation; Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner changed the name "Cowpox" to "Smallpox"; the injected a "Witch's Brew " overwhelmed immune systems and killed millions. "Spanish Flu" killed 50 million; the disease began with Vaccinations given to soldiers at Ft Riley KS; Trench Warfare? Great plan. "Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of the war in Europe" Liar Woodrow Wilson.
    The most binding of all Oaths made in ancient Greece were sworn to Gaia, the deity behind the Oracle of Delphi (Chaldean Soothsayers) "But above all things, my brethren swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth..." James 5:12 Forget what your Chaldean Study Bible notes tell you about "Swearing" being foul language; Swearing is the Swearing of Oaths. How does Kol Nidre look now?
   In the Gnostic and Arab (Great One; same root as Rabbi) world, Sin is equivalent with Allah, the moon god because the moon reflects the sun. The Sin? Believing one can be a god. The source? The Serpent. The Cult of the Green Man are the Amalekites "The LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Ex 17:16 Followers of Jesus are referred to as a "Chosen Generation" (1 Pet 2:9) The last "Generation" ends as the Great Tribulation begins; all others thereafter are referred to as "Earth Dwellers" (Rev 11:10). Folks, you can either follow JESUS or become an "Earth Dweller" with the "Strong Delusion to believe Lies" There is no middle ground. When?
    "Muhammad d'ul Mahdi comes before Jesus at the end of the great war... al-Mahdi is the descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in the 40th generation" Shiekh Mazim Adul al-Haqqani d. May 7, 2014 was the 40th and last of the "Golden Chain" of Sayyids descended from Muhammad. The only survivors will be those who comply with the Law as taught to Moses by al-Khidr. Which law? Sharia Law, which proscribes the death penalty for followers of Jesus Christ; He was rejected because He is the real teacher of Moses.
    Paul told followers of JESUS he bowed his knees to the Father of Jesus Christ that we may not faint at the coming Tribulations, which are the source of one's glory. Followers of JESUS are to comprehend with all saints, what is the "breadth, and length, and depth, and height" Eph 3:18 A Stone Cube has 3 dimensions; if you can't comprehend the 4th dimension "Height", you need the "Holy Ghost"; pause for 2 minutes, head for your "Prayer Closet" and open the door to a one on one relationship to JESUS, the sole source of the "Holy Ghost". Ref (1 Jn 5:7 AV) Time is very short.
  On Kol Nidre "All Vows" (the night before Feast of Atonement aka Yom Kippur) Talmudic Rabbis wrote the names of the Congregation in their own Satanic version of the "Lamb's Book of Life" and forgave planned Sins and Oaths for the coming year. What Sins? On Feast of Atonement the CDC and UN declared "Ebola is Airborne Transmissible". The same day the WHO declared "Preparations for an Influenza outbreak that could kill 60M worldwide are underway" (Swine Flu Vaccines patented by Don Rumsfeld were transported worldwide last summer) Why? WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol allows for forced Quarantine and forced Vaccination for Influenza and Ebola. Zaire Ebola, the Ebola Vaccine and the Swine Flu Vaccine are Patented. Satanists are planning a worldwide Blood Sacrifice through Vaccination.

    Ebola: Rise of the "Green Man" Bacchus, Dionysus, Hermes, St George, the Arab-Sufi al-Khidr. (al-Khidr accompanies al-Mahdi aka Antichrist and False Prophet or Bab and Baha'U'llah is you happen to be Bahai) Green means "Gullible". Green shirted Crisis Actors like Thomas Duncan, Nina Pham and Heather Green (Heath=Heathen=Green Earth Dweller) and Green Screen generated news is no proof of disease.
    The current man-made Ebola project is a Green color coded Psy-Op. Green is the color of Islam (Muslim means One who Submits to Allah aka Sin) and also the United Nations because "Green Man" is Satan. God separated the Nations in Joktan and Peleg's day (Gen 10:25 roughly 100 years after the flood, waters receded to form the various nations); Joktanites are Arabs who are uniting the Nations under Luciferian rule, which is Free of God; the Kingdom of Ormus is the Gnostic world of the Serpent aka Order of Perfectibilists (Cathar Perfecti), Illuminati or Theraputae. The medical industry uses the Serpent wrapped Pillar "Cadueces" because Green Man is Hermes. The Emerald (Green) Tablet of Toth-Hermes begins "That which is above shall be that which is below"; there is the origina of the 6 Pointed Star. "No person shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" UN Planetary Initiative. Reject the New Age and receive the Glory of God; it's as simple as that.
     Green Man is a pre-Islamic archetype; a model of the pre-Flood "Paradise". Rabbis use the term "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) Worship of the Earth (Geo) is Worship of Creation rather than the Creator. The US protects Kurds because they are Yezidis, the Zoroastrian Fire Worshippers of al-Khidr whose Shrines are found all over Kurdistan along side natural springs used in Water Baptism Rites. Sounds a lot like the Water Baptism your fake Christian Priest or Pastor gave you doesn't it? The real Baptism is done Spiritually through the Holy Ghost. 
     Jesus is the Tree of Life; Green Man hides in the Tree of Knowledge; the Arabian Palm and Christmas Evergreen for example.
     al-Khidr "Green Man" is derived from "Khitan" a Mongol term meaning "Circumcision", the outward adherence to the Law. Sounds like the Circumcision your doctor or Rabbi insisted on doing when you were born doesn't it?
    al-Khidr is depicted traveling on water supported by a Fish; sounds like the Fish Bumper Sticker handed out in so-called Christian Churches doesn't it? Phoenicians call al-Khidr "the "Fisher King"
    al-Khidr has the attributes of Mithra, born at Solar Solstice and rising 3 days later; sounds like Christmas doesn't it?  This is why Paul told people to leave Congregations and continue in the Grace of the Lord (Ref Acts 13:43)
     Sufi and Shia Sayyids also protect the Kurds because al-Khidr heralds the unveiling of the 12th hidden Imam "al-Mahdi". Think Iran is an enemy of the US? Guess again. For the Arab, al-Khidr is the only form of Salvation; al-Khidr is Energy through Photosynthesis (Light Synthesis of Chlorophyll), Renewal through destruction, and Spirituality (Quest for the Holy Grail). Khidr also means "Crawler"; recall the Serpent was made to crawl on his belly for enticing Eve to Sin.
     The Green color is seen on Green Sayyid Turbans worn by descendants of Abraham, Ishmael and through Canaanite/Hittite wives to Esau. Remember, the Covenant God made with Abraham was conditional on not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan. Isaac and Jacob complied, Ishmael and Esau did not. Green is the color of Hashemites of Trans-Jordan (created in WWI) and Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca (Mecca means Mechus "Adultery") from the Rebel Priests of Korah/Core in Moses and Aaron's day, from whom Muhammad later descended. Trans-Jordan is the land of Moab, Ammon and Edom; they achieve "Dominion" (Gen 27:40 AV) and escape the hand of Antichrist/Green Man (Dan 11:41) America was set up to be the world's Scapegoat. 
   al-Qaeda (Foundation) was coined by Ibn Sayyid Qutb in 1966, the same year the Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco; Qutb is a Dervish title meaning "Pillar".  Sayyid ali-Khameini in Iran rose to power from the "Green Revolution"; Sayyid ali-Sistani is in Iraq's "Green Zone", both set up by the US according to the plan written on the "Feast Day  of Lucifer "Aug 15, 1871 (the same year the US ceased to be a Nation and became a CORPORATION), by Sodomite Luciferian Mason Albert Pike. Isis is the Throne. Read Jude 7 before "Perishing in the Gainsaying of Core" This lasts for eternity.
    al-Khidr is regarded as the teacher of Moses. The Law was taught to Moses. "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all" James 2:10 Your choices are the Law or JESUS. with no legitimate Levite Priests or Temple, keeping the Law is impossible. This is why Jesus replaced the Levite Priesthood with the Melchisedek Priesthood. JESUS is Melchisedek.
     Israel's authority is Molech "Green Man", seen on the State Flag; it is not God's gathering of the 12 Tribes; Jesus "Shiloh" (Ref Gen 49:10) does that with the 2nd Coming. Israel is waiting for "Green Man" "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not; if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive...For if ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me" John 5:43; 46 
     Israel is made up of Samaritans; a mix of Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans, Canaanites listed in 2 Ki 17:30 with the original tribes of Israel. Today, they illegally occupy the offices of Levite Priests. Green Screen technology is used by Rita Katz (Kahannim + Tzaddeq) and "SITE" (Site is a euphemism for 3rd Eye Illumination; JESUS' Sight refers to the Holy Ghost) to incite violence against the fictitious US created bogyman, ISIS as it was for al-Qaeda.
    Sandy Hook was also a Green Screen Hoax as is Ebola, created in the "Ebola Building" aka Ft Detrick. Nothing new, Green Screen technology came from Stanley Kubrick and NASA during the Masonic Lies of the Apollo Moon Hoax. Think this is a joke? Go see the plywood and foil Lander at the Air and Space Museum. 
    FEMA and Wall St will be conducting an Influenza Pandemic Exercise Nov 13 and 20, 2014; Power, Phone, Internet, Banking all shut down. Happy Thanksgiving? The first Thanksgiving was made possible by a Jesuit created Smallpox Pandemic. Nothing has changed.
     The Arab Green Man is "al-Khidr"; same as the Templar "Green Man" only this one wears the Sayyid Green Turban and Green Robes Muhammad was said to have worn; myth? you betcha, just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. al-Khidr is Hizir in Turkey called the "Old Dervish" or "Old man of the mountain". The British "Order of the Garter" (Garter means "Witch's Belt" signifies a Ritual Marriage to Satan and formal rejection of Jesus Christ. Turning the Cross upside down, breaking the cross bar, Blaspheming Jesus and urinating on the "Peace Sign" aka "Witch's Foot" will do that. The "Order of the Garter" was originally called the "Order of Khidr", the Cupbearers of the Sufis.
    The language of Green Man is called what else but "Green Language"; also "Language of Light" or Langue d' Oc (Languedoc is where the Cathars were executed; Oc means Occular, Occident (West) and 8, the number of Eternity). Just one problem! Jesus is the 8th Covenant between God and Man. "Language of Birds" is Augury; soon the entrails of America's Eagle will foretell the world's future, or so the Satanic dupes believe. Egyptian Hieroglyphics is called the "Alphabet of Birds". Gypsy (Egypt means Land of Gypsies) Language is Tarot aka "Dragon Speech". Language of Angels (Melek-Taus is the Zoroastrian Peacock Angel) is Sufi Language. Divination is "Spoken Kaballah". The Death Chamber at San Quentiin is the Green Room; the Green Mile was about the world rejecting Jesus. Got the idea here?
   Geo is George aka "Beast from the  Earth" or "False Prophet"; How best to serve Green Man? Stop the Sheeple from Breathing CO2 , cutting O2 producing Trees, raising/consuming CH4 producing Cattle, burning "Fossil Fuels" (Oil is produced from Organic material under high heat, pressure and water, not Fossils) and wasting water. "Carbon Credits" for "Mass Murder"; Great plan eh? 
   "...yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service...And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me" Jn 16:2-3
                             The Writing is on the Wall  (+ seven other sites just like it) declares the Pale Horse was released 12/21/2012.   The Pale Green Horse is Death.
      Prophecy of St Malachy declares Rome will burn when Peter the Roman, Pope #112 from Celestine II is elected. The night Pope Benedict XVI #111 resigned lightning hit St Peter's Basilica twice. Pope Francis I is #112. 
     "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy On 1/13/1313, the King of France and Pope Roman Pope illegally confiscated Templar wealth and made a new Concordat with the Knights of Malta "Licet Pridem". The "Council of Vienne" ended March 20, 1313; Jacques de Molay, the last Cathar Military/Banker was executed 1 year later. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus/al-Khidr aka "Green Man".
     "al-Mahdi" arrives after the great war in the 40th generation; the 40th Sayyid of Muhammad" Sheikh Nazim adul al-Haqqani, the 40th in the "Golden Chain" of Sayyids died May 7, 2014 al-Khidr is "Green Man" 
     11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll "After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming of Melchisedek". Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be the Alternative Messiah al-Khidr. 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Pope Leo X in 1513 bankrupted the Vatican Bank. The last Knight Templar (International Banker) Jacques de Molay was executed in 1314. Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with a crack separating Man from God; Pope Francis means "Free".  
     Hopi "Great Purification" Prophecy States the 5th age will begin with Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro. Ebola means "The Balls" of a Flagrum used to Crucify followers of Jesus. 
      Prophecy Rock in AZ  "When Blue Star comes Red Kachina will remove his mask in the plaza before the Un-initiated" and White Brother "Pahana" will be revealed. White Brother is Lucifer.. You will want to be "Uninitiated"! Stay on the porch (Ref Rev 11)
     Nostradamus "Last Pope will flee Rome in December when there are 2 Suns in the sky to usher in Judgment Day" Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa 2014? Time will tell.
     Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet of the Sleeping Land  predicted Russia would die and be re-born to become the hope of the world.  
    C Alan Martin published a vision in 1971 predicting the last US President would be #12 from Harry Truman; Obama means "He is with us" in Farsi (Zoroastrian Persian; language of Mithraism) is #12.
    Condor and Eagle Prophecy says 500 years after Columbus discovered America, and nearly wiped out the Condor people (Heart, Intuition, Mystical), a merging with the Eagle people (Brain, Rational , Material) will herald the New Age. Jesus says "where the carcase is, Eagles will gather". Seen any Eagles on US Government or Currency lately? Pope Francis I is an "Operation Condor" operative. 
      Mother Shipton aka Ursula Southhill, a medium/witch burned at the stake in 1641 predicted wars, airplanes, TV, earthquakes, fires and 1/2 the world dying just before the return of the Golden Age. Read the al-Khidr prophecy again; we are at the end of the "Golden Chain"
       Bab and Baha'u'llah: Bahai prophecy says "Russia will rule the earth at the end of times" This lie is the source of Edgar Cayce's lies. Russia is not Gog (Rev Eze 38:1; 20:7) America is not "Babylon" (Rev 18) The Roman Catholic Church is not MYSTERY, BABYLON...(Rev 17).
       Feel like a Sheep being led to Slaughter? Jesus set it up that way. He is the only escape! "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter" Rom 8:36; Ps 44:22. Obama is President #44 and scripture ends with Chap 22.
     Baraq means Emerald, the Stone (mythical) cut from Lucifer's Crown in Heaven. Baraq is the name of Abraham's (mythical) horse, Muhammad's (mythical) horse and the name of the US 44th President (mythical). Amurru, the land of the west and death is about to see the Green Flash at it's last sunset.  In case it's not obvious yet, we are at Emerald City in the land of Oz.
     Dr (Honorary) Seuss aka Ted Geisel wrote among much else "Green Eggs and Ham", "Sam-I-Am", "Horton hears a Who" and "The Lorax". A popular magazine on Witchcraft is "Green Egg"; Horton means "Dirt Farmer"; Lorax "Speaks for the Trees"; Green Eggs and Ham go together like Ebola and Swine Flu. Cain was a Farmer whose sacrifices (produce) were rejected by God, so he killed his brother, a Shepherd. WHO Director Margaret Chan works for Prince Phillip as an Officer in the British Empire. Phillip wants to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus". British means "Birthright" of Cain, Canaan, Ishmael, Esau. Bauer means Farmer, Bauer became Rothschild (Red Shield) and put the Red Hexagram over his door at 666 Am Mein; Rothschilds are Edomites not Jews. Samaritans are "Fake Jews" or mixed Canaanite, Babylonian, Medean and Israelite blood; Jesus is a real Jew whose name among others is "I AM". Jesus was rejected as "I AM" by the fake Jews who Crucified Him. Ebola means "Balls" used before the Crufixion.
     The idea of killing originated with the Serpent "Green Man" and Cain bought into it. After the Flood, Ham and his Cainite mother's incest produced Canaan "Cursed" from this union. Abraham instructed his sons not to take wives of the daughters of Canaan for this reason. Ishmael and Esau rebelled; Isaac and Jacob did not.  The Swine Flu Vaccine has already been delivered around the world in preparation for the upcoming "Influenza Pandemic". Influenza means "Occult Influence".
         It's time to make sure JESUS knows you. He is the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden; the 4 faced Cherubim is there to make sure
nobody gets back to Paradise without going through JESUS!

                     Sin Rising     Updated Oct 18 

     " not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" 2 Thess 2:2-3  The Man of Sin is "Green Man" (Tammuz, Osiris, Cernunnos, Herne, Dionysus, Bacchus, Adonis, Odin, Hiram Abiff, St George, al-Khidr) and the Ebola (Balls) Vaccine is his Scourge. "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Perfecti. Right on time! D-Day was 700 years after the Cathars were executed and 2014 is 700 years after Jacques de Molay was executed in the House (Par) of IS "Paris". Green is the color of Islam, Hamas, the Pale Horse "Death" and the United Nations because WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam. Got JESUS in your life? If not, I wouldn't set that Grove up at Christ Mass this year.
      Feast of Tabernacles is the only Feast required to be observed forever in all generations. (Lev 23:41) The exacting requirements for making "Booths" and worship at the Tabernacle are spelled out in Lev 23:34-24-9. If you did not celebrate this according to the Law, don't feel bad, nobody on Earth did either; people who accept JESUS are the New Covenant Tabernacles. Forgiveness is only possible through JESUS; and celebrating Hanukkah/Christmas/Easter will not cut it.     During the Millennium (1000 years beginning when Jesus returns to Jerusalem) the only Feast, God will require all nations to observe and make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for will be Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14:16-18) On the 8th "Great Day" of Tabernacles, Jesus, the mediator of the 8th, final and everlasting Covenant between God and Man was 8 days old and was Circumcised in accordance with the Law; on this day (Ides of October=8th month; Oct 15) in 2014, Jesuit, SMOM Gen Martin Dempsey named the newest Iraq War “Inherent Resolve” Inherent “Closely connected with; Adhere to” Resolve “Unyoke, Set Free, Make Void, Loosen”  Esau is currently “Yoked” by God to Jacob, but when “Free”, Edomites stated intent (Gen 27:39-40 AV) is to kill all associated with Jacob ie the 12 Tribes (real ones not Talmudic/Zionist liars) and followers of JESUS who warned unless those days were shortened, no flesh would remain. Dempsey said “War is Discovery” War means “Bring into Confusion, Perplex, Confound” The Canaanite/Phoenician god Bel means “Confounder” Literally "Uncovering Bel". 
     ***Jesuit Pope Francis I presided over the 3rd Extraordinary Synod of Bishops Oct 5-19 at the Vatican; shadowing Feast of Tabernacles and Columbus Day is no accident; they are the Nicolaitanes (Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity) Jesus hates for elevating the clergy. Jesuits, Knights of Columbus (Columbia is the Roman goddess of Freedom; Columbus a "Crypto" fake Catholic, Smallpox mass murdering thief) and Knights of Malta aka Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes or Hospitallers (Kerry, Biden, Boehner, Roberts, Dempsey etc)  swear oaths using a Black Athame and Black Cross to serve the Jesuit General aka Black Pope (currently Adolfo Nicholas). The Oaths require killing Jews and Christians and preventing the birth of their babies. Leading these Satanic Assassins is Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (Council of Culture and Message, and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre). Female, Sodomite (Sodom=CeDom "To Burn") Clergy and Sodomite Marriage all welcome in this House of the Lord, but not in Jesus' Tabernacles (Lev 18:22; Rom 1:27; 1 Cor 6:9; 1 Ti 1:8; Jude 7). The night of Francis' conclave selection, St Peter's Basilica was hit by lightning 3 times; Why? Jesus told Peter in Mat 16:18 Jesus' Divinity is the Rock upon which His Church would be built; Nicolaitanes chose Peter for that role. Francis released 2 Doves last January from the Apostolic Palace which were promptly attacked by a Crow and Seagull; Why? The Dove symbolizes JESUS as the Holy Ghost; Samaritans (fake/Gnostic Apostles) use the Dove symbol for Zeus. Everyone of the 200 Bishops wear the Zuchetto  aka Skull Cap, Yarmulke, Kippah, Kufi, Phiro or Cap of Cybele; all a blatant rejection of Jesus tearing the Temple Veil at His Crucifixion. Folks, you don't need Middle Men in your relationship with JESUS! "Every man praying of prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head" 1 Cor 11:4  "Call no man on Earth.. Father...Master...Rabbi" Mat 23:8-10 Clear enough?
    It won’t get more obvious than this; we are dealing with Gnostics and Edomites (Wolves in Sheep's Clothes) who sold their Birthright and relationship with God (Ismailis aka Hagarenes fill this role on the Arab/Muslim side). Francis means "Free"; get ready to be Set Free of God’s Yoke (Gen 27:40 AV) The world will soon become a giant Cainite/Kenite Killing Field. Remember, the Covenant with Abraham stipulated not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan; Isaac and Jacob complied; Ishmael and Esau did not. Where are Ismailis and Edomites today? The Middle East aka Fertile Crescent (Hilal means Crescent and Lucifer) aka Kingdom of Ormus (Ormus means Serpent, Date Palm or Ahura Mazda=Lucifer) Clever little Snake eh? 
    Jesus is Alpha and Omega; the Word, Beginning and End. Jesus created the Sun, Moon and Stars to tell time and seasons; nothing is left to chance. Jesus knew in advance occultists would watch for signs like this. Jesus' Birthday on Feast of Tabernacles Oct 8, 2014 was part of the 8th Blood Moon Tetrad and a very rare Selehelion-Syzygy Lunar Eclipse. Syzygy (Syn=Together; Zygon=Yoke of Animals) means "Opposition or Conjunction of a heavenly body with the Sun". Over the Atlantic (Atlantis and Ultima Thule the Aryan "Black Sun" may ring a Baal here), the Selehelion Eclipse of the Moon was visible in the West as the Sun rose in the East; made possible by atmospheric refraction. Jesus is God in Flesh; He is the 8th Covenant between God and Man, eclipsing Sin, the Arab Moon god=Allah=Sin; Sharia Law is submission to Sin. We are in the midst of the 8th and final Tetrad (4 consecutive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) in 2000 years; this is not by chance. In Gen 27:40 AV we see Esau  is under the Yoke of Jacob but not for long. The day God rejecting Edomites obtain "Dominion" they intend to kill their God following brothers. Followers of JESUS are the "House of Jacob"! How are the Jesus rejecting Elite celebrating? Reform Rabbis called on ICE not to deport illegal criminals entering the US and Rabbi Shalom Lewis called for a Holy War to exterminate all Muslims. " no man on earth Rabbi" -Jesus Christ Folks, time to put away the Sword and follow Jesus!
   Nobel and Sakharov Prize winner, CIA Asset, Muslim Student (Talib means Muslim Student) Malala Yousafzai decries Drone killings in Pakistan yet meets with Drone Killers Obama and QEII. Drones kill 50X more civilians than alleged "Terrorists". Order her bestselling book at 1-800 MY TALENT. Better yet, wake up to the BS! Her picture with Taliban, Nobel Prize winning Drone Killer Barack Obama is priceless!

     ***On Sunday "Meet the Press", Benghazi liar Susan Rice blamed other countries for the spread of Ebola. Try again Susan, the CDC created and patented Ebola, it's variants and Vaccine NSM-200 (Nat Security Memorandum), written in Dec 1974 by Satanist, Obama adviser Henry Kissinger is being implemented by the Gates Foundation, NIH, CDC, Doctors Without Borders and Samaritan's Purse. "GAVI" is the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization" is meant for Global Population Control and 2014 (40 yrs is no coincidence; Israel wandered in Sin 40 yrs) is the year according to the 2014 Cornerstone at the Rosicrucian inspired Georgia Guide Stones.
    The “Simpsons” Season 9, Oct 19, 1997 “Lisa’s Sax” predicted the Ebola Pandemic in the bedtime book “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”. “Curious George” was coined by Nikola Tesla’s description of GHW Bush “Get that little monkey out of my lab” Marburg Virus or Reston Virus is a form of Ebola which is attributed to monkeys from the lab at Reston VA. Monkeys? Aryans like Bush believe they are a different “Race” of Luciferian origin aka “Nephilim” whose blood type has no Rhesus monkey protein aka Rh-.  The origin of Racism began here.     

      E bola means "The Balls" of a Flagrum (Scourge) Feel like we are being Scourged? We are.
    Gates Foundation
is funding Glaxo-Smith-Kline fresh off a $multi-billion fraud judgment and the dumping of 45 Liters of live Polio Virus in 2 rivers in Belgium Sept 2, 2014. GSK was chosen to produce the patented Ebola Vaccine for a forced Ebola Vaccination campaign and Quarantine; for Ebola? Perhaps not. Gates Foundation, NIH, PATH (Seattle based 501c3 Family Planning/Birth Control  "Program for Appropriate Technology in Health"; CEO Steve Davis is a Gates trained, CFR Initiate), WHO (Margaret Chan is a Committee of 300 "Olympian" and Officer in the British Empire working for Prince "Killer Virus" Phillip), CDC (CDC is a for profit disease corporation in partnership with the US Army USAMRIID and pharmaceutical corporations like GSK; Tom Freiden is CFR, Bilderberg, Gates and Sir ((Knighted by QEII)) Bloomberg trained), MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and Luciferian Mason Reverend Billy Graham's (now Franklin) Samaritan's Purse, fresh off a "Shockingly Unethical Forced Trial" of the HPV Vaccine that  killed 7 girls (India is suing the Gates Foundation) is causing Ebola symptoms with MenAfriVac (Meningitis Vaccine). The current Ebola hype may very well be a very lethal bacterial disease "Acute Fulminating Meningococcal Septicemia" delivered via Vaccine and ready for forced vaccination and quarantine in the US. NIH Chief Anthony Fauci  announced on Feast of Tabernacles "Fast tracked Vaccines will likely need to be given to whole countries to stop Ebola" Mass death will likely result and the CDC patent ensures a royalty will benefit the CDC for every Ebola treatment; perhaps billions of them.
     Jesuit, Sandy Hoax liar, CT Gov Dann Malloy issued an "Ebola Emergency Quarantine Order" on Feast of Tabernacles, allowing quarantine of anyone suspected of exposure to Ebola. Better hope you are not on a plane, train or bus with anyone showing symptoms of Ebola eh? Dan used Crisis Actors and Green Screen technology to fool the world with Sandy Hook, don't fall for the Ebola Lie.
      A box full of IS Black Flags were found in Upper Nazareth on Feast of Tabernacles because IS is an Israeli/US creation; IS leader Mohammad al Baghdadi is Mossad asset Simon Elliot. Why Nazareth? Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem from Nazareth on Feast of Tabernacles (Christmas and Hanukkah are fabricated nonsense), giving birth to God in Flesh (Body=Corpus) Caesar's "Corporate Fiscal Accounting" remains to this day. There was no room at the Inn for them, because their own people had rejected the "Virgin Birth". Corporations are not people and never will be. 
    US trained (Camp Bucca) Israeli Mossad Central Casting actor Simon Elliot leads IS. US-Israeli Rita Katz (Kahannim + Tsaddiq=Jesus' Title) manufactures fake beheading videos for IS with US Army (Ft Huachuca and Qatar; SITE produced fake bin Laden videos as well using Mossad assets like Adam Pearlman). Green Screen Crisis Actors and News interviews add credibility. Israel   manufactures IS banners found in Jesus' hometown on His Birthday.  Got all that?
As the Hajj ended the US used F-22 "Raptors" to Hit IS in Hit, Iraq; Herodutus called the City of Bitumen Wells (Bitumen is Slime used for Mortar in the Tower of Babel) Hit "Is" where 22 civilians were killed on Feast of Tabernacles. Isis means "Throne" Is means "To be". "To be or not to be" ringing a Baal? Better decide fast; joining that throne will land you in Hell for eternity. Still want to join? The IS Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey can get you an Iraq Visa to visit the Islamic Caliphate of the World.
      On Kol Nidre "All Vows" (the night before Feast of Atonement aka Yom Kippur) Talmudic Rabbis wrote the names of the Congregation in their own Satanic version of the "Book of Life" and forgave planned Sins and Oaths for the coming year. What Sins? On Feast of Atonement the CDC and UN declared "Ebola is Airborne Transmissible" It is NOT! The same day the WHO declared "Preparations for an Influenza outbreak that could kill 60M worldwide are underway" (Swine Flu Vaccines were transported worldwide last summer) Why? WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol allows for forced Quarantine and forced Vaccination for Influenza and Ebola. Both Zaire Ebola and the Vaccine are Patented. Planning a worldwide Blood Sacrifice?
    The US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Turkey and the Taliban arm and train ISIS 
330 Luciferian Mason Recep Tayyip Erdogan is arming and training ISIS, opening an ISIS Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and is now using the Turkish Air Force to enforce a Syrian "No-Fly Zone" with US and NATO approval. Pakistan Taliban (Student) aiding ISIS with men, training and material. Odd? The US CIA created and trained Taliban "Operation Cyclone"; Talibs become Mujahideen (Warriors of Allah/Sin); one such student is Madrassa (Quran School) educated Barack Obama. Jesuit, SMOM Joe Biden admitted in a Harvard Forum "There are no moderate Rebels; our Sunni Allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey are arming and training ISIL". Congress just approved another $500M to arm "Moderate Rebels". Remember, Saudi Arabian military brass are trained in Moscow. Turkish ship Nour M was intercepted carrying 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles to ISIS Rebels last summer. John Kerry was waiting shipment of 5000 tons of ISIS weapons aboard Russian ship Mol Comfort in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last summer as it split apart. The same day (Kol Nidre), the UN Security Council, adopted a measure some are calling a "Global Patriot Act" to stop arming of "Terrorists", declare "Activists" as "Terrorists" (such as those of us who question 9/11) and increase "Surveillance". Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and the US are now in violation of International Law and Abu Dhabi has direct Customs by-pass flights into the US. Waking up yet?
     Rapture (Rape, Kidnapping, Seizure) is a Jesuit invention; Jesus bodily resurrects His followers at the 7th Trumpet (Trump of God), one day before His Wrath (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17). The latest Hollywood version of Tim LaHaye's Left Behind (Nic Cage is a Knight of Malta serving the Jesuit General) releases on Feast of Atonement (Oct 3-4) aka "Yom Kippur", the holiest day for fake Jews living under the Six Pointed Star of Molech and Chiun and last day of the "Days of Awe". The previous installment of Left Behind starred Kirk Cameron, a false teacher with Ray Comfort and Calvinist (John Calvin was Cohen; TULIP: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and fixed Pre-destination are all damnable heresies not found in the Word of God) theologian John MacArthur and Calvary Chapel. "The best false teachers teach as much truth as possible"-MacArthur Study Bible. These men are among the best. Jesus is standing at the door, but you need to open it; He shed His blood for anyone and everyone who accepts it as payment of Sin. Folks, you are not "Totally Depraved", those men are! 
     Gulf Wars began with "Shock and Awe" because Shekinah is the Kabbalist version of God. The Hexagram is a Satanic ensign and the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple (Eze 8) and Jacob's descendants lost the right to be called "Israel" (Ref Amos 5:2;26; 7:2-3; 5-6 AV). Muslims will celebrate the same day Eid al Adha commemorating Abraham's willing sacrifice of Ishmael as written in the Quran. Talmudic Rabbis will forgive Sins and Vows on Kol Nidre (article on Holiday Page) the Congregation plans to commit the coming year, writing each person's name in the "Book of Life". Jesus has another "Book of Life" in Heaven; you cannot have your name written in both; He descended from Isaac. In Jerusalem, the fake (Edomite King Herod nominated no less than 6 priests; not Levites, much less first born sons of Aaron) Kohen Gadol (High Priest of Israel/Molech) will don the Priestly Vestments worn in the Holy of Holies (Temple Veil was torn at the Crucifixion; replaced at Pentecost with the Holy Ghost) and absolve the sins of everyone who accepts the Star of Molech. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles; in 2014 His birthday is Oct 8, the night of a Lunar Eclipse; should an Alternative Messiah be revealed this night, know with 100% certainty it is not Jesus. 
    War in Syria began the day after the UN International Day of Peace, on Mabon aka Michaelmas as the UN convened the General Assembly with Obama chairing the Security Council for the 2nd time. The strikes destroyed oil refineries, grain silos and civilians, justifiable because they killed the leader of the biggest and baddest terrorist organization in history "Khorasan" who happened to be the ex-leader of al-Qaeda in Iran, Mohsin al Fadhli. A Sunni Terrorist Group armed by Turkey, Russia (Google Mol Comfort and Nour M), Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the US in a Shiite nation, led by Ayatollahs installed by the US, who are also 330 Luciferian Masons trained in Paris "House of Isis". No really, Israeli-US Dual Citizen  Rita Katz (Kahannim + Tsaddiq) and SITE at Ft Huachuca AZ found a Twitter "Tweet" from an anonymous al-Qaeda source that proves it. Right on cue, 33Luciferian Mason, fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu declares on Sept 29 "Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS". Providing the counterpoint, Vladimir Putin praised Hassah Rouhani at the Caspian Summit; Rouhani is a Sharial Law Judge who takes orders from Grand Orient Lodge (Rising Sun) Luciferian Freemason and Shiite Ayathollah ali-Kameini. Getting pretty tough to wade through all this BS eh? JESUS is your way out, I suggest you take Him up on His offer before sinking in the Mire Pit like Zedekiah. 
      3 faked  (4 oops 5 counting Oklahoma   beheading videos, a new "Terrorist Organization" and Syria and Ukraine, the last puzzle pieces in the fake "Gog and Magog" war (The actual Gog and Magog War is at the end of the Millennium, and yes,, the Russian Bear, fake Orthodox Christian Vladimir Putin knows this. Luciferian occultists reject Jesus and His Word Eze 38:1; Rev 20:7-8) and are now in place for WWIII. Why now?
     Mabon is the Celtic/Druid Great son of the Great goddess Modron and captain of King Arthur's Army. No such person, King Arthur is Arcturas "Bear Guard" guiding Ursa Major "Big Dipper" around the Celestial Pole under the Dragon (Draco) into the Age of Aquarius (Water Pourer). The Aquarian Cross (manufactured in Jerusalem by Wholistic World Vision) stands atop the roofless St Michael's Tower (Yin or Pole) on Glastonbry Tor (Labrys/Labyrinth, Mary or Grail Cup) next to the Aquarian Cross (Labrys or Golden Mean) for this reason. Alternatively, Mabon is Michaelmas; Archangel Michael leading the Christian Crusader Army of Jesus against Satan on behalf of Great Britain (Britain is B'Rith as in Birthright of Ishmael and Esau; nice try!).
     JAH is JESUS, the name of the Saviour (Ps 68:4; Mt 1:25 AV); the Alternative Savior, Lucifer is a Warrior god fashioned after Joshua or it's Septuagint and Talmudic variants YaShua, YehoShua, YHWH, Gesu (Jesuit version), Y'Shua, Yeshua etc. All Inter-testament, Yiddish BS! The idea of a "Warrior God" originated with the Maccabees (Judah Maccabee "Hammer of God") and Hasmoneans during the Inter-testament "Silent" period out of which, came the Pharisees whom Jesus railed on like no other. Jesus stated "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword"; He never once encouraged anyone in the New Covenant to pick up a weapon for Him other than the Sword of Truth aka the Word (Authorized Bible). Time to get one and learn what it says. 
     Like America, Great Britain is a Rosicrucian creation (John Dee "007" and Francis Bacon; George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Count de St Germain et all). The Equinox  Google Doodle "5 Trees in Paradise" highlighted the Gnostic Rosicrucians, only these Google trees lost their leaves. The phrase comes from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas (Twin) "5 Trees in paradise which do not change"; the 5 Trees feature in Hindu (Indra's Paradise ends with the Kalpa Taru "Tree of Eternity"; we saw this in SMOM Nic Cage's movie "Knowing"), Samaritan (Simon Magus), Manichaean, Witchcraft (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Aether/Illumination), Zoroastrian, Essene, Kaballah (No, Kaballah is not Jewish; the 5th world is Adam Kadmon), Catholic (5 wounds of Jesus) etc. Almost funny, "Five" in Old Welsh means "Pimp"; notice in Scripture, God's judgment falls on the "Pimp" (Whoremonger) rather than the "Prostitute". The bottom line in the Google (Google is an extension of the CIA) Doodle "5 Trees" is a "Return to Paradise" after the destruction/harvesting of America;   Kabbalist Bruce Willis' movies Die Hard and Fifth Element told this story.
      Rosicrucians place INRI above Jesus, not "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" because the hidden meaning of INRI "Regeneration of nature by the Sun" (Sun here means "Sacred Fire" or Illumination provided by the Serpent aka Lucifer). Jesuits use "It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, governments and rulers" We sure have seen a lot of that lately! The Rosicrucian White 5 petal Rose refers to the "Rose of Sharon" in Song of Solomon, one of 2 books (the other is Esther) the name of God is not mentioned; Solomon was endowed by God with wealth and wisdom, but could not obtain Salvation. Don't make the same mistake!
Mabon is the Sun-god preparing for re-birth at Christmas; the central theme of the Eleusinian Mystery religion was the harvest celebration of Dionysus, Demeter and her daughter Persephone aka Kore (remember her and "The Merovingian" in the nightclub "Hell" from the Matrix movies?) Seems 2014 is a big harvest of souls enroute to the long awaited Age of Peace, Enlightenment and Reason. For occultists, Glastonbury is the Isle of Avalon (Place of Apples) holds the relics of St Patrick (Ptah-Rek), and Michael is Toth-Hermes-Mercury-Ptah, the alchemical wizard who can create Heaven on Earth. Just one flaw in that Reasoning; JESUS!
      What better enemy than one which grows when it's attacked? al-Qaeda spawned ISIL, ISIS, IS, Jabat al Nusra, Boko Haram, FSA and Khorasan, all created by America. It all began with the mythical Osama bin Laden (Lion of Ladon) playing the role of "Ladon Dragon"; cut one head and 2 more grow in its place. 
     Jesuit Pope Francis I condemns ISIS on Sunday and the Jesuit controlled US military with Arab allies launch drones, fighters, bombers and Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on Monday; how's that for Peace? Obama meets with CDC Director Tom Frieden last week and the CDC releases a report claiming 1.4M Ebola cases by Jan 20. Why then? Jan 20 is the annual Inauguration of the Age of Aquarius of course. Think Ebola will kill you? Think again, the GSK produced Vaccine will.  
    Physical escape from the "Man of Sin" is not likely; Daniel states only Edom, Moab and the Children of Ammon will escape his hand (Dan 11:41). Jesus said unless He shortened "Those Days", no flesh would be Saved; well folks, it's likely "Those Days" are either here, or fast approaching. Rapture? Nice thought, but nonetheless, a Lie. Perdition means "Lost, Squandered, Destroy or Damnation; the state of Souls in Hell" Satan lost his place in Heaven and convinced Esau to sell his for a bowl of beans. The UN Planetary Initiative calls for everyone on earth to accept a Luciferian Initiation; do this and Perdition awaits forever.
     Remission of Sin guaranteed, but is only possible through a one on one relationship with JESUS using the Holy Ghost. This is the reason Blasphemy (Rejection) of the Holy Ghost (Jesus is the Holy Ghost; Jesus is the Word) is the only Unforgivable Sin. "Wilderness of Sin"? That would be Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia. China=Cathay=Sons of Heth "Hittites"=Sina; HSBC (Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank Corp) controls shipping and airports in the US as well as laundering drug profits from the Sinaloa Cartel. The Covenant God made with Abram stipulated his sons not marry daughters of the Canaanites; Ishmael and Esau married Hittite (Canaanite) women; Oops! 
     Without JESUS (Spiritual form of God in the Holy Ghost), we will all die in Sin; Jesus is the "Scapegoat" upon whom the Sins of His Congregation cast their Sins. (Lev 16:8-10 AV) Satan knows this which is why Satan takes on this role as "Azazel"; Satan is not Authorized to perform this function. Monstrance means 1. Vessel of Gold or Silver holding the Consecrated Host for adoration. The problem is no person on earth is authorized to Consecrate the Host. 2. Proof by argument or proposition, proving an asserted conclusion. A Priest Consecrated Host held in a Luna (Crescent shaped vessel) surrounded by a Sunburst was never Authorized by Jesus.
       The "Age of Reason" is the culmination of Man's ideas, absent God; Love God and Love our Neighbor will soon turn into the biggest blood bath in human (Hu being the Celtic creator) history. When? God's New Year begins on 1 Abib; Satan's New Year aka Man's Civil New Year begins opposite the Sola Calendar on Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year). God's sacrifice for Abram was Isaac; Muslims are taught the Word is flawed and replace Isaac with Ishmael, celebrating the day as Eid al Adha; in 2014 these days align with the Hollywood (Druid Holy Wood) release of Left Behind on Oct 3The "Rapture" is a Jesuit invention; don't believe this nonsense for one second; Jesus returns for His own at the Last Trumpet aka Trump of God and folks, we are not there yet! Start of the 3 1/2 year "Great Tribulation"? Time will tell.
      The largest Crescent shaped monument to Sin was just unearthed in "Bet Yerah" (House of the Moon god "Sin") where Moses' father in law Jethro once lived. The original "Sin"? Eve was told she could live forever and become a god; Wrong! The Crescent "Hilal" refers to Allah; Mormons use the phrase "Pey Heylel" meaning "Marvelous Lucifer" On Sunday 9/21 "UN International Day of Peace", dressed in Zoroastrian White, as was Pope Francis I in Albania (Alba=White), Mormon (Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan in the Satanic Bible) Church President and Luciferian Mason Thomas Monson re-dedicated the Ogden (Ogden means "Oak Valley"; Druid means "Knowers of Oaks") Temple. "Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands" Acts 7:48 This is a significant event for America because according to the Mormon "White Horse Prophecy" (aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy), blood will run down the streets from Ogden to Salt Lake City as water down a storm drain; the Constitution will hang by a thread and elders of the Mormon Church will step foward. Oak is cognate with Tree or "Elah" in Hebrew; David killed Goliath in the Valley of Elah; with Jesus on your side, you can do the same. Ever wonder why the NSA would choose the Salt Lake Valley for the world's largest Spy Computer? Or why Angel Moroni stands atop every Mormon Temple facing East to the Rising Sun? Strength in numbers? Not this time folks! Get Jesus in your corner!
       Jesus returns with a white robe dipped in blood and a name called "The Word of God" (Rev 19:13) Still think the Word of God is open to "Private Interpretation"? Guess Again. Ready for Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman part Deux? On 9/11/1835 Jesuit controlled (Fr Jean Pierre DeSmet) Luciferian Mason Brigham Young ordered the "Mountain Meadows Massacre"; the following year he pulled down the Cross on the site saying "Vengeance is Mine and I have taken it"; Vengeance is God's role, ours is to get behind Him! Ready for Arab Spring part Deux? Jon Huntsman attended the first Arab Spring uprising in Beijing as Ambassador to China.
      Like the Cross, the Crescent is an ancient Gnostic symbol. Crescent is derived from Crescere "Come forth, spring up, increase in numbers and strength" and Kouros meaning "Kore". Read Jude 7 and for Heaven's sake don't perish in the Gainsaying of Kore! Luciferian Mason/Rosicrucian Manly Hall wrote "The Secret Destiny of America" about the coming "Age of Reason"; it will be more like groveling at the feet of the Creator of the Universe.
    Jesuit Pope Francis I is not the Sovereign Vicar of Jesus; he is an Oath Sworn servant of the Jesuit General aka Black Pope Adolfo Nicholas who sits on the Chair of St Peter (Peter means Small Stone) under Peacock Feathers of Melek-Taus "Peacock Angel" above the Shahada "There is no god but Allah"; carrying the Monstrance (Union of the Sun, Moon and Consecrated Sacrament) and the Twisted Crucifix (Pagan symbol of the Crucified, Dead Body of Jesus). Allah is Sin folks! Nicholas is recognizable in St Nicholas; Nico=Conquer + Laity; how? from the Pulpit of course. Adolfo Nicholas controls Protestant and Baptist pulpits through Freemasonry; Catholic pulpits through the Jesuit order and much of Islam through Masonically trained Ayathollahs and Assassins. Orthodox? Churches of the East are already worshipping the Sun.
   Francis will visit Albany (Alban means White as does Aztec, Laban, or Aztlan) to venerate Mother Teresa and Albanian Martyrs on Sunday (Dies Solis) before Autumn Equinox aka "Mabon". Mabon is the mythical leader of King Arthur’s Army; Sunday is  the "UN International Day of Peace". Don't fall for this Lie, Jesus returns with a Sword this time! 
    Far worse than IS (Islamic State); Get ready for the final Terrorist Group "Khorasan" ("Coming of the Sun") Sorry I don't have any thunderous music to go with this. Khorasan is the ancient home of the Medeans aka Chaldeans in where else but modern day Iran (Iran=Aryan=Noble Caste); dang those Shia Ayathollahs hiding a Sunni Terrorist Group! Zoroaster means "Undiluted or Purified Star or "Star Seed"; it also means "Driver of Camels"; a real person? Hardly, Zoroaster represents Gnosticism and the final battle of "Good" (Ahura Mazda "Children of Light") versus "Evil" (Ahriman "Children of Darkness"); one group follows Lucifer the "Light Bearer", the other follows God. Which is which? Hint: God occupied the total darkness of the "Holy of Holies" behind the Temple Veil Jesus tore at the Crucifixion. No offense, but if you celebrate Christmas (Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host and Birth of Solis Invictus aka Mithras) and Easter (Eastern Star/Ishtar/Isis aka "Black Virgin") or Hanukkah, you already let the camel's nose in your tent; time to get out! 
     Khorasan is the land of Indo-Iranians (Aryans), the "Noble Caste" who came from the East to build the original "Tower of Babel" (Gate of El, On=Sun). The New World Order will be built on the ashes of America, rising as a Phoenix from self immolation. Just ask Initiated Jesuits James Clapper (made the announcement on Khorasan Sunday on "UN International Day of Peace", Chuck Hagel, Martin Dempsey, John Kerry, John Roberts, John Boehner or Pope Francis (Condemned Terrorists on Sunday in Albania "White"; Pot calling the Kettle Black for sure).
    The Peace Sign or "Witch's Foot" symbolizes Jesus on the Cross, turned upside down and broken. Odd? Jesuits gave the world Satanic theories: Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Francisco Ribera, Roberto Bellarmino, Manuel Lacunza), Big Bang Theory (Georges Lemaitre), God Particle (Roger Boscovich), Gravity (Luciferian Mason Isaac Newton), Atomic Theory (Edward Teller) Atom Theory (Zionist Niels Bohr), Evolution (Pierre Tielhard du Chardin), Vaccine Theory (Edward Jenner), Holocaust (Bernhard Staempfle), Pederasty (Paul Shanley) and Protocols of Zion (Wlodimor Ledowchowski). Maybe you can see why Jesuits have been ejected by most every nation on earth. These theories may seem plausible, but they are in reality Blasphemous Contempt of God.
Cornerstone 2014 was set in place at the Georgia Guide Stones Sept, ? 2014
     Jesus is the Cornerstone the builders rejected. Your personal relationship with JESUS is the "Pearl of Great Price". Pearl: Something of great value, purchased by the self sacrifice of God. Jesus will harvest those who reject Him at the 2nd Coming; in 2014 it's Satan's turn. Jesus represents the union of Levitical and Zadokite (Tribe of Levi) Priesthoods in "Melchisedek" (Tribe of Judah). Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) is the source of the Covenant with Abram and Sarai; changing their names to Abraham and Sarah (Gen 14:18); the "h" means "God is with me". Melchisedek is also the authority of King David (Ps 111) and sole Cornerstone of the New Covenant (Heb 7) Jesus is God in Flesh; rejected and replaced with JESUS (Holy Ghost). The Satanic version can be seen in the name Rita (Pearl) Katz (Kahannim + Tzeddeq) "Righteous Law".   Pearl  "Something of great value" is our relationship with JESUS; for occultists, the Pearl is Sharia (Revealed) or Noahide (Noah=Rest or Sabbath) Law to be used as justification for mass slaughter. Hard to believe? The #1 Commandment at the Georgia Guide Stones says "Maintain the population under 500Million". SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) is an acronym hiding "Sight", the 3rd Eye variety is "Illumination" and/or the "Site" as in Ft Huachuca AZ where the fake beheading and bin Laden videos are likely produced. 
     The 2014 Cornerstone was placed in Sept 2014; the "Harvest" time of year the Crone aspect of Hecate manifests with a Scythe or Sickle. The 13th anniversary of the "False Flag" on 9/11/2001 represents "Rebellion"; September means 7th Month and 11th day where 7 represents "Perfection of human government"; 11 the number of the "Alternative Messiah". The polished Cornerstone replaced the Rough Hewn stone with a smooth, dressed stone, and was put in the English language side for a reason. "If thou wilt make me a altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up  thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it" Ex 20:25  This Satanic Altar of mass murder stipulates living in harmony with Nature, which is why Georgia was chosen (Geo=Earth). A new set of laws? God's laws will be cast aside in favor of man's and America will be the "Scapegoat". As Jesus self sacrificed, America will self sacrifice; Ameru is the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge; the Saviour of Edomites who reject God in favor of Amurru, the Serpent and Shepherd god. The Druid (Knowers of Trees) "Amorica" refers to Amor=Love or Agape. 700 years ago, Cathars predicted "In 700 years the laurel will grow again"; Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion". Ready for a Satanic, Cannibalistic Bacchanalia? Me neither, just make sure JESUS knows you before all this goes down.
    The Satanic Stone Monument has a curious inscription attributed by RC (Robert) Christian- Pseudonyn. No misspelling here, "Pseudonyn" is a Rosicrucian Nome de Guirre; War Name, False Name or Lie. Robert means "Bright with Glory"; that would be Lucifer the "Light Bearer" or "Bright one". A Pseudonyn is used by a group to hide it's identity; that too would be Luciferians. The stones portend a coming calamity heralding an "Age of Reason". Rosicrucian Thomas Paine wrote "Age of Reason" referring to "Reason" replacing "Revelation" of a "Bible full of Errors" because "Revelation" is JESUS' Testimony via the "Holy Ghost". Pretty bold Tom, Jesus is the Word and you can try all you want to "Reason" your way out of His Judgment.   
    3 False Flag beheading videos (Foley: Parents and siblings are paid "Crisis Actors" used in Sandy Hoax and Boston Marathon), Sotloff (Dual Israeli-US Zionist and Mossad asset just like ISIS figurehead Muhammad al Baghdadi aka Simon Elliot) and Michael Haines (RAF Engineer, UN, MI-6) have in Obama's words, given him the justification to launch attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq; the land promised to Abraham aka Eretz Israel. 
    On the heels of SITE's latest propaganda ISIS video "Flames of War: The fighting has just begun" Congress (Congredi "To meet for war") passed legislation on Sept 19, 2014 providing US funding, training and arming of Syrian "Rebels" with vetting and recruitment from Saudi Arabia. If you can't trust the Wahhabist (Mohmmad Wahhab proposed a worldwide Caliphate), Qutubis (Qutb is Dervish for "World Pillar"; Ibn Sayyid Qutb coined the term "al-Qaeda" in 1966) who helped create al-Qaeda, who can you trust? John Kerry (Kohen) was awaiting shipment of arms aboard the Russian ship "Mol Comfort" in Jeddah last June and the Turkish ship "Nour M" was intercepted with a cargo hold full of Russian weapons headed for Syrian "Rebels", so this is nothing new. Almost funny, Saudi Arabian military leaders are trained in Moscow; Saudi Royals call "al-Qaeda" the "Foreign Toilet".  
    ISIS (Throne of Allah) is particularly active in Juarez, Mexico, where Melchisedek Priest Mitt Romney's cousins in the Sinaloa (Allah is the Akkadian moon god "Sin"; funny eh?) Drug Cartel receive arms from the US State Dept and BATFE (Operation Gun Runner); the new major hub for drugs and arms is Atlanta (Georgia Guide Stones near Atlantis) which is one reason Mayor Kasim Reed was invited to Bilderberg 2014; the other reason is the CDC will manage the planned and patented Ebola (in actuality Swine Flu) Pandemic from ATL. Nothing sheds Blood of heretics faster than Ebola.
    Sinaloa was originally called "Blood Alliance"; what blood? Cain's, passed on to Canaan (Kennites) through Incest. Mormons like Mitt Romney refer to this as the "Blood Oath of Vengeance". Strange doctrine? Hardly, Protestants have a similar "Limited Atonement" doctrine as part of Calvinism (Calvin=Cauvin=Kohen); shedding the blood of others is actually condoned, just as it is with the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones, to which John Kerry and Robert Kagan (Victoria Nuland husband; Kagan is Scots-Irish for "Thinker, Teacher or Rabbi") belong.   
     "The appearance of a vote is enough; voting counts for nothing, counting votes counts for everything" Jesuit Fr Joseph Stalin. With Scottish Vote Fraud about of the way; Pope Francis heads for Albania. Albans=Scots=Irish=Picts=Pritani (Brits)=Scythians; Tuatha de Danaan (Tribe of Danu or Anu=Zeus/Lucifer) may ring a Baal here. Mind your P’s and Q’s has nothing to do with manners, it refers to P-Celtic (Brit) and Q-Celtic (Gaelic). Picts (Picture/Painted Ones) brought Pictish Witchcraft to Europe and the Americas; recall the Blue and White face paint in Latin Rite misfit Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” and SMOM Nic Cage’s (Cage and Kagan are synonyms) “Wicker Man”?
    Blue and White are Scottish colors; the Cross of St Alban is a Yellow X; the Latin X=Christ=Messiah and Yellow is best described by the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" or the Sun; they may "Follow the Sun" but I suggest you reconsider that advice. How? Start by not lighting your house and Christmas Tree (Grove). Druids (Knowers of Trees) refer to Mabon as Mea'n Fo'Imhair, the day honoring "Green Man" aka Cerunnos "Horned One" who prepares for "Death and Re-birth" during this "Harvest" Cross-quarter Sabbat with his consort, the goddess of Witchcraft, turned Crone "Hecate". 
     The Vatican Ambassador from Iraq (Babylon means Gate of the Sun) claims ISIS (Throne of the Black Virgin) is waiting his arrival and intends to assassinate him for backing Obama’s attacks; realize of course,  the US created ISIS, markets them, supplies them with arms, training and funds. The Satanic plan calls for Pope Francis to hand the keys to the "Kingdom" (Earth) to the Alternative Messiah as Rome burns.      Francis (Free or Frankish) is the Last Pope according to the Prophecy of Irish St Malachy (no such person; Malachy is Molech) who will hand the Keys of the Kingdom to Jesus on His arrival. Oops! Wrong Jesus!
     The Albanian, soon to be Saint, Mother Teresa was not a follower of Jesus in any sense; she stated “Jesus is bread and Mary is leading her to him”. The Bread referred to here is the Priest/Papal Consecrated Eucharist held in the Luna (Crescent Moon shaped Vessel "Sin" or Allah) within the Sunburst of the Monstrance “To Show”; it is recognized as the “Real Presence” by Lutherans, Catholics and Anglicans among others.     Ask JESUS for the Holy Ghost and you will see the Real Presence is nowhere near that Looney Cracker!
     The Crescent Moon (Luna) represents the Mesopotamian Moon god/goddess "Sin" aka "Allah"; under the Papal Chair of St Peter (small stone) is the Shahada "There is no god but Allah". The timing couldn't be better as devout Muslims are completing the Hajj, by walking around the Ka'aba (Enclosure of Allah "Black Stone") in preparation for Eid al Adha "Feast of Sacrifice" and fake Jews prepare for Yom Kippur "Atonement". Rabbis will celebrate the night before Yom Kippur by forgiving the Oaths and Sins, Israel plans to commit during the following year on "Kol Nidre". Great system eh?  Right on cue, a Crescent shaped monument near Bet Yerah "House of the Moon god" Israel was just miraculously found; called "Jethro's Cairn".  
    Jethro, the Kennite Priest of Midian encouraged Moses make adjustments to God's commandments; Oops! Jethro is the patron Saint and alleged ancestor of the Druze; "People of Monotheism" or "Unitarians" blending Shia Ismaili (Assassins follow Agha Kahn IV; Shias follow Paris Grand Orient "Sunrise" trained Luciferian Masons called "Ayathollahs"), Gnosticism and Platonic Philosophy the goal? Revealing of the 12th Shia Imam "Al-Mahdi" (He who rises) aka "Alternative Messiah" or "Antichrist". Druze are called "Brethren of Purity"; Cathars are called "Pure Ones"; their bible is called "Epistles of Wisdom"; their meetings "Sessions of Wisdom". Druze represent the end goal of Gnosticism and the Serpent who first taught Eve she could become a god and Cain to commit murder. "Repair the Earth" involves re-creating a world with 93% fewer people. Their big day is Eid al Adha "Feast of Sacrifice"; this year on Oct 4. Abraham offering Isaac? Heaven's no, Ishmael, they reject Jesus and change His Word to fit their agenda. The Lunar Eclipse on Oct 8, 2014 is Jesus' real birthday; I wouldn't wait until then to let Him know you understand the real meaning of Hanukkah and Christmas!
    Kennite (Cainite) deception is subtle and rampant. Consuming the Trans-substantiated Body of Jesus is Cannibalism of God (Suitable Host) aka Mass. What is so wrong with Easter and Christmas? The Rabbit Idol is Anamellech (Molech); Santa is Satan in a Red Edomite suit bringing gifts to those who disobey God and set up "Groves". Hanukkah? Jesus was hung and nailed on the Tree with 2 "Thieves"; the 7th Covenant between God and Man with 6 uplifted arms surrounding Jesus was the 7 Branched Candlestick God instructed Moses to build; Hanukkah replaced Jesus with the Sun god "Shamash". What's wrong? Everything! The same day Francis makes his 11 hr visit to Albany, Satanists in Oklahoma (Red People; OK is the Mudra of the Devil “666”) will conduct a Black Mass in the Civic Arena.
    The stated plan of ISIS (Throne of the Black Virgin) is to raise the Black ISIS (Isis is the Black Virgin) Flag over the Vatican (Vatis=Divine; Can=Serpent or Cain); under that flag sits the Jesuit General aka Black Pope in Black Robes commanding an army of Hospitallers (SMOM) such as Gen Martin Dempsey, Joe Biden, John Boehner, John Roberts, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry etc etc etc who have sworn an oath of obedience, wearing the Hosptialler Black Cross, holding a Black Cross to their heart with a Black Athame (Dagger) above their bowed neck to kill on command anywhere on earth using Lead, Poniard or Poison Cup; Ebola is their Worldwide Scourge.
     If this doesn’t wake you up what will it take? JESUS is waiting for you in your “Prayer Closet”, but you need to open the door; no Consecrated Bread or Blood, just a one on one personal covenant with the Creator of the Universe. It will take you all of 2 minutes to secure your place in Heaven. How about minding your real P’s and Q’s?

            Bad Moon Rising    Updated Sept 15

     ISIS video "Flames of War: The fighting has just begun" released by al-Hayat Media; al-Hayat means "Life, Livelihood"; al-Hayat Medical Ctr and al-Hayat Printing Press are in Doha, Qatar whose Evergreen Tree flag is used by Lebanon and was America's first flag. Arab "Life" is found in the Tree of Knowledge; the one with the Serpent. Arab "Livelihood" is tied to Esau (Gen 27:40 AV) ISIS means "Throne" of the "Black Virgin" carried all over Europe and Asia by Templars and Assassins (Military, Bankers) Templars "Zionists" and Assassins (Ismaili Ayathollah's in Iraq and Iran, and Agha Khan in Pakistan) were trained at where else but Paris "House of Isis". ISIS' Black Flag making sense now? 
      Hurricane "Odile" is the "Black Swan", portend of an unlikely event: 1. Outside normal expectations or possibilities 2. Extreme Impact 3. Rationalized only after the fact; Coincidental name or warning? Black Swan is a financial event described in the book "Fooled by Randomness". "Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened you can bet we planned it" FDR  A Black Swan is about as unlikely as a  "Black Horse" portending Worldwide Financial Ruin, Pestilence and Famine eh? Cabo San Lucas is derived from Cabo or Caput meaning Head, Source, End, Whore, Over or Out of Order; Lucas is Luke, the Physician whose symbol in occult circles is the Cadueces "Staff, Pole or Wand of Hermes" entwined by the Serpent. Hospitallers aka Knights of Malta (SMOM) know what Odile and their Black Cross represents; do you? Swan means "Singing Bird"; if you can't hear America's "Swan Song" playing, ask JESUS to open your ears.
    Obama, Margaret Chan (Officer in the British Empire under Prince Phillip; WHO Director), Kathleen Zebelius (HHS), David Nabarro (British, UN Ebola, Influenza Czar), Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security)  are named in  an FBI Criminal Complaint filed by Jane Burgermeister; accused of using Influenza and Ebola as the pretext for "Martial Law" and a "Forced Vaccination" Bio-warfare campaign, aimed at Mass Murder of Americans. Obama met with Tom Freiden at the CDC and will name an Ebola Czar; the US Government just ordered 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits. Jesuits aka SMOM hold the Black Cross to their heart while a Black Dagger is held above their bowed neck, swearing an oath of initiation to use the "Poison Cup" as directed by the Black Pope. Jesuits even turned God into a Black Hole for Pete's sake!
Roodmas “Exaltation of the Holy Cross” is Sept 14; a change from May Day “Beltaine”; the Rood is the “May Pole” or Baal’s Shaft “Obelisk”.  Both dates are a change from May 3, the day Druid Princess, daughter of Druid King Old King Cole and mother of Constantine the Great, St Helena miraculously found pieces of the “True Cross” some 330 years after the Crucifixion; neat trick eh? Helena also declared Mt Sinai was actually in Egypt rather than Arabia as Paul said in Gal 4; the Monastery of St Cathar-ine (Cathar means "Pure Ones") would be build there where the Aramaic Bible "Syriac Peshitta" would be found in a trash can; should have left it there. Helena even found the 3 Nails, one of which was made into a bullet for her pagan son who managed to convince unsuspecting Christians to worship the Cross of Tammuz. 

    Rood as Cross is in reality the Slavonic god Rod, the Creator of Life whose name means Tribe or Family; Tuatha de Danaan may ring a Baal; these are the sons of Zeus/Lucifer who believe the Serpent Fire "Kundalini" rises the 32 vertebrae of the Spine (Rod or Spear of Destiny) to awaken the 3rd Eye.  Rod is equivalent with Thor whose symbol is the Lightning Bolt or Thunder; read the lyrics to Bad Moon Rising and this will make sense. "Revenge is a dish best served cold" and Cathars intend to take it through ISIS. Ever wonder why the US and Russia arm, train, and finance ISIS while the EU funds them by buying their stolen Iraqi oil? ISIS means "Throne" of Lucifer.

    Sept 14 is the 200th anniversary of the day Luciferian Mason Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the Star Spangled Banner (5pt Stars symbolize Illuminated Man in control of Earth, Air, Fire and Water; Red, White, Blue the colors of Witchcraft) aboard the British Ship HMS Minden in Baltimore Harbor. The bombs burst in mid air because the fuses were intentionally set short for the Battle of Ft McHenry; the lyrics set by the Anachreonist Society in London to the Greek Poem “Anachreon in Heaven” and melody of Anachreon Irish Drinking Song; Why? During the reign of Cyrus the Great, Anachreon was known for poetry to Bacchus, Dionysus, Eros and Aphrodite. Unfortunately, the orgy of War has made most Americans too drunk to see the original 13 Stars of Molech and Chiun (Six Pointed Stars are Chaldean STUR) representing the 13 colonies joined by the Serpent with the slogan “Join or Die” on the $US carrying the Serpent to his Throne (ISIS) in the New World Order "Novus Ordo Secolrum"; the Secular Order of Man; a world absent God is the Gnostic goal.

      Obama (He is with us in Farsi) will select an "Ebola Czar"; guessing it will be CDC Director Tom Freiden (Talmudic fake Jew, WHO, Bloomberg and Gates Foundation; ATL Mayor Kassim Reed attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason). Ebola/Swine Flu Vaccines are the modern incarnation of the Jesuit "Poison Cup"; killing by stealth is in the Jesuit Initiation Oath.
    Sept 16-17, the World Peace Summit in Seoul Korea will restore the “Light to all Continents and Countries” by “Uniting all Religions”. Count me out! 
    Scotland's Independence Vote may very well break up the British Empire and Catalonia will follow in November. The US will not be far behind with Texas declaring independence first.
    Sept 21 Oklahoma (OK sign is 666; Okla=Nation/People+ Homma=Red City will host a giant Satanic Black Mass in the Civic Center. Nebraska will hold a "Terrorist Drill" simulating a Nuclear Attack on I-80; in Basra, Iraq, Hwy-80 is called the "Highway of Death"; just ask Rita Katz who was born there.
    The UN controls the World Bank Group (BIS, IMF in Washington DC), WHO (HHS and CDC in Atlanta patented Ebola "ZEBOV" and Vaccines), Int'l Court of Justice, World Food Programme etc; in other words everyone's physical survival is dependent on the UN. Obama will chair the UN Security Council meeting on Terrorism during the General Assembly Sept 26; the US arms, trains, finances "Terrorism" via al-Qaeda, now ISIS. Ban Ki Moon is a Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon who declared "Jesus failed his ministry, and he was sent to fulfill it”. The UN Planetary Initiative states “Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation”

     Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. The planned collision of Islam and Zionism in WWIII will Synthesize the long awaited Gnostic world without God; the Beast Rising from the Sea is of course the Sun. Dialectic creates a problem and offers the solution; from that perspective, the Eve of the Harvest Super Moon was rather interesting. Managed opposition can be seen in the Six Pointed Star of Israel; one triangle pointing up, the other down forms "As Above, So Below", the opening line in the Emerald Tablet of Toth (Hermes). Jewish? No more so than "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth via Noahide Law and Sharia Law) or IDF and Tel Aviv University trained, Zionist, Israeli spy Rita Katz,  marketing shill for Motley-Rice Class Action Litigation Atty's. Ron Motley was lead attorney for cancer victims of Tobacco ($360B Tobacco Master Settlement), Asbestos (Mesothelioma; $70B and climbing), Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill (pre-planned and Oil and Methane are still leaking); Corexit (Core/Korah coming out? Cute) is causing "Blue Flu" and is banned by the UN for good reason) and a $1 Trillion Suit against Terrorists for the attacks of 9/11/2001. Partner Mary Schiavo was a FISA (NSA Kangaroo Court), Bush Jr appointee as DOT Inspector General during 9/11 (great job Mary) and CNN Analyst for MH-370. Rita and Mary know full well 9/11 was an Inside Job "False Flag" and MH-370 was a test of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot; getting rid of Free Scale Patent holders of imbedded RF Hardware Chips gave free run to Jacob Rothschild (controlling interest in Blackstone Group) and Blackstone Group headed by Stephen Schwarzman (Stephen, the 1st Martyr means "Crown"; Scwarze means Black as in Nazi SS; Stephen buys foreclosed homes across the US and gives Chinese scholarships to American Universities with the ill gotten gains) and Knight of Malta, 33Luciferian Mason, Bilderberger, CFR, Austerity King Peter Peterson (Peter=Rock). Lucifer is of course the "Black Rock"; Jesus is the Rock they rejected.  
    Rita Katz
 founded SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities), tax exempt 501c3, government financed (neat trick eh?) producer of fake bin Laden videos, the fake beheading video of James Foley (parents and siblings are known "Crisis Actors" used in Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombing), the miraculous finder of fellow IDF trained Zionist Steven Sotloff  and David Haines beheading videos. al-Qaeda, now IS "Islamic State" is simply the modern incarnation of Emmanuel Goldstein, (God of Gold?) a fake Jewish name used  by George Orwell as always elusive chief "Enemy of the State". Rothschilds are the "Gold Kings"; the name means Red Shield ie Edom's Shield because Esau values Gold, not Jacob.
      The perfect place to make such videos? Syria? How about Ft Huachuca, AZ and the Military Affiliate Radio System "MARS"? (Mars, the Angry Red Roman god of War is worshipped by Luciferians as the UNKNOWN GOD at the Areopagus "Mars' Hill") Her Russian-Israeli husband works at the NIH, holders of Zaire Ebola and Antibody serum Patents with the HHS and CDC; Dialectic at it's finest eh? Rita's father was allegedly tortured and hung as an Israeli spy amid a chorus of Belly Dancers and a throng of 1 million cheering Iraqis loyal to George Bush/Don Rumsfeld (Rummy holds patents on the pig fattening waste product Aspartame used in Diet drinks, Tamiflu and the upcoming Swine Flu Vaccines; still pissed Jesus sent the Demons "Legion" into the Swine I guess) business partner (Carlyle Group) and fellow 330 Luciferian Mason Saddam Hussein (His boys Uday and Qusay managed to elude the US Military and make off with $30B); these "Fat Katz" are pulling the strings of WWIII and Ebola. Satan must be so proud eh? 
     2 Questions: Who lives off the "fatness of the Earth" (Wealthy)? Jacob or Esau? Gen 27:39-41 Authorized Bible says Esau; his son was also named Korah. Who lives off the "Dew from Heaven" (Priests) Jacob or Esau? Gen 27:40 Authorized Bible says Esau. Now why does every other bible change that prophecy?
     Katz is an acronym for Kohen-Tzaddiq. Jesus replaced the corrupted Levite Priesthood with Himself; He was rejected and continued the Priesthood via the Holy Ghost aka "Melchisedek Priesthood". Another IDF trained Satanist Orit Gadeish manages Mormon Melchisedek Priest Mitt Romney and "Bain Capital" which returned 175%/Yr in Iran-Contra Weapons for Drugs profits. KATZ as a surname allegedly dates from Moses' cousin Korah (Jude 7 "Perished in the Gainsaying of Core") and Aaron (1492BC), a Satanic alternative to God's Priesthood, combining the Levite and Zadokite Priesthoods. God chose Moses to deliver Israel and the 10 Commandments, and only 1st born sons of Aaron could become legitimate Levite Priests; these Katz represent the Korahite "Rebel" Priests "And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah...went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them an they perished from among the congregation" Num 16:32; 26:10. Think she is still mad about that?
     The World Peace Summit in Seoul (Capital) Kore-ea (Ban Ki Moon is a Korean CIA asset and Unification Church disciple) meets Sept 17-18 to restore "Heavenly Culture" and the "Restoration of Light" to each Continent and Country through the "World Alliance of Religion"; thanks, but count me out. The Peace Sign is a Witchcraft Sigil meaning "Broken Jew" as in Jesus. The UN Planetary Initiative states "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". Do that and Hell will be your address for eternity, just ask Code Pink founder Medea (Medea is a Witch Priestess of Hecate) Benjamin and the "World Peace Movement" this fake Jew founded.
     The Zadokite Priesthood kept God's commandments during the Inter-testament Period until the Crucifixion; Jesus' Priesthood as Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) replaced the Levites in the New Covenant. Katz, therefore stands for Kahanim Tzadik (KATZ) or "Chief and Righteous Priest" in both Old and New Covenants. Jewish? About as Jewish as John Kerry (Kohen), John Calvin (Kohen) or Gen Wes Clark (Kohen). A Satanic mix of Samaritan, Babylonian, Medean, and Canaanites listed in 2 Kings 17:30 more like. Folks, Don't fall for this BS! Time to head for your Prayer Closet and get JESUS on your side!
       The likely SITE and US Army created videos are being used as "Casus Belli" for WWIII, in conjunction with Zionist media (Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper interviewed the same Crisis Actors 3 times for the 3 events; Couric was first to use the name Osama bin Laden on 9/11/2001), they mold public opinion using fake footage and fake opinion polls. Cooper was absolutely masterful lying about Sandy Hook. ISIS leader al Baghdadi? Zionist/Mossad actor Simon Elliot. al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden? CIA Asset Tim Osman (not his real name either, Osman I was the founder of the Ottoman Empire); al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Pearlman is a real hoot. Flying bin Laden's body 1100 miles across India in one night in a helicopter? Made for Hollywood BS promoted in Seal Team 6 and Zero Dark Thirty. Why? Same reason Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver; these people sold their souls and need to sell the lie. Jesuit Adam Weishaupt said it best "Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?" The only path to Immortality is through God in Flesh, Jesus Christ; the Islam and Zionist paths lead to Hell.  
    Sept=7th month (Roman calendar), 7th day, 2014=2X14=28 4 7's or 2+14=16=1+6=7; a lot of 7's. The number 7 is associated with perfection of human government; in Gen 27:40 (Authorized Bible) we see Edom allowed to achieve "Dominion" not Jacob as all new bibles indicate. In Aleister Crowley (Great Beast) parlance, 77 is the "Sabbath Goat on the Altar", just look at Super Carrier George HW Bush CVN-77 prosecuting the Iraq and soon, Syrian airstrikes for the 3rd time in 23 years; HW Bush is married to Crowley's illegitimate daughter Barbara. CVN-77 is sitting next to Abadan Is; before WWIII starts in earnest, read Rev 9:11. Abadan (Apolyon) means "To Destroy"; occultists reject JESUS as the Foundation and created al-Qaeda (Foundation), eagerly awaiting the Angel of the Bottomless Pit (Lucifer) to sit on the Throne (ISIS) and install Sharia and Noahide Law, which require everyone to commit the Unforgiveable Sin "Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost". 777 is Shekinah "Feminine Presence of God" and path of Lightning in Kaballah. Strange? So is having a Catamite and Transvestite couple in the White House, not sworn to defend the Constitution (by the Sodomite Jesuit Supreme Court Chief Justice), not legal under the Constitution to be President, who does not E-Verify for employment and given Un-constitutional war authority by Congress (Congredi means "To meet for war"). 
    No, this is not a joke; "Order out of Chaos" requires destroying the old order and creating a new order in man's image. Obama warned us by declaring a "New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo and bowing to Wahhabist/Qutbist dictator King Abdullah and Shinto Emperor Akahito, and flying the Communist Flag of China over the White House; would it help if he sang "God save the Queen"? He did that too; we just didn't pay attention. The Gnostic theory goes like this;  If God can do it, man can do it better; follow Jesus or  listen to Lucifer, the choice is yours, but don't take too long. 
     Harbinger: "One sent ahead to arrange lodgings for a Monarch"; in this case Lucifer. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn "The Harbinger" (Prophecy Summit regular) notes the day the stock market opened on Rosh Hashanah (1st day of the 7th Hebrew Month Tishrei) after the "Terrorist" Attacks (Silly Rabbi, 9/11 was an inside job) on Sept 17 a 700pt drop of exactly 7% occurred; 7 years later on Rosh Hashanah, Sept 29, 2008 amid the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailouts and Lehman Bros bankruptcy/bailout, the market dropped 777.7pts, again exactly 7%, wiping out gains over the last 7 years. Rosh Hashanah 2014 begins Sept 25th; 7th month, 2+5=7, 2 X 14=28= 4 7's or 2+1+4=7; you get the idea. Rosh Hashanah means "Head of the Year"; God's Year starts on the opposite side of the Calendar folks! Rosh Hashanah is the start of the Civil Year. Man's idea of Government is without God, governed by Enlightened Men and Women who have voluntarily Rejected God and any connection via the Holy Ghost. This is why Jesus said never call anyone "Rabbi". 
     Rabbi Cahn (Rabbi means Lord or Teacher; Cahn or Kagan means Turkic Lord, Prince, Ruler or Sovereign) 7 yr Cycle. Today, with the Shemittah Cycle coincident with the 7th Tetrad of "Blood Moons" Mark Biltz (El Shaddai Ministry) and John Hagee (Cornerstone Church and CUFI) are positively giddy for Israel. Wrong Cornerstone fellas, the Six Pointed Star of Molech and El Shaddai (El Almighty) have nothing whatsoever to do with God, much less Jesus Christ. So is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ imminent as these men claim? "I come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive" Jn 5:43 
   Perfection of human government got a huge jumpstart on 9/11/2001 (9+1+1+2+1=14 or 2 7's "77") The Pentagon Cornerstone was placed in Masonic ceremony on 9/11/1941 on the 77th Line of Longitude; built at 77ft tall, AM Flt 77 (actually a Raytheon Bunker Busting Cruise Missile) allegedly hit the Pentagon (82 closed circuit camera tapes confiscated by the FBI helped with the "False Flag"). On 9/10/2014 Obama claimed the authority to chase ISIS anywhere in response to the faked beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff. The US arms, trains and finances ISIS which is why Jesus assured us "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Mat 10:36 and Micah 7:6 
    F Scott Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby" tells the story of America; rising on false biographies and history, living the high life at other's expense, committing atrocities with impunity, and collapsing overnight with nobody attending the funeral. The collapse of the $US and with it the $1.5Quadrillion Derivatives Markets will reset the Debt for most of humanity; New Atlantis will rise from the ashes like the Arabian Phoenix. That's what Arab Spring and Obama's "New Beginning for Islam" speech in Cairo mean. 
    Think 7's are fun? Just wait for Oct 8, 2014; on Jesus' real birthday on Feast of Tabernacles on the 8th day of the 8th Roman month 2+14=16 or 2 more 8's the 2nd Lunar Eclipse of the 7th Tetrad since Jesus walked the Earth will occur. The Shemittah year ending on Feast of Tabernacles Sept 28, 2015 at Herod's Wailing Wall should be a real spectacle.  In Hebrew Gematria JESUS is 888; these knuckleheads think they are Jesus. Don't make the mistake they did! Ever wonder why in Crazy 8's the 8 can become any other card?
    Occultists hate JESUS because JESUS is the Holy Ghost and they reject the Holy Ghost in initiation rituals. They turn Him into Santa and His mother into the Easter Bunny, and the worst part is we fall for the BS lock stock and barrel.
   On Sunday "Meet the Press", Obama committed the US Military for Security and Quarantine of Ebola in West Africa; the US Patented Zaire Ebola (US2009/062079) which means the US created Zaire Ebola and patented the antibodies in Z Mapp. Obama also said a comprehensive military plan to combat ISIS in Syria is forthcoming before 9/11; the US created ISIS. WWIII is just around the corner; Still don't have JESUS in your life?  
    On Sunday, Turkey and the Arab League entered the fight against ISIS; meeting with SMOM, Jesuit, Luciferian Mason, Bilderberger, CFR, Benghazi traitor John Kerry (Cohen) in Jeddah. The Arab League was founded on 3/22/1945; Society 322 aka Brotherhood of Death or Skull & Bones initiate John Kerry knows quite well. The 22 member Arab League  includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Jordan who finance, arm and train ISIS with help from the US and Russia. They run the world's largest Arms Bazaar and now have direct, customs free access to the US. Last summer, John Kerry was awaiting arrival in Jeddah with "Friends of Syria" aka ISIS of the Russian owned cargo ship Mol Comfort (Mol means Millstone) with 50,000 tons of weapons. The Turkish ship Nour M was likewise stuffed with Russian weapons when the Greek Coast Guard caught them sending arms to Syrian Rebels. Still can't believe the US, Arab League, Turkey, Egypt and Russia are working together in this? It's classic really, Russia trains Saudi Arabian military brass and the US trains Egyptian military brass. The Arab League calls ISIS one of the "Cancerous and Terrorist Groups" with al-Qaeda, ISIL, al Shabaab, Ansar al Sharia, Hezbollah, and Boko Haram is the proverbial "Pot calling the Kettle Black".
   On Sunday, the largest fake Jewish Temple Emanu-El held funeral services for Joan (Molinsky) Rivers; Judge Howard Stern gave the Benediction; Hello! The use of Propfol can dramatically lower blood pressure and result in Cardiac arrest when used without a mechanical ventilator which is why it is used in hospitals rather than outpatient facilities such as Yorkville Endoscopy. Rivers was undergoing an Endoscopy of her vocal cords preventing the use of a ventilator; this should ring a Baal as Propofol was used in the faked death of Michael Jackson. A Biopsy is also something that is usually done in a hospital, not an outpatient facility; a recipe for a monster and likely planned, malpractice suit; Dr Lawrence Cohen has since been put on leave.
     Emmauel means "God is with us" from Immanu "With Us" and El "Saturn". Is this Jesus? Not on your eternal life, El is Saturn aka Chronos, the "Grim Reaper"; the Harvest Moon honors Lucifer as El. The people here are collectively called "Elohim"; the tie in with the Mormon Church worship of Elohim may also ring a Baal, the same window is in the Mormon Tabernacle. The stained glass panel of the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, El, Chiun, Molech in Window of Temple Emanu-El is not Jewish in the slightest; this is the Synagogue of Satan and the people in it like Knight of Malta, Michael Bloomberg are the Cult of Saturn. The symbol is not the Star of David but the Chaldean STUR, the Star of Molech and Chiun aka Phoenician "Seal of Solomon" "Solomon built him an house. Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands..." Acts 7:47-8  Temple Emanu-El is the largest Reform Synagogue in the world, a religion created by Rabbi Isaac Meyer Wise to Reform what the true Jew Jesus Christ taught. Rabbi means "Master" and "I'M Wise" doesn't take a genius to figure out eh? Want to join Temple Emanu-El? In addition to regular Tithing (only legal to be collected by legitimate Levite Priests) a per Seat charge based on location of up to $3000/seat for the "High Holy Days" is required. Kol Nidre (All Vows forgives the congregation of Sins they plan to commit in advance), Hanukkah (Dedication replaces the 7 Branched Candlestick with the 9 Branch Menorah and Jesus with Shamash "Sun") and Purim (Cast Lots for Marduk/El) are Satanic, not Jewish and have never been one of God's 7 Holy Feasts. "Woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye  love the uppermost seats in the synagogues..." Luke 11:43 Guess who else was a Reform Synagogue member? Fake beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff, whose alleged parents and siblings are Crisis Actors used previously at Sandy Hook. Now you know why Jesus said "But be not ye called Rabbi..." (Mat 23:8) 
   Obama means "He is with Us" (He itself means "God is with me") Twice in history a US President has Chaired the UN Security Council General Assembly; Obama will chair the opening assembly of 193 nations Sept 15, 2014 for the second time. Meanwhile, in Time (Time is Chaos, Chronos, Saturn) Square a giant billboard will go up featuring the controlled demolition of WTC #7 "Solomon Building" 13 years ago on 9/11/2001; Happy Patriot's Day? Not quite, the Patriot Act was based on the pre-planned 9/11 "False Flag" to steal Constitutional freedoms. 
    Obama is a title given to Kennites (Cainites) who convert to Islam; in Zoroastrian (Chaldean) language Obama means "He is with us". The US is now effectively partnered with Russia, Iran and China On Sept 4-5 Obama with his mouthpiece/speech writer Ben Rhodes and Jesuit Initiated handlers, Knights of Malta John Kerry (Samaritan Kohen) and Chuck Hagel will attend the 2 day NATO Summit in the Druid and Theosophical (Tula or Thule Society, Brotherhood of Death, Swarze Sonne “SS”, Society 322 or Skull & Bones; ObamaCare was signed into law at 3:22UTC on 3/22 for the reason found in Gen 3:22) stronghold of Newport and Cardiff, Wales calling for a broad coalition to combat “ISIS Genocide”. On Sept 9 the Harvest Super Moon will reach 221765 miles from Earth, a number occultists will recognize in the Stamp Act of 1765, on 3/22/1765, the real cause of the American Revolution. The Statute Miles (Earth Miles) add to 23, the 9th Prime Number represents Divine Judgment; thank god these god-men wrote chap 23 to Revelation  right after Jesus' warning about adding or subtracting from His Word. Their names are not written in the Book of Life; is yours? 
    The results of the NATO Summit are in, a NATO Blitzkrieg Force made up of the same NAZI's (Ukraine "Wolfsangel" Logo) who fought with Hitler (American soldiers wearing NATO Blue Helmets is Treason) will be formed; new Oil, Bank and Defense sanctions will be slapped on Russia (Ukraine Winter will repeat Stalin's "Holodomor") and US legislation will expand AUMF (2001 Authorization of Military Force, rammed through with the pre-written Patriot Act) to include ISIS in Syria. Even the Washington Post is blaming Putin; why? Burning Man Initiate (Celtic "Wicker Man" should ring a Baal) Jeff Bezos owns the Post and just put ex-Reagan Chief of Staff Fred Ryan as publisher; Ryan is also a Patron of the Prince of Wales; what a surprise! Oh, and Prince Charles is also a Muslim convert who heads the modern day Knights of the Roundtable in the Arthurian Court. Putin is playing the role Gorby did with Reagan 30 years ago just as Stalin, FDR and Hitler did 70 years ago; all according to the written plan for 3 World Wars and leading the charge into WWIII is George HW Bush (German born NAZI, George Scherff Jr), this time in the form of Super Carrier CVN-77; Why him? Prescott Bush financed Hitler's NAZI war machine; HW "Magog" and W "Gog" just carried on the tradition. Kiev's NAZI's shot down MH-17 (B-777 Drone full of deceased corpses with a tail # that does not match the cancelled MH-17) during Rapid Trident last July. Just remember one thing; the real battle of "Gog and Magog" (Eze 38; Rev 20:8) is over 1000 years from now; this is a Satanic duplication and NATO and Russia work together.
    Directly south, on the path of the false "Gog and Magog" invasion is Damascus, soon to be a "Ruinous Heap" (Is 17:1) where US trained, Mossad asset Simon Elliot aka Ibrahim Awaad Ibrahim Ali al Badri al Samarrai Arradoui Hosseiini aka Caliph Ibrahim (Abraham) or Mohammad al Baghdadi or Emir Daash has become the new Osama bin Laden (CIA Asset Tim Osman) or Abu Nidal. Do we really need to fall for the same BS over and over? 
    Ready for the warrior, Archangel Michael? Mabon is the mythical chief of King Arthur's war band and servant of his also mythical father Uther Pendragon (elected Archdruid); St Michael's Tower stands atop his mythical resting place at Glastonbury Tor "Place of Apples" with the Aquarian Cross. The UN calls "Michaelmass" the "UN International Day of Peace". Initiated Witches make the "Peace Sign" aka "Broken Jew" by turning the Cross upside down, breaking the cross bar, urinating and defacating on it and blaspheming Jesus, as the Holy Ghost. While Witches celebrate Mabon, NATO will celebrate with another Rapid Trident Exercise in Lviv where Stalin starved 20 million Ukrainians to death in 1932-33; coincident with this, a Russia Strategic Nuclear Exercise; what timing eh?  You may recall the Polish military and government were shot down and murdered as they crawled out of the wreckage on the 70th anniversary of Holodomor; their crime? Paying off Russian debt and rejecting a deal with Putin's Gazprom. "Revenge is a dish best served cold"-Dangerous Liasons. Almost comical; the phrase was used in Star Trek's "Wrath of Kahn"; Putin fashions himself a modern day Genghis Kahn; Kirk is Scottish for "Church" where NATO held its Summit amid the Druid Oaks and the vote for Scottish Independence; the Chief Engineer? Scotti of course; Ahura is the Zoroastrian sun god and victor of WWIII; Checkov means "Son of the Devil" and Vulcan, the 1/2 breed (Nephilim) Canaanite "Tubal-cain" aka Prometheus seen breaking free of his chains in Sochi. No more, will the Eagle (America) will peck at his liver in Crimea and all these Celts know it.
      Why hold the NATO Summit in Wales? Chaldeans (Culdees=Cymry=Welsh) settled Wales, created the Druid (Knowers of Trees/Oaks) Priesthood and took over financially and militarily under the the Norman King, an obese bastard named William the Conqueror. Normans "North Men" are Luciferians whose goal is to place Satan on God's Throne in the North. God created the Universe uttering the syllable "HU"; Celts worship "HU", becoming HU-Men just like Jesus did.  When you see the Name JESUS rendered as Yahoshua, Yahua or Yashua, know it came from Chaldeans. Jah + Hu is equivalent with "Hu Gadarn" the "Horned God" "Cernunnos" or "Herne". CERN is attempting to prove existence of the "God Particle"; CERN is located where the first cave drawings of Cernunnos can be found. The equivalent in Zoroastrianism is "al-Mahdi" (He who Rises) and in Egypt "Shu" meaning the same thing. Man was created on Day 6; Vikings, Latin/Roman "VI Kings" or "6 Kings" and Rom=Man should ring a Baal here. Romani Gypsies built the Tower of Babel and are about to finish the "Great Work" using War as Joshua once did; Hu, Shu and Yashua are all Warrior Gods worshipped by the Celts attempting to return the Earth to conditions before the fall in the Garden of Eden through death. Check out the new horror movie "As Above, So Below" making its debut this weekend before the Harvest Full Moon; it's about the Paris (House of Isis) Catacombs filled with bones of Bubonic Plague victims and those words are from the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes.  Need more visual? HU is the lost word of Masonry, bound up in the Square and Compass used by people who reject Jesus to create Heaven on Earth minus God of course.
     The Celtic Triad begins "The Lord our God is One"; this same misreading of Deut 6:4 (real rendering it "The LORD our God is one LORD") is found in the Mezuzah over every door in homes of Talmudists. Take a moment to note the New Coveant is purely Spiritual; a personal Covenant between you and JESUS not Jesus; the former is Spiritual and found in Mat 1:25 KJV, the latter is physical. Note the parallel in Ps 68:4 with "JAH" in the KJV being replaced with "Jah" the shortened form of the Old Covenant Name of God "JEHOVAH". Jesus as God in Flesh (JAH in Flesh is Jah) was rejected and hung on the Cross Bar upon the Tree; His death is re-enacted over and over at Christ (Messiah) Mass (Sacrifice). 
     Israel is Aryan, not Jewish in the slightest bit. Project 911 on Site 911 in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) was just completed with the Chaldean Mezuzah over every door in anticipation of the coming False Messiah "al-Mahdi". Ever wonder why the Hanukkah Menorah has Shamash as the center candle? Same reason Talmudic Rabbis (Chaldean Magi) claim Jesus is boiling in His own excrement in Hell. Why 911? Rev 9:11 tells of Satan being cast to Earth and given the keys to the bottomless pit or course. Does this mean the 5th Trumpet is here? Not on your eternal life; the False Messiah is however about to be revealed.
                                                     Celts are Chaldeans 
     Much of Celtic symbolism used to fool Christians came from the Book of Kells and that from Constantine's Bible, the Latin Vulgate. The Chi-Rho (Cross of Constantine or Labarum) is of Celt/Druid origin; St Helena was the daughter of Druid King Coelus "Old King Cole", the Merry Old Soul who became Santa) represents Satan (Grim Reaper or Father Time) enthroned over the earth; the alchemical symbol of Time (Chronos or Saturn) "Repairing the Earth" to the conditions in the Garden of Eden without Seth and without God. Red Dragon is a Hittite symbol used by Cathay "Sons of Heth" aka China. The Celtic Knot  represents the 4 Forces of Witchcraft. The Celtic Cross  is the Sun Wheel representing Luciferian Dominion over the 4 Quarters of the World. The Sword in the Stone The Book of Kells changes Jesus' purpose of the 2nd Coming from bringing a Sword to bringing Joy; Oops! The Dove of Peace seen in the Peace Sign is called the Broken Jew, used by Witches to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Green Man is Cernunnos "Horned God" of the Witches and Scientists trying in vain to prove Gravity exists in the God Particle at CERN. St Patrick removing the Serpents from Ireland? Nice try, he brought the Celtic Cross to Ireland. His name means Ptah Rek or King Ptah, the Egyptian Creator god.  St Columba? Columba means Dove, the symbol of the Holy Ghost is the Samaritan symbol of the Age of Aquarius; Samaritans mixed up Zeus/Jupiter with Jesus in the Emerald Isle at the end of the Yellow Brick Road, Ireland. Kohens in Israel? Samaritan fakes, not Levites. Tsaddiq? (Chief Priest) That would be Jesus folks! The Rabbis are pissed He said never call any man on earth Rabbi. The Bearded, White, Long Haired Jesus is Zeus, conceived at Easter and born at Christmas (Attis and Cybele or Osiris and Isis matters nothing) was injected into the Catholic Church by Constantine, or rather his Druid Princess mother with Idol Worship (2nd Commandment); veneration of the Crucifixion Nails, Seamless Robe (Shroud of Turin), True Cross (Notre Dame), Crown of Thorns (St Chapelle). Hell, Helena even put Mt Sinai in Egypt rather than Arabia as Galatians 4 plainly states which the Saudis and US military guard to this day.    The Book of Kells is also called the Book of Columba which is why St Columba was highly favored among the pagan Picts who brought Witchcraft to Britain and the Gaels; the pagan Priests of Cybele called Celts or Culdees. The Yarmulke, Kippah, Zuchetto and Skull Cap are on the Temples of Wisdom to separate Satanists from JESUS; they are pissed He tore the Temple Veil.
    In the Book of Kells, the Eagle takes the place of the Serpent. Of note is the Eagle which carries the Serpent on the $US; the Serpent is the Tribal Standard of the Tribe of Dan prophesied to become Judges of Israel after the final battle of "Gog and Magog" after the Millennium. The Book of Kells (Celts) changes the Serpent to the Eagle to hide this Satanic fact. Notice in Rev 7 (Authorized Bible), Dan is not "Saved" and neither is Ephraim (Israel); these 2 Tribes form the bulk of the Mormon Church.  William the Conqueror's advisers (bankers) assumed control over the known world through Usury and recorded their ill gotten gains in the “Doomsday Book” or "Great Survey". "The sun never sets on the British Empire"; NATO will attempt to make sure it never does and in response, Putin ordered the Russian Emergency Services to prepare all underground bomb shelters on the Feast of Lucifer (Aug 15)
    Iran is Aryan, not Persian. Medeans are Chaldeans who created the modern Ayathollah (Bush Sr installed the Ayathollah Khomeini) led version of ancient Persia; not Semitic Elamites as Persia once was, but Germanic Pagans in league with Normans of Great Britain. Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney makes his Welsh Chaldean Gypsy (Romani or Romanichal) ancestors very proud, returning 175%/Yr is tough for the most seasoned of Mafiosa. Like Obama, Bush Jr and Bush Sr, Romney is illegal to be US President and unfortunately, the world has not seen the last of him.
      Chaldeans ie Celts in Wales are Cymry or Culdees. Celts (Celt means Warrior) are also Gauls. Galli are eunuch priests of Cybele (Isis is Cybele) whose symbol of perpetual War is the Gallic Rooster, seen in France (France means Free) as well as Iran (Iran means Aryan "Noble Caste"; the Rooster is the Peacock Angel Melek-Taus aka Lucifer) because the Ayathollah's awaiting al-Mahdi ("He who Rises") are initiated in Paris (Par= House of ISIS or IS "Islamic State"). Chaldeans created Zoroastrian (Magi Religion) Religion and planned WWIII over 4000 years ago. The goal is Freedom from God. The world was introduced to the Galuish “MacFarlane’s Lantern” (MacFarlane was a Scottish cattle rustler who made raids at the August Full Moon) last month on the Feast of Lucifer. Like the Celtic pirate MacFarlane, James Foley is a name which also means "Plunderer, Pirate or Marauder"; in Hollywood, a Foley Artist reworks the post production sound track which is why Foley can be seen wearing his own mike. His fake brother and sister as well as fake mother and father are well worn "Crisis Actors" seen at Sandy Hook (Hoax) and the Boston Marathon Bombing. CIA, KGB, Mossad, MI-5 matters little; they all come from the same corrupt Tree. 
     ISIS is a US creation whose figurehead is Mossad asset Simon Elliot aka Abu Bakr al Baghdadi trained at Camp Bucca. The US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan all arm, finance and train ISIS. Steve Sotloff, allegedly beheaded as James Foley was is a member of a Reform Synagogue in Miami; an student of Arabic and staunch advocate of Islam. He is an Israeli educated Dual Israel-US Citizen whose Israeli mother pleads directly with the ISIS leader before her son is beheaded. Anything seem wrong with these alleged executions? How about the British executioner?
     The NATO Summit will be held in the Noman and Stuart "Cardiff Castle" and "Celtic Manor". John Stewart was called the “Black Stewart” and no he wasn’t a Black Man. The logo is the Celtic Red Dragon, Celtic Knot, Castle and Bridge. The Red Dragon in Welsh lore "Inspires Action"; it is also the idol of China because China=Sina=Sin=Cathay=Sons of Heth or Hittites. Recall the sons of Abraham were admonished not to marry into Canaanite families; Ishmael and Esau disregarded the Covenant whereas Isaac and Jacob did. The Celtic Knot represents mastery over Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the 4 elements of Witchcraft and 4 Corners of the Earth. The NATO Logo is the Celtic Cross; the oldest symbol on Earth has nothing to do with God, it represents "Repair of the Earth" (Hebrew "Tikkun Olam"); the Swastika or "Broken Sun Wheel" represents Luciferian and Edomite "Dominion" over the Earth; WWIII will complete the "Great Work" The Celtic Knot is Edom's "Yoke" abel to be untied by the "One True King"; made by the father of King Midas who turned everything to gold. 
     Seth MacFarlane aired the Fatman and Robin (Williams) episode on the night called MacFarlane's Lantern aka Feast of Lucifer; everything Peter touched turned into Robin Williams; by coincidence? Joan Rivers makes jokes about Obama being the first Gay President (He wasn't; George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Chester Arthur, Martin van Buren, James Buchanan and George Bush Jr beat him to the punch) and Michael Robinson aka Michelle Obama being a Transvestite; she dies from complications resulting from minor surgery? One of the known side effects of Propofol is Cardiac Arrest due a sudden drop in Blood Pressure; for that reason, as a surgical anesthesia, mechanical ventilation is used. Rivers was in an outpatient facility having an Endoscopy inspection of her Vocal Cords making the use of Ventilation impossible and the use of Propofol in a similar league to the Michael Jackson death or not. Propofol is also used in Lethal Injection; go figure. Making jokes about the Obamas? A dozen others associated with Rev Jeremiah Wright's "Down Low Club" seem to have met a similar fate. Can't let that cat out of the bag Joan Molinsky (Rivers), just ask Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno whose pederastic initiate Reggie Love became Obama's White House "Body Man". Need more proof? Google Mohammad Chandoo or Kal Penn.     
       Edom's Yoke is about to be untied as Isaac prophesied in Gen 27:40 KJV. You won't find Edom achieving "Dominion" in any other Bible because Edomites have foresaken the LORD and only pretend to be Jewish, Muslim, Christian and all other Eastern Religions (Living off the "Dew of Heaven" aka Tithing). They foresake the LORD in Secret Society Initiations and stand on pulpits spewing feel good BS with the intent to kill Jacob (all believers in Jesus and all true Israelites living in Diaspora). There is no difference between a Templar, Assassin or Talmudist; all sold their "Birthright" for the same bowl of red beans Esau did. "Dominion" means "Sovereign Authority to Rule"; when Esau obtains this (Gen 27:40KJV; Dan 7:6) all Hell is going to break loose because God is the "Restrainer" and He is about to turn loose the Celtic Warriors of Satan.
     Dominion in Wales? Shiloh means "He whose it is"; the Druids claimed to preserve the Priesthood of Judah; Jesus is the "Lion of Judah" and "Lawgiver of Judah" prophesied in Gen 49:10, the British Lion is an Edomite (B'Rith=Birthright) Sham (Sun) eg Winston Churchill "Last Lion of Judah" was a bi-sexual, 330 Luciferian Mason and Druid Initiate). William is the 1000th Knight in the Order of the Garter (Witch's Belt), Charles heads the modern day Knights of the Roundtable who claim control over most of the world's raw material wealth. Sufis and Druids alike worship HU and desire to be HU-Men. Sharia Law and Noahide Law are the same man-made laws and both require Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Folks, Jesus is the Holy Ghost and they know it! (ref 1 Jn 5:7KJV, Jn 1:1-14)
     The Druid Abaris was the forerunner to Rabbi, only the Druid Abaris was clad in Plaid called "Phoenican Cloth" or Tartan, named after the Assyrian Army Commander. Jesus said never call any man on earth Rabbi because Rabbis reject the Holy Ghost, the sole source of the New Covenant is the only Unforgivable Sin. Celtic mounds are Si'uns or Cairns; Mt Hermon "Mt of the Chief" is Mt Sion where Cents claim human women 1st mated with fallen angels; 2 "Giants" called "Gog and Magog" guard the "City of London" to this day. Sion means "Fortress" which is why the NATO Summit is in the Norman Fortress of Wales. Just know this, Jesus is Shiloh not the Chaldean/Edomite fake about to be revealed.
     The September Full Moon is the “Harvest Moon” called “Mabon”, loyal servant to Uther Pendragon (Supreme Ruler of Druidic Royal Courts and mythical father of King Arthur, buried at Glastonbury Tor) and King Arthur (Bear Guard; Knights of the Roundtable are the Signs of the Zodiac). Ever wonder why the Aquarian Cross stands atop Glastonbury Tor? Or why Wholistic World Vision ( wrote chapter 23 to Jesus' Revelation? Glastonbury means "Place of Apples"; the British intend to return the world to the Garden of Eden without God in it. If you can’t hear the Cock crowing at the Sunrise in this, the most Eastern (1st West if you prefer) land on Earth, perk your ears up, the Druid “Amorica” is going down like the Scuttled and fully insured Titanic. Ironically, it was Obama who brought Celtic gifts of MOX (Plutonium-Uranium) Fuel to Fukushima, made in the Norman stronghold of Normandie where WWII carnage was planned exactly 700 years earlier to the day.
        The Big Dipper “Ursa Major” not only refers to the Bear and these Satanic “Bear Guards” but to Aquarius “Water Pourer”, the Age of Aquarius began 6 months ago. Popular support for NATO and WWIII? 10,000 police with full military gear, 10,000 NATO military, 2 miles of $80M steel fence, dozens of helicopters and 7 Warships will guard the planners of WWIII. Why now? On the Autumn Harvest Moon, Witches invoke the “Dark Mother” by the name Persephone, Hecate, Demeter, Inanna, Kali, Tiamat and Nemesis as the “Bringers of Destruction”. This Goddess does not bring a basket of flowers; the Dark Mother (Crone) carries a Scythe and Sickle to “Reap what is sown”.
     WWIII will pit Zionism versus Islam. The Celtic Michaelmas (Autumn Equinox) refers to Archangel Michael leading the valiant Crusaders of Heaven against Islam and the forces of the Devil. Want to make a billion Muslims mad? King Abdulluh (Wahhabists are Qutbists and are not Muslim in the slightest) plans to demolish Myhammad's Tomb in Medina and bury him in an unmarked grave. Abdullah arms and finances ISIS and now claims ISIS will attack Europe and the US on the 13th anniversary of 9/11.
      The Cross, Crescent and Hexagram “Seal of Solomon” are pagan symbols. Scotland will likely vote for Independence on Sept 18th; whether Prince Michael Stuart steps forward to assume the throne remains to be seen. Whether Michael Plantard (2 Bears on Plantard Crest) steps forward as the Alternative Messiah also remains to be seen. Whether Bishop Timothy “Kallistos” Ware (Kallistos means Bear) steps forward also remains to be seen, but I would keep my eyes open. Vladimir Putin is not the lone Christian here as the media portrays; in fact, the Bear awoke from his slumber in the Crimea aka “Arcadia” during the Sochi (Flame) Olympics.
     Quick recap: The US arms IS aka Friends of Syria or al Nusra Front as well as the opposition forces controlled by Bashar al Assad. Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Bob Gates admitted US weapons used by Saddam Hussein were transferred to Assad in 2003. Russia arms IS (Google Mol Comfort). Turkey arms IS (Google Nour M). Russia arms Assad. On Aug 30, 2014 the Burning Man (same as the Cremation of Dull Care in Bohemian Grove) was set ablaze and the US began sending aircraft full of tank guided missiles, MANPADS, RPG's, M-16-M-4 assault rifles, and 50 cal machine guns to the Lebanese Military (Lebanon is derived from Laban “To make White”; the Evergreen Tree Flag was first used in the US) which works side by side with Hezbullah "Party of Allah" (Allah is Lucifer) and Iran.
      Ass Nat Sec Adviser Ben Rhodes wrote the Benghazi Talking Points Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice used to blame the event as a spontaneous uprising to the video  “Innocence of Muslims”. John Kerry then allowed Hillary (Flu), Gen Petraeus (Adultery) and Gen Carter Ham (Adultery) to escape testimony to the investigation he was leading into Benghazi.
     What a surprise, ISIS now has a dozen airliiners taken over in Tripoli, Libya. and plans to use them in Europe and the US for 9/11 style attacks. Never mind having no training to fly commercial airliners, most people don't realize all commercial airliners have Un-interruptible Autopilots in them which allow Remote Flight as demonstrated by the 4 aircraft used on 9/11/2001 and MH 370; pilots have gone the way of elevator operators.
     Benghazi (biblically Cyrenaica  “Synagogue of Libertines”) was/is used to Arm, Train and Finance “Friends of Syria” aka ISIS. Call them Ansar al Sharia, ISIL (Levant means Syria), al-Qaeda, Masked Men Brigade, Libyan Dawn, Free Masons, Assassins or Jesuits, it matters little; all desire "Freedom from God through War" is the philosophy of the Macabbees “Hammer of God”; today’s iteration are called Jesuits (Army of Loyola; Hagel and Dempsey and Biden are Jesuits Knights serving the Black Pope, not Obama). Do you celebrate Christmas by lighting the Evergreen Tree or Hanukkah by lighting a 9 branch Menorah? Thank the Macabbees who were not Jewish in the slightest.  
      Jesuit, SMOM, Bilderberger, CFR, 330 Sovereign Luciferian Mason John Kerry (Kohen are fake Levite Priests of Samaritan origin; not Jewish in the slightest) was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia waiting on a shipment of 50,000 tons of weapons aboard the Russian ship Mol Comfort when it broke in half June 17, 2013. The Turkish ship Nour M had 50,000 Kalishnikov Rifles headed for “Friends of Syria” when the Greek Coast Guard intercepted it a month later.
      Imagine what will happen when Obama starts WWIII using the CIA staged James Foley “False Flag” and the world finds out he is the son of Malcolm X (Bari Malik Shabazz), a sworn enemy of America, with no Passport, no US Citizenship using a false Social Security Card who does not E-Verify for employment. A Prince Hall Mason trained in a Madrassa (Quran) School in an Edomite Dictatorship (Indonesia; one )  and in Pakistan, by the CIA as a Mujahideen (Warrior of Allah) who was not sworn to protect the US Constitution by Jesuit Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. A crack addicted, member of 330 Luciferian Mason, Sodomite Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club” used to pair older homosexual men with Catamites and a long time member of Chicago Bath House “Man’s Country” living in the White House with partner Michael (Michelle) Robinson and a Santeria practicing mother in law Marion Robinson. 
     Think Congress knows about this? Congress means "To meet for War"; Celt means "Warrior"; Capitol means "Womb of Jupiter". Want to speak up? You will do so between 2 Fasces Symbols giving the acting Caesar (Obama) total discretion over life and death. Want to appeal this Satanic travesty to the Supreme Court? Take a look at the Fasces on the left (Sinistra or Sinister)  hand door and the Jesuits sitting on high. Think the President knows this? The Fasces is over every door leading to the Oval Office and as a reminder as to what Jesuits will do whenn crossed; take a look at Abe Lincoln's Throne with the Fasces emplazoned on it.
        Sept 15 is the Ides of the month Emperor Commodus named after himself. Commodus believed he was the incarnation of Hercules (Movie premiere is no coincidence; neither is “The Rock”); Obama is receiving the same praise from those around him.
     Obama will sit next to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, a KCIA asset and Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon who taught “Jesus failed his ministry and he was born to fulfill it” In Rome, the event in honor of Jupiter was a “Nail Driving Ceremony” in the Temple of Jupiter. Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter” meaning Jah Pater or “Father Jah” Ever wonder why Ps 68:4 is changed from JAH (AV) to Jah? Same reason JESUS (Mat 1:25) is changed to Jesus.
       Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of Shin (Nail), the Victory Sign of Satan.  Mormons (Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan) attain the 3rd token of the Melchisedek Priesthood (Jesus is Melchisedek) with Pey Heylel (Marvelous Lucifer) and the pass phrase “Sure Sign of the Nail”. Recall Spock's Benediction "Live Long and Prosper"? Vulcan is Tubal-cain, the Canaanite fire god and password of innitiated Masons.
      Sept 15 is the 15th day of the 7th month of the Roman calendar; Jesus was born on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar “Feast of Tabernacles”.
     The Ides of the 7th Month (Sept=7th) honors the 7th Planet. The US was born according to Sabian or Planetary Astrology and will die according to same; the 7th Planet is Jupiter aka “King Star”; 7 the number of Perfection; World Government Perfection of “Jah Pater”. Jupiter was known as Zeus (Day), the title Lucifer (Light Bearer) assumed. In mythology, Zeus in the form of an Eagle (recall God ie Jesus led the Hebrews similarly) abducted the most beautiful youth of Troy “Ganymede” is the “Cup Bearer of Jupiter”; the Latin form is “Catamite”, a pubescent youth who submits passively to anal intercourse with a man. Catamite means Ganymede, the youthful Trojan abducted by Zeus now serves as the "Cup Bearer of Zeus/Lucifer". Now you know why Anal Intercourse aka Satan's Sex is a requirement for Satanic Initiation.
     The Roman version on Sept 15 begins the 38th week. The Mr “Peace Triangle” or 3-4-5 Pythagorean Right Triangle used in the Great Pyramid and Geodesy has angles of approx 520 380 and 900 ; the 380 angle  “Akh” can be seen in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and complimentary angle of the shaft leading to the King’s Chamber which was sighted to Alpha Draconis, it refers to the “Transfigured, Perfected Spirit of the Dead”. A 3 dimensional version of an equilateral triangle is a Tetrahedron; 2 interlocking Tetrahedrons form the Merkabah or Ezekiel’s Wheel, a 3-D form of the Seal of Solomon or Star of Molech currently seen on the Flag of Israel. Merkabah means Light, Spirit and Body. This relationship is also visible in the Federal Triangle between the White House (Akh) Washington Monument (Ba) and Capitol (Mr or Peace) 38 is read as 3 8’s; in Hebrew Gematria, JESUS is 888. Some may recall Obama mocked Jesus by riding a donkey into Chicago wearing a Crown of Thorns and Newsweek referred to him as the First Gay President with a Rainbow Halo over his head.
       Obama claims birth in Oahu, Hawaii on the 21.60 Latitude and Hawaii means “Water and Breath of Life”. 21.6 plays into the equation with the Earth Axis Precession of 2160 years/astrological house; by measuring Aquarius as 1500 from Leo, Aquarius began on April Fool’s Day 2014; Jesus is the April Fool meant here by the way. By way of review, Creation is now 5996 ½ years old as calculated by 1656 years Creation to Flood; 2160 years Aries to Pisces and 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius plus the time for Sargon the Great to legally be declared “Legitimate King” at his 21st birthday we arrive at 5996 ½ years this S

