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Ubuntu is a Linux based computer operating system that is based on the Debian GNU/Linux system and distributed freely. The system is based on usability and there is a new release every six months. It is not necessary to update the operating system that often, but the updates often include a fix or two of problems with a previous release.

Ubuntu can be configured with a VPN, but it can be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. Linux has no VPN client wizard configuring tool similar to Windows has. Linux is not able to detect routes or add them automatically and videos dealing with Ubuntu configuration do not include setting up a virtual private network (VPN).

Ubuntu is the most widely used Linux based operating system and used with a VPN, it can be accessed by just about any other operating system. It is necessary to install the Network Manager app by choosing the add/remove button in the Ubuntu menu and then install the plug in for the connection type being used.

Tutorials for setting up a virtual private network on Ubuntu can be found on sites offering VPN packages. The Ubuntu operating system offers a very secure platform and is just right for creating a secure and private network. Ubuntu offers a very stable platform, making rigid connections through the tunneling process the most desirable of all secure settings.

This method allows the user to create a VPN on the fly via the tun driver or tunnel driver. This type of VPN connection utilizes the SSH point to point connection within the Ubuntu shell. The protocol asks for the tunnel on the calling computer and creates an interface that acts as a bridge to bring two network segments together. Once the tunnel has been established, the calling computer and the answering computer will both have a globally routable address.