Special cases regarding Lorazepam usage

Here are some special cases that are not covered in the safety section when talking about Lorazepam.

  • Senior population and children under the age of fourteen are a problematic group when talking about Lorazepam because very few studies have been conducted on their usage. However, it has been known to for treatment of momentary seizures. Dosages given need to be considered from person to person and cannot be generalized, additionally so in the senior patients and patients who are debilitated since the risk of overdose is somewhat greater. Prolonged usage of Lorazepam can cause some lowering of cognitive functions, especially with the senior population, and those effects might not be revocable after the treatment is stopped. Older patients usually need more time to fully digest and run through their metabolism, when compared to younger patients, and are more susceptible to the paradoxical effects of Lorazepam. One more thing to be considered is that older patients have a tendency to take more than one medication at the same time, which always opens a risk of drug interaction with Lorazepam. In addition, one of the possible side effects of Lorazepam is possible momentary loss of muscle control leading to possible falls, which can cause a lot more damage in seniors than in regular patients. This all being said, starting doses for the senior population is usually half of that given to younger patients. Lorazepam also might take longer than usual to completely clear from the system of elder patients, leading to the increased chance of appearance of any adverse effects and even in some cases enhanced overall effect. Lorazepam, like similar benzo-drugs can lead to problems with bodies balance and ability to stand still, after waking up. Many fallings and fracturing of the hips are reported, and should be monitored regularly in cases when this combined with alcohol can lead to additional increased problems.
  • In case of patients with renal or liver problems Lorazepam can be an option, because it is considered a much’ better option than most benzos. Since it does not require oxidation in the liver, it can safely be given to patients with liver problems, without the risk of it not working, or worsening the state of the liver. It is also true for kidney diseases and disorders; they do not affect Lorazepam blood levels in any way.
  • As mentioned before there is a risk of abuse of Lorazepam and should be extremely careful when giving to someone who has a history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • In case of using Lorazepam before an operation, the constant form that the patient is required to sign can be disputed if it was signed after receiving a dose of Lorazepam. In addition, the dosage should be monitored to prevent any possible abuse while the operation and recovery periods. Since Lorazepam lowers your ability to process decisions and somewhat prolonged sedative effects, it is best used for patients while he is in the medical facility. Patients who have received a dose of Lorazepam for premedication should not be allowed to leave the hospital unless someone is willing to look after them for twenty-four hours.

A real testimonial from a Lorazepam user

Lorazepam is more commonly known throughout the world as Ativan, and there are thousands of happy people that have tried it and used it for various conditions, we here give you what Peter, a 34 year old plumber wrote after using it for his sleeping problems.

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Lorazepam withdrawal and its side effects

As mentioned before as is the case with all benzodiazepines, in case of prolonged and overuse of any of them, and especially Lorazepam who is stronger and more addictive then some of the others. Therefore precautions are required if Lorazepam was taken for a large period and the patient [...] Continue Reading…

Increased tolerance and possible dependence

This is a real issue when dealing with any benzodiazepines and should really be paid special attention. They are a very strong group of drugs that are very efficient in managing the problems they are intended, and exactly for this reason, they should never be used longer than prescribed. [...] Continue Reading…

Safety, read before using

What you always need to do before taking any drug, and therefore Lorazepam, is carefully consult your doctor on any possible drug interactions and any possible allergies to any of the drugs primary or secondary ingredients. Notify your doctor if you are possibly allergic to Lorazepam or to any [...] Continue Reading…

Sizes and doses of Lorazepam pills

Lorazepam tablets are available in following doses.

0.5 mg tablets, they are round, flat, white, tablets with beveled edge, on one side is written “IP” and on the other one “15”, these are available in bottles of 1000, 500 and 100 tablets.
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What can Lorazepam do for me?

Lorazepam has several positive effects and is highly valued and considered highly effective. Some of its effects include

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Basic info and solid facts about Lorazepam

Lorazepam is the name of the drug that was originally (and in some cases still) soldby the names Temesta and Ativan. It is considered high potent and short to medium acting tri hydroxy benzodiazepine medicine. It is known for the fact the it has six out of six benzodiazepine [...] Continue Reading…

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