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Some web hosting services offer reseller hosting. A hosting reseller is someone who purchases web space and in turn uses the space and bandwidth to host websites. The web space is purchased at wholesale prices and then sold for a profit. Reseller programs often come with the option to rent a dedicated or virtual private server (VPS). There is the web hosting services make it mandatory for the reseller to rent a dedicated or VPS in order to reallocate the hard drive space.

Web developers or designers usually are the hosting resellers to offer web site creation and hosting in an all in one package. This gives the reseller full service capabilities and saves their customers from hiring separate entities to accommodate their web pages.

Reseller programs are the ideal stepping stone to allow individuals or a group of business partners to start a web design and or a web hosting company. Resellers can usually establish their own package deals and pricing schedule. The reseller can also establish their own brand, support and maintenance policies and the desired control panel and capabilities.

The reseller has the responsibility of dealing with their customers, but if the customer has questions regarding the hardware or software or connectivity, those issues are addressed by the service provider. That is good news for the reseller because it mens they do not have to have an advanced degree or trouble shooting experience in computers and the related technology, although it is helpful to have solid knowledge and experience in basic computer and software operations.

A reseller will be responsible for advertising and marketing their reseller rights. They will have to be sure to provide exceptional service to attract a high level of customer, which means they must only deal with reputable hosting services. It will take solid and effective marketing in order to compete with established hosting companies.

Web hosting has turned into a massive business and as the number of websites develops, more web space will be needed to give the web pages a place to call home, which in turn means more hosting services will be needed to keep up with the pace of website development.

The success of a web hosting service is the function of competitive pricing, user friendly policies, high level of service, second to none support and customer service and possessing the necessary capabilities to serve the customer’s needs.