                                          Feast of Lucifer
          The Full Moon nearest the Ides of August is the Feast of Lucifer; in 2014, the day was the biggest and brightest Super Moon (Full Moon nearest Perigee). For Satanists, the Feast of Lucifer is a busy day; in 2013 a False Flag Chemical Weapons attack in Ghouta, Syria nearly brought the US and Syria to war; this year it's James Foley. Fresh off inciting the world against Qadaffi in Libya (shunning the $US to create the African Dinar, using the GMMR to re-create an oasis in the desert, free college educations abroad, no interest home loans makes Qadaffi evil beyond measure) with his fake brother and sister Alex Israel and Elliot Rodgers aka Adam Lanza (also fake, his name means Red Spear) classmates from the Sandy Hoax Stage Show (no victims, no shooting), CIA asset James Foley's Staged beheading became the Casus Belli for WWIII on the Feast of Lucifer aka "MacFarlane's Lantern".
     The US arms IS and Assad; Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Bob Gates admitted US weapons used by Saddam Hussein were transferred to Assad in 2003. Russia arms IS (Google Mol Comfort) Turkey arms IS (Google Nour M) Russia arms Assad. The US arms Lebanon and Hezbullah. On Aug 30, 2014 the Burning Man was set ablaze and the US began sending aircraft full of tank guided missiles, MANPADS, RPG's, M-16-M-4 assault rifles, 50 cal machine guns to the Lebanese Military, which works side by side with Hezbullah "Party of Allah" (Allah is Lucifer). Saudi Arabia arms Hezbullah and ISIS.  Jordan trains ISISIran arms Hezbullah  and are awaiting the arrival of al-Mahdi. Quite the Bacchanalia eh? Remember, it was the US who armed both Iraq and Iran during "Iran Contra" installing Ayatollah Khomeini (Iranian Green Revolution) and ali al Sistani (Iraq Green Zone). Iran's President Rouhani is a Sharia Law Judge. The Green Light for "Green Man" (Dionysus) and WWIII is on and the road from Moscow to Jerusalem is paved with US weapons. Still think the US is a Christian Nation?
      The 1st Oaths (killing on command of the Superior General) leading to the Jesuit Order were undertaken by Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier and 4 other classmates in the Crypt of the Cathedral of St Dionysus (Denis) in Paris (House of Isis or IS "Islamic State") on the Feast of Lucifer. Ayathollah's Khomeini, ali Khameini and ali al Sistani were all initiated in the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris. The Cornerstone of the Cologne Cathedral holding idols of the Wise Men was laid (not to smart, they arrived 1 1/2 years after Jesus was born) this day; India declared Independence this day leading to 1 million refugees; Congo declared independence; Japan surrendered; Republic of Korea was founded; Panama City was founded; Panama Canal was opened and the Wizard of Oz made all made their debut on the Feast of Lucifer aka "MacFarlane's Lantern". Gallus means Rooster, the pagan idol of war Nergal means "Dunghill Cock"; Romans associated Nergal with Mars. Iran worships Nergal on Nowruz. The Gaelic (Celts in Gaul) originally named Paris "Gallia Lughdonensis". Galli are eunuch Priests of Cybele and Attis whose worship dates Mar 24 "Day of Blood" and Dec 24 should be familiar; Easter and Christmas? Hardly, Bacchanalia more like. Galli are consecrated to Enki (Gala), deity of craftsmen and mischief; to Celts, Enki is Lugh, the sun god whose name means "Bright One"; pretty tough to figure out Lugh is Lucifer eh? Feast of Lucifer is also the Assumption of Lugh/Lucifer.
    2016-17 is a Jubilee Year 50 years after 1966 "Anno Satanae" (Year One Satan). al-Qaeda was born in a speech by Ibn Sayyid Qutb, the Church of Satan was born and Cleve Backster attached the leads of a Galvanometer to the Dracaena (Draco=Dragon) Plant to create the plant based "Lie Detector" from the device first invented by Jesuit Fr Maximillon Hell; appropriate name eh? Satan is the Father of Lies after all. Obama's motto "Yes We Can" is "Thank You Satan" in Reverse Speech, another Lie Detection method.
     Why Plants?  Plants use Earth, Air, Water and Sunlight, the 4 elements of Witchcraft, to reproduce food for animals and human beings whose death results in plant fertilizer. A return to the Garden of Eden necessarily requires the killing of most of humanity. Remember, one single Tree caused this mess 6000 years ago.
     In preparation for Satan assuming his Man anointed role, 2014 is setting the stage for WWIII. The "rescue" of Yazidis (Zoroastrian fire worshippers) serving as the BS pretext for US attacks on ISIS (Throne) in Iraq and Syria; on its heels will be the Russia, leading the fake battle of Gog and Magog, far and away Satan's greatest deception. The actual "Gog and Magog" is at the end of the Millennium just over 1000 years from now. Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes calls for airstrikes on ISIS in Syria in response to the fake beheading of James Foley; a chorus of traitors chime in on cue (McCain, Hagel, Dempsey, Rubio, Kerry plus TV News Talking Heads; if you haven't seen Katie "bin Laden did 9/11" Couric interview James Foley's fake parents or Sandy Hook liar Anderson Cooper interview his fake brother and sister again, you are in for a treat). By sheer coincidence ISIS captures the Tabqa Airbase near Damascus complete with a squadron of Russian MIG's, Attack Helicopters, SAM's, MANPADS and Tanks; dutifully, Obama unofficially declares war on Syria by ordering the launch of U-2 and Drone reconnaissance flights. Seems like a re-run of Dr Strangelove and Francis Gary Powers. Don't look at the man behind the curtain in Oz, and  never mind the instrument panels are in Russian, these US armed, Saudi-Qatar financed, Libya/Turkey/Jordan trained al-Qaeda Jihadis can operate Russian and American military equipment with no training; they are that good and that scary. To Wahhabists and Qutubists the American CIA born al-Qaeda means "Foreign Toilet"; when this one gets flushed, the world economy will follow.    
    RAPA (Russia Aggression Prevention Act) was introduced on Walpurgisnacht "Witch's Revel" in Congress (Congredi means "To Meet For War") in the Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Lucifer). Beltaine is Lucifer's Birthday aka International Worker's Day or Labor Day; the US moved the date so we slaves wouldn't take notice and today celebrate the event with the week long Bacchanal Orgy called "Burning Man". The Harz Mountains are known for projecting "Halo Shadows"; makes Witches feel Holy I suppose. May Day celebrates the Union of the Horned God Cernunnos as "May Lord" and Hecate the Triple (Past, Present, Future) Goddess of Witchcraft as "May Queen" (Stairway to Heaven ringing a Baal yet?). CERN proposing Gravity gives "Mass" to "Matter" and calling it the "God Particle" is nothing but Witchcraft. Walpurgisncht is Union of the Divine with HU Manity (explained shortly). May Pole anyone? Think Barber Shop here; the ribbon draped pole is of Indian Brahmin origin; Tonsuring, Pig Tails, Shaved Heads are initiations used for Cleanliness like Water Baptism and to become Holy "Set Apart" from the Profane Masses. Profane means "Blasphemous Contempt of God", but this god is Lucifer. If you want to become Holy and Set Apart, the only way is JESUS and the Holy Ghost. That's a Baptism you will never forget! 
    On Walpurgisnacht Hitler faked his death and fellow Theosophical Society (Brotherhood of Death) Initiate, 330 Luciferian Mason, Marxist tutor, Jesuit Co-adjuror Fr Joseph Stalin (fake Jew iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilli) held the Red Square Parades exactly according to the Jesuit/Masonic plan for 3 World Wars. The Feast of Satan is also the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey (fake Jew Howard Levey) and NSA Gen Michael Aquino. al Qaeda (al Qaeda "Foundation") and its successors "Arab Spring", ISIS (Throne) and IS (Islamic State) were born May 1, 1966 by Dervish mystic Ibn Sayyid Qutb; bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman had nothing to do with it. Qutb's philosophy of Universal Islam (One's who submit) and Sharia Law (Revealed Law) will force rejection of Jesus Christ on pain of death. Reagan's Neo-cons gave Super Ambassador status to Jesuits, resulting in Chabad Lubavitch 7 Noahide Laws being upheld by Congress. They have the same Satanic source as Sharia Law, requiring Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. 
    RAPA was introduced by the usual war hawk stooges (Corker, McCain, Graham, Ayote, Hatch etc) to provide NATO (Commanding Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason) and Ukraine support; the removal of Russia from Crimea and increased Russian sanctions. Sevastopol and Odessa are the ancient home of exiled Sarmation Kings; Sar means Prince; Lucifer is the Prince here, but JESUS is "KING OF KINGS".  Sevastopol means "Venerable City" and is Russia's only Black Sea Port; Crimean Rus or Rosh means "Head"; Satan is their "Head and Foundation". World War III is virtually assured. Lucifer's vain attempt to alter the Word of God (Eze 37:27; Rev 20:7) and deny Jesus the Millennial Reign on Earth is set to begin.
      The head of Scottish Rite Masonry and Sodomite, Confederate General Albert Pike has a larger than his chronically obese life bronze statue at the Federal Justice Dept; his letter to fellow Luciferian Mason and Witch Giuseppe Mazzini, dated on the Feast Day of Lucifer in 1871 details the need for 3 World Wars for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be revealed and accepted by the world. Richard Nixon signed America's death warrant 100 years later on the Feast Day of Lucifer in 1971 by separating $US from Gold; the end of the Yellow Brick Road. The Wizard of Oz debuted on the Feast of Lucifer; OZ is 77 "Lamech's Revenge", which is why "Poppy Bush" (Poppies make them sleep ringing a Baal?) Carrier GHW Bush CVN-77 is prosecuting the War. Nixon used Ft Knox Gold; named after Calvin/Cohen TULIP disciple John Knox; Kirkin O Tartan (Church of Tartan) celebrates the Assyrian captivity of Israel; Tartan is the title of the Assyrian Army Commander and means "Phoenician Cloth". Tartan was used during the Jacobite Rebellion as a means of secret ID; in Sept 2014 Scottish Independence will likely coincide with the planned break up of America. Ft Knox Gold was used to pay for the Vietnam War "Spelly's War" (named after Jesuit Fr Francis Spellman) forcing the US to from the Gold Standard and Mormon (Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan according to LaVey) Treasury Sec David Kennedy (partnered with P-2 Masonic Lodge and Vatican Bankers Michelle Sindona and Robert Calvi and the Franklin Savings bankruptcy and pedophile ring) made sure that happened. US Debt surged from $380 Billion to $17.6 Trillion; no wonder C Alan Martin predicted the same day, President #44 would be America's last, and that's Obama. America's debt has ballooned to the exact size in Light-years of the Universe (Big Bang and Red Shift theories are Jesuit Bull Shit); pretty coincidental eh? Jesuit Pope Francis and Jesuit Vatican Banker Jean-Baptiste de Franssu (John the Baptist of France; cute eh?) are partnered with the Mormon Church and the Cayman Is where Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney holds assets called "Marvelous Investments". Romney is readying for his lifelong role as "The One mighty and strong, clothed in Light", to usher in the reign of Lucifer (ref Mormon White Horse aka Blood in the Streets Prophecy)
    Naziism and Communism were great fun, resulting in the orchestrated deaths and looting of hundreds of millions of people; WWIII "Islam versus Zionism" will be orders of magnitude worse. The Mormon Tabernacle has the Star of Molech in the stained glass windows because Jesuit Fr Jean Pierre De Smet was adviser to both Luciferian Masons Albert Pike and Brigham Young. 
    Sham is the Arabic word for "Sun"; Sham means "Trick, Fraud or Hoax". Easter: First Light on Dies Solis, the Conception of the Great White Hare, the highest god, creator of life, great alchemist of immortality and savior is born 9 months later, 3 days after Solar Solstice, Solis Invictus aka Mithras is re-born. Halelujah (Hail Jah), light the Advent Candle! Folks, too bad this has nothing to do with Jesus and is but one example of a "Sham". Zionism and Islam are 2 more Shams.
    Zionism and Islam are Jesuit (Chaldeans assuming the name Society of Gesu) creations derived from the philosophy of St Augustine of Hippo (aka Phoenician Carthage). The Ides of August is named after Caesar Augustus; August is a title meaning Venerable, Majestic, Noble and Consecrated by Augurs; Aryan and Iran mean the same thing. Muslims (one who submits to Allah or Hu) worship Lucifer as Heylel (Waxing Crescent Moon), culminating at the Full Moon. Mormons also worship Lucifer as Heylel; the initiation phrase of the Melchisedek Priesthood is “Pey Heylel’ (Marvelous Lucifer) and “Sure sign of the Nail”. Most of the world worships Lucifer he is all they can see. Most people will not trouble themselves to open the door to a one on one relationship with JESUS; they hear Him knocking at the door and stumble over everything He said, but sadly most choose a Rabbi, Priest, Reverend, Imam or Guru instead. 
    al Qaeda is the Foundation and ISIS is the Throne of Lucifer; ISIS is now IS (Islamic State) meaning "One's who submit". IS is the Spiritual form of Is meaning "To be" and is derived from the Sanskrit "Asti" meaning "Are". Keep this simple folks, everyone who has ever lived has 2 choices; the choices IS/ARE JESUS (Old Covenant JAH in Ps 68:4; I AM, I AM HE) or IS/ARE Lucifer.
                                          Ben Rhodes: Fake Jew   James Foley: False Flag 
    Obama (Senators McCain, Graham and Rubio dutifully followed his lead; remember McCain has visited and been photographed with "Friends of Syria"; John Kerry was even awaiting a shipment of 5000 shipping containers of Russian made arms on the Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort last summer in Jeddah Saudi Arabia with "Friends of Syria" when the ship mysteriously broke in half) vowed to continue fighting IS despite warnings of continued violence after the likely staged beheading of reporter James Foley (may have been on Aug 15; Cult of St Denis is the Cult of the Severed Head).
    Obama fake Jewish mouthpiece/speechwriter and Ass National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes wrote Obama's "New Beginning for Islam" speech in Cairo in 2009, prompted him to bow to Qutubist/Wahhabist King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Rhodes also wrote the Benghazi "Talking Points" for the 9/11/2012 (Sheldon Adelson/Mitt Romney's ridiculous video defaming Muhammad blamed Muslims for the US Gun Running, Financing and Training of ISIS Mercenaries) parroted by UN Ambassador turned Nat Sec Adviser Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton (to sick to testify just like Gen David Petraeus and Gen John Allen, both too adulterous to testify in public to Skull & Bones, Jesuit, Freemason John Kerry). Rhodes' brother David is the CBS News President who fired Sharyl Atikisson, on scene at Benghazi reporting about Hellfire equipped Drones and a C-130 Specter Gunship over the Consulate. Ben Rhodes, holds Obama's puppet strings and is now advocating strikes on ISIS/ISIL in Syria in response. The men pulling the military levers are Jesuit Knights of Malta Chuck Hagel and Gen Martin Dempsey who also called for the US to strike ISIS in Syria. One guy, with a British accent, using a small blade to cleanly sever the unflinching Foley's head is not even remotely plausible. The skin color of the cleanly severed head is much darker than the white skin on the likely CPR doll. No spurting blood? If you believe Vince Foster could do it then James Foley should be a cinch. 
     Reporters without Borders and Doctors without Borders have the same Paris (House of Isis) source and George Soros (fake Jew Grigori Schwartz means "Black Watcher") financing. The alleged beheading of dual Israeli/American citizen Dan Pearl and Nick Berg, the latter in front of overweight "Freedom Fighters" wearing Nike's and carrying Israeli Uzis should have been dead giveaway, the event was a "False Flag" but we just didn't notice. 
     Obama fights IS by bowing to IS financier King Abdullah (Servant of Allah=HU=Lucifer) of Saudi Arabia; playing golf with IS training base financier in Jordan King Abdullah II a Hashemite (Edomite) 33 degree Grand Orient (Orient means "Rising Sun") Lodge Mason; arming and training IS in Benghazi (Benghazi is Cyrenaica "Synagogue of Libertines") and wiping the non-semitic ass (Netanyahu is an Ashkenazi son of Japheth not Shem) of Israel’s Sovereign Luciferian Freemason Prime Minister (Minister means "One who works for another") Netanyahu, the man behind Mossad asset Elliot Simon aka IS leader Mohammad al Baghdadi. Obama is a title given to Luo Tribe converts to Islam and also means “He is with us” in the Chaldean/Medean language of Farsi.   "He" as you may recall was the title Jesus used “I Am He” because it means “God is with me”. An American President with falsified Birth Records, no Passport and a deceased Connecticut man's Social Security Card who does not E-verify for employment in the US is as big a Sham as it gets. Obama is the "Emperor with no clothes" surrounded by Zionists and Jesuits hell bent on starting WWIII.
    WWIII, the Zoroastrian final battle of "Good versus Evil" started while the world was preoccupied with the CDC, Doctors without Borders and Samaritan's Purse Ebola Stage Show, the Yazidi/ISIS Stage Show (a dozen Government and Congress stooges all claim ISIS will attack US cities the same day they all call for attacks on ISIS in Syria? The real Terrorists are in the Government), Ferguson Stage Show (Crisis Actor and ex-AFRICOM Green Beret commander Dan Page is the spokesman for Pete's sake! Al Sharpton reports to Valerie Jarrett; Hello! Anderson Cooper did such a good job fooling us on Sandy Hook, he is front and center in Ferguson). The Aryan (Noble Caste) philosophy of Lucifer was even told by Robin Williams on the Feast Day of Lucifer aka "MacFarlane's Lantern"; most of us just didn't notice. 
                               Feast Day of Lucifer is India's Independence Day 
   Williams was a follower of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda of the Self Realization Fellowship which teaches Karmic Cleansing and Reincarnation. The Swami has quite a following including spin off Eckankar where Eck is the Universal Soul of the Celtic god HU, the Light and Sound of Creation according to Lucifer. In World’s Greatest Dad he lies about his son’s accidental death from auto-erotic asphyxiation to cleanse his Karma and launch his own writing career. In The Final Cut he erases past Karma Debt (Sins) by altering and implanting new memories before writing flattering eulogies for their funerals. In Angriest Man in Brooklyn (just now coming out on video) he says “By the time you see this I will be dead”. Life imitates art.
      Williams allegedly killed himself on the Feast Day of Lucifer on the Super Moon. In Gaelic mythology, the Full Moon is MacFarlane's Lantern named after Clan MacFarlane, descendants of the Tuatha de Danaan (Children of Anu/Zeus/Lucifer) or Shaman if you prefer. Seth MacFarlane aired "Turban Cowboy" predicting the Boston Marathon bombing and "Viewer Mail #2" predicting the alleged suicide of Robin Williams; no they were not accidents. Folks, you will either choose JESUS or Lucifer. In the 7th and final Church of Laodicea (Luke Warm) there is in between; choose JESUS or He will "Spue you out of His mouth" with HU and his Brahmin and Dervish dupes!
           "The lost word in Masonry is concealed in Hu" Luciferian Mason, KKK (Scottish Knights of the Golden Circle) founder, Confederate General Albert Pike wrote the Zoroastrian/Jesuit inspired plan (Fr Jean-Pierre De SMet) for 3 World Wars to reveal the doctrine of Lucifer on the Feast Day of Lucifer 1871. The recipient of the letter was fellow Luciferian Mason, Italian Revolutionary and Witch Giuseppe Mazzini, founder of P-1 (Propaganda) Lodge Masonry aka MAFIA.
   Brahmins of India believe the Breath of the Creator was contained in the 2 syllables Hu Hu (Father and Son); HU HU or IS IS means Light versus Dark; Illuminated or Profane if you will. Obama's alleged Birthplace Hawaii means "Water and Breath of Life". Prince Hall Masons designed Barack Obama's Campaign Logo, the Sun amid Red and White Stripes; the Carbon Fund Logo is the same Sun amid a field of Green. America's Illuminati Pastor (Saddleback and Pale Horse ringing a Baal?) Rick Warren gave the Inauguration (Blessing by Augury) Prayer citing the name "Issa", the Arab form of the Druid "Esus"; Esus is one of the Druid Trinity in "Thor's Oaks"; Warren was Inaugurating the final Age of Sacrifice, the one JESUS said unless He shortened, no flesh would remain and if you think Benghazi Investigations by Darryl Issa will reveal the truth, guess again! 
    Cathay means Sons of Heth or Hittites is the ancient name of China; Hu means "Dewlap of an Ox"; the Double Chin of a neutered, aging Bull, yoked and used as a Hittite Draft Animal is the Wall St Bull, Apis Bull of Egypt, Cretan Zeus and Golden Calf. Ever wonder why Ox feet support the Mormon Temple Baptismal Founts? The best slaves are slaves who think they are Free. Welcome to America
     Hu was also the spirit behind Christopher Columbus. Christ-Taufr means Red Messiah of Columbia, the Roman Goddess of Freedom; no coincidence it takes 7 left hand forks in Broadway to get to Wall St from Columbus Circle.
    Esus is also called "Hu" and Hu is On (Heliopolis or Amurru) or Deus (Zeus) all meaning "Sun"; it's the reason the Statue of Liberty, Lady of Freedom (Capitol Dome) and Angel Moroni face East to the "Rising Sun". Hu is the Serpent who promised "Ye shall not shall be as gods knowing good and evil"; notice how the Eagle of America carries that Serpent? Rex Deus (Solar King) may ring a Baal here; they are the followers or family of Hu, called in Ireland Tuatha de Danaan. In Egypt, the Priests of On were "Shemsu-Hor" meaning "Followers of Horus" (son of On). Hu is On which is also Ilu or Allah seen in the word "Babylon" as the "Gate of Hu". 
  • Sufis (Messianic Islam is a Sufi theology) begin with  Prayer, then Meditation, then Conversation with Shams meaning "Sun" or "HU"; the poetry of the Sufi Dervish philosopher Rumi are his constant Conversations (Ruminations) with HU.   
  • ECK "Holy Spirit" and HU are central to the Eckankar Movement; an offshoot of the Hindu "Self Realization Fellowship" Cult similar to Scientology; ECK founded by huckster Paul Twitchel; SRF by Swami (Swami means One's own master/lord/prince) Paramahansa Yogananda and Scientology by L Ron Hubbard. Yogananda claimed to be a reincarnation of William the Conqueror, John the Evangelist and William Shakespeare (To Be or not To Be means IS or IS Not; we heard this in Star Wars by Yoda as well); SRF even created the "Mary had a Little Lamb" nursery rhyme. Hilarious isn't? These Cults literally "Fleece" the Flock with a "Sham" (Sun) It is claimed that "Every famous person is an Eckist" because ECK allows one to erase their Sins (Karma). Robin Williams subscribed to the SRF series and starred in movies promoting Eck philosophies espousing Karmic Debt and Reincarnation.  Eck is the Light and Sound of the God HU, it purifies ones Karma (Sin) so one can converse with the God of Reincarnation. Careful or you will be Darned to Heck folks!
  • Fake Jews (Ashkenazis descend from Japheth; Mizrahis from Ham and Sephardics from Canaanittes and Medeans listed in 2 Ki 17:30) use the Hanukkah Menorah to replace the 7 Branched Candlestick; 6 uplifted arms around the Crucified Jesus ended the 7th Covenant between God and Man. They replace God in Flesh with Shamash (Sun), born on 25 Kislev (December). Shamash is a Sham god folks!
  • Hu is seen in Ham "Black". The "Men in Black" movies making sense now? Ham was Cursed by God for committing Adultery with his wife through Incest with his Cainite mother. Now you know why the Covenant with Abram included not taking wives of the daughters of Canaan. Post Flood Cainites came to be called Kennites or "Men of Hamath", or Sepharvaim (2 Ki 17:30) if you prefer. 
  • Solis Invictus (Unconquered Sun) celebrates the birth of a fully "Hu Man" Saviour; under the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Priest Mitres (Mithras) is the Kippah, to replace the Temple Veil Jesus tore top to bottom at the Crucifixion. Jesus' real birthday is not Christ Mass but Feast of Tabernacles. His real Crucifixion is not Easter but Passover. Quite a Sham isn't it?                  
       Science: Vain and Profane Babblings aka Language of the Chaldeans (1 Tim 6:20; Dan 1:4) Jesuits concocted Evolution, Atomic (4 opposing Forces in matter), Big Bang, Heliocentric, and Gravity Theories because they are the Chaldeans who concocted Zoroaster "Star Seed".  Gravity gives "Mass" to "Matter" and is called the "God Particle"? Pretty hard to figure out what "Science" is eh?   
   The Sun fuses Hydrogen (H+) into Helium (He). In Hebrew, He means "God is with me". which is why Jesus used the title "I Am He". Obama is a title given to Luo Tribe Kenyans who convert to Islam; Kenya is named after the Kennites where Priests of Ameru (Serpent) hide a fake "Ark of the Covenant"; the 7th Covenant between God and Man.
   Human caused Climate Change is destroying Mother Earth; the best way to curb emissions of CO2 and CH4 (Methane) is to cull "Useless Eaters". Who are they? Hu + Man means Man with an awareness of Hu; Man being the Mind of ordinary Man aka "Useless Eaters".  It's simply the "Humane" thing to do to people who were not "Chosen" by Hu. Hu + Man is Liberated or Deified Man; "Society 322" stems from Gen 3:22 (notice it adds to 7) it is also called the "Brotherhood of Death". Hu is the all encompassing God of the Spiritual Plane in western (Amurru) Celtic mythology; the Aryan (Noble Caste) "Gheu" means "To Pour" as in a Libation, Wrath or Molten Image. In Sanskrit, Hu or G'Heu means God. In Persian (Farsi), Obama means "He is with us"; the "Huma Bird" or Hum  became Om or Aum, the syllable of Creation and symbol of the "One true King".  In Islam the soul must cross the As-Sirat Bridge; in Zoroastrianism the Cinvat Bridge. For Luciferians (Followers of Ahura Mazda or Light the Bridge is Wide; for followers of Jesus Christ it is as narrow as a Hair in Islamic philosophy and the width of the edge of a sword in Zoroastrian philosophy.
    Obama means "Little Beach" in Japanese. The Japanese (Japan or Jih Pun means "Land of the Rising Sun") Doomsday Cult Aum Shrinkyo may ring a Baal here; Obama bowed to Emperor Akahito bearing the gift of MOX Fuel used to refuel the Fukushima Reactor. If you are understanding this thread, you know quite well, you need to be on your knees in Prayer to JESUS; not Esus, not Hu; not On; not G'Heu; not Deus and not Gesu. If you are not understanding this, continue on. 
                                               Time is Chaos and Time is Up
    Qutb means "Pillar"; Hu emerged from a drop of blood from the phallus of Re, the Sun god. Obelisks (Baal's Shaft) will form the Yin Yang over a Solar Year. al-Qaeda (Foundation or Pillar) was created from a speech by Ibn Sayyid Qutb (Sayyid means Descendants or Family; Qutb means Pillar), a Wahhabist and Dervish philosophy visiting professor at Stanford University in 1966 or "Year One Satan" according to the Church of Satan founded the same year. Dervish claim all gods are wrapped in one syllable "HU". When a King dies and becomes a Star (Chaldean STUR) his authority and companion is HU. In Egypt these "Lion Kings" were symbolized by the Sphinx which faces East with the Phallus of Re between its paws (long since removed). The "Lion King" is not a children's movie. The Spinx keeps track of the Solar Year while the Great Pyramid keeps track of the Stellar or Star Year by tracking the Circumpolar passage of Alpha Draco. The difference confirms the Age of Creation. 1656 years Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius which dawned with Spring 2014. Sargon the Great was declared "Legitimate King" due his birth as the Spring Equinox Sunrise moved from Taurus (Bull) to Aries (Ram). Adulthood in the bible occurs at 21 so do the math and read 2 Pet 3:8 after you do. By my count Creation is the Great Tribulation away from being 6000 years old.  
    Star is derived from Chaldean STUR and the word Zoroaster or "Star Seed" which Science claims all Hu Man ity originates; thus Zoroaster originated the philosophy of the final battle of Good (Ahura Mazda or people of Light or Hu) versus Ahriman (Darkness or mortal or profane man); Zoroaster was born of the Persian Huma Tree and thus became Iranian or Ayran "Noble Caste", just as their Nazi/Aryan followers did in WWII and are currently doing in the Ukraine or Arcadia if you prefer. Profane means "Blasphemous contempt of God"; if so-called Christian Priests wearing the Cross of Tammuz and Mitre of Mithra is not Profane what is? 
     Amurru and Ameru mean "Serpent"; Amar is the Canaanite god of the west. Gardening requires a lot of Blood, and Cain is the "Constant Gardener"! Operation Garden Plot may ring a Baal here.  In the 7th Covenant, Remission of Sin was made possible through the shedding of the blood of animals. In the 8th Covenant, the only Remission of Sin is made possible through the shed blood of Jesus; currently in spiritual form as JESUS (Mat 1:25).
       Feast Day of Lucifer: Full Moon nearest Ides of August in Leo 
  • NASA (Nazi) reported a “Canyon of Fire” CME on the Feast of Lucifer Super Moon.
  • "Honorary Jew" Robin Williams was allegedly found dead. Likely from auto-erotic asphyxiation. Williams predicted his death "Saddest Man in Brooklyn"; cleansed past Karmic Debt in "The Final Cut" and lied about his son's death from auto-erotic asphyxiation in "World's Greatest Dad". All classic signs of an Eckist.
  • Russia drafted 20,000 Ukrainians for War. Advisers are telling Putin he needs to attack the Ukraine soon and will have an army of 500,000 ready by 2015. This will be the fake battle of "Gog and Magog"
  • US and Russian armed forces loyal to Bashar al Assad and "Friends of Syria" began a stand-off at Damascus. Damascus will be completely destroyed and be a city no more (Is 17:1)
  • The US began directly arming Yazidi Kurdish Peshmerga. Yazidis are followers of Ahura Mazda or Hu. They are aligned with Iran. Hidden in this treason was the Obama bombshell "Airstrikes will continue indefinitely" On Aug 18 the US added ground based Bombers and Drones to the attack. On Aug 21 (Leo-Virgo) Chuck Hagel, Martin Dempsey and Obama mouthpiece and puppeteer Ben Rhodes called for strikes on Syria. A few months earlier those strikes would have hit John Kerry and John McCain. IS mouthpiece Abu Musa met with McCain in 2013 and said on Aug 24 "The Islamic Caliphate is here. Allah willing we will raise the Islamic Flag over the White House". Too late Abu, the US Government already did that. Abu Musa changed his name to that of a strategic island in the Straits of Hormuz meaning "Green Land". With thousands of Russian made Yakhont Supersonic Cruise Missiles lining the Zagros Mountains don't be surprised if a lot of US ships are sunk there. Green Language is the Language of Oil by the way!  
  • Mike Brown was shot by police at the Masonic Gateway to the West.
    Now, why on Earth would State Police bring military hardware to bear, the FBI, Atty General Eric Holder’s “Community Relations Group”, Luciferian Masons Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, Missouri National Guard and Asymmetric Solutions Mercenaries all descend on the Masonic Gateway to the West in St Louis? 2 reasons come to mind: Jesuit explorer of the west Jean-Pierre De Smet and 330 Luciferian Mason Malcolm X (Milcom=Molech; X=Christ=Messiah) aka Bari Malik Shabazz and the Nation of Islam. Amar is the Canaanite god of the West or Land of the dead if you prefer. The Eagle symbolizes Zeus (HU) as well as Esau and Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd god of the West. "For wheresover the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together" Mat 24:28

                                              Day of Assumption or Feast of Lucifer?
       Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Orthodox religions teach the Virgin Mary was taken to Heaven on "Day of Assumption". That would be a False Assumption; since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the day is the Feast Day of Lucifer; in Ireland the day is the Assumption of Lugh “Lughnasaid” aka Vulcan. The Sign of Shin “Nail” is used by Talmudic Rabbis to open Synagogue as it was by the Vulcan “Spock”. When your Church is taught by Jesuits and Masons it's time to be Holy and Separate.
     The Church Jesus founded is Holy and Ekklesia meaning Separate. The Authorized Bible and a relationship with the Word made Flesh Jesus Christ are all that is required to adorn your "Prayer Closet". Ask JESUS for a real Baptism of the Holy Ghost and see what happens!
    The word "Christian" first appeared in Antioch, Syria, a city called Heliopolis (City of the Sun) or Amurru the name of the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent. G'heu is On. On is HU and HU is the Serpent. America takes it name from Amurru and no it is not and never was a nation God built. America does not appear in Scripture because Lucifer created America for HU Man reasons. Christ means Messiah and out of America's ashes the False Messiah will rise as a Phoenix. HU HU or Aum is the root of Enochian Language; Phoenix (Pa Hanok) means "House of Enoch". Enoch was "Assumed to Heaven". Making sense yet?
     HU is the Unknown Name of God. Lucifer Augustus was worshipped on Mars’ Hill aka Areopagus as the “UNKNOWN GOD”; his Feast Day is on the Ides of Augustus. St Denis the Areopagite may ring a Baal here.  
    In 1534, Jesuits (Army of Loyola) under Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier took the first Luciferian Oaths of the Society of Gesu on the Feast Day of Lucifer in a ceremony in the crypt of the Cathedral of St Denis in Paris; the Templar "Cult of the Severed Head" had been re-born under a new name. Denis is a name derived from Dionysus "Green Man"; he became a Saint by picking up his Severed Head and preaching sermons with it; that's a better story than St Nicholas delivering gifts to every Christian house in one night! Denis is the source of "Dennis the Menace"; the same type character was introduced in the series "Lost in Space" as Dr Smith; always the Monkey Wrench.
     On the night Robin Williams allegedly died, Family Guy aired "Fatman and Robin", a spin-off of the Gold King Midas myth; Dionysus/Lucifer gave the wish to King Midas. The Ides of August essentially replaced Lughnasaid (Catholic Lammas) on the day the Celtic god of craftsmen, and Smiths, Lugh was also assumed to heaven. In Ireland, Lugh is known as Vulcan; for Masons the Question: "Who is Tubal-cain?" is answered with "Vulcan of the Canaanites". In Star Trek, the Vulcan displays the Talmudic Sign of the Nail "Shin" to Kirk (Scottish word for Church), Checkov (Son of the Devil) and Ahura (Daughter of HU). Quite an Enterprise eh? Figured out why the Enterprise of NCC 1701? Read Is 17:1
     Paris means Par or House of Isis. Russia, the US and Israel train, finance and supply weapons to ISIS. The Cathedral of Dionysus is in Paris. ISIS is the "Black Virgin" and "Throne of Antichrist"; Paris is the House of Isis; just follow the Arch of Triumph down Champs Elysee (Elysium) to the Luxor Obelisk (Lucifer's Shaft), Place of Concord, St Chapelle (Sanctuary or Chapel holds the fake Crown of Thorns), Notre Dame Cathedral (Our Lady of the House of Isis), Pont Neuf (New Bridge and site of Jacque DeMolay execution 700 years ago), St Sulpice Cathedral (Parisee Celts set the Rose Line) and the Pantheon (Temple of all Gods). France=Free and the Statue of Liberty faces East to the Rising Sun in France and America.
     Besides worldwide Commerce, Banking (Usury) and false Religious Teaching such as Pre-Tribulation Rapture and Dispensationalism  (Israel re-gathered by HU Mans), Jesuits (Society of Gesu or HU) have given the world Satanic Theories including Evolution, Big Bang, Gravity and Heliocentrism; all Blasphemous contempt of God. "Space-time", "String Theory", "Dark Matter", "Gravity" and "God Particles" many sound Scientific but they are all part of the HU Movement;  Bull Bowel Movement of immense proportion and that's no BS! Jesuits control Banking and Asset Valuations from the City of London; they control Vatican City as both Black and White Pope and control the world military from the Pentagon and White House (Joe Biden is Obama's Jesuit baby sitter). 
     The IHS logo has 3 Nails, a Cross and Sun symbol; IHS “Invictus Hoc Signo” (By this sign we are unconquerable or By this sign conquer the Laity is a Gnostic doctrine. The Cross is not a symbol of God, it is a Graven or Molten Image; HU means "To Pour" a "Molten Image". The Presbyterian Church also uses that Logo because they too are a Jesuit creation. Notice the flag of Free Kurdistan and Argentina also use the same Jesuit Solar Logo. Jesuits are the Society of Gesu/HU, the Sovereign Military Order of Argentina. Why do you suppose America helped Nazis like Hitler and Mengele escape to Argentina? Did you know Dorothy (Door) actually had Silver Slippers in the Wizard of Oz? The Abomination of Desolation will be made of Poured, Molten Gold, Silver and Brass standing on a foundation of Iron.
                                 Langue d'Oc "Language of Light, HU, Lucifer"
  • Green Language Dionysus is Green Man; Chlorophyll has 33 Atoms; Oc means Occulus or Eye of Illumination. Mortal Man's waste + Light becomes Green Plant Food. Kill enough un-enlightened Man and the Garden of Eden returns to Earth. The only problem is the 4 faced Angel of God forcing everyone to go through Jesus first.
  • Bird Language Huma Bird or Phoenix is the Benu Bird aka Pyramidion.
  • Language of Yes. Oui is Yes; Obama's "Yes We Can" mantra means "Thank You Satan"
  • Language of Oil a source of energy made from living things that perished in the Flood. America has by far the most Oil of any Nation in the ANWR, Bakken, Green River and Gulf of Mexico.
      Congress is derived from Congredi "To meet for War"; they meet in the Capitol "Womb of Zeus or HU" under Lady Freedom who faces East with her back to the Nation. It's why the Fasces flanks the Speaker's Podium. They work with the Supreme Court which also has the Faces on the Door, allowing un-elected Corporate Arbitrators, Foreign Investors and Foreign Courts like ISDS (Investor-State Settlement Court) to have Jurisdiction over Private Citizens. This is Treason and they all know it. 
  • FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) allowing un-elected Judges to gather and use information against US Citizens is Treason.
  • TPP, TAP, TTIP allowing Foreign Investors to bid on US Public and Private Assets and collect restitution from US Citizens is Treason. 
     Why would the EPA allow Foreign Corporations to use Diesel Fuel Fracking when it is illegal under the Clean Water Act? Stealing Natural Gas and Oil and selling it to Foreign Clients not only destroys Underground Water Supplies and the Food Supply, it artificially drives up the price of America’s Transportation System and Economy by Air, Sea and Land. Why on Earth would the US Government violate Sworn Oaths to defend the US against Foreign and Domestic Enemies and commit willful Treason?
     Oaths taken behind closed doors supersede and free them from all other Oaths and National Laws; a Government full of Foreigners who see America as a Multi-Trillion Bbl Oil and Gas Supply (Bakken Formation, Macondo Prospect in Gulf of Mexico, Green River Formation, ANWR (Alaska), Wyoming Teapot Dome); 25% of the World’s Fresh Water (Great Lakes); one of the largest Aquifers (Ogallala) and a glittering  $multi-Trillion prize in Hawaii called “Back Eagle Trust” or “Yamashita’s Gold”. Committing any Sins here? Sure, but Sins can be atoned for with Blood; or so the misguided theory goes.
        "G" Gesu, Gold, Government, God particle and Green Man
      Jesuits “Society of Gesu” do not worship JESUS (Mat 1:25) is JAH (JEHOVAH in Ps 68:4); they worship Lucifer in the Letter “G”. The All Seeing Eye of Lucifer/Gesu is “Occulus Omni”. Lucifer “Light Bringer or Illuminator” is Oc; Lucifer’s language is Langue d’ Oc or Languedoc.  Gesu is the Jesuit god, the same god Freemasons worship as “Grand Architect of the Universe”; the “G” in side the Square and Compass. G, the 7th letter represents perfection in creating Heaven (Compass) on Earth (Square). Muslims know this same god as Allah. G represents the Septuagint (Seventy), seen in the Mormon Quroum of Seventy and Roman College of 70 Cardinals. G represents Grimoire (Magical Incantations/Spells). G is the Gesu Superior General. G is Gematria. The All Seeing Eye of Gesu or Lucifer is seen in all national Intelligence Apparatus’. G is the World Government. G is also seen in the Graviton or “God Particle”, the source of the mythical Force of Gravity. Daniel describes Lucifer as the “God of Forces”. Gesu is Green Man aka Bacchus or Dionysus, who gave the wish to the Gold King Midas.
    Zionists worship the same god with the Star of Molech and Chiun. Molech means Lord as does Lucifer, derived from Luci, the god of Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths, and Craftsmen called Lugh or Loki. The Star of Molech is the Seal or Grimoire of Solomon. The intersection of 2 triangles form the Hexagram (Hex means Curse) or Beehive (Bee is Chaldean for Word). Jesus is the Word made Flesh; this is a simply a worldwide HU Man Sting.
     “Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God” 1 Thess 1:4 AV Every other bible including the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible and John Calvin’s (Samaritan Cohen) 1599 Geneva Bible change this scripture to Calvin’s idea of Fixed Pre-destination and Limited Atonement; TULIP is a Gnostic Weed folks!  Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Fixed Pre-destination are Gnostic Doctrines. For those of us who accept the shed blood of Jesus as God in Flesh and the Word made Flesh for remission of Sin, the sacrifice is over. For those who do not, the sacrifices are never enough. “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission” Heb 9:22 
        UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders (MSF is a George Soros creation), WHO (Margaret Chan is an Officer in the Order of the British Empire and Committee of 300 “Olympian” HU Gadarn first founded Wales) begin a Cholera, Polio, and Meniningitis VAX Campaign Feb 2014; the Cholera VAX is administered in 2 oral doses 40 days apart; the Ebola outbreak began March 2014, 40 days later.
     Sanofi Pasteur is owned by Rothschild Group and makes the vaccines through Shanta Biotechnics and Serum Inst, both HQ in India. Brahims are the "Caste of HU" Sanofi was accused of testing Avian Flu VAX on 350 homeless in Poland.
   UNICEF Director and convert to  Talmudic Judaism (Zionism) Tony Lake was Bill Clinton’s Nat Sec Adviser responsible for Bosnia, Somalia “Operation Black Hawk Down”, AP Murrah murder of America’s Choice Day Care and WACO Branch Davidians using the US Army, then under the command of fellow Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (nee Samaritan Kohen). UNICEF workers infected with Cholera in Somalia were sent to Haiti after SOUTHCOM held their Haitian Relief Drill in Miami and the HAARP induced  mega Earthquake destroyed Port Au Prince and unleashed a Cholera epidemic still raging today. Bill and Poppy Bush were put in charge of distributing $Billions in Red Cross Aid as both were after the “Yule Tide” Earthquake and Indonesian Tsunami murder of 250,000.
      Tony’s partner Bernard Kouchner, a Nicholas Sarkozy (Israeli Sayanim) appointee founded MSF with George Soros financing (really stolen taxpayer funds held in TARP Treasury accounts) Hillary Clinton and Nicholas Sarkozy (French taxpayers financed his gold adorned Airbus A-330, and extravagant food/wine/car/palace tastes) watched the Un-constitutional, pre-planned attack on Libya as Obama and Congress left on vacation using 160 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles from Elysee Palace (Elysee means Elysium or “Field of the Blessed” who die shedding their blood as martyrs)  
    Sanofi is partnered with Sutro Biopharma in San Francisco, founded by Morgan Stanley Health Fund mgr John Freund who uses Monkeys to test Monoclonal Antibody  (Mab) Serums made of Genetically Altered Chimp Adenovirus (Common Cold). Pretty coincidental Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes centered on San Francisco eh?
     GlaxoSmithKline is fresh off a $3B criminal fine for coercing doctors to use GSK medicines and is set to get FDA fast track approval from Chicago Zionist FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg for a Mab Ebola Vaccine next month and expected release in early 2015. Obama medical Czar Ezekiel (father Ben an Irgun Terrorist; Ari Hollywood #1 talent agent; Rahm is Chicago Mayor and Man’s Country member; all hold Israeli Dual Citizenship) Immanuel Obama requested ZMAPP to be sent to Liberia for illegal, fast track human trials while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (Named for Martha, brother of Lazarus and mythical sister of Mary Magdalene according to the “Golden Legend” and “Holy Grail” tradition) No worries folks, just a little pruning and fertilizing of the Vineyard before the arrival of the false Messiah.
     Jesuits planned WWIII to pit Zionism versus Islam; Jesuits created both religious philosophies. ISIS “Throne” is now  IS (Islamic State) managed by Israeli Mossad asset Elliot Simon aka Mohammad al Baghdadi. Both Zionism including Templars and Hospitaller orders are controlled from Vatican City by the Jesuit General aka Black Pope. Zionism ie Talmudic Judaism and Islam, both Sunni and Shia are Jesuit creations based on St Augustine’s “City of God”; a Phoenician (Canaanite) trained theologian in Carthage. Not by coincidence, but by plan, Joseph and Hyrum Smith were martyred in the Carthage Jail by Masons who initiated the Oath of Vengeance and Blood Atonement. They intend to exact this revenge in America against everyone who rejects Mormon Theology.
      Jesuit Fr Jean-Pierre De Smet was the driving force behind 33 degree Sovereign Mason Brigham Young, the Mormon Oath of Vengeance and Blood Atonement. He was also the driving force behind 33 degree Sovereign Mason, Confederate General, KKK founder Albert Pike and his plan for WWIII with 33 degree Mason, Italian Revolutionary and MAFIA founder Giuseppe Mazzini. The plan is to destroy America and the Vatican as false Scapegoats for Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” and Rev 18 “Babylon” in order for the Doctrine of Lucifer to be accepted. That sort of Liberty and Freedom will land you in Hell for eternity.
     33 years ago, Welsh Romani Gypsy Mitt Romney began laundering Iran-Contra drug profits, at times,  returning an annual profit of 175%/yr. Whether that sort of profit is still being realized or not, “Marvelous Investments” has made his partners Poppy Bush, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton wealthy beyond comprehension. In the Mormon Church, Luciferian Initiation and Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost occur with the “Sure Sign of the Nail” in the Melchisedek Priesthood; the saying “Pey Heylel” means “Marvelous Lucifer”. Muslims recognize Heylel as “Crescent”; specifically the first sighting of the Crescent Moon which Arabs call “Al Lah”. Marvelous eh? Satan changed into an Angel of Light. Perhaps of even more consequence than money laundering, Mitt’s 4th generation maternal grandfather Parley Pratt swore the Oath of Vengeance on America and all Gentiles to the 4th generation. Blood Atonement was taken on 9/11/1834 at Mountain Meadows and will be again according to the Blood in the Streets Prophecy.
                                   Gesu "The Jesuit Grand Architect"
      Piazza de Gesu is the Mother Church of the Jesuits in Rome. Their logo features the Cross, 3 nails and IHS (In Hoc Signo Vinces means By this Sign, Conquer the Laity). The Cross is not a symbol of Jesus; it is the symbol of the Babylonian Tammuz; thus the logo used by the Jesuits. symbolizes victory over Jesus and His Laity. Jesus hates Nicolaitane (Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity) Doctrine; the elevation of the clergy; Constantine the Great (really his mother Helena) found the 3 Nails over 300 years after the Crucifixion with Pieces of the Cross, and the Crown of Thorns. Hell, on the same trip whe found the bible was in error; Mt Sinai was really in Egypt after all; had enough Gnostic BS?
      The list of Jesuits occupying high level positions in Universities and Governments is as long as the Masonic list. The 7th Covenant is the Old Covenant/Testament, the greatest of whom Jesus called John the Baptist; hence Johnitters, Manichaeans, Yezidis and Cathars to name a few, rejected Jesus as God in Flesh and worship Gesu or the Masonic “G”. Jesuits created Gravity Theory and today refer to the Graviton as the “God Particle”; the mysterious particle that gives Mass to Matter ie the Masonic Creator.
    The list of Jesuit (Society of Gesu) Lies in direct opposition to scripture (Jesus is the Word made Flesh) include Heliocentric Theory (Nicholas Copernicus), Gravity Theory (Galileo; Rosicrucian/Mason Isaac Newton substituted Force for Acceleration in the F=MA equation for his God of Forces), Big Bang Theory (Georges LeMaitre), Atomic Theory (4 Forces of the Atom: Strong Nuclear, Weak Interaction, Gravity, Electro-magnetism manufactured out of nothing by Roger Boscovich), Evolution Theory (Pierre Tiellhard du Chardin), WWI, WWII, WWIII, KKK, MAFIA, Mormonism (Jean-Pierre De Smet), Vaccine Theory (Edward Jenner and Louis Pasteur), Germ Theory (Athanasius Kircher)
       In Gematria JESUS is 888; the New Covenant based on acceptance of the shed blood of Jesus as God in Flesh is the 8th and final Covenant; Jesus is the 1st Word “Alpha” and the last Word “Omega”. Abram became Abraham and Sarai became Sarah after making their personal Covenant with JESUS. “h” means “God is with me” and is the 8th English letter for this reason.
     In Congress (eg John Boehner who illegally allowed missiles to be launched at Libya or Ron Paul, trained at Piazza de Gesu in Rome 1956-65), Supreme Court (eg LBGT Lawyer John Roberts who intentionally failed to administer the Oath of Office correctly to foreigner Barack Obama), the Military (eg Gen Martin Dempsey or Gen David Petraeus who ordered the Benghazi Raid) and VP Mansion.
    Jesuits (Gnostics in Carthage trained St Augustine of Hippo) created Islam, Speculative Masonry and Zionism.  Jesuit Fr Bernhard Staemple even wrote Mein Kampf for Adolf Hitler so the world could hate Germans. Zionists in Israel are in appointed positions of power in the US. Zionists Theodr Herzl and Pyotr Ivanovich Rashkovsky even wrote the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion so the world could hate Jews. Zionists are not Jewish!
White House Chief of Staffs – Rahm Emanuel, Jack Lew (Denis McDonough is Jesuit trained)
Deputy White House Chief of Staff – Mona Sutphen
Special Presidential Adviser – David Axelrod
Secretary of Treasury – Timothy Geithner
Deputy Secretary of Treasury – Neal Wolin
Under Secretary of Treasury – Lael Brainard
President of the New York Fed – Carole Sonnenfeld
Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Reich
Economic Advisor to Obama-Biden – Robert Rubin
Ambassador to Middle East – Dennis Ross
Director Centers for Disease Control – Douglas Shulman now Thomas Friedman
IRS Commissioner – Richard Haass (CFR President)
Director of Management and Budget – Peter Orszag
Chairman of Commodities Futures Trading Commission – Gary Gensler
U.S. Solicitor General (Supreme Court Nominee) – Elena Kagan
Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden – Ron Klain
Chairman Council of Advisors on Science and Technology – Eric Lander
Co-Chair of Advisors on Science and Technology – Harold Varmus
Deputy Secretaries of State – Jacob Lew and James Steinberg
White House Director of Communications – Ellen Moran
Middle East Desk National Security Council – Daniel Shapiro
Chairperson Securities and Exchange Commission – Mary Schapiro
Chairperson Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – Sheila Bair
Major Legal Advisor to Obama-Biden – Sally Klain
Special Envoy to Pakistan/Afghanistan – Richard Holbrooke
Head of Small Business Administration – Karen Mills
Chairman Federal Trade Commission – Jon Leibowitz
Chairman Federal Communications Commission – Julius Genachowski
Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration – Dr. Margaret Hamburg
Deputy Commissioner Food and Drug Administration
- Dr. Joshua Sharfstein
Assistant to President for Legislative Affairs – Phil Schiliro
National Finance Chair – Penny Pritzker
Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama – Susan Sher  (Michelle is Michael Robinson; his mother Marion conducts Santeria rituals in the White House)
Obama’s Czars: Economic Czar – Larry Summers
Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein. Wife is UN Ambassador Samantha Power who replaced Benghazi liar Susan Rice; current Obama National Security Adviser. Cass is a Constitutional Law professor who knows w

               The Monstrous Conspiracy

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists"
330 Luciferian Freemason, Pedophile, FBI Chief J Edgar Hoover. Gog and Magog (Rev 20:7-8; Eze 38), Jacob's Trouble (Jer 30:7) and "Jerusalem a burdensome stone" (Zech 12) are after the Millennium! Do you see Jesus, King David and Solomon's brother Nathan in Jerusalem? Didn't think so; these prophecies are just over 1000 years from now! That is by far the biggest conspiracy in history; don't fall for the Lie. Pre-Trib Rapture, Big Bang, Gravity, Evolution, Heliocentric Theories, Mormonism, Vaccination, WWI, WWII (Nazis V Communists), and WWIII (Islam V Zionism) are other Monstrous Jesuit Conspiracies. Jesuits even created Islam, Protestantism (Calvin's Fixed Pre-destination "Ye are elect of God" 1599 Geneva Bible is a change to 1 Thess 1:4 "Your election of God" AV), Zionism and Communism; busy little Bees aren't they? Don't fall for the Lie. You need to open the door and call JESUS by His correct Name.
     J Edgar has an entire room dedicated to him and the FBI in the basement of the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC where 330 Luciferian Masons from all over the world become "Sovereign" (No higher rank). Next to that room is NASA's Apollo Moon Landing Room. Sitting across from the exact replica of the Temple of Artemis/Diana is the Jesuit HQ in America, Georgetown University; just south, along the 77th Meridian are the White House, Capitol and Pentagon.
     To become an initiated Jesuit ie Knight of St John of Jerusalem "Hospitaller", Ismaili (Ayathollah, Sufi, Dervish, Assassin), Witch or Sovereign Mason, one must Blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Kent Brantly is with Doctors without Borders (MSF) a George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) funded NGO allegedly spreading Ebola. Nancy Writebol is with Serving in Mission (SIM) a Luciferian Mason, Billy Graham "Charity"; Hospitaller Knight Miguel Pajares allegedly contracts Ebola in a Hospitaller run facility (St Joseph's) in Africa and then receives treatment in Hospitaller facility (Carlos III) in Spain and dies. BS! All 3 allegedly receive ZMAPP and 2 Americans miraculously recover from Zaire Ebola. Something is not right with this picture. Airborne disease transmission is a requirement to implement WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocol; Suspension of the Constitution, Martial Law, Mandatory Vaccination and Quarantine; Ebola is not airborne transmissible; Influenza is. If you haven't read the Hospitaller Oath, you might want to; Hospitallers aka SMOM serve the Jesuit General by killing "Heretics" like Catholics, Protestants and Jews including their unborn babies by tearing them from their pregnant mother's wombs and swinging their heads against the rocks. This is no joke! This oath, taken by men like John Kerry, John Boehner, Martin Dempsey, Chuck Hagel, John Roberts etc has been part of the Congressional record for 100 years. Jesus said "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" and James said above all else "Swear Not"; now you know why.
        There is only one "Unforgivable Sin"; "Blasphemy (Rejection) of the Holy Ghost". There is one book in the Word of God written solely via the Holy Ghost, to one man, the last Apostle alive and exiled in a cave on an island; "Revelation"; the testimony of God in Flesh some 66 years after His death became the 66th book and Last Word. There is one book that promises a "Blessing" on those who read and keep the words of Jesus' "Prophecy"; you guessed it "Revelation". Prophecy is "Pre-written History"; Jesus wrote "Revelation" before Creation as Alpha and will finish it as Omega when Creation is 7000 years old at the gathering called "Gog and Magog" aka "Jacob's Trouble" Eze 38; Rev 20:7-8; Zech 12; Jer 30:7; Dan 7:14 is just over 1000 years away. The Confederacy with Russia, Persia (The prophecy in Jer 49:34 against Shem's eldest son Elam is not that of Persia; Iran=Aryan "Noble Caste"), Turkey (Lud=Lydians are not Turks of today), Germany, Libya, Arabia and Ethiopia is perhaps next to pre-Tribulation "Rapture", the most Monstrous Conspiracy in history. Read Gen 9:27 "God shall enlarge Japheth and  he shall dwell in the tents of Shem" and realize "Those who say they are Jews but are not" like modern Israel are really the Synagogue of Satan. Not ready for Sharia Law or 7 Noahide Laws? Me either, but Satan is.   
     Satan and his minions will go to great lengths to make sure you think "Revelation" is a forgery based on the Sibylline Oracles; don't fall for the lie Eusibius, Dionysius (Bishop of Alexandria), Philo, Origen (Nag Hamadi Library at Alexandria), Muhammad, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ignatius Loyola, Joseph Smith, every Rabbi since the Pharisees and every Roman Catholic Pope has fallen for. Jesus does not stutter and His Word (Textus Receptus/Authorized Bible) does not change. Jesus hates an "Elevated Clergy" (Nicolaitane Doctrine); why not make Him your Priest? JESUS gave His final warning to the Church of Laodicea "Luke Warm"; if you don't feel strongly about this, you need to, else Jesus will "Spue you out of His mouth"! Now, why on Earth would He warn us "Save those days should be shortened, no flesh should be saved"? 
   The US Government through the CDC and HHS (HHS also manages the US Office of Population Affairs which promotes abortion and sterilization; nice eh?) hold patents on the Ebola Virus. A Patent cannot be issued for anything that occurs in nature. Zaire Ebola is a patented (US20120251502A1), and tested, man-made Bio-weapon Virus. DOD and National Guard Units have a Zaire Ebola Test  and JBAIDS equipment in all 50 States with authority to Quarantine anyone displaying signs of Influenza or Ebola. "ZMAPP" is hype, setting the stage for World War Z. Patented (Don Rumsfeld) Swine Flu Vaccines have already been shipped all over the world by the DOD. Swine Influenza literally means Occult Infestation of Swine (Unclean animals) Demons called "Legion" ringing a Baal here? How about Curious George and the Ebola Virus? 
        Z refers the Congo (Nzadi) River where Ebola was first tested in 1976, and ultimately to the "Last Word" (22 Chapters in Revelation and 22 Hebrew Letters) aka "Emerald City" aka OZ (Ayin Zayn); Aleister Crowley called Oz  (77 in Hebrew Gematria); 77 is the Sabbath Goat on the Altar; Gnostics claim there are 77 names of God; Wrong, there is one Name of God in the New Covenant JESUS! Oz is Emerald City; Satanists believe Emerald is the Stone from Lucifer's Crown  Lamech's Seventy and Seven Fold Revenge anyone? War III began with F-18 airstrikes on ISIS targets in Erbil and Baghdad launched from CVN-77 GHW Bush Carrier. Ever seen Simpsons Episode Lisa's Sax? Check out the book Curious George and the Ebola Virus; George Bush Sr is "Curious George" aka "Wizard of Oz". Nikola Tesla used to say to Prescott Bush (George Scherff) "Get that monkey out of my lab"; he was speaking of George HW Bush whom the cartoon character Curious George was based. Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley's illegitimate daughter from a "Babalon Working" Ritual; her Skull & Bones, Luciferian Mason husband (George Bush Sr is George Scherff Jr) starts Gulf War I; her Sodomite son George Bush Jr presides over 9/11/2001 and starts Gulf War II and the HW Bush Carrier starts Gulf War III from Abadan (Abadan means Destroyer in Rev 9:11) Island. You just can't make this stuff up! 
       Dorothy (Door) is about to return to Kansas (Cain or Kennite) and the Mormon (Mormo is God of the Living Dead) Church is about to re-establish Zion (Garden of Eden) there. Didn't know the Mississippi River is actually the Euphrates? or that Adam, Eve and Cain were banished there? Me either, but Mitt Romney does. Kansas is the geographic "Heartland" of America; you may recall futute HHS Secretary, Bilderberg Globalist, ObamaCare Scapegoat and Planned Parenthood mouthpiece, Kathleen Zebelius was then KS Governor and gave the rebuttal to George Bush Jr last State of the Union using the word "Heartland" repeatedly; did you get the message? The Super Bowl halftime show 2 days earlier featured Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers; the Heart was stabbed by an Arrow.
     Dr Charles Arntzen (Bio-design Inst for Infectious Disease and Vaccinology) joked "Seen Contagion? Cull the population by designing a better virus"; he is designing the Antibody based Vaccine in Plants; specifically Reynolds Tobacco; you know, the Cash Crop Slave Owners who put Uranium in Cigarettes, Aluminum in Chemtrails (Geo-engineering) Antiperspirant and Cookware and operate Mortuaries and Crematoriums near human sacrifice centers? Spermicidal GMO Corn? Yup, he designed that too, but I forgot, Alzheimer's is caused by Aluminum too.
    Zaire Ebola is not airborne transmissible. If it were, far more than 1000 deaths would result. The media will hype this as Edward Bernays and Joseph Goebbels would do "Tell the lie enough times and people will begin to believe it" The only aerosol transmitted form of Ebola is Mayinga Ebola which is not suitable as a Bio-weapon because it kills the host quickly and dies out. Ebola needs a hot and wet environment to survive; people will soon ask to be injected with Ebola, providing the hot and wet conditions needed for Zaire Ebola to kill them; with a 3 week incubation period the disease will spread and run through Quarantine Facilities like fire.
    West Africa is the testing ground for Ebola because it is Wet and Hot all the time and people who live there, generally have compromised immune systems. An Ebola Pandemic in Europe, Russia or the US is not likely. Ebola attacks the immune system; West Africa has been subjected to War, Extreme Poverty, Contaminated Water, Toxic Chemicals, Severe Malnutrition, overuse of Antibiotics and "Vaccines"; the precise conditions which weaken Immune Systems. Obama's Africa Summit honored and paid off 50 African Dictators who made this possible.
      The Kenema Gov't Hospital is a Level 2 US Army, Ft Detrick Bio-weapons facility used for human trials, facilitated by George Soros, Bill Gates, Doctors without Borders, Samaritan's Purse, SIM (Serving In Mission) and Phoenix Force. Samaritans are not Jewish; they are Satanists pretending to Jewish. Freemasons are not Christian; they only pretend. Mission is a word that doesn't appear in Scripture; "Serving God" in Mission? Don't think so; Lucifer needs Oaths, Missions, Missionaries, Inquisitors, Priests, Confessionals, Cathedrals, Temples, and Holy Water; JESUS is the Holy Ghost and only requires people who follow Him and what He said in the Word. What better way to create demand for a Chimera than for alleged "Christians" Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol and Miguel Pajares to become infected, receive an "Experimental Serum"; miraculously walk off the Air Ambulance and recover in days! Praise Jesus and pass the Serum. Folks, you may want to re-think that. The one thing PBSFOXABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC agree on is an Ebola Pandemic is coming soon. 
      On Aug 7, 1964 LBJ's stage managed attack on the USS Maddox "Hell, those stupid sailors were just shooting at fish" initiated Jesuit Cardinal Francis Spellman's drug pipeline called the Vietnam War or "Spelly's War" 50 years later, WHO Tool and Committee of 300 "Olympian" Margaret Chan celebrated by declaring Zaire Ebola an International Emergency. 
    Yezidis of Mt Sinjar  want a Sovereign Kurdistan; their private military "Peshmerga" give target lists to the US Military. Kurds are Iranian "Noble Caste"; Yezidis pleaded for international help against ISIS (also trained and equipped by the US) and in response, the US dutifully started Gulf War III. 
    The US created and arms ISIS (al-Baghdadi is Mossad asset Simon Elliot trained at Camp Bucca) The US trains ISIS Mercenaries in Safawi, Jordan (Paris trained, Luciferian Freemason, Committee of 300, Edomite King Abdullah II meets repeatedly with Obama in Rancho Mirage, CA) and near Incirlik Airbase, Turkey (Erdogan is also a Luciferian Mason). Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia all arm ISIS; recall Mol Comfort and the Turkish flagged shipped Nour M had thousands of tons of Russian weapons headed for ISIS Mercenaries with Jesuit, Committee of 300, Luciferian Mason John Kerry awaiting arrival). Absent Congress approval, Obama ordered airstrikes on ISIS (2 F-18's) and humanitarian relief (C-17; 2 C-130's; 2 F-18 escorts) for the Yezidis the same day; the Nobel Peace Prize Winner started the 3rd Gulf War, a Just War, quietly without Congress approval to protect Satan's Aryan Elite.
 Yezidis believe Ahriman is God who created the Peacock Angel "Melek-Taus" as the "Divine Son" and that Noah's Ark settled on Mt Sinjar (They came from the East to Babel, not to the East, so this is a Lie but nice timing on the movie Noah eh?). Ever wonder why Peacock Feathers surround the Chair of St Peter when the Pope sits? Why would the Shahada "There is no God but Allah" be written under the chair? Ahrimanism is a mix of Vedic Hinduism and Zoroastrianism based on the "Bible of Corruption",  "Freedom through Blasphemy" and the "Chaotic force of Destruction". Fitting that CNN hacks Sanjay Gupta (Sanjay is Sanjak the Peacock Angel of the Yezidis and Gupta is the Golden Age of India 320BC-500AD) Fareed Zakaria (Post American World; great read eh? It was Obama's favorite during the initial campaign) and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will manage the propaganda. Did you know Obama carries an idol of the Hundu monkey god Hanuman with him? Now how does "Order out of Chaos" sound? An Ebola Pandemic, Economic Collapse, uncontrollable Radiation and WWIII would most certainly create Chaos and that's the written plan. The final Battle of Good (Light=Ahura Mazda) versus Evil (Ahriman) or World War Z has begun.
                                                Just War
    CFR traitor Tom Brokaw first used the term "War on Terror" on 9/11/2001; CFR Traitor Katie Couric attributed the act to Osama bin Laden on 9/11/2001 and CFR/Bilderberg Traitor Peter Jennings even told us the building collapse was "Controlled Demolition" on 9/11/2001. The burning of Rome, Constantine's Cross (used later, repeatedly in the Crusades), USS Maine (Spanish-Am War), HMS Lusitania (WWI), USS Maddox (Vietnam) Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden (Gulf Wars; CIA asset Tim Osman) and now al-Baghdadi (WWIII; Mossad asset Simon Elliot) were all used to Justify War; all were self inflicted "False Flags". Congress means "To meet for War"; they meet in the Womb of Jupiter. Jesuits (also Chaplains, Masons, Imams, Rabbis) are today's Roman Fetial Priests in the Cult of Jupiter (Capitol=Womb of Jupiter). Fetial means "Foundation" as does "al-Qaeda" and "ISIS" (Throne). Their function is "Just War" via Treaty, Reparations (Sanctions) and War Declaration. Originally a Vedic (Chaldean) concept, "Just War" was later adopted by Church "Father" St Augustine (City of God=Zionism) and Church "Doctor" Thomas Aquinas before becoming part of the Jesuit Oath of Induction. WWIII will pit Zionism versus Islam to the point of economic, physical and moral exhaustion at which point, the true doctrine of Lucifer will be revealed. Sounds like a good time eh? Sodomite, Confederate General, Luciferian Mason Albert Pike didn't write that; Jesuit Fr Pierre-Jean De Smet wrote the plan for 3 World Wars in 1871; he was also the driving force behind Luciferian Mason, Mormon Witch Brigham Young. Now you know why Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter. "This is the Place" may have been uttered by Young, but De SMet chose the place for Zion where the NSA has its largest spy facility, headed at least clandestinely by Satanist Gen Michael Aquino. Now you know why so many Jesuits are in the American Government, Supreme Court and Military. So who are the Yezidis? Gnostic Johnnitters who not only created Islam using the writings of St Augustine but are also, you guessed it, Jesuits. If this is starting to make sense, you need to establish a relationship with JESUS right now! 
    Operation Garden Plot (Cain is the Constant Gardener) Detention/Extermination Centers are being re-named HHS/CDC "Isolation Centers" and the DOD has a Zaire Ebola test at the ready. Cambridge University Dr Peter Walsh is even claiming Boko Haram might use Ebola Powder in a "Dirty Bomb" that's a Whopper of a Lie. How many of these news sources told you Osama bin Laden is CIA asset Tim Osman? How many told you ISIS Caliph Mohammad al Baghdadi is Mossad asset is Simon Elliot? "Think of the press as an instrument dictators can play" Joseph Goebbels. Folks, we are being played like a Fiddle.
     Phoenix Force  is a Gov't Contractor then transported the "Propaganda Experiment" to Atlanta. Phoenix Force flying Gray Jets? Marvel Comics Jean Grey in "Phoenix Force Saga" may ring a Baal. People lining up for a Vaccine that will kill them? Oh, that's been done before.
   Luciferian Mason and generational Satanist Gerald Ford invited Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney aboard AF-1 when CIA asset Gen Suharto was given the Green Light to murder over a million people in E Timor to set up his "New Order"; similar to Kissinger and Pol Pot in Cambodia and both CIA staged Coups. Check out the connection between Obama and Suharto for a real eye opener. Iraq War profiteer Dick Cheney made his fortune with Halliburton, recently famous for the failed Deep Water Horizon oil drilling disaster that is still killing the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico with Methane. When the Salt Dome collapses under the New Madrid Fault, New Orleans to Memphis to St Louis will be underwater just like Navy, NOAA and FEMA maps show. Don made a fortune with GD Searle which held the patent for Aspartame; used in "Diet" foods, Aspartame was a Pig fattening waste product used to increase yields in pork pushed through by the FDA which is today fast tracking approval of Ebola Vaccines. Don Rumsfeld holds patents on Tamiflu through Gilead Pharmaceuticals, timed nicely with the H5N1 "Avian Flu" outbreak in Hong Kong. Don Rumsfeld holds the patents on the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine; pretty coincidental eh? His former boss Gerald Ford convinced a million Americans "Swine Flu" was real and a Vaccine would protect them; the Vaccine was a Chimera. Why Swine? A group of Demons called "Legion" had infested a man along the shores of the Dead Sea; when Jesus came by, the herd requested to be allowed to infest the Swine Herd which dove off the cliff, just like America is doing today. 
    A Chimera is something people wish for, but proves to be an illusion that kills themAmerica is Patenting the man-made Chimera. The Chimera Vaccine for the Ebola Virus "ZMAPP" will only be effective on the Chimera Virus "Zaire Ebola" it was designed for. DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is not a Democracy or a Republic just ask 700 Club (named for the 1314 execution of Jacques DeMolay) Knight of Malta Pat Robertson who owns Diamond Mines in DRC. The CIA backed coup and ensuing "Kleptocracy" of Mobutu Sese Seko left 5 million dead, $15B in embezzled US aid (just like Pakistan eh?) and a CDC created and patented plague called Zaire Ebola.
    Dialectic is supplying the solution to a created problem. Pretty monstrous eh? How about the Mark of the Beast? Will you line up for that too? If you do, your address for eternity will be the Lake of Fire.

"Nobody shall enter the New World Order unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" United Nations Planetary Initiative. Rather monstrous eh? What on earth could cause people to willingly follow Lucifer? War, Disease, and a failed World Economy. The White, Red and Black Horse to be more specific; the Pale Horse is "Death"; that one is Lucifer because Spiritual Death causes one's Name to be removed from the Book of Life of the Lamb. 

"And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission"
Heb 9:22 Nothing sheds blood better than Ebola delivered to people clamoring for a Vaccine. Tekmira and Novartis are making and distributing these Vaccines. Why not? Jesuit Quack Edward Jenner did such a fine job calling Cowpox "Smallpox" and offering a Vaccine that Ft Detrick tried it again vaccinating US troops sent into WWI; 50 million people died of those "Vaccines".

