What is the Difference between Brand Name and Generic Ativan?

What is the Difference between Brand Name and Generic Ativan?


Most people know that generic Ativan is cheaper than the brand name. However, most people do not realize what a generic drug really is. Most simply think it is a product which contains the same active ingredient as a brand-name version. While both brand-name and What is the Difference between Brand Name and Generic Ativan?generic Ativan contain Lorazepam, it takes much more than just a common ingredient for a product to be considered a generic drug.

Ativan was first introduced in 1977. The company making Ativan was allowed to have the patent rights on the medicine for a limited amount of time. The reason that patents on drugs are limited is to prevent one company from having a monopoly over a medication. If only one sole company was allowed to make a medicine, they could then charge whatever they wanted and patients in need to treatment would have to pay – or remain sick. After the patent on Ativan expired, many “generic” brands from all over the world started to manufacture it.

In order for a generic version of Ativan to be sold in the United States, it must be approved by the FDA. The same goes with other nations who have strict prescription drug laws. For example, generic Ativan must be approved by Health Canada if it is going to get sold in Canada. To gain approval, generic Ativan must meet strict regulations. It must be tested and proven that it is:
• 100% biochemically equal to brand-name Ativan
• Have the safe safety profile
• Come in the same dosages
• Have the same method of administration as the brand-name equivalent

When you buy generic Ativan, you can be sure that you are getting a safe and effective medicine. The only difference between brand-name and generic Ativan is that generic Ativan is usually much cheaper.

If you want to save money on your Ativan prescription, you can ask your local pharmacist if they carry generic Ativan. Unfortunately, not all brick-and-mortar pharmacies will carry generic versions of all their drugs. That is simply because they do not have enough space or because it is not profitable for them. If you want to buy generic Ativan, you may need to buy it from an online pharmacy instead.

It is important to note that not all medicines calling themselves “generic Ativan” are true generics. This is because they may be made in countries which do not have strict drug enforcement agencies like the FDA or Health Canada. That is why it is always best to buy generic Ativan from a reputable country. These are some of the countries from which you can feel secure buying generic Ativan:
• US
• Canada
• EU
• Barbados
• Israel
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Jamaica
• India
• Mexico
Even if the online pharmacy you choose is based out of one of these countries, they may be sending your order to other countries to get filled. The pharmacy where your order actually gets filled is called the dispensing pharmacy. Be sure to ask where the dispensing pharmacy is located to be sure it is in a safe country. You can double check this when your order arrives because it will have postage and labeling from the dispenser.

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