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If You Eat Meat, Look At This Picture

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 18:10
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If You Eat Meat, Look At This Picture…. nuff said.



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No this is no trick photography my friends. Tumors are very common in our farm animals flesh, but the flesh is cleaned out on the outside and the meat is still salable. Ask any butcher.
There is nothing unusual with purulent tumors in the animal flesh you buy. They cut the tumor off and wash the pus away with a lot of bleach, then after it is cleaned out they sell it to you and you have steak or roast for dinner. And the meat in your burgers or hotdogs is not any better and probably not cleaned out as “good” I know a guy who worked at a sausage / wiener factory, the things he saw. DISGUSTING is all I can say Bon appétit folks!!! 
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The “Blood, Pus And Starch”-Free Diet


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  • :mrgreen: yuck I eat only veg now

  • Wow wtf was that….i never seen nothing like that before, i love meat…..but im going to have to cut back on it….omg dat was nasty

  • I didn’t know some meat came cream of tar-tar, Sweet!

    I raise my own meat just for that reason.

  • there will always be fear mongers~you know those veggies you eat are alive and cry when you cut or bite them :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Yep stop making veg and fruit scream while you eat them alive you vicious vegetarians :razz:
    gawd dam vegetation murderers :cry:

    ElOregonian – we raise and eat our own also, never ever seen anything like that. EVER.

    Either a staged photo or possibly it was an abscess, if it that was the case and the animal was left untreated, well that’s just another example of poor farming practices, most likely happening in over stocked and badly run feedlot operations. And that makes me p**ed off.

  • VERY true.
    As a kid I helped out in a butcher shop. The common practice was when you found a tumor (common) it went into the hamburger grinding machine. I’m sure they still do that. They paid for it by buying the weight of meat.
    You don’t think they’re going to throw away money do you?

    • wow hard to believe we didn’t hear about that sooner…. tumor burgers?

    • BS- I too worked in a meat department in high school for several years. Yes, tumors were seldom found and they were always removed and disposed of properly. The large stainless steel meat grinder was a way to take meat and fat scraps cut from various steaks and roasts were then mixed with bright red frozen “bull meat” which was added at different proportions to create the 70%, 80% lean meat ground for burgers.

  • I have been vegan for 9 moths now :mrgreen: Watch frankensteer … Forks over knives
    Crazy stuff

    • I’ll watch “Frankensteer” if you promise to watch “The Perfect Human Diet.” Seems that humans have been consuming meat for thousands of years, and that biologically speaking, we were not set up to be herbivores : we have canine teeth, do NOT have multiple stomachs, etc.

  • Buy only high-quality beef. Supermarkets market them under a different name and represent the pride of the beef industry. Usually it’s Angus, stay away from the cows.

    For ground beef buy from a locally grown grass-fed beef health store.

  • Here’s something the greens don’t consider. Meat increases the food supply because animals can be raised on marginal land that won’t support vegetables and such because of low quality soil and/or low water supply. Free range them and they don’t take much effort or resources to raise them, certainly less than the fertilizer and irrigation needed by veggies and fruits, not to mention the labor. So take away meat and instead of the food supply increasing, it will decline.

  • Hey, if that’s pistachio flavored tumor pudding, YUM! Dinner and dessert all in one – who could ask for more? :)

  • But what if it is on sale or the kids can play around a clown statue?

  • Meat is good for you. Animals eat meat. Even some plants like the Venus Flytrap eat meat. I eat meat too.

  • Go and buy half a Side of Beef and cut and grind it for yourself.
    Find any Tumor in it go and send it back. If everyone did that it would be safer to eat.
    I apprenticed as a Chef in Europe and we never got anything wrapped or frozen. This is the American way,bet you if you bought Meat from a jewish Butcher it would be safe and kosher, the other stuff is for us Goyims that they want to get rid of anyway.
    Ever seen what goes into Ketchup? All the rotten and returned Tomatoes ………….
    Heinz loves it.

    • Yeah, I hear that horse meat is pretty good.

  • vegetables have worms, lots of them, mmmm

  • Factory farm raised animals, cruel to the animals, sometimes or more often unhealthy meat. Asian countries tend to have good health and they eat animal/fish/fowl/insect source proteins.



  • I can vouch for the farms I am aware of (which are considerable) and these people go the extra mile caring not only for the livestock but the feed, land, premises, etc. They turn out the highest quality farm products, crop or livestock humanly possible. For many years I have been privy to witnessing the operations first hand and I very much enjoy the steaks and other cuts of meat they produce.

    • The use of bromine/bromide in our food is a major problem, chemicals like Roundup are another major problem, genetic engineering is another serious problem. The removal of Iodine from our food is another huge problem, depleted soil is another huge problem, to name a few.

  • I feel sick now. I used to eat meat hardly ever …now it’ll be never..yuck.

  • That’s what you get for gobbling GMOs. Organic grass fed are healthy grazing animals that have a life, not the crap most everyone shoves in their face.

    People have no clue. Does GMO corn look ‘ewe gross’? No. But it’s just as bad. Buy non GMO or organic or grow it yourself.

  • A friend of mine used to work in the fish/meat section of a grocery store. He said that many of the stories about meat products were fabricated by reporters so that they’d have a story, or for some personal gain. Unless there are more pictures from varied sources and different animals, this could be a one in a million instance.

  • Hell, Im not a big veggie fan…. Guess I’m gonna have ta start eatin PEOPLE! LOL

  • Uhm, people? Tumors aren’t made of pus, they are simply solid masses.
    This is an ABSCESS which is common in both people and animals.

    Nice try vegos, but I’m still eating meat.

  • Anonymous
    Wrong Answer………………….Guess you can always find someones misinpertation of things.
    Early Man eat Meat and so did man throughout History.
    The Bible even speaks of Meat or the Animals that we were to harvest.
    Of course there is always the exception to the Rule,even today you find many Vegitarians that look not too healthy because of lack of Protein. Eat a healthy Diet of everything but don’t discount Meat or Fish.
    Had two visitors from Europe tramping through our Wilderness up north one was a Vegetarian looking very pale and his Brother who eat everything.
    After returning from their wild journey eating of the land and water, the Vegetarian was very sick while his brother was just fine

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