 "There is a war coming to Europe. Do you think any of this matters?" Vladimir Putin Vladimir means To Rule Over+Peace. Russian cargo ship Mol Comfort and Turkish ship Nour M were loaded to the gills with Russian weapons headed for ISIS mercenaries, but the news manages to be silent on such matters. 
"For when they shall say Peace and safety: then sudden destruction cometh upon them..." 1 Thess 5:3 No, the lifelong KGB asset does not follow Jesus Christ. 
     33 years ago, RC Christian (Rosicrucian pseudonym) financed the construction of the George Guide Stones calling for the elimination of all but 500 Million people from the Earth. War cannot do that; Disease and Radiation can however. Jesus warned unless He shortened "Those Days" "No Flesh would remain". "Those Days" are here. Got your invitation inside the just completed Project 911 Radiation Hardened Bunker in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun), Israel? Me either, why not get right with God instead? No, God is not Allah or YHVH it's JESUS! Ineffable Name? To Hell with that, His Name is JESUS. 
Russia is not "Gog"
Eze 38 is after the Millennium. Rus or Rosh is not in the Authorized Bible and has nothing to do with Russia; Rus refers to Pagan Caintes (Kenites) called the Crimean Rus and/or Kievan Rus. Chaldeans, Aryans, Sarmations, Black Sea Princes are other names of these Satanists. Khazars are not Jewish, nor are they setting up the Eze 38 invasion of Jeruslaem called "Gog and Magog" Why? "Gog and Magog" is after the Millennium (ref Rev 20:7-8) Meshech is not Moscow; Meshech is a descendant of Japheth. Russia will amass a large ground invasion of Jerusalem from the north, through Ukraine and Damascus in order to falsely fulfill the invasion of "Gog and Magog" (17 Battalions @20,000 troops with heavy artillery moved to the border on 9 Av). Do not be fooled here! Putin is simply playing his part in the "Dialectic". Tubal is not Tobolsk. Tubal (Tubal-cain) is the Cainite Patron of Freemasonry. The NSA is teaming up with Saudi Arabia; Moscow trains Saudi military generals; Russia arms al-Qaeda "Rebels" as does Turkey (ref Mol Comfort and Nour M) and the US. On 7/30/14 Russia inked a $Billion heavy arms deal with Iraq. Unlikely partners eh? 
                   Palestine is not the "House of Esau" (Oba 15).
      Israel (Star of Molech is not the Star of David) began the attack on Palestine (Hamas) on 7/7/2014; leading both sides are 33Luciferian Freemasons. Gaza has no Water, no Electricity, no Sanitation, no Food, 500,000 homeless, Hospitals and Morgues full and the Aphrodite and Leviathan Oil and Gas Fields just offshore. And the US supplies weapons to Israel reducing Gaza to "Stubble" why? 
    The real "House of Esau"? Jordan, led by, you guessed it, a 330 Freemason KIng Abdullah (Servant of Allah=Lucifer) II . Good acting eh? 2+1+4=7 "777" is the sum of the 9 Chambered path of the Flaming Sword "Shekinah" down the Kaballah "Tree of Life". Shekinah is the "Feminine Spirit of God" in Kaballah. 9 is the number of Supreme Judgment. Israel began the ground assault on Palestine on 7/17/2014, the same day both houses of the US Congress (Congredi=Meet for War) introduced S498 and H657 declaring unwavering support for Israel and the Star of Molech; what a surprise, both the House and Senate unanimously passed the bills on Eid al Fitr (Break Fast of Ramadan). Still think the US Government doesn't worship Molech/Saturn/Lucifer? MH-17, a B-777 was allegedly shot down with a Buk Missile by Kievan Rus aka Aryan Nazis or Sarmations; take your pick. M=13; H=8. 13/8=1.618 aka "Golden Mean" or "Ratio of Life". Buk means Book and/or Beech Tree, the Goddess Tree. 17 is called the "Admirable Sacrament"; the Tarot associated with the Chaldean Star aka STUR, the Star of Molech and Chiun. So who is the Admirable Sacrament? Amurru, the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god of course! Proud to be an American? Feel like a Patriot (Fellow Countryman)? Nazis did too. So, what is the real "House of Esau? The physical "House" would be modern day Jordan (Idumea), but the New Covenant is spiritual not physical. The spiritual "House of Esau" is the entire Earth. Read Gen 27:40KJV; the word "Dominion" means "Sovereign authority to rule"; Who? Jacob. Followers of JESUS are part of Jacob's "House" and are in "Diaspora", scattered all over the Earth. Esau will be given the "Sovereign authority to rule the Earth" (Dan 7:6) and he will hand that authority over to Lucifer (Dan 7:7).  At the 7th Trumpet (Last Day) Warning followers of JESUS will be removed from the Earth and JESUS will arrive; nobody will remain in the "House of Esau" anywhere on Earth. People who willingly sell or sold their Birthright and Blasphemed the Holy Ghost will await Judgment for the next 1000 years. This is the Unforgivable Sin. What on Earth do you expect JESUS to do? 
                             America is not "Babylon" (Rev 18) 
      Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god; Amar is the Canaanite god of the west; Ameru is the Serpent. America is in the position Babylon was: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPARHSIM. America is finished, about to be divided with the spoils split among Foreign Investors immune to US Law (ref TAP and TPP) including China, Russia and Mexico. The American Government provides a Constitution Free Zone around the border, arms and transports immigrants; renames them "Refugees"; provides EBT cards and uses tax payer revenue to pay Foster Families $7400/month. "A man's foes shall be the men of his own household" Jesus Christ Mat 10:36. Is anyone in the US Government not committing willful Treason? NO. My best guess as to the near future is Mitt Romney adviser Sherriff Joe Arpiao will finally get impeachment or outright fraud charges on Obama and Mitt will resurface to fulfill the Mormon White Horse Prophecy. Mitt has been told he is "The one mighty and strong, clothed in light who will usher in the Christ" Not Jesus folks, the Mormon Christ. Mitt's family are Romani Gypsies (Zbigniew Brzezinski is as well "Grand Chessboard" might ring a Baal) going back to the bankers for Norman King William the Conqueror in 1066 AD who were later expelled in 1290 AD. His GG Grandfather Parley Pratt chased down and murdered for adultery; his G Grandfather a fugitive of justice in Arizona who fled to Mexico (Sinaloa Cartel is related); his Grandfather an illegal immigrant from Mexico and his father an un-naturalized foreigner. Mitt lists America as a "Foreign Nation" on his IRS 1040 for this reason. The White Horse Prophecy coincides with Hopi Prophecy concerning the Red Kachina and White Brother; it is also called the "Blood in the Streets Prophecy" Sounds like fun eh? America never figures in Bible Prophecy because Americas enemies will destroy it from inside the gates. Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter/Zeus; Why? Same reason the Trans-continental railroad was joined in Salt Lake City by the Jupiter Engine. Jupiter is Jah + Pater. God is JAH/JESUS Big Difference Spiritually; the former is Lucifer.
In the movie I Am Legend you may recall Bob Marley music playing when the source of the virus is discovered; Rastafarians worship Jah as well. 
                                               Occult communication 101 
    $amartan's Purse (Luciferian Billy Graham front) and Phoenix Air Ambulance  flew the 1st perhaps Novel Ebola patient, 33 yr old Dr Kent Brantly, a Samaritan's Purse Missionary to Atlanta (Atlantis) from Liberia (Liber=Dionysus=Bacchus=Zeus=Lucifer) on Lugshnasaid. Phoenix Air operates grey painted Gulfstream and Lear Jets in support of NATO Ops; Ebola Vaccines are a NATO Op.
    In Celtic mythology, Lugh is the "Bright One with the Strong Hand"; that's Lucifer folks! Brantly walked off the ambulance and into Emory University Hospital; a miracle of God or Hoax on par with Sandy Hook "Crisis Actors"? First, Samaritans are no more "Jewish" or "Christian" than Luciferian Mason Billy  Graham or his Satanic war zone "Missionary" son Franklin; they worship Zeus/Anu aka Lucifer. 
     Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis=Synthesis. Scare the Hell out of people with an Ebola Pandemic (Thesis); offer Vaccines as the solution (Antithesis) and out comes the Synthesis; the real goal of the Dialectic; Self Sacrifice This is just my opinion from watching the story on the news like everyone else, but the entire story is total BS loaded with occult symbology.
    Akkadia        Samaritan's Purse Missionary
Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were allegedly infected with Ebola and given either "Blood of a 14yr old survivor" or an "Experimental Serum" created by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals. From Liberia (Bacchus/Dionysus), Dr Brantly and presumably Ebola first arrived in America at the site where Light first strikes America, at Acadia National Park (Bangor Airport) in Maine. Accadians are "They" who came from the East (Lucifer is the rising Sun) to build the Tower of Babel (Gate of El, On, Osiris, Allah, Lucifer) in Babylon; a scene right out of the movie Scorpion King? Sodomite Scientologist Tom Cruise chased after a Vaccine called the Chimera in Mission Impossible 3. Why go that far out of the way to bring an Ebola patient to Atlanta (Atlantis)? I
   Priests of On (Heliopolis) set up the Ben-ben Stone, a Pyramidion in the East to collect the first rays of the Rising Sun in the East. The Phoenix Bird (Phoenix Force and Air Ambulance use this logo) connected Egypt to Arabia across the Red Sea, self immolating itself in flames to regenerate. Notice this same Pyramidion (Capstone) is the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer on the $US. The Ben-ben is about to find its resting place. Now, we can understand why transportation occurred on Lughnasaid, the same day Israel began the "Hannibal Protocol". Why name this after a Carthaginian (Phoenician/Canaanite) Sodomite who coerced Rome to Scorch, Salt and piss the ashes of North Africa? 
     Lugh was a Celtic son of the Tuatha de Danaan ie Offspring of Zeus (Akkadian Anu or Danu is Zeus). Zeus was the mythical King of the pre-flood Atlantis. Liber (Liberia) is Zeus; same god as Bacchus or Dionysus, the Knight Templar "Green Man". Celts settles Ireland calling it the Emerald Isle; Emerald City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road ringing a Baal here? America is the planned "New Atlantis" out of whose ashes the New World Order or Lucifer will rise as a Phoenix. Clever aren't they? We are about to understand why Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was a very, very unlikely invitee to Bilderberg 2014; all 50 State National Guards have JBAIDS Hemorrhagic fever test equipment and 1000 doctors in 1000 mobile hospitals are sworn to Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. Personally, I would watch out for the Ebola and Influenza Vaccines due out this fall. The US Air Force Logistics Command has delivered millions of Vaccines around the world already. 
     Tekmira and the FDA are fast tracking human trials of Ebola Vaccine by September. Brantly and/or Writebol were given a patented "Experimental Serum" called "ZMAPP" (Zaire Ebola Strain) produced by Mapp Pharmaceuticals in San Diego for Zaire Ebola and by an act of God he is miraculously saved and walks off the Phoenix Force Jet, like a Phoenix? Come on people, this reads like a cheap B Movie script.    
      Samaritan's Purse is the creation of 330 Luciferian Mason Billy Graham and his millionaire Satanist son Franklin.
 if you don't know what this Luciferian Wolf in Sheep's Clothes is capable of, read Billy Graham and his Friends by Cathy Burns. When Jesus sent "The Seventy" (Mormon Quorum of Seventy might ring a Baal) into Samaria to minister to the Samaritans (Canaanites pretending to be Israelite in 2 Ki 17:30), He sent them into the Wolves, giving them the only instance of what Calvinists claim is guaranteed Salvation (Unconditional Election), saying "Your names are written in heaven" Lk 10:20 Why? Samaria is the source of "Wolves in sheep's clothes" eg Luciferian Billy and Franklin Graham. Recall, last month Ann Graham Lotz prayed 7 days culminating with the "777 Prayer"? 777 is Shekinah in Kaballah. "Behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves" Lk 10:3  
     Ready for WWIII? Me either, but it's coming, Jesuits control Washington DC through Congress (Sodomite John Boehner), White House (SMOM Joe Biden), Pentagon (Chuck Hagel, SMOM Martin Dempsey), Supreme Court (Sodomite John Roberts). Jesuits control the City of London (Tavistock is the worldwide Propaganda Arm) and the Vatican (Black and White Pope + Vatican Bank). Society of Jesus? Hardly, Jesuits swear to murder all non-Jesuits whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim anywhere on earth. WWIII will pit Zionism versus Islam until physical, economic and moral exhaustion causes the world to accept the doctrine of Lucifer. The playbook of Sodomite Freemason Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini was written by Jesuit Fr Pierre-Jean De Smet, also the power behind Mormon Freemason, Witch Prophet Brigham Young. The Doctrine of Lucifer? Count me out! 
The Roman Catholic Church is not "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..."  (Rev 17)
      Jesuits are modern day Templars "Wolves in sheep's clothing". Jesuit Pope Francis I (Franks=France=Free) appointed Jesuit Jean-Baptiste de Franssu head of the Vatican (Divine Serpent) Bank. John the Baptist (Jesus said John was the greatest of the Old Covenant but less than anyone in the New Covenant; it's why Johnitters worship the figure of St John over Jesus) of France ringing a Baal here?  Pope Clement V and French King Phillip forced Templars to hand over assets to Hospitallers aka Knights of St John or Johnniters.  Johnniters are Gnostics who originated from Simon Magus, the founder of the Samaritans. The last Templar Grand Master Jacques deMolay was executed in 1314 in Paris at Pont Neuf “New Bridge” saying “In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again”
   Franssu is  CEO of Tages Capital which manages funds for the Bank of Italy; Rothschild (Red Shield=Edomite), Goldman Sachs, European Central Bank stooge Mario Draghi took over for Italian billionaire MAFIA pedophile criminal Silvio Berlusconi; a giant serpent eating a man is carved into the massive hedge at his castle. Italy is Bankrupt and Pope Francis was long ago forecast by St Malachy (Molechy) to be the last Pope.
     Tages Capital? Tages was the founder of Etruscan religion; a Divine Being who rose from a plowed field, and disappeared back onto it. "Operation Garden Plot" and "Earth Dweller" should ring a Baal here as should the movie Quarantine. Tages was the son of Genius (must be smart eh?) and grandson of Tinia (Jupiter/Zeus). A long time ago eh? Congress meets for war in the Capitol "Womb of Jupiter". NASA puts out a dizzying barrage of BS including Alien Bases on the Moon and Mars; Water on Mars; Alien UFO's around space missions; all Etruscan Origin. 
    An early Christian wrote "Etruria is the originator and mother of all superstition". Etruscans established the Priestly Caste of Augures (Inauguration, Augury and Augureye ringing a Baal here?) and Haruspex (observers/inspectors of Livers). Together, they established the office of Caesar (Tsar or Czar of today) as they did before with the office of Pharaoh in Egypt. The Conical Hat (Witchcraft) and Crooked Staff are familiar symbols of Rome's founders, the Etruscans. Vatican means “Divine Serpent”; Etruscan religion is called the “Science of Soothsayers”; the original Babylonian religion described in Eze 21:21  "The King of Babylon made his arrows bright...looked at the liver". Prometheus (Fore Thinker) chained and having his Liver eaten over and over by the Eagle (Zeus) might ring a Baal here; Prometheus broke free at Sochi (Flame). Pooty Poot is right, War is coming; in Rome, Tages appeared at "Plow Time". Etruscan religion encompasses Science (Heliocentric, Evolution, Big Bang and Gravity Theories are examples). Etruscan religion encompasses Medicine; hence the Caduceus "Staff of Mercury" and Theology or Theosophy (God Philosophy). Jesuit, Templar, Samaritan and Etruscan religion are one in the same because Jesuits are modern day Etruscans. The symbol of Communist Russia was the Red Hammer and Sickle; originally a Hammer and Plow. The symbol represents crating "Heaven on Earth" according to the Hermetic Axiom. "As Above, So Below" is the essence of Etruscan Religion.
Hold on to you’re your conical hats people it's Plow Time and the Soothsayers will soon be examining America's entrails!
     The confederacy is listed in Ps 83; All sides want and have planned WWIII; Mohmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ayathollah ali Sistani, Ayathollah ali Khameini, King Abdullah and King Addullah II to name a few are all listed in Ps 83, written 3000 years ago. Edom? Read Obadiah, Edom is inside the Gates of Israel; we call them Talmudic Jews, but they are anything but Jewish. Assyria? Look in the mirror folks, America is the modern day Assyria and its HQ is Chicago. One need only look to the Ukraine government to find Sargon III (Sargon=Sarmation=Aryan=Nazi). WWIII however will be quite different, especially in America.
      Man-Made Disease, Radiation and Weather are here. Why would the US give the Ismaili dictatorship of Abu Dhabi direct flights to NY, Chicago, Washington DC, LA and Dallas that by-pass Customs in the US? Is it coincidence that all 5 of 18 total are CDC Quarantine Centers? Why did 2 Trident Security Guards suddenly die guarding Bio-hazard cargo in Abu Dhabi? Why on earth would corpses and blood packets end up on MH-17? Jesus calls it Pestilence. Queen Elizabeth II holds patents (UK Defence Virus Portfolio) on the antibodies used in the "Experimental Serum" for Zaire Ebola; her husband Prince Phillip stated his desire to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus". As head of the Order of the British Empire and member of the Committee of 300 "Olympians", he controls fellow Olympian and WHO Director Margaret Chan. His son Charles and grandson William control the Order of the Garter, a roundtable that controls most of the raw material wealth on earth such as Gold, Silver and Diamonds. If you haven't read Dan 11 in awhile, you need to; Lucifer will control the stores of Gold, Silver and Precious Stones Where are the Diamonds? Specifically Blood Diamonds? Zaire aka Democratic Republic of Congo. Zaire Ebola is a great way to create the genocide necessary to acquire that land.
      "Weaponized Ebola will kill 90% of the earth"-Dr Eric Pianka aka UT Austin "Monkey Man". Reston Virus aka Marburg Virus is a mutated Ebola Virus; right Eric? Folks, Aerosol transmitted Ebola is a myth on par with Evolution Theory. The media will use this lie to cause Fear and Panic, pushing people to chase after the Chimera that will kill them.  
"My Swine Flu is unstoppable"- Dr Yoshihiro Kawoaka Bio-weapons expert at U of Wisconsin and Kobe University, Tokyo Aspartame, Tamiflu and Iraq War profiteer Don Rumsfeld holds the patent on H1NI Swine Flu Vaccines. Enough of a RED FLAG? 
"A human to human transmissible disease of moderately fatal proportions will become a plague of unimaginable proportions" Dr Ron Fouchier, U of Rotterdam Virus Researcher. 

Druids hung and blood drained human sacrifices in Groves of Holy Wood
     Hollywood is Celtic/Druid/Edomite not Jewish.
If you saw the movies  Contagion or 12 Monkeys you already know a CDC engineered, worldwide plague is one flight away and in Quarantine you know the plan. In fact, MB-003 is an experimental cocktail created by USAMRIID, tested in Monkeys and distributed by "Doctors without Borders" Dawn of the Planet of the Apes making sense now? (Dawn is Lucifer). Isolation of New York City was featured in I Am Legend (I AM is Jesus by the way) and Dark Knight Rises No big deal? How about the Brooklyn Bridge being severed and carved into the portico of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC? How about White Flags of Surrender appearing on the Brooklyn Bridge to replace the American Flags in July? WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire whose boss Prince Phillip has stated his desire to be reincarnated as a "Killer Virus" pretty monstrous eh? 
    Novel means "New"; a form of disease for which human antibodies have developed no resistance. The US Army Biological Facility in Ft Detrick combined Ebola and Lassa Virus to be human to human transmissible and conducted Human Trials at the Kenema Gov't Hospital Lassa Fever Diagnostic Lab (funded by Gates Foundation) in conjunction with Tekmira, Merck, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Bristol-Myers-Squib, Pfizer and Monsanto. Doctors Without Borders then spread the disease from village to village and Samaritan's Purse and Phoenix Force transported the Ebola-Lassa hosts back to the US. Sounds like a B Horror Movie or the script from Walking Dead eh?
   More than 3 Oz of Toothpaste is too much to pass Airport Security, but fever, diarrhea and vomiting are all ok? BS! The perhaps Novel, human to human form of Ebola may have been contracted by Patrick Sawyer in Liberia; already vomiting, with diarrhea and fever, he was allowed to board 2 separate ASKY Airlines with 3 legs to Lagos, Nigeria, a city with 21 million people and direct international flights? Allowed to board flights in this condition? Not likely. On Lughnasaid a 72 year old woman boards a Gambia Bird A-319 in Sierre Leone and collapses in a pool of sweat and vomit in London. Same day, a young man "stowed away" in a AFRICOM C-130 and arrives dead in Ramstein Airbase Germany. Same day another potential Patient Zero arrives in New York City vomiting and sweating profusely? NYC held its largest "Outbreak Drill" the very next day on 9 Av (Aug 4) as ex-mayor and Knight of Malta Satanist Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is Keynote Speaker at Kenya's favorite son Barak Obama's AFRICA Business Summit. Diamonds are Big Business in Africa folks! Is it really just incompetence? 
     Obama is a title given to Luo Tribe converts to Islam in Kenya.  Obama is hosting 51 African Kleptocratic, Dictators, Oops I mean Leaders at the White House on 9 Av "Tisha B' Av" (Aug 4-6) for an African Summit; Keynote speakers are Jesuit Knight of Malta Michael Bloomberg and Luciferian DeMolay Mason Bill Clinton. You may recall AFRICOM Commander Gen Carter Ham was relieved of duty at gunpoint for ordering a Seal Team to support the 9/11 Benghazi Raid against a White House "Stand Down" order Why? AC-130 Spectre (Airborne Howitzer) and Hellfire equipped Drones were overhead for Obama, Bob Gates and Hillary's little Gun Running cover-up. Gen Robert Rodriquez took over and seems much more capable eh?  
    Disease: Let's go back and put the pieces together. Trident Security Guards in Abu Dhabi die guarding Bio-hazard cargo on the Maersk Alabama (Capt Phillips boat; Hollywood is clever eh?) that allegedly ends up on MH-370 via a Saudi Arabian airliner. BUAP allows ground controllers or AWACS to assume control over airliners like MH-370 and embedded RF Hardware Chips such as those made by Freescale Technologies (Blackstone Group owns Freescale now; read Rothschild=Edomite) allows control of most everything else aboard an airliner such as the Outflow Valve (death in minutes for pilots and flight attendants, in seconds for everyone else) and navigation computer. MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17 AMS-KUL; its cargo contained previously dead, blood drained corpses (perfect for incubating disease) and blood packets. No way this was boarded at AMS in front of the PAX Terminal which is why the Tail # of MH-17 doesn't match the wreckage site in the Ukraine. Pristine Passports? Don't think so. Was MH-17 a remotely flown drone using the MH-370 airframe? Was the Bio-hazard cargo loaded onto the aircraft and put on a train for Amsterdam which has direct international flights all over the world a dozen cities inside the US. All 50 State National Guards were recently issued JBAIDS Hemorrhagic Fever Detection Kits for Ebola. FEMA and DOD are now staffing Civilian Detention Centers in response to Patrick Sawyer traveling on ASKY Airlines to Lagos; just in 3 days since his death, some 30,000 people are considered "Suspects"; soon everyone will be "Suspect".
    The WHO (World Health Org) is beginning IFAT (Indirect Fluorescence Antibody Test) to test for Ebola. Canadian pharmaceutical company Tekmira and the US FDA are fast tracking clinical trials for an Ebola Vaccine September 2014. Tekmira is teamed up with Monsanto, the corporation most responsible for destroying the world's food supply. The Monsanto family of fake Jews profited from the Slave Trade from Liberia; Just coincidence Ebola originated and was transported back to America from there? Libera is Zeus folks! Allah is the blood thirsty god of death worshipped in Liberia as "Damballah". Novartis and the US Air Force logistics are delivering Influenza Vaccines worldwide for an anticipated (planned) Global Pandemic Fall 2014. The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act allows anyone to be classified as "Suspect" and held in Quarantine. WHO Level 6 Pandemic Protocols call for Mandatory Vaccination.  
     Ebola is a Bio-weapon created in 1976 at the US Army Biological Weapons Facility at Ft Detrick. The epicenter of the Ebola epidemic is the US Bio-weapons lab/hospital in Sierre Leone financed by the Bill Gates Foundation and George Soros (nee Grigori Schwartz, a Satanic Hungarian Gypsy). Doctors Without Borders is another Soros Foundation creation; Samaritan's Purse works directly with them and is controlled by 33Luciferian Freemason Billy and Franklin Graham, financed by Protestant and Evangelical Churches. The first transfer of Ebola patients into America is in a Gulfstream G-3 "Private" Jet (grey paint is a Phoenix Force Jet; a fuel stop at Bangor Maine was 1000 miles outside normal G-3 range; multiple stops? one does not just land Ebola carriers anywhere) from Liberia to Atlanta on Lugnasaid/Lammas (Aug 1).
    Samaritans worship Zeus, not Jesus Christ and certainly not JEHOVAH. The Dove Symbol is the Samaritan outpouring of the Spirit of Lucifer called in Kaballah "Shekinah" (Shock and Awe). Lughnash honors the Celtic god Lugh, the patron of Craftsmen and Masons, was an Evangelical "Ollam" whom Kings paid heavy tribute. "Tikkun Olam" is Hebrew for "Repair the Earth" to conditions before the fall into Sin. "Without the shedding of blood is no remission"; Ebola was engineered to shed blood like nobody's business!
   Is it rational to believe all this is simply coincidence, incompetence or bad luck? Or part of a deeply Satanic plan? A plan that Jesus warned of "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh remain" Mat 24:22 Folks, Jesus returns to "Destroy them which destroy the Earth" Rev 11:18  "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction must stick to possibilities where truth does not" Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain.   
     Radiation: " I have become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds" Luciferian Mason J Robert Oppenheimer quoting Shiva the Destroyer in the Bhagavad Gita; the original source of Just War. Fukushima sits at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates; a major earthquake here could easily affect the entire globe, especially when plutonium enhanced fission explosions begin underground; and they will. Fukushima also sits at the site of 2 intersecting Pacific Ocean currents and at the source of the Pacific Jet Stream. MOX (Uranium-Plutonium Oxide) Fuel has the consistency of flour and the unique ability to remain buoyant in the Atmosphere and in Seawater. It has taken 3 years for the never ending plume of Plutonium laced "Bucky Balls"  to reach the shores of the Americas. Barbara Marx Hubbard, a disciple of Buckminster Fuller said it best "We are the riders of the Pale Horse. Death. God creates, we decide who lives and who dies" Bluefin Tuna? 95% dead. Starfish, Sea Lions, Sardines all dead or dying; Seaweed and Plankton loaded with Radiation? 
    Weather: Sea Water was used to flood the melted Fukushima Reactors creating a plutonium filled, neutrally buoyant death plume. Seawater has a slight negative electric charge; Ionizing radiation from Cesium and Strontium strips electrons from surrounding atoms leaving a slight positive charge and an Ionized Path for Lightning; a man-made, electro-magnetically, fog of death hovers just above and below the surface of the Pacific Ocean killing everything in its path. As the atmospheric currents hit the Coastal Mountains (Created during the Flood 4320 years ago by the way; movie Noah was nicely timed eh?) from Canada to Chile, the uplift causes low pressure to saturate coastal areas with positively charged, radioactive fog; bad news? Sure, but remember, this fog is unique in that it supercharges electrical storms; the results just witnessed July 2014 in Los Angeles.  the Hollywood (Druid Holy Wood) movie Into the Storm will be released; nice timing eh?
    Aztlan is the Jesuit re-conquest of the SW United States. The AF Weather Agency  with Evergreen Int'l, HAARP etc,  is involved with Weather Modification aka Geo-engineering creating the "RRR" "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" of High Pressure over the Western Pacific guiding Jet Streams north of the Sierras. 2/3 of California produces 25% of food in the US and is in Exceptional Drought with the UN International Migration and Development Chairman Peter Sutherland (Bilderberg Steering Committee, Tri-lateral Commission) and his paid mouthpieces claiming "In the past, people had to migrate out of drought. Californians will need to do the same" Weather Modification worked well in the 1930's creating the "Dust Bowl" with people fleeing the largest oil deposits in the US, so why not California? An Inconvenient Truth isn't it? Why? The solution to human caused "Climate Change" is to stop the Human Virus from cutting trees for houses; burning oil for transportation and heat; eating meat whose by-product is Methane; breathing out COand farting out Methane. Even Mass Murderers need to sleep at night. The plan is in Stone at the Georgia Guide Stones and in writing from the UN Rio Earth Summit and Agenda 21. Which 500 million humans will be allowed to live? Initiated Luciferians.
     Jesus promises "Liberty to the Captives" and only the Truth shall set up Free" Jesus is the "Way, Truth and the Life"; nobody gets to the Father except by Him.
   I'm well aware of how hard it is to accept the truth when lies bombard us from every direction. The Earth is coming up fast on 6000 years of age and Jesus will return as promised (2 Pet 3:8) when it is; not one moment sooner. The Pale Horse "Death" is riding now with many people on its back; the CFR even has it on the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine. Edomite "Dominion" is next up (Dan 7:6) and Lucifer is next (Dan 7:7). We will either be in a one on one relationship with JESUS or spend eternity in Hell. Those are the options and Hell on Earth is about to begin. "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" UN Planetary Initiative
                                            Timing: 9 Av (Aug 4)
40 years in the Wilderness of Sin began on 9 Av 1492BC
Solomon's Temple was destroyed on 9Av 585 BC
Herod's Temple was destroyed on 9 Av 70 AD
False Messiah Simon Bar Kochba led a revolt in which 500K real Jews were massacred on 9 Av 135 AD Hadrian re-dedicated Jerusalem Zeus Capitolina on 9 Av; Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt"
Knights Templar (Bankers) begin the 1st Crusade on 9 Av 1096
King Edward I expels fake Jews (Bankers) on 9 Av 1290. Exactly 700 years to the day later, Satanist George Bush Sr begins the Gulf Wars
Alhambra Decree expels fake Jews from Spain on 9 Av 1492
Hitler (an illegitimate Rothschild/Edomite) begins the Holocaust (Burnt Offering) with a fire sacrifice of 100K real Jews in Warsaw on 9 Av 1942 

                           Malaysia Flt  MH-17: The Admirable Sacrament 
      The "Investigators" who falsely blamed Muammar Qadaffi for the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie are now in charge of blaming Putin for MH-17, and why not, we had similar impartial investigations of JFK, KA-007, TWA-800, 9/11, AP Murrah Bldg, MH-370.
    "I frequently tramped 8 to 10 miles through deepest snow to keep an appointment with a Beech Tree, Yellow Birch or an old acquaintance among the pines" Henry David Thoreau
  Alfred Lord Tennyson referred to the Beech Tree as the "Serpent rooted Tree"
     Buk means "Beech Tree", the so-called "Queen Tree" or "Goddess Tree" is the Holy Tree of Gnosticism. The Word of God calls this the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" in whose Branches resides the Serpent. Beech Trees work in concert with the "King Oak" in Shamanism. Buk represents Hermes, Toth, Odin, Cronus and is called the "Green Man Tree". 2014 is 700 years after Jacque DeMolay was executed "Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again" Ringing a Baal here? The Laurel is the Crown of the Green Man.
     Astrologically, Arcturas (King Arthur=Arth=Branch) guards the Bear (Ursa Major=Big Dipper) whose ladle aims at Polaris (Pole Star). Draco (Serpent) forms the roots of the Tree originating in Heaven and extending to Earth. "As above. So below" might ring a Baal here. Essentially it is a mirror opposite of the Tree of Life. 
    Beech represents the Death and end of Something. In this case the end of America and the Age of Grace in my opinion. Amurru (America) is the Serpent god of Edom; Malyasia is an Edomite dictatorship.
     The Beech Tree symbolizes the accrued wisdom of every other Tree. It symbolizes the Word as Sanskrit characters were said to have been written on Beech Bark. Beech is the sum of Learning and Wisdom. Beech is the ultimate Ritual Tree under whose branches prayers are said to go straight to Heaven, for Goddess worshippers that is. Beech Trees represent the discovery of lost wisdom and the alignment of the individual with its "Higher Self"; Illumination should ring a Baal here. Druid means "Knowers of Trees". Gnostics think they are so clever eh?  Buk means Beech or "Book" as Boc means Letter or Character.
    Was MH-17 shot down by a Buk Missile? Not only no, but Hell no!
  • MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17 AMS-KUL
  • MH-17 (Tail Number 9M-MRD on 7/17) does not match the tail number or window configuration of wreckage found at the incident site (9M MRC)
  • MH-370 was 9M MRO; a photo of the alleged MH-17 at AMS shows RC on the nose. An easy change? A B-777 Drone (BUAP Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot is fully capable of this) full of corpses waiting to takeoff for KUL? 
  • Ukraine military and a Dutch Doctor confirmed dozens of blood drained corpses and countless blood packets were found in the wreckage. Loaded at the PAX Terminal at AMS? No Way.
  • IMF Director Christiane LaGarde highlighted 2014 being the anniversary of Bretton Woods and the "Magic Number 7" in a speech to the National Press Club; 7/17  is the anniversary day.
    MH-17 was a Satanic Ritual held in plane sight by multiple nations. Time to Wake Up folks! You can choose the Lamb's Book of Life or Satan's Beech Tree, but not both. Rabbis will be inscribing names of the Congregation in their "Books" which are G--D's books by the way; on Kol Nidre (All Vows), the night beginning Yom Kippur "Atonement"; you had better pray to JESUS your Name is not written in those "Books"!
    "There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one" 1 Jn 5:7KJV  
   "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us" Jn 1:14
   "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" Jn 1:1
Son of a Beech Tree? I don't think so! Get right with JESUS, the Word made Flesh or go straight to Hell. Those are the choices folks!

                                         MH-17: Nailed to the Arcadian Beech Tree
  • There is absolutely no possible way Cargo Handlers at Amsterdam Airport could or would load corpses and blood packets onto a Civilian Airliner.
  • Pilots would not fly an aircraft with that type of cargo; ICAO and IATA do not allow that type of cargo on board. MH-17 could not have been a regular Commercial Flight which is why MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17. Odd? Flt 11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001 and look what happened.
  • US-NATO Electronic Warfare Exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 culminated July 17; A US Spy Satellite was part of the exercise and over Donetsk during the incident.
  • MH-17 diverted from its flight planned route and ordered to descend from 35,000 to 33,000ft; a Ukraine Su-25 fighter flew 1-2 miles behind MH-17 at 33,000 ft armed with  R-60 Air to Air missiles. The flight track abruptly turns left 1800 and slows. Witnesses and video footage shows MH-17 descending with Rt Engine Fire consistent with this type of attack.  Kiev officials stated "No military aircraft were in the region"
  • If the Rt Engine caught fire, without doubt, the pilots would have sent a Distress Call over voice, transponder, ACARS and FMC (Flight Management Computer). One does not "Confiscate" all this information. Where is it?
  • British investigator Stewart John "Everything on the Black Boxes is absolutely useless"; like the Engine Data constantly streaming to Rolls Royce in Britain; which also happened during MH-370? Why are NATO countries Britain (CVR, FDR) and Netherlands (Bodies) in charge of forensic evidence; Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission may ring a Baal here. 
  • Ukraine Security Services and the US CIA occupy the same building and floor in Kiev. Hello!
    Did Russia do it? Did Kiev-US-NATO do it? Yes and Yes. Russia sends arms to "Rebels" (ref Russian ships Mol Comfort and Nour M) as does the US. Saudi Arabia finances "Rebels" and Moscow trains their military brass. The US supplies weapons (Saddam Hussein's US-NATO made WMD's transferred in 2003) to the Assad regime in Damascus and to "Mercenaries" now re-named "Friends of Syria" aka ISIS, al-Qaeda.
    The Trojan Horse was not loaded with soldiers; it was loaded with decaying corpses and brought voluntarily into the walls of Troy; the resulting destruction of Troy is legendary. MH-17 may be the modern day Trojan Horse and the Death Train.
    On the 70th anniversary of the "Bretton Woods" Gold Agreement, BRICS formed a New World Order Bank, Israel invaded Gaza and MH-17 stole the headlines. MH-17 will force airliners to install "Flight Guard" @ $1M/commercial jet X 10,000 Jets; Chaff, Flares, ECM work on unsophisticated IR missiles, not on Radar guided missiles like Buc.  $50,000 Cockpit Doors from 9/11; $70,000 Fuel Pumps from TWA-800 seem like chump change. Money shines through as a prime motivator.  A 17 yr old to the day B-777 allegedly crashes with a cargo hold full of decomposing corpses and blood samples with 108 epidemiologists, AIDS, Influenza and WHO Ebola Bio-weapon Virologist Stephen Becker heading for a UN AIDS Conference in Oz. The incident even matches the script for the 2012 season opener of the BBC series Sherlock "A scandal in Belgravia" Who could think of loading dead corpses onto an airliner to create "Order out of Chaos" ? WHO is the UN; WHO Director Margaret Chan works for Order of the British (B'Rith=Birthright=Cain-Ishmael-Esau) Empire head Prince Phillip; his stated desire is to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus". The number 17 is the number of ill omen for Italy called the "Admirable Sacrament". What's the big plan? 
  • The Roman Catholic Church is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." (Rev 17)
  • America is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for "Babylon" (Rev 18)
  • Palestine is being destroyed as the Scapegoat for the "House of Esau" (Obadiah).
  • Russia will be the Scapegoat for "Gog" (Eze 38:1; Rev 20:8); Kiev is home to Kievan Rus if your Bible has Rus or Rosh in Eze 38; go get an Authorized Bible; it doesn't belong there. Russia is not Rus or Rosh. Don't fall for these Lies!
    Germany, Turkey and Switzerland are joining BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to destroy the Twin Pillars of the world economy, the IMF and World Bank.  Bankers planned and control both sides of WWIII. Odd? Hardly, Stalin (also 33 degree Mason and Jesuit Knight) and Hitler (Jesuit) were Theosophical Society Initiates, so are Hitler's daughter Angela and Stalin protege' Vladimir as well as John Kerry. Truth is a bit hard to come by!
    BRICS are the new Bricks in the Chaldean Tower of Babel destroying the World Reserve Currency, the $US.  On 7/17 the BRICS Development Bank was created to handle the shift away from the $US. 7/17 is the anniversary of Catherine the Great murdering her husband Peter III to become Empress of Russia. 7/17 is the anniversary of the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and the Romanov family by Wall St henchmen Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Lenin. 7/17 is the anniversary of 33 degree Masons Churchill, Stalin and Truman carving up Europe at the Potsdam Conference; FDR didn't have the heart for Atomic Bombing of civilians so he was murdered; Truman had no such qualms. BRICS originated in Yekaterinburg, Russia named after Peter the Great's wife Ekaterina? Hardly, Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent up emotion") and Catharine meaning "Pure", "Hecate" (Goddess of Witchcraft) and "Torture" more like.
    In Mathematics 7/17/1717 is called the "Day of the Yellow Pigs"; the number 17 denotes an initiate who has succeeded at his "Inner Marriage" aka Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. The Swine Herd Jesus allowed the demons called "Legion" to inhabit might ring a Baal here.
     On 7/17 the UN AIDS conference was discussing progress on a Swine Flu Pandemic and the DOD ordering the Def Logistic Agency to acquire and distribute massive quantities of Novartis (Swiss) and BioCSL (Australia) Swine Flu Vaccine worldwide by Aug 29, 2014.
7/17, MH-17 was a 17 year old B-777, allegedly carrying 108 AIDS, Swine and Avian Flu and Ebola experts heading to Melbourne aka Oz. 77 is Oz; Aleister Crowley's "Sabbath Goat on the Altar"             
UN AIDS Conference, BRICS, Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza and MH-17 all on 7/17? MH-17 is likely just another Edomite media diversion. Here's Why.
  • On the 65th anniversary of NATO, electronic warfare exercises SEA BREEZE 2014 (Radar jamming AWACS was also involved with MH-370 "disappearing" from radar) and Rapid Trident II were in progress.
  •  shows MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17.
  • Ukraine separatists allegedly posted a video about the crash to Youtube the day before.
  • MH-17 disappeared from Radar over Germany; and changed course over Poland; the same thing happened on 9/11 when remote flown A/C replaced the commercial flights. 
  • Dozens of long dead, blood drained, decomposing corpses and blood packets were found at the incident site; hardly routine cargo for civilian airliners. On 7/21 the perhaps deadly cargo began its return to the Netherlands. Stupid? Or an un-imaginably Satanic plan?
  •  Ukraine Security Service allegedly stormed Borispol Tower and allegedly confiscated Kiev Air Traffic Control tapes;  BS!  ARTCC is not in the Tower nor in control of Class A airspace; nice try.
  • Where are voice recorder, engine data, radar data, navigation data, ACARS data and Position reports? They would be immediately available.
  •  A Ukraine Su-25 shadowed MH-17 on its northward flight path deviation after falling off civilian radar in Germany; the deviation began in Poland; previous flights went south of the war zone in E Ukraine. The US says no fighter, but with SEA BREEZE 2014 in progress, rest assured they know.
  • Video footage   allegedly shows MH-17 descending with its right engine on fire; if authentic, an air to air IR missile may have taken it out by that same Su-25. One thing is certain; it was definitely not a Buk SAM. 
  • A US Spy Satellite was part of SEA BREEZE 2014 and over the area; where are the photos?
  • Was MH-17 shot down using a Russian Buk Surface to Air Missile? NO! Operating a Buk Missile system requires radar guidance and transponder interrogation; with flight intercept, this involves many people including likely German or Polish ARTCC; not something "Rebels" could pull off, and there are no shrapnel marks on fuselage parts.  Inflight disintegration from Buk Missile shrapnel would result; intact bodies and pristine Passports at the crash site? Not likely. The passports shown were not only pristine, but new with no Visas or Stamps; some were punched and clipped, indicating they were expired or otherwise unfit for travel. 
  • On 7/21 the bodies and blood drained cadavers were sent by train on a 17 Hr ride to Kharkiv and from there to the Netherlands; great idea if spreading disease is the goal. The reasonable thing to do is incinerate the potentially deadly cargo. The "Death Train"  arrived in Europe on 7/23.
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders also turned in to ICAO on 7/21; if right engine is on fire, it was not a Buk Missile; it was a US-NATO-Poroshenko "False Flag" operation. 
    Was there even a missile attack on a commercial airliner at all? Or was the attack carried out on a B-777 Drone? On 9/11 remotely flown "Drone" aircraft swapped transponder codes with airliners; was this done again?  Crisis Actors in Sandy Hook and Chinese mourners in Beijing holding signs in English within an hour of MH-370 failing to arrive are strange to say the least. AWACS has the capability to remotely take over commercial airliners with the Boeing Un-interruptible Auto-Pilot, and AWACS was in the area with the express mission of "monitoring civilian air traffic".
     Kiev is a US proxy managed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski detailed in "The Grand Chessboard" Putin (lifelong KGB=CIA) and Russia are the voluntary Scapegoats. Recall Putin sends arms to both sides as does the US (ref Turkish Ships Mour M and Mol Comfort; Kerry was waiting for the Russian ships with "Friends of Syria") NATO wants War; Supreme Allied Commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason and MH-17 might just give it to them.  
     Malaysia is a Rothschild (Red=Edom Shield) controlled, Edomite (Hashemite) dictatorship just like Israel and Britain (B'Rith=Birthright); yes I know you think Israel is Jewish; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Chaldean not Jewish. Kuala Lumpur is home to the War Crimes Commission which has convicted Israel, Britain and the US of war crimes relating to the Gulf Wars. MH-17 took off from Schipol Airport 100% dominated by Israeli Security firm ICTS. MH-17 allegedly had a cargo hold full of decomposing, blood drained corpses and countless packets of blood. Airport Security allowing decomposing corpses and blood aboard an airliner? A flagrant violation of International Law; Don't think so. Viruses stored in semi-dry flesh? The work of Bio-weapons experts.
      MH-370 also had a Bio-hazard cargo aboard; 2 Trident (Operation Trident II ringing a Baal?) Bio-security guards were murdered guarding it in Abu Dhabi which is just now operating Customs pre-clearance direct flights into America. Obama celebrated Ramadan in the White House on 7/14 with United Arab Emirates and Saudi leaders; pretty coincidental eh?  Dr Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center near Amsterdam works Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka Major Horatio Ishi and Unit #731 should ring a Baal here; WHO is the modern day Unit #731. "Weaponized Killer Viruses like Ebola, Swine Flu and Avian Flu were designed to kill 90% of the world's population"   108 Virologists with advance knowledge of an upcoming UN sponsored Ebola/Flu Pandemic? How many people have become infected and are now infecting others from decomposing corpses and aerosol blood at the MH-17 accident scene? The US ordered massive quantities of Swine Flu Vaccines, deliverable by Aug 29, 2014 and all 50 states have JBAIDS testing equipment and 1000 mobile hospitals ready. Good preparation eh? Why the Ukraine? Kawoaka bragged "My new Swine Flu virus is Unstoppable". Fouchier bragged "A human to human transmissible virus, even moderately fatal, will become a plague of unimaginable proportions" 
     Ukraine is home to exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings.  Sar means Prince. Satan is the Prince. Ukraine uses the Trident symbol; Trident means 3 Teeth of the Bear in Dan 7:5. Russian Bear? Hardly, Ukraine and Crimea are "Arcadia"; Arcas means Bear. Russia working with Britain odd? Hardly, King Arthur (Mythical King of Britons) is the "Bear Guard". Isn't occult communication fun? Priests of the Prince "Satan" are the Chaldean Priest builders of the Tower of Babel; Noble Caste "Aryans" if you prefer who are exiled in Ukraine. Aryan means Iran; In Farsi Obama means "He is with us". Forget the Khazar Jew BS and get right with JESUS folks! 
      Schipol Airport was made famous by Christmas Bomber Farouk Abudulmutallib (story was complete BS; he shares the name with Muhammad's Hashemite Quyraish Tribe uncle; hilarious isn't it? Hashemites are Edomites; Quyraish are the Rebel Priests from Moses' day God swallowed up in the Earth) and the debut of $Trillion worth of Full Body Image Scanners and Back Scatter X-Ray machines ($250,000/machine) at 49,000 commercial airports, each needing one to dozens of machines; another $Trillion lie promoted by American-Israeli Michael Chertoff and Sodomite Janet Napolitano aka FEMA District #10 chief. The 18th anniversary of TWA-800 was also 7/17, the downing of that aircraft resulted in unnecessary replacement of Fuel Boost Pumps in thousands of commercial aircraft @ $70,000 per pump; each aircraft has between 6 and 10 pumps so do the math and it's another $Trillion lie. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh supplied security on 9/11/2001 at Boston and Washington Dulles Airport; add another $50,000 for each Cockpit Door for every commercial airliner because of Arab hijackers with box cutters BULLSHIT!  Money shines through as the prime motivator. MH-17 will facilitate aircraft the Israeli "Flight Guard" missile defense system installed (chaff/flares) as Israel's El Al Airlines uses. Money folks, follow the Money.  
     Where is Obama? In addition to closing on a $4.5M mansion in Rancho Mirage CA, on 7/14 Obama hosted an Iftar (Break Fast) Ramadan Dinner at the White House with "Muslim" leaders who listened to his praise of Israel and to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer (Neocon shill tied to Bush family, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson) justifying Israel's wholesale slaughter of Palestine with DIME, White Phosphorous and Flechette Munitions all designed to maim and torture.   WTF Over?  Think these guys are Jewish or Muslim? Guess Again; their Satanists. 
    Indonesia illegally annexed E Timor on 7/17
after the CIA coup that installed Suharto left 2 million dead; AF 1 with Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld lifted off as the first shots were fired. Lolo Soetoro a Colonel under Suharto and Barry Soetoro (Obama) a Madrassa schooled Indonesian passport holding citizen trained as Mujaheddin "Warrior of Allah". Obama has no US Passport, no US Citizenship, no valid Social Security Card and was never sworn to defend the Constitution so don't blame him; he's doing his job quite well! 
    The 7th Prime Number 17 is the number of the Holy Spirit; number of the "Son of Man"; 10 Commandments written in 17 verses; number of the Karmic evolution of the Cosmos; Man participating on the Celestial and Terrestrial planes; junction between the Spiritual and Material Worlds; Sufi mystics use 17 for the World in Balance; 17 companions of Ali; 17 nations at Pentecost and the ominous number in Italy equivalent with 13 in the West meaning "I Lived; therefore I am Dead". This is why the Grand Lodge of England adopted Speculative Masonry in 1717; the White House is on 17th St and the last staged Apollo mission was 17. Obadiah is Book #17; the shortest book was written by Jesus declaring the annihilation of the House of Esau.
The Old covenant is the 7th contract between God and Man + the 10 nations of the confederacy against God in Psalm 83:6-9. The Covenant with Abram and Isaac is described in Gen 17; Amalek wars with Israel in the Wilderness of Sin in Ex 17; Aarons Rod buds in Num 17, Offerings to the LORD must be perfect in Deut 17 and "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." is described in Rev 17 for a reason. The Roman number of ill omen is 17 and the Scapegoat for Rev 17 is the Roman Catholic Church, like America and Palestine they are about to be destroyed in preparation for the coming false Messiah. The number 17 is called the "Admirable Sacrament".  "And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire and used divination and enchantments and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger" 2 Ki 17:17 Amurru Khan (American) is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd about to be Admirably Sacrificed. MH-17: M=13 H=8 (He is Jesus' title  meaning "God is with me"; Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah. 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life". Life through an Admirable Sacrament making sense now? Now how does the Edomite Malaysia MH-17 look? 
                                         The NSA is the new Temple of Set
       Osiris was martyred by Set and set adrift on 17 Athyr; Egyptians believed the date aligns with the 17th day of the 2nd Month when Noah's Ark was set adrift. In Tarot, Card #17 "Star" refers to Chaldean STUR aka Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Milcom, and Chemosh. that Star on the flag of Israel is not Jewish in the slightest. Temple of Set founder NSA Gen Michael Aquino making sense now? NSA Spy Facility in the Beehive State aka Zion making sense now?  Bee in Chaldee means Word. I know, I know, Sun of a Beech! Folks, we've been Stung by WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and BEES; now get out from under the Beech Tree and believe the Word God wrote 6000 years ago! 

        Independence from God  Updated MH-17 False Flag/Hoax
     Edomites are under the "Yoke" of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV); when Esau obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign Authority to Rule), their "New World Order" (Novus Ordo Seclorum=New Secular Order) based on Freedom and Liberty from God will be 3 1/2 years of Hell on Earth for those of us who choose not to reject God.
       "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" is the Masonic motto for instigating Revolutions since 1776 means Liberty (Liber is Bacchus, Dionysus, Templar "Green Man" aka Lucifer) from God, Equality with God and Fraternity among like minded Gnostics who believe they can become Gods. "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world" Jesus Christ (Jn 9:5). Jesus was rejected in Flesh and JESUS is about to be rejected in Spirit; the "New Light" is Lucifer. Without the Holy Ghost, the only option on the table is becoming an "Earth Dweller" and membership in this "New World Order" requires "Luciferian Initiation" and the "Mark of the Beast".
      ISIS "Throne or Lap of Antichrist" (Black Virgin if you prefer) are threatening Embassies worldwide; 1500 APC's and 52 Howitzers added to the arsenal 7/14. The US trained ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at Camp Bucca in Umm Qasr, Iraq, now called "Basra Gateway" (Basra or Bozrah means "Edom's Sheepfold"). Those familiar with George Orwell's book 1984 will recognize the character Immanuel Goldstein (character based on Leon Trotsky nee Lev Bronstein), head of the "Brotherhood"; Muslim Brotherhood ringing a Baal here? A state of perpetual war where Truth is Propaganda; Peace is War; Love is Torture and Plenty is Starvation. Jesus pronounced "Woe" to those who replace Good for Evil. Abu Bakr and ISIS are just another iteration of Abu Nidal, Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. All the world is a stage, and none better than the Stanley Kubrick and a host of 33 degree Luciferian Masons faking Apollo 11, 45 years ago.
     Daniel received his vision in Dan 8 from Jesus and Angel Gabriel 2700 years ago near Basra aka "Hwy of Death" during Gulf War I. Obama celebrated Ramadan at the White House with fake Muslim and fake Jewish leaders from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Israel at the White House. Muhammad also had an alleged visit from Angel Gabriel during Ramadan in 610 AD when the Quran was revealed. Quran or the Word of God? You decide, but I would decide fast because Daniel got sick and fainted hearing what is about to happen (Ref Dan 8). al Baghdadi gave a sermon in Kabul on the day Iraqi forces claim they killed him in Qaim; all Gnostic BS! The US State Dept prepared in advance by purchasing (Solicitation Orders FY14-GC-272 thru 282) large quantities of C-4 Shape Charges, Liquid explosives, Blasting Caps, Fuse Igniters etc for shipment to Embassies worldwide via Diplomatic Pouch Mail, not subject to TSA, BATFE, Customs or Postal inspection; sounds like a repeat of bin Laden and the Kenyan Embassy bombing eh? Heading this operation is Sec of State John Kerry (Samaritan Kohen), a Molech worshiping Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) as well as a Jesuit beholden to the Black Pope, Luciferian Freemason, Knight of Malta and Bohemian Grove initiate. Where is John? At Bohemian Grove of course!
                         Malaysia Flt  MH-17: Modern Day Trojan Horse 
     Cargo Handlers at Amsterdam loaded dozens of blood drained corpses and blood packets onto MH-17; passengers boarded; pilots said nothing about the illegal cargo and first responders were never warned? BS! The Trojan Horse was not loaded with soldiers; it was loaded with decaying corpses and brought voluntarily into the walls of Troy; the resulting destruction is legendary. MH-17 may be the modern day Trojan Horse and the Death Train arrived in the Netherlands on 7/23. So what happened? No way Cargo handlers at AMS would load corpses and tainted blood onto a commercial airliner. MH 17 was likely a Remote Flown B-777 (GA Telesis aircraft from Tel Aviv?), intentionally flown over Eastern Ukraine and shot down by NATO using a Russian SU-25. It's plague riddled cargo sent by train to Europe. Far fetched? 9/11/2001 and MH-370 were the same act.
      On the 70th anniversary of the "Bretton Woods" Gold Agreement, BRICS formed a New World Order Bank, Israel invaded Gaza and MH-17 stole the headlines. MH-17 will force airliners to install "Flight Guard" @ $1M/commercial jet; Chaff, Flares, ECM work on unsophisticated MANPAD IR missiles, not on Radar guided missiles like Buc.  $50,000 Cockpit Doors from 9/11; $70,000 Fuel Pumps from TWA-800 seem like chump change. Money shines through as a prime motivator.  A 17 yr old to the day B-777 allegedly crashes with a cargo hold full of decomposing corpses and blood samples with 108 epidemiologists, AIDS, Influenza and WHO Ebola Bio-weapon Virologist Stephen Becker heading for a UN AIDS Conference in Oz. The incident even matches the script for the 2012 season opener of the BBC series Sherlock "A scandal in Belgravia" Who would load dead corpses onto an Airliner/Drone to create "Order out of Chaos" ? WHO=UN=NATO; WHO Director Margaret Chan works for Order of the British (B'Rith=Birthright=Cain-Ishmael-Esau) Empire head Prince Phillip; his stated desire is to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus". The number 17 is the number of ill omen for Italy called the "Admirable Sacrament". What's the big plan? 
  • The Roman Catholic Church is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." (Rev 17)
  • America is being destroyed as a Scapegoat for "Babylon" (Rev 18)
  • Palestine is being destroyed as the Scapegoat for the "House of Esau" (Obadiah).
  • Russia will be the Scapegoat for "Gog" (Eze 38:1; Rev 20:8); Don't fall for these Lies!
    BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) will destroy the Twin Pillars of the world economy, the IMF and World Bank; Bankers planned and control both sides of WWIII. Brics are the new Bricks in the Chaldean Tower of Babel destroying the World Reserve Currency, the $US.  On 7/17 the BRICS Development Bank was created to handle the shift away from the $US. 7/17 is the anniversary of Catherine the Great murdering her husband Peter III to become Empress of Russia. 7/17 is the anniversary of the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and the Romanov family by Wall St henchmen Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Lenin. 7/17 is the anniversary of 33 degree Masons Churchill, Stalin and Truman carving up Europe at the Potsdam Conference; FDR didn't have the heart for Atomic Bombing of civilians so he was murdered; Truman had no such qualms. BRICS originated in Yekaterinburg, Russia named after Peter the Great's wife Ekaterina? Hardly, Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent up emotion") and Catharine meaning "Pure", "Hecate" (Goddess of Witchcraft) and "Torture" more like.
    In Mathematics 7/17/1717 is called the "Day of the Yellow Pigs"; the number 17 denotes an initiate who has succeeded at his "Inner Marriage" aka Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. The Swine Herd Jesus allowed the demons called "Legion" to inhabit might ring a Baal here.
     On 7/17 the UN AIDS conference was discussing progress on a Swine Flu Pandemic and the DOD ordering the Def Logistic Agency to acquire and distribute massive quantities of Novartis (Swiss) and BioCSL (Australia) Swine Flu Vaccine worldwide by Aug 29, 2014.
7/17, MH-17 was a 17 year old B-777, allegedly carrying 108 AIDS, Swine and Avian Flu and Ebola experts heading to Melbourne aka Oz. 77 is Oz; Aleister Crowley's "Sabbath Goat on the Altar"             
UN AIDS Conference, BRICS, Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza and MH-17 all on 7/17? MH-17 is likely just another Edomite media diversion. Here's Why.
    On the 65th anniversary of NATO, electronic warfare exercises BREEZE 2014 (Radar jamming AWACS was also involved with MH-370 "disappearing" from civilian radar) and Rapid Trident II were in progress.  shows MH-17 was cancelled on 7/17. Ukraine separatists allegedly posted a video about the crash to Youtube the day before. MH-17 disappeared from Radar over Germany; and changed course over Poland; the same thing happened on 9/11 when remote flown A/C replaced the commercial flights. Dozens of long dead, blood drained, decomposing corpses and blood packets were found at the incident site; no way cargo handlers could load this onto a civilian airliner. Ukraine Security Service allegedly stormed Borispol Tower and confiscated Kiev Air Traffic Control tapes; ARTCC is not in the Tower nor in control of Class A airspace; nice try. Where are voice recorder, engine data, radar data, navigation data, ACARS data and Position reports? Allegedly, an Su-25 shadowed MH-17 on its northward flight path deviation which began in Poland; previous flights went south of Ukraine; the US says no, but with BREEZE 2014 in progress, rest assured they know. Video footage shows MH-17 descending with its right engine on fire; if authentic, an air to air IR missile may have taken it out; not a Buk SAM or bomb. The implications are enormous as NATO planned the False Flag and in fact, sends arms to Russia.  A US Satellite was allegedly over the area; where are the photos? Was MH-17 shot down using a Russian Buk Surface to Air Missile? NO! Operating a Buk Missile system requires radar guidance and transponder interrogation; with flight intercept, this involves many people including likely German or Polish ARTCC; not something "Rebels" could pull off, and there are no shrapnel marks on fuselage parts.  Inflight disintegration from Buk Missile shrapnel would result; intact bodies and pristine Passports at the crash site? Not likely. The passports shown were not only pristine, but new with no Visas or Stamps; some were punched and clipped, indicating they were expired or otherwise unfit for travel. On 7/21 the bodies and blood drained cadavers were sent in refrigerated train cars on a 17 Hr ride to Kharkiv and from there to the Netherlands; great idea if spreading disease is the goal. The reasonable thing to do is incinerate the deadly cargo. The "Death Train" will arrive in Europe on the Grand Climax of the Begone Dull Care Ritual in Bohemian Grove; Coincidence? Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders also turned in to ICAO on 7/21; if right engine is on fire, it was not a Buk Missile; it was a US-NATO-Poroshenko "False Flag" operation. Was there even a missile attack on a commercial airliner at all? On 9/11 remotely flown aircraft swapped transponder codes with airliners; was this done again?  Crisis Actors in Sandy Hook and Chinese mourners in Beijing holding signs in English within an hour of MH-370 failing to arrive, and NATO nations Britain and France arming Russia should wake anyone up. AWACS has the capability to remotely take over commercial airliners with the Boeing Un-interruptible Auto-Pilot, and AWACS was in the area with the express mission of monitoring civilian air traffic.
                           Dialectic: Arm both sides and light the fuse
       Kiev is a US proxy managed by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski detailed in "The Grand Chessboard" Putin is a lifelong KGB=CIA asset. Putin sends arms to both sides as does the US. Recall Turkish Ship Mour M and Russian ship Mol Comfort both had massive amounts of Russian weapons bound for "Rebels"; Kerry was even waiting for the Russian ship with "Friends of Syria" in Saudi Arabia. Moscow trains Saudi Military Brass and the US arms them. Britain sends Russia weapons as does France, both NATO countries.  NATO wants War and likely planned the Air to Air Missile shoot down of MH-17; Supreme Allied Commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg 2014 for a reason and MH-17 might just give it to them.  
     Malaysia is a Rothschild (Red=Edom Shield) controlled, Edomite (Hashemite) dictatorship just like Israel and Britain (B'Rith=Birthright); yes I know you think Israel is Jewish; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is Chaldean not Jewish. Kuala Lumpur is home to the War Crimes Commission which has convicted Israel, Britain and the US of war crimes relating to the Gulf Wars. MH-17 took off from Schipol Airport 100% dominated by Israeli Security firm ICTS. MH-17 allegedly had a cargo hold full of decomposing, blood drained corpses and countless packets of blood. Airport Security allowing decomposing corpses and blood aboard an airliner? A flagrant violation of International Law; Don't think so. Viruses stored in semi-dry flesh? The work of Bio-weapons experts.
      MH-370 also had a Bio-hazard cargo aboard; 2 Trident (Operation Trident II ringing a Baal?) Bio-security guards were murdered guarding it in Abu Dhabi which is just now operating Customs pre-clearance direct flights into America. Obama celebrated Ramadan in the White House on 7/14 with United Arab Emirates and Saudi leaders; pretty coincidental eh?  Dr Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center near Amsterdam works Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka Major Horatio Ishi and Unit #731 should ring a Baal here; WHO is the modern day Unit #731. "Weaponized Killer Viruses like Ebola, Swine Flu and Avian Flu were designed to kill 90% of the world's population"   108 Virologists with advance knowledge of an upcoming UN sponsored Ebola/Flu Pandemic? How many people have become infected and are now infecting others from decomposing corpses and aerosol blood at the MH-17 accident scene? The US ordered massive quantities of Swine Flu Vaccines, deliverable by Aug 29, 2014 and all 50 states have JBAIDS testing equipment and 1000 mobile hospitals ready. Good preparation eh? Why the Ukraine? Kawoaka bragged "My new Swine Flu virus is Unstoppable". Fouchier bragged "A human to human transmissible virus, even moderately fatal, will become a plague of unimaginable proportions" 
     Ukraine is home to exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings aka Priests of the Prince "Satan", the Chaldean Priest builders of the Tower of Babel; Noble Caste "Aryans" if you prefer. In Farsi Obama means "He is with us".
      Schipol Airport was made famous by Christmas Bomber Farouk Abudulmutallib (story was complete BS; he shares the name with Muhammad's Hashemite Quyraish Tribe uncle; hilarious isn't it? Hashemites are Edomites; Quyraish are the Rebel Priests from Moses' day God swallowed up in the Earth) and the debut of $Trillion worth of Full Body Image Scanners and Back Scatter X-Ray machines ($250,000/machine) at 49,000 commercial airports, each needing one to dozens of machines; another $Trillion lie promoted by American-Israeli Michael Chertoff and Sodomite Janet Napolitano aka FEMA District #10 chief. The 18th anniversary of TWA-800 was also 7/17, the downing of that aircraft resulted in unnecessary replacement of Fuel Boost Pumps in thousands of commercial aircraft @ $70,000 per pump; each aircraft has between 6 and 10 pumps so do the math and it's another $Trillion lie. ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh supplied security on 9/11/2001 at Boston and Washington Dulles Airport; add another $50,000 for each Cockpit Door for every commercial airliner because of Arab hijackers with box cutters BULLSHIT!  Money shines through as the prime motivator. MH-17 will facilitate aircraft the Israeli "Flight Guard" missile defense system installed (chaff/flares) as Israel's El Al Airlines uses. Money folks, follow the Money.  
     Where is Obama? In addition to closing on a $4.5M mansion in Rancho Mirage CA, on 7/14 Obama hosted an Iftar (Break Fast) Ramadan Dinner at the White House with "Muslim" leaders who listened to his praise of Israel and to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer (Neocon shill tied to Bush family, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson) justifying Israel's wholesale slaughter of Palestine with DIME, White Phosphorous and Flechette Munitions all designed to maim and torture.   WTF Over?  Think these guys are Jewish or Muslim? Guess Again; their Satanists. 
    Indonesia illegally annexed E Timor on 7/17
after the CIA coup that installed Suharto left 2 million dead; AF 1 with Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld lifted off as the first shots were fired. Lolo Soetoro a Colonel under Suharto and Barry Soetoro (Obama) a Madrassa schooled Indonesian passport holding citizen trained as Mujaheddin "Warrior of Allah". Obama has no US Passport, no US Citizenship, no valid Social Security Card and was never sworn to defend the Constitution so don't blame him; he's doing his job quite well! 
    The 7th Prime Number 17 is the number of the Holy Spirit; number of the "Son of Man"; 10 Commandments written in 17 verses; number of the Karmic evolution of the Cosmos; Man participating on the Celestial and Terrestrial planes; junction between the Spiritual and Material Worlds; Sufi mystics use 17 for the World in Balance; 17 companions of Ali; 17 nations at Pentecost and the ominous number in Italy equivalent with 13 in the West meaning "I Lived; therefore I am Dead". This is why the Grand Lodge of England adopted Speculative Masonry in 1717; the White House is on 17th St and the last staged Apollo mission was 17. Obadiah is Book #17; the shortest book was written by Jesus declaring the annihilation of the House of Esau.
The Old covenant is the 7th contract between God and Man + the 10 nations of the confederacy against God in Psalm 83:6-9. The Covenant with Abram and Isaac is described in Gen 17; Amalek wars with Israel in the Wilderness of Sin in Ex 17; Aarons Rod buds in Num 17, Offerings to the LORD must be perfect in Deut 17 and "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." is described in Rev 17 for a reason. The Roman number of ill omen is 17 and the Scapegoat for Rev 17 is the Roman Catholic Church, like America and Palestine they are about to be destroyed in preparation for the coming false Messiah. The number 17 is called the "Admirable Sacrament".  "And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire and used divination and enchantments and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger" 2 Ki 17:17 Amurru Khan (American) is the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd about to be Admirably Sacrificed. MH-17: M=13 H=8 (He is Jesus' title  meaning "God is with me"; Abram becomes Abraham; Sarai becomes Sarah. 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life". Life through an Admirable Sacrament making sense now? Now how does the Edomite Malaysia MH-17 look? 
    Osiris was martyred by Set and set adrift on 17 Athyr; Egyptians believed the date aligns with the 17th day of the 2nd Month when Noah's Ark was set adrift. In Tarot, Card #17 "Star" refers to Chaldean STUR aka Six Pointed Star of Molech, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Milcom, and Chemosh. that Star on the flag of Israel is not Jewish in the slightest. Temple of Set founder NSA Gen Michael Aquino making sense now? NSA Spy Facility in the Beehive State aka Zion making sense now?   
       al-Qaeda and ISIS are US creations originating from the Iran-Contra "Drugs 4 Weapons" program during the Reagan administration with Mitt Romney and "Bain Capital" laundering the enormous profits. El Salvador's "Civil War" created the conditions for MS-13, the Sinaloa Drug Cartel and Los Zetas to export violence into the US in "Constitution Free Zones" using US arms  supplied during Operation Gun Runner; RPG's, Grenades, SA-7's, AK-47's, Night Vision, Body Armor and Sniper Rifles. US Border Patrol and DHS even provides air transportation through "Orange Air LLC" (Limited Liability Corporation in a Constitution Free Zone financed by taxpayers lovely eh?) and the UN is set to declare the immigrants "Political Refugees". 
     Tropical Storm "Nine"
formed off Guam on 7/11; if you have not seen Tim Burton's 9 now is a good time; it deals with extinction of the human race by machines; same theme as Wall E (Google Barges are ready), Terminator and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.   Persecuted debuts July 18; Christians are about to be tested as it was just after the Crucifixion. Time to take a stand folks; 9 is the number of Supreme Judgment/Justice.
     Prophecy Summit II at Pike's (Sodomite Mason Albert Pike planned WWIII; Masonic "Explorer" Zebulon Pike? Don't think so) Peak July 25-27 (Sumerian Grand Climax Ritual in E-Barra was 27 July) in the Garden of the Gods (Watch out for Serpents!); Pre-Tribulation Rapture (Jesuit Lie), Gog and Magog (End of the Millennium over 1000 years away); Shroud of Turin (Black Nobility BS); Garden of Eden location, Fall of Rome just before the arrival of Jesus, 3rd Temple of God (Jesus destroys this), Shamanism and Nephilim (Not in the Authorized Bible but coincident with the Series "Extant"?) by 23 of the best Liars from Israel and the US set to fool Christians into accepting the False Messiah. Here are last year's topics. BEE Careful folks!
     The "False Flag" trigger for Bank Collapse? Negative LIBOR (aka LIBER is London Inter-bank Offering/Exchange Rate) sort of a global game of "Hot Potato" when banks will pay to hide assets. When? 7/20/2014 (Guessing) Now you know why Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers. The latest entry into Central Banking is the Vatican and like all other Central Banks, London will determine Lending (Creditors) and Borrowing (Debtors). America: Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon". The Roman Catholic Church: Scapegoat for Rev 17 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT...". Palestine: Scapegoat for House of Esau (Stubble is left after a Grain Harvest/Reaping) in Obadiah. All are about to be sacrificed by fire on the Altar to Molech. St Malachy said Rome would burn under Pope Francis' term; this is a long term plan. 
     Bohemian Grove July 10-27 is the worship of Wisdom seen in the Owl mascot, a symbol of Athena, Ishtar (Easter) and Isis (Throne); "Begone, Dull Care" refers to the casting off of the Light of the world in E-Barra "Shining House"; that would be JESUS, the "Light of the World" and "Holy Ghost". 2700 men practice plays called "Hi Jinx" dressed in women's clothes (playing the role of Transvestites/Hierodules) amid idols if Isis and Athena is a little hard to explain to the average guy so distractions are created. 700 mile wide 120MPH Super Typhoon Neoguri (Korean "Racoon Dog") heads for Japan (Rising Sun) and Fukushima on the 77th anniversary of the 7/7/1937 start of the Sino-Japan War which led straight into the Rape of Nanking and WWII. Donghak Religion is a Messianic synthesis of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Korean (Korah=Core)  Shamanism calling for WWIII, Seoul in flames, and "Mysterious Disease" which "Cuts the spirit cord of humanity"; that would be Plutonium Radiation slicing through DNA, which will soon cause the world's largest Exodus across the 38th Parallel and Silk Road to the Karakoram Hwy (Noah's ark settled on Mt Everest (Chumolungma=Earth Mother) not Turkey; Authorized Bible says "From" the East Gen 11:2), Islamabad, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Jordan to Har Megiddo. Project 911 is due completion by 9 Av  "Tisha B' Av"; Aug 4 is also Obama=He is with us; alleged birthday, so the timing is rather suspect. Cooling Water in Reactor #5 was shut down today; temperatures expected to soar and if not restored in days, a meltdown and atmospheric radiation release will occur. Israel launched Operation Protective Edge began 7/7 bombing 300+ targets in Gaza using US made F-16's Apache Helicopters, UN banned White Phosphorous and DIME (Dense Inert Metal); 40,000 Reservists called up for possible ground assault (similar to 2006 "False Flag" Lebanon War over Bohemian Grove, Bush Jr attended). Israeli Lawmakers calling for genocide of Palestinians (No, they are not Edomites only the Scapegoat for the "House of Edom" in Obadiah) calling children "Little Snakes". CNN says "Palestinians live in a culture of martyrdom; they want to die". Israeli lawmakers state the goal is "To bomb Palestine infrastructure, roads and water back to the stone age". Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo even predicted the "Casus Belli" kidnapping of Israeli teens 1 week on advance; another Masonic False Flag (Abbas and Netanyahu are born 33 degree Luciferian Masons) to justify War. 
    La Raza Unida ("United Race" announced plans on 7/13 to kill every American), Voz de Aztlan (Voice of Aztlan) and MEChA (Mestizo/Chicano Student Movement; similar to Taliban=Student) arrived in Murietta CA on 7/7 for "La Reconquista"; the conquest of Aztlan involves AZ, NM, Southern CA, SW Utah, SW CO, South FL and 1/2 Texas. MS-13 and 18th St gangs are recruiting immigrants from Catholic Churches, ICS Detention Facilities, Converted (BRAC facilitated this) US Military Facilities and Baptist Child and Family Services.  All this is financed by taxpayers using HHS funds, DHS, Customs and Border Protection and the Red Cross. Rex-84 (Readiness Exercise 1984) began this treason on cue from George Orwell's Book "1984". Why 1984? Jesus began His public ministry at age 30 and lasted 3 1/2 years. Satanists are beginning their public ministry and it too will last 3 1/2 years of "Great Tribulation". Obama (a Sodomite foreigner attended a fundraiser in Austin for La Raza advocate and Machete Director Robert Rodriquez before heading for AMORC (American Order of Rose and Cross) HQ in San Jose CA and a little one on one time with Molech at Bohemian Grove; Fund Raisers? BS! A "Death Train" with 1300 immigrants derailed heading for the border on 7/11; think US spy drones knew about it? Immigrants are warehoused with TB, Measles, Chicken Pox, Dengue Fever and Scabies before being recruited into gangs and transferred by US Customs and Border Protection to interior America; DHS requested contractors to handle 65,000 unaccompanied children in January; nice planning eh? DHS and Customs is inviting the press (muzzled of course) to the Ft Sill immigrant camp July 12; good place as Prescott Bush (Nazi George Scherff) stole Geronimo's Skull for his Skull & Bones Initiation from Ft Sill. Molech demands sacrifices and Satanists are happy to oblige. 
           "God has given America to be free" Count St Germain aka "The Professor".
    The Rosicrucian father of America at Independence Hall, Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love is Cain and Esau murdering their brother) had just proposed America's "Grand Union Flag". An 8 pointed Star of Re-birth formed by the Red Cross of St George surmounted by the Blue X of St Andrew aka "Union Jack" with 13 stripes representing 13 colonies. Why? 13/8=Phi (1.618) aka the "Golden Mean", "Ratio of Life" or "Fibonacci Ratio". Rosicrucian, Luciferian Mason, Hell Fire Society initiate, human sacrifice (20 human skeletons carbon dated to the time of Ben's residence with signs of ritual torture were found under his Trafalgar Square home), British/French diplomat and US traitor Ben Franklin connected these colonies with a Serpent and the slogan "Join or Die"; hence the slogan "Give me Liberty or give me Death". When one sells their Soul to Lucifer it is "All or nothing". Think the series Extant (Extinct) has 13 episodes, a 13 month mission and 13 hour Solar Flare aboard the Space Station Seraphim by accident? Seraphim are Fiery Ones.
   777 is Jackpot for a reason. 330 Luciferian Freemason Rev (Only Jesus carries the title "Reverend") Billy Graham and Ann Graham Lotz "Prayer Initiative 777" will conclude on July 7, 2014 (2+1+4=7 thus the date is 7/7/7 in occult numerology; the last 777 on July 7, 2005 witnessed the self inflicted "London Subway Bombings") with a 7 hr Prayer Vigil for "The Kingdom of God manifested on Earth". Those familiar with the Emerald Tablet of Toth-Hermes will recognize the same alchemical theme "That which is above shall be that which is below"  or the more familiar "As Above, So Below" seen in the Six Pointed Star of Molech. 14 days later is 7/20/2014; important in a moment. 7/7 is also the anniversary of the re-trial and acquittal Joan of Arcadia (Arcadia is the center of Rosicrucian mythos) condemned for heresy and later made a Saint by infallible Popes; go figure!
    777 is "Perfection in the Trinity"; Jesus is Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the Word  (ref Jn 1:1; 1:14; 1 Jn 5:7) not a Trinity! Prayer Initiative 777  also coincides with the International Common Law Court of Justice Jubilee Week (Trumpet) delivering the Easter Annulment Proclamation to alleged 9th Circle of Hell initiates Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Anglican Church Archbishop Justin Welby, Jesuit Pope Francis I, Pope Benedict XVI and Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas in London. Charges include ritual abduction, torture, sacrifice and cannibalism of innocent children. Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica twice the night Pope Benedict announced his resignation. 2 Doves (Samaritan symbol) released by children attended by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I from the Vatican (Divining Serpent) apartments were attacked by a Raven and Seagull 2 years in a row. The Raven symbolizes Freedom from God as does the name Francis (Franks=Free) as the bird was released from Noah's Ark and never returned. The Seagull is a new bible version change from Cuckow (Cuckoo Clock) which figures prominently in Mormon mythology. Cuckows are Brood Parasites; they steal and lay eggs in the nests of others.
     On June 30, 3 Lightning bolts hit the John Hancock Building, Sears (Willis) Tower and Trump Tower in Chicago simultaneously; the 3 bolts hitting the Willis Tower formed the Trident (3 Teeth of the Beast in Dan 7 and weapon of Poseidon, Neptune and Shiva "The Destroyer") the idol of CERN   Father, Mother, Son is the occult Trinity symbolized by the Trident; in Witchcraft the Trident represents Triple Goddess Hecate. Jesus is not a Trinity; He is Father (JESUS), Son (Jesus), Holy Ghost and the Word (Authorized Bible) made Flesh. Trinity Acquisition purchased the Sears Tower (United Airlines uses the Trident as its Logo) for Irish Multi-national Willis Group Holdings. The odds of this happening by chance is nill; especially considering Pope Francis I is the "Last Pope" according to the plan of St Malachy.
    Why Ireland? It's the "Emerald Isle". There was no St Malachy (Molechy) nor St Patrick (Ptah Rek refers to Toth/Hermes); the Celtic Cross of Ireland symbolizes Dominion over the 4 Quarters of the Earth and is a 4300 year old symbol of "Repairing the Earth" (Hebrew "Tukkun Olam")according to the Emerald Tablet of Toth; a world without JESUS in it. The Swastika is a broken Celtic Cross. The Stone of Scone is not Jacob's Pillow. Jeremiah did not travel to Ireland with King Zedekiah's daughter to establish the royal thrones of Ireland; that too is a bunch of Malarchy which will draw the Ire of God. Malachy is Molechy and the sacrifices are about to begin. To the occult, Ireland is Emerald Isle aka Emerald City, the end of the Yellow Brick Road where the Golden Apples are guarded by the Ladon Dragon (al-Qaeda, ISIS=Osama bin Laden="Lion in the Manger of Ladon"). Emerald is the Stone cut from Lucifer's crown and it is about to be replaced. Feel like "Romancing the Stone"? do so and Hell awaits. 
   3 Bolts X 3 Buildings=9=9th Circle of Hell. 9 is the number of supreme Judgment; the holy number of the Etruscans; "Under a Tuscan Sun"? Adultery is not for me. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were members of the 9 Muses Lodge in Paris; Dante's 9th Circle of Hell is Treachery. Jesus said "A man's foes shall be the men of his own house" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6 because Jesus spoke His last words and "Gave up the Ghost" at the 9th Hour on the Cross (X=Messiah surmounted by the + Cross should ring a Baal here) in the "House of His friends". Satanists regard 9 as an upside down 6 ie Rebellious Man. Trump means Trumpet, the precise meaning of Jubilee. John Hancock was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the "Loyal 9" aka "Sons of Liberty"; their slogan was 13 Colonies joined by a segmented Serpent with the slogan "Join or Die". We see this logo used by the Mason (33 degree Mason Dick Armey "Freedom Works") created "Tea Party"; the Tea tossed in Boston Harbor by Freemasons from the Green Dragon Tavern dressed as Indians? Heaven's no, Tammuz the Babylonian Son; the Tau Cross which caused the Glory of  God to depart the 1st Temple (Eze 8) and Jesus to do so 2000 years ago. Join or Die? Count me out boys! Talmudic fake Jew and Kabbalist "Veep" star Julia Louis Dreyfus tattooed (fake I'm sure) John Hancock on her back side with the Constitution for the cover of Rolling Stone; plenty of occult communication here but Hancock didn't sign the Constitution, only the Declaration of Independence "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"; Happy now? it means Wise in Welsh, the language of Culdees (Chaldeans).
                   Warning: Possible IMF Currency Reset Date 7/20/2014 
      Washington DC is not part of America; the IMF (Int'l Monetary Fund) HQ in our National Capitol (Womb of Zeus) is guarded by the Pentagon (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Quintessence or Illumination) with Intelligence (All Seeing Eye) supplied by the NSA, DIA and CIA plus all other nation's intelligence apparatus' (KGB, MI5, Mossad, ISI etc). Similarly, worldwide assets are controlled at the City of London and Universal (Catholic=Universal) Religion from Vatican (Divining Serpent) City. "A man's foes shall be they of his own house" -Jesus. 
      IMF Director Christine LaGarde claims International Law (Sovereign Nations are not bound by International Law) allows for Expropriation of Funds, held in Gov't Treasury Bonds. China is Cathay aka Sons of Heth or Hittites; China has $5T invested in US Gov't Treasury Bonds. Guess what they will do when the IMF Expropriates their Investments? Mutual Funds, Retirement Accounts, Savings Bonds, Gov't backed Deposit insurance FDIC and SLIC, Social Security (Luciferian Traitor Bill Clinton traded SS Funds for Gov't Bonds) and PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp) are all held as collateral against Sovereign Debt by the IMF; some $66Trillion as of July 4, 2014. FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) went into effect July 1 also; it prevents offshoring of assets. Think you own Property or Investments? Guess again! "We the People" were only given the right to pursue "Happiness" not "Property"
                                      Bohemian Grove 7,10,2014---7,27,2014 
   The Grand Climax Ritual of Begone Dull Care at E-Barra
"Shining House" is Wisdom worship through Molech (Lord) and took place 4000 years ago as it does today; when "The sun is in the clutches of Leo"; 7/20, when this occurs, is the middle of the Bohemian Grove encampment; Adultery, Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Human Sacrifice all fair game. An idol found in the ruins of Sargon II palace at Nimrud (named after the Nube "Nimrod" the Scapegoat for the Tower of Babel Nimrod did not build the Tower of Babel or found the Assyrian capital of Nineveh) features a Nubian Man being mauled by a Lion; Obama? I'm not trying to be funny here, but the Obamas both claim Kenya (Nubia/Kenites=Caintes) is their home and Barry is a Nube (Pitiful, Emasculated man). Time will tell but his Transvestite partner Michael (Michelle) wore a Black Widow dress on Election night on the same spot Abe Lincoln did for a reason. Sargon III "Legitimate King" will be Antichrist, the chosen vessel of Ishtar; whether in 2014 remains to be seen. 2+1+4=7 14 is 2X7 or 77. Hold that thought. Obama uses the Prince Hall Mason designed logo of the Rising Sun; his name means "He is with us" in Zoroastrian Persian (Farsi); he is a very long range plan. 
     The Assyrian Church is the Global Church of the East ie Rising Sun; like God's "Church", Assyrians are in Diaspora (Scattered) among host nations they coerce into turning their backs to the LORD and worshipping the Rising Sun; Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Statue of Liberty, Lady Freedom are examples of this "Leaven". Israel is not Jewish, it is made up of Babylonians, Cuthites, Medeans and Kenites listed in 2 Ki 17:30 who replaced Israel during Assyrian Captivity. The title Sargon is given to Legitimate Kings of the Church of the Rising Sun ie Beast from the Sea. The symbol of the Assyrian Church is the Six Pointed Star aka Mark of Cain; ie they are Kenites. In America, the Assyrian Church HQ is Chicago whose mayor Rahm Emanuel (Rahm=Supreme; Emanuel=God is with us) is a Sodomite, dual Israeli citizen and son of Israeli terrorist Ben Emanuel; his brother Ezekiel is Obama's Science Czar soon to be known as Dr Death. 
     Hermetic Qabalah is "Accounting" used by secret societies such as the Order of Golden Dawn, Rosicrucianism, Enochian Magick etc. Want to be Accounted as worthy? Repeat the Shema "Her O' Israel" and the rest of Deut 6:4 in new bible versions "The LORD our God is One". The Samaritan (Kenite) version is "The Name is our God, the Name is One". YHVH, Adonay, ha Shem is the LORD "One" meant here, not Jesus. Just repeat it and have a Kenite Scribe put it in a Tefillin worn on your arm, a Phylactery over the pineal gland of the forehead and over your doorways in the Mezuzah and Hell awaits with 100% certainty! Now you know why Jesus said "be not ye called Rabbi" (Mat 23:8) and pronounced "Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees (Rabbis), hypocrites..." (Mat 23:15). Want protection from Lucifer when he arrives? Better hope there is room in Project 911 in "Beit Shemesh" (House of the Sun); the Mezuzah is over every doorway and due for completion by 9 Av (4 Aug, 2014).
     The Assyrian New Year features parades down Nimrod Blvd in Chicago on April 15 coinciding with IRS Tax (Burden) Day because the IRS is merely a collection arm of the World Bank, IMF and BIS. Daniel's last 2300 days (Dan 8) form from the 1260 day Great Tribulation + 1040 days, seen on the IRS Form 1040. America is about to be Audited. 
                                 MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIM 
    The Writing on the Wall means the Kingdom is weighed in the balance and found wanting; it will be divided. America is to be divided, but when? Nothing says Freedom more than Global Economy and Currency Reset and Numerologist LaGarde, cryptically announced the possible date 7/20/2014 when 2700 Molech worshipping Satanists will be in Bohemian Grove. Week 
     77 is the Thelemite (Aleister Crowley) Sabbath Goat on the Altar; Goat Boy Bush Sr "Magog" (Nazi "Curious George" Scherff) has CVN #77 named after him stationed in the Persian Gulf ready to start the pre-planned sequel to Gulf War I and II.  77 is Ayin Zayn or OZ, the end of the Yellow Brick Road and Bush Sr (Crowley's illegitimate son in law) is most definitely the Wizard of Oz in the Opium Field and the Wizard of the Oz ie Bretton Wood's Gold Standard. 
    LaGarde mentions 2014 is the 100th Anniversary of WWI, the first World War resulted immediately following the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve. She also mentions 2014 is also the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Gold agreement, the basis for the IMF. 7 is the number of perfection; 777 is Crowley's book "777 and other Kabalistic writings...". The book is essentially the bible of Hermetic Qabalah. Christine LaGarde uses 7 and 77 overtly 10 times throughout this short cryptic National Press Club Speech on 1/14/14; 1+14+14=29=7 and 1+1+4+1+4=11; the date was no accident. LaGarde mentions G-7 and G-20 in connection with the "Magic Year" 2014. G is 7th letter and Grand Architect in Masonry so G-7 is 77, however there was no G-7 in January, Russia had not been ejected from the G-8 until March. G-20 is 7/20. Occult planning in plain view. 7/20/2014 is 7+2-2+1+4=16=1+6=7  The NPC logo is Aladdin's Lamp, Capitol Rotunda (Womb of Zeus) and Owl (Owls symbolized a Druid Parliament, Athena the Warrior goddess; Wisdom and the Bohemian Grove mascot Molech).
    7 is the number of Cain's Revenge and 77 is Lamech's (Cain's Lamech) revenge (Gen 4:24). 777 the age of Noah's father Lamech at the Flood (Gen 5:31). The point is, God set this up to be this way; He is protecting Cain and allowing everyone to choose between God and Lucifer; the Hexagram is the "Mark of Cain" and Star of Molech. 6000 years of pent up revenge is about to begin.
     The movie Maleficent is not by chance. Maleficent means "To Do Evil"; Angel of the Bottomless Pit is a good choice for the role. Talia (Dew of God or Female Lamb) and Prince Phillip star in Disney's remake of the 17th century Italian fairy tale "Sun, Moon and Talia" Talia dies prophetically on her 16th (1+6=7) birthday (Benedict XVI and Rev 16 "Wrath" may ring a Baal here; 16 is the age Debutants are presented; 16 cauldrons of Olive Oil were used to light the 2nd Temple on Festival of Lights aka Hanukkah); a hunter (Nimrod?) rapes the dead Talia who miraculously gives birth to Twins; the Sun and Moon; she is then is revived by them. Maleficent orders her tossed in a Baal Fire, but the Curse is Reversed; the same thing happened when fake Jews (Pharisees) Crucified Jesus making Him the Curse. At the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC is a statue of St George slaying Satan in Cancer (June 21-July 22) under the joined Sun and Moon. The same statue is also at the UN. Why Prince Phillip? This slimy Nazi Cretan accused of ritual murder and cannibalism controls WHO Director Margaret Chan and wants to be reincarnated as a "Killer Virus". The Pharisees delivered Jesus to the Judgment hall calling Him a "Malefactor" meaning "Evil Doer" Remember Bush accused Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden of being "Evil Doers"? Those of us who follow JESUS via the Holy Ghost and the Word will now assume the same label "Evil Doer" and likely suffer the same fate. Folks, if you are not in personal covenant with JESUS you need to be. 
      al-Qaeda (Foundation) and ISIS (Throne) are American creations; Isis the Egyptian goddess stands atop the Capitol Dome (Womb of Zeus/Lucifer) and in NYC Harbor with her back to America facing East to the Rising Sun. 
      The Camel's Nose is in the tent. On July 4, 2014 the UN began intervening in intentionally manufactured Detroit Water Crisis (50% of Detroit residents may potentially be without water due bankruptcy reorganization; Bankrupting of the Detroit Auto Industry also intentional; pensions handled by PBGC are now subject to IMF Expropriation). The UN will intervene next in the manufactured southern border crisis.
      Fireworks in 2014 celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Battle (rather Show) of Ft McHenry and America's National Anthem. Not unusual as America the Beautiful originated from "God save the Queen" (Queen of Heaven is meant here) the National Anthem of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Luciferian Mason Francis Scott Key chose the Greek poem "Anachreon in Heaven", attached to an Irish drinking song as he watched the show from a British ship in Baltimore Harbor. "Bombs bursting in air" resulted from fuses intentionally set short on America's first Fireworks Spectacle.  
     Rosicrucian, Freemason Ben Franklin and fellow Luciferian British Mason Ebeneezer Sibly decided America's Birthday. America's Natal Horoscope is the Sibly Chart in the Library of Congress. Library=Book; Congredi "To meet for War", literally the "Book of War".
    Sibly and Franklin chose a 5 planet Solar occultation for America's Birthday on July 4, 1776. Planetary (Planet=Wanderer=Cain the Vagabond) Astrology or Sabian Astrology originated in Harran (Abraham's elder brother and Lot's father was Harran) with "Sabians of Harran".
   Planets Wander around the Sun, held in Orbits by Gravity; hence CERN Scientists also chose July 4, 2012 to announce 99.99% proof the Graviton aka God Particle produces Gravity and gives Mass to Matter. Lucifer is the "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38 after all); oh, and the God of Bullshit.
               "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" Rom 1:22    
    CERN is "Cernunnos" aka "Herne the Hunter" the Horned God of Witchcraft. God Particle scientists walk passed the Hindu god Shiva "The Destroyer" with his Trident every day. The 8 pt Star of Isis formed on America's first flag is the 8 fold path of enlightenment used in Witchcraft called the Star of Regeneration or Star of Baptism. 4 Sabbats (2 Solar Solstices and 2 Solar Equinoxes) and 4 Cross-quarter Sabbats (Imbolg, Beltaine, Lugnasaid, Halloween); 13 Stripes the number of Rebellion seen in Gen 13:13 "Sins of Sodom"; What Sins? CeDom means "Scorch one's Soul"; the result of Freedom and Liberty from God. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" is the Masonic slogan used in all Revolutions and America's 2nd Revolution is here. 
    Rosicrucianism didn't begin with Francis Bacon, but his Knights of the Golden Helmet aka William Shakespeare or "Baconies" (Coney Is and the foul bird Coney may ring a Baal) followed the path of fleeing Knights Templar (Wall St Bankers) and Rosicrucian Christopher Columbus to America in order to found "New Atlantis" and "New Jerusalem". God creates "New Jerusalem"; the Rosicrucian version is what Jesus calls "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8 because it is where He was Crucified. The Phoenix Bird seen on American Gold Coins is Pa Hanok=House of Enoch; the Egyptian Benu Bird connecting Egypt to Arabia symbolized by the Great Pyramid Capstone or Pyramidion on the $US.; a Fiat (Worthless Illusion or Appearance) of Wealth enslaving the world. America will burn and the world will be set free; with a Mark of the Beast of course.
    Baconies are taking revenge for the demon infested, powerful man on the east side of the Jordan River (Idumea=Edom).  When Jesus arrived the demons named "Legion" asked Him for permission to enter a Swine herd, which then voluntarily jumped to their death; we see this today in the motto of Jesuit inspired "Anonymous". Yoshihiro Kawaoka (U of Madison-Wisconsin and U of Tokyo) took the H1N1 Swine Flu (Influenza means Occult ie Demon Infestation) virus and manipulated it to evade and render antibodies in the immune system defenseless. Couple this with out of control Ebola, which attacks the Immune system and all Hell could break loose at any time. We are Anonymous; We are Legion? Hardly, more like Jesuit Swine.
   "America is a Christian Nation"! Bullshit, America is Amurru the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar the Canaanite god of the West and Ameru the Kenite Serpent. The ONE on the $US refers to the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" Oops, it should read "The LORD our God is one Lord" Deut 6:4 meaning the LORD is the Lord seen in Jesus Christ. By the end of Ramadan, Project 911 will be completed in Beit Shemesh "House of the Sun" near Jerusalem. Ever wonder how Jews could be convinced to replace Jesus as the center candle of the 7 Branched Candlestick with Shamash on an 8 Branched Menorah? Same way Christians are convinced Jesus was born at Christmas. The New Covenant is the 8th and last Covenant between God and Man and that "Age of Grace" (Grace Period) will end with America's pre-planned destruction. 
    America's death was planned at its birth; the 8 pt Star of Regeneration and Baptism on its first Ensign (Flag) is the symbol of a worldwide Luciferian Baptism.
    Independence Hall means Independence from God. Philadelphia means "Brotherly Love" of the sort shown by Cain for Abel and Esau for Jacob. Jesus calls the Church of Philadelphia, the "Synagogue of Satan" because Esau is impersonating his brother Jacob in Israel. Using the Star of Chemosh, Chiun, Milcom, Saturn, El, Molech and calling the abomination the "Star of David" is a really nice touch, which is why the 13 stars on America's flag were originally the Hexagram, the symbol of protection in Witchcraft clever little Bees aren't they?  The Star of Molech (Lord) is the Mark of Cain; God gave that Mark of protection to Cain as he wandered the Earth East of Eden (Toward the Sunrise).
   Sabian Astrology of July 4, 1776 has its root in Sabah meaning Sunrise. 6 Triangles of 60around the Hexagram forms the Seal of Solomon aka Mark of Cain; on the "Great Seal" formed with 13 Stars on the $US. America's Great Seal is the Seal of Solomon, the richest and wisest person on earth who will be in Hell for eternity. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property" Nah, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"; Why? Chaldean Priests of Babel (Babel=Gate of El/Molech) used Bee for Word. Samson found Bees and Honey in the Lion's carcase at Beit Shemesh; hence Project 911 will have the Mezuzah written over every door to replace Lamb's Blood when the Angel of Death comes. Beit Shemesh is also where Samson slew 3000 Philistines with the Jawbone of an Ass "Lehi". The Mormon Lehi arriving in America "Zion" and setting up the Beehive State may ring a Baal because the Hexagram is the Beehive. Chaldeans left Ur for Harran and used the word Happy for Wise; in Wales they were called Culdees and America is full of them. 
    "Without the shedding of blood is no remission" Heb 9:22 The Angel of Death heading for America is Ebola, a CDC created and weaponized bloodletting killer. Dr Eric Pianka (Univ of Austin) says 90% of the world population can be culled with weaponized Ebola. On 7/11/2014 the CDC suddenly developed slippery fingers with samples of Ebola, Swine Flu, Anthrax and Smallpox; BS! All 50 States prepared in 2013 with JBAIDS Test Kits and 1000 Mobile Tent Hospitals with Bio-hazard disposal capability. 
   In addition will be the children of the Lion of Ladon (Osama=Lion; bin=Crib or Manger; Laden=Ladon) a mythical multi-headed dragon guarding the Golden Apples of Hesperides (West)that replaces each severed head with 2 more. The US created the Taliban (Student) to train Mujahideen (Warriors of Allah or Sin) in the Opium Fields (Poppies on the Yellow Brick Road). The US trains and arms Mujahideen in Benghazi (biblical Cyrenaica) aka Synagogue of Libertines.
     Happiness means Wise or Intelligence; al-Qaeda is the Central Intelligence Agency created Bogeyman which gave birth through the faked death of its founder on Beltaine (Bel=Baal= plural Balaam) to al-Nusra Front, al Aqsa Brigades, Boko Haram, IEI, ISIL, ISIS (include Haqqani and Hamas) and now IS, the Islamic State with newly anointed Caliph (Chief) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The IS foothold currently stretches NW (Amurru aka Calneh in Gen 10:10) of Baghdad between the Tigris and Euphrates; independent Kurdistan is a return of the Yezidis (Devil worshippers of Kurdistan) and Johnnitters. A worldwide baptism in the waters feeding the Garden of Eden will soon follow.
    The Serpent in the Garden started all this 5996 1/2  years ago; the Mormon Church (offshoot of Freemasonry and Witchcraft) was created to end it in Zion aka Jackson MS, the "Heartland". July 4, 1776 was the day of America's Birth; through its blood sacrifice, and Burnt Offering, the Phoenix will rise as "New Atlantis". America's 2nd Revolution will be managed by the United Nations, standing on the Eastern shore of the nation facing east to the Rising Sun with the Statue of Liberty and Lady Freedom standing atop the US Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Lucifer), housing Congress "To meet for War" facing the world's tallest Obelisk "Baal's Shaft". Not ordinary Obelisk nor a true obelisk such as the ones in Vatican Square, London and NY Central Park, but an Obelisk made of hundreds of other Bricks like the ones first used on the original Tower of Babel.
    The United Religion Initiative (URI) is the completion of the Chaldean UR in Babylon. "Begone Dull Care" was the Luciferian Initiation Ritual held annually in E-Barra "House of the Sun" (Begone is Barra) On July 10th,  2700 of mostly America's Elite will converge on Bohemian Grove to conduct the "Begone Dull Care Ritual" to worship Molech as the Sun enters the clutches of Leo (Lion). Kenites have done this for over 4000 years and innocent human sacrifices are required.
     The UN Planetary Initiative states states "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation"  In the front is an Idol of St George slaying the Dragon; the same Idol stands at the Cathedral of St John (Johnitters) in NYC. The Bricks are people held in common bond with Bitumen Mortar (Slime is Tar, formed by the Flood when all living things were buried in the earth) Tar or Oil is the Language of Yes (Oil is Old French for Yes) Obama's logo is the Rising Sun. Obama's motto "Yes We Can" means "Thank You Satan.
      If your LORD is JESUS you need to let Him know right now. JESUS has a number it is 888 which eats the 777 "Jack Pot" every time! Jesus is the Word; Chap 888 is Amos 9 which describes the 2nd Coming. The "Tabernacle of David" (Amos 9:1

