Fab Five No.12

Technically, summer isn’t over until the end of September. However, I don’t know how many people I have heard say that this weekend is the last “real” weekend of summer.  Vacations are over, school is starting back up, and we are trading in our bright neons for rich bold hues.  Here is a recap on what we can call the last Fab Five of the season!

Julie returned from her trip to Scotland over the weekend and with her she brought a few stationery surprises.  Purchased at Honest Thistle in Pitlochry, Scotland these foil stamped folded cards by Gillian Kyle boast the culture and nostalgia of their origin from across the pond.

greetings from across the pond

You know those dog owners who collect any kind of item that represents their furry friend in the slightest way?  I am one of those owners. Luckily for me, and all the proud Doxie owners,  Ink + Wit has the “Day in Paris” stamp kit. This set consists of three stamps; a vespa, pennant flags, and of course a Dachshund adorning rain boots that can be used separately or together.

looks like the perfect day to me!

If you ever have the need to be the planets best pen-pal, we’ve got the item that will send you soaring into first place. Your note will read more as a gift as it is pulled out of it’s lettepressed sleeve. Made by Pikku, this special set has matching flat cards that are great for gift giving, or to stash in your personal collection.

wanted: pen pals for letter writing fun

As we see the seasonal transition of wedding themes, we like to keep our visuals around the shop up to date and inspiring.  Here is a glimpse of our invitation inspiration board.  We used lots of bold colors and shiny foil to capture the richness we are noticing as a trend in fall weddings.

a few of our favorites for fall!

As August is coming to a close and September arrives, we are preparing our new window displays. This month, inspiration hit when we stumbled across this colorful DIY fabric ribbon garland on the creative Sugar Lander blog. I can’t wait to get ours up in the windows!

I can’t wait for our next crafting day!

I hope everybody has a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!  We will be spending our holiday Monday with our friends and family, but check back in on Tuesday for a VERY exciting announcement!

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Colorful Notes

These lovely notecards from Letter C Design are adding lots of cheer to the shop. The little cards are great for thank you notes, invitations or just to say hello. Each card is hot foil stamped by hand, one at a time, in the Letter C design studio.

all images via Letter C Design
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Party Paper by Mr. Boddington

Sweet Paper is stocked with fabulous stationery from Mr. Boddington’s Studio for your wedding day, or any soiree.

Dottie’s Collection is letterpressed in rich gold ink on 100% cotton paper. Table numbers come in packs of 12, escort cards in packs of 24.

Clementine escort cards have clever sayings to get your guests talking. Set includes 24 tented escort cards printed flat matte in rich black on 120 pound stock.

O’Hara escort cards and table numbers are letterpressed in rich black ink on 100% cotton stock and calligraphed by the talented Tara Jones.

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Fab Five No.11

My apologies for not keeping the avid Sweet Paper readers updated on last weeks top five fabulous happenings. Hopefully all can be forgiven.  Here is a quick peek at the past week.

We had an opportunity  to work with a great non-profit organization on invitations for their “friendraiser” event. The Any Body Can Youth Foundation is a one of a kind group whose vision is to “provide a complete after school program in a safe, inviting environment for children in underserved areas.”  Their facility includes an area to study as well as a boxing gym where youth receive lessons from world class instructors. We hope their event is a huge success!

Good Luck to the ABC Youth Foundation!

Tuesday is my day off, and I promise you all the good stuff happens on Tuesday while I’m away. This week was no exception.  Amber, the owner and founder of Biscuit, brought in some samples of her delicious biscotti, which let me tell you is to die for. I would describe to you in a Gordon Ramsay fashion how delicious my favorite one is, but I can’t decide on which one is best, and I suggest you try them for yourself!

vanilla biscotti with salted caramel… what could go wrong?

I don’t know why craft day at Sweet Paper always seems to land on a Wednesday, but I’m not complaining about it. It’s the perfect activity to get through the mid-week blues. We were so excited to design wedding stationery for a photo shoot for Couture Events. While we won’t reveal all the mock-wedding magic, we will give you a sneak peek of the escort cards that were used. Looking forward to sharing all the great photos and the rest of the stationery collection!

whimsical and woodsy for a fairytale wedding

I am always looking for last minute gifts, which means I’m also in the need for last minute wrap. Lucky for me, the great minds over at The Great Lakes have put together this gift wrap set complete with screen printed paper, twine and even a gift tag! This would be a great emergency kit to keep in my car for all of those last minute wrapping emergencies… you never know when one might hit.

to: in need wrappers, from: the great lakes

I know that not everybody is ready for Christmas seeing as it isn’t even September, I however, am not one of those people.  We got another early shipment to prepare for the holiday, containing nothing but Kate Spade holiday cards.  I wouldn’t dare risk being moved to the naughty list, so I will share one with you. (Sorry! Only one. I can’t ruin the WHOLE surprise!!) Pink and red foil, but of course!

