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IGN is WintherMaw. I've PM'd you my skype. I can't promise anything with playing and/or recording, but I'll see what I can do!

EDIT: omg you people. Hello, hello!

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OMFG IS THAT U DIBZ!?? ?!??!?/1//1 1/ 1//1 1/// 1// 1/1//111//?!??!?1 /!?? /!?/ !???? ?!/

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you missed a 1 there

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oh, sorry master :S

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Return of the cactus!

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Oh hai!

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Hey man!

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the cactus shall rise once more.

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You are Alive!!! Glad to see you are still lurking.

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Mwahahahahhaa, look who's back

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    If a guy did this, it would be considered sexist.

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    Not if the girls greatly outnumbered the guys and the girls always picked on the guys.

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    Double standards are great !!!

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    What's a "ladies"?

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    I heard they're a thing outside this community. I never really knew they existed because all we do is objectify and dehumanize women.

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    Dianab0522 for both

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    My Skype is kirstimartin10 my IGN is KebabqueeN and I'm a girl btw if you didn't realise :D

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    Unless you're king_happy, (YT: Queenkinghappy), not many boys use queen :P

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    I can cut my dick off, can I play with you then?

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    I'd rather not put my skype out here but I have IGN, plus im pretty sure you know mine, Jackie :3

    IGN: TorithedragonFTW

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    You should pm WintherMaw, Zhuria, Sonmica and EighteenQs if they don't see this.

    Also if i see any sexist comments in this thread, there will be trouble.

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    I will try! Thank you Berg!

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    sonmica / sonmica (easy enough)

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    Make sure you reply to the actual post sonny, and not just me :P

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    I've got her written down, no worries!

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    good-o, you may have needed to point out you are only after girls at the moment, there seem to be a lot of blokes wanting to be on the 'guys' team.

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    What about breegasms? Will she play?

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    I'll have to ask her, my guess would be no XD

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    No berg, YOU should PM them! They don't even who whohaw. (I'm lazy)

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    Wasnt Zenloliful a girl?

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    She was, but not after the operation. plsnokillitwasgrammer

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    Yay! Girls aren't given much of a chance in this community, thank you!

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    I think it's about time we kick some boy butt! You're welcome, and thank YOU!

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    I'm a boy btw :3 I'll send this to some of my lady friends.

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    Awesome, thanks!



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      Woo! I've been waiting for this to happen.

      IGN: UnicornAnna

      Skype: unicornanna

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      Your in camp go away

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      You're on the ubl go away

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      Goods gotten

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      wow i thought we had something



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        Ign: Sesime

        Skype: Nikki/Sesime

        GIRL POWER <3

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        Someone contact Starrlett and Stacy.

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        IGN: TheonGreyjoy

        Skype: TheonIsCut

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        You need to add

        YouTube: Danaerys

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        the joke is theon has no dick

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        I AM FEMALE

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        I wonder what the percentage of girls vs guys there is in the community. I would do a strawpoll, but I feel many people would not vote truthfully.

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        Girls - 35%

        Guys - 1%

        None of the Above - 64%

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        This is a fun idea! let me know if you need any help or something

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        The amount of Male's reading this post is higher than female...

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        Sorry but I don't see this being a thing. Rage at me all you want but the main purpose for this "recorded UHC" shouldn't be to show female pride within uhc when you are including a bunch of teenage boys being put together with females. It will turn into all of the boys harassing each other and showing off just to look good in front of girls. Call me wrong if you want but this will be what it'll turn into.

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        "I bet these girls will be impressed by my MLG pro skills in this block game!"

        I honestly don't see anyone trying to "impress" women with Minecraft. As a socially awkward male that can't get a girlfriend, that's probably the stupidest way to try and impress a female.

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        I'm sorry, but not all the guys in this community are high school "jocks" who are just looking to get their dicks e-wet. I'm sure Whohaw will take great care in her consideration of the people she allows to play.

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        I died at


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        You'd be surprised about this community

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        It's not hard to round up a few people who are actually mature.

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        Thank you, I promise I'll do my best.

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        Don't get me wrong, I hope this works out great for you guys. I'm just saying it seems to be a little sketchy considering the nature of this community. I've been around for awhile so even if you need help I'll be around

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        Thanks, I really appreciate that. I'll let you know if I need any help c:

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        I see your points. The point of this is for the girls to be a bit more involved in the community, and games. I want to bring this community together. This may not be a recorded round, as it's still a idea continuously snowballing into bigger plans. I'm going to moderate this, and choose those playing, so it won't turn into a horrible sausage fest. Have faith in me, I promise this won't go wrong.

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        Girls are just as involved in this community as anyone else.

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        The point is also for us girls to get together and chat and get to know eachother more. For the most part we don't talk much because we each have our sent of guy friends we talk to and hang out with.

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        Girls aren't just going to pour out of the woodworks. The one's that play uhc already will be around for this. There aren't "inactive" uhc'ers that are just waiting for a calling to get back into uhc. The women in this community that will be a part of this will most likely already be active

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        Winther and Sonmica haven't played UHC for a long time. And I expect there's gonna be more.

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        I'm trying to bring all the girls together, and hopefully bring more into the community. You know I'm a girl too right? And that I'm not doing this because I'm thirsty? The point of this post is to gather up girls so we can play one, or many Girls Vs Boys UHC matches.

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        Why do we even need to be brought together.

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        For fun, really. If you don't want to play or be involved, that's your say and it's fine. I won't force anyone to do anything they don't want to.

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        There's not really going to be enough girls to even do much with this. (Stating my opinion, getting ready for downvotes.)

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        I know, that's the reason I made this post. I know there's a few that aren't known, they're all around. It started as an idea, and now it's here.

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        Eh I just don't think it's that great.

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        There's lots that aren't known because they have non-girly usernames, like you I would never have guessed. Rhii here it's pretty obvious.

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        Done with this community

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        Dunno what to think if any boy tries to impress a girl who already has a boyfriend.

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        You do realize boys change their attitude when a female is in the room?

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        It's also retarded if they act any differently at all, since it's not like they're going to meet these girls in real life...

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        No Tom. Online dating. Like, a lot of people I know date online. Including one homosexual couple back in a small brony group I was in 3 or 4 years ago or so.

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        Yeah but if you were to do that you'd go on okcupid or something, not /r/ultrahardcore

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        Like I said before. Most of us have a group of guys friends we hang out with. And they don't act differently because we are in the room. Trust me. I've heard enough belches, dick jokes, and inappropriateness to last me a lifetime. :D

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        IGN is Slade712

        Skype is Slade712MC

        jk I am male

        I would be up for being on the guys team in a Guys vs Girls UHC tho

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        no, you'll embarrass us

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        IGN is Burtry and my skype is BurtryBirch :) add me

        Edit: i want to be on the girl team

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        Feminine as you are, I don't think you're the person they're looking for, Mister Burtroop. :)

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        Yep, but he is borderline!

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        Idk it's kinda tough to tell sometimes, but maybe if his skype was "BurtryBitch"

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        I would like to do this for the male part, buy I'm not sure that you're asking that.





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            your comment got removed as spam Rhi >_<, and i'm gonna remove this one for consistencies sake.

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            ign: Oyubook

            skype: Matt16L

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