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6/6/10 - Omaha World Herald discusses an issue rarely talked about during the immigration debate - identity theft and the victim's story.

5/4/10 - KPTM Fox 42 highlights Executive Director Jaimee Napp's story.

4/14/10 - Governor Dave Heineman signs Nebraska's Crime Victim Fund bill.

4/19/10 - Nebraska LB 261 - Nebraska enacts a bill lifting restrictions to allow private retailers, businesses and others who would qualify to scan, compile and store information obtained from a driver’s license. Unfortunately for Nebraska citizens, one of the country's top four driver's license privacy laws just evaporated.

8/30/09 - Nebraska's new law becomes one of the top five Security Freeze consumer protections laws in the country. The Security Freeze Enhancement bill becomes law today reducing placement fees to $3 per credit bureau making security freeze more affordable to Nebraskans. Information about the new changes

6/19/09 - America's Most Wanted airing an episode on Saturday, June 20th at 8:00 p.m. searching for a federal fugitive wanted for identity theft in Fremont, NE. Information about the victim's story and specifics on the fugitive

Did you know there are five types of identity theft crimes? Read more...

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