Amlin Aguri

Amlin Aguri


Amlin Aguri Formula E Team


Tokyo, Japan

Key Personnel:

Aguri Suzuki, Executive Chairman
Mark Preston, Team Principal
Ferry Spijkerman, Commercial Director
Peter McCool, Technical Director


Amlin-Aguri is a new Formula E team with Japanese heritage. It believes expertise and knowledge gained from Formula E can be applied to creating eco-conscious technological solutions for future transport needs. Particularly in major urban areas and ultimately influencing the next generation of public and private transport. Amlin is a leading global insurer and reinsurer; expert at complex decision-taking and risk management. The Aguri influence brings Formula 1 heritage with proven technical innovation credentials. Together, we are serious about motorsport, serious about innovation and serious about winning. The team will emulate Amlin’s core values of leadership, teamwork, professional excellence and sustainability.


Katherine Legge
Antonio Felix da Costa




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