Don't come to me,just cause you're lonely tonight
Lonely's only part of your game
Long as your live,you must remember one thing
Give and take are one in the same

So tell me are you ready,really,really ready
I don't want your love for one night

★'Cause I'm not lookin' for a love affair
 I need the magic when I hold you near
 It's more important than a one night stand
 I need the magic when I touch your hand

Don't waste my time,with empty stories of love
I've wasted too much time on my own
If I don't find the right solution for me
I'd rather stay at home all alone

('Cause)I'm the one who wants you,ooh how much
I want you
But baby it's just got to be right


I need you oh so close to my heart
Come into my world we can,“share everything there”
I need the magic light from the start(magic)
Than you'll be my lover,magic undercover,
-No one will be stopping us now