                          Kenites: Masters of deception Updated July 2.
Latest Holiday article "Independence Day". Jubilee Week ends as Bohemian Grove begins.  
    "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core" Jude 11
     "It's not translated correctly" If I had a nickel for every time I heard a Balaam in robes say that about the Authorized Bible! The Inspired Texts of the Authorized Bible were given to Holy men as they were moved by the Holy Ghost; Jesus is the Holy Ghost and Word made Flesh. Prophecy is pre-written history; Jesus (Alpha) wrote it in advance and will finish it (Omega). No part of Scripture is subject to Private Interpretation, yet many Christians rely on Study Bible Notes written by men Privately Interpreting the Word; Dan 94:24-27 "70 Weeks", 7 yr Tribulation and Rapture are examples. Balaam Scientists (Scire=To Know=Logos=Sophia=Gnosis) claim the Earth orbits the Sun yet the Word claims "Earth is Fixed and shall not move" (Ps 93:1). The Word says Earth was "hung upon nothing" (Job 26:7); Balaams claim Dark Matter and God Particles. The apostles taught that the "most High" does not dwell in Temples made with hands (Acts 7:48); Jesus is Melchisedek "Priest of the most High" (Heb 7); Christians head for man-made Churches to find Him, but instead find Balaams with Trans-substantiated Bread, Wine, Holy Water and Icons in the places God does not dwell. Jesus said never call any man Rabbi or Father (Mat 23:8-10) yet billions of Jews and Christians confess Sins to Balaams claiming these titles. Jesus hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevating the Clergy); tell that to your Elevated Clergy and see what happens. Paul was very clear Women cannot be Priests of God (1 Cor 14:34-35); yet there are thousands of Women Priests, many of whom are Lesbians conducting Marriage Rites worthless in the eyes of God. Holy means "Separate"; why then do Christians and Jews choose to "Congregate" in what Jesus called "Synagogues of Satan"? Groves are where "Evil is done in sight of the LORD" yet Christians set up Groves, Balaam inspired Manger Scenes (Jesus was born Feast of Tabernacles and was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 in Egypt when the "Wise Men" arrived in Bethlehem) every Christmas and fail to ask their Balaam Priest how Rabbits laying Eggs has anything to do with the Resurrection of Jesus. Mt Sinai is in Arabia as Paul said (Gal 4); why does your clergyman and study bible claim it is in Egypt? A small sample of the work of Balaams in Robes aka Wolves in Sheep's Clothes. Jesuit Balaam Adam Weishaupt said it best Oh, mortal man is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?"
     Jesus is Shiloh "He whose it is" Bel means "Confounder"; Baal means "Owner, Master, Lord"; Balaam are "People of Baal". Hubal is Spirit of the God Baal. "Foreigner"; "Destroyer of the People"; "Not of the People"; "Swallow up the people" or "Confusing the People" are all attributes of Baal worship; Obelisks and the "Yin Yang" (Annual Solar shadow over an Obelisk) symbol used on the flag of Korea (Korah) are examples, and there is no bigger Baal's Shaft in the world than Washington DC. Balaam's like Joel Osteen promise "Prosperity"; Why? Gen 27:40 KJV is the only bible that tells us Esau ie Edomites live prosperous off the "fatness of the earth"; and as Priests doling out the "dew of Heaven". When Esau obtains "Dominion" (Sovereign authority to rule the earth) all Hell is going to break loose. In Numbers 24:20 Balaam tells the Kenites their  dwellingplace is strong, in the nest of the rocks; Strong because Esau will achieve "Dominion" that their nest is in the same rocks. You won't hear that in Church.
     Core is Korah (Obama's Common Core Curriculum might ring a Baal here) the cousin of Moses (Moses' father in law was Jethro aka Hobab the Kenite Priest); Swallow up the people refers to God Swallowing up the Alternative Levite Priesthood of Moses and Aaron (Num 16:32) currently held by non-Jewish Samaritans; the name Cohen ringing a Baal here?. Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca (Mechus=Adultery) and Nabbataean Arabs of Petra introduced Hubal worship. CIA asset Osama bin Laden called America "Modern Hubal" because Muhammad smashed Hubal and rededicated 360 Arab Idols to Allah. 360 are the days of the year; Lucifer will change the calendar to 360 day years during the 42 month "Great Tribulation".
             WWIII: Political Zionism versus Islam. Unified Islam begins with Ramadan 
  • Abu Bakr al Baghdadi declared himself worldwide Caliph (Chief) of IS (Islamic State) to start Ramadan. 
  • The International Common Law Court of Justice "Jubilee Week"  coincides with the start of Ramadan in a Christianity Annulment Proclamation. Charges of ritual abduction, torture, sacrifice and cannibalism of innocents within the 9th Circle Satanic Cult levied against Pope Francis I, Benedict XVI, Angilican Archbiship Justin Welby, Jesuit General Adolofo Nicholas, Queen Elizabeth and various other European "Royalty".
  • Lightning stuck the Hancock Building, Sears Tower (purchased for $911M  on 9/11/2002 by 9/11 WTC Lease holder Larry Silverstein) and Trump Tower 3 times each to start Jubilee Week and Ramadan. Odds? Lightning hit St Peter's Basilica Twice the night Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. 2 Doves released by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I were attacked by a Raven and Seagull Twice at the Vatican.  
  • Sharia Law Judge and current Iran Shia Puppet President Hassan Rouhani called for "Unity and Cooperation among Muslim Nations" to combat "Terrorism".
  •  33 degree Freemason Ashkenazi fake Jew (Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth not even Semitic) Benyamin Netanhayu launched a worldwide media campaign against Iran
  • ISIS now IS (To Be) mercenaries targeted the Golden Mosque of Samarra (June 30), Mausoleum of the martyred 10th and 11th Shia Imams. The occulted 12th "Twelver" Shia Imam "al-Mahdi" will not be far behind the unification of Islam. Fellow 33 degree, Luciferian Grand Orient Lodge Freemasons Ayathollah ali-Sistani (Iraq) and ali-Khameini (Iran) will dutifully usher in their god Lucifer "Hilal".
  • Eid al Fitr (Break the Fast) ends Ramadan (July 28) in Islamic Unity (Shiites, Sunnis, Twelvers, Assassins). Eid is coincident with 2700 Molech worshipping Bohemian Grovers completing the 4000 yr old Grand Climax Ritual  "Begone Dull Care". (Begone is Barra; E-Barra is the House of the Sun). Both are coincident with Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets) Good time for the Kenite insired "Fake Rapture"? Time will tell. Jesuit (Kenite) Francisco Ribera made up that nonsense, propagated by Plymouth Brethren Satanist Edward Irving and Kansas con man Cyrus Scofield. Don't be fooled folks! Have faith and patience; JESUS will come for you! 
  • 9 Av (Aug 5) is the day the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed, the Bar Kochba Revolt, the Alhambra Decree (Columbus' disease facilitated murder spree in the Americas) and Bush Sr Slaughtering and burying 100K Iraqis flying a White Flag. Project 911 on Site 911 "Beit Shemesh" (House of the Sun) is scheduled for completion then; a Kenite Scribe written Mezuzah will be over every door of the radiation hardened US financed/built bunker protecting inhabitants from the Glory of Lucifer.
  •  The Hajj, Feast of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles all line up with a Lunar Eclipse (Oct 8, 2014) on Jesus' real birthday. Russia and the US arm ISIS (Throne of Antichrist) mercenaries (search Mol Comfort and Nour M); the entire world wants and will get WWIII. Which side you are on determines your residence for Eternity and it was planned this way. WWIII will pit Zionism (Six Pointed Star of Molech and Noahide Law) against Islam (Crescent=Hilal=Lucifer and Sharia Law) pick either side and eternity in Hell awaits. Just say no!
    Balaams have not forgotten nor forgiven; their intention is to destroy everything God has created including the 12 tribes of Jacob out of whom Shiloh comes (Lion of Judah) and all Born Again Christians unwilling to accept a Luciferian Initiation. Blasphemy of Jesus and/or the Holy Ghost is unforgivable and Balaams coerce Christians to do this all the time. 
           "By Allah we will take revenge through Jihad" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
      Lucifer is the "Man of Sin" In a condition of Sin, everyone perishes, both body and soul forever. Allah is the 4000 yr old Arab god Sin=Father/Moon + 3 daughters Uzza=Mother/Sun/Aphrodite/Isis + Manat=Venus/Lucifer/Chronos/Fateful Time the Sun Bearer and wife of Hubal + al Lat=Mithra/Mitra/Dionysus and mother of Hubal. Allah or the blood of Jesus? Choose wisely folks, the decision lasts for Eternity. JESUS is the only way out of this proverbial "Rock and Hard Place". WWIII will pit Zionism against a unified Islam with the United Nations at the helm.
      Nobody on earth is born in "Original Sin". The only remedy of Sin is adult (Age 21) acceptance of the blood of Jesus (God in Flesh) for remission of Sin and everybody Sins. Nobody on earth can Baptize another human being for the remission of Sin; this is something only Jesus can do with Fire and the Holy Ghost, not Water. Water Baptism is a Kenite deception. Nobody is "Baptized" as an infant or adolescent into the body of believers in Jesus; they are not born in Sin nor guilty of Sin at that point; that's a Kenite deception. Nobody on earth, nor in the New Covenant including Jesus (The Law sates Levites collect Tithe, not Judah) is authorized to collect Tithing; another Kenite deception. Nobody on earth is authorized to offer Communion either Body or Blood. consuming Tran substantiated body and blood is Cannibalism of God; if symbolic it is worthless (Balaam=Worthless Person). Accepting Communion in an unworthy condition ie from a Balaam Priest places the recipient in a condition of Sin and Debt (ref 1 Cor 11:27-29). Only Jesus can forgive our Sins/Debts. Communion is a purely Spiritual sacrament only Jesus can offer; another Cainite deception. Cainites (Kenites) are masters of deception, working from within in the most subtle (actually subtil; crafty eh?) and crafty ways to cause anyone and everyone to fall short of the Law and Grace of God. Paul and Barnabas convinced Jews to leave the congregations and for that Paul was stoned (Acts 13:43;14:19) Congregations are Sheep Pens used to slaughter unsuspecting victims.
   Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is the only Unforgivable Sin; JESUS is the Holy Ghost   
    JESUS is Father (GOD), Son (GOD in Flesh "Jesus"), Holy Ghost and Word; not "One". Formal rejection of JESUS is easy, just recite the Shahada "There is no God but Allah" or the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One". The correct wording in the Authorized Bible is "The LORD our God is one LORD" Deut 6:4 and Allah is the 4000 yr old moon god "Sin". Subtle isn't it? Find errors in the Authorized Bible? . Jesus is the Word made Flesh and Holy Ghost in written form. Bee Careful! God is the LORD in Flesh "Jesus". Mezuzah means "Doorpost" and serves as a Luciferian alternative to Lamb's Blood. Just have a Kenite Scribe write the Shahada on parchment and put it on your doorposts and Hell awaits with 100% certainty. 
     The UN Planetary Initiative states "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" The UN is being called into the Water crisis in Detroit; the Great Lakes are being intentionally drained. Lake Mead is months (37ft) away from creating a water crisis in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Cities in North Texas are converting raw sewage to drinking water. California is in the grips of the worst drought in history. The UN will be called in to deal with the humanitarian crisis intentionally being created at the Mexico-US border and with that comes the end of US Sovereignty. Thousands of UN vehicles and tanks are stockpiled and ready for deployment. Not in a personal covenant with Jesus? You need to be.   
     Inheritance is given to 1st born sons under God’s law; agreed to by contract (Covenant), man has been tricked into breaking the terms of 7 such Covenants over the course of the last 5996 ½ years; the age of Creation. The 8th Covenant "Age of Grace" between God and Man through Jesus is about to end; it states "Love God with all your heart and soul". "Love your neighbor as yourself". Who is God? JESUS. No other name applies to the only mediator between God and Man. What symbolizes God? Nothing. Where is God? In your Prayer Closet. On Earth, who mediates between God and Man in such very serious matters as Baptism, Communion and Confession? Nobody. JESUS alone mediates (Priest) between God and Man as Melchizedek; King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High. JESUS alone  provides the tools by which the Covenant is administered. Is there a written record on earth by which we can verify Truth from Deception? Yes, the Authorized Bible (AB), which states Jerusalem on Earth is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8AB. The Six Pointed Star flying as the Ensign of Jerusalem is the Chaldean STUR or Star of Molech, the bloodthirsty god of the Kenites.
    “Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God…For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 1 Jn 4:15; 5:7
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth” John 1:1; 14 “Before Abraham was I am” John 8:58 Just before Abraham was Melchizedek. 
“I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending” Rev 1:8 
     One can plainly see JESUS is the Word, written in advance of Creation to fulfill the 7th Covenant of the Law and brought to Earth as Jesus. Word is spelled as one would their Name; the Word is the true history and future (prophesy is pre-written history) of the Earth, and is the only Contract God made with it’s inhabitants.
    “Christian” is derived from Christ meaning Messiah; the Ismaili “al-Mahdi” is one such awaited Messiah. Bahai await Bab and Baha'ullah meaning Gate of Allah or Sin. The Egyptian “Shu” is another Messiah; an impostor known as Yeshua (Jah + Shua) where Jah is a contraction of Jehovah. Jesus was Jehovah (Covenant Name in Flesh), but He was rejected and Crucified by being "Hung on a Tree" in accordance with the Law He wrote in Deut 21:23. Jesus is now in Heaven as Priest of JAH=JEHOVAH. Sha is Hebrew for Salvation; Jah + Sha =Jah is Salvation. The world is 2000 years late for that!
      Cain became the world’s first, First Born son. After the Flood, the Seed of Cain (Cainites) was passed to Canaan and the Kenites (Cainites) through incest between Ham and his Cainite mother (Noah’s mother), not from demon angels or aliens mating with human women. The Word is very clear about the fact Man and Woman can only mate with their own kind; not Angels, nor Animals. Only Noah was "Perfect in his generations" and only Canaan was "Cursed" by this genetic aberration. The Holy Grail? Pure nonsense; the blood here is RH- "Blue blood" kept pure through intermarriage of so-called "Royal" families. The Covenant God made with Abram explicitly required his sons to not take wives of the Canaanites; Ishmael and Esau disobeyed being renamed Ismail and Edom (Red or Adam); Isaac and Jacob obeyed. Jacob became Israel after “Wrestling with God”, but that Name was removed (Amos 7:2-3; 5-6) after Israel adopted the Six Pointed Star of Molech (Amos 5:26) brought to Israel by Solomon’s 1000 Phoenician (Cretan/Kenite) wives/concubines; likely a result of Joseph marrying Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera a Solar Priest of On (Heliopolis). Moses married Zipporah, Midianite daughter of the Kenite Priest Jethro (Hobab); an Alternative Korahite Priesthood and Golden Bull Idols were introduced as a result. Kenite Scribes were introduced into Israel resulting in the Scribes and Pharisees condemned to Hell by Jesus. Tithing is only authorized to be collected by Levite Priests; Jesus made is clear He replaced the Levites with the Melchizedek Priesthood through Himself,  a descendant of Judah. Kenite Scribes wrote the "Un-inspired Texts" used in all New Bible versions except the Authorized Bible. The Apocrypha books written during the Inter-testament period, Dead Sea Scrolls and Hag Hamadi Scrolls are evidence of Kenite corruption. Be careful with the term “Serpent’s Seed”. Arnold Murray  and others such as David Icke espousing the Nephilim and Reptilian bloodline are lying. Man and Woman commit Sin by Free Will, not physical rape by Aliens and Demons.
    Rejecting the blood of Jesus Christ, Kenites serve Mammon. Kenite collections in the US are made by the IRS; in the news recently for losing years worth of E-Mails backed-up by no less than 3 outside vendors. Why such a big lie now? Daniel got sick and fainted hearing from Angel Gabriel and Jesus about the last 2300 days as described in Dan 8. The 7 Year Tribulation is made up Kenite Bullshit; the Great Tribulation lasts 1260 days with the preceding 1040 days representing America's Form 1040 Tax (Burden) Return. America is about to be audited and found wanting as Babylon was. Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsim is written on the wall in plain sight.
     Sacrificing the blood of innocents is Satan's (Molech) required sacrifice. On the Summer Solstice June 21 at Midnight the Council of 13 led by George "Poppy" Wizard of Oz Bush will sacrifice a new born infant at the Old Navarre Building in Denver as they do every year at the Feast Day of St John. Navarre comes from the Basque Kingdom meaning "People of the Plains"; specifically the 5 Canaanite "Cities of the Plains" Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim and Bela (Zoar) aka "Slime pits". The mortar used in the “Tower of Babel” was/is “Slime”; bitumen mortar seen in Oil and Asphalt; not a Tower, but a Magdala aka Bloodline or Holy Grail. Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Heaven’s no, Secret Society Initiations designed to Blaspheme the Holy Ghost and consummate a Divine Union to Satan.
    The Solstice sacrifice will be followed by 2000 Elite in Bohemian Grove offering children in fires to Molech. Mock sacrifices like Burning Man? No way, Molech demands innocent human sacrifices not mock sacrifices. Poppy Bush aka Magog has a called “1000 pts of Light” named after the 1000 pts of Light Chapel in Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings) in Muno Bel, Belgium. Children are sacrificed every day there by “Mothers of Darkness” including Barbara Bush.
     The symbols of Satan are the Cross of Tammuz (Ankh), Six Pointed Star of Molech (Chaldean STUR, Ammonite Chiun, Moabite Chemosh, Phoenician Seal of Solomon) and Crescent (Hilal=Lucifer). Christians and Jews are deceived into bowing to these Pagan Idols; Saturn’s (Saturday) Day or Sol (Sunday) Day makes no difference; in the New Covenant, all 7 days are rest (Sabbath) provided by Jesus. Jesus came to fulfill every Jot and Tittle of the Law. The first 2 Commandments “Have no other gods before me” and Make no “Graven Image” or “Likeness” of anything and do not bow down to them. Look in the mirror folks, Babylon will be staring back. 
    The final Kenite (Cainite) deception has to do with Commandment #3 “Thou shall not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain”. The Covenant "Name" of God is JAH (JEHOVAH) and Jesus is the only mediator. This clever, subtil, crafty deception with the "Name" (HaShem) will be the "Strong Delusion" Paul spoke of. Jesus Christ is the only name by which remission of sin and salvation is offered. Jesus is Melchizedek "King of Jerusalem" and the only "Priest of the Most High". Jesus is "Shiloh" meaning "He whose it is". Jerusalem here is not Jerusalem in Israel which Jesus refers to as "Spiritual Sodom and Egypt"; it is in Heaven and purely Spiritual (Gal 4). Yahweh, El, Jah (Ps 68:4 JAH is not the same as Jah), YHWH, Yehoshua, Joshua, Elah, Melek (Melek=Molech=Lord), Marduk, Allah, Adonay, HaShem and Shmo (Orthodox Jewish bible changes JAH to Shmo in Ps 68:4 meaning Schmuck, Jerk, Dork) is not a Name that that will provide Remission of Sin through the Blood of Jesus Christ; they are all Names of Satan.
      Jah is the Ras=Prince Tafari (Haile Selasi=Holy Trinity) name derived from Kenite (Nubian) origin. Kenites has a Pharaoh of Egypt and Ethiopia "Taharqa"; Obama fashions himself a modern day version of Taharqa. The error here originated with King Solomon and the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba; a Kenite. Michelle (Michael) is related to Ethiopian Priests of Ameru (Serpent) claiming descent from Solomon and the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba, however here were no such offspring nor was the Ark of the Covenant taken there; it is in Heaven with Jesus Christ, with New Jerusalem and with the Temple of God. Jah + Shu=Jahshua or Yashua, Yehoshua, Jehoshua. Shu is the primordial Egyptian god of the air; the son/prince of the Egyptian creator god Ra (Ras=Prince) Messiah the Prince? Satan folks!
      Kenites today are found on pulpits; Nicolaitanes conquering the Laity as an Elevated Clergy. Rabbis, Priests, Gurus and Imams “Balaam” means "Worthless Person” which is what all Priests are; that is except Jesus. Titles such as Master, Rabbi, Reverend, and Father belong to God not man . Lawyers, Politicians, Media, Celebrities, Study Bible writers, Zionists, Talmudists, Kaballists, Messianic Muslims (Shia Ismailis awaiting al-Mahdi), Buddhists, Shinto, Krishnas, Bahai and all Secret Societies such as Templars, Hospitallers, Assassins, Dervish, Freemasons, Jesuits etc. Zionists, both Christian and Jewish await JahShua "Jah who Rises" as Shias await al-Mahdi "He who rises". Same Beast rising from the Sea folks!
    Kenites are Metal Workers; read today's Military-Industrial Complex. Cain's son Tubal-cain instructed pre-flood metal workers and is today the patron of Freemasons worldwide. Kenites fashioned weapons for Pharaoh (Hyksos), the Golden Calf for Aaron, the Brazen Sea for Solomon and the Crosses, Menorahs and Idols used by today's duped Christians and Jews. Muslims do not bow to idols; there is no need to because Allah is Lucifer, the Arab Moon God “Sin”, seen as the “Hilal”, the first visible waxing crescent or “Light Bearer”, a reflection of the Sun god Sol or Mithra. Orthodox and Catholic Priest Miters are symbols of Mithra/Sol. Merry Christmas? Mass is the sacrifice and consumption of Christ; not my cup of tea! 
                                   Six Pointed Star: The Curse of Earth Dwellers
      The primary Kenite symbol is the Mark of Cain aka Six Pointed Star, Chaldean STUR or Seal of Solomon. Add "Height" to an Isosceles Triangle; place one above and one below to form the Hexagram, the symbol of creating Heaven on Earth (Hebrew Tikkun Olam=Repair the Earth)and re-entering the Garden of Eden without God in it. The 3-D Hexagram is the Merkabah or Ezekiel's Wheel, which for Gnostics is a reflection of the Alpha/Omega Particle aka God Particle. CERN just announced near 100% proof of the Graviton (Source of Gravity; Lucifer is the God of Forces in Dan 11:38; Ammon, Moab and Edom aka Idumea or Jordan escape Lucifer for a very short time ) Star Children refer to those given in marriage to Lucifer/Satan. The terms Tula (ancient Egypt) and Thule Society aka Brotherhood of Death or Skull & Bones Society represent the Dark Sun (Schwarze Sonne or the Nazi SS). Galactic Sun aka Black Hole are made up Bullshit of Aryan "Noble Caste/Race" origin. Kenite terms such as Nephilim, Anunnaki, Reptilian, Alien, Star Gates and Watcher (not God's in Dan 4:17) are used to justify the slaughter of those who refuse the Mark of the Beast and Luciferian Initiation into the New World Order.  
    The Hexagram is not Jewish or Israelite, it is Phoenician/Canaanite/Kenite. The Star of Saturn (6th Planet=Wanderer=Cain=Kenite; Saturn=Chaldean STUR=Star), El, Ashtoreth, Milcom, Chiun, Melqart, Sikkuth, Chemosh, and Molech are all seen in the Ensign flying over modern Israel to whom sacrifices, preferably innocent sacrifices are presented as Burnt Offerings. Synonymous with the Hexagram is the Beehive because Bee is Chaldean for Word; Papal Tiaras were in fact shaped as Beehives. The Mormon Tabernacle has the Hexagram in the stained glass window because it is a Tabernacle of Molech. A slam on Mormons? Heaven’s no, Mormo is King of the Ghouls, the graveyard deity known as “God of the Living Dead” in China=Sina=Sin=Cathay meaning Sons of Heth or Hittites. Subtle and extremely Crafty isn’t it? Folks, everyone on earth falls for the same deception unless He/She accepts Jesus as God in Flesh, the sole source of the Holy Ghost, the infallible Word (AB) in Flesh and sole Mediator (Melchizedek Priest) of the Most High “JEHOVAH” (JAH).  
    What’s in a Name? Here is an example in Obama. To Zoroastrians (Star Seed=STUR Seed=Cainites) Obama means "He is with us" Who is he? America is Darkness "Ahriman" locked in the final battle of "Good versus Evil" with Iran (Noble Caste), the sons of Light "Ahura Mazda". Nobody battles God and wins; this nonsense is perpetuated by Ayatollahs Ali-Khomeini (installed by George Bush Sr), Ayatollah Khameini and Ayatollah ali-Sistani (installed in Iraq by George Bush Jr) in Iran and Iraq and al-Mahdi Army leader Moqtada al-Sadr. They are assisted by Ismaili dictatorships throughout the Middle East (Wahhabist Sunni Saudi Arabia finances ISIS "Throne"), the Anti-thesis to the "al-Mahdi Army" in the world's final Dialectic. In Japan (Rising Sun) Obama means “Little Beach or Beach Head”, a title given to Samurai sworn to protect the Emperor of Japan. Obama bowed to Emperor Akahito for this reason. In Arabic, Barack means "Lightning" Arabs teach Abraham and Muhammad's  Winged White Horse was al-Buraq "Lightning" who departed for Heaven from (like Jesus did from Golgotha) the Temple Mount. Hussein means "Handsome". Lucifer should ring a Baal here. In Farsi, Obama means "He is with us". In Swahili (Kenite) language of Kenya/Nubia Obama means “Bent or Twisted”. Ironically, the word Attorney also means “To Twist” as in Twist the Law in order to indict the defendant (Debtor). Obama is a Kenite project. The 44th and final US President has no valid birth records, no valid Social Security Registration, cannot be E-Verified, is not a US Citizen, has no Driver's License, and has no US Passport. He is the first US President not sworn to defend the US Constitution at his Inauguration.
    Obama is Madrassa Quran School and CIA (Afghan-Pak Station Chief Bob Gates) trained Mujaheddin "Warrior of Jah/Allah=Satan" who never attended Columbia University. Obama aka Bari "Barque" Malik (Molech, El, Saturn, Milcom, Chiun, Ashtaroth, Melek) Shabazz (First Race refers to Cainite/Kenite) is the son of Sovereign Mason head of the Nation of Islam Malcolm X (Malcolm=Milcom; X=Christ/Messiah), the sworn enemy of Christianity.
    Obama (Rahm Emanuel as well) is a member of Chicago Bath House "Man's Country" and member of Sovereign/Luciferian Mason Jeremiah Wrights "Down Low Club" used to create fictitious resumes and train Sodomites for public presentation. Obama is a lifelong Sodomite (Pakistani lovers Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and actor Kal Penn and White House "Body Man" Reggie Love), pathological liar, cocaine addict, 32 degree Prince Hall Mason (Sarah Palin proclaimed April 14-17, 2007 Prince Hall Mason Week in Alaska; yes she and John McCain know this. John met with and green lighted ISIS in Sept 2013 in Syria) and Bohemian Grove Molech worshiping initiate.
     Jerusalem is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” in bondage to the Law (Gal 4; Rev 11) Sodom is derived from CeDom “To Burn or Scorch one’s Soul” Sodomites are Free of all of God’s Laws. Obama is married to Oregon State linebacker Michael LaVaughn Robinson, son of cocaine dealer/union thug for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (son Bill Daley was White House Chief of Staff; Handlers are Iranian born Valerie Jarrett and Sodomite Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan), Fraser Robinson and street prostitute Marian Robinson. Marian currently resides at the White House and is a Santeria (Voodoo) practitioner. Michael underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins in order to become a plausible "1st Lady"; they have 2 adopted children with no public birth records. On the Egypt side, Obama is sending $1B/Yr in aid to US Army War College  trained Arab General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi including 10 Apache Helicopter gunships promised by John Kerry (Kohen) by the start of Ramadan. Sodom, Egypt and Arabia are joined by the Phoenix Bird aka Benu Bird of Heliopolis (On), Egypt in bondage to the Law of Jerusalem.    Obama bowed to King Abdullah (Abd=Servant of Allah) of Saudi Arabia, bowed and takes orders from Edomite (Edom, Ammon and Moab "Idumea" is Jordan and escape the hand of Antichrist in Dan 11) King Abdullah II of Jordan, promised a "New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo where the Arab League was founded. He sang "God save the Queen" to Queen Elizabeth II, hoisted the Chinese (China=Sina=Cathay=Sons of Heth=Hittites, the wives of Ishmael and Esau) Flag over the White House and bowed to British Order of the Garter and Shinto Emperor Akahito while delivering US made MOX (Uranium-Plutonium Oxide mixed to be neutrally buoyant in seawater) Fuel to Fukushima just ahead of the pre-planned, earth destroying atomic meltdown.
     In the Great Tribulation (Rev 11&13) Jesus uses the term “Earth Dweller” (Cain was the 1st Earth Dweller) for those “whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world” (Rev 13:8) These people  “worship the Beast” Jesus’ states the purpose of His return is to “Destroy them which destroy the Earth”. Note here Jesus was Crucified at the foundation of the world and was Hung upon the very same “Tree” (Cross is not a Tree); the same spot will become home to Satan’s Seat (Throne of Pergamum) and the 3rd Temple. Obama is no accident; he is One Big Ass Mistake for America designed as a Scapegoat or Straw Man by Kenites.
    Obama is a title given to Luo (Kenites) Tribe who convert to Islam in Kenya/Nubia; his name means “Bent or Twisted”. No exaggeration, or humor intended, but Obama is a Nube: Emasculated, Pitiful, Idiotic, having meager skills leading the world into WWIII. Converts to Islam need only recite the Shahada. Both Barack and Michael have openly said their "Home" is Kenya. Michael in fact is related to the Priests of Ameru; cousin Rabbi Funnye Capers has the ear of the Usurper in Chief. Another Scapegoat Pope Francis I is a Jesuit sitting above the Shahada, written under the Chair of Peter “There is no God but Allah”. Francis means “Free” as in Free of God and all of His Laws. America will serve as the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon” and the Catholic Church for Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT…” In Truth, neither have anything to do with these entities, merely serving as a Gate (Bab) of Lucifer (Jah, On, Allah etc). Sacrifice of the Host is the Ultimate Sacrifice seen in the word “Mass”. Christmas? Subtle isn’t it? The Birth of Christ requires the Sacrifice of another Alternative Christ. BTW Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC not Christmas.
                                   America is not a Christian Nation
    America is named after Amurru=Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amar=Canaanite/Kenite god of the west; Ameru=Kenite Serpent god. America will be sacrificed to Molech as a Scapegoat for Babylon "Gate of On, El, Allah, Saturn, Milcom, Chiun, Ashtaroth". The false God JahShua (Jah=Rasta "Prince" + Shua "Egyptian god who rises"; also Yeshua, Jehoshua, Yehoshua, Jahweh, Yahweh) aka al-Mahdi "He who Rises" will be revealed out of WWIII "Islam versus Zionism" or JahShua versus al-Mahdi (al-Mahdi army under Moqtada al Sadr is rising again 6/21/14) if you prefer. These names have nothing to do with Jesus.
    American Citizens have no rights under the Law. Sodomite Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts failed to have Obama swear to defend the Constitution intentionally. Sodomite Elena Kagan has guarded Obama's dirty little secrets for 30+ years. Sodomite Sonia Sotomayor is a member of Belizean Grove, the women's counterpart to Bohemian Grove; Molech is her LORD. Ruth Ginsburg calls the Talmud here "Sacred guide for daily living"; especially the part about Jesus boiling in His own excrement in Hell eh Ruth? 
     Feel like grabbing a Sword? You need to choose between a Weapon (Fist, Club, Sword, Bow, Gun, Bomb) or The Word to fight the enemy. Who will you fight? Satan who is an Angel? Guess what, God gives Satan the Key to the Bottomless Pit and puts him back in it 18 months, 1 Week and 1 Day later. Don't for one second think you can defeat Satan; Jesus already fought that battle and won without hurting anyone. Muslims who believe Allah is God? Jews who see God in the Six Pointed Star or Hanukkah Menorah? Christians who see God in the Cross of Tammuz or under the Christmas Tree?
     Since most of us routinely violate the 1st 4 Covenants; how about reading the 5th “Thou shalt not kill”? Jesus warns “He who killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword…” Rev 13:10 Chaplains encouraging Christian Patriots to die for their country should know this eh? Have patience people! Jesus formulated a plan of salvation from the foundation of the World 5996 ½ years ago and will return when it is exactly 6000 years old (2 Pet 3:8). We are fighting a Spiritual War and the only weapon we have is the Word. Get it, know it and use it! 
                  Heb 9:22 "Without shedding of blood is no remission"    
    Molech requires sacrifices and the most efficient way to sacrifice large amounts of human beings is disease. Ex. 11 million died in WWI from combat while 50 million died from 1918 Spanish Flu, a US Army Ft Detrick created pestilence delivered by Vaccine.  Ft Detrick also created the AIDS Virus, blaming Gays and transmitting it by blood with Hepatitis B Vaccines. Ft Detrick also created the world's final Bio-hazard "Ebola" and weaponized it by making it airborne transmissible. It is currently being tested in West Africa and is out of control. Dr Erick Pianka a Community and Evolutionary Ecology (Ecology deals with Anti-pollution of the environment) professor at UT Austin believes as many Molech worshiping Kenites "The world will better off by eliminating 90% of the population and the most efficient way to do this is an airborne strain of Ebola"  RC Christian (Rosicrucians) put their goal to reduce the world's population by 93% in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed got his marching orders at Bilderberg 2014 and is holding a "Mass Casualty Drill" June 28, the 100th anniversary of WWI, the 50th anniversary of the UN sponsored Korean War and start of Ramadan. Prince Phillip wants to be re-incarnated as a Killer Virus; his disciple Margaret Chan is Director of the World Health Org. Cainites (Kenites) are Earth Dwellers and  Jesus warned of this in Mat 24 and Lk 21. Nothing like bleeding from every orifice eh?  So where is the Weaponized Ebola now? My guess is the Bio-hazard Trident (3 Teeth of the Beast) Security Guards murdered in Abu Dhabi last March know! Pre-customs flights from Abu Dhabi to America's largest cities making sense now?
    The Earth will then “Purified by Fire” seen in the word Tammuz. America will become a giant Tophet used as remission of Sin through Disease (Pestilence) designed to shed blood. The CDC created and weaponized Ebola (Hemorrhagic Fever) for this purpose. The Scapegoat for it will be MERS CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus); Muslims were falsely blamed for 9/11/2001 so this is just par for the course. Preparations? 
  • 1000 Mobile Hospitals with Bio-hazard disposal capability and 1000 doctors sworn to follow orders from Hindu Surgeon General Vivek Murthy when called up. Vaccines? Templars created Switzerland and Swiss Giant Novartis is "Pandemic Ready".
  • Swiss Pharmaceutical Giant Novartis is "Pandemic Ready" for an anticipated Flu Epidemic in the US. GlasoSmithKline in Canada has refused to submit reports on Flu Vaccine production and Health Canada is keeping them secret.
  • All 50 States National Guard Units have JBAIDS test equipment designed to detect fever.
  • Capital of the Ismaili World's Arms Bazaar, United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi is just now operating the first direct flights to NYC, Washington DC and Chicago (DFW and LAX are next) without Customs inspections in the US. Recall, 2 Bio-hazard Trident Security Guards in Abu Dhabi died guarding Bio-hazard cargo aboard the Maersk Alabama in March. Hollywood warned those in the know with Captain Phillips 
  • UN Rail Cars with shackles (Detroit is being tested by withholding water; the UN is being petitioned to help). Thousands of UN vehicles like the White Toyotas used by ISIS Mercenaries. Millions of Multi person coffins. 600 Civilian Inmate Detention Facilities with Rails dead ending at Natural Gas fed crematoriums. Operation Garden Plot is Ecology in action and Cain is the Gardener. All are staffed and ready for operation under the command of Ban ki-Moon a Unification Church "Moonie" who believes Jesus failed His mission. 
  • US Customs in charge of Constitution Free Zone surrounding US, advertising for and transporting immigrants into the interior US, many with previously eradicated diseases such as Polio, Measles, Norovirus, Scabies, Leprosy, Guinea Worm, Dengue Fever, Malaria and MDR-TB. Now tell my why the Ismaili dictatorship of Abu Dhabi is operating flights without US Customs inspections? 
  • The Law? TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TPP (Pacific version) and TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) allow the EU (EU HQ built as a Tower of Babel with Seat 666 empty), BIS (Bank of International Settlements; US is $66Trillion in Debt +  $240T in un or underfunded liabilities such as Social Security + $1.5Q in Derivatives Investments), The Hague (Int'l Court) and Foreign Corporate Investors to legally circumvent the US Constitution in order to raid any and all US assets and control all public "Services" such as Water, Power, Transportation, Sanitation, Health Care, Postal, and Broadcasting. Kangaroo Courts with Attorneys twisting the law before the Devil in Robes sitting next to the Gold Braided (Corporate) Flag, indebting everyone to their fair share of $66Trillion Debt. Divide that by 300 Million people whose Passports are tied to the Debt and you will see Jesus' warning "The Debtor is a slave to the Creditor".          
          When? My guess is this will begin on Day of Atonement (Oct 3-4, 2014). The evening prior is Kol Nidre; Kenite fake "Jews" will receive forgiveness of Sins they plan to commit the following year and guarantees their names are written in the "Book of Life"; the one maintained by Talmudic Rabbis who claim Jesus is the son of a whore, rotting in Hell in boiling excrement. Getting rid of followers of Jesus will turn the Earth into a Desert. The Earth will become a Tabernacle of Molech (3-D Hexagram) and what a sign in the heavens with a Lunar Eclipse on Feast of Tabernacles (Oct 8, 2014).  Swiss (Templars/Bankers created Switzerland, called Gnomes of Zurich) Vaccine maker Novartis was just certified by the DHS, FDA and CDC as "Pandemic Ready" for an anticipated disease outbreak Fall 2014. Odd for a company fighting litigation in Japan, US, Great Britain and China for Bribery, False Labeling, and Kickbacks to Hospitals/Doctors. The Vaccine will do what most Vaccines do, overwhelm the immune system so diseases like Ebola can kill effectively.  
       Why America? Jesus is Obadiah (Servant of JEHOVAH=JAH) in this shortest of all books, Jesus promises on His return to destroy everyone in the House of Esau/Edom. Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent; Amar is the Canaanite god of the west; Amorica is the Druid/Cathar land of the west; Ameru is the Serpent; the Church of Amor (Agape) is a Gnostic Cathar, Cannibalistic Love Feast and Orgy; Catharsis means "Discharge of Pent up emotion". All this was planned and written in the Declaration of Independence (from God). DHS Senior Fellow and chief adviser is President of Lone Star Intelligence LLC; Mohamed Elibiary openly calls America an "Islamic Nation"; his mentor was executed Wahhabist Stanford University professor of Islamic Studies Ibn Sayyid Qutb who first coined the term "al-Qaeda" in Anno Satanae (Year One Satan) 1966, calling for a "Global Holy War". Allah is the Arab moon god Sin folks! Muslim means "One who Submits" to Allah/Lucifer and rejects Jesus as God in Flesh. Why America?
   133 Nations of the G77 (The "G" means Grand Architect of the Universe; 77 is the number of manes of Satan) met in Bolivia (33 degree Luciferian Mason Simon Bolivar should ring a Baal) June 17 with KCIA asset and Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon, Ban ki-Moon to declare the end of "America and its New World Order". How's that Green Building facing East housing Satan's Altar in NYC looking now? 
The UN, Russia, China, Iran, US, Britain, Turkey, all the Arab Emirates and Turkey all want War and all work together.
          The US will become the Scapegoat for Babylon
(Rev 18); the False Messiah will rise from its ashes as a Phoenix. Both in America and Iraq (Babylon) water is the battleground. Fracking, Privatization, Ethanol production, UN LOST treaty are destroying America's water; Detroit residents are petitioning the UN for help obtaining water right now. ISIS (Throne) is funded and armed by the US, Britain, France, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Russia (Google Mol Comfort and Nour M) and Saudi Arabia (Senior Saudi Military are trained in Moscow). Mol Comfort was a Russian ship with a Russian crew and 5000 shipping containers headed for John Kerry and "Friends of Syria" aka ISIS when it broke in half on June 17, 2013. Nour M is a Turkish ship, intercepted with 50,000 Kalshnikov Rifles and ammunition headed for the Russian port of Tartus and ISIS mercenaries. Turkey is controlling water in the Euphrates headed for Iraq; Russia is shutting off water headed for the Crimea. ISIS is poised to take control of the Haditha (Hadith means "New Tradition") Dam supplying water to Baghdad; the US started flying Hellfire armed Drones and manned aircraft over Baghdad at the start of Ramadan (June 28). China  is tasked by the UN with removing Syrian WMD's; a bit odd? RIMPAC (June 26-Aug 1) is the world's largest Military Exercise at Pearl Harbor and the 2 biggest participants are the US and China. Waking up yet?  
     Before the blood flows and the smoke rises from America's torment, make sure you are in a personal covenant with Jesus. The only Name of the Messiah through which salvation is offered by the LORD is JESUS, the spirit of the slain Lord Jesus. His Name is JESUS not Jah, JahShua, Yahweh, Yehoshua, Allah, Shmo, Melek, Molech, Mithra, Mitra, Krishna, Buddha, al-Mahdi or Elohim. 

                        Jubilee Week updated Father's Day
     "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" 1 Cor 14:8 The "Battle" is purely Spiritual, a battle Satan lost 6000 years ago; prepare yourself for Spiritual warfare unlike anything in history with the "Sword" aka Word of God (Authorized Bible) and a Spiritual relationship with the Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ, the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Word made Flesh. I'm BLOWING THE TRUMPET as loud as I can; the 1260 day Great Tribulation is/may be about to begin. 
   WWIII will pit Zionism (Thesis) versus Islam (Antithesis); the rule of Lucifer will be the Synthesis "Order out of Chaos"
    Jubilee Week (June 30-July 7, 2014) "Easter Annulment Proclamation" 700 years of Satanic Revenge 
+ 1260 days= "Covenant with Many" (Dan 9:27); 2 Witnesses, killed mid-week (Dec 21, 2017); 3 1/2 days later, they ascend to Heaven and Jesus arrives (Rev 11:7-12). Why Christmas? Rev 11:10 (sending gifts one to another") sounds a bit like Christmas doesn't it? Daniel's "70th Week" may be just 3 1/2 years away and yes it is just 7 days, not 7 years; there is no 7 yr Tribulation. The 7th Tetrad and Jubilee? occurred in 1966-7 aka Anno Satanae by the Church of Satan. The 8th Tetrad is 2015-16; the Jubilee (using the 50th year rather than 49th as the Jubilee) is 2016-17. This is just a guess at this point, but events are happening fast. Bohemian Grove is July 8-27; Molech/Saturn/El/Milcom/Chiun demands sacrifices and world leaders are willing to oblige. On the June 21st Solstice beginning at Midnight "Poppy Bush" will lead the sacrifice of an innocent child at Old Navarre, across from Brown's Palace in Denver as he does every year on the Feast Day of St John; Johnitters and Cathars have a lot of "Pent up emotion".
  On Friday 13th, 2014 the Knights Templar launched a $168B lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Church over 9000 properties confiscated after torture, execution and disbandment of the order 700 years ago. The problem? Not understanding Usury, French King Phillip and Pope Clement voluntarily entered into contract with the Templars (Cathar Military/Int'l Bankers) so the suit is valid. Why now? Grandmaster Jacques DeMolay was executed 700 years ago in Paris. "In 700 years, the Laurel will grow green again"-Cathar Perfecti Catharsis=Discharge of pent up emotion; the crown of Bacchus, Dionysus is green alright. Couple this with the Easter Annulment accusations of ritual torture, murder and consumption of children and Chaos is brewing.
   Ps 83:6 lists the "Confederacy" against God; the US funds, arms and trains al-Qaeda (Foundation), ISIS, ISIL, IEI, IEIL Mercenaries in Benghazi (biblical Cyrenaica aka Synagogue of Libertines), Turkey near Incirlik Airbase, Qatar and Aqaba, Jordan (Site of real Red Sea Exodus). ISIS (Throne of Antichrist) now controls most of Iraq (Babylon=Gate of the gods). Baghdad and Karbala will be the site of the start to Gulf War III and likely WWIII. Why there? Shias and Sunnis divide over the martyrdom of Imam Hussain at the Battle of Karbala. The 1st Shia Imam to the 12th Shia Imam al-Mahdi (He who rises=Jah + Shua) completes the Great Sacrifice of the 12 Princes of Abraham and Ishmael (Gen 17:20) that began with Abraham offering Ishmael (Quran 37:105-108) as the sacrifice on the Temple Mount. Christians know Isaac was the sacrifice, later fulfilled by Jesus Christ for humanity. Muslims reject the Crucifixion (Quran 4:157) in favor of Imam Hussain, the martyr of all humanity. This will be the fork in the road leading to the Mark of the Beast or Eternal life through the martyrdom of Jesus Christ. 
    On Father's Day (Pagan day honoring Zeus) Obama met with Jordan's (Moab, Ammon, Edom) Hashemite Freemason Terrorist training King Abdullah II in Rancho Mirage CA. The film "Bush 41" debuted and GHW Bush Carrier arrived in the Persia Gulf; "Bush 41"  omitted his Nazi roots, ineligibility to be President, his nickname "Poppy" for being the world's largest opium (Wizard of Oz and Opium Poppies) dealer and the "October Surprise" in Tehran (Oct '80) where Luciferian Mason George HW (nee Scherff) "Magog" Bush installed the Shiite Grand Orient Lodge Mason Ayathollah Khomeini and his successor Ayathollah Khameini in Iran. George Bush Jr "Gog" installed Grand Ayathollah ali-Sistani in Baghdad. Remember one thing: Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium 1000 years from now; this is the Satanic fake!  The Bush family is closely aligned with the Sunni King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia who finances Mercenaries. Satanists control both sides! Barbara Bush is Aleister "Great Beast" Crowley's ritual born, illegitimate daughter; he wrote "Liber Oz: Book 77" calling #77 the Sabbath Goat on the altar. Super Carrier GHW Bush "CVN-77" arrived with Tomahawk Missile ships Philippine Sea and Truxtan and Mesa Verde troop ship in the Persian Gulf (Likely near Abaddan Is. Satan is Abbadon/Apollyon; Rev 9:11) Island under the shadow of 1000's of Russian (Putin=KGB; Bush=CIA) made, Iranian Yakhont Supersonic Cruise Missiles purpose built to turn Aircraft Carriers and other ships in the Persian Gulf into "Floating Coffins". At the Cathedral of St John the Divine (Templars worship the severed Edomite head of John the Baptist) Satan's head is cutoff in Cancer (June 21-July 22). The Feast Day of St John is June 24. Freemasons become Luciferians at the Royal Arch Degree where they learn the name of God is Jahbulon (Jah-Baal-Osiris); it is not! Jah is not JAH (Ps 68:4), JAH is Spiritual name of Jesus Christ. Jah is Lucifer incarnated in Antichrist. Luciferians reject the Holy Ghost their choice ends in Hell! Mujaheddin "Warrior of Allah" and Halelujah "Praise Jah" are Satanic salutations! 
    NOAA is warning of 3 Class X Solar Flares that caused a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hitting Earth on Friday 13th; NOAA in Wingdings are symbols that say everything. John McCain met and green lighted ISIS Mercenaries Sept 2013.  Russia also arms these Sharia Law Mercenaries and trains Saudi Arabian military brass in Moscow. Abu Bakr works under Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman al-Faisal, brother of the Saudi Ambassador to the US. The producer of "Innocence of Muslims" is an agent of the US DOJ and Eric Holder financed by Sheldon Adelson and Mitt Romney. The US Dept of Commerce shipped Chemical and Biological (Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Dengue Virus, E Coli) weapons during Iran-Contra that are now in Syria.  Got all that? Now get Jesus in your life. 
    Osama bin Laden (Manger/Crib of Ladon) is CIA made up Bullshit derived from the mythical 100 headed Ladon Dragon; cut one head off and 2 more replace it; hence al-Qaeda=ISIS (Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is more CIA Bullshit), ISIL, IEI, IEIL, Boko Haram, Jabhat al Nusra, Ansar al-Sharia etc. KGB=CIA=MI6 Recall the ill fated Russian cargo ship Nour M was seized with 50K Kalashnikov Rifles and Mol Comfort split in half (God's intervention is my guess) carrying 5000 shipping containers of weapons to al-Qaeda "Rebels" in Syria; John Kerry (Kohen) was waiting on the shipment in Qatar with "Friends of Syria". Folks, don't buy the Putin is Christian Bullshit; Putin is a verified Royal Arch Freemason just like John Kerry ie  Masons who have rejected the Holy Ghost in formal Royal Arch Ritual. Fallujah, (US supplied UN banned White Phosphorous was used here in 2003, now in Ukraine), Mosul (biblical Assyrian capital of Nineveh; US is modern day Assyria and no, Nimrod did not build Nineveh, Asshur did), Tikrit (ISIS has a US base full of weapons including tanks now), Kirkuk (Ceyhan-Kirkuk Oil pipeline carries 1.6M BBls/day; Oil is going up), Samarra (Birthplace of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi; Pilgrimage Site of "Twelvers" awaiting the arrival of al-Mahdi; original Seat of Abbasid Caliphate and Nestorian Church (Assyrian Church of the East=Rising Sun) are toppled; Baghdad is next and Syria after that; read Isaiah 17:1 before they arrive. 
    ISIS=Throne of Antichrist. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is more CIA Bullshit; Abu=Tammuz; Bakr=Young Camel (Camel="To bear"); Baghdad=Gift of god; this fictional bogey man is bearing Tammuz, the gift of god! Worship of Tammuz is the reason the Glory of God left the 1st 2 Temples!  Obama and Edomite/Hashemite King Abdullah II of Jordan train/fund ISIS/ISIL on the Syrian-Jordan border which is why the 2 Masonic traitors met in Rancho Mirage, CA last month. Why now? the June Strawberry Full Moon silly. Strawberry Fields are the Mirage/Illusion "Nothing is real...Living is easy with your eyes closed"-John Lennon; better open your eyes folks! The US created "Green Zone", $multi-billion Swastika shaped US Embassy and dual 12in Oil Pipelines to Haifa (Israel is not Jewish; it is Satanic; Six Pointed Star of Saturn, Milcom and Chiun is the ensign of Amalekites, Ammonites and Moabites) is home to Ismaili "Twelver" Grand Ayathollah, ali-Sistani; his #2 man is US installed Ayatollah ali-Khameini in Tehran, the first site acquired by the Jesuits (Satan's Army) nearly 500 years ago. This has been the "Twelver" goal for the last 1000 years. 
    500K refugees fleeing public beheadings, amputations and crucifixions with far more to come; Turkey (Erdogan is a Luciferian Mason) called an Emergency NATO Mtg. Iraq declared a State of National Emergency; Nouri al-Maliki is a CIA installed Shia asset backed by Iran, and has Green Lighted American Drone and Aircraft strikes; ironically this will destroy the US military hardware intentionally left behind in Iraq. MRAP's, Machine Guns + 200K magazines and Ammunition, Millimeter Wave, Night Vision, Camouflage, Aircraft and Drones funded in Iraq war budgets were given to local law enforcement in the US for the upcoming Martial Law declaration. UN Unification Church initiate Ban Ki-moon called on the International Community to Unite with Iraq; recall Kofi Annan stole $2B "UN Oil 4 Food" money 10 years ago. The UN Trust Fund will be managed by Middle East Peace Envoy, Rhodes Scholar, 9/11/ 7/7/2005 London Subway, Iraq War Liar Tony Blair; God help us all! And HE will is you ask Him; His Name is Jesus!!! NATO Military commander Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg; Why? WWIII will reveal the 12th Shia Imam "al-Madhi" and a fake Jesus aka Antichrist and the False Prophet. Bahai call these 2 Satanists Bab (Gate) and Baha' Ullah (Ullah=Allah=Sin; Lucifer is the "Man of Sin"); they bring Peace and Justice for those willing to renounce Jesus Christ and accept Sharia (Revealed) Law and the Mark of the Beast. Not in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ yet? The clocks just jumped forward big time! Ramadan starts on the day following the next New Moon.
     Pentecost (6/8/14) Interfaith Peace Prayer: Jesuit Pope Francis I, Jesuit educated Luciferian Mason, Talmudic fake Jew Shimon Peres and Hamas backed Luciferian Mason Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican (Divine Serpent) in unison, offering Muslim, Jewish and Christian Prayers for Peace and Unity. The invitation was offered on Memorial Day by Pope Francis at Manger Square, the place Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC; the Christmas version complete with Wise Men standing over the Baby Jesus is of course complete Bullshit. Wise Men arrived when Jesus was 1 1/2 years old and already in Egypt; Herod ordered the "Slaughter of Innocents" soon after; an occult warning? The Dove symbolizes the start of the Christian Church with the Holy Ghost, however Easter and the Pentecost that follows 50 days after it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost. The Easter Dove  symbolizes  Samaritans (Samaritan women in Shiloh are finishing sewing a new Temple Veil for Lucifer) and their Babylonian version of "Christianity" seen in Easter (Anamellech=Rabbit Idol) and Christmas (Sacrifice, Consumption of the Host and Resurrection of Solis Invictis aka Mithra in the Grove). Recall, from the same Vatican apartment last January, Pope Francis released 2 Peace Doves which were promptly attacked by a Crow and Seagull; highly trained? or a sign from God? My vote is the latter. This symbolic meeting of Talmudic Judaism, Islam and Jesuit Christianity may very well signal the end of the Christian Church and beginning of the "Strong Delusion" (2 Thess 2:11) to believe these Lies. This "Strong Delusion" will likely feature Aliens; don't buy into the Alien/UFO Bullshit. God made Man in His own image and likeness; Gnostics made up the Alien nonsense 4000 years ago and their big day is getting close. 
        The Dove symbolizes God's protection of the Ark during the Flood; the Crow (Raven) symbolizes Freedom from God. "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" Mat 24:37 Folks, you really need to read Mat 24:37-44; it describes the 2nd Coming and Body Resurrection of believers at the 7th and Last Trumpet (1 Cor 15:52; 1 Thess 4:17) warning the day before the 2nd Coming. Is the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ imminent and being conveyed by these 3 Luciferian religious leaders? Not on your eternal life! Get ready for the Jesuit (Fr Francisco Ribera ca 1585) made up Bullshit called "The Rapture"!!  Feeling "Left Behind"? Don't, the revealing of the "Prince of Peace" (Satan in Flesh) follows the "Rapture"; Jesus comes for His own before destroying everything in front of Him. I would however be in a one on one personal relationship with Jesus Christ by then; you do not want to be in front of Jesus when He arrives. 
     June 8 was also the anniversary of the US sanctioned, Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, subsequently covered up by Admiral John McCain. The US Signal Intelligence ship intercepted an Israeli order for nuclear attack on Cairo which would likely have started WWIII during the 7th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in consecutive years (so-called "Blood Red Moons"); we are in the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses since the Crucifixion.  "For then they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape" 1 Thess 5:3. Watch out folks! 
     The term "Bullshit" is not meant to be funny; it means "Well crafted or subtil deception" which is why Witchcraft and Masonry are called "Craft" and Subtil (Gen 3:1) means "Sub=Fine, Thin + Tela=Web"; attributes of the Serpent.  "Subtil" deceptions can be found in the theories of Evolution and Gravity. The "God of Forces" (Dan 11:38) is a Fine, Thin Web seen in modern "String Theory"; "God Particle" aka "Graviton" giving Mass to Matter? Cretan/Phoenician Bullshit to the extreme. Evolution from "Dark Matter" and/or Alien pond scum? You get the idea. Jesuits are Catholic right? Bullshit, no more so than Assassins and Ismailis (Hagarenes) are Muslim or Rabbis are Jewish. God Created Man in His own image and Woman from Man; I humbly suggest we start acting like it. 
     Jubilee Week coincides with the  100th anniversary of the start of WWI and the  "Treaty of Versailles" Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen Phil Breedlove attended Bilderberg to receive his marching orders. Ironic that Phil taught me how to fly in 1981. WWI ended in Armistice; a sequel was planned to build up Communism; 200+ million have been sacrificed on its Bolshevik altar.  Formation of the League of nations  God separated the Nations at the Flood, the UN seeks to Repair God's work to pre-flood conditions.  
Anniversary of the Korean War  Israel's Illegal annexation of East Jerusalem including the Old City and Temple Mount       Samaritan women have a new Temple Veil ready and Samaritan fake Levite Priests are ready to accept the Throne of Pergamon "Satan's Seat". Ramadan  2014 coincides with MERS CoV exploding and a Customs pre-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi where 2 Trident Security Bio-hazard guards were murdered guarding the Maersk Alabama; the cargo ended up on MH 370. Atlanta "Mass Casualty Drill Mayor Kasim Reed attended Bilderberg; a young US City Mayor amid the Satanic Elite is not because Kasim is smart. International Common Law Court of Justice "Jubilee Week" will seek to enforce an Easter Annulment Proclamation against the Anglican and Roman Catholic Church. Jubilee Anniversary of Malcolm X's Organization of Afro-American Unity Important because Malcolm X swore to bring an end to US Capitalism and Christianity; through his son Barack Obama? You be the judge.
      WWIII was planned long ago; "Zionism versus Islam" will exhaust the world physically, morally and economically before revealing the "Man of Sin". Just back from Bilderberg 2014, ex-NSA Chief Gen Keith Alexander warned "A terrorist attack is coming to the US or Europe"; add "Inside Job" and he is telling the truth. Both sides of the Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis are controlled by Luciferian Gnostics using the 3 primary symbols/logos of Lucifer. The Six Pointed Star  Represents "As Above, So Below", the symbol of Toth-Hermes, Saturn, Molech, Chiun, Remphan, Milcom, Ashtoreth, Witchcraft "Hexagram" (Hex=Curse) or Phoenician/Cretan "Seal of Solomon". The Cross was originally a Phoenician/Cretan Pole to which the Cross Bar was affixed having nothing to do with the Tree to which Jesus was nailed. Swastika is a Hindu "Good Luck" symbol. Tammuz, Horus, Ankh "Cross of Life", Swastika, Papal "Bent Crucifix" or Celtic Cross are not symbols associated with Jesus in any sense. Crescent "Heylel or Hillal" means Lucifer. Israel is Lucifer's fake gathering of Jacob made of Ashkenazi (Japheth), Sephardi (Babylonians, Canaanites, Medeans), Mizrahi (Ham) and Edomites posing as "Jews". Islam "One who submits to Allah", the pre-Islamic Arab Moon God "Sin"; all sides are duped in the extreme. If Santa (Satan) and the Easter (Ishtar Rabbit) or the Talmud, Hanukkah and Kaballah  aren't enough Bullshit to wake you up, Allah Akhbar is a combination of Allah and Khabar (Information), the pre-Islamic Moon God and Goddess of Mecca (Mechus=Adultery). The latest al-Qaeda (Foreign Toilet) iteration "Durka Durka" is a real hoot, "Durka Durka Mohammad Jihad" is a line from the movie "Team America: World Police". Especially hilarious since America created al-Qaeda, essentially NATO's "Mercenary Army" trained, funded and armed by Uncle Sam. Held by al-Qaeda offshoot Haqqani, Bowe Berghdal was traded for 6 Burka Burka "Terrorists" at $1M each? Cretan Bullshit to be sure; Jalalludin Haqqani, so-called commander of the Mujahedeen Army (Warriors of Allah; Allah and Jah are moon gods) was invited to Reagan's White House; one of his more famous Taliban (Student) is Barack Obama traveled to Pakistan on his Indonesian Passport while supposedly attending Columbia University.  Khabar originated as an anagram for "Bakhar", the traditional Arab sign off meaning "All is Well"; folks, All is not well if you fall for this Bullshit; Jesus Christ is at the door but will not open it. You need to open the door now!   
     Which Trumpet? God's Trumpet is described in Lev 23:24 "In the seventh month, in the first day of the month, shall ye have a Sabbath, a memorial of blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation". Sept 25, 2014 will be followed by "Atonement" (8/3) and "Tabernacles" (8/8) when the 2nd of 4 Lunar Eclipses of the 8th Tetrad will occur. Talmudic Rabbis add a few twists to God's "Trumpet"; Kol Nidre absolves everyone in the "Synagogue of Satan" (modern day Israel; the Talmud, Kaballah and Star of Saturn are not "Jewish") of all Vows and Oaths made or even likely to be made to God and allows all Contracts, Pledges and Oaths made to others to be nullified; a license to Lie given by the world's greatest Liar, Satan. "I do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution..." Sure you do!  Rabbis claim God inscribes a person's fate in the Book of Life and Seals the Verdict on the day of "Atonement"; more Cretan Bullshit; Jesus has the "Book of Life" and the 7 Seals; if you want your name to remain in that book, let Him know, now. Jesus is the guy who said never call any man on earth "Rabbi" and admonished us above all else to "Swear Not". Why? We will be held to every Oath and Vow made to God or anyone else for that matter.
   According to the Theosophical Society WWIII will last 13 Weeks. Take it with a grain of salt as this information comes from David Bay at Cutting Edge Ministries and Satanist Doc Marquis who teach Palestine is the House of Esau (Bullshit), America is a "Christian Nation" (Bullshit), the Roman Catholic Pope is the Antichrist (Bullshit) and the Rapture of the Christian Church begins the 7 yr Tribulation (2X Bullshit). 13 Weeks from "Jubilee Week" and the Birth of America (June 30-July 7, 2014) to the so-called "Blood Red Moon" of Feast of Tabernacles (Oct 8) could get very interesting. America is a Rosicrucian creation, born on a rare 5 planet occultation, recorded on the "Sibly Natal Chart"; the death of America would also likely come on a rare astrological event. No worries folks, Christians will be taken from the Earth in the "Rapture" on Rosh Hashanah; BULLSHIT!
   Tisha B' Av (Aug 4) is the day both Temples were destroyed. The Temple Mount Faithful are ready with fake Levite Priests, Aaron's breastplate, Temple furnishings, Red Heifer, and Cornerstone. Satan's Seat is ready in Berlin and Women of the Veil Chamber (fake Jewish Samaritans from Shiloh) are sewing a new Blue, Purple, and Scarlett Veil, to replace the Yarmulkes (Kippah's are also worn under Priest Mitres) worn by Satanists since God's Veil was torn top to bottom at the Crucifixion. Jesus is Shiloh; the word means "He whose it is". Columbus set sail "9 Av" on the Flat Earth and "Discovered" the America's; Bullshit; Cretas beat him by 2500 years; he merely brought "Disease", he knew natives of Asian descent had no immunities against. Jesus told the Pharisees (Rabbis) the 2nd Temple would be destroyed and the 3rd Temple would be built in 3 days; His Resurrection and subsequent descent of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost (Shavuot is June 4; Easter (Satan) Pentecost is June 8) is the 3rd Temple; as a precaution, Israel is completing a Bunker at Beit Shemesh called "Project 911"; preparing for battle are they? What's the best way to destroy Temples made with Flesh? Disease.
    Feast of Tabernacles begins with Jesus' real birthday and ends with the day He was Circumcised; Hollywood will release "Kill the Messenger", a film about Gary Webb's expose' of Iran-Contra. Skip the Holy Wood Bullshit, here is the nutshell version. Luciferian Mason Bush Sr aka German born Nazi George Scherff Jr and Rev Oliver North ran FEMA and DHS guns to Contras in exchange for Cocaine, flown to Mena AK in King Air aircraft owned by Utah (Zion) banks. Luciferian Mason Gov Bill Clinton loaded the drugs into Tyson chickens for distribution (similar to loading Vietnam drugs in coffins I suppose) while Mitt Romney laundered the proceeds through Bain Capital at 175%/yr return, storing the ill gotten booty in tax free offshore accounts in the Cayman Is called "Marvelous Investments" (Mormon Melchisedek Priesthood "Sure Sign of the Nail" is "Pey Heylel" meaning Marvelous Lucifer). Luciferian Mason Saddam Hussein received WMD's in Iraq which are now being used by Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Luciferian Mason Ayathollah Khomeini received WMD's through Iranian-Saudi Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi, owner of the Mormon Church TV station for the 4 yr genocidal Iran-Iraq war.  
     A delegation led by Rev Kevin Annett from the International Common Law Court in Brussels will seek to enforce an Easter Annulment Proclamation against the 2 Roman Catholic Church Pontiffs, Pope Francis I and Benedict XVI (Benedict released 2 Peace Doves last year which were also attacked), the head of the Church of England Most Rev (Gag me) Justin Welby and the Queen of England in London during Jubilee Week June 30-July 7, 2014. Charges against members of the "9th Circle Satanic Cult" initiates include abduction, torture, physical and sexual abuse, sterilization, medical experimentation using deadly viruses, ritual cannibalism and consumption of blood of children including newborns. The Fountain of Youth; Elixir of Immortality? You guessed it, innocent, newborn blood. A modern day "Slaughter of Innocents" to be sure! Not your average Solis Invictus (Sunday) Mass is it? Where does this idea come from? Jesus, the sinless flesh gave His life for the remission of Sins for everyone on earth who accepts it; Priests call down the body and blood in the Trans-substantiated Sacrament and consume it in the Mass. Mass amount of Cretan Bullshit (Bullshit is well crafted deception) to be sure; the real Sacrament is purely Spiritual. If this were true, Cannibalism would form the basis of the Christian Church; Guess who the Cretan-Phoenician Priests were? Kahn-Baals of course. Don't get mad, just get out! Jesus is in your "Prayer Closet" where He said He would be, not in a Temple made with hands on an elevated altar made by man, mediated by a Nicolaitane (Nico=Conquer; Laitane=laity) Priest wearing the Yarmulke (Kippah or Zuchetto is a replacement Temple Veil) under the Mitre of Dagan. 
    Black Cloister Rosicrucian Martin Luther inaugurated the Protestant-Anglican split with the Roman Catholic Church on Samhein (Halloween) 1517; Jesus will return at the 120th Jubilee, my guess would be Feast of Tabernacles 2017 but this is a guess at this point. John Calvin (nee Samaritan Cohen) then defined 5 pts of Protestant "Calvinism" in "TULIP" upon which the US was largely founded. Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Fixed Pre-destination. All 5 are nothing but feel good Cretan Bullshit. Jesus said He stands at the door, but we must open it; a Totally Depraved person can hardly to that. Rejection of the Holy Ghost is a Spiritual death sentence; hardly an Unconditional Election to Salvation is it? Limited Atonement means Jesus died for His Elect; guess who is going to die for the world? Americans and the Mormon Church will lead the slaughter. Irresistible Grace? Hardly, I resisted the Holy Ghost for 46 years and what a change it made in my life! Fixed pre-destination is the Bullshit my Presbyterian minister told me when I was baptized in the church; 40 years later I got a real Baptism by Fire with the Holy Ghost. I suggest you ask Jesus for that Baptism while there is still time.
    June 28th is the 50th "Jubilee" anniversary of  the "Organization of Afro-American Unity", the brainchild of 330 Prince Hall Freemason, Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X (Malcolm=Milcom the Ammonite version of Satan and X-Christ=Messiah) aka Bari Malik Shabazz (Boat/Barque of Malik=Melek=Milcom=Chiun=Saturn=Molech; Shabazz means "First Race") the father of Barack Hussein Obama, a 320 Prince Hall Freemason. Barack means "Lightning" in Arabic and is the name of Abraham's mythical Winged White Horse "al-Buraq" which surveyed the earth and promised it Abraham's Ishmaelite (Hagarenes), Edomite, and descendants of Keturah  who adopt Eastern Religions such as Buddhism, the Hindu god Krishna and Shinto beliefs. You may recall Obama bowed to Shinto Emperor Akahito, the son of Luciferian Mason Hirohito; this was not just a political faux paux; he was delivering MOX (Mixed Oxide Uranium-Plutonium) fuel to Fukushima ahead of the pre-planned nuclear meltdown and the radiological destruction of the northern hemisphere with Pu-239. It's no coincidence there are 239 chapters in the Book of Mormon; elders of their Satanic Church will save the Constitution as part of the "White Horse" aka "Blood in the Streets" Prophecy. Talmudic Rabbis claim Keturah is really Hagar whom Abraham married after Sarah died; Cretan Bullshit. Rabbis also claim Shem is Melchisedek, who authored the Abrahamic Covenant changing Abram to Abraham ("h" means God is with me); Again, pure Cretan Bullshit.
    The Winged White Horse "al-Buraq" later returned to the exact same  spot "Buraq" where the al-Aqsa Mosque stands today to once again, survey the earth and take Muhammad on a "Night Flight" to Heaven for Muhammad's Muslim followers. Flights to Heaven are sure signs of Shamanic Initiation. One can easily see that June 28th is a big deal for most every religion on earth.
     On June 28, 1967 Israel illegally annexed the Old City of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Mt Hermon means "Mt of the Chief" aka Satan. Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8. Pope Francis gave an address at the spot where Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ishmael according to the Quran and Isaac according to the Word of God; where King David purchased the Temple Mount from the Jebusites and where Jesus overturned the tables of the Money Changers, on Memorial Day. The speech was dedicated to healing the rift between brothers and sisters of Abraham. The rift between Ishmael and Isaac and Esau and Jacob determines your place in Heaven, so BEE (Bee is Chaldean for Word aka LIE) Careful listening to the Jesuit Pope. 
     Obama is a "Straw Man" (Scapegoat, False Witness, Effigy, Scarecrow); a combination name meaning "He is with us" in Farsi, the language used in Zoroastrian (Medeans invented Zoroastrianism and its Bullshit final battle of Good "Ahura Mazda" or Lucifer versus Evil "Ahriman"; they are Chaldean) Persia; his real name is likely Bari Malik Shabazz Jr, son of the man who vowed to destroy Capitalism and Christianity. Obama is essentially the pre-planned Jenga Block, the Straw Man/Effigy or pre-convicted Felon in Satan's empire having no legitimacy. Birth Certificate, SS#, Tax ID (Tin Man), Oath of Office all Fraudulent. Sounds like the Wizard of Oz because Emerald City means Lightning just like Barack. Dorothy=Door; Scarecrow=Straw Man; Tin Man=Tax ID; Cowardly Lion are those kept constantly afraid of the Wicked Witch (Black Robed Judges) and the Flying Monkeys ready to rob us of our Silver Slippers, the money of the people. Confused? We are constantly made to walk in a field of Opium; "Poppy Bush" and his "1000 pts of Light" Foundation have been offering sacrifices (Veteran means "Beast of Burden") to Baal in the Opium Fields for 33 years. War is the New World Order religion, and Molech is never satisfied.
    Truth is stranger than fiction and much like an onion (Luciferian Neil Armstrong used the Onion symbology because the "Eagle" never landed on the moon) whose layers need to be peeled back. Stanley Dunham was not the least bit pregnant in August 1961, nor are there any legitimate birth records in Hawaii (ironically, Hawaii is not even a legal US State) because that Birth Certificate would make him a US Citizen and subject to Babylonian (Knight Templar) Law. This is not new as George Bush Sr (Scherff) was born in Nazi Germany, thus he and "W" were also not lawful US Presidents under the CONstutution. Bill Clinton? A wanted Draft Dodging fugitive. So who is Barack Obama's father? Barack Obama Sr and Frank Marshall Davis are Bullshit stories; Obama is a 52+ year plan being covered for by many people. Ever wonder how he attended a Madrassa Quran school in Indonesia which is virtually impossible with a US Passport and traveled to Pakistan when US Passports were not being accepted? "Dreams of my Father" may very well be the dreams of Luciferian Mason Malcolm X. 
    "He" is with us. Who is He? He means "God is with me/us"; the "h" in Abram and Sarai were given by Melchisedek (Jesus Christ; Gen 14, Ps 111, Heb 7) when the covenant was made. Jesus was crucified after informing the Pharisees His name was "I Am He"; they knew exactly what He meant by that. Obama does not follow Jesus Christ; he proclaimed a "New Beginning for Islam" because he follows "Allah" aka the moon god "Sin". Obama is a member of "Man's Country", a male bath house in Chicago and a member of Luciferian Mason Jeremiah Wright's "Down Low Club"; his marriage of convenience was arranged much like Sodomite George W Bush. Michelle? Likely Michael, a Transvestite who with Bari (Boat/Barque) Obama (He is with us)becomes the vehicle and epitome of "Sin". Muckraking? No, Jesus said "A Double minded man is unstable in all his ways"; it's the Double Life that is the problem here, Michelle_Obama_is_a_transvestite_man  Obama was Sodomite at Occidental College with partner Mohammad Hasan Chandoo and Sodomite in the White House with Reggie Love and Kal Penn; there is not reason to think his marriage to Michelle is legit. Is Obama the "Man of Sin" (Antichrist)? No, only the "Straw Man", a  "Scapegoat Felon" for the False Messiah "He" aka Lucifer as God incarnate. Remember the Newsweek cover with Obama pictured in a Rainbow Halo and the caption "America's first gay president"? At the Rainbow Arch degree in Masonry, the aspirant rejects Jesus Christ by learning God is a combination of Jah-Baal-On, all done under the sign of the Rainbow. Obama wasn't America's first gay president; George Washington, Abe Lincoln, GW Bush were also "Gay". The Rainbow Halo signifies Satanic Godhood and every occultist knew it when Newsweek posted it. My guess is he will be taken out at some point. Think it's just coincidence C Alan Martin predicted in 1971 the current US President would be its last? or that the St Malachy (Molech) predicted the current Pope would be the last? Satan has had 6000 years to perfect the plan, there are no "Coincidences". "Nothing happens by chance In politics. If it happened, you can bet it was planned" Luciferian Mason WWII liar FDR. Politics is the art of bringing many under the rule of One. E Pluribus Unum is America's motto and  Congress is aware of its role; Congredi means "Meet for Spiritual War"; Where? Capitol "Womb of Zeus/Lucifer". 
     Jubilee Week is a Trumpet Blast of the Ram's Horn signaling a reversal of roles between Master and Servant in a global "Emancipation from God"; a liberation of the world's religions, Shout for Joy and formal Annulment of the Marriage of the Lamb to Jesus Christ. Why "Easter Annulment"? Easter is an Chaldean/Edomite Holy Day having nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus Christ. Who is the Slave? You and me. Since 1933, US Citizens have been made Chattel Slaves held in collateral against Foreign Loans created by the Federal Reserve. Judges are agents of the Federal Reserve, itself a Usury based fiction created by the Edomite Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom) family and British (Birthright) Empire. This "Sting" or "Con" has a guaranteed outcome as there is never enough collateral to cover the loans created by the printing of Straw or Paper "Fiat Currency". The best slaves don't even realize they are slaves. A Birth Certificate created the "Straw Man" (Felon) Corporation (Corpus=Body) "NAME" which monetized our Soul and Spirit; currently held in collateral against $17.6T (Coincident with the size in Light-years and age of the Universe according to Satanist Astronomers) in outstanding foreign debt, $50T in underfunded liabilities and $700T in Derivatives. Whose idea? Satan of course, acting through his agent in America Rosicrucian, Col. Edward Mandell House, Satanic Adviser to WWI liar Woodrow Wilson and about as much a Colonel as Muammar Qadaffi. 
    July 1, 2014 FATCA legislation will make it much harder to skip out on the un-payable debt or open an account in a foreign country; our Passports are actually tied to the Debt. Agent for Chinese creditors Harry Reid is proposing a change to the 1st Amendment and Concealed Carry Permit Holder/Afghanistan War profiteer Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are using the Isla Vista staged stabbing/shooting to propose the "Pause for safety act"; Snitch on your neighbors, shut up, and hand over your money and guns like good little plantation slaves. Don't get mad, just get out, through a Spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus promises "Liberty to the Captives" and folks, like it or not we are "Captives" by design. Physically this does not end well; Spiritually it ends with the world's largest Jubilee.
      The plan to murder all but 500 Million people on earth; specifically the ones who descended from Apes. The plan is written in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones and America will be first on the list when the Global "Mass" begins. Where did that number come from? 7% of Earth is Rh negative; the Elite actually buy the Evolution Theory Bullshit and believe they are a different "Race", born to lead. Rh positive? Monkeys mated with Neanderthals and created you and me silly; the human cattle born to serve the "Elite". Aliens, Demons mating with human women, Reptilian Hybrids, Lucifer mating with Eve are all Satanic Bullshit believed by the dupes we call "Elite". How will they eliminate 93%? Disease. Spanish Flu, Ebola, AIDS, SARS and it's man-made cousin MERS-CoV were created for this purpose. Ever wonder why Christopher Columbus had so much success killing natives in the Americas with disease? Asians populated the Americas soon after the Flood and Asians have by far the highest percentage of Rh positive blood type. The "Elite" have even created a compound protecting them from SARS and MERS-CoV called K22; cute eh? the 11th letter and 22=33, the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion and level of Sovereignty in Masonry. Probably just coincidence, but 11X22=242 and America will be 242 years old at the end of the Jubilee Year 2017
    The "Elite" are initiated by Secret Society Oaths absolving them of the Laws created on Earth; every member of Congress is aware of this. Jesuits have particularly heinous oaths America or Amurru (Satan) will be sacrificed as the Scapegoat for "Babylon"; not the real "Babylon" (Rev 18) merely the "Straw Man" so Lucifer (al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha, Baha'ullah, fake Jesus etc) will be accepted by a grateful world. Think the world will shed a tear when the US is dissolved? Guess again, 5th Column Traitors planned it this way. Sacrifice of the "God" is called the "Ultimate Sacrifice" and Lucifer thinks he is God.      
    Rev Kevin Annett is an alleged defrocked minister in the United Church of Canada; keep in mind they will take in just about anyone. "Reverend" is used once in scripture as a title of God in Flesh. The United Church of Canada in in Communion with the Anglican and Roman Catholic Church as well as Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Aboriginal Sweat Lodge Ritual, and fake Jewish Synagogues, a $4B/yr 5013c tax haven for Queen Elizabeth II promoting unity of all faiths and same-sex marriage.
    Queen Elizabeth herself is another "Straw Man" who gives up her scepter and crown to enter the Crown Temple aka City of London. Together with Washington DC and Vatican City, the world is fully controlled by Luciferian Laws that began with Satan designed Laws of Naram-Sin, Lipit-Ishtar, the more famous Amorite  Laws "Code of Hammurabi" (biblical Amraphel) and "Magna Carta" written by Norman Bankers in England.
    Deputized Sheriffs, formal charges and arrest warrants against Jesuit Pope Francis I, Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas, Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI (Blessing of Rev 16),  Prince Phillip, Prince Bernhardt (all 3 are Bilderberg Elite, World Wildlife Fund of Nature and initiated Nazi's), Queen Elizabeth, several British High Court Judges and Ministers plus Royals from Belgium, England and Netherlands (mainly Germanic House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha aka Windsor) will be served; all members of the "Ninth Circle" Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Don't fall for this Easter Annulment Jubilee; it's nothing more than Cretan Bullshit. This Revenge against the Roman Catholic Church and King James (Authorized) Bible has been planned for more than 400 years.
    June 28 is the 100th anniversary WWI and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the publically spouted Casus Belli for WWI; in reality, Freemasons following the blueprint Albert Pike  wrote in 1871 planned and executed WWI; the Cretan Rockefellers and DuPonts made millions supplying arms to both sides. WWI began on June 28th, 1914 and ended on June 28th, 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles and formation of the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations. WWI ended in Armistice as did the Korean War; sequels were long before planned. On June 28, 1949, US troops left Korea and on June 28, 1950, North Korea invaded Seoul, kicking off the first UN sponsored War. A planned start to WWIII on June 28? 
    The Memorial Day 2014 Crop Circle is likely a "Star Extractor" used to eject rounds from a unique sort of 16 shot Revolver (I'm not familiar with guns An assassination warning for WWIII? Time will tell, but recall Barack Obama had several strange events surrounding his election. 1st Hillary Clinton terminated her presidential campaign in front of a US Flag with 50 Upside down "Baphomet" stars This was immediately followed by Barack Obama accepting the Democratic nomination on a Greek Tragedy Stage in Denver, followed by Michelle Obama wearing a "Black Widow Dress" on election night on the same spot Rosicrucian Sodomite Abe Lincoln was elected and finally with a botched "Oath of Office" and invocation of Issa, the Arab/Druid version of Jesus. The next day, Illinois Lottery winning numbers: Pick 3 #666 and Pick 4 #7779 came up. An act of God? Don't bet on it. 666 is the number of the Beast; even Obama's Limo is called "The Beast"; God didn't name that, man did. 777 is God's number of Perfection and 9 the number of Supreme Judgment. Again, if you think Lottery numbers come up by chance, guess again. On 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2009 the DJIA hit 9651.51; just chance? Sure, just like the NYSE hitting 666 on 3/6/9. In China, 666 is considered the lucky number of the dragon; why? China (Cathay) is named after Heth or Hittites whose women Ishmael and Esau married against their father's commandment. 9 is also the number associated with the "Earth under Evil influences". "777 and other Qabbalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley" is the book summing the channeled writings of the "Great Beast" Aleister Crowley aka Barbara Bush' father. The bottom line is Satan attempts to duplicate everything God does and Satan arrives before God returns!
                                     What's in a NAME?
    Obama (He is with us) later bowed Wahabist (Ahab and Jezebel brought Cretan/Phoenician Idol worship to Israel) King Abdullah (Abd=Servant; Ullah=Allah) II and proclaimed a "New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo (Cairo is Chi=Christ or Messiah and Rho=Royal; Knight Templars use the Cross in the Crown symbol); Islam is "One who submits"; the Arab League was founded in Cairo. Allah is the Arab moon god "Sin" equivalent with "Jah", the Rastafarian god in Flesh Haile Selasi is also a moon god equivalent with the Tetragammaton "YHVH"; Rabbis claim the Name of God is "Ineffable"; BULLSHIT! His name is Jesus Christ!! The only NAME by which Salvation is offered!!! Jah +Shua=Joshua, the warrior. Crusaders were warriors of the moon god Jah. Jah=Yah + Shua" or "Yeshua"; heard that NAME before? Note: "JAH" in Ps 68:4 KJV is JEHOVAH and has nothing to do with "Jah" used in the Geneva Bible. Neither is JAH equivalent with "Yah"; the former God in Spirit; the latter a Man claiming to be God. Ever say the word Hallelujah? You are praising the moon god. Hallelu JAH? Think again! The Moon is a reflection of the Sun, not the Son!  "Shua" or "Shu" is the Egyptian god of "Light" personified whose name means "He who rises up". That would be the "Beast" folks. The Sun rising from the Sea.
     90% of Egyptians boycotted the sham elections which installed US Army War College grad Gen Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as President currently receiving $1.3B in annual US aid. Odd? About as odd as Saudi Arabian generals being trained in Moscow and financing Barack Obama's College Tuition I suppose. One may recall Mol Comfort and Nour M were Russian cargo ships carrying weapons to Syrian Rebels. Jesus said "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Mat 10:36 Micah said the same thing (Mi 7:6). Russia is not the enemy of the US and never has been; Reagan and Gorbachev attending Bohemian Grove for 25 years should be enough to wake you up.      
    Ramadan begins with the sighting of "Hillal", on June 28th, 2014. MERS-CoV cases are exploding ahead of millions heading to Saudi Arabia to worship the Black Stone of Jupiter or Jah Pater if you prefer; "Father Jah"? Not for this Christian! The Waxing Crescent means "Lucifer"; Mormons celebrate the "Sure sign of the Nail" used to kill Jesus Christ with the phrase "Pey Heylel" meaning "Wondrous Lucifer". Ramadan celebrates the revealing of the Quran in the 9th month; not coincidentally Angel Gabriel connects Mormonism to Islam and the book of Daniel who fell flat on his face in the presence of Jesus Christ and Gabriel (Dan 8). The Quran however, denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ and is largely a Cretan-Phoenician creation from Carthage. 
    The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult "Jubilee Week" is also coincident with an Atlanta Mass Casualty Drill; Mayor Kasim Reed's attendance at the Bilderberg Conference with Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen Phil Breedlove should be reason to take notice; Mass Casualties leading to Martial Law in the US and potentially the start of WWIII? Time will tell, but take note that new Capital Flight legislation (FATCA) also takes effect in the US on July 1. Nothing like a good plan eh?
     Ramadan is "9th Month"; Dante's  Ninth Circle of Hell is "Treachery" meaning "Treasonable or Perfidious conduct; Deceit; Cheating". Sounds like the definition of Cretans in Titus eh? "Liars, Evil Beasts, Slow Bellies". Turkey is famous for adopting Islam (Mohamadens) as well as the Talmud and Kaballah. 33 degree Luciferian Mason, fake Muslim president Erdogan is withholding water from millions of primarily Muslims in Iraq and Syria; that's about as Treacherous as it gets. Zeus (Lucifer) had 9 Muses (Daughters); Etruscans (Roman usurpers) worshipped 9 Gods and Jesus gave up the ghost in the "9th hour"; 9 is the "Earth under Evil influences"
     Evil Influences around the world: International Banks have purchased Water Rights, Aquifers, Lakes, Purification, De-salinization, Recycling and Water Mgt stating "Water is underpriced and undervalued". Want to invest in Water Hedge Funds? Master Water, Water Fund, Water Partners and Reservoir Oasis are for you. The Protected Water Bond Fund gaurantees 100% Capital preservation and matures Oct 11, 2017. Why that date? Jesus is the "Living Water" and Oct 11, 2017 is "Feast of Tabernacles", His real Birthday. The day Mary's Water Broke (no disrespect intended here)  is also in the 2016-17 "Jubilee Year".
     Fukushima hardly makes the new anymore, yet the US is blanketed by radiation levels warranting emergency evacuation Fukushima was designed to be this way, at the very spot where the Pacific Jet Stream originates, Pacific Ocean Currents collide and 3 major Tectonic Plates intersect. Hear the Ram's Horn Trumpet yet?  Fukushima, the Korean DMZ, San Francisco and Washington DC are located on the 38th Parallel not by accident but because the Mr Triangle (Mr-Akh-Bah) or Ezekiel's Wheel is you prefer, represents the "Sacred Feminine", "Earth Mother", "Gaia"; as the world's largest "Exodus" begins at Fukushima along the "Silk Road", WWIII will begin in Korea (AGAIN) and California will become inundated with water at San Francisco; a giant pre-planned "Water Breaking" accompanied by pre-planned inundation of the New Madrid Fault. Why there? If draining the Great Lakes were not enough, Mormons believe the Mississippi River is actually the Euphrates and the Garden of Eden; as in the days of Noe, so shall the coming of the son of Man". Ready for a new Flood and the Mormon Jesus? Me neither but El is coming and the Elohim are ready to welcome him. Take a map and form a Trident (El, Saturn, Poseidon symbolic joining of the Horned God "Cernunnos" with Triple Goddess of witchcraft "Hecate") with Los Angeles (Angels), San Francisco (Franks are the so-called Holy Grail), Salt Lake City (Zion) and Astoria (Ashtoreth is the Zidonian ie Phoenician-Cretan goddess), Oregon and lay it on the "Fertile Crescent" from the Nile (Phoenix connect Egypt to Arabia, resurrecting every 500 years), Harran (Abraham left Ur for Harran; Sabians of Harran were Planetary Astrologers who gave birth to America), Mecca (Mechus means Adultery; Black Stone of the Ka'aba is the Stone of Jupiter worshipped by Priestesses of Diana aka Witches; Hagar and Ishmael were cast out at the Zam Zam well) and Abbadan Is (Daniel received his vision from Jesus and Gabriel here; original Garden of Eden? perhaps but it is also Anglo-Iranian Oil aka British Petroleum's first Oil refinery; Abbadon means "Destoyer" and arrives at Rev 9:11) in the Persian Gulf.   
    Ramadan means "Hot Month"; the lunar calendar migrates around the Gregorian calendar, so temperature has nothing to do with it; the word means the same as CeDom, the root of Sodom meaning to burn or scorch one's soul. Turkey has claimed the right to shut off the flow of the Euphrates River, controlling the Euphrates Dam via ISIS (Throne) and al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation) mercenaries. Syria and Iraq reservoirs along the Euphrates are expected to go dry in early June leaving millions without water. Isis is not just the Egyptian goddess; Isis is the "Lap of Antichrist". Isis is the "Black Virgin" whose statues were brought from Africa (Ethiopia primarily) to cities in Europe and Asia by Knights Templar aka Jesuits and Ismaili Assassins.
    California is in the midst of a manufactured drought; the Cretans even have a name for the Pacific High Pressure system causing it "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge". 2700 Cretans causing this drought will meet at Bohemian Grove to sacrifice children to a 40ft Owl "Molech" in Santa Rosa July 8-July 27, 2014; a 4000 yr old Sumerian ritual called "Begone Dull Care". This year's "Grand Climax" will roughly coincide with the completion of "Project 911" on "Site 911" at Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) where Edomite fake Jews in Israel under the Star of Molech keep the fleet of Jericho Nuclear Missiles. Nothing like hunkering down in a radiation hardened bunker built by the US Army Corp of Engineers denying Jesus Christ over every door eh?  Dust Bowl conditions have also returned to west TX and OK; oil men like T Boones Pickens swept up that land after Tesla weapons literally blew the farmers off their land in the 1930's and now control the "Oil" and "Water" aka "New Gold". Pickens controls 200,000Ac-Ft/yr along the Ogallala Aquifer supplying water for US Farming. In South America, the world's largest aquifer "Al Guarani Aquifer" is largely owned by George HW Bush aka Nazi George Scherff Jr, George Bush Jr, Jenna Bush and in larger part by Sung Myung Moon's "Unification Church"; over a million foreign owned acres above the world's largest aquifer by a man who says Jesus failed His mission. No different than destroying Muammar Qadaffi's attempts to recover water from the GMMR (Great Man-made River aka Lake Tritonis). Farmers with water rights that manage to produce food are faced with a difficult decision; sell water for $3000 AC-FT to Hydraulic Fracturing Firms that pollute the water forever, or sell for $50 AC-FT to farmers. A leaking nuclear waste dump in St Louis on the Mississippi River; a Yellow Cake Uranium processing plant in Moab (Moabite) UT on the Green River; the Hanford Nuc Plant on the Columbia River and a proposed nuc waste site on Lake Huron and Charleston WVA Chemical spill are all part of the Cretan plan. Hydraulic Gas Fracking not only pollutes underground water, inflates the cost of Diesel Fuel, causes land subsidence and earthquakes, it pushes Methane into Sea Beds where Carbon di-oxide forms, killing fish (read Food) by the millions and into the Atmosphere as a deadly Greenhouse Gas causing Global Cooling; no folks, not Warming, that's Cretan Bullshit. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are at less than 50% capacity with the world's largest ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate, Diesel Fuel) bomb called "Divine Strake" is ready to loft radionuclides from 1000 nuclear tests into Lake Mead and the water supply for Los Angeles. Check the $50 Bill, it even features Hoover Dam being destroyed which is why the new bridge was built. In Carsbad NM, 368 Plutonium waste drums are in danger of rupturing from a chemical reaction with organic "Kitty Litter"; Simple error? or Nazis brought to Los Alamos in "Operation Paper Clip" executing an ancient plan? 
   Isaiah tells us "The world will reel to and fro as a drunkard"; How can this happen? Hydraulic Fracturing Operations along Laurentia. Cratons are stable continental plate platforms; the North American Craton is called "Laurentia" after St Lawrence, the source name of the St Lawrence River connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic. Who was St Lawrence? Aside from the usual Cretan Bullshit associated with other Saints like Patrick or Joan of Arcadia, Lawrence seems to have spirited away the Holy Grail from the Last Supper; the same chalice Cretan Priests place the Trans-substantiated blood of Jesus Christ  for Communion. In the US, the Craton runs from the Snake River in ID to Yellowstone National Park, down the front range of Colorado to Oklahoma, Texas and up the East Coast. Hydraulic Fracturing is designed to turn Salt Domes to "Swiss Cheese", destroy underground water supplies, release Methane to the Atmosphere and sequester pressurized Carbon di-oxide; that is until an earthquake releases it like a shook up can of Golden Colorado Coors. Banquet Beer? Nice name, Banquet originally meant "Slight Repose between Feasts", today it means "Sumptuous Entertainment" of the sort Rev 18 describes.  Notice the mountain logo in the can is a concealed 13, the number of Rebellion to God, Sins of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 13:13) and Great Tribulation (Rev 13). Ever seen miles of sand forced out of the earth? Add an earthquake and Liquefaction destroys everything built on it; a true Foundation built on Sand. When America is turned to a "Desert", is the Messiah that rises from our ashes Jesus Christ? NO! Lucife

