Before you log on to a Canadian slots website of your choice and start spinning those reels like there’s no tomorrow, you need to know the right type of machine that will enable you to maximize your chances of winning big. There are many different types of Canadian slots available online, and the differences go much deeper than the obvious graphics and branding. For instance: did you know that slots that pay lower jackpots will pay out smaller winning much more often, while those that offer monster jackpots are much less likely to payout? The smaller winnings we are talking about in this example (those lower and more frequent than the main jackpot) are called secondary payouts, and their frequency is directly tied to the size of the jackpot.

In addition to knowing the characteristics of different Canadian slots, you should also make sure that you are well rested, relaxed and confident in your ability to beat the house and win that big jackpot. If a certain slot game doesn’t feel good to you, don’t spend any more time playing it than necessary. Also, if you are nervous, stressed out, tired or under the influence of one too many beers, it’s probably better to shut down your computer and sleep one off than it is to keep playing. Not being able to think clearly while playing Canadian slots can lead to many potentially expensive mistakes. If you don’t want to regret the things you did in the evening in the morning, make sure that you are always fresh, alert and focused.

It’s generally a good idea to play Canadian slots in bigger casinos with lots of players online. Usually, this means major online casinos that offer other games besides Canadian slots. Bigger number of players often means that the casino is able to offer much bigger payout percentages when compared to smaller websites, and offline casinos, so take advantage of that opportunity. It’s usually a better idea to play Canadian slots in large online casinos than in small places that often have only a couple of machines – for instance bars, airports and other small offline locations.

If you can choose, always play Canadian slots in certified online casinos rather than those that don’t provide any guarantee or certification. If an online casino is certified, that means that they are guaranteed (usually by an appropriate government Gambling agencies) to payout more than 98% of total credits. On the other hand, if an online casino isn’t offering any kind of certification or a guarantee, the chances are that their payouts are much, much lower than that – so why would you waste your time and money with them?

These are just some of the more basic advices that can make the difference between winning and losing when playing Canadian slots online. Since more and more online casinos these days are carrying Canadian slots and other slot based games, there’s a lot of new players eager to give it a spin, and most of them don’t have any previous experience with Canadian slots. Hopefully, this brief article will be enough to set them in the right direction, and make their online gambling experience a pleasurable and fun one.