Xanax Questions

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People who never had to deal with anxiety and depression often tend to think that they are not “real” medical issues, and that they are “all in the head”. If you are one of the people who shares this dangerous misconception, you need to think again and re-evaluate. Anxiety and depression are very real and serious medical conditions, and it’s hard to overestimate the danger they present to millions of people who struggle with them every year. According to latest data, over 14% of Americans will have to deal with some form of anxiety or depression during their lives. These conditions can have a detrimental effect on the health of even the most resilient people, and in most severe cases, they can even prove to be fatal in the end. If you are afraid that you might be suffering from depression or anxiety, take a look at this list of most common symptoms. If you recognize one or more of the symptoms listed, you should definitely talk with your doctor – he will be able to prescribe you the appropriate treatment to deal with the issue.

Anxiety, panic attacks and depression can manifest themselves with a number of symptoms. These can be both physical and emotional in nature. Some of the most common physical symptoms include stomach problems, diarrhea, nausea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness,  headaches, chills and chest pain, among others. Emotional symptoms that are characteristic of an anxiety or depression related condition include rational anger, terror or fear, nervousness and agitation, feelings of insecurity or a desire to isolate from others.

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms in Yourself or someone close to you, you need to think about getting professional medical help as soon as possible. Modern science has gone a long way when it comes to treating psychological problems like anxiety and depression in the recent years, and there are numerous drugs and behavioral therapies that can be used alone, or in a combination to treat them. One of the most effective drugs for treatment of anxiety and depression on the market is Xanax. It’s a form of benzodiazepine CNS depressant, and has been a popular and common choice for the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks and depression for quite some time. Xanax is known to be both very safe and effective and reliable as a way of treating even the most severe cases of depression and panic attacks.

But like most other drugs – especially those that affect the nervous system – Xanax has both a good and a bad side to it. Although most people use Xanax responsibly and as intended and prescribed with great success, it still has a significant potential for abuse. When used irresponsibly, for prolonged periods of time, in large dosages, or in combination with other CNS affecting drugs or alcohol, Xanax can be very dangerous. It’s even possible to develop a very real addiction, or even overdose on Xanax, so always put safety first when using the drug, and never take more than prescribed.

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