        Cretans: Consummate(d) Bullshitters

     "Cretans are alway Liars, evil beasts and slow bellies" Titus 1:12 Cretan does not refer to a person from Crete; it is a description others make and a description Cretans have of themselves. The Cretan legacy is Bullshit and the Jezebel Spirit both born out of necessity because there is no other option once one rejects Jesus Christ as God. Cretans consummate their Divine Union to the Serpent (Satan) by rejecting Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, the "Unforgivable Sin". Unless Satan comes through, Cretans are on a one way ticket to Hell which is why the Global Elite will hand over control of everything to Satan. Bilderberg 2014 28 May-June 1 in Copenhagen; New Cretans on the list: Euro-NATO Commander Gen Phil Breedlove (WWIII will largely be commanded by him), NSA Chief Gen Keith Alexander, Kasim Reed (ATL Mayor; Craiglist ad calls for "Crisis Actors" to take part in an Atlanta "Mass Casualty Exercise" June 27-29, 2014; Similar "Terror Drills" were conducted during Sandy Hook and in Thailand during the MH 370 hoax. MERS? Ramadan begins June 28, 2014; MERS-CoV in KSA and Iran; ATL is America's busiest airport), Benghazi liar Afghanistan drug runner Gen David Petraeus, 9/11 architect Richard Perle. Bilderberg 2014 will be followed by the G-7 (Russia has been kicked out ahead of the fake "Gog and Magog" war) in Brussels (NATO, EU "Tower of Babel", Chateau Amerois, Beast Computer) immediately following. Agenda items: Global Taxation "Carbon Tax" to combat the Global Climate Change Bullshit; Antarctic ice is at record levels. TPP (Trans-Pacific partnership) and TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership). Corporate investors raiding America without hindrance of the Constitution or Personal Rights.
      God exists as a Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Bullshit! God exists as Father, Son, Holy Ghost and the Word, which was made Flesh in Jesus Christ. Well crafted deception eh? Which Word? The Authorized Bible, the non-copyrighted, modern English rendering of the Hebrew OT and Greek NT by Holy (Separate) men moved by the Holy Ghost; you know, the version your Pastor says is "Archaic". Everything else (New Bible Versions, Quran, Talmud etc) is Cretan Bullshit, cleverly designed forgeries with enough truth to lure you in, and enough leaven to destroy your Soul in Hell for eternity. Backbiting, gossip, strife, innuendo, overbearing, self promotion, rebellion, narcissism, seduction are all part of the Jezebel Spirit and all part of the Cretan façade.     
    "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction must stick with possibilities whereas truth does not" Bohemian Grove founder Mark Twain. Hard to believe that in America, our legal system of of Amorite/Phoenician origin; Ronald Reagan was the last Constitutionally eligible, "Natural Born Citizen" President and Citizens have no Rights. We have only the facsimile ie appearance of money in "Fiat Currency" and property title "Alodial Title", with Courts, Judges and Attorneys acting together as agents of a World Corporation. The fact is we are dealing with professional liars who honed their skills 4000 years before America was born. The land of the Free is made of Chattel Slaves with no right to pursue Property, only Happiness; go on read those Patriotic words again. Ted Cruz is blowing the whistle on Joint Res 19; an Amendment to amend the 1st Amendment drafted by Molech worshipping Cretan Chuck Schumer. Did you know Ted is Constitutionally ineligible to run for US President? Hard to believe California would drain reservoirs amid "Exceptional Drought" and Sierra snowpack at 4%? Or post a FEMA planning map with California inundated by the Pacific Ocean as land subsidence is 11in/yr in the San Joaquin Valley from Aquifer depletion? How about storing millions of gallons of nuc waste on the shores of Lake Huron? Or the Columbia River? Or the Mississippi River? Hard to believe an illegal foreign born Sodomite fraud and a Cross dresser run the White House? How about Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr/Jr, administrations using taxpayer funded credit cards to purchase "Call Boys"? Bill Clinton (Cretan) for example, became Governor and President as a wanted draft dodging fugitive; ran the Iran-Contra drug pipeline, murdered dozens of whistle blowers like Vince Foster, lied to a Federal Grand Jury, kept his job as president and all of it was carved ahead of time in the façade of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC with the Twin Towers collapsing. It's the Cretan way folks; Hide the biggest secrets out in the open! Know this, God is in charge; Dan 4:17 says God puts the "Basest of Men" in charge so that we may know He rules in the kingdom of man. As Luciferian Mason PT Barnum would say "There is a sucker born every minute"
    Cretans are Gnostics, damned to Hell by God; they attempt to pawn off the Cult of the Serpent as the House of God. The latest Google Doodle shows an archaeologist "Discovering" Cave Art depicting the Serpent "Diplodocus", the Symbol/Logo of Calalus. The Dinosaur myth is of Cretan origin; Behemoth and Leviathan are the only Beasts mentioned in Scripture. Of 10 Vertebrae, 3 are faded or fading; a reference to the 10 Kings of which 3 are to fall? "Little Horn" (Dan 7:8) aka "Man of Sincomes at this point. There are 11 chairs at the back of the UN Meditation Room, behind Satan's Altar, facing the Serpent; 10 Kings and 1 "Little Horn". "Eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things"? It seems, the ultimate Cretan Bullshitter is about to be revealed.
    Obama is planned to the last President and Pope Francis I the last Pope. Calalus was the Cretan kingdom centered in the Hopi controlled 4 corners area where Cretan Shaman wrote Hopi "Great Purification" Prophecy stating the 5th Age (Helena Blavatsky copied this Bullshit calling it the 5th Root Race) will begin with the arrival of Blue Star; Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro. Prophecy Rock in AZ states  "When Blue Star comes Red Kachina will remove his mask in the plaza before the Uninitiated, and White Brother Pahana will then be revealed". White Brother is Zeus/Lucifer by the way. You will want to be "Uninitiated"!
     Bullshit is well crafted deception "When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." --Dresden James  Earth is 6000 years old, fixed at the center of creation. It is not orbiting anything, nor moving in the slightest. There is no Force of Gravity, nor Evolution of any species from one to another. Every person on earth will die and be judged by Jesus Christ, the Beginning and the End. See what I mean? 
     Bullshit has both open and hidden meanings, called "Green Language" or "Langue Vert" which becomes Ouvert ie both Overt and Hidden or Occult. Green Man is Satan by the way. Other names are Language of Yes or Langue d' Oc "Languedoc" where the Gnostic Cathars were executed. Languedoc then becomes Language of Oil as Oui equates to Oil in Old French; take a look at Oil Company Logos and their occult nature will step off the page; Oil Prices/Shortages? All Gnostic Bullshit. Languedoc is also Language of Light (Oc=Ocular or Sight); want the real Light? Ask Jesus Christ. Want Lucifer? You can have him. Other names are Twilight Language which Luciferian Francis Scott Key put in the Greek drinking song Anachreon in Heaven aka Star Spangled Banner and Mormon Stephanie Meyers put in the Twilight Series; Beautiful eh? Bella the main character mating with Vampires in kids books. Language of Birds is another; the Eagle symbolizing both Zeus and Esau; oh that's right you thought it was God! Intentional Language is meant to Intentionally Deceive ie Bullshit; it is also called Closed Language because it is Closed off to the Uninitiated.   
    The best Bullshit appears as Fact. Evolution Theory (no species has ever mated with nor evolved into another species), Heliocentric Theory (requires infinite force over infinite time and distance), Gravity Theory (transmitting infinite force over infinite distance and time requires infinite energy, a  neat trick in a vacuum), Nephilim (Alien-Human DNA; the word God used in Gen 6 is Giant, not Nephilim) and Global Warning (Antarctica has record levels of ice)  top the Bullshit list. The very top? RHRhesus Factor is named after the Rhesus monkey)Royal Blood or Blueblood Nobility; no Monkey Genes for these White people dressed in Purple Robes: Akkadians, Berbers, Basques, Celts, Samaritans, Babylonians, Medeans, Mizrahi "Oriental" fake Jews, Sepharvaim (Babylonian fake Jews). Cretan Blood comes straight from the God Zeus (Sumerian Anu) and these misguided trolls believe it! The White Bearded Jesus? Cretan Bullshit! That's Zeus people! Mormon "White and Delightsome"? You guess it. Aztec "To make White" Heads will Roll once again to reclaim "Aztlan". Cretan CS Lewis was clever eh?
    CIA asset Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are also classic Bullshit which gave birth to a bin (Manger) full Osama's babies AQAP, AQIP, AQIS, ISIS, al-Nusra, Ansar al Sharia, Boko Haram are actively planning to attack Europe and the US this summer according to DHS. FBI Director James Comey added that many American Jihadists (read Black Water or Greystone Mercenaries) are now coming home and cannot be tracked; that's right, no Passport checks nor trouble obtaining state of the art weapons. CNN dutifully broadcast the Terror Alert May 21 with a new bagman after the fake bin Laden raid and elimination of Seal Team 6; Abdullah al Shami. His name means Servant of Allah in Damascus. So many imaginary Bullshit enemies we'll need Waders for this round.
   Cretans are Shaman, Magicians, Clairvoyants, Medicine Men, Bards, Seers, Witches, Gurus, Advisors, Politicians, Professors, Lawyers, Judges, Priests, Prophets and Pastors having titles Doctor, Father, Master, Rabbi, Reverend and Holiness. Cretans bewilder, amuse, confuse and amaze their largely unaware audience. Cretans take both sides of Religion, Arguments and Wars; a process of Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis, a world without God
    History records them as Sodomites (Sodom is derived from CeDom "Scorch", referring to the soul) whom God destroyed with Fire and Brimstone. Thelemite philosophy "Do what thou wilt" sums up  Cretans who became known as Minoans of Crete (biblical Caphtor). The term "Bullshit" originated from Zeus (Lucifer) as a White Bull seducing the Phoenician Princess of Tyre, Europa and carrying her to Crete. Europa rides the Bull today at the EU Headquarters. Cretan Bullshit progressed to Egypt as the Apis "Word" Bull, the Golden Calf Idol at Mt Sinai in Arabia (Cretan Bullshit by Constantine's mother Helena moved Mt Sinai to Egypt), Jeroboam's Golden Bull Altars at Beth-El (House of El) and Dan (Judge) and the Wall St Bull which has created Debt Slaves of most everyone on earth; all of it masterfully created Bullshit by the same Money Changers Jesus turned the tables on 2000 years ago for turning His Father's house into a "Den of Thieves"; today we call them Congregations and Synagogues.
    Bull is Old French for "Fraud, Deceit"; Bullshit means "Deceiving, Deceptive, Nonsense" seen in Evolution Theory, Physics theories such as Gravity, Heliocentrism, Dark Matter and God Particles, all as much Bullshit as Hanukkah, Christmas and Easter. In Egypt, Cretans became known as Hyksos "Foreign Shepherd Kings" arriving in Egypt from Crete; "Priests of On" might ring a Baal here; "On" is the Cretan/Phoenician "El" and the Star of El/Saturn is the ensign of Israel, the Star of Saturn, Molech, Chemosh, and Milcom. Greeks referred to Egypt as "Land of the Gypsies", the original Gypsies of Tower of Babel (Magdala=Magdalene; Babel=Gate of El) fame used the "Bee" to symbolize the Chaldean "Word" and their worldwide "Sting", none more so than the Merovingian Kings of France who Bullshitted their way to creating the Holy Grail nonsense. After their expulsion from Egypt, Cretans were covered with volcanic ash from an eruption on Thera (Santorini); the resulting Tsunami also destroyed Knossos (named for Gnosis or Gnosticism) Crete; later they would occupy Pompeii with similar results from a vengeful God. From there to Phoenicia aka Lebanon, named after Laban, the Evergreen Tree flag was also America's first flag. Cretans became Kahn-Baals (Priests of Baal) who taught Jezebel and King Solomon to whore after idols. Merchants of Death and Credit they established their Satanic religion of human sacrifice in the Americas (Ameru=Serpent) which they later called "Calalus" 700 years before Columbus. They began by using Solomon's "Ships of Tarshish", establishing a viable trade in Copper, used to make Brass Idols and Purple Dye to make Royal Clothing from the Atlantic to India. They later became Priests of Quetzalcoatl (Serpent god=Nehustan or Amurru), Viracocha, and Kukulkan where the White Bearded Jesus myth became accepted to the detriment of the world's most successful civilization at the time. Their Astrological timing recorded on the Mayan Calendar aka Eagle Bowl, which like the Bull, the Eagle is another form of the Cretan Zeus (Day) aka Lucifer (Light Bringer). Prophecy Rock in Arizona (Calalus) even depicts the fork in the road which begins the Great Tribulation; Google it and notice the Swastika. The Calalus symbol of Behemoth (Diplodocus) can be seen at Sinclair (Holy Light) Oil; the recent "find" in Argentina of a 130ft, 77 ton Diplodocus simply Cretan occult communication indicating the start of the Great Trib (Rev 13) is set to begin with the Sabbath Goat on the Altar (77). The Serpent Priests are about to begin the largest human sacrifice in history beginning in America with radiation from Japan and disease from Arabia, which is why the American Eagle carries the Serpent. 
     God refers to the Cretans as Amalekites; worshippers of Molech, Melek, Milcom etc and has Sworn to be at War with them from Generation to Generation (Ex 17:16). Why? Cretans reject God and teach others to do the same from Pulpits, University lecterns and the Holy Wood "Silver Screen". The Canaanite/Phoenician letter W is "Sin" (Allah is also Sin); the 23rd English letter corresponds to Chapter 23 to the Revelation of Jesus Christ, a Satanic inspired addition to the Last Will and Testament of God by Cretans at who  believe after God is dead, they can re-create Heaven on Earth.
    Cretan Grigori Schwartz (Black Watcher) aka George Soros is using ill gotten gains in Silver price manipulation and TARP funds to start America's Color Revolution May 16, 2014 in Washington DC called American Spring; a Color Revolution of "Green Man" to be sure; the playbook written by another Cretan Zbigniew Brzezinski in The Grand Chessboard. The Zionist side of WWIII will fight for the Star of Molech, the reason God removed the name Israel from Jacob (Amos 5:26; 7:2-3; 5-6 KJV). Talmudic fake Jew Grigori also used looted, US taxpayer borrowed money to finance Arab Spring Revolutions. Islam against Zionism to the point of physical, economic and moral exhaustion, at which point the Doctrine of Lucifer will be accepted is how this goes. 
                     Narrow Path to Salvation is through Jesus Christ 
     Jesus is "God of the Living"; Memorial Day commemorates the Dead. Decoration Day was Cretan Bullshit instituted to appease families who lost sons fighting each other in the US Civil War; it becamer Memorial Day Weekend.  An unprecedented gathering of Cretan Nicolaitanes will occur as Americans begin Summer. Jesus hates Nicolaitanes (Rev 2:6;15) because they Conquer (Nico) the Laity (Laitane) by elevating a man-made clergy.  Jesuits are not Catholic let alone Christian  they have been ejected from most every nation on earth; Vietnam and the Cambodian "Killing Fields" a Jesuit masterpiece of Drug Running and unnecessary carnage; loading Drugs in Soldier's Coffins; only a Jesuit would think of that, which they did in Afghanistan; using Global Hawk Drones is simply brilliant, and covering the Middle East in Depleted Uranium Radiation? Truth is stranger than fiction to be sure. It's America's turn to become the "Killing Field".
      Jesuit Pope Francis I, Ecumenical Latin Patriarch of Constantinople, His All Holiness Bartholomew I, the Sunni Sharia (Revealed) Law Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Ahmad Hussein (in charge of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Mosque of Omar), Ashkenazi (Ashkenaz is the grandson of Japheth, not Semitic or Jewish) Chief Rabbi David Lau, Sephardi (Sepharvaim are not Jewish 2 Ki 17:30) Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef and Maronite Patriarch (Maronites claim descent from Phoenician/Canaanites ie Cretans) Beshara Rai will travel mostly in open air vehicles to the Temple Mount, Zionism founder Theodr Herzl’s grave, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (actually an ancient Grotto of Apollo), Mt of Olives, Pontifical Inst Notre Dame (Our Lady aka Cretan/Phoenician Asherah) of Jerusalem ("Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8KJV), the Edomite/Moabite/Ammonite Capital of Amman, Herod's Wailing Wall and the Cenacle, the site of the Last Supper. Francis I is the Last Pope according to the prophecy/plan of St Malachy (Molechy) and the "Falling Away" has occurred, as he is willing to Baptize Aliens. WWIII could start with this visit.
                          2 Covenants: One to Hell; One to Heaven
      There are 2 Lampstands, 2 Olive Trees and 2 Covenants; the first is a physical covenant through Abraham's first born son Ishmael ("...they of the circumcision; whose mouths must be stopped") Titus 1:10; Gal 4 which leads to bondage; the second "New Covenant" is purely Spiritual through Abraham's second son Isaac and leads to the Holy Ghost and a relationship with God through the Atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus warned Satan (Devil, Lucifer, Serpent, Dragon) is a Liar who "Deceiveth the whole Earth" (Rev 12:9). Beast means "Wild Animal; Absent Morality or Restraint"; a person with "Liberty" who is "Free of God", in "Fraternity" with like minded people who believe they are "Equal" to God. Man Evolving from Animals? Cretan philosophy at its core. "Slow Belly" is Slothful person, a parasite living off "Tithing" following the Serpent, God consigned to crawl on his belly eating dust seen in the word Adam or Edom "Red"; an "Earth Dweller". The choice of Covenants you make will have consequences that last forever. Both Covenants will end in Fire; one short lived and Physical, the other Eternal and Spiritual.
            Cretan, Greek "Cretismos" means "Cretan Behavior" or "LYING".
     Cretans are the "Leaven" Jesus referred to; He hates Nicolaitane Doctrine (Elevated Clergy). Cretans refer to Christians as "Poor Fellows" because they are being led to slaughter by their own "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes". Jesuit Law Professor Adam Weisaupt said "Oh, mortal man, is there nothing you can not be made to believe?" Lies such Christmas, Lent and Easter are quite a coup. Jesuit Pope Francis I carries the Satanic Twisted Crucifix and stated on May 12, Aliens from Mars are welcome to Catholic Baptism if they will convert; to what? Recognize him as the Vicarious Christ on Earth of course. Aliens are made up nonsense and Baptism is between you and Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost, not Holy Water from a Cretan wearing the Mitre of Dagan, carrying the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" sitting on the Chair of Peter above the Shahada "There is no God but Allah". Cretans teach Hanukkah, Purim, the Talmud and Kaballah to Jews and anyone else capable of believing Jesus is boiling in His own excrement in Hell and Rabbis argue with God and win. Menorah? 8 arms surrounding Shamash (Sun God) sound like a symbol God created? Star of David? Hardly, the Seal of Solomon is the Cretan symbol used in Witchcraft, the symbol of Saturn/El/Satan. The Peace Sign? The Cretan symbol of formal rejection of Jesus Christ. The Dove Symbol? Samaritans use it; check it out on the TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) Logo, ELOHIM Books, Calvary Chapel and most every other church; lot's of Lying Cretans to choose from there. Jesus said "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" He also warned of "Wolves in sheep's clothes" going by the titles Father, Master and Rabbi. Trans-substantiated Sacrament? Cretan created Cannibalism; Mass means Sacrifice and Consumption of the Host folks! Like TULIPS? Total Depravity, Unconditional Election to Salvation, Irresistible Grace, Limited Atonement for God's chosen Elite, and Fixed Pre-destination from birth to heaven are the Cretan Bullshit John Calvin (Samaritan Cohen) used to destroy Protestants.  
     Cretans are the "Bankers" Jesus turned the tables on for selling Doves (Samaritan Symbol) and sacrificial animals at the Temple. Jesus said "His Father's House" had been turned into a "Den of Thieves"; today we know them as the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bankers and the Federal Reserve. July 1, 2014 FATCA Legislation will control flight of capital and conversion of Cretan Fiat Currency into Foreign Currencies, Gold or Silver. George Soros bought Bank stocks before the US taxpayer Bailouts and sold them May 2014.  "Tax" and "Tithing" collectors. The 16th Amendment was never ratified, merely a Cretan deception. Only Levites are allowed to collect Tithing, not your Cretan Rabbi, Priest, Pastor or Imam. Cretans profit from manufacturing War, their Chaplains on both sides of every War encourage "Veterans" (Beast of Burden) to shed blood on the battlefield in the vain hope of eternal glory; Jesus of course said "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword". Cretans use "Science" (Vain babblings in opposition to the Word of God in 1 Ti 6:20KJV) to create a 13.7 billion yr old Universe with Earth revolving around the Sun and Man evolving from Alien refuse. Dark Matter? Monkeys and Man with common ancestry? Gravity? El/Saturn is the "God of Forces" Daniel warned of (Dan 11:43). Pre-trib Rapture? Cretan Lies. Cretans are Politicians; professional Liars ending National Sovereignty in order to bring Many under the Yoke of ONE. The phrase "E Pluribus Unum" sound familiar? Cretans are Terrorists; al-Qaeda means "Solid Foundation" or "Foreign Toilet"; Osama bin Laden (Lion of Ladon) is CIA asset Tim Osman (Ottoman Turks were founded by Cretan Osman I; funny eh?) ISIS means "Throne" or "Satan's Seat". Hezbollah means "Party of God"; about as much to do with God as the Jesuits "Society of Jesus". Boko Haram means "Western education is a Sin"; pretty funny since al-Qaeda is a created myth by Stanford University professor Ibn Sayyid Qutb and Allah is the 4200 year old Akkadian moon god "Sin" eh? Remember Nigerian Christmas Bomber Abdulmutallib? Abdul Mutallib is the name of Muhammad's uncle and inventor of Islam; Talib is the root of Taliban meaning "Student"; Obama, Kerry, CIA and Pentagram officials are meeting with and arming these Cretans right now; hilarious isn't it? Cretans called "Templars" robbed Arab caravans while Cretans called "Assassins" robed European caravans; the US just opened a US Customs by-pass in Abu Dhabi in April, the HQ of the Ismaili "Assassins". Cretans are University Professors wearing the Square Cap on their Round Skull (Temple of Wisdom) seen in the Masonic Square and Compass used to create Heaven on Earth; AGAIN! Minus Christians and Jews of course! Jesus refers to them as "Earth Dwellers" and those who "Destroy the Earth". Why Dwell and Destroy one's home? They believe they are Gods whose Phoenix will rise from the ashes and they taken directly to Heaven as the Mormon "House of Enoch" (Cain's Enoch not Seth's) Cretans manufacture disease such as AIDS, SARS, MERS-CoV and Ebola because "We Can" according to Dr Ron Fouchier. Creating at Ft Detrick and spreading 1918 "Spanish Flu" with Vaccines; resurrecting the Virus and adapting it to Birds; putting dead birds in Swine feed and tossing dead Swine in rivers feeding Shanghai before using the Witch's Brew in Ferrets to concoct MERS-CoV and opening direct flights from the UAE to the US without Customs Inspections sound smart to you? MEP of Marseilles France Jean Marie LePen told his fellow Cretans on May 21 "Mr Ebola could solve the global population and illegal immigration problem we face in 3 weeks" How about intentionally causing 9/11/2001, the Fukushima meltdown and the Deep Water Horizon disaster and warning ahead of time in the movies Patriot, Hereafter and Knowing? All right there on the Druid Holy Wood Silver Screen just like Dorothy's Silver Slippers. Watch the new Maserati commercial and tell me you are not asleep in the Opium Field too big to move?  
    Take 10 minutes and read Confederate Albert Pike's letter  to Italian Revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini if you don't believe it; both Cretans were Luciferian Masons and Witches. WWIII was planned long ago and will destroy unlike any previous war ever could.
Arab Spring is the Islam side of WWIII; American Spring begins May 16, 2014 and is part of the Zionist side.
     Don't believe the lies FOX (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6; Rupert Murdoch is a Knight of Malta) News, Paul Vallely and Harry Riley are spewing about Israel being God's chosen nation; God removed the name Israel (Amos 5:26; 7:2-3; 5-6) for the Star of Molech on the Flag of Israel and calls Jerusalem "Spiritually Sodom and Egypt".
    Cretan is a word derived from Creation, and refers not to people of Crete (Crete=Caphtor, the ancestral home of the Phoenicians, brothers of the Philistines) anymore than the word Samaritan refers to Samaria. Cretans leaned their "Craft" from their grandfather Ham, whose incest with his Cainite mother (only Noah was "Perfect in his generations") produced their "Cursed" brother Canaan. Cretans are the sons of Egypt founder Mizraim. Egypt came to be called Aegyptios or Land of Gypsies (Romani=Rom=Rome=Man); the northern hemisphere mapped as the Great Pyramid; the Stellar Time tracked by the King's Chamber Shaft and Solar Time by the Sphinx. Caphtorim (Crete/Cretans/Phoenicians) had the famous Queen, Jezebel and 1000 trained prostitutes became wives and concubines to King Solomon, teaching Israel to worship El/Molech and sacrifice their children to Idols such as the Hexagram "Star of Molech/Saturn/El". Jesus referred to Samaritans as the "Wolves", providing the only example of guaranteed Salvation (Luke 10) because of Samaritan/Phoenician subtle but eternally deadly lies; Simon Magus, the Samaritan/Cretan originator of the first fake Christian "Cult". 
All Cults follow teachings of a Central figure; all Cults are patterned after the Cretan/Samaritan Cult of Simon Magus. Not in a Cult? Guess again. Lutheran? Martin Luther. Protestant? John Calvin (real many Samaritan Kohen); Presbyterian? John Knox; Methodist? John Wesley; Unitarianism? Michael Servetus? Mormon? Joseph Smith. Catholic? Emperor Constantine. Jesuit? Ignatius Loyola. Orthodox? Emperor Constantine; Muslim? Muhammad. Buddhist? Siddhartha Guatama; Kaballah? Maimonides, Sabbattei Zvi, Jacob Frank; Zionist? Theodr Herzl. All this should ring a Baal!
      Cretans aka Phoenicians use the Arabian-Egyptian Phoenix (Pa Hanok=House of Enoch) symbol which became the basis of Enochian Magick and symbol of "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes" destroying nations, religion and science from the inside as "5th Column Traitors". Ever been around or tried to argue with a person possessing the "Jezebel Spirit"? It's one bald faced lie after another. Cretans create conditions for War and create Patriotic fervor in Soldiers whom Cretan Henry Kissinger calls "Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used in our wars". Here are a few examples of Cretan concepts.
     American: America is now and has been a Corporation since 1871 (Honest Abe was a lying Rosicrucian) and Foreign Creditors are about to take possession of the Corpse (TPP and TAP ring a Baal?). America is a word derived from the Edomite god Amurru, Canaanite Amar, Druid Amorica, Cathar (Gnostic) "Amor" (Love) or Ameru, the "Serpent" held by the Eagle (Zeus) on the Great Seal of the United States. "Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness"? Happy means "Wisdom" in Welsh, the land of the Chaldeans in Britain. How's the "Happy" song sound now? Similarly, Japan means "Land of the Rising Sun", but not all Japanese are Sun (Zeus, Sol or Lucifer) worshippers. Iran means "Noble Caste"; Solis Invictus is called Mithra; Iran, Zoroastrianism (Star Seed) and Mithraism making sense? Catholic and Orthodox Priests wear the Mitre (MIthra), how about now? Catholic means "Universal"; Cathars take their name from Cath; recall the song "Stars make love to the Universe"? China means Sina, or "Wilderness of Sin"; the ancient name was Cathay meaning "Sons of Heth" Hittites or Cath "Cathars", but certainly not all Chinese are Hittites or Gnostic Cathars. Russia=Crimean Rus/Ros or Tauri. Korea=Korah or Core; Britain means B'Rith or Birthright Covenant (Cain, Japheth, Elam (Persia/Iran), Ishmael, Esau are meant here. Hungary=Huns; Poland=Pole or Polish referring to Rough Stones versus Polished Stone Altars; God's are Rough which is why the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem tramples the Cross and passes 33 steps of Smooth Stones on their right every day. Bulgaria=Bogomils; Romania=Romani Gypsies; Egypt=Land of Gypsies etc etc. The point? Cretans are "Ubiquitous" ie Everywhere at the same time; the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Magazine has this slogan below the Pale Horse "Death" for this reason. How's the All Seeing Eye above the Pyramid on the Great Seal look now?  
                                             Cretans are the Cult of El/Saturn 
     Saturn's symbol is the Trident, symbolizing the Triple Goddess of Witchcraft Hecate with the Horned God Cernunnos (CERN and the God Particle might ring a Baal); a Devil's Pitchfork used to separate Wheat from Tares if you will; Born Again Christians and real the 12 tribes of Jacob listed in Rev 7 KJV (Note: Ephraim and Dan are not on the list) are the Tares here. Hundreds of Black Water (Xe Services, now Academi, named after Plato's Philosophical Academi in Athens) and Greystone mercenaries funded by the CIA and US State Dept through US taxpayers are creating Chaos in the Ukraine whose Flag (Ensign) is the Trident. International Banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk usurped control of the Ukraine and Jesuit/Knight of Malta/Cretan Joe Biden's son and fellow initiated Jesuit, Hunter Biden was just appointed Legal Director of Ukraine's largest Natural Gas producer Burisma Holdings; it's good to be a Cretan, for now! The US and EU rejected Independence Votes in E Ukraine with more Russian sanctions promised (An overt act of war) Poseidon with his Trident Spear is the guardian of the Crimea; home to exiled Molech worshipping Sarmation Priest Kings. Why Crimea and the Ukraine? Cretans must fake the post Millennial gathering around Jerusalem and Jesus Christ called "Gog and Magog"; Cretans added Rus or Rosh to the list in Eze 38:1 for this reason; know this, Russia is not Rus or Rosh; Moscow is not Mesech and Siberian Tobolsk is not Tubal; this is perhaps Satan's greatest deception.  MH370 (cryptogram for Elohim) is a Cretan managed False Flag (Mysterious Cargo is very likely SARS, MERS-CoV and or Weaponized Ebola flown to Diego Garcia for distribution); Malaysian Air symbol is the Trident. The world is not quite ready to know every Commercial Airliner is subject to hacking and remote control by Blackstone Group and Jacob Rothschild; pilots can do nothing about it. Cretans can remotely open the cabin pressure outflow valve and say goodnight! The Trident is Neptune's (Poseidon) Spear. Operation Neptune Spear was the fake raid by Seal (Sea, Air, Land are 3 of the 4 elements of Witchcraft, Earth, Air, Water and Fire) Team 6 on Osama bin Laden; their long awaited, biblically determined, TIME to strike is now. The goal is to bring "Order out of Chaos" (Ordo ab Chao); a New Secular Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) without God a part of it via the time tested Revolutionary slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" with everyone on Earth an Oath initiated Luciferian under common leadership of One "E Pluribus Unum". Maserati uses the Trident and blatantly declares the time to strike is now  The United Nations Planetary Initiative blatantly states "Nobody shal enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". If these phrases sound familiar, it's because they are American. Saturn V rockets were used by Cretans to fake the Apollo Moon Landings. The "Eagle has landed"; well not quite, the Eagle is Zeus and the "Most trusted man in America" and 30 yr voice of the Bohemian (Bohemian and Gypsy are synonymous) Grove Owl called Molech, Walter Cronkite lied for his Luciferian Mason Cretan brothers.
      Cretans are Sons of Zeus (Anu) "Tuatha de Danaan" (Sons of Danu), the grandsons of Saturn aka Phoenician "El". Tuatha de Danaan is equivalent with "Elohim", or  "Sons of El"; Superman as "Kal El" (Hindu goddess of death Kali and El; Cute eh?) in the Red and Blue (Lower and Upper limit of Visible Light) Suit Quetzalcoatl, the Red and Blue Serpent Bird might wear. El/Saturn is Kronos meaning Time, Calendar or Chronometer. 
                                                       Saturn is Time and Time is Up 
2 Pet 3:8 informs us Jesus will return when Creation is 6000 years old; Cretans have a little surprise for the last 3 1/2 years however, called the Great Tribulation. 1656 yrs Creation to Flood + 2160 years Aries to Pisces + 2160 years Pisces to Aquarius (began Mar 20, 2014 by many accounts and was astrologically confirmed by a Planetary Grand Cross Alignment and Lunar Eclipse) and 21 years for Sargon the Great to be declared "Legitimate King"; all totaled, Creation will be 5997 yrs old this Feast of Tabernacles (Oct 8, 2014), and what a coincidence NOT! on a Lunar Eclipse. 
     "God said let there be light...divided the light from the darkness...and called the light Day" Gen 1:3-5. Zeus means Day, so where does God dwell? The pitch black darkness, the true Light in the Holy of Holies of course! God came in Flesh, was rejected and Crucified East of the Temple forming the New Covenant by Tearing the Temple Veil top to bottom allowing the Light (Zeus) in. Not just any Light, but the Light of the Rising Sun aka "Solis Invicti". On Easter Sunday? Not quite; Easter is the Eastern Star Venus aka Lucifer; Zeus became the Light of Sunday "Dies Solis" on Day 1. Sunday Sabbath? Sure, just like Santa is Jesus NOT! Priests of Cybele looked for Attis under the Pine Tree. Druids awaited the Rising Sun at Stonehenge before sacrificing and drinking blood of slaves on the Solar Sabbath Altar. Now you know why the Statue of Liberty, Lady Freedom, Britannia, Columbia and Mormon Angel Moroni face East. So where is Jesus now? In your Prayer Closet waiting for you to ask Him into your Body! I would do this while there is still TIME!
  The Saturn myth begins where else but in what we call the North, above the Pole (Santa=Satan; Superman both come from there) with Mars aka Greek Ares, the "UNKNOWN GOD" worshipped at the Areopagus or "Mars' Hill" Acts 17:19-24. The men of Athens couldn't understand what Paul was preaching because they are "Spiritually Discerned" through the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:13) and Jesus is the Holy Ghost (1 Jn 5:7KJV). This Saturn, Mars (God of War) and Venus (Lucifer) alignment can be seen in the Mormon Visitor's Center, just north of the Eagle Gate where the Eagle (Zeus) clutches the Beehive (Bee is Chaldean for Word) under the inverted 5 pt Star "Baphomet" (Baph + Metis=Union of Spirit and Wisdom). No you know why Mormo is one of 77 names used for Satan; no offence to rank and file Mormons but ever notice "Moroni" and "I Moron"?
    Zeus was sired by the she-goat Amalthea (Turkomen are the ultimate Cretans because they appear Jewish, Christian and Muslim and change at will; Erdogan is a 330 Freemason; Amalthea is the name of theTurkish Aid ship to Gaza) in a cave on Mt Ida (Idaho and the Snake River making sense now?) near Knossos, the city which became the root of Gnosticism, the search for Secret, Mystic or Arcane Knowledge. Why Amalthea? Amalekites are at war with God (Ex 17:16); Amalthea is their GOAT (God Of All Things), the Feminine Thea or God; Theosophical (God Philosophy) Society making sense now? It better; Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Jeb Bush, Kerry are all initiates of this Brotherhood of Death Society and WWII was only the prequel. 
     Cretanism is the 6000 yr old religion of Gnosticism; Cretans go by titles Jesus warned against Father, Master, Rabbi (Mat 23:8-10); Pope Francis I is a Jesuit serving the Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas aka "Black Pope"; he wears the Philistine Mitre of Dagan, carries the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" and the Cretan title Pontifex Maximus. Now maybe Jesus' warning not to call any man Father upon the earth (Mat 23:10) will make sense. Titles Jesus as God in Flesh reserved for Himself are Melchisedek (Gen 14, Ps 110, Heb 7) and Reverend (Ps 111). Luciferian 330 Masons Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, or Billy Graham look like Jesus to you? Cretans go by these titles. 
    Cretans are known in history as Chaldeans, the Priests, Soothsayers, Artists, Metal Smiths, Astrologers, Warriors and Magicians of Babylon aka Ur of the Chaldees (Ur means "To Shine") their Tower of Babel was the "Gate of El" and the EU will finish it. The United Nations Religion Initiative or URI is the modern day Ur; the URI states "Nobody shall enter the New World Order unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation".; Shiny eh? Minoans, the mythical offspring of the Phoenician princess Europa, seduced by Zeus in the form of a White Bull which raped her in the Ocean, producing the hideous 1/2 Bull 1/2 Man "Minotaur"; Cretan King Minos is equivalent with the 1st Dynasty Egyptian King Menes. Golden Bull, Apis Bull, Jeroboam's Bull Altars at Dan and Bethel and the Wall St Bull all originate with the Saturnian Zeus Cult. There is your Beast from the Sea. Curetes (Priests of Cybele) who today wear the Yarmulke; Jewish? Hardly, Amalekites at war with God until this last Generation ends with removal of the Holy Ghost. The Yarmulke is worn hidden as a Kippah under Mitre's of Dagan on Priests and Bishops, under Fedoras by Talmudic initiates and under Arab Turbans once worn by Levite Priests, the first born sons of Aaron's descendants. Phoenicians, Philistines, Essenes, Theraputes are other names. 
     Cretans Destroy what God Creates. Jesus uses the term "Earth Dwellers" at the start of the Great Tribulation (Rev 11 is the view from Heaven and Rev 13 the view from Earth) and returns to "Destroy them which destroy the earth" (Rev 11:18 Fukushima, Deep Water Horizon, Depleted Uranium munitions, GM Food, Fracking, Geo-engineering, Ebola, AIDS, SARS and it's MERS-CoV derivative are examples. Barbara Marx Hubbard brags "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death"; the same horse on the cover of CFR Magazine.
                            Victory for Europa the Whore of Babylon
     Occult Communication is hidden in gestures, hand signs, symbols and pictures. At the May 8th VE Day celebrations in Moscow, Russia telegraphed the intent to deliver ARS (Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2014. I refer the reader to this story Recall, Prince Phillip controls WHO Director Margaret Chan and has stated his desire to control world population by being reincarnated (a Cretan doctrine as Buddha also uses the Trident symbol) as a Killer Virus; he Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama all met with Pope Francis I in April in front of artwork depicting the Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary Alignment of April 23, 2014, a highly anticipated event for Chaldean astrologers.
       Antibody nf-kBp65, Russian License Plate 0001 MO-77, and Russian Destroyer #808 depicted in the VE celebrations in Moscow tell an occult story.  nf-KBp65 is linked to SARS and related MERS-CoV infection. The antibody regulates the body's immune response to infection as well as activates latent viruses in the body such as Bubonic Plague. The new series Extant begins in July and refers to the idea of Standing Out or being Revealed; notice the word Extant morphs from Extinct in the promotional ads being shown. 
    Crimea, Odessa, Ukraine and Venice were/are home to the exiled Molech worshipping, child sacrificing Sarmation Priest-Kings called "Black Nobility"   Today, as they were 500 years ago, they are the Int'l Bankers and Merchants of Death. Sarmation means "People of the Prince"; the Prince is Lucifer; they possessed an immunity to the original Bubonic Plague and likely do today as well. 
   The latest Google Doodle commemorates Oxford educated Communist Party member Dorothy Hodgkin; her Communist/Eugenics mentor, Professor John Bernal wrote "The World, the Flesh & the Devil". Folks, Red Flags are flying.  
    The ultimate man-made Bio-weapons MERS-CoV aka SARS and Ebola may be about to be unleashed as described in Mat 24 and Lk 21; America is prepared with 1000 mobile hospitals and JBAIDS test equipment in all 50 States. Dr Ron Fouchier resurrected the original Ft Detrick created WWI Flu Virus and adapted it for Human to Human transmission as SARS and MERS-CoV. These diseases like Ebola and AIDS are man-made creations tested on the battlefield. Ft Detrick created the Bio-weapon and Ft Riley vaccines spread the 1918 Spanish Flu. Ft Detrick was later implicated in Bio-weapon use during the UN sponsored Korean War. Foxes (Cretans) guard their own hen houses; the UN Security Council chose the Int'l Red Cross (same logo used by the Knights Templar) and WHO (World Health Org) to investigate Japan's Bio-weapons research Unit #731 (Japan's PM and Tokyo Mayor are sons of it's founders; Aum Shinrikyo Sarin Gas and Fukushima are examples) and US Bio-weapon missions flown to Korea from Okinawa; Smallpox, Cholera and Plague were all tested on North Korean, Russian and Chinese soldiers. Don't expect one moment's sympathy when the pre-planned sequel to the Korean War begins. On May Day Molech/Baal's/Communism's Birthday Odessa was targeted for a Chemical Gas/Fire sacrifice  
       The first 2 Temples were destroyed on 9 Av; the 3rd Temple, made of Human Flesh will also be destroyed on 9 Av. Christopher Columbus killed 90% of natives along the eastern seaboard of the Americas with Disease and Disease will end America.  Christopher Columbus "Discovered" America BS! sailing across the Flat Earth BS! to India BS! and his flagship Santa Maria was just "Discovered" May 14 off the coast of Haiti/Dominican Republic. BS! Christopher=Messiah; Columbus=Columbia the Roman Goddess of Freedom and Liberty from God; his real name was Fernando Zarco. Columbus was a Molech/Saturn worshipping Sepharvaim (2 Ki 17:30) ejected from Spain on 9 Av 1492 for being an Allumbrado (Luciferians or Illuminated Ones); Columbus was a false Christian convert, Knights Templar and Rosicrucian initiate who flew the Red Templar Cross on his ships full of Smallpox; Hispaniola "Little Spain" was to be the start of a new Dominican (AD refers to Domini or Edomite "Red" Dominion) Republic aka "New Jerusalem" in "Amorica" Feel the love (Amor) yet? Google pictures of Christopher Columbus and he will be seen initiated into the "Left Hand Path" (Left Hand across the Heart, thumb extended; fingers forming a W). The Columbus Lighthouse at Punta Cana on the Dominican Republic is a giant, illuminated sacrifice center shaped like a Cross. CNN announced the "Discovery" at Columbus Circle in NYC; 7 Left Hand Forks in Broadway (Jesus is the Narrow Path; the Broad Path leads to Destruction of the Soul) and one arrives at Union Square Park where the US Flag is supported by the Fasces (Bundle of Rods tied with Red Cord around an Axe Blade) in front of the Virgin Record Building and the NY "Midnight Clock" which counts down and up from Midnight minus the last second in 17 digits. The Hand Sign Columbus is pictured with is used by the Men of Jahbulon who are taught in Masonic ceremony God is Jah Baal and Osiris (On); this level is the Rainbow Arch Degree and is forman Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. The Thumb extended up is Fidelity with the Cult of Saturn and the 4 fingers often form a W, the Phoenician letter for "Sin", the Akkadian moon god Sin is also called Allah. The occult message here is Disease but there is more.
    The Phoenician letter W means "Sin" and "Tooth". Trident (Triple Goddess in union with the Horned God Cernunnos) means 3 Teeth; the 4th Beast of Iron has 3 Teeth of the previous 3 Beasts. Will the 4th Beast make its debut on 9 Av (Aug  5, 2014)?
    License Plate 0001 MO-77 0001 is the Beginning MO "Modus Operandi" is the "Great Work" aka Revenge, seen in #77 "Lamech's Revenge" from Gen 4:24 is called the "Sabbath Goat on the Altar" by the  self professed "Great Beast" Aleister Crowley aka Dad to Barbara Bush. The Sabbath Goat comes from Lev 16:8-10; Jesus is the real Scapegoat sent to the Wilderness to absolve the Sins of the Congregation (Everyone on Earth who accepts His blood sacrifice). Azazel is Satan, the false Scapegoat; America will be the false Scapegoat for Rev 18 Babylon, turned into a Wilderness in 1 Hour according to Melchisedekian Prophecy (Mormon Church has planned for this). MO is also Missouri, the USS Missouri was the location for Luciferian Masons Douglass MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito ending phase 2 of Luciferian Mason/Witch Albert Pike's plan for 3 World Wars. Recall, Obama bowed to Hirohito's son Akahito bringing a delivery of MOX (Plutonium-Uranium Mixed Oxide)  Fuel to Fukushima just ahead of the planned re-fuel and planned meltdown. The latest Godzilla movie made its debut coincident with American Spring. Godzilla refers to the mother of Tubal-cain, Zillah (Gen 4:22) the instructor of artificers in metal and patron of Freemasons worldwide; Radiation from Japan is destroying the Earth; 1st in its path is America. The hand across the heart used by Columbus, Hirohito, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Pat Robertson, Ignatius Loyola, Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, Pope JP II, Benedict, Francis, Kabbalist Rabbis, Martin Luther etc etc conveys a meaning of Fidelity to the "Secret Chiefs" or "Planetary Guides" (Lucifer's Demons) The UN Planetary Initiative boldly declares "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation". The message here is WWIII is right around the corner with the Sabbath Goat on the altar. Sorry folks, but America (Amar=Canaanite God of the West; Amurru=Edomite Serpent God; Ameru=Serpent) is the Sabbath (Scapegoat) Goat to be sacrificed this time! 
   Destroyer 808 Jesus represents Destruction of the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Zero is the root of Zoroaster (Star Seed seen in the series Extant) and the final Battle of Good versus Evil in their Satanic doctrine. It means Naught, Null, Desert, Wilderness in Arab numerology. The second 8 is Man's replacement for Jesus Christ seen in the 8 arms of the Hanukkah Menorah surrounding the sun god Shamash aka Zeus/Lucifer.
                      EU: Unfinished Tower of Babel "Gate of El/Saturn"
The most powerful person in the EU is Angela Merkel aka Hitler's daughter; Satan's Seat (Throne of Pergamum) is in Berlin awaiting transport to the 3rd Jerusalem Temple. The downward pointing Triangle hand sign featured by Celebrities and World Leaders is called the Merkel-Raute; fidelity with the Tower of Babel and its missing Seat #666 if you will. "As Above, So Below" should ring a Baal here; combine the Upward and Downward Triangles and the Star of Molech is produced; tilt the Star of Molech away from the Sun 230  and "Ezekiel's Wheel" is created on Earth.
     Zeus as the White Bull is the Throne of the Whore of Babylon; today this Woman (Europa) Rides this Beast in front of the European Union HQ in Brussels built as an unfinished "Tower of Babel" where WWIII is in the final planning stages at the home of the computer called "The Beast". ISIS means "Throne", Isis was depicted with these same Bull Horns holding the Sun. Knights Templar (World Bankers, IMF) and Assassins (Ismailis who control Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Iran etc aka Kingdom of Ormus) carried Black Virgin Statues of Antichrist in the lap of Isis all over Europe and Asia from North Africa aka Islamic Maghreb).  ISIS, al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation), al Nusra (Western education is Blasphemous), AQIM are all US creations.  Saturn's weapon of choice is the "Trident" symbolizing the Female Trinity in union with the "World Pillar".
                      Self Immolation: The Ultimate Sacrifice
     The ultimate sacrifice is that of God Himself. Amurru is the Edomite God and source name of America. Trident means "3 Teeth"; the 4th Beast has Iron Teeth is made of the first 3 Beasts; the 3rd Beast is Edomite Dominion which will come out of WWIII and the destruction of America. The US Navy uses the Trident Logo and has a planning map with most of California and the Mississippi River valley submerged; couple this with Weaponized Ebola and MERS-CoV; collapse of the $US;  NERC (Nat Elec Reliability Corp); Boeing's CHAMP EMP Drone crashing the US Power Grid; Atomic Power Plants melting down; LA Earthquake; East Coast Tsunami; Yellowstone Eruption etc and most people around the world will believe Rev 18 fall of "Babylon" has occurred. Don't be fooled, Cretans planned all this long ago. What comes after that? US "Operation Blue Beam" turns the Ionosphere into a giant TV set with pictures of the fake Messiah appearing all over the world. 
    Acceptance of the False Messiah is the "Artifact of Doom" seen in the Illuminati Card Game Card #7. Cretans set up the plan for WWIII to pit forces of Islam against Zionism; Cretans control both sides of the Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis aka "New World Order". Card #7 is a "Hate Plague" which reaches its fruition in Armageddon. Israel is preparing by building a radiation hardened bunker called Project 911 on Site 911 in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) with the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" denying Jesus Christ over every door. Completion date is coincident with the Grand Climax Ritual "Begone Dull Care" at Bohemian Grove July 27, 2014. (Anniversary of the Aurora Theater shooting during the premier of Dark Knight Rises) 9 Av 2014  is Aug 5, 2014. August is the western 8th month; 8/5=1.618 aka Phi or Ratio of Life. Just coincidence? Don't bet eternity on it!
                                     America: World's Debtor's Prison
    Want to leave? FATCA (Capital control legislation) goes into effect July 1; just pay you and your children's share of the $17.6 Trillion Debt Why $17.6 T? Abraham's Covenant with God originated in Gen 17:6 and ends at Rev 17:6. America is a Debtor's Prison created in Washington DC at the IMF HQ. Why $17.6 T? "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus..." The woman is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT; THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
    Bill of Rights? "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" has nothing to do with "Property"; Debtors cannot own Property as they are Slaves to Creditors. The Gold Braid surrounding all 50 State and Federal Flags indebts all Americans to an equal share of our Debt. 
   Property Title? Guess again; Alodial Title is an appearance of Title, much like Fiat Currency is the appearance of Money. They mean nothing to Creditors who own the Mortgage (Mort=Death; Gage=Note) on the real Title. 
    35 US States have now voted for a Constitutional Convention to be held this summer; Congress is currently re-writing the Bill of Rights. An example of prior planning is in Common Core (Bill Gates financed with $2.5 Billion) textbooks; the 2nd Amendment only provides for Gun Ownership as part of a regulated State Militia. Just Swear allegiance to your State Governor who sold you out to the Federal Government who in turn sold America out to International Bankers, UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court in front of the Gold Braided (Gold Braid means the US Constitution is no longer in force) Flag in front of the Fasces Logo on all 50 State National Guard Flags and you can legally carry a gun. Now can you see why all 50 State National Guard Units were given JBAIDS Test Kits? "Control oil, you control nations. Control food, you control people" Cretan Henry Kissinger. The USDA is purchasing .40cal S&W submachine guns with night sights and 30 round magazines; right out of Joseph Stalin's playbook before 20 million Ukrainians were starved to death.
                   The US is one pre-planned, self inflicted disaster away from Martial Law. 
      FEMA and DHS are advertising for Crisis Actors. Want to star in a Crisis Simulation like the Century 16 Aurora Colorado shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary, Boston Marathon or Malaysia 370 (signs in China were 

                                             VE Day
     May 8, 1945 Victory in Europe of what? Communism over Fascism? Capitalism over Fascism? The Fasces is posted on both sides of the Congressional Rostrum; over the Oval Office doors, over the Supreme Court Doors on Honest Abe's Memorial Chair and on all 50 States National Guard Shields; seems to me Fascism won that round. The FBI has already admitted they knew Hitler and Eva Braun were escorted to Argentina by the US military. Lenin and Trotsly were both trained and financed in NYC. The Congressional record shows Prescott Bush financed Hitler. FDR, Truman, Stalin and Churchill (Bi-sexual Druid initiate as well) all were 33Luciferian Freemasons. Hitler and Stalin were both initiates in the Thule Society aka Prescott Bush' Skull & Bones Society or Brotherhood of Death. Victory for Satan  maybe.                                  
                                          Cinco de Mayo
    Mexican Independence? Battle of Puebla? How about the 5 May 1818 Birth of Sabbataean Frankist, Cabbalist, Talmudist, Jesuit trained, false Christian convert, 330 Luciferian Mason Moses Mordechai Levy Marx aka Karl Marx? America's birth certificate "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property" was changed to "Happiness" because the father of modern Communism summed up Communism as the "Abolition of Private Property". He called humanity "Apes of a cold God". His goal? "Lure mankind with him into hell in the company of Satan" 200+ million dead people and counting. You don't need to follow him to Hell folks! Barbara Marx Hubbard "We are in charge of God's selection process for planet earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the Pale Horse "Death". Barbara declared Dec 22, 2012  "Earth Planetary Birthday";   declares the Pale Horse "Death" was released on Dec 21, 2012. "Death" is a "Name"; Jesus will remove your "Name" from the Lamb's "Book of Life" and "Hell" will follow. Bee Careful. Killing God is a 6000 yr old Gnostic/Chaldean "Sting" and the Bees are very busy!
     Saudi Arabia sending Takfiri mercenaries to Ukraine. Takfiri take upon themselves the right to declare a person Apostate; no Sharia Law Court, no ecclesiastical ruling, just summary judgment and execution of infidels not willing to submit to Allah. 
                                                 MAY DAY
"Human to Human adaptation and aerosol  transmission of even a moderately fatal Virus will become a Plague of unimaginable proportions" Dr Ron Fouchier
, the man who adapted the moderately fatal virus for aerosol human to human transmission.
     The CDC confirmed on the Celtic New Year of  Beltane, MERS CoV (Middle East Respiratory  Syndrome Coronavirus) is now in America. MERS CoV began increasing in Abu Dhabi (Noble Deer Father) where Maersk Alabama (Captain Phillips appears to be Prince Phillip) Bio-hazard guards from Trident Security were murdered, and from there to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. MERS-CoV is spreading Human to Human in Jeddah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia and has been exported to Jordan, Malaysia, UAE, Greece and Egypt. The health care worker to America, boarded a British Airways flight from Riyadh to London's Heathrow Airport. The Trojan Horse was full of plague; London means New Troy; Heathrow means "Living on the Heath" ie "Earth Dweller"; British=B'Rith=Birthright ie Cain, Japheth, Joktan, Ishmael, Esau); London has daily direct flights to 100+ nations. From there to Chicago (Chicagoan means Skunk Place or Fox), and to Munster, Indiana (Inhabitant of India + Ana=Upward) by Bus. Potentially over 1000 people may have been infected unknowingly and nothing will be done to stop the spread. Dr Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center genetically modified this SARS related Chimera intentionally.
    The US prepared by opening a Customs pre-clearance facility in Abu Dhabi with Qatar next. International Arab Ismaili Arms Bazaars with direct access to the US; nice eh? Direct flights began last week from Abu Dhabi to the NYC, Washington DC, Chicago and soon Los Angeles and Dallas without Customs inspections inside the US; inspectors in Abu Dhabi are paid by the Ismaili Dictatorship directly. Inside the US are 1000 Doctors "Commissioned" by Oath under newly appointed/confirmed Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a Hindu from India (Indiana coincidence?) worshipper of Kali "Goddess of death" and Shiva "The Destroyer" among others. All 50 State National Guards have JBAIDS (Why not Customs Inspectors in Abu Dhabi?) Bio-test equipment and 1000 mobile hospitals are ready with bio-hazard waste disposal capability. If it sounds like a Zombie horror movie it is because this was planned well in advance; folks, this is the true face of Zionism and World War Z may have just begun.  
  Neo-Nazi mercenaries trained by the US celebrated Beltane aka "International Workers Day" by cornering, gassing and burning to death 39 protesters in Odessa at the Trade Union Building. Odessa means "Source of Inspiration"; the name was Hacibey meaning "Pilgrim Lord and Master"; Cain is meant here. Odessa was home to exiled Molech worshipping Sarmation Priest-Kings, the biblical Sepharvain (2 Ki 17:30) who routinely offer sacrifices by fire to Molech. Odessa is the Kaganate of the "Golden Horde" financed by International Bankers and the US Military. Inspiration? Just remember "Rus" or "Rosh" as in the Crimean Rus does not belong in Eze 38 description of "Gog and Magog"; that is pure Russian "May Day" Fantasy.
     WHO Director Margaret Chan is an Officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire under Prince Phillip. MERS CoV is her most pressing world health concern, but not so pressing she might have stepped in to stop the US Customs pre-clearance facility from the place where MERS-CoV originated; she was in China during the original SARS outbreak in 2003.
     Phillip and Queen Elizabeth and later Barack Obama were photographed in front of artwork at the Vatican (Vatis=Divine or Divining + Serpent) called "Cosmic Embrace" with Jesuit Pope Francis I just ahead of the Planetary Alignment. Pope Francis I, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI turned Saint (A second Vicarious Christ? Blasphemy knows no bounds here) and Archbishop of Canterbury (Under the reforms of Dr Rowan Williams, the Anglican Church is in Communion with most every religion on earth) Justin Welby are all currently on trial in Belgium for kidnapping, torture, ritual murder and cannibalism of children. 
    "Cosmic Embrace" highlights the Cardinal Grand Cross 4 Planetary alignment on April 23 at 130 (13 is the number of Rebellion and Ill Omen) in the 4 astrological signs representing the 4 elements of Witchcraft. Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Jupiter in Cancer; Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries represent, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, between the opening Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad and Solar Eclipse of April 29. The number 13 represents Rebellion to God, but for occultists 13 represents the 13 Spheres of the Metatron Cube (Ezekiel's Wheel) and 13 Keys of Creation. 12 Attributes: Potential, Grace, Surrender, Action, Rhythm, Free Will, Vibration, Cause and Effect, Wisdom, Evolution, Polarity, and Purpose around the central attribute of Love. Folks, Gnostics regard Love as a Cannibalistic Orgy called Bacchanalia, Liberalia or Dionysiac Ritual. Cathars were/are the Church of Amor (Love) aka Amorites called the "Church of Agape". Man-made laws as opposed to God's laws seen in the Code of Hammurabi (biblical Amraphel in Gen 14:9) are of Amorite creation. 1 Cor 13 is about Charity not Love! New bibles change Paul's greatest virtue "Charity" to "Love", but they are not the same. 13 first appears in scripture concerning the first War of Rebellion in Gen 13 and next concerning Ishmael. The Great Tribulation is described in Rev 13 for a reason! Generally, 8 and 13 are contrasted all through scripture; 13/8=Phi "Ratio of Life" the concept seen in the Yin Yang, Light versus Dark, Good versus Evil. Jesus is the 8th and final Covenant; choose Him folks!
      Welby is a British Oil Executive turned Most Reverend (Reverend is Jesus' Title only) his predecessor Rowan Williams is a Celtic Druid initiate well acquainted with "May Day" and "Wicker Man" sacrifices. The May Day "Wicker Man" is America! Prince Phillip wants to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus" to rid the Earth of "Useless Eaters"; a man-made "Killer Virus" will do just that; coincidence with Captain Phillips and Maersk Alabama bio-hazard guards? Don't bet on it! Phillip means "Beloved Horse", the Pale Horse "Death" might ring a Baal here! In 1953 his wife proclaimed herself "Queen of Jerusalem, queen of thy people". Jews? No, the men I mentioned just above. Jesus referred to them as the "Synagogue of Satan". Wicker Man is an effigy cage used to hold sacrifices in Druid Ritual; during Obama's Inauguration Rev Rick Warren invoked Jesus as well as Esus (Arabic "Issa") a Druid god invoked in rituals called "Parliament" (Meeting of Owls of Wisdom) in "Thor's Oaks"; the popular song "Happy" is a word derived from the Welsh word for "Wisdom". The Druid "Amorica" (Love) was transferred to "America", the land named for Ameru=Serpent; Amar=Canaanite god of the west (Land of the Dead in Egyptian and Eastern religion) and Amurru the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god. The origin of "Wicker Man" or "Willow Man" is likely derived from Moses in the reed basket floating in the Nile, adopted by Queen Hatshepsut. Occultists duplicate the event with the story of Sargon the Great floating in the Euphrates, sired by a "Changeling" (1/2 breed Nephilim; Celtic/Nordic Nefilheim). Folks, don't be fooled here, there are no Demon-Human 1/2 breeds.
    America is a giant "Wicker Man" The US is a puppet of the British (B'Rith=Birthright)Empire; Washington DC houses Government, Military, and Intelligence on land that is not part of the host nation much like the City of London and Vatican City. Santa Fe (Holy Light) burns the largest Marionette called "Zozobra" (Old Man Gloom); "Burning Man" in Nevada, Belizian Grove (Women's version; Sodomite Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Hillary Clinton are members) and the 40ft Owl "Molech", burned at Bohemian Grove by Red Robed world leaders in the Redwood Forest should ring a Baal here; these are 4000 year old rituals to Satan. The origination of the "Cremation of Dull Care" Ritual is the Sumerian Ritual "Begone Dull Care" (Begone is also called Barra) in the Temple of E-barra or "Shining House". Sacrifices were consumed in flames to the Canaanite Lord Molech; today, the Cremation of Dull Care and Burning Man is no different. Need more proof?
    Shamash "Sun" is the Sumerian "Utu", the Son of Anu (Anu=Zeus) was worshipped in Temples called the "White House". Shamash is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah lit by Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr/Jr, Clinton and Obama at the White House.          
     Previous "May Day" events included George Bush Jr aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (Honest Abe was the lying head of the Rosicrucians in America "AMORC" (Note Amor here); his memorial features the Fasces symbol in plain sight) in front of the banner "Mission Accomplished" exactly 40 days after the second war in Iraq began. Jesus gives a "New Name" to His followers; similarly in Skull & Bones Satanic Ritual, George Bush Sr was given the new name "Magog". On Jan 8, 2008 George Bush Jr was given the Megillat Bush Scroll in Zedekiah's Cave (last king of Jerusalem watched his sons die before he was blinded and tossed in a literal shit hole for mocking God) with the new name "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal" by the Sanhedrin, Chief Levitical Priest and Temple Mount Priests. Is he? Of course not, just a dupe put up to mock and provoke God. Osama bin Laden (CIA asset Tim Osman whose name means Lion of Ladon ie Ladon Dragon) and "al Qaeda" (al Qaeda means "Solid Foundation"; the myth began one Jubilee Cycle ago in 1966 "Anno Satanae" with Dervish professor of Islam Ibn Sayyid Qutb in San Francisco, the same year the Church of Satan was founded) were successfully blamed (thanks to Media Whores) for 9/11 becoming the Scapegoats for Gulf War II. 8 years later Obama successfully pulled off the bin Laden raid on May Day, DNA testing his body in a 150mph Chinook Helicopter on a daring 1200+ mile nighttime flight to the USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Sea for the ceremonial dumping of the body; a crock of crap like Zedekiah's pit!
    "Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the LORD hath rejected them." Jer 6:30 People like Talmudic fake Jew NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Donald Sterling (Tokowitz) know they are the LORD's rejects ie "Reprobate Silver". They are playing their parts in a giant stage play; the message? My guess is Los Angeles is about to get clipped, first with Race Riots. There is one "Race" of Man on Earth; this is classic "Divide and Conquer" strategy. Sterling, a supposed Jew tells his adulterous mistress "Don't invite blacks to my games" and gets banned from the NBA for life; revere the Talmud and brag to the world Gentiles are Goyim Cattle lower than animals and become Prime Minister of Israel; that's how the sick game is played. Don't fall for it! "Love God"; "Love your Neighbor" is the sum of the New Covenant between Man and God folks! 
    In Moscow on May Day 2014, a blimp float with Cy155 was featured; it links Russian and US Cyber Intelligence Agencies; a look into this is here
   Occultists believe we are at "Heaven's Door"; Satanism cannot get more out in the open than this. I suggest reading Mat 24 and Luke 21 because we are there. If you remember only one thing  from this, remember Gog and Magog is after the Millennium and Russia has absolutely nothing to do with it.
"Gog and Magog" is AFTER the 1000 years!!! 
    "And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog." Rev 20:7-8 
Satanic Liars  at the Prophecy Summit: JR Church, Gary Stearman, Jonathan Cahn, Chuck Missler, Bill Koenig, LA Marzuli, Bill Salus, Doug Woodward, Mark Biltz, Paul McGuire, Avi Lipkin and Terry Cook as well as Zionist water carriers John Hagee, Joel Rosenberg, Glen Beck, Texe Marrs and James Lloyd are out in full force and one voice to deceive Christians on the topic of Gog and Magog. Do not be fooled; Gog and Magog is over 1000 years away, at the end of the Millennium; 1000 years after the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Russia has nothing to do with Gog and Magog! Jesus said "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" False teachings on Gog and Magog is deadly leaven on par with the Six Pointed Star, Nephilim, Aliens and the Rapture. Don't be played the fool; read God's Word and believe it. 
    Russia has nothing to do with Gog; Moscow has nothing to do with Meshech and the Siberian "Silk Road" Capital of Tobolsk has nothing to do with Tubal (Eze 38); those Gnostic lies are the brainchild of Finnish Shaman. KGB Col (Col much like Woodrow Wilson advisor Col Mandel House or Col Muamar Qadaffi) Vladimir Putin has spent the last 5 days on Valaam Island in Lake Ladoga visiting his Finnish Shaman "Spiritual Mentors" at the Valamo Monastery as his Russian "Doomsday Plane" Tu-214SR orbited overhead. The Monastery is obsessed with the Transfiguration on Pentecost and the mythical figure of St George. Russian Orthodoxy is obsessed with St George as are the British where St George is the "Patron Saint. The United Nations features St George on horseback stabbing the Dragon (America is the Dragon meant here) and at the Cathedral of St John the Divine, also in NYC, St George not only kills the Dragon, but does so in the astrological sign of Cancer (June 21-July 22). 
   The Easter derived Pentecost is June 8, 2014; this Pentecost is of Chaldean origin, promoted by Druids and Finno-Ugric Shaman to follow the equally man-made Edomite/Chaldean Holy Day (Acts 12:4 KJV) Easter. Jubilee Week for the Jesuit run 9th Circle International Satanic Cult is June 30-July 7, 2014. Pope Francis I, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and Anglican Archbishop and Druid initiate, Most Reverend (Reverend is strictly Jesus' title Ps 111) Justin Welby are on trial at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Belgium  for kidnaping, torture, consuming flesh and blood and ritual murder using an Athame (Ceremonial Dagger) of primarily Mohawk children in Canada. The Belgium (Bel is the Phoenician form of Baal) court is a joke. Chateau Amerois (Castle of Kings) aka Mother's of Darkness Castle in Muno Bel has been exposed as the primary ritual center (Marc Dutroix affair) and is nearby. The Beast Computer is there; coupled with the NSA Data Collection Facility in Zion (Utah), profiles of billions of people are being compiled (All Seeing Eye). EU Headquarters with vacant seat #666 and a giant statue of the Woman Riding the Beast out front is just down the street. Rest assured, this Circus Show was all planned in advance. The court is adjourned for 2 weeks and will re-convene May 5. Battle of Puebla? Hardly, more like the birth of Karl Marx, the person who bragged he would kill God and make sure He remained dead. Pretty hard to believe all this is out in the open? One of Karl Marx' ardent followers Barbara Marx Hubbard bragged she is the rider of the Pale Horse "Death". Chateau Amerois sacrifices are in the "Thousand Points of Light Chapel"; Nazi George Bush Sr also has his "1000 Points of Light Foundation"; why? He is a Jesuit trained Nazi named George Scherff Jr, married to the illegitimate, ritually conceived daughter of the Beast Aleister Crowley. The George Bush Sr Super Carrier CVN-77 is even named after Crowley's Liber 77: Book of the Goat. His father Prescott Bush (Scherff Sr) financed Hitler; Angela Merkel is Hitler's daughter, born after the US helped him escape to Argentina. Not quite what the history books teach is it? Sodomite in Chief Barack Obama is likely the son of 330 Luciferian Mason and Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz who vowed, like Karl Marx to kill Christianity and bring down the American Satan. Obama bowed to King Abdullah and proclaimed a "New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo where the Arab League was founded. Aside from a $20B arms deal with the US, Saudi Arabia is also flaunting its Chinese Intermediate Range Missiles. How much more out in the open do Satanists need to get before you wake up to the truth of the Word and a relationship with the Creator Jesus Christ?  "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction must stick to possibilities where truth does not" Bohemian Grove founder Mark Twain. If it's too hard to believe 2700 world leaders sacrifice children at the foot of a 40ft Owl called Molech every summer just north of San Francisco where the Church of Satan was founded, read the bible; this has been going on for 6000 years; exactly the age of the earth!
      Jesus numbers every hair on a baby's head; Jesuits "Society of Jesus" swear oaths to tear babies from wombs and swing their heads against the rocks; Congress is aware of this, it's in the Congressional record! They preach from pulpits in Catholic and Protestant churches as well as "Synagogues of Satan" (Rabbis, Talmudism and Kabbalah are not Jewish in the slightest). Jesuits use the Circled Cross aka Celtic Cross with IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" meaning "By this sign conquer". Conquer who? Well folks, aren't you the one looking at that abomination on the altar? Jesus warned He hated the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes (Rev 2:6;15) because they Destroy the Laity from the Pulpits and no group on Earth does this better than the Jesuits. We can thank them for Mein Kampf and the 3rd Reich, pre-trib Rapture, Dispensationalism, Heliocentric, Big Bang and Evolution Theories. Jesuit Liars are becoming unmasked in the run up to WWIII and what Albert Pike said would destroy Christianity and Atheism. Just remember Jesus' warning "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Mat 10:36; Mic 7:6. Jesuits pit the Anglican Church against the Catholic Church once already, let's pray cooler heads prevail and people find Jesus this time! "He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword" Sound familiar! Now back to the Russian Pentecost and the Gog and Magog deception underway.
                                        Transfiguration of Jesus or Lucifer?
       The largest Cathedral on Valaam Island is the "Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral"; wrong Saviour folks! Easter Pentecost (June 8, 2014) is not dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Just a guess, but Finnish Shaman are obsessed with the prophet Elijah; again, just a guess, but the 2 Witnesses might make an appearance this June. Occultists claim they will be Moses and Elijah; the real 2 Witnesses will be with 100% certainty Enoch (Seth's) and Elijah. Jesus said "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment..." Heb 9:27 Enoch and Elijah will be killed by Satan in the streets of Jerusalem 3 days before the return of Jesus to fulfill that scripture. The time of year? Rev 11:10 describes everyone sending and receiving gifts; just a guess, but that sounds like Christmas to me. 3 1/2 years of torment coming to an end 3 1/2 years after Pentecost 2014 in a Jubilee Year (2016-17) sounds like the perfect set up eh?
     Lake Ladoga supplies the water for St Petersberg; Peter, although a Saved Apostle of Jesus Christ was no Saint because there are no Saints. The name of the city prior to that was Petragrad. Peter means "Small Stone"; the Small Stone became the foundation Stone for the Roman Catholic Church. Petra means Peter; this Small Stone became the foundation of the Edomiites and Nabbatean Arabs of Petra in Idumea, the land of Moab, Ammon and Esau. These nations escape the hand of Antichrist (Dan 11:41)   Finland literally means "Land" or "Land of Man"; Esau is pre-destined for "Dominion" over Earth (Gen 27:40KJV) Putin and his Doomsday Plane are over the Finnish battleground of "Karelia" receiving marching orders on Walpurgisnacht and Beltane because Soviet Communism was given birth in Red Square on this date. Remember the Bear Cub mascot at Sochi? The Russian Bear is coming out of hibernation for the greatest deception in human history; the fake battle of Gog and Magog!  
     The May Queen is a Celtic relic of Tree Worship (Druid means Knower of Trees); the Virgin Bride of the Serpent or a suitable Scapegoat was/is sacrificed after the May Day festivities end on Lammas (Aug 1). Project 911 on Site 911 called Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun) will be completed by Aug 2014; nothing like a radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah "The LORD our God is One" over every door to protect against the wrath of Lucifer eh? Bush Jr chose May Day 2003 to announce Mission Accomplished ; Gulf War II had just begun, blaming the Scapegoat Osama bin Laden) and Obama chose May Day 2011 for the fake bin Laden raid and fake burial at sea. The movie Wicker Man (Christopher Lee and Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage both played the Wicker Man) sacrificed on Beltane; Cage's movie Knowing even predicted the Deep Water Horizon fire 1 yr in advance; pretty bold eh? In Moscow the "Reds" come out symbolizing Esau or Edomite Dominion in Red Square
    The symbol of "Gog and Magog" is the 4 Quarters of the Earth seen in the Celtic Cross (Circled Greek Cross), the first form of this Cross was made with Deer; their horns forming the broken circle. Cernunnos is the Deer and Abu Dhabi is the home of "Noble Deer Father". It is no coincidence CERN is attempting to prove the "God Particle" gives Mass to Matter and uses the 666 logo; Satanists not only preach from Pulpits, they wear Lab Coats with PhD on them and nobody questions their proclamations in the name of "Science". They teach their unproven nonsense from University lecterns wearing the same wide hemmed robes Jesus warned of.
    Abu Dhabi "Noble Deer Father" leads the UAE; along with Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, they are Ismaili "Hagarene" nations. God said this of Ishmael "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; ad he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren" Gen 16:12. Ishmael married Canaanite women as did Esau; for this reason, both were cast out of God's inheritance. Their Kingdom of Ormus ran and still runs the Persian (Persia is Shem's eldest son Elam) Gulf making deals leading to WWIII, the Zoroastrian final battle between Light "Ahura Mazda" (Ormus=Ormaizd=Mazdaeans) and Darkness "Ahriman". All the above mentioned men propagate this Gnostic Lie. 
      Swastika means "To be Fortunate" or "Good Luck" aka "Hook-Cross", "Thor's Hammer" or "Fylfot", it symbolizes the broken Cainite "Dominion" which ended with the Flood. Post Flood, this Good Luck extended to the first born sons Japheth, Elam (Shem's elder brother=Persia; Gen 10:22), Joktan (God Divided the Nations with the Flood during Joktan and Peleg's day; the United Nations is "Repairing the World") Charran, (Abraham's elder brother settled Charran/Harran; Sabians of Harran were the Planetary Astrologers of Harran), Ishmael (Ka'aba in Mecca was where Abraham and Sarah cast out Ishmael and Hagar) and Esau (Gen 27:40KJV states Esau will obtain Dominion as the Wealthy, living off the fatness of the Earth and install themselves as Religious Leaders living off the dew of Heaven before destroying his brother Jacob). Ashkenazi, the grandson of Japheth impersonate Jews; their Rabbis use the phrase "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth) for this Swastika concept. Aryan means "Noble Caste"; it's a Lucky Birthright Caste meant here because they don not believe God is involved in any way! Wrong!!
                          Nazi Germany is not the 3rd Beast of Dan 7:6
      Nazi Germany used the ancient Broken Sun Wheel "Swastika", but Nazi Germany (Gomer is Ashkenaz' father) was not the 3rd Beast (Dan 7:6KJV). Nazi Germany never achieved "Dominion" because that was never part of the plan. Esau (Edom) will achieve "Dominion" as the 3rd Beast very soon. Israel is not God's restoration is Jews, nor was the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/Molech/Chiun/Milcom/Chemosh used by King David. These various names of Satan are used by the Confederacy described in Ps 83; do not be fooled!
     Eze 38-38 speaks to the time Joel does at the end of the Millennium. The British Lion is not the Lion of Judah; British means B'Rith=Birthright of Esau/Edom not Judah; the statues of Gog and Magog at the City of London are just "Swabi" (Saxon/Germanic/Gomer/Togarmah) deceptions. BP (British Petroleum) is a Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom) creation; the first refinery on Abaddan Island in the Persian Gulf was founded as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Waning up yet? There is little difference between Iran and Britain. The British Empire under the Windsors (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) are Germanic ie descendants of Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz; they serve the Dominion of Esau not Jacob; Lion of Judah? Hardly, the British are the biggest Satanic deception in the world. Obama bowed to Queen Elizabeth II for this reason; in 1953 she declared herself "Queen of Jerusalem"; Jesus is King of Jerusalem (Melchisedek) and no, I don't think she is God's Wife!  Her husband Phillip wants to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus". Waking up yet?   Eze 37-38 describes the restoration of Israel under Jesus Christ ("Shiloh" of Gen 49:10) with King David as King of Jerusalem during the Millennium. All this is after the 2nd Coming!
     Believing Gog and Magog is occurring now is the biggest part of the "Strong Delusion" (2 Thess 2:11). The other parts of this "Delusion" include the "pre-Trib Rapture", "Aliens", and the "7 Yr Tribulation". The "Cross" is not a symbol used by God anymore than the Six Pointed Star; they are Satanic. The Celtic (Warrior) Cross is the Circled Cross, symbolizing the 4 quarters of the Earth; the Celtic Cross, broken at the corners is the "Swastika". This then is the Aryan deception which began at Babel and will soon be "Repaired". The phrase "Tikkun Olam" means "Repair the Earth" by murdering followers of God. Murdering God in Flesh was just the start. 
                                     April "Month of Venus"; Venus is Lucifer
Venus is another name of Lucifer "Light Bearer" because Venus is the Evening and Morning Star; Satan, the Devil disguises himself as the "Morning Star". "April Fool's Day" mocks Jesus being sent on "Fool's Errands" in 2014 April Fool's Day is also God's New Year. Jesus was sent from Annas  to Pilate, to Caiaphas to Herod and back after the illegal convening of the Sanhedrin (Yes Jesus was aware of it) in the home of Caiaphas used to condemn Jesus for Blasphemy.
    With no fanfare, DHS and US Customs opened a pre-clearance facility in the United Arab Emirates "Arms Bazaar" of Abu Dhabi with direct flights to Washington DC, NYC and Chicago; flights to Dallas and Los Angeles begin soon. MERS CoV is exploding in Abu Dhabi  coincident with direct flights into the US bypassing US Customs including Disease recognition. Now does it make sense why all 50 States National Guard Units were given JBAIDS (Disease ID kits) by the DOD and HHS? They created the problem in order to provide the solution!
     Abu is the Sumerian equivalent of Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire; Pyramid means "Amid the Flames"); the Glory of the LORD departed Solomon's Temple (Eze 8) from worship of Tammuz. Abu Dhabi literally translates as "Noble Father of Deer"; Cernunnos and Herne, the Old Horned God of Witchcraft are the Stag worshipped here. Ebola Reston Virus is named after the Reston Monkey which may ring a Baal for Disney's Alladdin fans who remember the monkey Abu. The Straits of Hormuz is named after Horus and Tammuz. The mythical Arabian Phoenix Bird  is the Bennu Bird or Ben-ben; it connects Egypt to Arabia, serving as the Pyramidion or symbolic Golden Capstone of the Great Pyramid. 
                                   ELOHM=Inverted, Mirror Image of MH370 
     The CDC confirmed on May Day MERS CoV is in the US having traveled aboard British Airways from Saudi Arabia to London (London means "New Troy"; the Trojan Horse was full of plague not soldiers ready for battle) to Chicago and a bus to Indiana. 
     2 Bio-hazard guards from Trident Security were murdered (simultaneous respiratory failure and heart attack is ridiculous) guarding the Maersk Alabama in port at Abu Dhabi. The "Mysterious Cargo" was transferred aboard MH370 (cryptogram for ELOHIM using the Double Trident Logo; Elohim is Saturn, Chemosh, Milcom, Molech) causing China to direct the plane to divert the landing from Beijing just before the remote hijacking using BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot) and Freescale Imbedded RF Hardware to the British-US military base at Diego Garcia. MERS CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Coronavirus) is the Chimera designed by Dr Ron Fourchier with help of course from WHO Director Margaret Chan, an officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire under Prince Phillip. He and Queen Elizabeth met with Pope Francis I at the Vatican in front of 48 year old (Jubilee is 50 years) artwork called "Cosmic Embrace" highlighting the recent Cardinal Grand Cross Planetary alignment at 13of the 4 astrological signs associated with Witchcraft (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Think Pope Francis I knows that a man-made plague is being unleashed? You can bet you Francis Assisi on it!  On April 29 the WHO announced a MERS "Super Spreader" from Abu Dhabi was responsible for at least 28 confirmed cases of MERS, now exploding in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. "Human to human transmission of even a moderately fatal disease will become a plague of unimaginable proportions" Dr Ron Fouchier Add a Bio-hazard cargo and direct flights from the source into America and Jesus' warning of Pestilence in Mat 24:7 will soon be a reality.  Read the rest of Mat 24 and notice Eagles gathering over the carcase; Esau used the Eagle as its symbol. Now look at "Annuit Coeptus" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" above and below the 13 level Unfinished Pyramid on the $US; that's Annas and Caiaphas connected to New Secular Order (Secular means without God) by the word MASON. In the middle is the All Seeing Eye or the entity who approves  of destroying most of the flesh on earth (Mat 24:23) Lucifer! America is the Arabian Phoenix destroying itself to give birth to the New Secular Order and False Christs (Mat 24:24). Now if you understand all this, you need to head for your Prayer Closet and establish a Repentant One on One Relationship with the Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ! Did you do it? It takes 2 minutes and lasts for Eternity!   
    April 26  Russia severed communication with the Obama White House while inking deals with Iran, Bahrain and Qatar. Obama is in Japan fomenting WWIII with China and Taiwan over the Senkaku Islands, while calling North Korea "A pariah state doomed to isolation" (330 Luciferian Masons Stalin and Truman created North Korea and the Kim dynasty) and ordering the Philippines to harbor US Military bases; want another Cyclone to devastate your American satellite nation? Didn't think so. War drums for WWIII are as loud as they can get. Just remember, Russia is not Gog! Moscow is not Meshech and Tobolsk is not Tubal! Eze 38 is 1000 years away! 
     On April 27  Pope Francis conveyed Sainthood on Pope John XXIII and John Paul II. These men ushered in the Interfaith reforms of Vatican II and the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" or "Bent Cross" mocking the Crucifixion. The Swastika is also called the "Bent Cross"; Watch the Weather! 200+ Tornados will or rather did ravage the "Bible Belt" (OK-TN-NC-SC-GA-AL-LA-TX) in the run-up to the Celtic New Year "Beltane". An act of God? Hardly, the act of men who think they are gods!
    America is named after Amurru the Edomite "Shepherd God", Ameru "Serpent" and Amar the Canaanite god of the west or "Land of the Dead" in Eastern religions. Ever wonder why Graves face East? Salvation came from the East and the Messiah was Crucified, East of the Temple. Amurru is one of 77 (Crowley calls 77 the Sabbath Goat on the Altar) names of Satan; Beltane is the Celtic New Year and birth of Baal (Satan). The ultimate form of Sacrifice is the "Sacrifice of God" (Heb 9:26); in this case America (Amurru) will shed blood for the "Remission of Sin" (Heb 9:22). This Satanic impersonation of God can be seen in Heb 9:11 with Jesus coming to earth as the perfect Tabernacle sacrificed for the Sins of the world. Contrast this with Rev 9:11 when Satan is cast to Earth with his followers sacrificed at Armageddon with blood rising to the horse bridles. April 19 kicks off the 13 day blood sacrifices leading to Beltane; "May Day" ringing a Baal with 9:11 "Emergency" now? 
                                                    Occult Communication 
    In 1620 Francis Bacon published "New Atlantis"; America was to be the Phoenix upon whom the New World Order would rise as  the New Atlantis (pre-flood Utopia).  The Declaration of Arbroath proclaimed Scottish Independence that same year; Sept 18, 2014 the vote for Scottish Independence will occur; Scotti were a pagan Egyptian-Scythian tribe who founded Ireland and Scotland. Now, the Arab connection.
    MERS (Middle East Respiratory Coronavirus) is an engineered disease. Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center created the Chimera. Saudi Arabia reported on April 27, MERS cases increased to 313 and had spread to Cairo and Abu Dhabi. This is occult communication similar to Iran's Qahar 313 Stealth Fighter; There is no Qahar Stealth Fighter; it is a 2/3 scale model that any military pilot can recognize. There are 313 in the Authorized Bible, the last referring to the fall of Babylon in Rev 18 just before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The Arab League originated in Cairo; Chi=Messiah; Rho=Royal; the Royal Messiah is Lucifer not Jesus. America is to be the Phoenix upon whose ashes the New World Order rises. The Arabian Phoenix connects Egypt to Arabia; essentially MERS is the Phoenix. The communication here is that America, largely by man-made disease will be sacrificed for the remission of Sins as the Scapegoat for "Babylon". 
    MERS and Ebola are man-made "Hemorrhagic Fevers" that are both man-made plagues. Ebola spread from Africa, to Italy and now to America; specifically the New River in Pulaski, Virginia. Why there? Pulaski is an Axe and Hoe used for Pruning and Fertilizing a Garden; Virginia is Easter/Ishtar. America prepared in advance by Commissioning 1000 doctors in 1000 Mobile Tent Hospitals and issuing all 50 states National Guards Ebola test kits. The movie 12 Monkeys illustrated the plan from its FAA HQ in Philadelphia and the flight to San Francisco on April 19, 1996; the day Ebola arrived in Virginia. Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love" refers to Cain's love for Abel; Ishmael's love for Isaac and Esau's love for Jacob; it's why Jesus referred to the Church of Philadelphia as the "Synagogue of Satan" ie people who claim to be Jewish/Christian and are not. Francisco means "Free" of God. The FAA intentionally spread the CDC created disease which began with Animals spreading the disease to humans and now humans spreading it to humans. "Almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without the shedding of blood is no remission"  
                                      Celtic Cross
    The oldest form of the Swastika was found on pottery in Ur (Sumeria) designed with 4 Deer, their Horns forming the broken circle. The Deer is Cernunnos or Herne ancient Horned God of Witchcraft. CERN is named after Cernunnos and is attempting to produce evidence the "God Particle" gives Mass to Matter; Fat Chance Liars. The dead giveaway is their "666" logo.
     The Circled Cross is Celtic (Warrior) and illustrates "Dominion" over the 4 Quarters of the Earth; the Swastika is the "Broken Cross" which Solar Priests are dedicated to "Repair". The Hebrew phrase "Tikkun Olam" originates from Joktan and Peleg; the original separation of Arabs wanting Freedom from God and Israel (People who wrestle with God).
     Grand Orient Lodge Masons are initiated in Paris. Orient means East ie Sunrise. Iran, Iraq and Jordan are headed by Ismaili Freemasons taking both sides of WWIII as Gen 16:12 states would happen.
     The alignment in Paris illustrates "As Above, So Below", the concept of "Repairing the Earth" The Rose Line at St /Sulpice sits over the "0" Meridian or "Rose Line" established during the Intertestament Period by the Celtic Parisee (House of Isis) where Isis means Throne of Pergamum or Satan's Seat. Paris of Troy also takes his name from this; the Trojan Horse representing the invitation of Satanic destruction; plague diseased corpses were inside the Trojan Horse not soldiers ready for battle. New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard illustrated this best "We are the riders of the Pale Horse Death. God Creates, we decide who lives and who dies"
Cathedral of St Denis: Cult of the Severed Head worshipped by the Knights Templar as Baphomet (Wisdom + Spirit) or the Goathead of Mendes. Dennis the Menace may ring a Baal here.
Cathedral of Notre Dame: Pillar of the boatmen in the foundation identifies Cernunnos as the ancient "Horned One" who annually mates in "Divine Union" with the Triple Goddess of Witchcraft "Hecate" or "Core". Relics of the Crucifixion  kept here include the pieces of the so-called "True Cross" (St Helena found this so its a lie) and annually, the Shroud of Turin (also a medieval fake) are brought there.
Cathedral of St Chapelle houses the fake Crown of Thorns inside a very large stained glass building. 
Execution site of Jacques DeMolay on 3/18/1314. The last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar was executed by fire on Pont Neuf "New Bridge" where Napoleon was set to erect the world's largest obelisk in 1815. Like Hitler's faked suicide in Berlin, this was not part of the plan; Stalin's Red Square parades were already planned in Moscow for May Day; Beltane is Baal's Birthday and Celtic New Year. Why? Hitler attempted to create the 3rd Beast ie 3rd Reich using Panzer (Leopard) divisions; the re-born Russian "Bear" will usher in King Arthur (Arth=Bear). Don't buy this garbage, Dan 7:6 3rd Beast is Edomite "Dominion" which leads to the Great Tribulation; it's happening right now!
Place of Concord: Plaza in front of the French Government where Agreement with Satan's plan is illustrated.
Silver Ferris Wheel: Annual death and re-birth; a recycling of roles meant here as in the world's final Jubilee 2016-17
Luxor Obelisk erected by the Hyksos ie Amalekite Foreign Rulers of Egypt. Amalekites are perpetually at war with God from generation to generation (Exodus 17:16). The last Generation ends the "Age of Grace".
Champs Elysee "Field of the Blessed" in battle is Elysium, the equivalent with Valhalla; both Celtic lies used to foment War.
Arch de Triompfe in the north finishes off the Great Work in the House of Isis. Isis means Throne or Lap of Antichrist; she is the perpetual "Black Virgin" the Knights Templar transported around Asia  and Europe.
    In the movie trilogy Matrix The Merovingian owner of the nightclub Hell with his girlfriend Persephone (Monica Belucci is a XXX porn star who played Mary Magdelene in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ) illustrates the current day goal of Zionism. He was called "The Frenchmen", the same title given to St Francis of Assisi who founded the Franciscan Order and after whom Pope Francis I takes his name. Paris represents being "Free of God"; "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" was the Masonic motto used to create the French Revolution and Heads did Roll!; Merovingians claimed to be the "Holy Grail" line, bloodline descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene where Magdala means "Tower" as in "Tower of Babel" the Gate of Antichrist (El, On, Osiris, Heliopolis, Ilu, Allah). Merovee was also said to be a "Sea Beast" ie the Sun "Solis Invictus", "Mithra" or "Lucifer". How does the Papal Mitre of Mithraism (Fish Jaws from the side, Flame from the front) look now? 
       Folks, we are fast approaching the start of the 3 1/2 yr "Great Tribulation"; the 4 Horsemen are out of the gates, last being the Pale Horse "Death". It is written as you would your "Name" because "Death" as the world has known it will "Pale" in comparison to what is just around the corner. "Hell" follows the Pale Horse because Hell is the physical home of all who fall for the "Strong Delusion" and reject Jesus Christ as Lord. If you expect Jesus to keep your "Name" in the "Book of Life", you need to request an invitation to the "Marriage of the Lamb" (Rev 19:7) Let Him know right now!   

  Pentecost: Counting from Easter or Passover?