These are tucked away for now, but I can’t wait to shine the shop with them soon!





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Save the Dates by Page Stationery

The newest addition to our custom stationery selection comes from Page Stationery. Their DUET line includes saves the dates, personal stationery for him, her and kids, baby shower invitations, birth announcements and holiday cards, all of which we will be featuring over the next few weeks. Up first, save the dates!

The DUET collection of save the dates includes 19 customizable designs. Start with your favorite layout, add a photo if you like, and then mix and match fonts and colors. All designs can be printed double sided; put your photo on the back, choose one of many fun patterns or add additional information for your guests.

all photos via the Page Stationery blog
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Now in Store, Natalie Eden

Ever since the National Stationery Show when Theresa and Julie made fabulous purchases to arrive throughout the rest of the year, almost every day has been like Christmas, and today was no exception. Theresa and I were delighted to open a package from Natalie Eden this morning, and even more excited when we discovered the cards were embellished with glitter. Very excited to have this sparkly stationery lining the shelves at Sweet Paper.

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Did someone say Free?

The sparklers over at Spark just announced their fall special and its a good one! Receive free return address printing on your outer envelopes when you order custom letterpress wedding invitations. That will save you a good amount on your invitations, savings you could put towards some of Spark’s fabulous embellishments, like edge painting, foil, custom envelope liners or a chic custom made pocketfold. Oh, the possibilities!

the fine print

all images via Spark
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Inspiration Files: Mint

The color Mint is everywhere these days and I am definitely digging it. The pastel hue has been on my radar for quite some time because my good friend Lesley loves it, she has a wall in her house painted the loveliest shade. Every time I see something mint it reminds me of Les is More (that’s her nickname). I first started noticing it in fashion. Then on a recent trip to the local antique shops I found it being used on all sorts of vintage pieces. My thrifting trip inspired this post and after a quick mint search on Pinterest I found the below photo of Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific.

Wouldn’t this color palette be so chic for a wedding?!

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Fab Five No.10

It was another award winning week at Sweet Paper! Here’s a quick recap of the work week.

A great reminder arrived in the mail today! Tutta Lou Press has designed these fab five worthy “art by mail” letterpress prints that we just can’t get enough of! This colorful message is a great item to send to a friend, or frame in your own home! Theresa even grabbed one for herself as soon as they arrived, it’s safe to say they won’t be around for long!

you should be daaaancin’ yah!

Tuesday was my fabulous father’s birthday, so it was only appropriate that I select my new favorite celebratory birthday card from Plane Paper in his honor. This tri-fold card is detailed with three different laser cuts, creating depth when it is closed, and a long string of flags when opened. Perfect for anything from birthdays to showers, this laser cut beauty is right on target.

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

Finishing up a project is always a good feeling.  I was so excited when the planner of this shower came back in to get menus and place cards to match the invitations we designed for her last month. It was fun to create a different design using the same elements for a different, yet cohesive look.

I’ll have one of everything! Except dessert.. I’ll take two!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been OBSESSED with following the Olympics this year! I’m only a little upset that the “fab five” women’s gymnastics team copied the title of this weekly blog post as their team nickname… but I’m sure I’ll get over it with time.  I cheered extra loud when our fabulous women’s soccer team won GOLD on Thursday as one of those ladies is one of our brides!!  Among being busy winning gold medals, the Del Mar native is also wrapping up invitations for her coming up wedding! GO TEAM!


Ending this week of excitement was a day of (my favorite) crafting!! I cozied up to 3 yards of burlap and twine to assemble the finishing touches on these custom designed and locally letterpressed invitations. From paper picking to string snipping, these tailor made rustic invitations were designed detail by detail from start to finish.

the twine “ties” it all together, don’t you think?

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Notebook Roundup

I am a list maker, I just love lists – to do lists, wish lists, grocery lists, christmas lists (my family waits with bated breath for this baby every year!), goal lists… you get the idea. With all of the technology we have available to us these days, I still love a good old fashioned notebook for jotting down my lists. So I thought it would be fitting to do a notebook roundup with a few of my favorites.

Smock letterpress bamboo cover notebooks with 100% pcw recycled pages. You definitely don’t have to feel bad about using these eco-friendly, and pretty, notebooks.

Pei Design’s confetti notebook makes taking notes a cheerful occassion.

Rifle Paper Co. floral notebook with lined pages. I want to use this one while sipping a glass of lemonade and lounging on the back porch.

Mara Mi Oscar Wilde Wisdoms notebooks, each color has a different quote:
Powder Blue – “I’m so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”
Lilac – “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”
Apple – “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”
Tangerine – “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”

Susy Jack spiral bound notebook with lined pages. Fun patterns and a super thick cover make these stylish and durable.

Pei Design’s nautical anchor notebooks are perfect for summer.

Paper Thinks recycled leather notebooks have lined pages and a pocket in back; colorful, handy and environmentally responsible!

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