Updated April 26    "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last"-Rev 22:13 The New Covenant is the 8th and final Covenant between God and Man. Jesus was Crucified on Passover (14 Abib), laid in the Sepulcher on Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib), Rose the 3rd Day on Feast of First Fruits (17 Abib) and delivered the Holy Ghost to Man on Pentecost (50 days after Feast of Unleavened Bread). Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV) by killing James and attempting to kill Peter.  How did Christians come to celebrate Easter and the Pentecost that follows it with "Good Friday", Rabbits and Eggs on Sun Day? The same way Santa (Satan) and the Red (Edomite) Nosed Stag (Cernunnos/Herne) comes to the Illuminated Grove every year on the Nativity of Mithra. Jesus warned us not to listen to Wolves in Sheep's Clothes. We hide the Eggs; We buy the gifts. There is Nobody to blame but ourselves. Constantine and his Druid Princess Mother Helena decided March 25 should be the anniversary of the Resurrection and Dec 25, 9 months later should be the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. Remember the phrase in Animal House "He screwed up; He trusted us"? Trust one Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
    There are 2 Pentecosts: 50 days from Easter (June 8, 2014) and 50 days from Feast of Unleavened Bread (Shavuot/Feast of Weeks June 4, 2014). Easter and its Pentecost are of Satan; Passover and its Pentecost are of God.
Jesus Christ wrote Revelation at the beginning of Creation; it is not subject to revision. His testimony ends the Age of Grace with the Marriage of the Lamb and body resurrection of believers, followed by 7 Vials of Wrath on unbelievers and blood rising to the level of horse bridles in the Valley of Slaughter under the Mount of Slaughter "Armageddon". Tough decision eh? Jesus said no flesh would remain on earth unless He shortened "those days". Those days of Great Tribulation Days are here. Gnostics have a little surprise planned including a faked "Rapture", their own version of "Wrath" and spilling Blood followed by the revealing of the Alternative Messiah. 
             Tetrad and Grand Cardinal Cross: Sign of the Times AGAIN!
     In preparation for the 8th Tetrad beginning April 15 and Grand Cardinal Cross on April 23, Barack Obama (Lightning; He is with us) met with Pope Francis I (Free Father) on Mar 27; Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip met with Pope Francis on April 3. The artwork featured in the meetings "Abbraccio Cosmico" (Cosmic Embrace) by Cermillian Demetrescu places the "Embrace" at the center of the Grand Cross formed by Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries. 
     Pope Francis will convey Sainthood on Pope John XXIII and John Paul II April 27; the 2 men responsible for ushering in Vatican II reforms and the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix" or "Bent Cross". Watch the Weather; Tornadoes will likely hit from TX-TN-MS; Why? That's the "Bible Belt" and the Weather can be controlled.  The Cross is not a Christian symbol; it is the 4300 yr old symbol of the 4 Quarters of the Earth; Jesus was Hung upon a Tree amid 2 Thieves. Heard of any other 4 Quarters of the Earth? How about "Gog and Magog" (Eze 38-39; Rev 20:7-8). Are we there yet? NO! "Gog and Magog is AFTER the 1000 years!!! 
"And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go our to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog." Rev 20:7-8 
     1966 Year One: Anno Satanae set in motion the April 23, 2014 "Cardinal Grand Cross"; 3 years later, the movie "Rosemary's Baby" highlighted the birth of Satan in human form with Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey playing the part of the Devil; pretty coincidental the series Rosemary's Baby is starting in May 2014 eh? 2016-17 will be  "Jubilee Year", a reversal of fortune of sorts. The preceding 3 1/2 years could very well be the "Great Tribulation" and may be just beginning. Mother Earth is in Child Birth with her Beast from the Sea. Labor kicked off with the first Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Tetrad (Lunar Eclipse on Passover represents the Crucifixion of Jesus) and Feast of Tabernacles (Birth of Jesus) in the last 2000 years.
      Added to the 8th Tetrad are 2 Solar Eclipses on 1 Abib (God's New Year) and 1 Tishrei (Rabbi Civil New Year) in 2015-16 immediately preceding the 120th Jubilee Year. What are the odds of this occurring by chance? Occultists riding the "Beast" realize an unprecedented event is unfolding; many are claiming Jesus' return is imminent; it is not; the revealing of Antichrist is imminent. Folks, the Prophecy Summit is claiming the return of Jesus is imminent, complete with Aliens and the Rapture; Satanic Liars who sold their soul are selling lies and many Christians are unfortunately buying onto the nonsense; don't be counted among them!
     The current Grand Cardinal Cross is exactly in between the Passover Lunar Eclipse and the Walpurgisnacht Solar Eclipse; the last Cardinal Grand Cross of 1967 occurred during the 7th Tetrad. That year Israel launched the 6-Day War, taking control of the Golan Heights and Jerusalem; what happened to the Temple Mount? Israel gave control to the Hashemite (Edomite) Kingdom of Jordan. King Abdullah II is a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason whose name means "Servant of Allah". Now read Rev 11:8KJV and you will see why Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" . Folks are you paying attention? Occultists are.
         The Solar Eclipse on Walpurgisnacht (May Day Eve) occurs with the New Moon in Taurus. Zeus is the Bull; the Egyptian Apis (Apis=Word) Bull is the Satanic version of the Word made Flesh. Isis wears the Bull Horns with the Sun between them for this reason; Isis is the Lap or Throne of Antichrist. Why? Taurus was the astrological sign  immediately after the Flood, in the reign of Sargon the Great "Legitimate King". Got that Swabi? Walpurga was no Saint, she is the heroine of Germanic Pagans from "Swabi" such as the Hanovers and Hapsburgs who worship the Spear of Destiny used to pierce the side of Jesus. Hitler was obsessed with the Spear and no the 3rd Reich was not the 3rd Beast and no he didn't commit suicide in the Berlin bunker on Walpurgisnacht, the US helped him escape to Argentina, just ask their daughter Angela Merkel or George Bush (Scherf) whose family financed the Nazi Reich. Occultists (Ocular=3rd Eye "All Seeing Eye") know full well Antichrist and False Prophet are soon to arrive; Year One: Anno Satanae and the 6-Day War for Jerusalem (Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8KJV) and the Golan Heights (Mt Hermon aka "Mt of the Chief") occurring 1 Jubilee Cycle ago with Lunar and Solar Eclipses on God's Holy Days and  a Planetary Grand Cross at 130 of every element in Witchcraft? It just doesn't get any more obvious than that. Just remember, Jesus arrives after Antichrist becomes host to Lucifer!
     Freemasons are Satanic Dupes who reject Jesus Christ as God and the Word Made Flesh; they believe the GAOU (Grand Architect of the Universe) is turning "Hamlet's Mill" and creating these "Signs of the Times" for them. God set this in motion 6000 years ago and knew full well people who reject Him would take the bait; don't do it!
    Here is an example of occult communication: As the Cardinal Grand Cross formed on April 23, NOAA's Coast Team 6 announced finding the Steamship City of Chester, sank after hit by the Oceanic arriving from Asia in 1888. The ship is now in 216ft (216=6X6X6 or 3+ 4+53 the number is associated with Earth's Clock  of 2160 years/astrological house; Aquarius just began) of 66m of water, under what is now the Golden Gate Bridge; it's hull rising 18ft (6+6+6) from the sea floor. Just found? Sure!  Chester means City of Legions after the 20th Legion "Victrix" which was called "Deoua" after the River Dee, the river of the Celtic Goddess "Bona Dea" for "The Holy One". Got all that? Now, the CDC manufactured Plague that killed 90% of humanity in 12 Monkeys began on a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco on April 20. Legion was the name of many Demons Jesus cast into the Swine Herd before they jumped from the cliff into the sea. Note the Pig Face featured in the movie 12 Monkeys.
                                  Ebola: The Ultimate Man-made Bio-Weapon
    Weaponized Ebola inhibits the immune system, is extremely contagious and creates false negative diagnosis; if a man traveling from Liberia to JFK, MSP and Canada was not bad enough, in Pisa and Milan in Tuscany, the new CDC manufactured strain of Ebola arrived in Pisa with workers (Illegally? Sure!) returning from Liberia. The US prepared in advance:
  •  200+ Civilian Inmate Detention Facilities were constructed in "Operation Garden Plot" (Blood for Cain's Garden).
  • 1000 Tent Hospitals and "Commissioned Doctors" are under the command of Obama appointed Hindu (Aryan=Noble Caste) Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. We are about to find out why Obama carries an idol of the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman in his pocket. 
  • The DOD issued JBAIDS Ebola testing equipment to all 50 State's National Guard Units in April. Why on Earth would the DOD have Ebola test equipment?
  •  A Constitutional Convention was set in motion when Michigan became the 34th State to call for the Convention. The entire Constitution and Bill of Rights are subject to revision. in a time of Martial Law it may very well be nullified. 
  •  Congress (Congredi "To meet for War") mandated Capital Controls (HR2847) are set to begin July 1. Capital Punishment ringing a Baal here? 
     Ebola: A man-made death sentence with a man-made Cure? The perfect weapon. Ebola inhibits the immune system; DNA is made of Adenosine, Thymidine, Cytidine and Guenosine; Molecule BXC4430 mimics Adenosine, fooling the Ebola Virus and inhibits its reproduction, whereas normal cells are not affected by the molecule; a Miracle? or Carrot on a stick to accept the Mark of the Beast? Weeding a Garden involves killing and uprooting Weeds while leaving Plants healthy; Rosicrucians will decide who the Roses are. Warned? The disease movie 12 Monkeys featured a headline "Bat Child Found"; is it coincidence the CDC and WHO believe a single source for Ebola is the Fruit Bat? Ebola is 90% fatal; the virus spread by the Army of the 12 Monkeys killed 90% of humanity in 40 years; likely about the same percentage God killed in 40 years wandering the "Wilderness of Sin" because Israel had listened to the Edomite Rebel Priests of Korah. The 12 Monkeys Virus began on a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco; Edomites are the Church Philadelphia "Brotherly Love" aka "Synagogue of Satan" and a statue of Kore (Korah) is in the San Francisco Airport. All coincidence? Don't bet on it.
   Ebola in Pisa and Tuscany? Rosicrucian mystic Galileo allegedly dropped 2 cannon balls of different mass from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and cleverly proposed Heliocentric Theory by , declaring the Earth is moving in the Heavens; it is not! Earth is in fact fixed, not moving the slightest bit in the Geocentric Universe. Tuscany is named after Etruscans, Satanists who brought Rome down from the inside. Curator of the Ambrose Library (St Ambrose was a Gnostic like St Augustine; City of God is Zionism by another name) in Milan turned head of Equestrian Order (Heads the Office of Inquisition, Jesuits and Knights of Malta "Hospitallers"; Black Horse and Black Crosses may ring a bell here) and Vatican Cultural Council Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi is dong exactly that to the Roman Catholic Church. 4/20 is Weed Day; Born Again Christians and the real descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob are the Weeds here! 

Man-made Plague
     "Human to human adaptation and aerosol transmission of even a moderately fatal virus will become a plague of unimaginable proportions" Dr Ron Fouchier. When asked why he would genetically modify the virus and post the Genetic Blueprint on the Internet of the 1918 plague, he said "Because we can". Like Ebola and SARS and MERS CoV are man-made. MERS CoV is a 50% fatal, human to human, aerosol transmitted "Chimera" Cases began exploding in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia (80 new cases in 1 week), Oman, Coincident with what astrologers are calling a "Cardinal Grand Cross". Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus all at 130 (Death Tarot Card) in Aries (Fire), Cancer (Water), Capricorn (Earth), Libra (Air), the Elements of Witchcraft. Big Deal? Sabian Astrology is Planetary Astrology; Planet means "Wanderer"; Cain is the Wanderer/Vagabond.  Pluto is at the head of this Grand Cross on April 23; MH370 is a cryptogram for ELOHIM; El=Saturn/Satan; the 239 alleged people on board represent Plutonium 239, on a killing rampage from Fukushima. Most people including myself cannot fathom why people would want to murder 90% of Earth, but they do and put their plans in writing. Pluto is at the head of the Grand Cross; Pluto signifies: Transformation, Regeneration and Re-birth through Atomic Radiation and Viruses. Gnostics believe incarnation in matter is inherently evil. Christians are fighting a physical battle against Witchcraft nobody can win. Note the sign off on this Witchcraft site "See you on the other side" Gnostics call this "Tikkun Olam" (Repair the Earth). Tikkun Olam is not Jewish, it is Satanic. The goal? Remove God and His followers from Earth. 
         4/22 Earth Day: Tellus demands Blood Sacrifices on Earth as the Grand Cross formed in the Heavens. "As Above, So Below" ringing a Baal here?
        Sabians of Harran were the Planetary Astrologers in Charran where Abraham lived after he left Ur of the Chaldees. Sargon the Great's daughter was the Temple Prostitute there. "Abraham had 2 sons, the one by a bondwoman, the other by a freewoman" Gal 4:22. Galatians were Celts; 4/22 is not by chance. Now, Hagar or Sarah? Better decide quickly which son, Ishmael or Isaac you will follow!
   In Rome, Liberalia (Mar 17) celebrated the Divine Union of Liber and Libera. Liber was knows as "Free Father" aka Bacchus, Dionysus or Green Man; is it coincidence Pope=Father and Francis=Free! Libera  was "Free Mother"; the "Divine Union" (Orgy) was 3 days before Ostara "Spring Equinox". This occurs at the end of the Agricultural Calendar used in Witchcraft from Beltane "May Day" to All Hallows Eve. The last 13 days leading up to this; Fordicidia, Cerealia, Parilia, Vinalia were Sacrifices designed to placate Tellus "Earth Mother". Liber is the Father of Plebeian Freedoms; who are the Plebes? Plebe means "Lowest Class"; in Gen 9:25-27 Noah tells us Canaan he shall be a servant of servants and Japheth, he shall dwell in Shem's Tents. Easter is not Semitic folks; it is Germanic! Canaan continued the ways of Cain, the first murderer and farmer; God stipulated to Abraham his sons shall not marry wives of the daughters of Canaan; Ishmael and Esau did not heed this order and intend rid the Earth Garden of its Weeds. Cain chose Wisdom, Blood and Grain Sacrifices over a proper relationship with God and Cain's followers remain to this day "Constant Gardeners"; remember that movie? It was about Education; National Education Day is all about Kaballah and Noahide Law; Satan's Black Robed Priests Educate the masses from Pulpits as well as Lecterns. How about "Under a Tuscan Sun"? That movie was about Adultery, the Sin causing dissolution of both the physical and spiritual Marriage Contract. Expect to be in the Marriage of the Lamb? Better let Jesus know ASAP!
     Jesus delivered His testimony to John, exiled in a cave on Patmos Island via the Holy Ghost. Jesus' Testimony "Revelation" is the only book in scripture that promises a "Blessing" on those of us who read and keep the prophecies He delivered after His Death via the Holy Ghost; the only Unforgivable Sin is denying the Holy Ghost. The Covenants Jesus made as Alpha with Eve and later Adam ended with the Flood. The Covenant God made with Noah immediately following the Flood began on Pentecost; Human Government would replace Conscience. The promise God made with Abram as Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High) stated his descendants would be too numerous to count; this Covenant changed his name to Abraham; the "h" meaning God was with him; again this occurred at Pentecost. The Covenant God made with Moses on Mt Sinai (Arabia not Egypt) also began on Pentecost; God's Laws written in 10 Commandments. Jesus Christ is Melchisedek (Heb 7); as King of Jerusalem, He gave this Authority to King David to be King of Jerusalem. The Law God gave to Moses and Kingship given to David was replaced by the New Covenant, delivered to Man via the Holy Ghost at Pentecost nearly 2000 years ago. What they all have in common is Jesus Christ. There will be no further Covenants with the Lord; Jesus (Omega) is the 8th and last Covenant between God and Man. Want God to cut you some slack? Everyone will suffer 7 Vials of God's Wrath and be burned in an instant. Jesus will be wearing a sign on His blood stained robe called "The Word of God" Rev 19:13. By the way, Easter is not in "The Word of God" except for Herod celebrating Easter just before God smote him, worms ate his body and God took back the Holy Ghost. Acts 12:4;23.  
                                 Easter: The ultimate Blasphemy of God
    Passover and Easter, have absolutely nothing to do with each other; neither do the 2 Pentecosts following them. Pentecost is 50 days from Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib); the Old Testament "Feast of Weeks". Jesus Christ is the Unleavened Bread and root of the Omer (Measure of Sacrifice). The Covenant God made with Noah, Abraham and Moses was the day the Lord Jesus Christ was Crucified; in each case, a Passover of one Covenant to the next occurred. Jesus, the Passover Lamb was laid in the sepulcher on the Eve of Feast of Unleavened Bread and Resurrected on the 3rd day (17 Abib) "Feast of First Fruits" because He is the Passover Lamb, Unleavened Bread and First Fruit; the Wave Sheaf (Omer) without Leaven (Tares) offered to the LORD.
      Passover and the Counting of Omer represents the Marriage of the Lamb. Moses was placed in the watertight basket in the Nile River on Pentecost (Shavuot) and returned to bring Israel (Bride) to Mt Sinai (Marriage Covenant) in union with God (Bridegroom) on "Feast of Weeks".
      Good Friday at Even until First Light on Easter Sunday is 1 1/2 days not 3. Easter is a far different thing than Passover; one that all followers of Jesus Christ should be aware of. Easter is the "Leaven" Jesus spoke of in Mat 16:6 as coming from the Pharisees and Sadducees because they "took no bread"; Why? Jesus is the Bread! Pharisees and Sadducees of today (Father, Master, Rabbis, Reverends) are no different, they are not in Communion with Jesus Christ and want to keep you from the true Communion with Him!! They can't even count 3 days and 3 nights from "Even" on Good Friday to "First Light" on Easter Sunday; why on Earth would you follow such lunacy; especially in counting the Omer? Jesus refers to this as Tares among the Wheat and Saturn's Sickle is about to harvest the Wheat. Herod the Edomite celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV) by killing James and attempting to kill Peter. Have this discussion with your Priest or Pastor on the way out the door this Easter Sunday. When Paul did this, he was Stoned (Acts 13:43-45; 14:19) so Bee careful! 
    The Crucifixion was mid-week on the equivalent of Wednesday (Wotan or Odin's Day) not on "Good Friday"; the exact time of death was 3PM; the exact date was 27AD; 33 yrs after Jesus was born on "Feast of Tabernacles" (15 Tishrei) in 6 BC; He was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 yrs when Herod was killed after ordering the "Slaughter of Innocents" on Passover of 4 BC. 50 days (7 Sevens/Sabbaths) after the Wave Sheaf offering without Leaven (Jesus Christ is the 7th Covenant, the "Law made Flesh"), the Wave Loaves baked with Leaven became the Burnt Offering on the 7th Sabbath (Saturday) according to the counting of Omer; Christian persecution has never ceased. 
                                           3rd Temple of Zionism and Sufisim  
        Zionism's Laws are 7 Noahide Laws. Sufism's Laws are Sharia Law.
In preparation for Passover 2014 and the  beginning of the 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses, Rabbis (Rabbi and Arab have the same root "Great One") gathered at the Maimonides Rabbinical Institute Plaza to learn Jewish Laws of Passover sacrifice in preparation for the establishment of the 3rd Temple. This center for all religions will be located on the spot the Bible states Abraham offered Isaac and the Quran claims Abraham offered Ishmael. Jesus Christ is the Word made Flesh and the Holy Ghost (Jn 1:1; 14; 1 Jn 5:7); Sharia and Noahide Law denies Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the infallibility of the Word. Sufism is derived from Purify and Wool; Sofia=Wisdom. Sufis are Gnostic Wolves in Sheep's Clothes. Sufis trace their lineage to Muhammad's cousin and son in law Ali ibn Abi Talib; Talib means "Student"; the word Taliban might ring a Baal here as Taliban are Students of Mujahideen "Warriors of Allah", the Akkadians called this moon-god "Sin". Ali was the first person to accept Muhammad's "Divine Revelation", thus Ali was the first "Taliban". The revelation Angel Gabriel gave Muhammad resulted in the Quran; Mormons recognize this same lie in the "Book of Mormon". Ali was the 1st Muslim; Islam means "One who submits to the will of Allah"; Ali was also born at the Ka'aba (Sounds like Kaballah doesn't it?) Sanctuary in Mecca where Hagar (Hagar=Agar representing Mt Sinai; ref Gal 4) and Ishmael were cast out by Abraham and Sarah. The Black Stone of the Ka'aba sounds like Blackstone Group doesn't it? If Evangelical Crusaders seem "Crazy"; Hagarenes are regarded the same level of "Crazy" by most Muslims. The Catholic "Fatimah" Revelations match the name of Ali's wife Fatimah for a reason!
                                                          Sharia Law
    Sufi Shiekh Imran Hosein claims all must people must adhere to the exoteric canon found in Sharia Law; this of course is in conflict with every teaching Jesus Christ ever gave. Noahide Law is the product of esoteric Judaism based on the Talmud, Zohar and Kaballah; Ka'aba of Allah might ring a bell here because Zionism and Sufism are one in the same Satanic Beast. The Talmud for example claims Jesus is boiling in His own excrement in Hell and Rabbis argue with God and win. Nice eh? Qutb means "World Pillar"; Ibn Sayyid Qutb first uttered the familiar phrase "al-Qaeda" at Stanford University, the same year the Church of Satan was formed in San Francisco; it means "Solid Foundation". Jesus is the "Immovable Stone" Solid isn't going to cut it guys! 
                                                       7 Noahide Laws
    April 11, 2014 "National Education Day"
(411 is Information; funny? 4X11=44th President Barack Obama; 4+1+1=6=Man). 11 Abib (Nisan on Babylonian Calendar) is the birthday of the 7th and final Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. 6 US Presidents (Traitors) from Nixon to Bush Jr have already, and the 7th President, Obama will soon reaffirm 7 Noahide Laws proclaimed by 7 Joint sessions of Congress as US Law, proscribing worship of Jesus Christ as Blasphemy penalized by Decapitation. "One Nation Under God"; Hardly, Lucifer more like and all 435 members of Congress, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and the President have signed on to a Luciferian Initiation. Schneerson was a Talmudic Rabbi well aware the Babylonian garbage has Jesus boiling in Hell in His own excrement. Chabad Lubavitch whose goal is the destruction of Christianity; Chabad stands for the 1st 3 levels in Kaballah, the religion based on the Zohar. Very likely Obama will be America's last President, as predicted by C Alan Martin in 1971, the year before Nixon's Watergate Scandal.  
    WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam; facilitating this mass extermination of humanity will be Zionists and Sufis as has been the case in every war in human history. WWIII is a worldwide hunt for human Souls; facilitating this is the United Nations and the URI (United Religions Initiative) whose written goal in the UN Planetary Initiative (Sabian Astrology is called Planetary Astrology) states "Nobody shall enter the New Age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian Initiation" Reject Jesus Christ and accept the Mark of this Beast and your in. Of course you will also be out of Heaven for eternity so Bee careful! Bee is Chaldee for Word by the way. Quite the "Sting" eh?
    Amurru is one of 77 names of Satan; America takes its name from Amurru or Ameru the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Sufi and Sophia mean "Wise" as does "Happy" in Welsh, where Chaldeans were called Druids "Knowers of Trees". "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is America's "Declaration of Independence" from God. Michigan became the 34th State to call for a Constitutional Convention; Austerity (take $1T from the Budget and see what happens), Gun Laws, Free Speech, Search and Seizure, Habeas Corpus, Foreigners becoming President, Term Limits etc could all change; planned?
    America's 50 States represent the 50 days from Easter to Pentecost; Easter being the Eastern Star to whom the Statue of Liberty and Lady Freedom atop the Capitol (Womb of Zeus/Lucifer) face with their backs to the Nation; it's called "Mooning" for a reason folks! "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New or Fresh Pontification Calendar"; it's one reason why Pope Francis I means "Free" and is the last according to St Malachy (Molechy). "Annuit Coeptus" means "He approves of our endeavor"; He being the "All Seeing Eye" of Lucifer/Allah. "E Pluribus Unum" means "Out of Many, One"; "The One" is Lucifer and the New Calendar is written on the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor with Chap 23 to the book of Revelation beginning right after Jesus finishes His testimony "I am the Alpha and Omega". How's that "Happy" song sound now?
                                                The Temple of Satan
      Temple furnishings similar to the ones Judah's last King Zedekiah used in Jerusalem for a party (Bacchanalia) before God had Nebuchadnezzar kill his sons, blind him, chain him and toss him in a literal Babylonian Shit Hole (Mire Pit) are ready (Jer 52:7; 2 Ki 25:7; Eze 17:16); God does not take lightly to this by the way. The Throne of Pergamum (Satan's Seat) is ready. Kohanim Priestly Attire and Ephod for the Samaritan fake Levite Priest is ready, complete with fake Urim and Thummim representing the 12 sons of Jacob. Jesus gathers the 12 tribes of Israel at the 2nd Coming folks! Read Gen 49:10; Jesus is "Shiloh" Samaritans are the Phoenician/Canaanite/Hebrew mix who brought goddess worship to Israel in the days of Ahab and Jezebel. The Dove aka Columbia (Washington District of Columbia ring a Baal here?) symbolizes their false "Holy Ghost" in the "Aquarian Age".  The Temple Mount Institute has the 3yr old Red Heifer at the ready to consecrate the Chief Priest and Cornerstone for the ultimate Blasphemy of God to be completed. The Cornerstone is also ready; make Jesus your Cornerstone and toss all this Zionist nonsense! 
                                          The Main Event in the Octagon
The Golden Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque are managed since 1967 "Year One Satan" by the  fake Israel under the Six Pointed Star of Molech/Saturn and the Hashemite (Edomite) Kingdom of Jordan's Waqf Party (Waqf means "Endowment of Land"). Edom is the oldest enemy of true Israel on Earth. Abraham took Isaac, David bought the Jebusite "Threshing Floor", Solomon built the 1st Temple, Zorobabbel built the 2nd Temple and Jesus turned the tables on the Money Changers is "Inside the Octagon".
    Aqsa=Farthest Mosque.
Arab myth claims the Winged Horse al-Buraq (Buraq or Barack mean "Lightning") surveyed the Earth and Heaven for Abraham on a "Night Journey" to Heaven and back; hence "Farthest". 2500 years later the same winged white horse showed Heaven and Earth to Muhammad provided he worship Allah "Sin" of course. Barak Obama  means "Lightning" and "He is with us" in Arabic and Farsi; his real name is Bari Malik Shabazz meaning Boat or Barque of Molech, the First Race of the Royal Falcon "Horus". He bowed to King Abdullah (Abd=Servant of Allah) and promised "A New Beginning for Islam" where the Arab League was formed in Cairo (Chi=Messiah; Rho=Royal). Now does Arab Spring make more sense?  Edomites will control the Temple Mount until Jesus returns and destroys ever last one of them. Read Heb 9:27, Mal 1:3 and Obadiah and this will make more sense.
    Satan is cast out of Heaven  at Rev 9:11  Mormons claim to have the real Urim and Thummim and that Zion is in the US. NOT! Fake Aaronic and Melchisedek Priests with Seer Stones tied with a Silver Bow and fashioned into Spectacles provided visions to Joseph Smith of the "Latter Days". Now maybe the Beehive in Zion will make more sense; Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan! Mormon FED Chairman (Money Changer) Mariner S Eccles said it best "Our money system is Debt; every dollar is borrowed at interest; when banks create money, we prosper, if not we starve" Jesus said Debtors become slaves to Creditors; that's why He turned the tables over. The fastest way to create Debt is to create more War. Mormons are "Latter Day Saints" of Satan and WWIII will be a doozy! Oh, and the occult plan is for Obama to be the last US President and Pope Francis, the last Roman Catholic Pope. 
      The  "Main Event" is Project 911. Located on Site 911 in "Beit Shemesh" (House of the Sun; Shemesh is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah used to replace Jesus Christ) is due to be completed August 2014. Why then? 9 Av is the saddest day in Jewish history. Why there? Samson took the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines there some 3000 years ago. 9/11/2001 was a symbolic re-enactment of Samson killing 3000 Philistines. Nothing like a radiation hardened bunker with the phrase "The LORD our God is One" over every door to replace the Lamb's Blood of the 1st Passover eh? America's 50 Stars and 50 days of Pentecost are not by chance. Obama's supposed birthday in the 50th State ccccof Hawaii (Hawaii means Water and Breath of Life) on Aug 4 is also no accident; Aug 4, 2014 is 9 Av.
                                            70 Weeks is 490 Days 
    Dan 9:24-27 describes the last "70 Weeks"; yes I know about the "Private Interpretations" of this critical prophecy; folks, just read it! 70 Weeks is 490 days, not 490 years or some other ridiculous mystical interpretation; Jerusalem is to be re-built in "Troublous Times"; the sort of "Troublous Times" one would expect if Satan was cast to Earth, and an army of 200 Million demon infested people were headed to Armageddon at Rev 9:11 perhaps? Follow the "Silk Road" from the 38th Parallel. Mr-Akh-Bah=Merkabah or "Ezekiel's Wheel", a 3-D Pythagorean 3-4-5 Triangle of approx 905238used to construct the "Great Pyramid" and "Federal Triangle" whose Cubes add to 666 is not by accident! Fukushima and the Korean DMZ are on the 38th Parallel intentionally because the world's largest Exodus will begin there, in the land called Korea after Kore, the Mother Goddess of the Harvest and Japan the Land of the Rising Sun. 
                   The Trident: Triple Goddess Easter+ Horned God=Weed Day  4/20/14   
    4 plane loads of CDC epidemiologists chased after MH370 to Diego Garcia when it diverted from Beijing, Why? It's time for Weeding in the Garden of Eden and Cain is the Farmer!
    Easter 2014 is "Weed Day" 4/20 Pisa, Italy admitted 40 people to hospitals with Hemorrhagic Fever this day. The 13 day period leading to the Celtic/Witchcraft New Year on Beltane will end with a Doomsday Asteroid according to "700 Club", Knight of Malta, Pat Robertson. Robertson is a Lying Knight of St John of Jerusalem "Hospitaller" whose family signed the Declaration of Arbroath (Scottish Independence is Gnostic Independence from God). 700 refers to the execution of Jacques de Molay 700 years ago. The movie Knowing with Knight of Malta Nicholas Cage (Nicolaitane and Cage Funny eh? St Nicholas is Satan, born of Easter) predicted the Deep Water Horizon event on 4/20/2009 1 yr in advance. 
                        Weeding events scheduled at the same time 
    "The shot heard round the world on Lexington Green (1775), Birth of TV (1938), Abandonment of Gold Standard (1933), Warsaw Ghetto Fire (1943), Bay of Pigs (1961), Randy Weaver (1992), Waco Branch Davdian Massacre (1993), AP Murrah Day Care Massacre (1995), Columbine Massacre (2006), Virginia Tech (2007) and Deep Water Horizon (2009), Bostonn Marathon (2012) all pre-planned events during the Roman Festivals of Tellus "Fordicidia" and Ceres "Cerialia". A statue of Ceres at the San Francisco Airport may remind you of the movie 12 Monkeys because the CDC created disease that eventually kills 90% of the world departed Philadelphia for San Francisco on April 19, exactly 50 years after Bruce Willis is sent back in time to the source; 50 years and 50 days of Pentecost ringing a bell here? Nice touch having the 12 Monkey HQ in a building bannered with "FAA" because FAA approved Drones can deliver weaponized Ebola. The Book called The Hot Zone detailed the emergence of Hemorrhagic Fevers called "Reston Virus" in Monkeys; just coincidence with the movie 12 Monkeys? NOT! The CDC claims "Weaponized Ebola" can kill 90% of the world's population. Is it also coincidence the Georgia Guide Stones have written in stone the #1 Commandment is to maintain the world population under 500 Million in harmony with Nature? The Redwood Forest was highlighted and a Red Haired CDC Courier was used; Esau is Edom=Red. Why? Philadelphia means "City of Brotherly Love"; Jesus referred to Esau impersonating Jacob as the "Synagogue of Satan". In the movie I am Legend Bob Marley songs play as the origin of the disease is discovered; 4/20 is "Weed Day", named for the self professed incarnate Messiah; Michelle Obama claims descent from these Ethiopian Priests of Ameru (Ameru=Serpent) claiming to be hiding the Ark of the covenant for this reason. NYC is cut-off and becomes an island, in this movie; is it also coincidence the first Ebola patient traveled from Liberia to NYC on British Airways? Brith=Birthright. In Rome, the Cerialia games began under the statues of Liber (Free Father) and Libera; the nation Liberia takes its name from these Bacchanalia style festivals, so the CDC created Ebola outbreak in Liberia may also ring a Baal here. Maybe now the so-called John Hancock mistake tattoo Julia Louis Dreyfus wears on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine will make more sense; it was no mistake, Hancock sighned the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"? Happy means Wisdom in Welsh. Pursuit of Property? Nah, our Property is Allodial Title, only an appearance of ownership. Our Money? An appearance of wealth. Our Bodies? That property belongs to the Government; look on your Social Security Card for the CAPITALIZED NAME; we are Corporations in debt to the International Monetary Fund bleeding us dry, and no disease bleeds a person dry better than CDC engineered Weaponized Ebola! Jesus gave His blood for you and me, scared to give yours for Him? Not me, I'm scared for Satan's dupes willing to pull this off in plane sight! 
    The Trident represents Hecate/Easter mating with Cernunnos the Horned God called "Old Hornie"; Rabbits making sense yet? The symbolic "Harvest of Souls" is seen in the pitchfork used to sheaf the grain and separate the Tares (Weeds) from the Wheat; in this backwards version, Christians and Jews are the Tares. Cernnnunos is "Herne" the Hunter, aka Kerla King, the King of Britons and King of the Wild Hunt aka Woden. Guess what day Jesus was Crucified? Good Friday? Nah, "Wodens Day" Herla King (Woden, Wotan or Odin) is the root of Harlequin. Easter is the ultimate Harlot and Harlequin Romance! 
    Killing is the "Way of Cain"; Crusaders "Warriors of the Cross" ringing a Baal (Phoenician Bel="Confounder") here? Baalims are "Worthless Persons" wearing Priestly Attire; Prosperity Preachers like Joel Osteen may ring a Baal here. Chaplains encourage Warriors on both sides of the battlefield all the time; Catholic versus Muslim; Sunni Muslim versus Shiite Muslim or Catholic versus Protestant matters not; War is what matters. Core is Easter (Hecate=Kore) and Korah, the "Rebel" Priests God swallowed alive in the Earth during the days of Moses and Aaron (Numbers 16:32;26:10); God put this passage in "Numbers" because they were no longer "Counted" among the Congregation of Israel; listening to Baalims of Korah about Easter and you won't be "Counted" among Israel either. The last ! before Revelation is Jude 11 "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Baalim for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core" Korea is Kore=Hecate, the Triple Goddess who mates with the Horned God of the Witches "Cernunnos" at Easter. The "Yin Yang" symbol on their flag is the shadow cast by the Sun over an Obelisk "Baal's Shaft". Japan (Eastern Star=Rising Sun, enclosed by Venus) will begin this worldwide "Harvest of Souls" at the 38th Parallel of Fukushima, the Mother-Son angle in the 3-4-5 Triangle. Across China (Sina=Sin=Cathay=Sons of Heth=Hittites), the Silk Road heads to the Karakoram Hwy and Mt Everest aka "Chumolungma" meaning "Earth Mother Goddess" or "Easter". Noah's Ark found dry land there; yes I know all about Turkey's fake Mt Ararat; just read the words "They came from the east" Gen 11:2KJV. The Enclosure (Ka'aba or Labrys aka Christian Fish Symbol) saved the 8 people aboard the Ark, not God according to occultists; this is why "God" is not mentioned once in the new movie Noah. Noah as a male name means "Settled, Rest, Victory, Salvation. Noah as the Sacred Feminine name means the opposite; Stagger, Wander, Shake, Rattle or Lady Wanderer. Why? Mrs Noah was a Cainite descended from Cain, consigned to Nod as a Vagabond and Restless Wanderer. From Mrs Noah, the Cainite bloodline "Holy Grail" continued from Ham's incest in his father Noah's tent with his mother Mrs Noah, engendering the "Cursed" child Canaan whose daughters Abraham admonished Ishmael and Isaac not to marry.; Ishmail didn't listen.
     The Yellow Brick Road from the Sun (Yellow Submarine for Beatles fans) to Earth Mother "Chumolungma" then goes south to Islamabad (Islam means Submit to Allah; Allah is the Assyrian moon god Sin or Ilu=On=Heliopolis=City of the Sun) and across the Opium Fields of Afghanistan "Graveyard of Empires"; Dorothy=Doro=Door. From there across Iran (Aryan=Noble Caste or Sarmations "People of the Prince" aka Lucifer), Iraq (Shinar=Babylon=Gate of El=Saturn=On=Ilu=Allah) and Jordan (Idumea=Edomite, Moabite and Ammonite Sheepfold; Saturn's name Milcom and Chiun might ring a Baal here) to Har Megiddo "Mount of Slaughter" where Israel also flies the Flag of Saturn, Milcom and Chiun. All this occurs during the 5th and 6th Trumpets of 548 days, the 7th Trumpet is the last day. The point is Time is likely very short to cut the Edomite/Zionist nonsense and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!  
    Maimonides was a Kabbalist and Satanist pretending to be Jewish; the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah's Holy Book of Splendor "Zohar" are not Jewish, they are Satanic. 33 days from Feast of Unleavened Bread (15 Abib) is Lag B' Omer (L=30; G=3), the day the Zohar was revealed to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, considered the "Spiritual Spark of Moses". Saturn's Day May 17 is Lag B' Omer as well as US Armed Forces Day; what a coincidence! The human sacrifices Henry Kissinger refers to "Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used as cannon fodder in our wars" will feature Bonfires to re-create the "Burning Bush", Jesus used to deliver His word to Moses.
               Benghazi "Cyrenaica": Synagogue of the Libertines                                               
    Stephen means "Crown", the 1st Christian martyr was killed by Men of the Synagogue of Cyrenne (Benghazi); Stephen was preaching against the Six Pointed Star of Remphan and Molech and Jesus standing at the right hand of God in heaven just before he was stoned to death (Acts 6-7). On April 23, Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) reaffirmed defense of Japan (Rising Sun) should China (Cathay=Hittites) seize the Senkaku Islands. Why then? The Cardinal Grand Cross appeared in the sky on April 23 with Pluto, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter all at 13(Death Tarot Card) of the Cardinal (Cardo means Door Hinge or Pillar) Elements of Witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 
    On the same day April 23, Fukushima liar PM Shinzo Abe sent a Ritual Offering to the Yasukuni Shrine honoring the Rape of Nanking, Slaughter of Manchuria and his father's founding of the Doomsday Cult "Aum Shrinkyo". Obama delivered the MOX Fuel (Plutonium Oxide) used in Fukushima Reactor #3 before the intentional meltdown caused the largest radiation release in world history. Particularly nasty is this MOX Fuel was mixed to a density which forms a neutrally buoyant 3-D Hexagon (Star of Molech) in Seawater that is to this day killing the Pacific Ocean. April "Month of Venus/Lucifer" is the month of New Wine.
     Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan and the US will be sucked into WWIII over 5 tiny uninhabited islands called Senkaku. Exactly 11 years after 9/11/2001, the big news on 9/11/2012 was the Benghazi Raid; a spontaneous uprising caused by the Sheldon Adelson movie Innocence of Muslims BS! Benghazi was and is the Mid East Central Bank, Weapons Depot and Al-Qaeda (Foundation) and ISIS (Throne) Mercenary Training Center. The big news was not Benghazi, but the hidden news that on 9/11/2012 Shinzo Abe had purchased and effectively nationalized the Senkaku Islands for Japan. Japan, Taiwan and China are on a pre-planned collision course to war. 
                      Freedom from God or Subservience to God?
      The Declaration of Independence is Freedom from God; it's written on the cover of the April issue of Rolling Stones Magazine. April means Venus/Lucifer/Easter, the real "Rolling Stone". Easter is not Christian, nor derived from anything Jewish. Sephardi (Sepharvaim are Babylonians, Medeans and Canaanites from 2 Ki 17:30-31), Ashkenazi (Ashkenaz is a grandson of Japheth, not even Semitic) and Hasidic (followers of bloodline Rebbes of Satanists Shabbatei Zvi and Jacob Frank; Chabad is the 1st 3 levels in Kaballah) reject the Word of God and therefore can't see Jesus was their Passover Lamb.
     The Glory of the LORD departed Solomon’s Temple because of abominations described in Eze 8. What sort of Abominations on the Altar? Today it would be called "Gay's Altar", a Concelebration of the Eucharist by 2 or more Sodomite Priests (Lev 18:22; Rom 1:27; 1 Cor:6:9; Jude 7; 1 Ti 1:8 spell all this out. No, I'm not joking, and neither is God.
    God came in Flesh to the 2nd Temple and departed to Heaven by the same route the Glory of the LORD did in Ezekiel's day, after turning the tables on the "Money Changers" selling Doves (Holy Ghost) and Sacrificial Animals. Pass the Collection Plate and the Trans-substantiated Body and Blood of Jesus folks! There is no new thing under the Sun! 
    Jesus established the 3rd Temple with the Holy Ghost; His followers became “Temples made without hands” spoke of in Acts 7:48. Now you know why Jesus said "No flesh would remain" unless He shortened "Those Days".
     Jesus is the Passover Lamb, sacrificed according to the Jewish Law He wrote for Passover (14 Abib). What Law did he violate? He said He was God. The penalty? Hanging from a Tree (Deut 21:23) Jesus was hung between 2 Thieves; Jesus became a physical representation of the 7 Branched Candlestick (6 uplifted arms around the 7th) He ordered Moses to build for the Tabernacle. Jesus ended the Law "The law and the prophets were until John" Luke 16:16. It almost comical the Papal account at the Vatican Bank is #16.16 and the Black Pope controls the Knights of St John isn't it?
    Jesus is the Unleavened Bread presented as the Wave Sheaf to the LORD (Abib/April 15) who rose as First Fruits (Abib 17) 3 days later, and sent down the Holy Ghost as the Dove at Pentecost; the same Dove Noah saw return to the Ark on the same day.
      Pentecost is the day the LORD made all 8 Covenants with Adam, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, David, Palestine, Himself and the Holy Ghost.
      17 April is Feast of First Fruits; Jesus was First; His followers will be taken in order, following the 2 Witnesses who will lie dead in the streets of “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” (Rev 11:8KJV) for the same 3 days Jesus did.
    The occult are planning an Alien event, fake Rapture (MH370 was practice) and Blue Beam deception for their 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick. “Pentecost” could get quite interesting.
    Shavuot "Feast of Weeks" is May 24-25, 2014 is the real Pentecost. June 8, 2014 is the Pentecost "Whitsunday" (White Sunday; Aztec, Aztlan and Laban mean "To Make White") associated with the Edomite High Holy Day of Easter. Easter (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis) begins at First Light on Sunday "Dies Solis", the Day of Creation when God created Light. Easter is symbolized by the Trident which represents the Triple Goddess "Hecate" in Divine Union with the Horned God "Cernunnos" (CERN creating the God Particle may ring a Baal here; no worries though, they are lying, thank God). Cernunnos is also called St Nicholas whose birth 9 months later on Dec 24-25 occurs at Christmas/Saturnalia "Dies Solis Invicti"; the Mass=Sacrifice of Christ and birth of Saturn/Mithra. This lie was brought to the Christian Church by the Gnostic Nicolaitanes who conquer (Nico) Laity by elevating the lowest of themselves as Priests/Clergy (2 Ki 17:32). Britons refer to Cernunnos as Herne or Herlakan; Easter, the Whore of Babylon is the ultimate "Harlequin Romance" 
    The 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses since the birth of Jesus Christ on Passover (Crucifixion/Death of Jesus Christ) and Feast of Tabernacles (Birth of Jesus Christ)  
began April 15, 2014; Jesus Christ represents the 8th "New Covenant" and in celebration, Gnostics have planned the 3rd Act of Chaldean Magick "Prestige" to include a fake "Rapture" of the Church, fake "Alien" encounter, new fake "Dispensation" with Israel and a New Temple. If you want to be a New Covenant Temple (Tabernacle) of the Lord, let Him know, and make sure you stay on the porch of any new Temple in Jerusalem!
    In Mat 13:33, Jesus describes "The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened" The Woman? Easter or STUR=Saturn aka "Whore of Babylon". Folks, nearly the whole loaf is leavened with Pharisee, Sadducee (Samaritan) Edomite Lies; modern day Zionism if you prefer. Time to wake up and be counted among the followers of Jesus Christ! How? 
  • Skip Easter. Ishtar is Queen of Heaven and Whore of Babylon to whom Israel was coerced into kneading leaven laced dough to bake cakes to the Queen of Heaven (Jer 7:18) Easter is Eostre or Ostara aka Venus encircling the Sun in a 5pt Star every 8 yrs; the "Light Bearer" aka "Morning Star" is none other than Lucifer.  
  • Skip the Easter Rabbit. Anamellech; (Easter, Ishtar, Venus, Aphrodite, Isis, Asthtoreth ref 2 Ki 17:31) is the consort/whore of the Sun god Adramellech aka Molech the Bohemian Grove Owl, Chiun, Melek, Melek-Taus, the Persian/Yezidi Peacock Angel, Marduk, Milcom, Chemosh, Saturn aka Chaldean STUR, Shemesh etc. Adramellech is the god of the Sepharvites (Babylonians, Medeans, Canaanites) who coerced Israel to sacrifice their children in flames at first light (Lucifer/Zeus aka Dis Pater) on the Sunday (Sol) following the Full Moon (Lunacy isn't it?) nearest Ostara/Eostre. Hares have a gestation period of 28 days ie 1 Lunar Cycle, hence the Full Moon (Gestation) and Impregnation on Sunday with the Light of Lucifer.
  • Skip the Easter Eggs. Ishtar/Isis/Easter's descent from Heaven after 40 days (1 day for each year Tammuz lived) of Lent "Weeping for Tammuz". Tammuz "Purify by Fire" is the Phoenix Bird aka Egyptian Bennu Bird (Ben-ben is the Pyramid Capstone "Pyramidion") which resurrects by Fire after its own father's ashes are placed in the Egg of Myrhh. In Theosophy, the Egg is represented by the Winged Globe "Lynx" (Note the Dan 7:6 comparison with the Leopard; Lynx means "Light"), the Chaldean "Universal Spirit" or "5th Element" representing the "Perfected Soul" returning to "Elysium". The Greek "Orphic Egg" and the Egyptian "Triune Deity". Persian Nowruz "New Light" eggs are Red because Melek-Taus the Peacock Angel is the Red Dragon Lucifer. Archdruids "Knower or Priest of the Tree" wear the Golden Egg.
     Cathars were/are Gnostics who take their name from Catharsis "Discharge of Pent (Pentecost; 5 Elements of Witchcraft: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Quintessence etc) up emotion"; the Pentecost following Easter has nothing in common with the God's "Feast of Weeks" following Passover. Cathars, like all God rejecting Gnostics plan events around the April 23, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross because they are Sabian (Planetary) Astrologers.  Cathars were Burned; their Revenge will also be by Fire because they worship Tammuz "Purify by Fire"; Tammuz was the reason the Glory of the LORD departed the 1st and 2nd Temples, and will be the reason the Glory (Holy Ghost) departs the 3rd Temples made with Flesh. That's you unless you WAKE UP!
     America is Satan's "Unfinished Pyramid"; Pyramid means "Amid the Flames". Hawaii means "Water and Breath of Life", the 50th State, 50 days from Feast of Unleavened Bread until Pentecost and Obama's birthday on Aug 4 is no accident. 9 Av is Aug 4, 2014. Aug 4 is day #216 or 6x6x6; the Mark of the Beast is associated with Earth Axis Precession ie God's Time Clock of 2160 years per Astrological House; the Age of Aquarius began in 2014. Aug 4=Day #216= 33 + 43 + 53 the Pythagorean Triangle representing Geodesy, Geomancy and the Satanic Trinity "Father, Mother, Son". Oahu sits on Latitude 21.60 where Obama claims his birth. Aug 5 is Tisha b' Av, the saddest day on Jewish history and occultists are completing a radiation hardened bunker with the "Mezuzah" )The Lord our God is One", denying Jesus Christ over every door. America is the "Burnt Offering" to Ishtar/Easter and 2014 will kick off the event. 
     Daniel described the "Abomination of Desolation" as a Statue of Gold, Silver, Brass and Iron/Clay. The "Altyn" is a Turkic (Mohamadens=Worshippers of Allah "Sin") coin whose name means "Gold". In the 1400's it was made of Copper (#1 ingredient in Brass); by the time of Tsar Peter the Great, it was made of Silver and today (April 25) Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus announced the Gold Altyn will be the new Eurasian Union currency; why not? Europe is named after Europa, the wife of King Minos, raped by Zeus who gave birth to the Minotaur; Europa is the symbol of the European Union, the "Woman riding the Beast" sits in front of the building built as the Tower of Babel with Seat #666 vacant. Asia is "Sin", the original home of "They" who came from the East to build the "Tower of Babel". The Gold Altyn symbolically and economically finishes the Gate of the gods!   
     The "Strong Delusion" is about here Stop being a Nimrod! Jesus is in your Prayer Closet waiting for you to open the door, not with your Pharisee in the Temple made with hands!


Gravity on Movie Reviews Page. April Fool's Day, Easter updated on Holiday Page.

    Malaysia #370: Edomite Easter Egg Hunt 

       "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come" Joel 2:31; Dan 7:14 and Acts 2:17-22 use the same words except "LORD" (Spirit/Ancient of Days) and "Lord" (Flesh/Son of Man). "Terrible" in Dan 2:31: Causing Terror, Dread, Frightful, Fill with Fear, Awful" and "Notable" in Acts 2:20: Person of Distinction, Well Known, Extraordinary are likewise not the same meaning.
      On April 15, the first "Blood Moon" of the 8th Tetrad in 2000 years will herald the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. BS! King Arthur, the Celtic "Ar-Mor" (Ard, High and Ur). Ard, the son of Benjamin "Ravins (Siezes) as a Wolf devouring prey in the morning and divides the spoils at night"-Gen 49:27; Ur of the Chaldees is the UN URI (United Religions Initiative) whose written goal "Nobody shall enter the new age unless he or she accepts a Luciferian initiation"; Arth also means "Bear"; cute Bear Cub at Sochi eh? Diego Garcia means "Young Bear". MH370 is a cryptogram for ELOHIM=Saturnian (EL) Cult; 37or 3 7's represents 777 the "Key to all religions and practical occultism". Joel means YHWH is EL. Joel told us about Satan/ELSaturn's deception nearly 3000 years ago! It's right there on the Ensign/Flag of Israel!! 
      Jesus is the "Lord"; God in Flesh; the "Great and Terrible day of the LORD" in Joel 2:31 will occur 1000 years later at the Battle of Gog and Magog (Dan 7:14; Rev 20:8)  Joel is a combination of Jo= Jah=YHWH and EL or ELOHIM; Rabbis and Freemasons believe God's ineffable name is in the Tetragammaton, JAH, EL and/or ELOHIM; it is not. Joel means "He was Foolish"; Folks, do not be fooled here; Joel speaks to a time over 1000 years from now.
      The plan is 2 fold. 1st: Lay blame on the Roman Catholic Church for Rev 17  "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." the spiritual "BABYLON" or "Gate of El" (On, Ilu=Allah; EL is visible in 370). Why? In Rev 19 Jesus returns; the Messiah revealed at the fall of the Catholic Church will be the Alternative Messiah. The Roman Catholic Church has stood against Witchcraft and Gnosticism for 900 years; Cathars are about to get revenge. 
     2nd: The US will be falsely blamed for Rev 18 "Babylon", the physical entity "Economic Babylon" is the physical "Gate of El", a suitable blood sacrifice for the "New World Order" aka "Novus Ordo Seclorum" seen on the $US. "...without shedding of blood is no remission" Heb 9:22. "Weaponized Ebola" was engineered by the CDC to shed blood and lots of it.  Family Dollar announced the closing of 370 stores; occult communication the $US is about to collapse, and with it the $1.5Quadrillion worldwide Derivatives market. JBAIDS (Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System) kits to detect Ebola were deployed to all 50 states National Guard Units this week they all use the Fasces (Rods bound by Red Edomite Cord surrounding an Axe Blade symbolize Fascism) for this reason. The US Govt' prepared months ago by Commissioning 1000 doctors to run 1000 MASH style hospitals directed by Hindu (Shiva the Destroyer and Kali with 1000 Skulls should ring a bell here; Hindus worship these Satanic Idols) Surgeon General Vivek Murthy; he is no surgeon, only a well placed Satanic shill.  
       Just in time for Easter, the Shroud of Turin proves the Twisted Crucifix is an accurate portrayal of the Crucifixion, the Holy Grail Cup was miraculously found this week; more occult communication as Gnostics believe the Cup represents the Bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the vessel used to catch the blood of Jesus Christ. Pure nonsense! Chaldeans are the Magdalenian (Magdala=Tower) Culture. This week it also became official, as of 4/11/14 Jesus had a wife; Mary Magdalene. BS! Harvard Divinity School Chair Karen King says the Jesus Papyrus "Gospel of Jesus' Wife"  is authentic "My wife will be able to be my disciple"-Jesus Christ; King claims Jesus married Mary of Magdala. King is a member of "Jesus Seminar"; according to them, everything written in Red in your bible was never actually said by Jesus; no Miracles, no Resurrection, no Divine Conception, only an itinerant Hellene claiming to be a Jewish Sage. King,  is on 3 Committees: Gnosticism, Coptic Studies and Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism; she co-author Elaine Pagels are Gnostic Luciferians; Paul is especially baneful to these Robed Witches "Let your women keep silence in the is a shame for women to speak in the church" 1 Cor 14:34-35.
     Say hello to our Canaanite/Edomite Land Lords Jacob Rothschild and Knight of Malta Peter Peterson; Rothschild Jewish? Bauer=Farmer=Cain; Canaan born of incest; Esau married Canaanite women and became Edom=Red; the Red 666 over Bauer turned Rothschild door and Six Pointed Star of El (Saturn) on the US money is a dead giveaway. Like Cain and Esau, Jacob Rothschild sold his soul, but we don't have to. Jesus will give you a White Stone and a New Name or a Black Stone and forget you were ever born. The choice is yours. In addition to hijacking MH370, Blackstone Group is by far the largest Single Family Home Rental Agency in the US and the best news, it's Rental Backed Securities Funds are open to Foreign Investors; "Live, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property"? Nah, "Happiness" folks! Happiness for Edomites at least for now.
     The Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter (Acts 12:4KJV); why on Earth are you? The Trident "Devil's Pitchfork" symbolizes the union of the ancient "Horned God" of Death and Resurrection with the Triple Goddess at Easter. The Horned God is known as Cernunnos; CERN scientists pass the Idol of Shiva everyday serving the "god of Forces" (Dan 11:38). Why? Cernunnos is called the "Life Force Energy". The Horned God is also Pan, Green Man, Herne, Jannicot (Janus), Hades, Ammon-Zeus, Baphomet (Baph+Metis=Union of Spirit and Wisdom), Sophia (Logos or Wisdom), Sabbath Goat of Mendes or Tubal-cain (Vulcan of the Canaanites). The Triple Goddess of Witchcraft "Hecate" is also called "Kore" meaning "Maiden or Daughter", whose followers are described in Jude. Followers of Kore "Perish"; the Soul perishing in Hell is meant here. Witchcraft folks, not the Roman Catholic Church; Witchcraft causes rejection of Jesus Christ and perishing for eternity in Hell. Kore lent its name to Korea Zionist hack Joseph Farah (Word Net Daily) says China has ordered North Korea to attack the US with a Nuclear EMP which would send the US back to the Stone Age; no Power, Comm, Banking, Fuel or Transportation; BS! Boeing's CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-power Microwave Missile Project) and the NGO NERC (National Electric Reliability Project) will take out the Power Grid; "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" It's written in RED folks! Kore and Hecate have other names: Demeter (Earth Mother), Persephone (Destroy/Murder), the goddess of the Eleusinian Mystery Cult or Kali the Goddess bearing 1000 skulls. Kali and Kore relate to the last form of the Triple Goddess "Crone", another name of Satan/Saturn being "Kronos" meaning "Time". The union represented by the Trident is called the "Great Rite"; born at Saturnalia/Yule, the Goddess is annually impregnated at the Fertility Ritual "Easter", which in 2014 coincides with 4/20 "Weed Day"; Saturn's Sickle may ring a bell here. Cernunnos is "Little Horn" of Dan 7:8, the "Alternative Messiah"; the Weeds? The House of Jacob. The world will soon become one giant "Killing Field" or "Planet Spring", the cancerous follow on to "Arab Spring" if you prefer. 
     Malaysia Airlines uses the Trident Logo, specifically one large Trident and one little Trident forming the number of Sovereignty "33"; the age Jesus was at the Crucifixion. Trident Group Security Bio-materials guards were murdered guarding Maersk Alabama cargo that ended up on MH370. The Trident aka "Thunderbolt of Jupiter" (Capitol means Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) is carried by Poseidon and Neptune whose statue stands guard of the Black Sea at Sochi. Neptune is the planet of false Messiah's, Gurus and Teachers. The Trident on the Flag of Ukraine (ancestral home of Sarmation Priest-Kings; Sar means Prince ie "People of the Prince" or the Order of Melchisedek as King of Salem and Priest of Most High) and Trident of Shiva, the Hindu Destroyer is also used by TEPCO whose radiation circles the globe from Fukushima destroying all life in its path which is why the Trident is called the "Caduceus of India". If you are not in personal covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ yet, now is the time to do so, before Easter Edomite King Herod celebrated Easter by killing James and imprisoning Peter (Acts 12:3-4); When Edomites obtain Sovereignty (Dominion), their stated intention is to kill everyone in the House of Jacob (Gen 27:39-41KJV) meaning Jews and Born Again followers of Jesus Christ.  
    The Roman Catholic Church is being set up as the Scapegoat (falsely blamed) for Rev 17 MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT...Jesuit Pope Francis I (High level Jesuits are Satanic Black Nobility, Gnostic Wolves in Sheep's Clothing; Witchcraft is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT... Francis means "Free" of God; he is St Malachy/Molechy's last Pope before Rome burns. Francis carries the Twisted Crucifix on the Silver Scepter   as did Pope John Paul II, elected after the murder of John Paul I, in office 33 days for exposing the Vatican Bank involvement with Italian P-2 (Propaganda Lodge) Freemasons; important because Angelo Roncalli headed the "Congregation of Propaganda" and "Papal See of Sofia". The enemy is as it always has been, Gnostics in the Cult of the Serpent/Saturn inside the gates repeating lies over and over until people believe them; Johnitters, Manichaeans, Albigens, Cathars, Bogomils, Freemasons pretending to be Christian.
     Gnostics worship a nebulous figure called St John; Jesus was hanging in a nest of horns behind the altar of the Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC until recently. The Shroud of Turin is kept at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist; scientists from Great Britain released findings April 9 claiming neutron emissions from an earthquake in 33 AD formed the image on the Shroud of Turin proves Jesus was hung in a "Y" configuration as the Twisted Crucifix portrays; Blasphemous nonsense! Jesus was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 when the Edomite King Herod died for ordering the "Slaughter of Innocents" in the Spring  of 4 BC. Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. He was Crucified on Passover in 27 AD. 2 words are used in scripture in connection with the Crucifixion; Xulon and Stauros; Jesus carried the Stauros (Cross Bar) to the Tree; He was not hung by His arms as the Twisted Crucifix and Shroud of Turin portray. Do not be fooled!  
     Pope Francis I will convey Sainthood on JPII and Pope John XXIII in a Canonization Ceremony April 27 "Earth Day" worldwide in 3-D!  Are you an "Earth Dweller" (Witch=Wise One) or a follower of Jesus Christ? Now is the time to make that choice! Earth Dwellers do not have their names written in the Lamb's "Book of Life"; Hell awaits all "Earth Dwellers" who worship the "Beast" for eternity (Rev 13:8). 13/8=Phi "Golden Mean" or "Ratio of Life" important in a moment. Both men are named after their Spiritual Father "John" a Gnostic combination of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist called "St John the Divine" or "St John of Jerusalem".  Knight of St John of Jerusalem aka Sovereign Military Order of Malta Rupert Murdoch (Evil Merodach=Marduk) "Sky TV Network", Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will simulcast the event in 5 languages to Theaters in 20 Nations in 3-D. JPII took the stage with Shaman, Hindus, Wiccans, Buddhists, Mormons and Muslims while reviving veneration of the "Twisted Crucifix" aka "Bent Cross" aka "Staff of Mithra" designed by Black Magick Satanists as a symbol of Blasphemy of Jesus Christ, the Sign of the "New World Order", "Masonic Christ" and the "Mark of the Beast"; an emaciated man hanging from a Tree. Why a Tree? Deut 21:23 pronounces a "Curse" upon anyone that "Hangs from a Tree". 
     John the XXIII (Angelo Roncalli) chose this name because Gnostics have written Chap 23 to the Book of Revelation. wrote the extra chapter and designed the Aquarian Cross standing atop Glastonbury Tor because they deny Jesus was God in Flesh as all Vicars of Jesus do. The Aquarian Cross represents Phi, the Gnostic Ratio of Life seen in Rev 13:8; 13/8=1.618. Burial mounds used by "Earth Dwellers" conform to this Golden Mean Spiral for this reason. Roncalli was a Paris (Par Isis=House of Isis=Throne of Satan) initiated Grand Orient Lodge Freemason which was grounds for excommunication; Iran's Ayathollah Khomeini and ali-Khameini, Iraq's ali-Sistani, and Edomite King Abdullah II of Jordan are also Paris Grand Orient Freemasons. As Delegate to the Holy See of Sofia and Istanbul (Sofia=Baphomet in the Atbash Cipher; Wisdom+Spirit) John XXIII frequented Istanbul Lodges and is known for healing the East-West Schism. Vatican II is Pope John XXIII only reason for Sainthood; no second "Miracle", only the Ecumenical Council which revived use of the Satanic "Twisted Crucifix". 
      April 27 is the Roman "Ludi Florales", famous for Trees decorated with human puppet effigies, Prostitutes, Theater, Circus, Plays, Rabbits (Anamellech is the Babylonian Rabbit Idol) and Goats (Azazel or Baphomet is the Sabbath Goat of Satanists aka Gnostic Sophia) released into the city, Beans tossed into the crowds and Human Sacrifice. Why Beans? Esau sold his "Birthright" for a few Beans to Jacob! Blasphemy of the sacrifice made by the Lord Jesus Christ gets no worse than this! MH370 is the Easter Egg hunt before the Crucifixion. With little imagination, MH370 becomes a cryptogram for ELOHM the plural form of the Canaanite god El, Chronos, Saturn or Persian Mithras (Mitre of Dagan/Mithra was/is worn by these Popes) Chronos is Father Time; it's Time to choose Jesus Christ folks!
     330 Luciferian Masons Bill Clinton and Buzz Aldrin spouting Alien nonsense; Clinton repeated Reagan's 1987 UN speech and 330 Mason Henry Kissinger's Bilderberg 1991 speech about an Alien encounter uniting the nations of the world to Jimmy Kimmel and Aldrin, his Alien encounter as the 2nd man on the Moon; who took the pictures of 33Mason Neil Armstrong? Ask Buzz. The Cult of Saturn was clandestinely called to arms with the announcement of water being found in Saturn's moon Enceladus (Enceladus is Saturn's Trumpeter of Arms). Satanic shills are prepping the "Main Event"; Aliens, Rapture and 7 yr Tribulation. Don't be fooled; there are no Aliens, no pre-Trib Rapture of the Church and no 7 yr Tribulation only a 1260 day Great Tribulation beginning with the "Strong Delusion" to believe these Satanic Lies. Likewise, the Roman Catholic Church is not Rev 17 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT..." and America is not Rev 18 "Babylon". Traitors inside the gates like Jesuit Pope Francis I are about to take their long awaited Revenge. 
    The Holy Grail Cup was found in St Isidore Basilica; Isidore was no Saint, he is known for compiling "Etymologiae" a "Summa of Universal Knowledge"; real person? Sure just like St Patrick (Ptah-Rekh) or St Malachy (Molech=Saturn, Chiun, ); Isidore means "Gift of Isis"; Isis means "Throne", specifically the Throne of Pergamum "Satan's Seat". Templars carried "Black Virgin" statues of the Alternative Messiah on the lap of Isis all over Europe. Why Spain? Sepharvaim settled in Spain bringing worship of Anamellech (Satan) as the Rabbit Idol of Easter/Ashtaroth.
   The Holy Grail of Science "To Know" (Science is Chaldean "Vain Babblings" in opposition to the Word of God, ref 1 Tim 6:20KJV) are Gravity Waves, also discovered this week; the waves that gave Mass to Matter after the "Big Bang"; no God needed in this Creation event folks! Also this week, the Cassini space probe using Gravity fluctuations, found proof of an interior ocean on Saturn's moon Enceladus. Why Enceladus? Saturn's Giant Trumpeter of Arms is Enceladus.  April Fool's jokes? Hardly. While the global Easter Egg hunt for MH370 continues to dominate the news, the Cult of Saturn has been called to arms!
     Anonymous (Jesuits in Guy Fawkes masks) calling for Cyber Attack against Israel  on "Holocaust Remembrance Day"; they posted a recap of MH370 minus of course any info on IBM employee Phillip Wood dialing out on March 18, 2014 using voice commands on his rectum hidden (smart guy) IPhone-5 cellphone with GPS Coordinates in the Exif data tag exactly matching Diego Garcia; Smoking Gun as big as WTC #7 collapsing as reported 23 minutes earlier by BBC reporter Jane Standley; Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans on the Feast Day of John the Baptist; Haiti being hit by an earthquake during a NATO and SOUTHCOM Haitian Relief Drill in Miami; Hurricane Sandy "Hooking" as NOAA predicted in advance on a planning map, NPR being in Sichuan, China in advance of the 9.0 Earthquake or Sandy Hook kids singing at the Super Bowl after their supposed death. MH370 is in my opinion a Staged Event on par with Aurora CO, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.   
   Anonymous is one giant Red Flag. Jacob impersonated Esau and Esau is impersonating Jacob; Anonymously of course. Jacob Rothschild is not a Jewish Banker; he is Edomite. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of Red Beans; God witnessed this and changed his name to Edom, meaning Red; Rothschild means "Red Shield"; the family of Edom began as Bauer (Farmer), a reference to Cain using the "666" logo in Red over his Frankfurt door. Anonymous is a Jesuit organization using the Guy Fawkes mask. Jesuits made Guy Fawkes the fall guy for the Gunpowder Plot lead by Thomas Percy, relative of Barbara Pierce/Bush; the plan to prevent publication of the KJV Bible failed. Anonymous refers to itself as "We are Legion" (same as Alex Jones) and the slogan "We do not Forgive; We do not Forget" Legion is the name of many demons Jesus cast into the Swine Herd (Guinea Pigs?). Gen 27:39-41KJV is reversed in new bible versions because Esau was given the prophecy of being Rich (fatness of the earth) and Priestly (dew of Heaven); Jacob impersonated and today Esau impersonates Jacob everywhere the Six Pointed Star and 666 goes; Edom goes; they are the Cult of Saturn and the Fox in the hen house. Paul waited for the Congregation to break-up before telling people to continue in the Grace of the Lord; for that he was stoned (Acts 13:43-44). Time to be Holy (Separate) and get out from under your Edomite Wolf in Sheep's Clothes. Jesus is the only Priest, Imam or Rabbi you will ever need.  
     "...without the shedding of blood is no remission" Heb 9:22 The FOX (F=6; O=15=6; X=24=6)series "The Following"  puts this blood letting form of Resurrection in plain sight; nice touch with Joe Carroll (Joe=Joseph "Adding"; Carolus means "Alms Giving") playing -JC too. Followers of Jesus Christ accept His shed blood as "Remission of Sin" and surety of "Resurrection"; everyone else sheds the blood of "Scapegoats".    
     AIDS is a fully curable CDC engineered auto-immune disease Ebola is also a CDC, bio-engineered auto-immune disease allegedly transferred to humans via monkeys and bats. Weaponized Ebola would be as potent a disease as Charles Darwin's Satanic Theory of Evolution. The Canaanite creator god "El" was often depicted as a Monkey; Charles and Erasmus Darwin produced nothing novel with this ridiculous theory. Dengue Fever Virus and Chikungunya Virus often reside in Monkeys between outbreaks in humans; they are arriving on Aedes aegypti and Asain Tiger Mosquitos in Houston in time for Passover, and why not? Jesus had no "Broken Bones"; Dengue Fever is "Break Bone Fever" OXITEC and the Bill Gates Foundation genetically modified these blood letting killers and tested them in the Cayman Is; hey it's legal in offshore money havens! Is Ebola Curable? If so, Ebola would be the Elite's Ultimate Bio-terror plague.
     The movie 12 Monkeys tells the story of 5 Billion people (90%) dying from a man-made plague originating in Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love" and propagated aboard a commercial airplane. As Bruce Willis' character is transported back in time to stop the Army of the 12 Monkeys, a newspaper cover reads "Bat Child Found"; Dracula drinking blood and turning into a Bat may ring a bell here; Vlad the Impaler used the Turkish method of Crucifixion "Impalement". Jesus' warning to the Church of Philadelphia refers to them as "Those who say they are Jews, but are not...the Synagogue of Satan". Philadelphia is Esau impersonating Jacob! Obama's Initiative "My Brother's Keeper" ringing a bell here? Ebola is 90% fatal and called "Hemorrhagic Fever". Jesus represents the 8th and FINAL Covenant between God and Man; only Blood and Water came from His body. Jesus called the Edomite Herod "Old Fox" (Rupert Murdoch aka Merodach, Marduk or Molech is a Knight of Malta aka Hospitaller and Committee of 300 "Olympian") for trying to kill him. People willing to kill God are willing to kill billions of His followers! Ebola is man's way of shedding blood and lot's of it. 
    Why would GRU (Russia Gen Staff) and MSS (China Ministry of State Sec) place MH 370 under surveillance and announce the intent to divert the plane from landing in Beijing to Haikou Meilan Airport, Spratly Is? Why were  cell phone communications on Spratly Is, jammed while MH370 was airborne? Why did 2 Trident Group Bio-materials guards die after "Suspicious Cargo" from Maersk Alabama boarded MH370?
 "90% of the world's population needs to be killed using weaponized, airborne Ebola" Dr Eric Pianka 2006. 90% reduction in world population is written in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones and echoed by people like Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, Prince Phillip, Jacques Cousteau and others. The 90% fatal Ebola has spread to the capital of Guinea; death toll 78 of 122 cases. The WHO (World Health Org) is there; managed by Committee of 300 "Olympian" Margaret Chan, an Officer in the Noble Order of the British (British means B'Rith or Birthright; Cain, Japheth, Ishmael and Esau is meant here) Empire run by Prince Phillip whose stated desire is "I would like to be re-incarnated as a killer virus". Why Guinea? Guinea is a Taureq word for "Black People"; Ham means Black, his son Canaan is "Cursed" from incest with his father Noah's wife; Mormons believe Ham (Lamanites) are Cursed; NOT! Guinea Hens are domesticated fowl known to the Aztecs (Aztec and Aztlan mean "To make White"; Mormon "White and delightsome" might ring a bell) as Aztec Guinea Fowl and to Americans as the Turkey. Thanksgiving is the annual celebration of 90% native (Black People "Guinea Pigs") slaughter in the eastern Americas using Smallpox for which the European/Spanish invaders had acquired immunity; weaponized Ebola is potentially far worse. America: 300 million Guinea Pigs about to be infected and pushed over the cliff?
     Hilaria is an 8 day festival Mar 25 to April Fool's Day; Feast of Tabernacles, representing Jesus' birth and circumcision is the only 8 day Feast on God's calendar. Gnostics regard Jesus as the  "April Fool", "Huli Fool", "April Fish", names for the "Fool's Errands" Jesus was sent on by Annas and Caiaphas before the Crucifixion. Satan's Priests think it's funny to send our children on Easter Egg hunts; Jesus doesn't. Annuit Coeptus (He approves of our endeavor) is a cryptogram for these killers of God; it connects Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order) with a Six Pointed Star of Saturn and the word MASON; Kill God and create a New Secular Order; Funny eh? Tossing colored chalk on Holika may seem innocent, but Krishna aka "Black One" forms from the mixing of colors found in the Rainbow; God used the Rainbow to symbolize He would never flood the earth again; Masons formally reject God at the Rainbow Arch Degree.
                                                                Little Horn    
     CERN is a cryptogram for the "Cernunnos"
(Horned One) aka "Little Horn" in Dan 7:8, the oldest form of Satan on earth was also called "Green Man" by the Templars (Military/Bankers) "Black Hole", "Dark Matter" or "God Particles" are BS; Egyptian Priests of On and Nazis (both Aryans) called this "TULA" or "Black Sun"; nothing new here folks! Daniel refers to Satan as the "god of Forces" and CERN announced this week they found him! CERN announced the "Discovery" of "Primordial Gravity Waves" (Beginning) to go with their previous announcement of the "God Particle" (End), the particle responsible for giving Mass to Matter; the Creator? Hardly, CERN uses the 666 logo; Jesus is the "Beginning and the End", CERN/Cernunnos represents rejection of Jesus Christ. Why at CERN? The oldest depictions of Cernunnos were found in caves in southern France and built into the foundation of Notre Dame Cathedral's "Pillar of the Boatmen" near the spot Templar Grandmaster Jacques DeMolay was executed in Paris. Cernunnos is the god of death and transformation! The Nazi "Thule Society" and SS (Schwarze Sun=Black Sun) aka Skull & Bones is the "Brotherhood of Death". We've definitely come full circle with this announcement, and right on cue, 700 years after deMolay's execution; just ask Knight of Malta Pat "700 Club" Robertson.
       The hunt for Malaysian #370 is a giant "Fool's Errand" and Easter Egg hunt preceding the Crucifixion. Anyone bother to look under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn in Tel Aviv? A bit too obvious? "The best place to hide something really big is in plane sight"
     In the movie Man of Steel The code word "Trident" refers to Project 370, a Trident shaped alien ship landing in the Southern Indian Ocean. The earth's governments respond to General Zod with "Operation Trident" (Ukraine, ancestral home to Sarmation/Aryan Priest-Kings uses the Trident symbol as well). Zod's symbol is the Sickle of Saturn and Russia. 
    MH370 should be MA370; upside down 37 becomes EL ie Saturn, Shiva, Poseidon, Hades who all use the Trident. Jor-El, Superman's father in Hebrew means "God will uplift"; Kal-El is Arabic for "Friend".  El is the Canaanite supreme deity and father of men; the plural, Mormon version is Elohim; Krypton and Kolob are too similar to ignore.  Malaysia Airlines 370 search area in the South Indian Ocean and use of the Trident Logo is a bit much to ignore. M=13; H=8 13/8=Ratio of Life or Golden Mean used by "Earth Dwellers" to form the Labrys (Birth Canal) seen on the "Aquarian Cross". "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose named are not written in the book of life of the lamb" Rev 13:8. 
       "...a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible...and it had great iron teeth" Dan 7:7
    On Mar 1, 2014 Obama joked with reporters about his father Jor-El and birth on Krypton. The Man of Steel is meant here. Just days earlier he joked "We are building Iron Man" to a group of metals manufacturers. In the movie Iron Man has a heart of Palladium (Albert Pike's esoteric rite) which becomes Adamantium when exposed to light (Lucifer=Light Bearer). "Yea they made their hearts as an adamant stone". Zech 7:12. Iron Man battles the mad Russian who has mastery over Tesla weapons; pretty timely eh? Obama's new initiative? "My brother's keeper" is an obvious reference to Cain and his son Tubal-cain the instructor of artificers in iron. Man of Steel, Iron Man, Cain (Am I my brother's keeper?) and his son Tubal-cain the artificer of brass  iron and patron of Masonry ringing a bell here? Who is Tubal-cain? Ans: "Vulcan of the Canaanites"; this is the 3rd degree Masonic password. 6 days before Passover 2013 Obama rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey to mock Jesus. Blasphemy knows no bounds here folks! Their hearts are Adamant Stone!
     A hardened heart was given to Pharaoh; the result of a hardened (Adamant) heart is seen in Lev 18:22, Rom 1:27; Jude 7 and 1 Tim 1:8. The Obama's may be the ultimate example of Adamant Hearts. Barack is a lifelong homosexual and member of Chicago's "Man's Country" gentleman's bath house; his "Body Man" Reggie Love and membership in 33Mason Jeremiah Wright's Down Low Club are proof enough. Michelle? Judge for yourself This is really not that new; Exodus Pharaoh Hatshepsut dressed as a man to become accepted as ruler; Michelle may be doing the reverse. America is not quite ready for cross dressing homosexuals to run the US Economy and Military yet?
   Malaysia "Mountain People"; Lamech's son Jabal "Tent Dweller"=Jebel "Mountain" 370=777
       Noah's father Lamech died at 777 years. Malaysian #370 a B-777 relates to the number 37 or 3 7's "777", the number associated with perfection, sanctification and consecration. Gideon prepares for battle with 300 men (Spartan 300 ringing a bell here?) in the 7th verse of the 7th chapter of the 7th book "Judges". Gideon follows Barack and Deborah as Judge of Israel. The 370th bible verse deals with the 3 yr old Red Heifer, a necessary component in consecration of the Chief Levite Priest and the Temple Cornerstone. Remember, Jesus replaced the Levite Priesthood because of corruption and made Temples of the LORD with Flesh in its place. Tabernacle is a mobile Temple; Born Again Christians are the New Covenant Tabernacles.  Ex 37 deals with "Perfection of the Tabernacle" Ps 37:37 "Mark the perfect man". Folks, if want to be marked by God, now is the time to let Him know! The 777th verse is Jer 32:27 "Behold I am the LORD, the God of all flesh..." Time to stand up and be marked a follower of Jesus Christ!
    Aleister Crowley referred to the number 77 as the Sabbath Goat on the Altar. Malaysian #370 is not the first time 7's take center stage: on 7/7 (7/6 between the Int'l Date Line and Greenwich Meridian; 7/7 East of Greenwich to the Date Line) a B-777 Asiana #214 (2+1+4=7) crashed in San Francisco; Asiana's Logo is a Red 7; pretty funny how the Captain's name Sum Ting Wong was released by the NTSB and San Francisco news eh? NOT! Why 7/6-7/7? Read Dan 7:6 and 7:7. Oz is 7/7 aka "4th Beast"; Edom is the "3rd Beast" (ref Gen 27:39-41KJV Esau's "Dominion")  Malaysian Airlines operates 12 B-777 aircraft of an original 15. #28420 was allegedly Malaysian #370; #28416 appears to be the same plane, owned by Kuwaiti (Edomite) leasing company ALAFCO. Malaysia is Edomite; Kuwait is Edomite; Israel is Edomite (ref Obadiah); Edomite leaders like King Abdullah II of Jordan, Ayathollah ali-Khomeini, ali-Khameini and ali-Sistani are initiated into Grand Orient Lodge Masonry in France so this arrangement is not that odd. Why Malaysia? Traders/Merchants have always controlled the world's "Choke Points" from Petra to the Straits of Gibraltar, Hellespont, Bosphorus Straits and Malaysia's Straits of Malacca; Malaysia is Edomite ie "Fake Jew"; call them Donmeh (Turkomen), Baghdadis, Allumbrados, Marranos or "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes". The biggest prank? Ottomon founder Osman I turns up as CIA Asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden. Hillarious aren't they?
     Here are world leaders at the Hague simulating an Atomic "Dirty Bomb" attack on a large western city  on Hilaria (Mar 25), all wearing the same Pyramid Pin Grab a $US 1; The Pyramid (Amid the Flames) will be finished (MASON) between Annuit Copetus (Annas and Caiphas ordered the crucifixion of Jesus), and Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order is one without God).  Desperate? How would you like to be hated of God (Mal 1:3; Heb 9:27) and see in writing (Obadiah) that everyone in the "House of Esau" will soon be destroyed and in Hell for eternity? Maybe now, the MH 370 "Prank" will make more sense.
     The "Mystery Jet" was allegedly sent from Malaysian storage in Aeroport Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees to a Tel Aviv storage facility owned by Ft Lauderdale based GA Telesis (CEO Abdol Moabery is an Iranian embezzler and George Soros protégé); removed from service Aug 2013 and given the new tail # N105GT. Odd? No more than AA Flt #11 not being scheduled to fly on 9/11/2001 and the same exact airframe being listed for sale a year later, or UA Flt #93 landing in Cleveland (Tower Log, Mayor White, UAL Spokesmen) and the same tail number still in use for more than a year. "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction must stick to possibilities where truth does not" Bohemian Grove founder Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain. Whether Hoax, Remote Hijacking or Crash, the story is getting more bizarre by the day. GA Telesis operates a chop shop of sorts; keep this in mind if/when B-777 parts matching the alleged flight show up in the Indian Ocean. This same thing happened in the Park-51 Mosque when a B-767 landing gear was miraculously found during construction; with a thick (non aircraft) steel cable around it no less! Why Tel Aviv? Tel Abib is the Medean/Babylonian city where real Jews were held in captivity; Nergal (Rooster Idol; Mars' Hill "Areopagus" ringing a bell?), the pagan god of war originated there. Aviv=Abib and 1 Abib, 2014 is "April Fool's Day".  Quite the prank, and on Hilaria no less eh? Hilarious? I guarantee Jesus doesn't think so! Here is more fun and games.
    Israel (Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz; Gen 10:3) closes its embassies worldwide and has Germany (Japheth-Gomer; Gen 10:2) represent them in primarily Muslim nations. Aryan Zionism in plain sight eh? Place a picture of Adolf Hitler next to Angela Merkel and you will see why Noah prophesied Japheth would dwell in Shem's Tents with Canaan as their servant (Gen 9:27). The sons of Canaan? Sidon (Lebanon/Hezbollah) and Heth (Cathay=China) might make more sense now. Zionists are non-Semitic Fake Jews!
      Prophecy Summit 2014 is being held at Disneyworld on the Festival of Saturn (St Satur is  St Dionysius or St Bacchus) on Saturn's Day, March 29, 2014, coincident with the release of the Movie Noah. By chance? hardly, more a sign the Golden Age of Saturn returning. Saturn in Chaldee is rendered "Stur" which yields 666. The Six Pointed Star of Saturn caused the Glory of the LORD to depart twice; once in Spirit from Solomon's Temple (Eze 8) and the 2nd time Flesh from the 2nd Temple. The third time will be the "Strong Delusion" and your personal one way ticket to Hell for eternity. Feeling the urge for Sardonic Laughter on April Fool's Day? Don't; God finds nothing funny about it. In 2014, God's New Year begins on April Fool's Day, commemorating the "Fool's Errands" Jesus was sent on during the Passion Week from Caiaphas to Pilate, to Annas, to Herod and back to Pilate; Annuit Coeptus seen above the Unfinished Pyramid on the $US is a cryptogram for Annas and Caiaphas, the Priest Killers of God in Flesh. The 8th Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles begins on Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread 2014, accompanied by Solar Eclipses on God's New Year and the Rabbinical New Year "Rosh Hashanah" in 2015. Signs of God's Return? Hardly, the Return of Saturn. 
     9/11/2001 served to justify the remote take over of commercial airliners. It is a fact every airliner newer than a B-727 can be remotely taken over and flown by ground controllers much like a Drone; in violation of FAR's pilots have no override capability. At altitude, remote control of cabin outflow valves can effectively render aircraft airborne coffins; this technology may have been tested on the Learjet carrying Paine Stewart. If passengers, flight attendants and pilots knew this, the Aviation Industry would collapse.
   If people knew Lord Jacob Rothschild owns this capability and is an Edomite hated by God (Mal 1:3; Heb 9:13), they would wake up and establish a relationship with Jesus Christ before it's too late. Malaysian Edomite PM Najib Razak declares "All Souls Lost"; Freescale Technologies and Blackstone Group with Carlyle Group investors now have 100% Patent (#8,650,327) Rights to Remote Flight via Data Link Control over Flight Navigation, Communications and Radar "Cloaking". Patent approval came 4 days after Malaysian #370 "Disappeared", on the anniversary of the man-made Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown. All hail the Edomite Lord!  Well, count me out! "The elder shall serve the younger. As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" Rom 9:13; Mal 1:3 
      The patent granted 3/11/2014 for "Embedded RF Hardware" of VHF, UHF, HF Radar, via "Virtual Ports", "External Interrupts" and "Keyboard Interrupts". Sounds a bit like Remote Hijacking and Radar Cloaking to my feeble brain.
   UN shill Najib Razak sends Malay troops to "UN Peace Enforcement" Missions (Ethnic Cleansing) in places like Bosnia, Somalia and Lebanon; to Hezbollah, Hamas and Boko Haram he is "The Man"; especially during the CIA Bali discotheque bombing in which a suitcase nuc was tested and during the EM Scalar induced Yule Tsunami in Indonesia. His reward? $250M "Commission" on the purchase of 2 French Submarines. He is "The Man" alright! "All Souls Lost"? Engine monitoring data was sent for 6 hrs to Rolls Royce via Satellite Comm, and ACARS was "Handshaking" ground stations for 4 hrs,  so I don't believe him.
                        Ebola: Extremely contagious, bio-engineered filovirus 
     If people knew Malaysian Air #370 may have been carrying a deadly, human to human transmissible plague in its cargo they would pray to Jesus Christ above all else; He warned of Pestilence! Daily Updates "Plague" page covers this material. Abu Dhabi is the Ismaili (Ishmael's hand is against everyone else) Worldwide "Arms Bazaar", soon to be approved for a US Customs pre-clearance facility for direct flights to Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Ebola is a bio-engineered virus with 90% fatality; the virus is spreading from Guinea, Sierre Leone and Liberia. Liberalia was a Cannibalistic Orgy in honor of Damballah, the blood thirsty "Primordial God of Creation" in Voodoo.  Damballah has his center of worship in West Africa, the center of the Slave Trade; heard of Allah before? The Amulet of Damballah is a Coiled Serpent, used by the AMA and on America's second flag; the first? The Tree of Knowledge of course! if transmitted to London's Heathrow Airport would circle the globe in 24hrs. Why London? British means B'Rith or "Birthright" as in Ishmael and Esau; London means "New Troy"; the Trojan Horse was a disease carrying vehicle.  
    Obama proclaimed "A New Beginning for Islam" in Cairo; the Obama administration prepared for an outbreak of disease in advance, by "Commissioning" 1000 doctors to manage 1000 MASH style mobile hospitals under command of nominated British born Hindu Dr Vivek Murthy.   Fellow Hindu and Obama appointed DARPA Chief Arati Prabhakar loves "Black Projects" such as "Total Information Awareness" (NSA Spy Facility/BEAST Computer),  "Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation" (Battlefield Mind Control), "Weaponized, mind controlled Drones", ""Cyborg Soldiers", "Battlefield Robots", "Designer Chromosomes" and "Immortal, self-repairing Synthetic Beings" and "ADEPT" (Robotic/Remote Disease sensing). Arati is a millionaire partner in Venture Partners LLC, the taxpayer bailed out backer of Solyndra, Obama's Enron style Financial Black Hole. Fareed Zakaria and Sanjay Gupta will do the reporting. Arati anounced a new DARPA division this week "Biological Technology Office". Does having people in control of Bio-Weapons and MASH Hospitals who worship Shiva the Destroyer seem like a good idea to you!
                                   12 Monkeys in America
 Michelle Obama instituted annual celebration of "Diwali" the 5 day Hindu "Festival of Lights"; the symbolic triumph of "Good over Evil". In 2014, a partial Solar Eclipse over North America will form a Solar Crescent at Sunset; perhaps not coincidentally, the Islamic New Year will begin on Day 2, Oct 23, 25, 2014. Barack and Michelle Obama represent both Hindu and Islam. He declared a "New Beginning for Islam", bowed to King Abdullah, declared "I will stand with Islam", yet he also carries an Idol of the Hindu Monkey god Hanuman with him. Phoenicians call this monkey "El"; Romans "Saturn" and Greeks "Kronos" or "Chaos". Kronos is famous for eating his own offspring. Critical is Hindu myth records Hanuman defeating Saturn (Lucifer); this same myth is found in Zoroastrianism; Ahura Mazda (Light) versus Ahriman (Dark) because Aryans invented both.  "Order our of Chaos" is the Luciferian "New World Order" rising from this final battle.  Blood rising to the levels of horse bridles in the Valley of Slaughter "Armageddon" is quite a load of blood eh? Brad Pitt's "World War Z" is scary;  "12 Monkeys" is sick.   Jesus warned unless He shortened "those days", no flesh would remain. A man-made plague that wipes most of humanity from Earth!  Ebola is that man-made virus!
        Weaponized Ebola may have been aboard MH#370. Why would China refuse to allow MH370 to land in Beijing? Why would 4 plane loads of CDC Doctors from the US and China scramble after MH#370? Is a vaccine against Ebola available? One thing is certain, preparations for a massive outbreak of plague in the US are definitely underway. Surgeon General nominee (Don't count on de Molay Freemason Rand Paul or the NRA to get the real truth out) Vivek Murthy is the founder of "Doctors for Obama", a Yale Med School Grad, who advocates Doctors harass patients who own firearms and mandatory Gun Licensing. Brahmins are the Hindu "Priest-Kings" aka "Noble Caste" or Aryans if you prefer. Shiva is the Hindu "Destroyer god". This so-called "Doctor" is no "Surgeon" and no "General"; his sum total 8 yr experience is as a Foreign Bureaucrat. Obama read CNN darling, Aryan traitor, Fareed Zakaria's book "Post American World", released during the Obama campaign; Zakaria's speaking tour "Globalization: A New World" requires trashing all Nation's Constitutions. DARPA Chief Arati Prabhakar and ADEPT (Autonomous Diagnostics Enabling Prevention and Therapeutics; think Star Trek Tri-corder used by "Bones") will decide who lives and who dies. Gnostics in the Kingdom of Ormus (Snake) called themselves Theraputes! Not long ago, Traitors like these would have been hung. We need to realize the enemy is in Washington DC. "A man's enemies shall be the men of his own household" Mat 10:36; Micah 7:6
                                  Ukraine: Home of Sarmation/Aryan Priest-Kings   
   NATO trained the Ukraine protestors via Greystone
, a division of US financed Black Water aka Academi Mercenary training. Odd? Moscow trains Saudi Arabian military brass; Saudi Arabia sent a report to Moscow declaring the Obama administration a "Terrorist Organization"; it is, but recall Obama bowed in submission to King Abdullah and signed a $multi-billion arms deal and you will realize they all are working together toward WWIII.
    Is it just a little strange for Malyasian and Chinese "Victim" families are seen grieving while holding professionally made signs and banners written in English? Would Sandy Hook, Crisis Actors holding prayer vigils with Chinese or Malay signs be any different? 
   Malaysian Flt #370 may have landed on Diego Garcia, securely protected from surveillance; CNNNBCCBSABCFOXMSNBC are declaring the jet is submerged in 12,000ft of water. BS!
    Remote flight technology was demonstrated on 9/11 using the military versions of the B-737 (North Tower; CFM-56 engine was found at Church and Murray St) and B-767 (South Tower Jet was not civilian) jets; disappearing commercial jet was demonstrated with Flt #77 at the Pentagon; this may have been demonstrated on the civilian B-777 airliner Malaysian #370. The technology is real, and the Left Behind series was written using commercial airliners for a reason . Knight of Malta John Kerry made a trip to Malaysia in October 2013; no doubt this was for a good reason.
     The Malaysian Flt #370 story is a load of BS.  Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama puts the occult plan in "Plain Sight". Alabama means "Plant Cutter"; Jesus is the Vine. Phillip means "Beloved Horse"; the Pale Horse is "Death". Malaysian #370 was flown/hijacked into the Indian Ocean in the direction of Diego Garcia, a joint use British and US Military Base. 4 plane loads of CDC and Chinese CDC epidemiologists were flown to Diego Garcia immediately after Malaysia #370 was reported missing. They aren't vacationing!.
      The cargo? Likely a Bio-weapon from the UAE was loaded aboard the Maersk Alabama and taken to the Seychelles where is was loaded onto an Emirates flight to Kuala Lumpur and transferred to Malaysian #370. 2 ex-navy Seals guarding the Captain Phillips ship "Maersk Alabama" were murdered and 4 plane loads of CDC experts are flown to Diego Garcia on the day Malaysian Flt #370 dissappears.
Chinese WHO Director Margaret Chan is an officer in the Most Excellent Order of the British (British means Birthright of Ishmael and Esau) Empire working for Prince Phillip (Prince of the "Beloved Horse"), the man who desires to be re-incarnated as a "Killer Virus" to rid the world of useless eaters. Prince Phillip is married to Germanic imposter Queen Elizabeth Windsor to whom Obama, on an official State visit, sang "God Save the Queen". 60 years ago, Elizabeth declared herself "Queen of thy people; Queen of Jerusalem". Thy People? Jesus calls Jerusalem "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8). Is it any wonder the Captain of Malaysian #370 Zaharie Ahmed Shah attended the sentencing of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim; Jailed 5 years for "Homosexuality"? Blasphemy knows no bounds here folks!
     Abu Dhabi, the head and Central Bank of the UAE is acquiring a US Customs pre-clearance facility for flights directly into the US. Black Water founder Eric Prince lives there, training mercenaries through "Black Water spin off "Reflex Responses" directed by Mitt Romney adviser Cofer Black and Carlyle Group investors Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr, Jr and Jeb, James Baker, Ken Starr (Yeah, that Ken Starr), Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and our old Iran-Contra pal the Most Reverend Oliver North. Eric just trained and equipped an 800 man Mercenary Army using ex-Columbian Special Forces. No, worries though, they had nothing to do with Malaysian #370! Arabs sure have a lot of help in their host countries don't they?
    Henry Kissinger "Ethnically Cleansed" Diego Garcia in the 1970's; the island is a B-2, B-1, B-52, AF Tanker, Nuclear Submarine support and staging base, Navy Sealift Command and Satellite Tracking base for Wars in the Middle East aka "Fertile Crescent" The Crescent of Allah/Sin is indeed fertile! The name Diego Garcia means "Joseph and or James" and "Young Bear"; we saw the Young Bear as the Sochi Olympic Mascot. Joseph married the daughter of the Egyptian Priest of On and Arth means Bear; King Arthur and Ursa Major (Big Dipper) are about to pour out some serious wrath. It's out of hibernation alright! 
     Malaysian #370 is the "Turn" in occult Magick: Pledge, Turn, Prestige; an "Attention Grabber" before the "Main Event". The story began as a hijacked airliner, by Iranian (Iran is Aryan "Noble Caste"), al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation or Foreign Toilet) affiliates traveling on cash paid tickets using fake passports. The photo has been proven to be a photoshopped fake; notice there are 4 False Flag "Buzzwords" in this story already. Hijackers defeated the $50,000 "Terrorist Proof" Cockpit Door, turned off VHF, HF and Satellite Data Links, ACARS and Transponder, and these expert pilots evaded Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese civilian and military radar and landed in Taliban (Taliban means Student of Allah) held territory in northern Pakistan or Diego Garcia; the story is rediculous. Transponders have nothing to do with Radar and 90 miles off the Malay coast is in Primary Radar range. Questions: How did the plane vanish from civilian radar yet continue to be monitored in military radar for over an hour? Why did cellphone calls to passenger phones ring instead of going to voice mail? Why isn't Emergency Locator Transmitter and Flight Data Recorder pinging their location? Need to hide from Radar and Satellite surveillance? Diego Garcia is your place.  
   Malaysia #370 is in my view a Sandy Hook style hoax using "Crisis Actors"; far fetched? Allegedly there were only 2 Americans on board; Why would grieving families post pictures with english signs? Why would these professional looking signs appear in pictures in different locations by different families? On 9/11/2001 UAL #93 landed in Cleveland; the event was recorded by Cleveland Tower, Mayor White and UAL spokesmen on the news with all 4 networks that day; no Rothschild was found at Shankesville. AA#11 was not scheduled to fly on 9/11 and the tail number, serial number and matching suite of avionics for the B-767-200 was put up for sale by a Washington DC Aircraft brokerage a year after 9/11. The point is we have seen massive deception before in plane sight. 9/11/2001 and Sandy Hoax are covered on their own pages.
      The Trident of Shiva, Trident Security and the Malaysian Air Trident                      
    The Military using the BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot) can alter the FMC (Flight Mgt Computer), Flight Plan and change course of any modern airliner. At the intersection of Malay and Vietnamese Airspace the jet flew to Diego Garcia Military Base with 20 senior engineers and 4 patent holders employed by Freescale Semiconductor, itself owned by Lord Jacob Rothschild a board member and investor in Blackstone Group, the world's largest private equity LLC.  In 2002, Olympian Warren "Oracle of Omaha" Buffet and Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger (he terminated California) met with Lord Jacob Rothshild at Waddenson Manor; they know the plan. 
           Trident of Shiva, Poseidon, Neptune, Malaysian Air, Trident Group and TEPCO
     Former Navy Seals Mark Kennedy and Jeff Reynolds, now security guards for Trident Security Group of Norfolk, VA were likely murdered; the guards of Radioactive and Biological Cargo allegedly aboard Malayasian #370 originated from the cargo hold of Maersk Alabama, which docked in the Ismaili dictatorship, United Arab Emirates port of Jebel Ali (Mount of Ali), the day MH #370 flew to Beijing. China was allegedly concerned enough about the cargo to divert the plane away from Beijing. Trident has offices and "Trained Seals" (good pun eh?) in Kiev, Moscow and Corporate America works very well with Russia! Proof? Greystone Ltd is a Ukrainian subsidiary of Black Water aka Academi, a, US mercenary army controlled by Eric Prince. Another arm of Black Water trains mercenaries in Saudi Arabia and another in the UAE. "A man's enemies are the men of his own house" after all. So, was MH #370 manually flown west to Pakistan, the Seychelles or Diego Garcia? Or was MH #370 remotely hijacked and flown west to Pakistan, the Seychelles or Diego Garcia? Was the outflow valve automatically opened using Freescale microcontrollers, killing everyone on board? Or was MH 370 destroyed over 12,000ft deep ocean much like the RMS Titanic was on April 15, 1912? By EM Scalar Energy? By sabotage? Plenty of people know exactly what happened. 
     Blackstone Founder Peter Peterson is a Knight of Malta, the "Sovereign Military Order of Malta"  aka "Knights of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Cyprus and Rhodes". John Kerry, John Boehner, Joe Biden, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Martin Dempsey are also initiates to name a few. They report directly to Sir John Walls in Britain who in turn reports to Queen Elizabeth II. The overall head of the SMOM and Jesuits is the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, headed by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi. Ravasi believes Jeru

On March 8, 2014 Patent #008671381 had not yet been granted; 4 days after the alleged crash of MH #370, 4 of the 5 Chinese Patent Holders, now allegedly missing and the US Patent Office issues the patent with Freescale Semiconductor becoming the sole Patent Holder. One very big problem with this story is Malaysian Airlines claims Pedong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng and Li Ying, the 4 Freescale patent holders were not listed as passengers on Flight #370. This is the exact same scenario as on 9/11; none of the 19 alleged Arab hijackers names were on any of the 4 flight manifests. Patent Holders may pass benefits to their heirs only after the Patent has been issued. Pretty darn convenient eh? If they weren’t on the airplane, where are they and why allow this patent to go to Freestone Semi-conductor and Blackstone Group? Without question, MH #370 was in Radar and VHF contact, some 90 miles off the Malay coast. How does one make an aircraft disappear?
     Investors in Blackstone and Carlyle Group include the Lord Jacob Rothschild (Red Shield=Edom), the Bush family, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden to name a few. Lord Jacob Rothschild (Smithers on the Simpsons) controls Blackstone Group which owns The Weather Channel. Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild control Weather Central LP, providing weather information to nearly all mobile devices. Getting the Edomite picture yet?
     Weather Derivatives with complete knowledge of future weather are a sure bet. Now that Ken Lay and the first Weather Derivative Fund “Enron Weather” is conveniently out of the picture KofC, Skull & Bones, Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Satanist Jeb Bush is your man. 4 hurricanes in one year tearing through Florida made Jeb very wealthy. Nothing wrong with making a fortune off of others misery eh? Using Geo-engineering to manipulate weather and place Hedged and Leveraged bets on the damage? That’s another story. The motive for foul play or disappearance of MH #370 is certainly there. Is remote flight control of commercial airliners possible?
    BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot) Patent # 7142971B2 takes the pilots out of the equation and Freescale keeps them silent. Flight Termination Systems remote flight technology is the business of GW Bush’ Talmudic Rabbi Dov Zakheim (Rabbi Ari Fleischer is “W’s” handler). His son Roger is Mitt Romney’s Middle East adviser. Dov misplaced $2.3 T on 9/11 as DOD Comptroller; he didn’t do any better as Texas Comptroller under Gov George W Bush either, or on locating the missing $Billions spent on the Super-conducting Super-collider. Dov and Roger are also looking into the missing billions in Iraq and Afghanistan no-bid contracts. If you can’t trust a Talmudic fake Rabbi who teaches Army War College senior brass through CIA Intelligence Company Booz-Allen-Hamilton, who can you trust?
    AWACS is an airborne command post capable of jamming radar and controlling flight navigation and communications. Need to make an aircraft disappear from Radar? Call in AWACS. Need to disable aircraft communications? Call Freescale. Need to remotely control a civilian airliner? Call Freescale. Need to fake the Rapture? Call Edomite Jacob Rothschild. AWACS was operating in Malaysia when MH #370 went missing from Radar
     Unlike the 9/11 “Terrorists” these Arab Muslim bad guys must have paid attention during their landing lessons, or not! Knight of Malta, Olympian Rupert Murdoch floated the idea of the plane landing in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding; no Rupert, don’t think so. A strange event to be sure, but strange seems to be the norm these days.
     Farouk Abdulmutallib shares a name with Muhammad’s grandfather Abdul Mutallib; he originated Islam. With no passport and a cash paid ticket, the son of the Nigerian Def Minister flew from Nigeria to Yemen to the Netherlands to Detroit with an underwear bomb detectible only with Rapiscan and L-3 Communications Full Body Millimeter Wave Imaging Machines, conveniently pre-purchased and ready in Schipol Airport by Crypto Jew, Olympian Michael Chertoff and Dame of Malta Janet Napolitano. Cancer in a billion useless eaters in exchange for world security and several $Trillion in profit; Good plan eh?
      CIA hack Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman; Osman I founded the Ottoman Empire; cute eh?) hid in northern Pakistan before being flown 1200 miles in one night while being DNA tested in a helicopter, 2 weeks before every Seal Team 6 witness was killed riding in the same helicopter. Darn the luck!
            Malaysia: the Edomite Sultanate of the Pacific
     Malaysia is a Sharia (Revealed) Law based Sunni Islam Sultanate; Sharia Law forces rejection of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Malaysia is a tenant under the control of the Sultan of Sabah (Sunrise) and of Brunnei, an Edomite (Hashemite) Sultanate ultimately under the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Idumea is the land of Edom, Ammon and Moab. Malaysia is the center of Edomite corruption in the most heavily Pirated waterway on earth “Straits of Malacca”. John Kerry set up the framework of the treasonous TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) in Malaysia in October 2013; planning for Malaysia 370 was likely finalized then. Obama met with King Abdullah II in Palm Springs at he end of February, finalizing an arms deal and weapons delivery to al-Qaeda and ISIS “Rebels” in Syria. What did the Edomite 33° Grand Orient Lodge Mason get in return? A 1000 mile double, oil and gas pipeline from Al Basra (Daniel received the vision of Dan 8 at that spot) to the Edomite port of Aqaba. Remember Aqaba? Israelites cross the Red Sea there and God swallowed up the Amalekite “Hyksos” trained Egyptian Army at that spot. No they have not forgotten or forgiven! They are Anonymous! What did Obama get? The plan is to use Black Water Mercenaries aka Reflex Responses to incite revolution and annexation of 1/3 of Iraq, the oil rich Anbar Province. Shiite mercenaries are Equal Opportunity killers, serving the Ayathollah’s after all and Obama has stated “I will stand with Islam”.
     King Abdullah (Servant of Allah or Sin) II is a Grand Orient (Sabah means Sunrise; America was founded on Sabian ie Planetary Astrology) Lodge Luciferian Freemason trained in Paris (House of Isis=Throne; Cernunnos is at Notre Dame) as are Shia Ayathollah’s Ali al-Sistani in Iraq and ali al-Khameini in Iran; they are no more Muslim than Jesuit Pope Francis I is Catholic or Luciferian Freemason Billy Graham is Protestant; they are Satanists in Sheep’s Clothes! Laws prohibiting Shia Islam in Malay Sultanates are strictly for show. Edom, Ammon, Moab worship the Six Pointed Star of Milcom, Chiun, Remphan, Chemosh, Baal and Molech aka Seal or Talisman of Saturn. It is called the Talisman or Seal of Solomon because Solomon took wives of foreign women from Egypt, Moab, Ammon, Edom, Phoenicia and the Hittites (1 Kings 11:1) Israel displays this Star of Satan because they are not Jewish or God fearing in the slightest; all will escape the hand of the Alternative Messiah as Dan 11 makes clear. Hard to believe Israel is Edomite? Read Obadiah.
      Malaysia Flt #370 Occult Gematria in Plane Sight
      Malaysian Airlines claims 37,000 PAX are flown daily. On 3/7 the NASDAQ dropped .37%, Malaysian Flt 370 disappears from radar at 37,000ft to begin the 37th month since the Fukushima disaster at the 37th Latitude, matching the exact angle of a Mr-Akh-Bah Triangle. 37 is read as 3 7's. Aleister Crowley called 777 the "Key to all religion and practical occultism"
     Blackstone HQ is 345 Park Ave, NY. Park is a Germanic word meaning “Animal Enclosure, Pen or Paddock”. Remember the movie “I am Legend” or “Dark Knight Rises”? 3-4-5 represents a Pythagorean Right Triangle and the Occult Trinity: Father, Mother, Son. Egyptians referred to this as the Mr-Akh-Bah (Merkaba is Ezekiel’s Wheel) and designed the relationship into the Great Pyramid in Egypt using the 520-380-900 degree relationship. 33 + 43 + 53 = 216, the number associated with Equinox Precession of 2160 years/Astrological House (Time=Saturn/Chronos). 63=216 associated with the Mark of the Beast “666″ during the Golden Age of Saturn. Is it also coincidence Obama claims his birth in Oahu at latitude 21.60? Is it also coincidence CERN (Cernunnos=Herne the Hunter of Windsor) in its hunt for the "God Particle" uses the Logo 666? By my calculations, Mar 20, 2014 “Nowruz” will begin the Age of Aquarius. Rosicrucians even designed this into the Federal Triangle (Washington Monument, White House and Capitol) Baal is Saturn; the world’s tallest Baal’s Shaft anchors that Triangle.
      Blackstone purchased Freescale Semiconductor for $17.6B. They only had $7.6B in debt so the case understandably raised legal questions which are in court to this day. $7.6B relates to Dan 7:6 “3rd Beast” is Edom, given “Dominion”. $17.6B is the Age of the Universe in Solar Years and size of the Universe in Light-Years according to lying astrophysicists. Rev 17:6 describes the “Whore of Babylon”. Allegedly there are 17.6B Semiconductors with Freescale embedded hardware in them. Devices such as GPS Smart Phone trackers, Engine controls and Anti-lock brakes in automobiles, Train and Commercial Aircraft engine and navigation controls, OnStar vehicle tracking and disabling, RFID Chips, Atomic Power Plant coolant controllers (Fukushima and Iran’s Bushehr Atomic plants come to mind here) and personal computers all have Freescale embedded software in them. What could possibly go wrong? go wrong, go wrong.
      #370 is 3+7=10. The 10 Horns of the Beast Kingdom plus “Little Horn” (Cernunnos=”Horned One”=”Little Horn”)
37    is read as 3 7’s or EL=Saturn 21 is 7+7+7. #777 represents Aleister Crowley’s “Liber 777″ The title is “777 and other Qabalistic Writings”. Crowley claims 777 symbolizes all major religions and serves as the correspondence within the Order of Golden Dawn. 777 it is the key to all religion and practical occultism. Cain’s descendant Lamech is avenged 7 fold, Lamech 77 fold. Seth’s Lamech lived 777 years. 777 is a Jackpot in slot machines, a jackpot for Edom.

Union of the Triple Goddess with the Horned God.     
      The Trident of Trident Security Group, Shiva and Poseidon is the logo of Malaysian Airlines, the Ukraine and TEPCO. Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction. Luciferian Freemason, Crypto Jew J Robert Oppenheimer quoted Shiva “I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds” upon witnessing the first Atomic Bomb detonation in which Plutonium was used. Plutonium is named after the Roman version of Shiva, Pluto the god of destruction. Poseidon is named after the Pyramid City of Poseida, “Discovered” last month submerged near the Canary Islands. A triggered Tsunami from the Flood submerged city of Poseida will be used to devastate the eastern seaboard soon.
       The Trident is also used by 40 Knights of Columbus, a cancer in the Catholic Church whose initiates include Skull & Bonesman, Weather Derivative Fund manager Jeb Bush. Columbus didn’t “Discover” anything; he was a murdering Gold Pirate who falsely converted to Catholicism to escape the Alhambra Decree. Remember, Jeb and George were reading My Pet Goat in Tampa where the alleged training of 9/11 hijackers occurred on 9/11. Flt #77 hit the Goat shaped, 77ft tall Pentagon on the 77th Meridian because #77 is the Sabbath Goat on the Altar according to their maternal grandfather Aleister Crowley.
     Malaysian #370 allegedly had 239 passengers. 2+3+9=14=77; Aleitster Crowley called 77 the Sabbath Goat on the Altar. 14 is also 5, the 77ft tall Pentagon was hit by UA #77 on the 77th Meridian on 9/11' well not really, it was a Raytheon (Light God) Cruise Missile. The Trident used by Malaysian Airlines is also the symbol of TEPCO. Pu-239 matches the number of alleged passengers on Malaysian #370; neat trick as at least 5 Freescale employees claimed to be missing are not on the original manifest. Pluto is the Roman god of Death and Wealth; same attributes as Cernunnos and Herne the Hunter. Fukushima MOX fuel is killing on a massive scale. The Trident represents the OTO “Order Oriental Templars” (The Rising Sun is the Orient or Eastern Temple). The Trident represents Triclavianism taught by the Manichaeans, Albigens, Waldenses, Bogomils, Paulicians, Patarini and Cathars to represent the 3 Nails used to fasten (Pagan=To Fix) Jesus to the Tree (Cross). Mormons like Mitt Romney know the phrase “Pey Heylel” means “Marvelous Lucifer” and is used in Melchisedek Priest initiations with the “Sure Sign of the Nail”. Jesus is Melchisedek! Talmudic Rabbis also use the “Sign of the Nail” “Shin” to open Synagogues of Satan.
       The Vulcan (Tubal-cain to Freemasons) 1/2 breed Mr Spock (Nimoy is an avid Kabbalist) "Live Long and Prosper" refers to "Happiness", the Welsh word for Wise and European root of Prosperity. 
     "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is the brainchild of Comte de St Germain, the real Founding Father of the US; Happiness is Wisdom here; the Declaration of Independence was not Freedom and Liberty from Britain but from God. The Rosicrucian mystic St Germain was the 6th man in the "Committee of 5" Masons seen in the "Great Seal" (Jefferson, Franklin, Sherman, Adams, Livingston) under Anuit Cowptus (Annas and Caiaphas killed Jesus) and Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order is one with Lucifer and without God) met in Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love"; Jesus refers to the Church of Philadelphia as the "Synagogue of Satan".
     Friday is the 6th day of the week when Man was Created; on Friday 3/7/2014 the Nasdaq closed  down .37% ; the day is the 66th day of the year; 33 days after Imbolc (In the Belly), the 33rd day of the year and the Super Bowl warning by Bruno Mars to “Prepare, Prepare”. Kualu Lumpur Airport KUL is 233 in Gematria; 2X33=66.
     239 passengers and crew represent Pu-239 the man-made radioactive material killing most of humanity from Fukushima; 239 adds to 14 or 7+7. In Liber 77 aka “Book of the Goat”, Crowley said 77 represents the Sabbath Goat on the altar; Sacrifices and lot’s of us are meant here.
     Malaysian Airlines, Trident of Shiva Logo cleverly hides the number 33. Superman is 33 in the Man of Steel;  Jesus Christ was 33 at the Crucifixion. 33=Sovereignty “Freedom from God”. Shiva is the Destroyer and Law Giver. The word used in scripture is Shiloh (Gen 49:10) Jesus is Shiloh! The word means “He whose it is”. Melchisedek means “King of Jerusalem” and “Priest of the Most High” Sounds like the Sarmations of the Ukraine who also regard themselves as “Priest-Kings” doesn’t it? The number 33 is the number of Sovereignty; Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Sovereign Freemasons ringing a bell here?
     Satanists (Scientists=Scire “To Know”) at CERN (Cernunnos is Pluto "God of Death") pass an Idol of Shiva to conduct experiments trying to prove the “Force” of “Gravity” creates Mass from Matter; there is no such “Force” or “God Particles”; Satan is the “god of forces”. CERN is Cernunnos aka “Litttle Horn” of Dan 7:8. Satan posing as the Creator in the God Particle? Try again!
     “Dominion” means Sovereign Authority to Rule; Isaac prophesied Esau would obtain “Dominion” and kill Jacob; that’s anyone physically associated with Jacob or his 12 sons or Jesus Christ. Born Again Christians and real offspring of Jacob are in Diaspora, scattered all over the globe; thus the killing will be worldwide. The army of 12 Monkeys distributed the plague killing 90% of humanity from Philadelphia "City of Brotherly Love".
     The Trident of Shiva is also the Trident of Poseidon; Poseida is the Flood submerged city of pyramids in the Canary Islands occultists mystically refer to as Atlantis/
    The Trident is the flag of Ukraine; ancestral home to Sarmation and Aryan “Priest-Kings” like Vladimir Putin, George Soros and Mitt Romney to name a few. Sar means "Prince"; Lucifer is the Prince.
     The Trident is the symbol of Shamash, the Babylonian Sun god of Justice. Shamash is worshiped as the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah. Hanukkah means “Consecrate”; Consecration requires human sacrifices and lots of them! Project 911 on Site 911 "Beit Shemesh" will be completed by Lughnasaid/Lammas (Aug 2; 9 Av is Aug 4), a radiation hardened bunker with "The LORD our God is one" over every door. My God is Jesus Christ, Father, Son and Holy Ghost; the missing "Lord" from Deut 6:4 KJV the false Scribes failed to include; how about you? Are they hiding from Jesus Christ? Hardly, Lucifer more like.
      The story of Malaysian Air #370 is bizarre. Total disappearance; being tracked on military radar for 90 minutes but invisible to civilian radar; 7 hrs of Engine monitoring data being sent to Rolls Royce; 5 hrs of ACARS “Handshakes” being received by ground stations. What would one expect from the Hashemite-Edomite Kingdom of the Pacific? Pacific means Peace; the Peace Sign is the Witch's Foot or Broken Jew; Jesus is the Jew here folks! During this Lenten Saga, the Holy Grail Cup was miraculously found; Primordial Gravity Waves proved the Big Bang Theory correct and the Shroud of Turn proved the Twisted Crucifix aka Staff of Mithra is an accurate portrayal of the Crucifixion. How much Edomite Bull Shit are you willing to put up with? 
                                Feast of the Beast
      Worship of Saturn (Stur, Milcom, Chiun, Molech, Remphan, El) is the “Beast”; the 6th Planet, 6th Day represented by the Blue Sapphire (Chase what matters? Happiness (Wisdom and Prosperity)  is what Gnostics are pursuing. The Six Pointed Star was originally designed into the Flag BEtsy Ross created. It appears on Hindu Monuments, Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples, Islamic Mosques, fake “Jewish” Synagogues, fake “Christian” Churches, Mormon Churches, the Flag of Israel and on US Money. Rome is the City of Saturn; Christmas is Saturnalia; time to wake up and become Holy (Separate). Saturn has a 28 yr Solar Cycle in which the “Cult of Saturn” is given instructions; 1954, 1982 and 2010 are allegedly the last dates; Deep Water Horizon and Fukushima were man-made ELE (Extinction Level Events) planned in advance and set for the Beginning and Ending of 2010; the Witchcraft year goes from the Kelends of Summer (May Day) to the Kalends of Winter (All Saints Day) Neither event has slowed down or stopped destroying the Earth in the slightest.
     Malaysian #370 is a Sandy Hook style hoax, held in plain sight using Crisis Actors (Freescale Patents and Signs in English are a dead giveaway). Likely, Malaysian 370 landed at Diego Garcia, attracting the attention of dozens of CDC Disease Experts. Julia Louis Dreyfus posted a picture of an unusual tattoo on her back of the Declaration of Independence this week; is it coincidence the City of Philadelphia hosted the signing of the Declaration on a day when a rare 5 planet conjunction occurred as planned by Rosicrucians Ben Franklin and Ebenezer Sibly? The Sibly Zodiac is called America's "Natal Chart" and is posted in the Library of Congress; Congredi means "To Meet for War"; they use the Fasces Logo as do all 50 National Guards, given Ebola test equipment this week. The Fasces is on Rosicrucian Sodomite "Honest" Abe Lincoln's Throne, the Congressional Speaker's Podium, US Supreme Court, Oval Office at the White House and Union Square Park in NYC next to the 17 (Rev 17 is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT) digit countdown clock to Midnight "Witching Hour". 
     Malaysian MH370=ELOHM=Saturn may have been completely disintegrated using Scalar EM energy (Phase aligned “Tesla Shells”), or flown to Diego Garcia with or without the aid of pilots using Boeing's patented BUAP (Un-interruptible Autopilot); one thing is certain, the Malaysian Gov has lied from the start and CNN keeps telling the same Lie over and over MH370 with its 33 shaped Tridents are identical to those made at the 9/11 Memorial out of the destroyed Twin Towers (ELOHM=Saturn=EL). MH370 did not crash in the Indian Ocean at the same coordinates used for "Project Trident" in the Man of Steel movie; Superman as Kal EL?  EL is an Inverted, Mirror Image of 37.  The "Freedom Tower" is 1776 (1+7+7+6=21 the Age of Accountability) ft tall, the year the Declaration of Independence gave birth to America; the stolen nation named after the Chaldee "Amorica", the Canaanite god "Amar"; the Serpent god "Ameru" and Edomite name of Satan "Amurru". 
    ACARS “Handshakes” lasted over 5 Hrs; Engine Data via Satellite Link lasted 7 Hrs, well after the fuel would have run out. These indicate the aircraft is still intact. Remotely flown or not, the plane was, in my opinion flown to Diego Garcia under escort of AWACS Radar Jamming Aircraft, with a “Suspicious Cargo” that originated in the Black Water Mercenary capital of Abu Dhabi, the Central Bank paradise of Ishmaelitesi. US media whores like Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who lied about hitting Canadian Geese in January (Canadian Geese migrate in August not January, no engine damage; no blood, no feathers, no dents) will divert attention from WWIII developing in the Ukraine, the Ebola Pandemic about to be unleashed. Commercial Airliners can be remotely taken over and flown from the ground at will.
9/11/2001 was a revenge, re-enactment of Samson killing 3000 Philistines. The Sochi "Fire and Ice" Olympics, highlighted a giant statue of Neptune and Prometheus breaking free of his chains in where else but a cave called "Bethlehem"; House of HM or ELOHM if you prefer. Why HM? H=8; M=13; 13/8 is the Ratio of Lift or Golden Mean of course! Malaysia means "Mountain People" MH370=ELOHM is a Saturnian Ritual held on the world stage in plane sight.
              The Twisted Crucifix represents the "Y" in the Road.
    Worship of Saturn is Witchcraft (Wisdom) or Gnosticism (Knowledge) of the Serpent; this then is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS ON THE EARTH. The Wide Path to Eternal Destruction of the Soul in Hell.
     Worship the LORD (Spirit of GOD) in Flesh (Lord) Jesus Christ is the Narrow Path to Eternal Salvation. Choose Wisely because Time (Saturn) is short!

                      New World Order

      "Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happened you can bet it was planned" FDR 
                   "A man's foes shall be they of his own household" Jesus Christ    
      The New World Order "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is a New Secular Order; a world without God in it which starts the "Great Tribulation". Annuit Coeptus means Annas and Caiaphas. "Lucifer approves of our endeavor" is a Masonic code for the killers of Jesus Christ by the Chief Priests of the Sanhedrin Annas and Caiaphas. A Six Pointed Star of Molech (Chiun the Moabite version, Milcom the Ammonite version, Saturn the Roman version; Christmas is Saturnalia; Easter is Ashtoreth) drawn across the Un-finished Pyramid on the $1 US falls on the 5 letters forming "MASON" with the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer at the apex. Masons are Luciferians.
     CERN is attempting to prove the "Graviton" aka "God Particle" gives Mass to Matter; CERN is Cernunnos "Little Horn" (Dan 7:8) aka Lucifer in the body of a man assuming the role of Creator. Called Woden by Angles, Odin by Norse or Herne by Celts he hung himself on the World Tree "Yggdrasil" in exchange for Runic knowledge. Worship of the Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the reason the Glory of the LORD departed Israel (Amos 5:26). America's Masonic role is to remove Jesus Christ from Earth and become the Mass (suitable sacrifice) to consecrate the earth and enthrone Lucifer. 
      In 2014, God's New Year begins on April Fool's Day; the New Moon following Spring Equinox is 1 Abib. April Fool's Day is named for the "Fool's Errands" Jesus was sent on during the Passion Week. From Annas' house, to Caiaphas' Palace, to Pilate's Praetorium, to Herod's Palace, and back to Pilate. Romans called the week "Hilaria"; Jesus does not find anything funny about it! Annas and Caiaphas illegally convened the Sanhedrin in private that week and Jesus is well aware of it which is why He called them the "Synagogue of Satan". There is nothing Hilarious about making God an "April Fool". April 15th is the Assyrian "New Year" and US "Tax Day". Tax means "Burden"; Jesus carried His "Burden" to the Tree and so do His followers. April 14 at "Even" is Passover; April 15, 2014 is "Feast of Unleavened Bread"; Jesus is the Unleavened Bread, the Sinless God in Flesh who became the "Curse" (ref Deut 21:23) and gave His body for our Sins. He was placed in the Sepulchre on that day and rose to Heaven on the third day; Abib 17 is April 17th, 2014 "Feast of First Fruits". Relative to our Occidental calendar, the day is not "Good Friday" but Wednesday or Woden's Day. Woden is Cernunnos the "Horned One" aka "Little Horn".  April is Month of Venus aka Lucifer.  Jesus is the world's Passover; Jesus is the world's Unleavened Bread and Jesus is the world's First Fruit; the first fully God, fully Man to rise and sit at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. You won't hear about this in Church or Synagogue because God did not ordain them; Satan did. 
     On the last day of Purim, Sunday Mar 16, Crimea will vote (voted 96%) to leave Ukraine, the ancient home of the Royal Scythians and become part of Russia; Sarmations are Ros-Alan, the source of the name Russia; Vladimir Putin is likely of Sarmation-Aryan descent. Next up is Venice (Venetians are "Black Nobility") from Italy on 3/23, Scotland (Scotti are Scythians married into Egyptian Royalty) from Great Britain on 9/18, Catalonia (Basques are Sepharvaim) from Spain on 11/9 and Texas will lead the breakup of the US. ON Mar 16, 539 BC Babylonians took over Jerusalem and installed Zedekiah who "Did evil in sight of the LORD". On Mar 16, 1244 200 Cathars were burned at Montsegur; Catharsis "Discharge of pent up emotions". On Mar 18, 1314 the Cathar Military-Banker Jacques de Molay was executed in Paris (House of the Throne). 
     The EU HQ is built as an unfinished Tower of Babel with seat #666 empty; filling that seat will finish the ancient plan for a New World Order. NATO HQ and the "Beast" computer are in Brussels, nearby is Chateau Amerois  "Castle of Kings" or "Kings of the Big Pyramid"; Mothers of Darkness record progress of the New World Order using the blood of innocents, the castle part of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsors) "Order of Abrasax" which means "Sum Total of Power"; Magic Power is meant here. 330 Grand Orient (Orient means East ie Rising Sun) Lodge Freemason (Grand Ayathollah ali-Sistani in Iraq and al-Khameini in Iran are also French trained Grand Orient Lodge Luciferian Masons) France President Francois Hollande stated he will not recognize the Crimean referendum as legal; Why? France means "Free" and Paris means "House of Isis" (Isis=Throne); 3/18/2014 is the 700th anniversary of the execution by fire of International Military/ Banker Jacques de Molay on "New Bridge" in Paris. Why 2014?
     The Great Pyramid of Egypt is a 3-D "Squaring of the Circle" (3-D Pythagorean Triangle seen in the 2-D Federal Triangle: White House, Capital, Washington Monument) representing the circumference of the Earth at any given latitude. It was also designed to track the Sidereal (Star) Year with the passing of Alpha Draco reflected into the King's Chamber, used for Initiation Rituals; this is replicated by Satan's Altar in the UN Meditation Room. The Sphinx represents Leo, an obelisk between its paws was once used to sight the Tropical Year with the Vernal Equinox sunrise of Alpha Leo "Regulus" or "Rex". Saturn rules the Age of Aquarius; on the Tropical Zodiac the sun is in Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18; on the Sidereal Zodiac from Feb 15-Mar 14. Using the Pyramid and Sphinx to calculate the 2160 year "Age of Aquarius", the Eastern edge of Aquarius is 150west longitude along the Ecliptic from Regulus. According to some astrologers this Age began in 2012. Saturn is Stur or Milcom the abominations of the Ammonites, Chiun of the Moabites and Molech to whom sacrifices are consumed in the flames. Sochi means "Flame"; the Sochi Olympics were a Saturnian "Fire and Ice" Ritual. Purim 2014 may very begin the Sidereal Age of Aquarius and Nowruz the Dawn of the Golden Age of Aquarius. Now Why Paris?
      The Rose Line (Original Prime Meridian) was placed by the Parisii Gauls (Galli are Priests of Cybele; Gallic Rooster is Nergal the pagan god of war) where the Cathedral of St Sulpice is today, symbolized as a Brass (Tubal-cain aka Vulcan is the instructor of artificers of Brass and Iron) line running from the Square of the Earth to the Obelisk (Baal's Shaft; Compass=Circle). The Pantheon nearby is built on the ancient Parisii site "Mons Lutetia", built as a Mausoleum of masonic and Rosicrucian French Revolution Martyrs. Traveling north, the Cathedral of St Chapelle is a fake reliquary of the Crown of Thorns. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is a fake reliquary of pieces of the True Cross allegedly found by Emperor Constantine I mother Helena, herself a Druid princess. The "Pillar of the Boatman" found in the foundation of Notre Dame depicts Cernunnos "Horned One" aka "Little Horn"  or "Lucifer of Dan 7:8. The Cathedral of St Denis (1st Bishop of Paris) represents the Cult of the Severed Head "Baphomet". Pont Neuf "New Bridge" is the Templar execution site and the spot Napoleon attempted to build the world's largest Obelisk. The Luxor Obelisk dates from the Exodus, constructed by the Amalekite Hyksos Kings of Egypt; Place of Concord represents those pledged to Lucifer. Champs Elysee means "Elysium" ("Field of the Blessed" is similar to the Nordic Valhalla). Arc de Triomphe is the arch or doorway of Lucifer. Lucifer's perceived triumph over God in the North.  Rosicrucians intend to "Sprout the Rose from the Cross" in Paris (House of Isis=Throne). "In 700 years the Laurel will grow Green Again" Cathar Perfecti.  There are 666 panes of glass in the Louvre entrance Pyramid for a reason, a collaboration of Chinese architect IM Pei and Grand Orient Lodge Mason Francois Mitterrand.
      There is no "Good" or "Right" side here; EU/NATO allies will claim this violates the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, brokered by Bill Clinton and impose Russian sanctions. China will respond by controlling US shipping ports; a 2006 gift by George Bush made this possible. China controls commercial airports through HSBC, the world's largest "Dirty" money bank. China controls America's lifeline, the Panama Canal; Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski orchestrated this treason. "Olympian" Zbigniew Brezinski wrote the plan in his 1997 book "The Grand Chessboard" calling the Ukraine "The geopolitical pivot of global primacy"; Why? Ukraine and Crimea are home to ancient Aryan "Priest-Kings". In the ensuing Checkmate,  America will become a headless horseman (Michelle Obama dressed as a "Black Widow" on election night for a reason), an economically devastated, raped and Pillaged "Desert", it's earth scorched and wells poisoned (Fukushima Radiation, Fracking, Deep Water Horizon methane inundation, Geo-engineered drought) in very short order which was always part of the Ancient Plan; America is to be the suitable sacrificial offering to Molech.
     New World Order  aka "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New Secular Order"; a world managed by Man rather than God. The term was used by Woodrow Wilson (really with his Foreign Policy Adviser Col Mandell House, as much a Colonel as Muammar Qadaffi) in 1918. The "Elite" of every nation do not adhere to the laws they write; they are "Free" of all Earthly Laws; Born Again Christians however are not. The Great Tribulation is 3 1/2  years of Man managing the World; the last 18 months will be with Satan on earth, beginning at Rev 9:11; the last "70 Weeks" (Dan 9:24-27) of 490 days will seal the eternal fate of humanity. Purim (15-16 March, 2014) represents Lot's Occult or Hidden Redemption; Why? Lot's offspring from incest are Moabites and Ammonites, who escape the hand of the Alternative Messiah in Dan 11.
     The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies is to "Repair the Earth" (Talmudic Rabbis use the Hebrew phrase "Tikkun Olam") to pre-flood conditions before the expulsion from Eden. GHW Bush was not the first to publicly admit this order; HG Wells wrote a book "New World Order" in 1940, Nazi UN Secretary Gen Kurt Waldheim  and FDR did as well, but Bush chose 9/11/1991 from the pulpit of the United Nations; the same year the Aquarian Cross was built in Jerusalem and installed atop Glastonbury Tor by "Wholistic World Vision"  at the mythical burial "Place of Apples" of King Arthur. God separated the Nations; Satanists will "Repair" them. King Arthur is not real; Arth means Bear Guard; the Russian Bear was reborn as a Teddy Bear at the Sochi Olympics just as Edgar Cayce predicted in his demon channeled vision "Russia shall be reborn as the Hope of the World". 
                                    Pi Day, the day the Circle is Squared
"With enough repetition, people can be made to believe a Circle can be Squared" Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Aryans are "Kings of the Great Pyramid"; the Great Pyramid is a 3-D "Squaring of the Circle" and a very accurate representation of the Northern Hemisphere; the world's largest, most numerous and oldest Pyramids are in Crimea. Fire destroys matter; remember that Red Fire Circle that failed to materialize in Sochi? Now we know why! On Pi Day in 1879 Albert Einstein was born, a little publicized announcement was made in celebration of "Lambda", the mythical Cosmological Force in opposition to Gravity invented by Einstein to balance the Universe. Gravity Theory claims the Force of Gravity gives Mass to Matter; the opposite "Lambda" is the mythical force that destroys Matter. Just ask Ron Paul, initiate for life of America's oldest fraternity "Lambda Chi Alpha" or lifelong de Molay Mason Rand Paul. Clever occult communication eh? 
     Also on Pi Day "Should Sunday's Crimean Referendum not be to the liking of the EU or its allies, retaliatory measures will begin Monday"-John Kerry in London at the Prime Meridian on "Pi Day" 3/14 (Pi is 3.14...). China has committed itself to Russia and warned the US against taking such actions. Bluster? Hardly, the ancient name of China "Cathay" means "Sons of Heth" aka Hittites; remember those Canaanite/Hittite wives Ishmael and Esau married against the wishes of their fathers Abraham and Isaac?
  • China controls US and indeed worldwide shipping through the Panama Canal thanks to Luciferian Mason, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, Crypto Baptist, Tri-lateral Commission founder, CFR Traitor, 3-mile island liar Jimmy Carter. Thank Henry Kissinger, Chinsese Ambassador "Magog" GHW Bush and Richard Nixon for opening up the Chinese money pit.  
  • China controls all major US Shipping Ports through HSBC (Honk Kong Shanghai Bank Corp), the world's largest Global Money Laundry by far and a treasonous 2006 sale on Purim no less, from Skull & Bones Sodomite George W. Bush.
  • China has a "Special Economic Zone" in all 50 states, exempting it from all US laws thanks to 50 Governors committing Treason; Boise Airport is adjacent to one of the largest; in Italy, the port of Naples is #1 in moving Chinese contraband and merchandise in cooperation with the Triads and Italian Mafia.  MAFIA (Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison) bet you thought is was 5 Sicilian families eh? Mazzini was a Luciferian Mason and Witch.
  • China is holding $1.5T in US Treasuries American tax payers pay interest on.
  • China owns 1/2 of lower Manhattan real estate, and some $4-5T in US property. 
                                                      Black Horse
    Abraham and Isaac told their sons not to marry Canaanite women; they married Hittite (China-=Sina=Sin) omen. China is the Hittite nation, they carries by far the largest financial clout and Russia has by far the most sophisticated arsenal of EM Scalar Weapons on Earth. The Knights Templar were/are Gnostic Military Bankers; China and Russia (China=Hittites; Russia=Rosh=Alans aka "Black Sea Princes") will fill the soon to be vacated role filled by the US. Ukraine and Shanghai Metals Market report Int'l Banker, Crypto Jew Arseniy Yatsenyuk flew Ukraine's 33 ton gold reserves from Borispol to New York on March 7; like Skull & Bones John Kerry he is just a sold out Satanic pawn fulfilling this Ancient Plan. On March 3, Zbig compared Putin to Hitler; the next day Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and John McCain dutifully repeated their master's mantra; like Hitler, the US financed Putin and is painting him in the traditional "Black Hat", the Anti-thesis in this global "Dialectic".                                                  
    The "Black Horse" signals Economic Collapse and the Pale Horse "Death" follows. claims the Black Horse rode out of the gate 12/21/2011; to me it looks like it's riding out now. International Bankers are behind the Ukraine Crisis;  they remember well Jesus turning the tables and being evicted from England, France and Spain on Purim; "Revenge is a dish best served cold"- Elite motto. Eating to survive will soon require a "Mark of the Beast"; don't accept it! 33 tones of Ukraine gold was transported by IMF Banker, Aryan fake Jew Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the Chinese Vault under the JPM Building in NYC because the Hittite (Cathay=Heth) Nation of China owns the building. John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov are "Black Nobility"; John is a member of the Thule Society aka "Black Sun". On 9/11/2001, the DJIA closed at $9651.51 and $9651.51 on 9/11/2009. Gold from the Foreign depository under WTC #4 & 5 founds its way into Chinese vaults thanks to Bill Clinton and the 1993 FBI orchestrated Ramsey Yousef "False Flag"; Mel Gibson even told us how they did it in Die Hard with a Vengeance. George Soros (Grigori Schwartz) used $700B TARP funds to manipulate the Silver market from $34 to its Atomic Number of $47 in one day and back again, netting a reported multi-trillion profit! A record I believe! On 3/6/9 the NYSE hit $666; Chinese investors saw the number of the Red Dragon and went on a buying spree. Shenzen is a "Special Economic Zone" near Hong Kong; pirated merchandise profits are converted to Gold at the Mormon (Mormo means God of the Living Dead in Chinese) owned Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu. Can the US complain? Heaven's no, Hawaii is not even a legally annexed US State! Red Dragon, Rothschild "Red Shield" and Edom "Red" starting to make sense yet? 
      "We are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death, God creates, we decide who lives and who dies" Barbara Marx Hubbard. "WWIII will pit forces of political Zionism against Islam to the point of physical, moral and economic which point people will accept the true doctrine of Lucifer" Luciferian Sodomite Albert Pike 1871. If you can't hear the horses, ask Jesus for help hearing and seeing! 
      Russia (Hitler claimed the same thing about his Thule Society buddy Stalin so grain of salt is warranted) is allegedly massing 80K troops at the North and East Ukraine border; 25K are alowed by the 1994 agreement and are already in the Crimea south of Ukraine. Ukraine has called up 60,000 volunteers to oppose the Russian military; good timing! On "Pi Day" it was announced several thousand Kalashnikov automatic rifles, Makarov handguns, 120 heavy machine guns and a dozen mobile rocket launchers were "Stolen" from a western Ukraine warehouse; Sure they were! Major Russian military exercises near Cyprus, as well as artillery and missile units and paratrooper units along the Ukraine border are underway; Su-27's are in Belarus. Angela Merkel (Hitler's daughter and the most powerful person in the EU; note the HQ is fashioned after the "Tower of Babel") warned Russia of US, EU and NATO sanctions. Angela Merkel means "Angel of Mars" aka "Angel of Nergal" or "Warlike" Note the Swastika (Broken Sun Wheel) and Lightning Bolts on Ukraine "Rebel" uniforms; they are the same Aryan Nazi symbols Hitler used. NATO sent 12 F-16's to Poland, west of Ukraine. CVN-77 GHW Bush Aircraft Carrier is allegedly in the Black Sea behind 2 scuttled Russian Ships blocking the only exit (the US Navy claims it is docked in Antalya, Turkey).  
     Friday, the day before Purim is 3/14 or "Pi" Day; important because "Squaring the Circle" is the goal of all "Secret Societies", especially the Aryans who built the Egyptian Pyramids. On "Pi" Day, Knight of Malta, 330 Freemason, CFR traitor, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, Skull & Bones Satanist John Kerry (Samaritan/Aryan/Sarmation "Kohen") and Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (Bolshevik Society formed after the 1917 Revolution uses the same logo as the Jesuits, the Crowned Royal Christ "Chi-Rho"; no it's not Jesus!) initiate Sergei Lavrov are meeting in London (London means "New Troy") to finalize what may very well turn into WWIII. Satanists cannot determine where you will spend Eternity; only Jesus can do that. 
Life of Pi (Chinese/Hittite Ang Lee directed Brokeback Mountain) illustrates Aryan Satanism perfectly; Cryptos hide Satanism while publically professing other religions. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing are the Aryan "Noble Caste"; "Reverends", "Priests", "Imams", "Masters", "Fathers" wearing familiar clothes and using familiar language of their intended victims. In Mat 23:8-10, Jesus warns against this. Pi is a Hollywood illustration of CNN Crypto Satanist Fareed Zakaria, raised Hindu, Methodist and Muslim in India; Obama read and praised Zakaria's book Post American World during the campaign, and praised Life of Pi as "An elegant proof of God"; Obama is a Satanist who carries an Idol of the monkey god Hanuman, a Gambler's Chit, GI Dog Tag and Lucky Rabbit's Foot (Anammellech is the Sepharvite Rabbit Idol in 2 Ki 17:30); he bowed to Taoist Emperor Akahito and Muslim Saudi King Abdullah and proclaimed a "New Beginning for Islam".  Pi was raised by an Agnostic Father to view the "One True God" as a combination of the Hindu gods Vishnu and Shiva, Muslim Allah and a Catholic version of Jesus, co-equal with his mother Mary. Pi praises Jesus while quoting the Quran; it just doesn't work that way folks! Followers of Jesus Christ are the New Covenant "Temple of God" and God will tolerate no other gods in His house! Pi's father tells him "Faith is a house with many rooms"; Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life"; the Narrow Path to Salvation runs passed Jesus and no other!
    On "Pi Day" 2014 scientists announced proof of a vast layer of water equal to the volume of all the world's oceans inside the earth. Finally, the truth comes out, and just in time for the premiere of the equally occult movie Noah.
    Folks, it's time to head for your "Prayer Closet" and open the door to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; You and I are Sinners, get over it! We all need forgiveness of Sins and only Jesus Christ can forgive Sins. Nothing else matters in this world but that one thing! Satanists are deathly afraid of "Born Again Christians"!
                     "Every 700 years, the Laurel grows green again" Cathar Perfecti
Cathar Perfecti are "Normans" previously called Society or Ormus or Theraputae (Therapeutic and Hospitallers "Knights of St John" may ring a bell here) because they attempted to alter scripture with the Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hamadi Scrolls, Aramaean Bible etc.  1991 is significant because 700 years earlier, International Bankers (Normans) were expelled from England on grounds of "Usury"; the "Edict of Expulsion" issued by King Edward I "Longshanks"; Mitt Romney figures into this event, they were employed by Viking Bastard, Norman King William the Conqueror to compile the "Doomsday Book" an accounting ledger of Norman pillaged assets; Mitt (Bain Capital) is the most prolific Drug Money Laundry in the world. His goal is to acquire by any means, the assets of the world and consecrate them to the "Sons of Israel"; Jews? Hardly, the Satanists who replaced Jews in the days of Sargon II (ca 720 BC) listed in 2 Kings 17:30. The maternal side of the Romney's "Pratt" are a branch of Kievan (Kiev Ukraine) Rus who settled in Wales, forming the Arthurian (Arth is Bear=Russia symbol) legends; he figures in latter day Mormon prophecy with the destruction of America. Mitt is not the only Mormon-Crimean Rus connection; Sinclair "Holy Light" as in Sinclair Oil also originated in Kiev. True to the plan,  700 years after the Cathars were executed by fire at Montsegur; D-Day was planned as a Revenge sacrifice on Normandie  Beach. 
    A far larger sacrifice is going on now in Fukushima; the primary target? America. Aum Shinrikyo is called the "Doomsday Cult"; MOX Plutonium Fuel was manufactured at the Arriva Facility in Normandie to become neutrally buoyant in Saltwater after catastrophic melt down. The fuel was delivered by Barack Obama to Order of the Garter member Emperor Akahito, the youngest son of Emperor Hirohito to whom Obama bowed in submission. Garter is a Witch's Belt originating in the mis-named Titanic Era of the Nephilim; There are no Demon/Human Hybrids! The Order of the Garter originated by the Viking Bastard, William; Prince William is the 1000th Knight in the Order; cool eh? It's why Prince William is also an "Olympian" in the "Committee of 300". 700 years after Military Banker (Templar) Grandmaster Jacques de Molay was executed on 3/18/1314; Tuesday 3/18/2014 is the 700t anniversary. Pretty coincidental Pacific Ocean Radiation is just now washing up on America's shores eh? Pacific means Peace; the Peace Sign is called the "Witch's Foot" or "Broken Jew".
     9 is the number of Supreme and Final Judgment; 23 is the 9th Prime Number. Gulf War I began 23 years ago, the same time Wholistic World Vision wrote Chapter 23 as an addition to the Book of Revelation; Satanists reject everything to do with Jesus Christ including His warnings concerning alteration of His Word! The Ancient Plan is approaching 6000 years now; Time to get right with Jesus Christ!
    Purim is the day of Aryan/Sarmation Redemption; it is not part of God's 7 Feasts; it is the Crown Jewel of Satan's Calendar. Pur is Akkadian/Aryan for "Cast Lots". Akkadians are "They" of the "Tower of Babel".
     Crimea is the ancestral home of the Sarmation "Priest-Kings" aka "People of the Prince" (Lucifer), "Black Sea Princes" or "Kings of the Big Pyramid" Crimea became part of the Ukraine at the end of Skull & Bones Satanist GHW "Magog" Bush administration in 1994; Bill Clinton was chosen because among much else, he is a lifelong de Molay Freemason bent on revenge for the execution of Jacques de Molay. GHW Bush installed the Iraq and Iran leadership under the Ayatollahs, all are Grand Orient Lodge Masons trained in Paris, the execution site of de Molay. Bill Clinton, GHW Bush, Oliver North and Mitt Romney managed the arming of Iran and Iraq as well as the Iran-Contra Drug Pipeline through Mena, AK. With John Kerry, they all are investors in "Marvelous Investments"; Cocaine and Heroin are very profitable, just ask Mitt, the Melchisdek Priesthood phrase he knows well, "Pey Heylel" means "Marvelous Lucifer".  
                        Belgium: HQ of the EU, NATO and Castle Amerois

       The EU Building in Brussels is modeled as an unfinished Tower of Babel; unfinished because Seat #666 remains empty. NATO HQ is there as is "The Beast" computer holding personal data on every person on earth (allegedly); the information is likely being processed at the Utah Data Collection Facility in Utah.
    The 1994 Ukraine Nuclear Agreement was brokered by Ukraine Amb Steven Piper, now a senior fellow at the Brooking's Inst. Victoria Nudleman (Nuland) is arming Ukrainian "Rebels" and famously said "Fuck the EU" to the current Ukrainian Ambassador; Why? The Ukraine-EU Association Agreement was negotiated March 2012 and rejected Nov 2013. It was negotiated by EU Foreign Secretary Right Honorable Baroness Catherine Ashton (Gag me!) and Belgium Satanist Hermann von Rompuy in Brussels. 
   The Mothers of Darkness Castle aka Castle Amerois "Castle of Kings" in Muno Bel was made public during the Marc Dutroix Affair, Hermann von Rompuy is also an initiate in the "Order of Abrasax" meaning "Sum Total of Power"; the New World Order is detailed in writing using the blood of an innocent every day here! GHW Bush "1000 Pts of Light Foundation" refers to the 1000 pts of Light Dome in the Castle under which "Sealing Rituals" like the Bush Twins participated in, to become part of the "College of 50 Priestesses" are held. These "Priestesses" originated in Ireland by the Tuatha de Danaan (Offspring of Zeus/Lucifer); history (mythical) records them originating with the mother and daughter "Changelings". Changelings are offspring of Demons and human women; impersonators of human beings are a Satanic Lie! Recall UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie starred in the movie "Changeling", directed by Sodomite Luciferian Mason Clint Eastwood. This is all part of the Genesis 6 Nephillim Lie! It is also why the movie Noah is coming out now. Sargon the Great (Sar means Prince) was pronounced "Legitimate King" roughly 21 years after the Flood; his wife and daughter were Priestesses or "Temple Prostitutes" in Babylon (Ur of the Chaldees) and Charran (Sabians of Charran; Sabah means "Sunrise") where Abraham was born and lived before entering Canaan. 
    The High Priest and Queen Mother of Chateau Amerois (Ameru means Serpent) are filling ancient roles of the High Priest of Apollo and Cybele; we saw the Chariot of Apollo pulling the Sun at the opening ceremony in Sochi. Noteworthy, because the High Priest of Apollo was said to have initiated the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras into "Heliocentric Theory". Folks, Earth is Fixed and not moving one iota; Heliocentrism and Gravity are Satanic Lies in opposition to the Word of God. The Temple of these original Amalekite (Molech worshippers at war with God from generation to generation) Priests on Elephantine Island was just "Uncovered" this week; Coincidence? Hardly.  Rompuy makes Jimmy Saville look like a Saint. 
                                      America: Scapegoat "Babylon"
    Babylon is destroyed in Rev 18 and Jesus arrives at Rev 19; 3 1/2 before this biblical event Satanists will destroy America and the Alternative Messiah will arrive. "Rev 18 and the fate of America by James F Gauss PhD is one such best selling liar setting the stage for acceptance of the False Messiah aka Beast and False Prophet. America is not Babylon!
      Victoria Nuland is furthering the US reputation as a Rogue Bully; she is married to Robert Kagan, Mitt Romney's foreign affairs adviser is also at the Brookings Inst; Kagan is a title of Aryan/Khazar/Samaritan/Sarmation "Princes"; he wrote "Which path to Persia?" and "Time to Strike Iran?" These publications serve as the blueprint for WWIII. The agreement commits US, EU and NATO to the defense of Ukraine; it's fitting the CVN-77 GHW Bush Carrier is in position to prosecute this War. Aleister Crowley said #77 represented the "Sabbath Goat on the Altar" (Jesus is the Sabbath Goat; Satanists change Lev 16:8-10 "Scapegoat" to "Azazel", one of 77 names of Satan in the Satanic Bible, thus Lucifer assumes the role of Jesus Christ as the Goat "Baphomet". In Book of the Goat aka Liber 77, Crowley also stated #77 is "Ultimate manifestation of Spirit in Matter"; Lucifer is the Spirit here and the GHW Bush is America's most formidable War machine (in public anyway; Scalar Weapons dwarf every other weapon and Russia has the largest arsenal).
     On Mar 16, 2014, the last day of Purim (Purim means Cast Lots for Marduk ie Lucifer/Satan), Crimea will either vote to remain with Ukraine or become part of Russia. If Crimea votes to remain with the Ukraine, Russia will accuse the US of financing and training Ukrainian "Rebels", and Russian troops will invade Crimea. Look at the Nazi/Aryan symbols (Lightning Bolts, Swastika) used by the "Rebels" and you will see WWII repeating; also fitting because GHW Bush is Nazi George Scherff Jr and his father Prescott Bush financed the Nazi Empire with Mitt Romney's father George Romney; Mitt has a Mormon Prophecy/Plan to fulfill. 
                           Ukraine: the proverbial "Rock and a Hard Place" 
Crimea will vote to become part of Russia; the US will enforce the 1994 Agreement, either by sending in US Military and NATO forces or by imposing economic sanctions. China and Iran stand with Russia, so either way, War with Russia, China and Iran will result.   Why now?
    The 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed on Tish B'Av (9 Av) for identical reasons; they had become defiled and desolate when the Glory of the LORD departed; God in Spirit in Eze 8 and God in Flesh at the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The 1st Crusade began on 9 Av (July 20) 1095 AD. Expulsions of Crypto Jews from England began on 9 Av (July 25) 1290 AD. Expulsions of the same Satanic impersonators of Jews began in Spain on 9 Av (Aug 11) 1492; Columbus was no explorer; he was a mass murderer on a gold run to "New Jerusalem". Similarly, the Crusades were not Christian; Jesus wants followers, not warriors with a sword.  Crypto Jews (Zohar, Talmud, Six Pointed Star, Sadducees, Pharisees, Rabbis, Yarmulke etc) were/are not Jewish; they were the "Money Changers" and "Blind Guides" Jesus condemned to Hell. 
    WWI began on 9 Av (Aug 1 like the Slaughter on Hwy 80 in Gulf War I on Aug 1 this date was also coincident with Lughnasaid, a Cross Quarter Sabbat on the Witchcraft Calendar).  Deportations from the Warsaw Ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp also began on 9 Av (July 23, 1942). The Exterminations Camps were laid out in a 300 mile wide Baphomet 5pt Star configuration because they were Fire Sacrifices to Molech. Both Stalin and Hitler were initiates in the "Brotherhood of Death" aka "Thule Society", "Society 322" or "Skull & Bones". 
    On 9 Av 2014, Project 911 on Site 911 is scheduled for completion at Beit Shemesh "House of the Sun", 19 miles NW of Jerusalem. Shemesh is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah, replacing Jesus Christ, the center candle of the 7 Branched Candlestick. Samson took the stolen Ark of the Covenant from the Philistine Temple of Dagon in Ashdod to Beit Shemesh and killed 1000 Philistines with "Lehi", (Jawbone of an Ass); Lehi also figures in the mythical foundation of the Mormon Church in America.  Orthodox and Roman Catholic Mitres are to this day Mitres of the Philistine fish god Dagon. The Christian Fish symbol? You guessed it; another symbol of Dagon. The radiation hardened bunker is designed to protect "People of the Prince" from Lucifer "The Prince". Best of luck guys!
    GHW "Magog" Bush began Gulf War I on 9 Av and ordered the 100Hr Slaughter along Hwy 80 on Purim (13 Adar). This is the spot Jesus and Angel Gabriel warned Daniel of the plan for WWIII in Dan 8. GW "Gog" Bush ordered the Shock and Awe (Shekinah means Presence of the Deity, Lucifer)campaign on Baghdad, starting Gulf War II  on Purim. Obama ordered the attack on Libya on Purim. Purim is a very big deal!   
     Purim begins on the Ides of March 2014, the day Julius Caesar was killed by his own advisers, and ends with the Crimea Referendum Vote. 
     Jesus is standing at the door but will not open it; that's up to you. The 3rd Temple is a flesh Temple made up of followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus said unless He shortened "Those Days" no flesh would remain. "Those Days" are likely here.
   Satanists may think the CVN-77 GHW Bush is the ultimate manifestation of "Spirit in Matter" but ask Jesus Christ for the "Holy Ghost" and you will really feel the real "Ultimate Manifestation of Spirit in Matter"!

           Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium!
     The Millennium (1000 yr reign of Jesus Christ) begins immediately after Armageddon. The battle of Gog and Magog occurs 1000 years later. Eternity begins after the battle of Gog and Magog. The Revolution in Ukraine has nothing to do with Gog and Magog; it is an Aryan creation. The dead resulting from the battle of Gog and Magog will number as "Sand in the Sea"; Satanists will try to duplicate that event. On Sunday "Face the Nation" CFR, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipping Satanist Dick Cheney used the words "Mass Annihilation, Nuclear Winter, and Armageddon". On 3/11 Jesuit Knight of Malta Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey said "If treaty obligations are violated the US Military will respond". Folks, Dick and Marty do not call the shots, God does; by my estimation, God's timing says we are approaching the last 3 1/2 years  "Great Tribulation"; it's not Armageddon or Gog and Magog yet!
     CVN-77 GHW Bush Aircraft Carrier is reportedly inside the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimea, however the Navy is reporting it docked in Antalya, Turkey. Why? First 77 is the Sabbath Goat on the Altar. Baphomet means Union of Spirit and Knowledge; Azazel means "Goat that Departs" ie "Cast Out"; the Sacrificial Altar is meant here, according to "Liber 77: Book of the Goat" a demon channeled book by Aleister "Great Beast" Crowley; GHW Bush is married to his ritually conceived daughter; truth is stranger than fiction; stay with this for a minute. GHW Bush (Aryan Nazi George Scherff Jr aka "Curious George") was baptized in Satanic Ritual with the new name "Magog"; his son was pronounced "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal" by the Sanhedrin and Temple Mount Rabbis on 1/8/8 just ahead of Obama's Inauguration. Issa, the Arab name of Allah was invoked by Pastor Rick Warren. If the Carrier is in the Black Sea why claim it is in Antalya?

Antalya: Kingdom of Pergamum and Cave of the Arcadian Shepherds

      Antalya, Turkey was founded and named after the Edomite/Hittite "King of Pergamum" Attalos II Philadelphus; Pergamum or Pergamon means "Satan's Seat". Antalya was/is the ancient home of the Arcadian Shepherds and the mis-named "Race" of "Giants" from Gen 6; there is 1 Race of Man on Earth, but Satanists believe otherwise. "et in Arcadia ego", a Skull and a Shadow are over the "Cave of the Arcadian Shepherds" in Pergamon. The Plantard (Vine Cutting) family crest uses Bears, Bees (Bee is Chaldean for Word; Priests of Cybele "Melissae"=Bee) and the same phrase; just a guess at this point, but Thomas Plantard, a product of Joseph Mengele's Twins Experiments is for me, a likely candidate for the Alternative Messiah. He would have been born at or near 1966 "Anno Satanae" or "Year One" and would be 50, 1 Jubilee of years at the Jubilee year 2016-17.
      et in Arcadia ego means "Even in Arcadia there am I" I refers to Death (Pale Horse is Death) and Arcadia "Paradise" or "Utopia", a return to the pre-flood "Atlantis" envisioned by Plato and Karl Marx among others. The phrase also means "Begone! I keep God's secrets" Sumerians called Begone "Barra"; at Bohemian Grove 2700 Molech worshipping Satanists gather for "Cremation of Dull Care" aka "Begone! Dull Care" is the final act of the "Grand Climax"; a 4000+ year old Babylonian Ritual. Just remember one thing God has no secrets; Satanists do! An announcement of the bones of Jesus Christ in the "Cave of Shepherds" will just be a Satanic Lie! Arcadia may also mean Arca Dei "I touch the tomb of God". A marble relief from the Cave of Shepherds also has the as of yet un-decoded cipher "OUOSVAVV". Likely meanings:
  • "Vanity of vanities, the Shepherd says all is vanity". It comes from Ecclesiastes 12:8 and is the same motto as the Brotherhood of Death aka Skull & Bones or Thule Society into which Stalin, Hitler, Kerry and 4 generations of the Bush family were initiated. Tula comes from Egypt and the concept of the Black Sun; same motto as the Nazi SS. (Schwarze Sun) It is also called "Society 322" after Adam's fall into Sin in Gen 3:22. Obama does not qualify for ObamaCare, but recall that on Sunday 3/21 (Ostara or Persian Nowruz "New Light") at 10:22 (Midnight at Thule, Greenland and 3:22 on 3:22 on the Prime Meridian in London) ObamaCare was signed Un-constitutionally into Law.
  • UOSV may also mean "Joseph". Jesus restores Israel with the 2 Sticks of Joseph and Judah (Eze 37:16); Jesus is from Judah, which side you are on will determine your place for eternity, "Heaven" or "Hell" (Rev 11:1). Mormons claim lineage from not only Levi and Dan (Prophets), but Joseph; Mormo is one of 77 names of Satan "God of the living Dead". Jesus is Melchisedek (Priest of the Most High and King of Jerusalem); Mormon men also claim this lineage of Judah. Levi, Dan, Manasseh, Ephraim and Judah are 4 genealogies too many!
  • The letters add to 2810, the miles from the Shugborough House in Stradfordshire, England to Oak Island, Nova Scotia, the Money Pit of the fleeing Knights Templar ca 1300. Green Man Cathedral is Rosslyn Castle in Scotland; Scotland will have an independence referendum vote Sept 18, 2014. Templars lie in state in that Castle and Dan Brown's "DaVinci Code ended at that Castle with Sophia (Wisdom) as the Grail for a reason.
  • OUOSVAVV has also been proposed as an anagram for "Devout Mason"; a Six Pointed Star drawn along the Unfiniched Pyramid on the $US connecting Annuit Coeptis (Lucifer approves of our endeavor) and Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Secular Order) falls on he letters MASON.
    Attalus claimed descent from the Olympians ie Zeus; he was considered a "Saviour" (Soter) taken to Elysium "Isle of the Blessed". Paris France has the visual: Arch de Triompfe (Arch of Triumph), Champs Elysee (Elysium), Obelisk of Rameses II, Cathedral of St Chapelle (Reliquary of Crown of Thorns), Pont Neuf (Jacques de Molay execution site), Notre Dame Cathedral (Reliquary of Pieces of the True Cross), Cathedral of St Denis (Cult of the Severed Head aka Baphomet) and St Sulpice Cathedral (Rose Line; Old Prime Meridian) 3/18/1314 is the 700th anniversary of the execution and Satanists will take Revenge one way or another!
        History records these Satanists as Tuatha de Danaan (Dannan=Danu=Anu=Zeus); heard that before? Today's "Olympians" like GHW Bush are called the "Committee of 300". Nothing new here folks! Attal means "To Think or Plan"; Prometheus means the same thing and his statue is at Sochi. Philadelphus means "Brotherly Love"; the brotherly love meant here is the plan of Ishmael and Esau to kill their Brothers; some Brotherly Love eh? Jesus refers to the Church of Philadelphia as the "Synagogue of Satan"; "Those who say they are Jews but are not"; they are Edomites impersonating Jacob whom Jesus will destroy at the 2nd Coming (Ref Obadiah) The Six Pointed Star of Molech is also called the "Seal of Solomon", the author of Ecclesiastes. Making sense yet?  
    2 of these "Giants" named "Gog and Magog" guard the entrance to the City of London (Assets); one of 3 Priest-King "Sovereigns" with Washington DC (Military) and the Vatican (Spiritual). Crimea is pre and post Flood home to Sarmation (Aryan) Priest-Kings. The Throne of Pergamon was excavated by Aryan Nazi Carl Humann (both names mean god-man) in 1878 and taken to Berlin with Ishtar's Gate and the Quadriga of Apollo (we saw that pulling the Sun at the Sochi Olympics). JFK, Reagan and Obama (twice) spoke at the Berlin Wall there; Obama's "Yes We Can" speech means "Thank You Satan". The Throne was replicated by Hitler's Zeppelintribune and used as the "Fuhrer's Pulpit". WWII was nothing more than a planned Holocaust Sacrifice to Molech. WWIII is going to be far worse.
    GHW Bush, like GW Bush and Obama are ineligible to be US President (Romney as well) as they are "Foreigners"; the same people in the same situation as the Hyksos (Amalekite=Molech worshippers at war with God) "Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt" responsible for the 1st Passover and Exodus. On 3/11/14 it was announced the Tomb of Amenhotep IV aka Akhenaten, the Hyksos ie Amalekites (Molech worshippers) "Heretic King" was found on Elephantine Island. Coincidental timing? Not on your eternal life. 
   Recall the "Rebel" Priests to Moses and Aaron were Priests of Korah (Core in Jude is the source name of Korea); the same Edomite/Ishmaelite Priests whom God swallowed up in the Earth; no they have not forgiven nor forgotten. In 1948 Stalin (Crypto Jew Dhughasvili) moved Satan's Throne to Leningrad the same year Israel was founded under the Star of Molech and a few years later it went back to Berlin untouched by War. Molech is insatiable in the lust for Revenge and Blood; no amount of human sacrifice will suffice. There is a lot of occult communication going on here; stay tuned!

   Satan is Saturn, Chronos (Time), El (Solar Bull aka Zeus) or the son Marduk (Solar Calf). El is the Chief god of the Canaanites "Green Man" and Asherah/Easter (Jer 7:18; 44:18) his "Queen of Heaven". Few Christians even realize they are worshipping Satan in the guise of Easter and Christmas. The Temple of Green Man is Why Crimea?
    Crimea is home to the oldest Pyramids on earth, some 37 have been located underground and underwater near Sevastopol (Venerable City) which were covered by Noah's Flood. The Capital of post-Flood Sarmation (Prince)/Aryan (Noble Caste)/Sephardic (Molech worshippers) Priest Kings is quite likely the Capital of pre-Flood Aryan Priest Kings; Cainites who did evil in sight of the LORD in the "High Places". "And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually" Gen 6:5.  Now you know why WWIII will begin in Crimea. "Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved..." Mat 24:22  "Those Days" are here.
    "There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto  the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men, which were of old, men of renown" Gen 6:4
     Giant has nothing to do with Nephilim (To Fall); "Sons of God" (Angels) can not mate with human women; they left their first "Estate" and convinced human women bare children dedicated to Satan through Culling, Incest (Canaan was the first post flood child of incest) and rigorous training; not Alien or Angelic DNA! There is one "Race" of Man on Earth; Woman was made from Man, made in the image and likeness of God; there are no people with "Hybrid", "Reptilian" or "Alien" DNA! Hear the terms Racism, Nephilim or Annunaki and rest assured, you are listening to an Aryan Satanist. 
      The new movie Noah will feature "Shemyaza", a Nephilim "Fallen Angel"; this movie release over April Fool's, God's New Year (1 Abib) at the start of Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover in 2014 is no accident. God did not destroy people on earth from the outside as the movie will portray; He split the continents causing water inside the earth (Read Gen 1 again), released as "Fountains of the Deep"; returning super cooled salt water froze the record of Mastadons etc bearing this out. Russel Crowe offered a private screening to the Pope  ending his Tweet to "Holy Father@Pontifex"  with "Ishhallah"; Ihsha'Allah means "Allah willing" or "If Allah wills it"; the Shahada "There is no God but Allah" is under the Papal Chair and Allah has nothing to do with God. Allah is the Aryan/Sarmation moon god "Sin"!
Few people caught the fact "America's Pastor" (Jesus is my Pastor) Rick Warren invoked this same deity as "Issa" during the Benediction of Obama's Inauguration in 2008; Issa is the Arab version of Jesus.
      Gen 6 will repeat at Rev 9:11 (911=Emergency=Emerge) when these same Angels who left their Estate and were chained in the "Bottomless Pit" are released (Emerge) by their leader "Abbadon" (Apollyon=Satan) again to roam the Earth; 200 million will find suitable human hosts, 18 months, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour (548 days) before Jesus Christ arrives; the last "70 Weeks" (490 days) will seal the fates of many people for eternity. Preparations are being made right now in Beit Shemesh (House of the Sun and Shemyaza should ring a bell; Shemesh is the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah) for Rev 911 called Site 911. Project 911 is a radiation hardened bunker financed by American tax dollars just NW of Jerusalem to protect Satanists from Satan; ain't that special? Instead of Lamb's Blood on the doorposts as Israel did in the 1st Passover; Rabbis and their Satanic Scribes will write the Mezuzah over the doors "The LORD our God is One" (Deut 6:4 actually reads "The LORD our God is One Lord") a rejection of Jesus Christ. It's due for completion on 9 Av, 2014 the saddest day in Jewish history! Destructions of the 1st and 2nd Temples will be followed by destruction of God's 3rd Temples; Human Beings in Covenant with Jesus Christ are the real 3rd Temple! 
   The last Week of the Great Tribulaion is the "Covenant with many" (Dan 9:27); the last day is reserved for God's Wrath (7 Vials/Bowls). Jerusalem will be re-built for "Messiah the Prince" (Dan 9:24); Jesus is Melchisedek now as He was in Abram's day (Gen 14:18); the word means "King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High". Therefore, "Messiah the Prince" is Lucifer/Satan who will sit on the Throne of Zeus/Pergamon (Satan's Seat) which will be re-built and sent from Berlin (Angela Merkel is Hitler's daughter, dedicated to Satan)to Jerusalem. In Satan's new "Estate", he will be made to "Stand". Until this point, Satan (Serpent) has been Cursed to crawl on his belly eating dust of the earth. (Gen 3:14) Satan's people are "People of the Prince"; the "Cult of Saturn", Sarmations (Sar means Priest), Aryans (Noble Caste), "Black Nobility" etc. 
    Midweek of the last week, God's 2 Witnesses (Seth's Enoch and Elijah) will be killed by Satan in his new "Estate" (Man as Antichrist inhabited by the Spirit, Satan); this will cause Jerusalem to become "Desolate"; God's presence will be gone. 3 days later, amid cheering and giving/receiving presents in the streets (during Hanukkah/Christmas? of the Jubilee Year 2017, is just my best guess at this point), they will rise to become "First Fruits" (7th Trumpet), 1 day ahead of the return of Jesus Christ and the body resurrection of believers over the last 2000 years.  Jesus was not born at Christmas; He was born on Feast of Tabernacles and Circumcised to fulfill the Law on the 8th day of Tabernacles. During the Millennium, Feast of Tabernacles will be the only Holy Day enforced by God (Ref Zech 14:16)
     Why would Satan use Hanukkah/Christmas? Most Christians have been fooled into routinely celebrating the Solar Solstice with Evergreens; Evergreens mimic Sukkot, the Evergreen Tabernacles used on Feast of Tabernacles; the true birthday of Jesus. The Great Tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years of 360 day years; St George can be seen at the Cathedral of St John the Divine and at the UN slaying the Dragon (Satanists killing Christians) standing atop the Crab; Cancer is June 21-July 22; 1/2 year ahead of Christmas; if 2014 turns out to be the year; adding 3 1/2 years completes the Solar Year within a Jubilee Year. Ossetia in Georgia, west of the Ukraine is the path to Jerusalem and center of the St George (Green Man) Cult; remember that lopsided George Soros instigated "Orange Revolution" in Ossetia in 2008? 
    Barbara Streisand, an Ashkenazi ie Aryan fake Jew wrote the song "Evergreen". "Morning Glory and Midnight Sun...2 lives that shine as one...Ageless and Evergreen"  Aryans call Thule the "Midnight Sun"; the Nazi SS were "Knights of the Schwarze Sun" Hitler and Stalin were initiates of the Thule Society. Morning Glory? Did you know Libya is threatening; Oops, bombed the Oil Tanker "Morning Glory"? It's on fire. Remember the series "Bewitched"? If the NASA/Nazi connection is not enough to wake you up; their house was on "Morning Glory Cir". Make sense yet? Folks, Satan is "Prince of the World" and "Messiah the Prince"; there are a lot of "People of the Prince"!  Forget everyone's "Private Interpretation" including mine; Scripture is literal, simple and to the point and God means what He writes!  
     Satan began the Tower "Magdala" of Babel "Gate of El"; WWIII will finish it; the Crimea is the Crown Jewel of Aryan Sarmation "People of the Prince". "Messiah the Prince" is Satan. Crimea (Qirim) means "Steppe, Desert or High Place"; Desert because God is not there. Crimea is the Capital of the "Golden Horde"; the last block in the Unfinished Pyramid "Tower of Babel"; Pyramid means "Amid the Flames". The New Secular Order will rise out of the ashes of the Old Order and God will not be a part of it; or so goes the plan Satan has deceived his Golden Horde with.
    Examples of Satanism in plain sight are "Superman: Man of Steel" as the son of El (Marduk). Marduk as son of Zeus was in "Clash of the Titans" as Perseus. Zeus was known as Anu; Tuatha de Danaan means "Sons of Anu/Zeus" or the Private Mormon Army "Dannite Band" all refer to Lucifer in one guise or another. In Transformers, the exiled "Decepticon" leader is on Saturn; the Six Pointed Star of Saturn/El/Chronos is as Ubiquitous as it gets these days.
    Prometheus is Saturn, his statue breaks free of his chains in Sochi and has the Golden Ring in Rockefeller Plaza, NY. The Rainbow Logo in Sochi symbolizes God's promise never to flood the Earth again; yes Pooty Poot is aware of this. It was no mistake the Red Fire Circle failed to form from the Snowflake; Fire and Ice is the moniker of the initiated Cult of Saturn/El/Chronos. We see this in the Federal Reserve creation of Inflation and Recession; all orchestrated to create indentured slaves of  to foreign creditors; just ask World Bank veteran and usurping Ukraine President Arsiniy Yatsenyuk, a Sarmation Crypto Jew turned fake Catholic. 
   EM (Electro=Sun; Magnetic=Earth) technology was developed by Serbian genius Nikola Tesla; the proposal to move his ashes is creating a stir. George Bush Sr "Magog" and George Bush Jr "Gog" may be one reason; Prescott Bush had him murdered and handed Russia the technology. Tesla claimed to have technology using overlapping Scalar Fields (Energy Fields) able to destroy object anywhere on earth; objects such as aircraft. Tesla tested his technology in the Siberian Forest of Tunguska in 1908 as a Beta Test. Examples of Scalar Tesla Fields being used in plain sight
  •  AA #11 and UAL #175 on 9/11/2001. Both disintegrated on impact leaving no trace whatsoever. 
  • Space Shuttle Challenger was likely brought down by a "Cold Explosion"; Cold referring to the transfer of energy from one place to another.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia was likely brought down using a microwave ionospheric heater such as HAARP. Vibrating the Ionosphere caused a rising column of atmosphere to coincide with the re-entry flight path.
  • 2004 Yule Tsunami in Indonesia was created by altering the piezo-electric energy at the 90Ridge; the rapid change in plates created the deadly Tsunami.
  • TWA-800 was not brought down by sparking fuel pumps; likely culprit was a scalar attack.
  • Air France #447 suffered multiple instrument failures and a rapidly rising column of turbulent air; no other aircraft reported adverse weather in that area.
  • Hurricane Katrina was a guided Cat 6+ Hurricane that hit at Sunrise on the Feast Day of  the Edomite beheading of John the Baptist.
  • Port au Prince (People of the Prince ringing a bell here?) Haiti was hit with a 9.0 Earthquake during a NOAA and FEMA scheduled Haitian Relief Drill in Miami, The only AM Radio station played "Welcome to the Hotel California" all day, not by accident, but by design. Hotel California is the Church of Satan.
  • Finally, Malaysian Air #370 disintegrated over Vietnam (straight line route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is not over open ocean); they would have been in radar contact ie pieces would have created a primary radar return.
   Aum Shrinkyo is a Doomsday Cult in Japan which used Sarin Gas in the Tokyo Subway; their HQ is across the street from Police HQ in Tokyo. Now they use Russian Scalar Weapons. Their heroes are martyrs in the Manchurian genocide of China and Fukushima Radiation is considered a "Divine Wind" for these people; adherents include TEPCO, the Mayor of Tokyo and ex-PM of Japan, currently instigating war with China. Right at this moment, that's my guess for the destruction of Flt #370. Folks, it's just a guess; I have the same information you have. The only important thing is for you to establish a 1 on 1 relationship with Jesus Christ before the world turns into a giant "Killing Field".
     The person who controls the stores of gold, silver and precious stones, honours the God of forces (Gravity/Graviton), has no regard for women, and allows lets the children of Esau, Ammon and Moab escape (Ref Dan 11:37-43). Talmudic Rabbis describe this coming Mesiach as the "Dark Horse"; Katy Perry just put out a music video "Dark Horse" playing Katy Patra (Cleopatra), the woman determined to start war with Rome in Julius Caesar's day. Committee of 300 World Banker Mario Draghi and Jesuit Pope Francis I are in Rome ready to torch the place for this reason. 
    Lot juxtaposed Purim and Passover on the eve of Sodom's destruction. The theme in Dark Horse is the same as in Dark Knight; Purim is the hidden redemption offered by Rabbis of the Dark Lord, Satan while Passover is the outward redemption offered by God. In Dark Knight Bane says to the unlikely hero Batman "We understand because we are initiated"; that's the hidden meaning of Purim and the reason Purim has nothing whatsoever to do with God. Now back to Gog and Magog.
    Meshech is not Moscow. Tubal is not Tobolsk. Rus is not in Eze 38:2-3 KJV This is Satan's duplication of the event. Ukraine separatists are Aryan Nazis; the Swastika is the "Broken Sun Wheel" and oldest symbol on Earth; the intent of these Priest-Kings is to "Repair the Earth"; Hebrew "Tikkun Olam". Odessa is the home of exiled Sarmation Priest-Kings; Kiev is the capital of  the Kievan Rus; Novgorod (Ninevah) is the capital of Crimean RusKremlin is a Crimean Rus word meaning "Citadel or Fortress" Sarmation "Priest Kings" are the "Order of Melchisedek";  meaning "King of Jerusalem" and "Priest of the Most High". Jesus Christ is the only Melchisedek Priest; He established the Covenant with Abraham in Gen 14:18 and the authority of King David in Ps 110. Do not be fooled by Mormon Priests claiming this title. The Mormon Elohim is not the LORD of the Bible; it is Saturn/Satan. If you walk through the Gate of El "Babel" it is a one way ticket to Hell!
    Julius Caesar was assassinated by his own Senate and trusted  adviser Brutus on the Ides of March (Mars=Ares=Nergal, brother of Marduk aka "god of war"). Paul noticed an altar dedicated "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD" on Mars' Hill aka Areopagus in Athens (Ref Acts 17:22-23).  The High Tribunal met on this Hill of Ares/Mars. People  still Ignorantly worship this same war god and the Ides of March is the crescendo. 
     Purim, Mar 15-16, 2014 is Lot's Redemption ie Ammon, Moab and Edom (Ref Dan 11:41) Purim is Lot's redemption from Satan not God. Purim 2014 begins on the Ides of March with a Full Moon and ends with the  referendum vote in Crimea; a vote to remain independent with Ukraine or align with Russia Obama has labeled "Unconstitutional". Obama and Crypto Talmudic Jew (Satanist pretending to be Ukrainian Catholic) World Banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Obama will meet just before Purim in the White House to finalize plans for what may very well lead to WWIII.  Paul Ryan says the Ukraine Crisis could be stopped by the US accepting the Keystone XL pipeline is about as ridiculous as it gets. Topping the Hypocrisy cake is John Kerry "In the 21st Century one just doesn't invade countries on a completely trumped up pretext"; that's right John like Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin), Afghanistan (9/11 and Osama bin Laden), Iraq (Saddam's WMD's), Yugoslavia, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. WWIII may very well hang in the balances held by these Hypocrites. Pur means "Lot" as in Pledging one's Allegiance; Purim is derived from Puru "To eat dust", the consignment the LORD gave to the Serpent in Gen 3:14-15 was to "east dust all his days". Purim is the hidden redemption offered by the Serpent. The reality of this is the Serpent has no ability to offer redemption because he is Cursed. Pretty coincidental March is the 3rd month eh; sounds like God sent a warning in the first pages of Scripture about this particular year. 4 "Blood Red" Moons in Eclipse begin on Passover April 15th, 2014 and end on Feast of Tabernacles in 2015 with 2 Solar Eclipses on 1 Abib and 1 Tishrei "Rosh Hashanah" in 2015. 2016-2017 is a Rabbinical Jubilee Year. The first Jubilee since Israel instigated the 1967 "6 Day War" and re-captured the Temple Mount in Jerusalem under the Star of Molech/Saturn/Marduk; the 2nd Jubilee since WWI in 1917.
    8 is the number of eternity; this is the 8th Tetrad of Blood Red Moons since Jesus walked the earth; Coincidence or warning? April is "Month of Venus" (Lucifer is Venus) Passover on April 15th coincides this year with Income Tax Day. UN Ambassador Samantha Power and her ventriloquist puppet Obama calls Russian intervention in the Ukraine "A violation of International Law". Not even close. There is no legal authority for the IRS to collect Federal Income Tax but Jesus would say give Caesar his dues. Samantha's husband Cass Sustein says Americans should celebrate "Tax Day" by taxing people who spread "Conspiracy Theories" like the Government was involved with 9/11/2001 or the 16th "Income Tax" Amendment was never ratified. Cass also says Marriage should be a thing of the past. Plato's Utopia held this Satanic notion that Wives should be community property. April 15th is also known as "Assyrian New Year"; no other entity on earth represents military, rape and plunder like Assyria. Another Coincidence? God's New Year begins 1 Abib; in 2014 it coincides with April Fool's Day; occultists refer to Jesus Christ as the "April Fool" or "Jack O' Lent"; It may seem funny now, but one day it will not. Another warning or just coincidence? To re-cap upcoming dates; Purim 3/15-16 and Ides of March are aligned. 3/18 is the 77th day and 700 anniversary of the execution of Jacques de Molay in Paris where John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov are planning war. The Crimean Referendum vote is Mar 16th, the last day of Purim.
     Nowruz "New Light" is the Persian New Year on 3/20. The date is also a best guess date for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius @1500 west of Regulus (Alpha Leo). The "Lion King" is coming whether you are ready or not! Mormons "Latter Day Saints" should realize Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter (Zeus) because Jupiter represents the Age of Aquarius. 
    1 Abib (God’s New Year) aligns with April Fool’s Day. For occultists, Jesus is the April Fool. Druid Priests will ride Hobby Horses into Congregations sending people on Fool's errands simulating Jesus' being sent from the Roman Pontius Pilate to the inbred Hasmonean Priests in the Sanhedrin to the Edomite Herod and back again; funny? Jesus doesn't think so. 
    Passover is the 1st of 4 Blood Red Moons on Passover and Feast of Tabernacles and 2 Solar eclipses on 1 Abib and 1 Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah). The following year 2016-2017 a Jubilee Year; the first since the re-capture of Jerusalem and the 2nd since WWI in 1917.  Occultists want signs in the heavens; Jesus comes as a "Thief in the Night" If you are not sitting up and taking notice, you need to be; the Great Tribulation is on the doorstep.
    Russia and the US will hold joint military drills in Colorado May 21-31 designed to take control of the Denver Airport and the NSA Spy Facility in Utah. Mormon leaders falsely claim Dannite genealogy; the private Mormon military was the Dannite Band. The Mayan artwork at the Dan (Dan means Judge) Ver Airport in Colorado (Red River), the Masonic Time Capsule, the statue of the Pale Horse "Death" with the Red Eyes, and AuAg Plaque (Plague Virus Australia Antigen or Silver and Gold matters little) will be understood then; Russia and the US are not and have never been enemies! The US financed both Hitler and Stalin. Mol Comfort was a Russian ship staffed by Russians, made in Japan with 5000 shipping containers full of military hardware destined for ISIS and al-Qaeda "Rebels" in Syria and the Ukraine; it's Christened name was American President Lines-Russia. Mikhail Gorbachev said "Socialism will come to America not by sword but the ballot box"; he runs Green Cross International in San Francisco on the military base called "The Presidio" and attends Bohemian Grove Rituals to Molech on the Russian River every summer. Enemies? Not quite! 
    Talmud means "Learned Instruction" from whom? There are 2 Talmud traditions: Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud. Marduk is the called the "Builder of Babylon". Jesus refers to Jerusalem as "Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt" Rev 11:8 KJV. Take your pick; they are both Satan inspired documents. Jesus also admonished us to never call any man Rabbi in Mat 23:8  "When the moon is in eclipse it is a bad omen for Israel. If its face is as red as blood, the sword is coming to the world"-Babylonian Talmud. Talmudic Rabbis are about to bring the sword on the world!
                                        America: Scapegoat "Babylon" 
     Satanists are planning WWIII in Paris (House of Isis or House of the Throne) where Templar Grandmaster (International mercenary/banker) Jacques de Molay was sacrificed by Holocaust (Fire Sacrifice) on the 77th day, 3/18/1314. America will be sacrificed and out of it's ashes the New Secular Order "Novus Ordo Seclorum" will rise as the Phoenix (House of Enoch is the bird uniting Arabia and Egypt) creating a world under rule of the "One", the meaning of "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of Many, One) and motto of the United States of America (Amorica= Cathar "Love"; Amar=Canaanite god; Ameru=Serpent; Amurru=Edomite god)); Satan approves of this endeavor "Annuit Coeptus". 
      Roman Catholic Church: Scapegoat "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT
Satanists are also planning WWIII in Rome (Rom are Dom; Akkadian Gypsies aka Sarmation Priest-Kings) per the plan of St Malachy (Molech). Jesuit Pope Francis I knows the plan. Rome is bankrupt and Mario Draghi is a Committee of 300 "Olympian" guiding the process. 
      Fukushima was intentionally built by Rockefeller's GE Corp with coolant controlled by Nazi Corp. Siemmens using Nuclear Submarine Reactors; the site is over a large underground river and destroyed intentionally. Plutonium MOX Fuel was created to become neutrally buoyant in Salt Water when melted in the presence of water; "A River runs through it" describes the never ending river of radiation creating an ELE (Extinction Level Event" in the  Pacific (Pacific means Peace; Peace Sign is called the Witch's Foot or Broken Jew) Jet Stream and Pacific Ocean whose currents head directly to North America and beyond. Deep Water Horizon is continually spewing Oil and Methane throughout the Gulf of Mexico; a Holocaust is inevitable. Couple this with Natural Gas Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) along the San Andreas Fault in Calif and depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer from Ethanol production and the US will soon split down the middle when the massive Salt Domes collapse along the New Madrid and San Andreas Faults. FEMA, NOAA and DHS are planning for the submerging of the Mississippi River Valley and Central California Valley. Hanford Nuclear Site has 177 leaking radioactive tanks and exposed carcasses of 117 de-commissioned Nuclear Submarine Reactor Cores leaking radiation into the Pasco Aquifer and Columbia River. A crack in the Wampun Dam just ahead of spring 2014 runoff could be catastrophic for Hanford and the Columbia River. In addition, a very real danger exists of Fission reactions in these tanks. St Louis has nuclear waste next to a burning underground trash dump feeding into to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. WIPP (Nuclear Waste Isolation Plant) in Carlsbad, NM is leaking Americium and Plutonium Radiation beneath a 1/4 mile deep salt mine collapse; Fracking likely caused the collapse and there is little that can be done to isolate the plant. The Radiation is dispersing east into the heartland of America. Edward Teller commented "It's a Boy" upon producing the man-made earth destroying materials Americium and Plutonium; the "boy" is Satan. It's almost comical how Americium is used in Smoke Detectors; Babylon  Moab Utah (Moabites escape the hand of the Alternative Messiah in Dan 11:41; Purim is Lot's Redemption) has a Yellow Cake Uranium processing plant that is leaking 28K gallons of "Hot Waste" per day into the Colorado River upstream of Lake Powell and Lake Mead. Divine Strake is a 1.4 million Lb ANFO (Nitrogen/Fuel Oil) bomb sitting at the "Crucible" in the Mercury Nevada Test Site ready to loft radioactive isotopes from 1000 Atomic and Nuclear tests into Lake Mede, the water supply for Los Angeles. A massive Salt Dome is being intentionally eroded from under the Louisiana Purchase land all across the Mississippi River Basin from Natural Gas Fracking, Acid Pumping, Waste Injection Wells and over pumping the Ogallala Aquifer. Insane pumping Diesel Fuel into groundwater is the modern day version of "Poisoning the Wells"; more insane is pumping Hydrofluoric Acid to alter and liquefy the underground geology. Glyphosate (Round Up) is toxic to humans and honey bees in parts per trillion; Monsanto (original Sephardic/ Sarmation Slave Traders) the Food supply. Government Traitors pledged to the Saturnian Cult allow this to happen. California and Mississippi River Valley land subsidence is planned; FEMA, US Navy and NOAA have planning maps to prove it. HAARP (High Freq Active Auroral Research Project) and Chemtrails (Aluminum/Barium) Aerosols poison soil and guide Jet Streams by responding to Microwave energy;  NexRad (Next Gen Doppler Radar) Radars in Canada and the US routinely create "Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors" in order to dam "Atmospheric Rivers" causing Artificial Floods and corresponding Droughts; Weather Derivatives create profits from these manufactured "Disasters". CHAMP is a Boeing made EMP Cruise Missile capable of destroying the Power Grid; it was tested in Utah and the FAA has approved the use of Domestic Drones. NERC is an NGO planning to alter the 60Hz frequency which will also destroy the Power Grid.                       
                       Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis=Synthesis 

      Control all the horses and it matters not which one wins. There is no real difference between Obama and Putin or Lavrov and Kerry just as there never was between Gorbachev and Reagan; they all have cast their Lots with Marduk. WWIII will be a sacrifice to Marduk whom they call "Ben Rabim" (Great Lord) and the "Reviver of the Dead". Folks, don't be ignorant, God is the "LORD" and Jesus Christ is God in Flesh "Lord"; He is standing at the door waiting for you to open it;
I suggest not waiting until Purim!

  is latest Movie Review Purim is the latest Holiday

                         Gog and Magog
      "Israel's new found reserves of oil and natural gas will trigger the war of Gog and Magog" Joel Rosenberg in "Epicenter"; Rosenberg is a Liar.
    The world's final rebellion against God "Gog and Magog" is exactly 1000 years after the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. Satan's duplication of this event is now gathering for war directly north of Jerusalem in Russia and the Ukraine, the ancestral  home of the Indo-Aryan "Sarmation" (Sar means Prince) "People of the Prince" aka "Khazars";  "Lucifer" is the "Prince". Mardi Gras (Carnivale) ended on Fat Tuesday "Mars' Day"; Super Carrier group HW Bush CVN-77 docked in Piraeus, Greece, likely heading to the Hellespont and Bosporus "Hot Gates" to the Black Sea (not coincidentally 300: Rise of an Empire debuts Friday); Why? It's the "Committee of 300" aka "Moriah Conquering Wind" or "Black Nobility" meant here, and Initiate Poppy Bush is known as "Magog". Mt Moriah is the altar where Isaac was offered as a Holocaust; the same site where King David purchased the Jebusite "Threshing Floor"; Saturn is the "Thresher". The Sanhedrin decided life and death here on the "Place of Fear"; don't expect any Peace counsel from Olympians Susan Rice or John Kerry; things are about to get ugly! 77 is Aleister Crowley's "Sublime and Supreme Septenary" the "Sabbath Goat Azazel" on the sacrificial altar worshipped by the Amorites (Cathars are the Church of Amor); 77 is ultimate manifestation of Spirit in Matter according to "Liber 77" aka "Liber Oz". Iridium (Iris=Rainbow) is Atomic Number #77; Oz and Rainbow making sense now? The Pentagon, Washington Monument, White House and Supreme House of the Temple are all on the 77th Meridian and Jacques DeMolay was executed 700 years ago on the 77th Day (3/18) in Paris (House of Isis) "France" which yields 77 in Gematria; Flight #77 hit the 77ft tall Pentagon; there were 77 generations from Adam to Jesus Christ; Zoroaster allegedly died at 77; 50 (Jubilee) is used 77 times in scripture; 77 is Lamech's Revenge and the Satanic Bible lists 77 names of Satan. HW Bush married Aleister's illegitimate daughter of a "Babalon Working" Ritual in the Order of Silver Star "AA"; he was baptized with the new name "Magog" in his Satanic Initiation. His nickname "Poppy" is for Opium, not his parental skills The Point? 77 is a very big deal and March 18 is coming up fast!
       On Ruby Tuesday, a plan to move Nikola Tesla's ashes to St Slava Orthodox Church caused a predictable uproar; Why? Hitler's bodyguard Otto Skorzeny and Hitler's Banker Prescott Bush murdered Nikola Tesla and gave Russia his Geo-engineering technology.
     Greystone Ltd (recall the movie "The Grey"? The Wolves won) is an Eric Prince managed subsidiary of Academi (Plato named his Athens school for pedophiles Academi) aka Xe Services Int'l aka Black Water; the Private army of the Black Nobility; 2 Russian warships docked in Odessa (Rat Lines were part of Project Odessa to protect SS Nazis from prosecution) where Greystone operates out of, as Lent began. The  Arab/Ismaili  division in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is Reflex Responses; Abu Dhabi has applied for a Customs pre-clearance facility into the US; lovely eh? Greystone is killing from both sides, wearing the same civilian clothes and backpacks they wore at the Boston Marathon. As Lent started, Austerity King Paul Ryan said "The Ukraine Crisis could be solved if the US approves the Keystone XL Pipeline" WTF? Ukraine is an Austerity Crisis! 150,000 Russian troops are on high alert at the Ukraine border; Russian Naval ships were sent to reinforce the fleet in Sevastopol before the Olympics; Crimean Airports and shipping Ports are under Russian control, and the Russian Flag is flying over the Republic of Crimea. The 1997 partition agreement allows Russia to do all this.
    The 60 year plan began in 1954, Committee of 300 head, Queen Elizabeth declared herself "Queen of Jerusalem" and Nikita Khrushchev gave the Crimea to Ukraine. The 1957 Ukraine Partition Agreement allows Russia to station 25,000 troops, aircraft  and ships in Crimea. Poppy Bush set up Grand Orient Lodge Mason, Ismaili, Ayathollah Khomeini in Iran during the Green Revolution; for his work St George was given control of the White House in the "October Surprise". Bush Jr, "Gog" set up Grand Ayathollah ali al-Khameini in Iraq's "Green Zone"; for his work Bush Jr was pronounced "Gog, Chief prince of Meshech and Tubal" by Temple Mount Rabbis in Zedekiah's Cave on 1/8/8. St George is known as "Green Man"; Ossetia (888 miles north of Jerusalem) in Georgia is the "Land of Gog" and the "Hetag Grove" the Sacred Grotto of St George; a Christian hero? No, a Scythian demon. Statues of St George are featured at the UN and Cathedral of St John the Divine in NYC. Bohemian Grove Satanists Reagan and Gorbachev tore down the "Berlin Wall" in 1988. In 1994, Serbian butcher, Bohemian Grove, DeMolay Mason, CFR Traitor, Bill Clinton brokered the "Peace and Partnership Agreement" committing NATO and the US to Ukraine territorial protection; Patient planning eh? 
                    Saturn's Sickle and Thor's Hammer symbolize Russia
    Russia is building the replacement ICBM "Sarmation" for the "Satan" (no kidding!) and test fired a "Topol" (Poplar) on Mardi Gras; NATO calls the Topol "Sickle"; Chronos aka Saturn carries the Sickle. Poplars were used by Jacob to separate his cattle from his Syrian uncle Laban's; Laban means "To make White"; the same meaning as Aztec, Aztlan. Translated: Time for Holocaust Sacrifices to begin. Olympians use the phrases "Order Out of Chaos" (Chaos is Saturn) and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New Secular Order) a New World without God in it! 
     Committee of 300 "Olympians" members, fake Jew George Soros (Grigori Scwartz), Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke leveraged $700M Treasury held TARP funds into $5Billion+ using illegal Silver price manipulation, to des-stabilize the Ukraine. Khazar fake Jew George Soros (Grigori Scwartz) shill, Victoria Nuland (nee Nudelman; "Fuck the EU") is the wife of Skull & Bones Satanist and Khazar Prince (Kagan or Qagan is a title of Khazar Princes controlling Government and Military), Robert Kagan; he wrote the Brooking's Inst playbooks "Which path to Persia?" and "Time to Strike Iran" which were published in the CFR magazine "Foreign Affairs" with the Pale Horse "Death" on the cover! Sarmations, Aryans, Alans, Georgians and Ossetians are Scythians carrying Saturn's Scythe!
 Lazar Kaganovitch managed Stalin's "Tophet" (Soviet killing machine) and Elena Kagan is Obama's Supreme Court guardian, both Khazar/Sarmation "Princes". Obama's "missing years" at Columbia were in training as a Mujahedeen (Warrior of Allah) under CIA station chief Bob Gates and Osama bin Laden in Pakistan; no this is not sensationalism. Obama staffer and Libyan War architect turned UN Ambassador Samantha Power calls Russian intervention "A violation of International Law"; so is arming Rebels to destabilize foreign Governments. NATO Sec Gen Anders Fogh Rasmussen used the same words; NATO is controlling the Ukraine separatists through UNA-UNSO. Why now? It's Carnivale aka Mardi Gras; Fat Tuesday or Ruby Tuesday. Tyr or Tiwaz Day is Mars' Day; Mars is called "Father of Man". The Rites of Mars are part of the Eleusinian Mystery Religion; Mars/Ares is the biblical Nergal, the pagan god of War requires 40 days Weeping for Tammuz during Lent. 
    Crimea is a key to Zoroastrianism and its final battle of "Good versus Evil"; Ahura Mazda V; Ahriman; both are Lucifer; there is no "Good" side to this. Regime changes were facilitated by financing, training and arming "Rebels" (al-Qaeda and ISIS) in Libya, Syria, Venezuela (Venezuela and Syria are home to dual citizenship Bahai leadership awaiting the arrival of Bab and Baha'ullah aka Antichrist and False Prophet. The EU headquarters is shaped like an unfinished Tower of Babel with Seat #666 empty; WWIII will finish it and seat #666 will be occupied; by whom? Time will tell; likewise, the UN Meditation Room has 11 chairs behind Satan's Altar for 10 Kings and the Alternative Messiah. 
    The Orange Revolution freed and installed Russian embezzler, "Gas Princess" Yulie Tymoshenko dividing the Ukraine along Orthodox/Muslim lines with Central Banker (Templar) she calls "Yats", Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister. "Yats" called Russia's actions a "Red Alert" and an "Act of War"; Bankers finance both sides of all Wars. Ukraine Gas and Electricity rates will skyrocket to cover loans to the IMF bankers (Templars). 25% of Russian agriculture, 50% of European Nat Gas traverses the Ukraine and the Sevastopol (Venerable/City of Worship) base for the Black Sea Fleet is there; Russia is not about to cave into US meddling despite Knight of Malta John Kerry calling it an "Incredible Act of Aggression" and Obama warning of "Costly Sanctions"; Obama has a blank check from Congress now; Kerry said "Before we go to war, there may be a peaceful solution" and says "Russia may be eliminated from the G-8"; good plan John, the G-8 is this June in Sochi.  Sodomy means having a "Seared Conscience"; these 2 are "Well Done".
     Creating war in the Ukraine was always Washington and Moscow's plan. Proof? Gorbachev and Reagan attended Fire Sacrifices to Baal-Molech together for 25 years at Bohemian Grove during the so-called "Cold War". More proof? Mol (Millstone) Comfort was a Russian ship with a Russian crew with 5000 shipping containers full of weapons headed for Syrian "Rebels" aka ISIS or al-Qaeda and the waiting arms of John Kerry; Mol Comfort's original name was American President Lines- Russia. Hilarious eh? Nour M was a Turkish ship from the Black Sea port of Sevastopol with 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles destined for Tyre and Syrian Rebels.; Turkey of course receives all their military hardware from the US.
    Russia is not the only nation arming both sides of this War. The US sent weapons to Iran and Iraq in the Reagan Administration; Saddam's WMD's to Bashar al Assad just ahead of the start of Gulf War II on Purim 2003. 56 B-747 flights and several Semi-truck loads of cash are pretty hard to miss; just ask Russian Ambassador Robert Ford who was there. Anyone seen the $30 Billion Uday and Qusay Hussein made off with? Check the pockets of the "Rebels". The difference between WWI, WWII and WWIII is the order of magnitude of Holocaust sacrifices. Hearing about WWIII horrified Daniel because as Jesus said unless He shortened those days, no flesh would remain. "Those Days" are here. 
     For a quick synopsis of WWIII look at the movie Gravity; the US and Russia destroyed; China becomes the Life Boat and the Mother Goddess "Mari" emerges from the Womb, shedding her old garb, then swimming, standing and walking into the New World; a CFR produced Satanic Death and Re-birth Ritual eerily similar to Apollo 13. 
         Hacibey "Master of Pilgrims"=Odessa "Source of Inspired Tradition" 
     The Sochi Olympics was a Saturnian (Satan) "Fire and Ice" ritual; the Red Fire Circle failed to materialize from the Snowflake; Prometheus breaking free of his chains; the Cave of Bethlehem; the Quadriga of Apollo pulling the Sun and the Russian Bear Cup awakening from slumber were in full view. Apollo is Bacchus and Dionysus; right on time exactly 700 years after the Holocaust of Templar (Banker) Grandmaster Jacques DeMolay in Paris on 3/18/1314 too! Why Paris? Sarmation Priest-Kings today are seen in the Ismaili Ayathollah Khomeini and al Khameini (Iran=Ayran=Mede-Persia) and Grand Ayathollah ali al-Sistani (Green Zone in Iraq=Babylon); all Grand Orient (Sunrise) Lodge Sovereign Luciferian Freemasons.
     Kiev is the capital of the Kievan Rus, part of a confederation of pagan tribes called "Black Sea Princes". "Inspired Traditions" such as the Talmud tell us Jesus is boiling in Hell in His own excrement; Inspired Traditions like Sharia (Revealed) Law or 7 Noahide Laws penalize worship of Jesus Christ by decapitation. Inspired Traditions like Priests calling the body and blood of Jesus Christ into the Eucharist to be consumed; and Rabbis opening Synagogue with the "Sign of Shin" meaning Nails that held Jesus to the Tree are a real hoot. NOT!
     The Ukraine port of Odessa was/is the home to the Satanic Baal-Molech worshipping Sarmation (Mede-Persian-Khazar nomads) Priest-Kings; pronounced heretics under pain of death by the Catholic Church during the reign of Justinian. Sarmations were exiled in Odessa. Perhaps the first used of Tesla based Weather Weapons was the "Dust Bowl" in Odessa, Texas; can't have poor land owners controlling Oil now can we? Amarillo? Amar is the Canaanite god of the west and Ilu means On, Allah or Heliopolis; cute eh? Lone Star? Guess! Oil, Occitane (Septimania) refer to Green Language aka Languedoc where Cathars were executed by Fire in 1244; oc also means Light; Texas Oil Men are merely wealthy Cattle Ranchers (Rustlers) following the ways of Cain called "Amar or Amor Khans" or "Light seeking Brethren" who set up the Alamo from both sides.
    "Khazars" were/are false converts to Judaism; Khazar religion is an Oath based Shamanist, Animist, Totemist, Ancestor based religion of Tengri, the sky-god called Zeus, Jupiter or Lucifer. For Khazars there is no concept of surrender or defeat because all of them are initiated by Rejection of the Holy Ghost and Ritual Sodomy. Khazars control Earth through Usury, War and Plunder. Baalbek Lebanon aka Roman "Heliopolis" is perhaps the oldest Temple of Jupiter on Earth; the Temple is shaped like a Man with the Priests accommodations in its Left Hand for a reason. Congress "To meet for War" is the military/governmental head of Amorica; Congress meets for war in the Temple of Jupiter aka Capitol 
     Sar means Prince or Noble; Sargon the Great (2330BC), Sargon II (720 BC) will be followed by Sargon III "Legitimate King". Sarmation Priest-Kings go by a variety of titles including Hyksos Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt, "Sabians" (Priests of Haran), Phoenician "Fisher-Kings", Amorites (Cathars are the Church of Amor), Sadducees, Samaritans, Scythians, Goths, Amazons, Vikings, Huns, Crimean Tatars, Renaissance era Venetians aka "Black Nobility", Jesuits, Inquisitors, Sephardic (fake) Jews, Messianic Jews and Messianic Muslims (Ismailis). Sarmations are Nazis, Aryans, Brahmins and Mormons; Nomads and Merchants who came from the East to build the original Tower of Babel and controlled the Silk Road ever since. The first Nomad? Cain; the first murderer who thought he could lie to God and get away with it? Cain. Mormon founder Joseph Smith was buried with a talisman of Jupiter/Zeus; enough proof yet? How about the Six Pointed Star of Molech in the windows of the Mormon Tabernacle? 
     Sarmations are Gnostics such as the Yezidis, Essenes, Bogomils, Albigens and Cathars; worshippers of Molech, the Six Pointed Star and wearers of the Kippa (Yarmulke); seen that in Israel? Sarmations are Amalekites at war with God from Generation to Generation (Ex 17:16); Goathead Pentagram worshippers (Azazel or Baphomet). The modern day Church of Satan are "People of the Prince" or "Left Hand Path". They are Libertines in the Synagogue of Satan and Ukraine is Satan's "New Russia". Amor means Love; feeling the love yet? 
 Russia is building a new ICBM to replace the "Satan" called "Sarmation" convinced yet? Hitler gets credit for burning 6 million Holocaust sacrifices in ovens to Molech; Stalin gets a free pass killing 12 million more across Russia; it can and will happen again. Operation Garden Plot installed over 200 Extermination Camps in the US alone; the first Gardener? Cain 
On Feb 28, 13 Russian Aircraft carrying up to 2000 troops and 12 Russian M-24 Helicopters were filmed invading Ukraine and as coincidence or NOT! would have it China sued for $3B in loan damages. Why now? March is Mars aka Nergal, the pagan god of War, symbolized by the Rooster. Folks, Roosters (Cocks) crow at dawn to herald the arrival of the Sun, "Lucifer"! Lent is 40 days "Weeping for Tammuz"; Sarmations offer sacrifices to Baal-Molech by burning; Tammuz means "Purify by Fire". T's drawn with Ash on the forehead ate for Tammuz folks! Now you know why Russian buildings and Orthodox Mitres are often shaped as a Flame.   Hay bales are all set; one match will ignite WWIII! Warned?  
                      Holocaust: Immolations to Baal-Molech at the Tophet
     Sacrifices to Baal-Molech are Fire Sacrifices called "Immolations", "Holocaust" or "Tophet". Every year 2700 Baal-Molech worshippers (Jeb/George Sr/Jr Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Henry Kissinger etc) convene at Bohemian Grove lighting a 40ft Owl called Molech; sacrifices burned at its feet over what was/is called the "Grand Climax" aka "Cremation of Care"; burning a few billion people deemed "Cattle" or "Useless Eaters" does not weigh on anyone's Conscience here! Holocaust Sites designed by Heinrich Himmler in Poland formed a 300 mile long Pentagram with each site built to replicate more ancient Holocaust sites: Treblinka the Key Temple of Ur; Slobibor the Temple of Ishtar at Babylon; Jenowska the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem; Lodz the Sarmation/Samaritan controlled Island of Tyre and the largest at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Temple of Jupiter "Baalbek". Washington DC was laid out in a Satanic Pentagram as was the Pentagon; HQ of the Sarmation Government and Military.    
     The series Blacklist warned this season would be a "Gas"; natural gas that is. Amor ica is saturated with natural gas from DeepWater Horizon and Natural Gas fracking. Katy Perry put out a new music video Dark Horse which features a necklace with Allah being destroyed by fire. Sodomite, Freemason Albert Pike said WWIII will pit Zionism against Islam and the true doctrine of Lucifer will be revealed. His statue stands on high at the US Justice Dept! Nice playbook eh? Now you know why Eric Holder et all sent arms to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel!
    Nations and People listed in Eze 38 from North Africa, British Isles, Europe, Turkey are about join Russia and China in a Satanic falsification of the "Battle of Gog and Magog". Question: Is this God's timing or Satan's? 
   Driven by Radiation and War, the largest Exodus in world history will also form east of Jerusalem on the 38th Latitude. Beginning in Fukushima, Japan and the Korean DMZ, traveling along the "Silk Road" pilgrims will pass Shambhala the mythical home of Cathar "Great White Brotherhood". From there, passed the Graveyard of Empires (Opium Fields of Afghanistan), Persia (Iran), Babylon (Iraq), and Idumea (Jordan=Moab, Ammon, Edom) to Armageddon; refugees will be shepherded by Amurru (US) military forces. America? Nothing even remotely describing America or the US is written in scripture concerning either Gog and Magog or Armageddon. al-Qaeda, the Church of Satan and Temple of Set were founded on the California coast at the 38th Latitude for a reason; Francisco means "Free", it's the "Golden Gate" to the "Golden Age".
   Google (CIA Intel Corp) Barges are set for the Elite to stand far off and watch the "smoke of her torment" in a falsification of Rev 18. Fukushima Radiation is now arriving at the California Coast in a giant never ending plume of Death; quite a "Beast from the Sea" eh? Precipitation laden with Cesium, hits the Sierras and poisons the Sacramento River Delta, the water source for nearly 50 million people and food source for far more. Lucifer demands Sacraments; what better place to offer it eh?
     Hard to believe it's all happening in plain sight, according to an ancient plan put in writing? "The best place to hide something really big is out in the open"  Question" Are we really at Rev 16 (God's Wrath), 17 (MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT) and 18 (Fall of Babylon)? Is Rev 19 (Marriage of the Lamb/2nd Coming) and Rev 20 (Millennium) about to be fulfilled? NO! 

"And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison. And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle; the number of whom is as the sand of the sea" Rev 20:7-8
    Not too smart! God destroys human beings numbering as sand of the sea with fire from heaven, and the devil that deceived them is cast into the Lake of Fire where the beast and false prophet have been for 1000 years; eternal torment awaits. This eternal, worldwide "Dominion" is described in Dan 7:13-14 "Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days...all people, nations and languages, should serve him, his dominion is an everlasting dominion". When Creation is 7000 years old, God will establish a "Dominion" lasting forever. Good so far? 
                                 "Ancient of days" or "Son of man"?
     "I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire...judgment was set...books were opened...the beast was slain, and his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame" Dan 7:9-11 The Judgment Seat and "Books" are opened after the Millennium, when the Spirit of the LORD and the Lord in Flesh re-unite as they were 7000 years earlier in the Garden of Eden before Sin entered the world. Again, the Battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium, not now! 
     Compare the "garment was white as snow" worn by the "Ancient of days" with the garment Jesus wears at the 2nd Coming "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God." Rev 19:13. Son of man is Jesus Christ who arrives when Creation is 6000 years old (verify this in 2 Pet 3:8); the Ancient of days is the Spirit of the LORD which unites for eternity with the Son of man when Creation is 7000 years old.
                           3rd Beast "Dominion" or "Everlasting Dominion"? 
     In Dan 7:6-7; notice a 3rd beast "leopard" is given "dominion"; Dominion means "Sovereign Authority to Rule", so what happens to this "Dominion" and who is the 3rd Beast? Dan 7:7 describes the 4th beast of iron who makes a royal mess of things. The 3rd Beast hands Sovereign Authority to Rule Earth to the 4th Beast "Lucifer". Important point: Never once has God ever given His Authority to Satan to rule Earth and He never will! Man does that.
    Who is the 3rd Beast? "Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above. And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck...Esau hated Jacob...I will slay my brother Jacob" Gen 27:39-41 KJV. All Gnostic bible versions reverse everything in this prophecy for the simple reason; Esau represents the Elite Bankers, the Priests of all religions and when Esau obtains "Dominion" his written intent is to slay everyone in Jacob's house, which includes all Born Again followers of Jesus Christ aka "Son of man". Are you ready to reject the "Mark of the Beast" and lay your life down for Jesus Christ? If not, you had better get ready! 
    Joel Rosenberg "Epicenter", "Ezekiel Option" and Chuck Missler ( "Magog Invasion" are among many false teachers who have trouble understanding "when the thousand years are expired". First let's look at their playbook. 
                                             Sodomy is Freedom from God
   Sodomite is a wildly mistranslated word; it is derived from CeDom meaning "Scorch the Soul"; God describes this condition in Rom 1, 1 Cor 6:9, 1 Tim 1:8, Jude 7; the word "Freedom"  best sums up Man separated from God
   The modern Church of Satan is "Libertine" (One devoid of restraint or morals); Benghazi was and is a "Synagogue of Libertines", which is why the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia use Benghazi to finance, arm and train al-Qaeda (Foundation) and ISIS (Throne) mercenaries who instigate Revolutions in Ukraine, Venezuela, Libya, Egypt etc.
    A few quotes will help us identify the Church of Satan aka "Left Hand Path"

"God is dead and will remain dead. We killed him with our Science"-Frederich Nietsche
"Politics of The Prince is Hedonism"-Machiavelli
"Do what thou wilt shall be the sum of the law" "We are all Gods"- Aleister Crowley
"The idea of God is absurdity"- Marquis de Sade
Jesus separates Goats on His left from Sheep on His Right. Choose wisely!  
     WWIII will falsely fulfill the Battle of Armageddon and the Battle of Gog and Magog
     A Universal Lord (White fake Jesus, al-Mahdi, Krishna, Buddha, Maitreya, Sanat Kumara etc) will step out of the ashes of WWIII and unite with Lucifer; sounds somewhat like Jesus (Son of man) uniting with the Spirit of the LORD (Ancient of Days) doesn't it? Lucifer tries to duplicate God (JEHOVAH, I AM) in every way possible!
       Sodomite 330 Luciferian Freemason, Confederate General, Albert Pike wrote a letter to 330 Mason, Italian Revolutionary, Witch, Giuseppe Mazzini calling for 3 World Wars with the 3rd pitting forces of political Zionism against Islam in order for the true doctrine of Lucifer to be manifested; sounds fun, but count me out!  
                           Demon channeled visions of the future     
    Prophecy of St Malachy: Rome will burn when the last Roman Pope "Peter the Roman" is in office. Pope #112 from Celestine II will hand the keys of the Kingdom to Jesus Christ. Pope Benedict is #111 and resigned on cue Feb 28, 2013 after releasing 2 White Doves on "Peace Day"; they were attacked by a Seagull. Francis had the same thing happen on the same day in 2014 by a Crow and Seagull. There was no person St Malachy; he is none other than Moloch, the Arabic word for "Lord". The prophecy was written by Amalekites, the people who are and have been at war with God from "generation to generation" Exodus 17:16. On Feb 26, 2014 the newly elected Italian PM   "Rome is days away from Bankruptcy" Rome's Mayor said "He was not going to be a Nero". This is the first time since Nero strummed his lyre while Rome burned to the ground. He blamed Christians for the self inflicted arson and used them to light the way for Chariot Races. A Jesuit "Society of Jesus" Vicarious Christ handing the Keys to the Kingdom to Jesus Christ? Nah, more like a Wolf in Sheep's Clothes sworn to kill Christians all over the globe (Google "Extreme Oath of the Jesuits") handing the Keys to the Edomite Beast.
     "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" Cathar Prophecy Cathars "Pure Ones or Aryans" were executed June 1244; 700 years before Eisenhower sent soldiers to die in Normandie. By 1313, Usury loans forced King Phillip of France Pope Clement V to abrogate the contract and confiscate Templar wealth; a new Concordat was then made with the Knights of Malta that exists to this day; many in Congress and US Military Brass are SMOM Initiates. Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion" and Cathari teach incarnation in the physical body is inherently evil; how does one do battle with this mentality? You don't! The "Council of Vienne" ended on the Zoroastrian Holy Day of Nowruz (New Light) March 20, 1313; the last Templar Grandmaster (Cathar Banker) was executed Mar 18, 1314. Do the Math and you will see why world events are heading toward WWIII in 1314. The Laurel is the Crown of Bacchus/Dionysus "Green Man"=Satan.

     11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll After 10 Jubilees, the Trumpet blast will herald the coming Melchisedek. Folks, Jesus is Melchisedek! This will be an Alternative Messiah. Melchisedek means "King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High" 10 Jubilees=500 years from what? Black Nobility Pope Leo X in 1513 bankrupted the Vatican Bank. Black Nobility artist Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with a crack separating Man from God for a reason; the crack is "Freedom". Melchisdedek Priest Mitt Romney has been told for 33 years, he is "The one mighty and strong, clothed in light, who will usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ". Mormon means "God of the Living Dead"; a false Melchisedek Priest claiming descent from Levi as an Aaronic Priest and from Judah as Melchisedek Priest ushering in Jesus Christ? Santa Claus maybe, Jesus? Sure!

     Hopi "Great Purification" Prophecy The 5th age (Blavatsky called this the 5th Root Race) will begin with the arrival of Blue Star; Disease, Great Dying, Earthquakes and the World rocking to and fro" 
    Is 24:20  "The Earth shall reel to and fro as a drunkard...the LORD shall reign on mount Zion and in Jerusalem". This sums up the essence of Zionism; Lucifer impersonating Jesus Christ. Geo-engineering involves transferring energy; in the current case, energy is being transferred from the Arctic to Antarctic where the ice pack is growing rapidly. Like a spinning top that becomes out of balance, the earth will reel to and fro as a drunkard. Jesus returns to Mt Zion to "Destroy them which destroy the earth." Rev 11:18
    The Olympic Rings symbolize the 5th Root Race; the 5 5,120 year cycles in the Mayan "Great Year". Sochi is the ancestral home of Circassians named after the goddess of Witchcraft "Circe". The words Circle as in KKK Knights of Kyklos Klan aka Knights of the Golden Circle may ring a  bell; Albert Pike brought their Satanic doctrines to the US. The "White People" falsely called "Caucasians" are the people Mormons call "White and Delightsome" (Nephites). The Golden Idol of Angel Moron I is on the lookout for the White Messiah atop every Mormon Temple facing the Rising Sun in the East. The Great White Brotherhood ringing a bell here?
    Besides decreasing ice pack in the Arctic and increasing ice on the Antarctic; What could cause the Earth to reel to and fro as a drunkard besides God's Wrath? Fukushima is at the site of 3 large Tectonic plates; the MOX Fuel cores are underground in contact with a river constantly forming Tritium. A Tritium enhanced Plutonium bomb "Fat Man" was tested on innocent civilians at Nagasaki, Japan; Tritium enhanced Plutonium Fission detonations underground, below Fukushima could sent shock waves through the Earth's water filled core. Yes water filled. Spin a boiled egg; now spin a raw egg; notice the disconnect between the shell and the interior; no it's not molten magma down there!

      Prophecy Rock in AZ  "When Blue Star comes Red Kachina will remove his mask in the plaza before the Uninitiated, and White Brother Pahana will be revealed" Notice the Flag of Russia was changed from the Soviet Flag to Red, White and Blue; pretty prophetic eh? Red Kachina is Edomite (Red) Dominion; White Brother is Lucifer. Esau pulls his mask off revealing our Priests, Government Officials, Judges, University Professors etc are Edomites in Robes. You will want to be "Uninitiated"! Pictures of Jesus being Long Hair, Beard and White are nowhere in Scripture. Google this and notice the Swastika separating people when Blue Star arrives and Red Kachina removes his mask. Mardi Gras=Carnivale; Edomites wearing Red masks during Lent might be about to reveal themselves as the God Blaspheming people they really are.
    Hopi Condor and Eagle Prophecy says 500 years after Columbus discovered America, and nearly wiped out the Condor people (Heart, Intuition, Mystical), a merging with the Eagle people (Brain, Rational , Material) will herald the New Age. The Eagle symbolizes Esau who Jesus says "Professing themselves wise, they became fools" Jesus also says "where the carcase is, Eagles will gather". Seen any Eagles on US Government or Currency lately? Pope Francis I was an "Operation Condor" operative. 

       Malcolm X predicted the destruction of America when the "Chickens come home to roost" C Alan Martin published a vision in 1971 predicting the last US President would be #12 from Harry Truman; Obama means "He is with us" in Farsi (Zoroastrian Persian; language of Mithraism) is #12. Zoroastrianism (Zoroaster means "Star Seed"; the Star is Lucifer) is founded on a final battle of "Light/Good" (Followers of Ahura Mazda) and "Darkness/Evil" (Followers of Ahriman); in this Satanic scenario, both sides are Luciferian and Obama is playing the role of Ahriman. 
    Bari Malik Shabazz means Barque (Solar Boat) of Molech and Noble Caste; Cathar (Pure Ones), Aryan (Iran), El (Elohim) and Shining Ones all refer to this "Noble Caste". Obama has been raised and trained since birth for this role; he is likely the son of Malcolm X means Milcom=Chiun=Molech=Melek=Saturn=Lucifer; X means Solar Christ. Malcolm X took the name al Hajj el Malik el Shabazz; Malcolm X predicted the destruction what he termed "White, Capitalist America" The short video by Heliofant "My Pet Goat II" tells the story of Obama and the Solar Barque; the Sochi Olympics featured this as well.

Mother Shipton
aka Ursula Southhill, a medium/witch burned at the stake in 1641 predicted wars, submarines, iron battleships, airplanes, TV, earthquakes, fires and 1/2 the world dying just before the return of the Golden Age; those predictions are the Demonic Playbook. The last Prophecy obviously pointing to America is a real hoot!

    "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter" Rom 8:36; Ps 44:22. Obama is US President #44; Eternity begins as scripture ends at Chap #22. No this is not by chance; God warns us in thousands of ways.

    "Through Russia comes the Hope of the World; Freedom"- Edgar Cayce
     Edgar Cayce was called "The Sleeping Prophet": "Through Russia comes the hope of the world...Freedom". 
Cayce channeled visions in a trance from a demon using "Scrying". John Dee and Joseph Smith also used this witchcraft technique. Cayce predicted "Soviet Russia will be die and be re-born to become the hope of the world...Freedom in Christ's kind of Communism". The Sochi Olympic Logo was a Bear Cub; the Re-birth of the Russian Bear. Tobolsk is the ancient capital of Siberia meaning "Sleeping Land" on the Tobol River; the Hibernating Bear is awakening; 150,000 Russian troops are on high alert; the massive contingent used for security in Sochi are now amassing on the Ukrainian border; armed soldiers have taken 2 Crimean Airports and the Government building. All this is the work of George Soros, NED, USAID, Victoria Nuland and of course Vladimir Putin; no he is not Christian nor our enemy; our enemies are inside the gates. As Mikhail Gorbachev said "Socialism will come to America not at the end of a sword, but through the ballot box". Gorby runs "Green Cross International" in San Francisco while not worshipping Molech/Saturn at Bohemian Grove in the Red=Edomite forest.   
     Tobol and Tobolsk have nothing to do with Tubal and Meshech (sons of Japheth) in Eze 38:2; the Battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium (Rev 20:7) not now! Ros or Rosh is added to the sentence in new bible versions to allude to Russia being involved, but Rus is the Cimmerians or Crimean Rus, pagan tribes like the Scythians (Saturn/Chronos holds the Grain Scythe) or Circassians (Circe=goddess of grains and witchcraft), not Russia.
    Baphomet: Baph + Metis means Union of Logos and Sophia; the Tobolsk Kremlin (Standing Stone) and Sophia-Assumption Cathedral in Tobolsk were made for the days we are approaching. The "Prestige" is the 3rd and final act of the "Great Work" of Lucifer. Here are Sovereign Luciferian Freemason, Knight of St John Bill, Sovereign Wiccan Witch Hillary and Chelsea Clinton pulling the wool over the eyes of the world standing in front of a Jubilee worth (50) of Baphomet Stars Hillarious isn't it? Red, White and Blue are the colors of Witchcraft and Freemasonry; they were on display front and center at the Opening and Closing Olympic Ceremonies; Satanists must be #LOL! I strongly urge you to take this seriously and head for your "Prayer Closet"; Jesus is at the door but will not open it. God will not Force anything! Only you can open the door to a relationship with God and with it a Baptism of the Holy Ghost! 
                    Satan: God of Forces aka 
Graviton or "God Particle"
     "In his estate shall he honour the God of forces..." Dan 11:38
     "His estate" refers to the "One World Leader", of the coming Edomite "Dominion" being given "Great Power" by Jesus Christ. This "Great Work" is best symbolized by the mythical force of "Gravity"; invented by Rosicrucian 330 Freemason, resident expert on Ezekiel's Temple (Chap 40-47), Isaac Newton. Ezekiel is describing God's eternal Temple which comes down from Heaven; Masons believe they can duplicate it; OOPS!  Force X Distance or Time=Work; Lots of Time (13.7 Billion Years) and Lots of Distance (13.7 Billion Light-Years) is called the "Great Work". Why 13.7? Power is the ability to do Great Work over a very short period of time. "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds , and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lams, slain from the foundation of the world. Rev 13:7-8. 137 is the DNA of Light; the essence of Kaballah and 33rd Prime Number.
     Gravity Strings and P-Branes make up the Universe. Yup no kidding! P-Branes, MACHOS, WIMPS, Strange Quarks, Dark Matter and God Particles; How much Blasphemy will God tolerate and how Stupid must these Satanists think we are? 
    The Great Work transfers Infinite Energy, and creates an Infinite amount of Work over Infinite Distance and Infinite Time, or nearly so according to Apostate Scientists who can't read 1 Tim 6:20 KJV; Science is falsely so-called "Vain and Profane babblings" in opposition to the Word of God. Profane means "Blasphemous Contempt of God"; nothing gets more blasphemous than a fictional "Force" of "Gravity" produced by "God Particles". Dan 11:38 says Lucifer is the "God of Forces" That I can believe! 
     Hollywood means "Holy Wood"; Druid=Knowers of Trees; Hollywood means Holy Tree of Knowledge. The Nobel Peace Prize is named after the man who invented Dynamite for use in War; the Prize went to Peter Higg's who invented the "God Particle" Gutsy or Stupid Pete? On Sun-god Day, the movie that will likely (won) 7 Oscars is "Gravity"; Why? 7 is the number of Perfection; Oscar means "God's Spear"!
     Hollywood's "Miss Congeniality" Sandra Bullock (Clooney is a Sodomite, CFR Initiate), star of "The Craft" and "Practical Magic" is a self admitted "Witch" who said "There is no Devil in the Craft"; Her mission is to change people's impression of Witchcraft. Tell it to Jesus Sandy "And the great dragon was cast out that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world" Rev 12:8 
     America's most idiotic actor turned Oscar winner Mathew McConoughey said "Sandra is a Witch, but she is a Good Witch". McConoughey is a Celt (Warrior) of Scottish descent, born in Texas. Gravity is Witchcraft clothed in Science, so what is the Dallas Buyers Club? 
    Dallas means Sept (Family/Progeny Division) of Clan McIntosh. Tosh means "First or Beginning"; Remember the Apple McIntosh? The "Beginning of Sin" is meant here; Eve listening to the Serpent and Cain killing Abel. Sephardi (Sepharvaim) Molech worshipping fake Jews even created a kingdom in Languedoc (Occitane) called Septimania; enough proof our enemy is in our own house yet? McIntosh is a name change from McDuff (MacDubh) meaning "Black"; Black Nobility is meant here. How does one get to be Black Nobility? Duff means "Anal Intercourse", precisely the initiation requirement for upper level Witchcraft, Freemasonry, and Jesuits is "Ritual Sodomy". aka "Satan's Sex".
    Sept means Clan; the KKK "Knights of the Kyklos Klan" are one such Scottish Division called the "Society of the Horsemen". Dallas was located on the 33rd Latitude; Masons chose the site to kill JFK in full view there. Dallas means "Dwelling or Meadow of "Highlander Clans" of Scotland called the "Chattan Confederation" which is why Confederate President Jefferson Davis wanted to establish the New Confederacy in Texas, the State named for Lake Texoco, the site of mass Aztec sacrifices. Psalm 83 lists the Confederacy of Satan: Edomites, Ishmaelites, Hagarenes, Philistines, Asshur, Tyre and Midianites, all inside the gate Traitors.
    Jacobites instigated the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland and Jacobin Revolution in England and France before creating the "Dust Bowl" in Texas.  The NAFTA Superhighway will create a homogeneous America-Canada-Mexico; a Texas Magistrate Judge was first to declare BitCoin "Legal Tender" and Ross Perot's Alliance Airport even supplied the Sinaloa Drug Cartels thanks to Rick Perry; it will be the first US State to declare independence. Now, has anyone seen the $7 Billion invested in the non-existent Super-conducting Super-collider? How about you Ron Paul?  
     Hitler was obsessed with this so-called "Spear of Destiny"; his daughter Angela Merkel is as well; Oscar is "God's Spear", the one used to stab Jesus on Gnosticism's Holy Tree is the Golden Statue "Oscar" handed out to those whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life!
    Laying the groundwork for the British (B'Rith=Birthright) Empire was Rosicrucian, Witch-Scryer John Dee "007". Windsors claim Germanic (Japheth-Gomer) descent and giant statues of Gog and Magog guard the entrance to the City of London for this reason. Laying the groundwork for WWI was Rosicrucian, Russian Witch-Staret (Ascetic Guru) Grigori Rasputin, the personal and deadly confidant and sexual guru to the wife and daughters of Tsar Nicholas of Russia. Laying the groundwork for WWII was Rosicrucian, Witch and FDR spiritual adviser Nicholas Roerich; catch the pattern here? Roerich even claims to have hidden the Stone cut from Lucifer's Crown in a building in NYC! Just guessing, it may be in the Cornerstone of the Freedom Tower, but realize this LUCIFER HAS NO CROWN! He was defeated at the Crucifixion.
    Rev 19 describes the return of Jesus Christ, culminating with the total annihilation of armies gathered at "Armageddon" (Valley of Slaughter); Slaughter because nobody battles God and wins. The Battle of Armageddon is gathered from the East over 18 months during the 5th (5 months) and 6th (13 months) Trumpets in Rev 9. Japan (Rising Sun=Lucifer) radiation will be the impetus for the world's largest Exodus along the "Silk Road" to Armageddon. Korea=Korah (Numbers 16)=Core (Jude), the Rebel Priesthood and Fukushima, Japan (Rising Sun) sit on the 38th Parallel, the complimentary angle (3852900) used in the once golden capped "Great Pyramid" for a reason.  
      The Dragon, Serpent, Devil and Satan are named (Rev 20:3) as the entity deceiving the nations; Satan is bound in the bottomless pit for 1000 years because of this. Rev 20 follows with the description of "Gog and Magog";
Armageddon and Gog and Magog are separated by 1000 years! 
                           The invasion of Gog and Magog comes from the North.
Ezekiel 37 describes the restoration of Israel, King David and the shepherd and tabernacle of God (Jesus Christ). No Temple mentioned here because Jesus destroys it. Modern day Israel is a British (Birthright), Rothschild (Red Shield=Edomite) deception serving Satan under the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, Molech, Milcom and Chiun; the symbol of Edomites,  Ammonites  and  Moabites who escape the hand of the Beast in Dan 11:41. Folks, you only escape the Beast by accepting the "Mark of the Beast"; do that and an Eternity of torment awaits!
    Ezekiel 38 lists the participants in the Battle of Gog and Magog at the end of the Millennium "Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal..." Meshech and Tubal are descendants of Noah's eldest son Japheth; they have nothing to do with Moscow or Tobolsk. 
    Sochi (Flame) is home to Prometheus (Lucifer) breaking free of his chains; the Eagle pecking at his liver, seen on the $US and standing on the US Flag will be destroyed by the "Golden Horde" and the "Universal" Lord" will take the "Golden Ring" seen with Prometheus at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC Why 30? Albert Pike told his 330 brethren that only those of the 30-32 degrees could be told the god of Masonry is Lucifer. 
                          The Bear Cub symbolizes the re-birth  of Russia and California 
    The Eagle is the symbol of Esau (Ref Obadiah) and of America the nation named after Amar the Canaanite god of the west, Ameru meaning "Serpent". Michelle Obama is related to the Ethiopian Priests of Ameru currently guarding a fake Ark of the Covenant. Amorica was the Druid kingdom in SW France derived from the Cathar word for Love "Amor". Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent God. Khan means "Lord". 
     In Gen 9:10 the 4 Quarters of the Kingdom of the World were centered on Babylon. Babylon means Gate of On where On is the Solar God, Osiris or El, thus the name "Babel". The 4 Quarters were divided into Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh; Calneh was/is the center of worship of Assyria. Assyria is the "Church of the East" ie Rising Sun; its empire spread out across the earth.
     Secular historical sources re-name the biblical Calneh, "Amurru". America is Amurru and California, the western bread basket of the US takes it's name from Calneh. Calneh means Perfection, Bride, Spouse, Completion, Full End, Dwelling and Abode of the Shepherd. The Shepherd meant here is Amurru, the Edomite Shepherd! Is this God? "Esau I have hated" Mal 1:3; Heb 9:27; recall Esau sold his Birthright and with it all Inheritance rights God gave to Abraham, so no, this Shepherd is not God much less Jesus Christ!
    It is no surprise AMORC (American Order of the Rose and Cross) aka Rosicrucians built their HQ in San Jose and their Temple on Mt Ekklesia in San Diego; the 38th and 33rd Latitudes are not by chance. Gnostic Cathars called their church the "Church of Amor"; hence AMORC hardly hides anything.
                                                          My Brother's Keeper
      Cathars are the "Church of Amor"; Amor is the mirror of Roma; the Cathar "Pure Goddess" Mari became the Roman Catholic concept of the Sinless Mary. Cathars predicted exactly 700 years to the day before D-Day, 1944, the Laurel would grow green again in 700 years. Omaha, Utah, Sword and Juno Beaches ran Red with Blood that day. On Feb 27th Obama announced his initiative "My Brother's Keeper"; whose Brother? Cain killed his brother Abel; according to the Book of Jasher (Chap 21:11) Ishmael tried to kill Isaac; and Esau intends to kill his brother Jacob. "Where is Abel, thy brother?" "I know not, Am I my brother's keeper?"...the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground " Gen 4:9 Obama's cryptic communication will be heard loud and clear by those in the know.
     Obama met with Grand Orient (Orient means East ie Rising Sun) Lodge Freemason, Edomite King Abdullah (Abd=Servant; Ullah=Allah) II of Jordan to ink a deal in Rancho Mirage, California which cuts federal water supplies in the California Water Project 60% to farmers already hit by a 2 yr manufactured "Exceptional Drought". Manufactured? The RRR (Ridiculously Resilient Ridge) of High Pressure was set up off the West Coast 2 yrs ago using HAARP Geo-engineering. Obama provided the Edomite King with $ billion in weapons and a base in Jordan next to a 1 million person Syrian refugee camp to send them to ISIS (al-Qaeda in the Levant; ISIS means "Throne") mercenaries in Syria; Why? Read Is 17:1 "Damascus shall be a city no more...a ruinous heap". Recall Isis is also the wife of Osiris; Babylon ringing a Baal here?
   Obama's Satanic controller Henry Kissinger said "Control Oil you control Nations. Control Food you control People"; no water, no food! Perpetual CA Governors Pat Brown, father of Gov Jerry Brown said the "California Water Project is a monument to me". Well Pat, it's about to be intentionally destroyed! Smokey the Bear making sense now?
     The Federal and State Water Projects are managed in the Capital of California, Sacramento, a word meaning "Consecration and Sacrifice of a suitable Host".  On a tour of drought stricken California during Abdullah II's visit, Obama stated correctly "What happens in California affects everyone". Jesus said it a little differently "For wheresoever the carcase is will the eagles be gathered together". Obama and Abdullah 2 Eagles serving Satan; "Yes We Can" means "Thank You Satan". How about Bubonic Plague laced Fleas sprayed across California? That is one disease that will certainly affect everyone! 
                           Golden Horde on the Silk Road to the Golden Age
       Genghis Kahn is s title meaning "Universal Lord"; the leader of the "Golden Horde" was the creator of the "Silk Road". Khan is Turkic for Prince or Lord, a contraction of Kagan used by Khazar Princes; Sodomite Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan or Stalin's wife and brother Rosa and Lazar Kaganovitch may ring a bell. 
    Jesus warned Satan's Seat was in Pergamon (Turkey); today is in Berlin, Germany near the Quadriga of Apollo, seen during the Opening Ceremonies at Sochi pulling the Sun. Satan's Throne was worshipped as "Isis", the Universal Mother literally means "Throne". Funny how al-Qaeda (Solid Foundation) is now being called ISIS isn't it? ISIS is the Solid Foundation of Lucifer! The Ukraine Revolution is an Orange Revolution instigated and financed by George Soros using US tax dollars of course. Shriners "Noble Arabic Order of Mystic Shrine" also use Orange and worship the same "Universal Mother". The Shriner initiation is derived from the Knights Templar; the aspirant chooses the "Left Hand Path to Shambhala to worship at the shrine of Islam, thus choosing Hell over Heaven". Shambhala is the mythical place between the Gobi Desert and Himalayas of the Secret Chiefs aka Great White Brotherhood; glittering steel cities in this area don't even appear on maps. Shriner Clowns? Open mockery of Jesus!
     The "Khanate" of the Golden Horde in Tobolsk, Siberia was set up to falsify the final battle of "Gog and Magog".

                              Wolves in Sheep's Clothes

       "God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem...The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Ripath, and Togarmah" Gen 9:27; 10:2-3
George "Poppy" Bush Sr (Aryan Nazi George Scherff Jr aka "Curious George") is the husband of Aleister "Great Beast" Crowley's illegitimate daughter of a "Babalon Working" Ritual, Barbara Pierce. Pierce=Percy, the Jesuit conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot of 5 Nov 1605 who attempted to prevent publication of the Authorized Bible. What's the big deal? Gen 27:39-41 completely reverses the prophecies given to Jacob and Esau for one. "Poppy" was given the new name "Magog" in his Skull & Bones (Brotherhood of Death) initiation. Barack Hussein Obama is not his real name either; "Bari Malik Shabazz Jr"  means Bari=Solar Barque; Malik=Lord Molech; Shabazz=Royal Falcon ie Horus; we saw this Solar Barque at the Opening and Closing Olympic ceremonies, both were Saturnian "Fire and Ice" Rituals. In Closing ceremony the Court Jester (a mockery of Jesus Christ) led the Solar Barque which, can also be seen in the short video My Pet Goat II produced by Heliofant (Solar Initiate)    
     Barack Obama is likely the son of 330 Freemason, Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz Sr or el Hajj Malik el Shabazz, and his wife, Betty Shabazz. In Cairo, Obama proclaimed "A New Beginning for Islam" just before bowing to King Abdulluh (Abd-Servant of Allah) of Saudi Arabia. Hajj means Pilgrimage, Feast or Gathering in Mecca; Mecca is derived from Mechus "Adultery", the one Sin Jesus specifies for dissolving a Marriage; in this case, the "Marriage of the Lamb" is the one Marriage all of humanity needs for Salvation (Ref Rev 19:7). Malik means Arab "Lord"; Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Dunham are pre-planned distractions; no evidence of her even being pregnant in August 1961 exists. 
     Obama's Ghost written book "Dreams of my Father" refers to Malcolm X's dream "White America will be destroyed when the Chickens come home to roost"; Why Chickens? The Rooster is Nergal, the Cuthite (Medean) god of War from Babylon; Romans referred to Nergal as Mars and Greeks as Ares. Congress means "To meet for War". Persian call Ares/Mars/Nergal "Mithra" (Hindu Mitra; Priestly Mitre worn by Catholic and Orthodox Clergy "Mitre of Dagan" all mean "Covenant with Satan") and begin New Year "Nowruz" on Ostara (Spring Equinox; Ostara is Saturn meaning "Star") honoring Nergal with a Brass Rooster Idol; see Brass, think Tubal-cain, the patron of Masons worldwide. Christmas is Saturnalia, Mithra's Birthday, not Jesus'! Dan 8 describes this War between the Grecian Goat and Mede Persian Ram. When Jesus and Gabriel told him about it, he got sick and fainted! 
      Malcolm Little was named Malcolm X after Malcolm=Milcom=Chiun=Ashtoreth=Chemosh=Saturn=Molech, the Six Pointed Star or Seal of Solomon (2 Ki:23:13; Amos 5:26); a Hex is a Curse! X is Greek for Christ; not Jesus but the "Solar Messiah" Jesus refers to as Lucifer, Dragon, Serpent, Devil and Satan (Rev 12:9) "Little Satan" is appropriate here. As Obama prepared his Inauguration Speech, before which he would fail to swear the Oath of Office to protect the US Constitution, on 1/8/2008, the son of Magog Bush, George Bush Jr was given "Megillat Bush" in a ceremony in Zedekiah's Cave by Rabbis at the Temple Mount, proclaiming him "Gog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal".  Recall, on 9/11/2001 Bush Jr was reading the book My Pet Goat upside down. Aleister Crowley is famous for his demon channeled Book of the Goat. The Goat is Azazel "Goat that departs"; new bibles once again change "Scapegoat" which is Jesus Christ to "Azazel" in Lev 16:8-10. Baphomet (Baph + Metis), the Templar Sabbath Goat means "Union of Spirit and Wisdom". Jesus separates Goats on His left from Sheep on His right; every single Goat will be told "Depart from me, I never knew you". Brave or Foolish? Who are these people?
      Generally, we would refer to Japheth's descendants as Aryans meaning "Noble Caste"; why Noble? Japheth is Noah's eldest son (ref Gen 10:21 KJV) "Japheth the elder" is changed in new bible versions to hide this "Birthright". Gomer refers to Germany aka Bohemia whose descendants occupy the Black Sea, Germany and Wales; Bohemian is similar to Gypsy, one who lives outside the norms and laws of society; the bible used the term Chaldean. Ashkenaz make up 80% of modern Judaism yet none of them are Jewish by blood or religion. Ripath refers to Carpathia; Romania (Romanichal or Romani Gypsies such as Mormon money launderer Mitt Romney), and Hungary (George Soros is an "Economic Hitman" and Hungarian fake Jew; Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin were as well). Togarmah is Turkey, the origination of Satan's Seat (Pergamon) and Kaballah. These people are plotting the Satanic false fulfillment of the battle of "Gog and Magog" in the Ukraine right now. Note: The real Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennium (ref Rev 20:7)                 
              "saith the LORD...I loved Jacob, and I hated Esau" Mal 1:3; Rom 9:23

     "Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above; And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shall serve thy brother: and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck. And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then I will slay my brother Jacob"
Gen 27:39-41 KJV. Compare this to the passage written in most any new bible and you will see it has been reversed.
     "Fatness of the Earth" means "Wealth". "Dew of heaven" refers to Priests functioning as Mediators between God and Man; Holy Water sounds a bit like "Dew from Heaven" doesn't it? "Dominion" means "Sovereign Authority to Rule". New Bible versions are of Gnostic origin, reversing and altering this critical prophesy for obvious reasons; Edomites are the Elite! Bankers, Priests, Imams, Rabbis; Aryan Masters (Brahmins of India are the "Noble Caste")leading Sheep to Slaughter!  Edomites obtain "Dominion" (Gen 27:40; Dan 7:6) and intend to slaughter Jacob; that's real Jews and Born Again Christians folks!
     Amurru is the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god; Edomites married Hittite (Hittite=Heth=Cathay=China=Sina=Sin aka Allah) women in violation of the Covenant God made with Abraham and Isaac. Santa Claus is a Red Suited 3200 yr old Hittite god; Christmas is Saturnalia; the Six Pointed Star is the Star of Saturn. Time to tell your Priest Jesus was not born at Christmas. The Easter Bunny  is the Hittite Idol of Anamellech (2 Ki 17:30); Easter=Ishtar, impregnated on the Sunday Sabbath; Sunday is not, has never been nor will ever be the Sabbath! Think your Priest or Pastor knows this? Absolutely!
                               "God is not mocked"  Gal 6:7
     God has nothing left to prove; He cannot be mocked, but without Him and the Word, we can easily be deceived. "Oh mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe" Jesuit Professor Adam Weishaupt
     Profanity means "Blasphemous contempt of God" not tossing out cuss words. Here is Profanity in action.
    Trans-substantiation of the Sacrament, calling Body and Blood of the Saviour down from Heaven and offering it for Consumption to the Congregation is unrivaled Blasphemy; when a Lesbian Priest like America's Presiding Episcopal Bishop, Most Reverend Katherine Jefforts Schori offers this to the Congregation; how do you think God feels about it? When 330 Luciferian Freemason Billy Graham is declared "America's Pastor"; how does God view this? How about a Druid Initiate, Oil Executive,  Most Reverend Justin Welby as head of the Anglican Communion which itself is in Communion with Orthodox and Muslim religions? How about a 330 Luciferian Mason How about a Grand Orient Lodge Sovereign, Luciferian Freemason Grand Ayatollah ali-Sistani heading the Ismaili (Shiite) Muslim Religion?  How about a Jesuit Vicar of Jesus Christ, Francis I sitting on the Chair of St Peter (Peter was no Saint; he rejected Jesus 3 times in one night) with the Shahada "There is no god but Allah" under it and swearing an Oath to kill Christians anywhere on earth, before killing pregnant women and swinging their children's heads against rocks?      How about a 330 Luciferian Freemason, Mormon Prophet (all of them were/are Sovereign Luciferian Masons)  restoring the Gospel Jesus failed to deliver serving as Melchisedek Priest singing "Pey Heylel" meaning "Marvelous Lucifer".  Read Gen 13:13 for a clue.  Sodom is derived from CeDom meaning to Scorch or Burn one's Soul; Lev 18:22, Rom 1:27, 1 Cor 6:9, Jude 7 and 1 Tim 1:8 all cover this deadly Sin. Communion is between you and Jesus Christ! Folks, it's getting really close to the Last Supper for Christians!
     Jan 20 is the annual Inauguration Day of  the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is code for Sodomy, Pederasty and Pedophilia of the sort Zeus and his abducted, raped lover Ganymede practiced; Jesuit Sodomite Paul Shanley "Sex before 8 or its too late" might ring a bell. On Inauguration Day Jesuit (Saturnian Brotherhood) Pope Francis I allegedly hired British Witch JK Rowling to re-write the Bible it "more accessible to Catholics and Christians"; Read that closely "Catholics and Christians"? A new round of Catholic-Protestant Wars in the mix? Henry VIII, his Jesuit advisers and Martin Luther would be so proud!  Hoax or not, this masterpiece belongs in a fire with the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud, Zohar and the Queen James Bible  Note the same Rainbow Logo on the Queen James Bible is also used in Sochi.  The week before, Atty General Erick Holder instructed State Atty Generals and Judges to uphold Sodomite Marriages. Why? America is being set up as a Scapegoat for Rev 18 "Babylon"; Usury ($1.6Quadrillion in US based Derivatives Debt), Sodomite Marriage (Rev Queen Latifah married 34 Couples on International TV at the Grammy's), Sodomite Priests and Pastors, Women Pastors (1 Cor 14:34) and Judges changing laws and an Illegitimate President with War powers only dreamed of  by Kings, Caesars and Pharaoh's. Sarah Palin wrote a book which puts this in plain sight called Going Rogue Did you notice here Red (Edomite) Coat on the cover?
      Bigot means "Sanctimonious Religious Hypocrite"; it is no exaggeration to state all Priests, Imams, Masters and Rabbis plus anyone going by the title Reverend is a Bigot. Ever wonder why Priests, Gurus, Imams, Rabbis wear the same robes as University Professors? University and Universe both mean "One Voice". There is not one shred of difference between them; they Profess the same allegiance.
      Baalim means "Worthless Person"; everyone on earth in the position of an "Elevated Clergy" or "Mediator" is a Baalim; Jesus warned He hated 2 things in scripture and ironically He repeated this warning twice: Esau (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:27) and  The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes (Rev 2:6;15). Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity. Edomites impersonate Jacob by elevating themselves as Worthless Clergy.
    Bigots are Balaams living off of "Tithing" from their Muslim, Jewish and Christian Sheep. God only authorized the Levitite Priests; specifically male sons of Aaron to collect Tithes.  Abraham paid Tithes to Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High); in Heb 7 we find Melchisedek is from Judah not Levi. Who is Melchisedek? Jesus Christ! Who thinks he is a Melchisedek Priest? Iran-Contra money launderer Mitt Romney; watch out, he's back!  Usury, is a Sin which charges Interest on Money; this ensures there is never a point in time when the loan can be repaid no matter the interest rate. Jesus warned "Debtors become slaves to Creditors". Every Christian, Jew and Muslim listening to their spiritual leader is being told they will win ie obtain "Dominion"; how many are being told this will be an Edomite Dominion?
     Science: Profane babblings in opposition to Scripture (Ref 1 Tim 6:20 KJV). In Daniel 1:4 Science is described as the Language of the Chaldeans. Profanity is using offensive words; Right? The Hell it is! Profane means "Blasphemous Contempt of God"   Black Holes, Big Bang, Helio-centrism, Evolution, Dark Matter and God Particles are not man's honest attempt to describe God's Creation. They are Jesuit Lies. Science is the religion of Edomite Baalims living off Government and University paid Financial Grants "Tithes".
    Charity is giving time, talents and money to Charities like the Red Cross or Red Crescent; Right? The Red Cross is the symbol of the Knights Templar and no they were not Christian soldiers; they were Edomite Bigots. The Red Crescent is the symbol of the Nizari Assassins and indeed most of Islam today to include al-Qaeda. It symbolizes Allah; Allah is Sin. Charity is Alms Giving; giving back to God is not giving money to Satan's Army; it is exposing them!  
     "Love is all you need", "God loves everybody", "God is Love" Who would argue that? God. 1 Cor 13:13 KJV says "Charity" is the greatest Virtue; in new bible versions Charity is changed to Love because Love is derived from IOVE=Jove=Jupiter=Zeus=Satan. Congress means "Meet for War"; they meet for War in the Capitol which means "Womb of Jupiter". Taxes not only fund War, they fund our enemies like al-Qaeda through the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). Who are they? Ismailis, Edomites and Wahhabist Sunni Dictators running the world's largest Arms Bazaars. In Benghazi, al-Qaeda is not only funded, they are trained and equipped with Taxpayer funded WMD's such as Chinese MANPADS (Cloned Mobile Stinger Missiles) by the US and Russia. (ref Mol Comfort and Nour M).
      World War is a concept of Entangled Alliances bringing Nation against Nation across the world. The headline in NY 1914 was "England has cast lot with France in World War". What is a Lot? Pur or Puru, the source of Purim is Akkadian not Hebrew or Jewish. WWIII was planned in 1871 "Islam against Zionism" What side is God on? Neither, everyone dies in this war! It is called Armageddon "Valley of Decision" or "Mt of Slaughter". Folks, WWIII is about to start and you will want to sit this one out!
    Time to expose the Enemy in easy to understand terms: "Ishmaelites and Edomites in Sheep's Clothes" serving as Priests, Imams, Masters, Gurus, Rabbis, Reverends.
God calls them "Amalekites" because they worship Malak=Molech. "Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Ex 17:16 
Besides Wide Hemmed Robes, Mitres, Crosses, how does one spot the enemy? The Star of Molech  is explained in Amos 5:26; the Star of Molech is the Star of Saturn (Chiun); the Six Pointed Star "Hexagram". Seen that before? 
     MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT... is not the Roman Catholic Church; MYSTERY BABYLON is Witchcraft (Witch=Wicca="Wise One") A Hex is a Curse. Get Initiated into Witchcraft and Hell for Eternity is assured. 
     Jacob wore Goat Skins and blood to impersonate Esau. He did not need the Goat Skins because God was not fooled. God had witnessed Esau selling his Birthright for a bowl of lentils. This is precisely the objective of all Secret Societies (Freemasonry, Jesuits, Templars, Hospitallers, Assassins etc) and Witchcraft. Selling one's Birthright is "Right of Passage" into the "Saturnian Brotherhood" and a one way ticket to Hell for Eternity.
    Esau is wearing Priestly Robes to impersonate Jacob. Now you know why Jesus referred to the Pharisees as "Whited Sepulchers full of dead men's bones" and the "Synagogue of Satan" The Who sang "We won't get fooled again" Guess which Lot they tossed in with? Marduk=Mithras (Covenant)=Lucifer. British means B'Rith "Covenant Men"; America is Amurru Can meaning Edomite Serpent/Shepherd and Priest. Amar is the Canaanite god of the west and Ameru is the Serpent which Jesus tells us is Satan, Lucifer, Devil and the Dragon.  Simple isn't it? 
     Februus is Hades aka Pluto "Wealth"; the Roman god of destruction. Februa is a Goat Skin Scourge used by Valentinian Gnostic Priests. Plutonium Radiation is just now arriving on US West Coast destroying life in the Pacific Ocean. 
                                    Valentine's Day
    The Ides of February "Valentine's Day" maximize the destruction associated with Februus/Pluto/Prometheus/Tubal-cain. Remember, Tubal-cain, the patron of Luciferian Freemasons worldwide is the instructor of Iron workers ie War Machinery. The destructive February (Februus/Pluto)weather in the US and Britain is no accident nor is the fact Winter Storm "Nemo" (The Man) linked up with the British Storm over the Atlantic Ocean on the Ides of Februus "Valentine's Day". Meteorologists are reporting the 2 storms are "Holding Hands"; ain't that cute? Britain and the US have always held hands. British means B'Rith for Birthright Covenant Men; Esau's Covenant. America is Amurru the Edomite Shepherd and Serpent god. The US Flag used in Sochi Olympic advertisements has 13 Stars; the number of Colonies in the US when the American Revolution began by British Double Agents George Washington (Order of Cincinnati is British Royalty in America) Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (Both Initiates of Sir Francis Dashwood's Hell Fire Society); it is no coincidence British news UK Mail Online is reporting its wettest February since 1776; a signal time is right for "Order out of Chaos".
  • President's Day Weekend NY Times War baiting articles: "Bombings in Syria force wave of civilians to flee" "US scolds Russia as it weighs options for Syrian War" Real story: al-Qaeda "Rebels" bombing civilians. Russia arms al-Qaeda Rebels as much as they arm Bashar al-Assad; John Kerry was waiting for 50,000 tons of Rebel Weapons aboard the Russian ship Mol Comfort and just how do you think was going to use those 50,000 Kalashnikov Rifles aboard the Turkish ship Mour M?
  • Happy  Valentine's Day: 320 Prince Hall Freemason Barack Obama (recall his bow to King Abdulluh of Saudi Arabia, Emperor Akahito and proclamation in Cairo for "A new Beginning for Islam") met with 33Grand Orient Lodge Mason and Edomite (Hashemite) dictator King Abdullah (Servant of Allah) II at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage CA (Working Vacation folks!); Obama guaranteed $1Billion in loans to the Edomite King of Idumea; Why? Idumea is Edom, Ammon and Moab; they escape the hand of the Antichrist (ref Dan 11:41) once all other countries including the US are overthrown. At the Jordanian border with Syria, Russian and Chinese weapons are heading for al-Qaeda "Rebels" in Syria. Iraq War Architect/profiteer turned Syrian Ambassador Robert Ford "We need to escalate tensions in Southern Syria". This will do it Bob! Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman calls arming Syrian Rebels from Jordan "Plan B" Sounds like a planned Abortion eh?  
  • On Valentine's Day John McCain  called for US Military intervention in Syria. A military strike in Syria will likely cause WWIII. McCain is Scottish for House of Cain; yes he knows his lineage. An attack on the Dome of the Rock; a military strike in Syria and a declaration of Scottish Independence (Jacobite rebellion) are signs WWIII and the presentation of an Alternative Messiah are just around the corner. The US and Russia have been caught "Red Handed" supplying WMD's to Bashar al Assad. These were delivered in 2002 from Saddam Hussein as James Clapper has stated; previously they were delivered to Saddam during the Iran-Contra days by Saudi Arms Dealer and Mormon Church (Triad Center) Mitt Romney Clear Channel business partner Adnan Khashoggi. US, Russian and Chinese weapons are also going and the Syrian Rebels; 50,000 Kalashinokov Rifles aboard the Turkish Ship "Nour M" and 5000 tons of weapons aboard the Russian ship Mol Confort should ring a bell John. Shipments began arriving in Syria over President's Weekend from Jordan and Turkey!
  • On Feb 15 "Saturn's Day", Barack (Lightning) Obama (He is with us) signed a Federal Debt increase to infinity. Annual US military spending is 4X the rest of the world; since 1996 $8.5 Trillion is unaccounted for; $2.3 Trillion was admitted missing on 9/10/2001 by DOD Comptroller Talmudic Rabbi Dov Zakheim (his son Roger is Mid East adviser for Mitt Romney). Obama now has unlimited check writing without Congressional oversight and unlimited borrowing from the World Bank and IMF. McCain's legislation also gives Obama free discretion to declare war, and NDAA 2014 mandates US will back Israel on every action. Obama now has no Congressional or Fiscal limitations prohibiting WWIII. An Economic International War Declaration was made on Valentine's Day; how many people bothered to notice? 
  • On Feb 16 "Dies Solis Invicti" (Sunday) on a trip across Asia, Luciferian Mason, Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Skull & Bones Satanist, Bohemian Grove Molech worshipper, false Roman Catholic convert John Kerry (Kohen) said "Climate Change is the world's greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction". John is illustrating the modern day version of Salting, Scorching and Poisoning Wells; he prefers GM Crops, Gas Fracking, spreading Depleted Uranium and Geo-engineering. 195 nations have signed a treaty prohibiting "Climate and Geo Engineering". A blocking ridge of high pressure has been breaking up Pacific Storms for 2 yrs and no mention on the Weather Channel! The only nations who refuse to sign the treaty are  the US and the Vatican. Now tell us Uncle John what was it like selling your soul to Satan 3 times in Jesuit Ritual; in Skull & Bones Ritual; in Knight of Malta Ritual? Why did you excuse Hillary Clinton, Gen David Petraeus, Gen John Allen and Adm Charles Gaouette  from testifying on Benghazi? Why were you in the Ismaili Arms Bazaar of Qatar waiting on a shipment of Syrian Rebel Arms carried on a Russian ship "Mol Comfort" piloted by 26 Russians on June 17th, 2013? Why are you selling the Saudis US weapons to replace their Chinese MANPADS and Russian Anti-tank missiles headed now for al-Qaeda "Rebels" in Syria?
     John Kerry is a "Kohn" meaning Samaritan Priest; Jewish? Hardly. John stated it was a "Revelation" to find out his grandfather had changed the family name "Kohn" to "Kerry" in 1905. 
  • On President's Day, Cameron Kerry, Obama appointed Sec of Commerce and Chief Legal Counsel to the Sec of Commerce (read Money Changer), Roman Catholic convert to Talmudic Judaism, published an article in Israel's largest newspaper "Yediot"; read "Ye Idiot" giving the Jewish lineage of the Kerry family. Cameron said he was amazed to find out the Kerry family is Jewish! Read 2 Ki 17:30 and you will see they aren't Jewish in any sense of the word. Balkan Butchers Madeleine Albright and Gen Wes Clark (Kohen), and Wiccan Witch Hillary Clinton (Rosenberg) were also "Amazed" to find that out!     Cameron's partners are Zionist Lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Larry David; Larry is famous for pissing on a picture of Jesus Christ; "Curb my Enthusiasm" Cameron! Kerry is not Jewish nor was your Talmucic Rabbi grandfather who committed suicide; Ye Idiots are Edomite false converts in Sheep's Clothes.
         Cameron Kerry the Boston Lawyer and Washington Legal Counsel knows full well Obama's 2010 Census was illegally conducted under White House Chief of Staff and Sodomite, Israeli Terrorist (father Ben was an Irgun Commando) Rahm Emanuel; the US Constitution requires the Census to be conducted under the Commerce Dept. What is Cameron good at? Cameron Kerry is selling the US out to TPP and TAP (Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Partnerships); International Corporations can sue the Federal Government, States and Individuals in International Tribunals (Kangaroo Courts) over any law or right that hinders their profit. In any other time, Cameron Kerry and his cronies would be taken out back and shot. The NAFTA Superhighway; Keystone XL Pipeline (most environmentally damaging idea ever dreamed of) and allowing FTZ "Free Trade Zones" where Chinese Billionaires can buy up US assets tax free without Government interference. No exaggeration here; the Kerry family is "By and Large" (good pun on Google Barges eh?) the most Satanic family to ever get near Washington DC. Google Barges will anchor off US shores in International Waters and shuttle $Trillionaire Bankers to Auction Houses where they can bid on US assets. Just ask John, Hillary, Mitt Romney and "Poppy" (Afghan Opium) Bush who stuff their tax-free, ill gotten booty off-shore in "Marvelous Investments"! Literally, these Satanists are a "Bain" to the world; right Mitt? BTW Poppy, Shrub, Barack and Mitt are all ineligible to run for US President; only a successful PR campaign has made them look Presidential. 
          Obama appointed TPP and TAP Representatives like Stefan Selig ($14 million this year) raked in $Multi-million bonuses over President's Day weekend from Bank of America and CitiGroup. Recall these bonuses were paid by taxpayers in previous Bailouts. Treason is very profitable!
      10 top level Bankers have committed suicide in 2014; the latest, is the CEO of American Title Services Richard Talley put 7 nails in his head with a nail gun; about as believable as Vince Foster using 2 different guns on his own head with no blood spatter on his long sleeve shirt. Why? Americans have Alodial Title meaning Color or Appearance of Title to property, not real Title. "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of property" was changed to the "pursuit of happiness" because most property is claimed by the Queen of England and Roman Catholic Pope; the "Donation of Constantine" is fake to be sure, but that doesn't slow this "Sting". Alodial Titles have no more intrinsic value than Fiat Currency. If we sheeple knew how badly our Earthly Shepherds have betrayed us, all Hell would break loose. 

  • On Valentine's Day, a Spanish Law change allowed 3.5 Million Sephardic (Spanish Rite) Jews applied for Citizenship in the bankrupt nation of Spain; more around the world are soon to follow this lead to attain Dual Citizenship. Sephardics were ejected on 9 Av 1492 for entering other's religions in False Conversions in order to subvert them; as Marranos and Cryptos, they became Roman Catholic Priests while worshipping Satan in private. As fake Jews, Sepharvaim are today's Kabbalist, Hassidic and Chabad Lubavitch Satanists wearing Jewish Robes. Who are Spanish Jews? Arabs of course; Joktanite Arabs occupied the land from Mesha to Mt Sephar in the East. Sepharvaim sacrifice their children in fires to Molech (Saturn) and assumed roles as leaders of Israel when Assyrians deposed God's true sons of Jacob. Sepharvaim worship Adramellech the Assyrian Sun god Persians call Mithra and Romans call Solic Invictus (Saturn), and Anamellech, the Easter Rabbit; sound familiar?
  • On Valentine's Day the Presbyterian Church issued a pamphlet "Zionism Unsettled" which stated "Zionism goes against our shared values of Abrahamic Faith" Abrahamic Faith would need to include Islam, Ismailism, led by Grand Orient Freemasons Ayathollah Sistani and Khameini;  Nizari Assassins led by Billionaire playboy Agha Kahn IV, Wahhabist Sunni Islam led by King Abdullah (Abd=Servant; Allah=Sin) plus Edomite Religion (Everything rejecting God including Kabbalah and Zionism). Zionism is simply the pure doctrine of Lucifer and Unbridled Satanism. This is why I left the Presbyterian Church! Rabbi David Sandmel, the ADL Interfaith Director dutifully offered the predictable outrage. What makes this hilarious is the Anti Defamation League is made of Canaanites, Medeans, Babylonians, Avites, Sepharvaim (2 Ki 17:30) who are not even Semitic let alone Jewish. The Presbyterian Church worships the Assyrian Army Commander "Tartan" every year at Kirkin O' Tartan (Church of Assyrian Army) that deposed Israel in 700 BC. The Cross used in many Presbyterian Churches is the Celtic (Circled) Cross with IHS "In Hoc Signo Vinces"; the very phrase used by the Jesuit Order which originated with Constantine and his Celtic/Druid wife Helena. Satan's plan seems to have entered high gear!
  • On Valentine's Day USAID and NED (Nat Endowment for Democracy) organizations controlled by Economic Hit Man and fake Jew George Soros (nee Grigori Schwartz; Grigori means "Watcher" as in Demon Watchers) from Washington DC with US tax TARP money. $50M/yr goes to opposition forces in Venezuela; a mere pittance to the $20 Million/week going to the Ukraine. Iran-Contra on steroids and it doesn't even make the evening news!
  • On Valentine's Day, Hell broke loose in Kiev, Ukraine as US backed "Rebels" looted a Military Weapons Depot, killed local police, occupied government buildings and demanded a change to the Constitution. Once again, thank USAID, NED and the US State Department.  The US is clandestinely financing the "Frotman Freedom Party" led by Tyagnibok-Frotman; his man in the US is John McCain. Marxist Rabbis "Khazars" are behind this; Kagan is the title of Khazar Princes like Robert Kagan, Sodomite Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan or Stalin's 3rd wife Rosa Kaganovitch; her brother Lazar Kaganovitch was responsible for the Holodomor Massacre in the Ukraine and managed Stalin's "Gulag" death camps. Revolutionaries in Kiev, Ukraine are paid $200/day per person; $500/day bonus for group leaders and $2000/day for riot directors who kill police and government officials, all financed from the US Embassy in Kiev with funds transported by Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland  and her Skull & Bones Satanist husband Robert Kagan; Mitt Romney's foreign affairs adviser. Nuland told the National Press Club on Dec 13, 2013 (St Lucia Day is "Bride of Lucifer"; Nuland is indeed Satan's wife) the "US has spent $5 Billion thus far to de-stabilize the Ukraine"
       The logo of the Nat Press Club is "Alladdins Lamp" and Nuland (a Talmudic fake Jew) is rubbing the lamp to get the Arab Genie to emerge!  Mormon traitor Jon Huntsman organized the first Arab Spring uprising in Tianamen Square as China Ambassador and Orrin Hatch fast-tracked Obama mentor Elena Kagan into the Supreme Court. Edomite Traitors are in High Places.  
                     Crimean Rus aka "Caucasian Black Sea Princes"    
  Kiev? Kiev is shortened for Kievan Rus; Ukraine means "Borderland" ie the Crimean Rus Border. Yulia Tymoshenko "Ukraine Gas Princess" is managed by George Soros and heads the "Fatherland Party" leading a "Neo-Nazi Orange Revolution"; a corrupt, convicted but wealthy Natural Gas billionaire with a PR created Fairy Tale Princess image.
     The Ukraine is critically important to understand because new bible versions add "Rus" or Rosh" to Eze 38:1 with Meshech and Tubal when describing the final war of "Gog and Magog". Moscow has nothing to do with Meshech and Tobolsk nothing to do with Tubal; both are descendants of Noah's eldest son Japheth. "Gog and Magog" is a post Millennium gathering around Jerusalem, not part of Armageddon; ref Rev 20:7-8. This is a Satanic duplication of Eze 38-39 and Rev 20:7 in the making! On 2/24 Hitler's daughter Angela Merkel arrived in Israel with her entire cabinet to receive orders from fellow fake Jew Benyamin Netanyahu.
      Who are these Neo-Nazi imposters? God tells us in Gen 10:2-3 "The sons of Japheth; Gomer (Germany), and Magog, and Madai (Medes/Aryans of India), and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshsech, and Tiras (Phoenicians/Lebanon)...And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz (80% of Israelis), and Ripath (Hungarian, Romanian Gypsies aka Romanichal Gypsies the Chaldean "Celi-Dei" Gypsies like Mitt Romney), and Togarmah (Turkey). See any Semitics or Jews in this list? Me neither. 
                     "And be ye not called Rabbi"
-Jesus Christ (Mat 23:10), the only real Jew I know
        The Talmud claims Jesus is in Hell boiling in His own excrement; ever wonder why Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the V Sign? V=Sign of Shin; Shin=6 and means Nail. The 3 Nails (666=Mark of the Beast) used on Jesus Christ are the same ones being used to Nail shut America's Coffin. Ever wonder why Mormon Melchisedek Priests use the phrase "Pey Heylel"? They do, you know! Pey Heylel means "Marvelous Lucifer". Jesus refers to Lucifer as Satan, Devil, Dragon and Serpent (Rev 12:9). Bonus question: What is the name of Mitt Romney, George Bush Sr and Hillary Clinton's Investment Company in the Cayman Is? "Marvelous Investments". Satan is a clever fellow isn't he? 
      Februus=Hades= Chronos "Father Time"=Chaos=Saturn=Prometheus=Lucifer. Prometheus (Fore Knowledge) is seen breaking free of his chains at the Saturnian "Fire and Ice" Ritual in Sochi.   Februus, Valentine's Day and Purim (13 Adar) 2014 are covered on Holiday Page. Time to Wake UP!
                        Purim: Casting Lots for Marduk/Molech
    Purim means "Cast Lots for Marduk". Purim is not Jewish nor part of God's Holy Calendar. Slaughters on Purim include
  • Gulf War I "Slaughter on Hwy 80 (Highway of Death) in 1991 called "Turkey Shoot" occurred on Purim. Mowing down Iraqis conscripts under White Flag of Truce and burying them in the sand where they fell is just spreading American Democracy; right? The vision of WWIII "Mede Persian Ram Versus Grecian Goat was given to Daniel on the banks of the River Ulai at or near this spot; hearing Jesus and Gabriel make him understand the occult plan caused him to get sick and faint!
  • The False Flag Op "Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre" was on Purim. The Caves in Hebron were Abraham's first purchase in Canaan from the Hittites, becoming the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah and Jacob and Leah. Midrash also claims the Gate to the Garden of Eden with burial of Adam and Eve is there; nonsense! Islamic tradition based on the Quran claims Joseph is buried there; the bible says Joseph is buried at Shechem (Nablus). Kaballist Rabbis teach that Moses and Zipporah are also buried there; again, nonsense as even Satan himself does not know where the burial place of Moses is. 
  • The Shock and Awe "Gulf War II" Campaign began on Purim. Shock and Awe is Shekinah the feminine presence of the Deity) attack using 200 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on Baghdad was on Purim (Saddam Hussein was/is a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason and member of the Carlyle Group with George Bush Sr/Jr, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Osama and Salem bin Laden etc etc)
  • The Sichuan, China Earthquake occurred on Purim. The Concepcion, Chile Earthquake occurred on Purim. Both were man-made; NPR was even set up to broadcast the remote event in China ahead of time.
  • Tomahawk Cruise Missile strike on Tripoli, Libya occurred on Purim. Like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qadaffi was also a US asset. the Libyan "Rebels" set up Benghazi (Cyrenaica is the Synagogue of Libertines aka Synagogue of Satan) as an al-Qaeda training center financed by the Central Bank of Benghazi.
     Purim is not Jewish; it an Edomite Holy Day. Purim, 2014 immediately precedes the 700th anniversary of the execution by Fire of Jacques de Molay on 3/18/1314. DeMolay was the  Grandmaster of the Gnostic Valentinian and Cathar Military Bankers; just ask Knights of Malta Pat Robertson "700 Club" and SMOM, DeMolay Freemason Bill Clinton. Templars wore a Red Cross of Edom for a reason!
     Bill's Wiccan wife Hillary armed al-Qaeda in Benghazi as well as Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartels, China is derived from Sina or Sin. Allah is the moon god "Sin". The ancient name of China is Cathay meaning Heth; sons of Heth are Hittites whose wives married into families of Ishmael and Esau in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.   "In 700 years the Laurel will grow green again" -Cathar Perfecti. Catharsis means "Discharge of pent up emotion" and Folks, there is a lot of pent up Satanic emotion!
    Lent begins Mar 5 and 40 days of "Weeping for Tammuz". Lenten means "Spring" no it is not "Catholic" or "Christian", it is an "Arab Spring" dedicated to the Babylonian Messiah "Tammuz".
      Immediately following Purim is the Persian New Year "Nowruz" (New Light) which celebrates the Peacock Angel "Melek-Taus" aka Lucifer. The Rooster Idol of Brass represents Mars and Nergal the Pagan god of War (2 Ki 17:30). Peacock Feathers are held above the Papal Chair; the Shahada "There is no god but Allah" is written underneath it; the Pope carries the "Twisted Crucifix" used by  Pagans to celebrate Victory over Jesus Christ; Oops! These are signs we need to take notice of.  The Catholic Church kicked out the Bankers several times during the Crusades. Jesus turned the tables on the "Money Changers" and rest assured, they have not forgiven or forgotten. 
Jesuit Pope Francis I will likely be the last Roman Pope which is why he has (allegedly) hired British Witch JK Rowling to write a new bible. Did you notice Dumbledore and Gandolf were a lot alike? No surprise, both represent John Dee, the Rosicrucian founder of the British Empire. Most of the world's physical assets deemed "Money" (Gold, Silver, Diamonds) are held and/or controlled by the City of London, a Sovereign City much like the Vatican and Washington DC.
                                         Money Changers behind all Revolutions 
  • Grigori Rasputin and the Bosheviks stole Tsar Nicholas' wealth and murdered (or made it appear that way) his family.
  • Muammar Qadaffi rejected Banker Loans, dared to use the GMMR Aquifer to re-create the Oasis once destroyed by Salt, Fire and Piss during the Punic Wars between Phoenicians and Rome led by Sodomites Hannibal and Hamilcar Barca. Barca has the same meaning as Barack and both have the same goal  "Scorch the Earth", Salt the Soil and Poison the Wells before "Pissing in the Ashes". Qadaffi? Killed or at least it was made to look that way.     
  • Poland rejected Russian Bank Loans and a deal with Putin's "Gazprom"; most of the Government and Military Brass were murdered, or it was made to look that way, traveling on one Russian airplane to the 7t0th Anniversary of Stalin's purge called "Holodomor"; Stalins's favorite Dacha "Country House" was in Sochi.
  • Iceland rejected Banker loans, tossed the major players in jail and had a Volcano erupt that may very well have covered the island with volcanic ash. Catch the pattern here?                   
                                       Edomite Money Changers
    Jesus turned the tables of the "Money Changers" over; His only somewhat violent act. So who are these Bankers? Mayer Amschel Bauer "Permit me to control a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws" Bauer means Farmer; Cain was a Farmer. His address 666 Am Mein was changed to the Red Six Pointed Star; The Star of Saturn. Sochi is a Saturnian "Fire and Ice" Ritual held in plain sight. Rothschild means "Red Shield"; Esau is hated of God (Mal 1:3; Rom 9:27) because he sold his Birthright. His name was changed to Edom meaning Red; Edomites are the Red Shield, the spiritual family of Esau is the Saturnian (Satanic) Brotherhood. 
                             Saturnian Brotherhood or Fire and Ice: By Invitation Only
     Ultimately 10 Kings of the Earth will occupy the 11 Chairs at the back of the Trapszoid (Un-finished Pyramid) UN Meditation Room; guided by the 13,000Lb Lodestone Altar illuminated by a single shaft of light; Lodestone means Leading Stone. Who they are remains to be seen but watching these Satanists vie for position is like watching a Chinese (Hittite-Edomite) Fire Drill.
    One doesn't join the Saturnian Brotherhood; one first sells their Birthright in Freemasonic, Sufi, Jesuit, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or Witchcraft Ritual; joins the so-called "Red Lodge" by rejecting Jesus Christ and waits for an invitation to the "Great White Brotherhood". In the days of Abraham, one sold their Birthright by defying God's Covenant with Abraham "Do not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan"; Ishmael and Esau took Hittite wives and had their name changed to Edom=Red and Ismail.        
     China=Cathay=Children of Heth ie "Hittites". China and Russia are tasked by the UN (Ban Ki Moon is a Unification Church initiate of Sung Myung Moon) with removing Assad’s WMD’s. Those WMD's are Russian with many of the Chemical Weapons delivered by Saddam Hussein just ahead of the US invasion as admitted by James Clapper. China and Russia have stockpiles of anti-tank and surface to air missiles in the Edomite (Hashemite) Kingdom of Jordan and Turkey (Togarmah) which began arriving in Syria on Valentine's Day, destined for  for the “Rebels” aka Neo-Nazi,  al-Qaeda, Freedom Fighters. The US has established an airbase 30 miles south of Amman at Mafraq Airport dedicated to supplying weapons to Syrian "Rebels" in the Edomite Kingdom of Jordan. Obama inked the deal in Palm Springs last week! If this isn’t the biggest Red/Edomite Flag yet, what is?
     Korea is named after Korah, the Rebel Priests in Moses' day. At the closing Sochi Olympic "Fire and Ice" ceremony, Russians formed the "Yin Yang", the solar symbol of Korea and passed the torch to South Korea; RED FLAG!
     Mol Comfort broke in half June 17, 2013 in the Arabian Sea. Mol means Millstone; Jesus had a bit to say about Millstones; Martin Luther said the best way to baptize a Jew was to "Tie a Millstone around his neck and toss him in the Jordan River. Mol Comfort, a Russian built ship in Japan with a crew of 26 Russians had 5000 tons of weapons aboard; John Kerry was in the Ismaili dictatorship of Qatar with "Friends of Syria" aka al-Qaeda Mercenaries waiting on the ship destined for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; RED FLAG!
    Turkish ship Nour M had 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles headed for Syrian “Rebels” when it was intercepted by the Greek Coast Guard; RED FLAG!
    Satanists are supplying both sides of the biblical War called Armageddon. America is Amurru, the Edomite Serpent an Shepherd god; the American military will Shepherd the world's largest "Exodus" along the "Silk Road". 
        "God will have war with Amalek from generation to generation" Exodus 17:16
        Why Syria? Syria is home to a very large collection of cremation sites where worshippers of Molech sacrificed their children by fire. “The Burden of Damascus” Is 17:1 tells us Damascus will be a city no more; this is why Russian and American arms are flooding into Damascus.
     WWIII will also duplicate Armageddon and Gog and Magog. How does one Shepherd 200 Million (Ref Rev 9) people to their physical and spiritual deaths in Har Megiggo? The "Silk Road". Fukushima radiation will cause the "Exodus"; Korea (Korah or Core in Jude 7) will Shepherd the bewildered masses as they did 3500 years ago in the "Wilderness of Sin". Israel was chased across the Red Sea, into Arabia by Amalekites (Pharaoh descended from the Hyksos; foreign Shepherd Kings of Crete) and met on the other side by, you guessed it Amalekites (Hittites), a people descended from Ishmaelites and Edomites who married Hittite women against the commandments of their fathers Abraham and Isaac. China (Sina=Wilderness of Sin) is the new Hittite Kingdom. The Silk Road will pass our of SW China along the path Noah and the families of his 3 sons used to arrive FROM THE EAST (Gen 11:2KJV) to Babylon (Shinar).  New bibles of course change this critical passage as well in order to blame Nimrod who came from the west. Obama is playing the role of Nimrod quite well don't you think?
    The Silk Road was paved as the Karakoram Hwy out of the Himalayas; Mt Everest is known to locals as Chumolongo "Earth Mother"; remember the Arks left there in the Holy Wood movie "2012" as a hint! I'll bet you were like me and fell for the Mt Ararat in Turkey (Togarmah) lie, didn't you?  
   The Silk Road then passes the site of the CIA staged Osama bin Laden raid (1200 miles in a helicopter while being DNA tested; seriously?) to Islamabad; British Lord Cecil Ratcliffe split Pakistan and India along this route for this reason after WWII. From Islamabad to the west the Silk Road crosses Afghanistan "Graveyard of Empires" where CIA assets Hamid and Walid Karzai manage the global Opium Poppy Fields; Obama's "Missing Years" were here, trained by CIA station chief Bob Gates, be sure to check" out his new bestseller. or NOT! Bob even admitted Saddam Hussein's WMD's used to justify the Iraq invasion were sent to Bashar al Assad in Syria. Dorothy needed to pass these same Poppy fields in "Wizard of Oz" to get to Emerald City; funny how Emerald and Barack both mean "Lightning" isn't it?. Poppies made Dorothy sleepy; ever notice how Mithra (Satan) wears a Phrygian Cap called a "Sleeping Cap"? Blue is the supreme color of Masonry, just ask the Smurfs! 
     According to Arab myth (Lie), Abraham had a Winged White Horse named al-Buraq (Lightning) who surveyed the earth after Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ishmael (Bible says Isaac). Muslims are taught (Lied to) that Muhammad also met this same winged white horse at the spot where Jesus turned the tables over on the Money Changers.  Liars of course make Jesus a Bearded, Long Haired, White Man, none of which are true. 
     Mormon means "One who worships "Mormo"; Mormo is the King of the Ghouls aka God of the Living Dead which is what Jesus called the Pharisees "Whited Sepulchres full of Dead Men's Bones"
Mitt Romney has been told "He is the one mighty and strong to usher in the 2nd Coming"; the prophecy is associated with the Mormon "White Horse Prophecy" declaring Elders of the Mormon Church will step in to save the Constitution when it is hanging by a "Silk Thread"; Ready for Eternity Mitt?
    The Silk Road then passes Iran (Iran=Aryan, the sons of Japheth and Madai) where George "Poppy" Bush (nee Nazi George Scherff Jr) installed the Ismaili (sons of Ishmael who rejected God) Shia Muslim, Grand Orient Lodge Freemason Ayathollah Khomeini, and his Satanic offshoot, Ayathollah al-Khameini in what else but the "Green Revolution" in Iran. At the "Green Zone" and Iraq (Babylon=Shinar) George Bush Jr installed the Grand Ayathollah ali-al Sistani; Green Man is called Dionysus or Bacchus; "Green Man" is Satan and can be seen vividly at Rosslyn Castle in Scotland; when Scotland votes for Independence in summer of 2014, watch out! Quite a Satanic Bush legacy, and why not, God appeared to Moses in a Burning Bush after all! On 2/25/2014 US installed Pres of Babylon Nouri al-Maliki (Molechy) inked a $200 Million weapons deal with Iran; isn't that special?
     Finally, the Silk Road enters the Edomite Kingdom of Jordan where Grand Orient Lodge Freemason, King Abdullah (Abd=Servant of Allah=Sin) II just inked the weapons deal with Prince Hall Freemason "Nimrod", Barack Hussein Obama in California. His name means "Lightning" and "He is With Us"; Gee, who might that be? Saturn's Day Night Live comedian Dana Carvey played both George Sr and Jr  as well as "Church Lady". He would say "Oh, I don't know, perhaps SATAN!"
     Edomite "Dominion" is the 3rd Beast described as a Leopard with 4 wings and heads in Dan 7:6. Sochi Olympic mascots were the Bear, the Russian symbol is also California's symbol; the 500 yr drought is no coincidence! The Rabbit  is called  "Rainbow" where the Rabbit is the idol of Anammelech, the Sepharvite Idol in 2 Ki 17:31 corresponding to Easter, Ashtoreth or Ishtar. The Leopard, is the symbol of pagan Priests and Kings who must change their spots to become accepted. "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?" Jer 13:27 Sounds a like a warning about Obama the Ethiopian Fraud to me! 2 paragraphs later in Jeremiah he warns of severe Drought! (Jer 14:3)  Jesus is the Word of God and He is warning us every way possible! "For there are 3 that bear record in heaven; the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these 3 are one" 1 Jn 5:7 KJV Of course, many new versions change or eliminate this critical scripture for obvious reasons. Jesus is the Word, Holy Ghost and Father! 
                              Time to Wake Up and get right with Jesus Christ!

     Sochi: Cauldron of Fire and Ice
         Prometheus was chained to Mt Kazbek in the Caucasus by Zeus for stealing "Cosmic Fire" from Olympus and giving it to Man. At Eagle Rock in Sochi, Prometheus breaks Free of his chains; Prometheus is Lucifer, the Bearer of "Cosmic Fire". The Saturnian Brotherhood "Light Seeking Brethren" are masters of "Fire and Ice". Sochi symbolism can be seen in this video