Online Casino Bonuses

It is no surprise that the popularity of the online casinos is constantly rising. They are giving you the opportunity to plays games such as blackjack, craps, poker or slots while you are comfortably laid back in your armchair without the distractions and the crowding that usually go with regular casinos. Not only do they give you a number of games that are just perfect for getting rid of the boredom, they also enable you to make some money without ever leaving your chair. More and more people are discovering the benefits that such casinos are offering.

But with the increase in the interest there has also been, a quite significant, increase in the number of operating online casinos. Their exact number might be difficult to estimate, but it is certain that it is staggeringly high. In such a crowded market, individual casinos need to do everything that they can in order to attract and keep new customers. There are several ways to do this. One is making your site look more appealing, another is raising the chances that the players can win at a certain game. A lot of casinos are doing this by offering excellent customer service with free phone numbers that are open 24 hours a day and that will put you in contact with friendly and helpful staff.

But by far the most popular and successful method of attracting the customers is offering bonuses to the players that sign up. These bonuses follow specific sets of rules in every casino, so you should definitely make sure that you are familiar with the way those bonuses work in the casino that you are currently playing at.

There are, however, some general rules for these bonuses. Most casinos won’t allow you to use these bonuses to play certain games such as roulette, blackjack and craps. There is a simple explanation for this. The point of bonuses is to keep the new user playing the games; this is the only thing that bonuses can initially be used for. You can’t just redeem them for cash as soon as you get them. You need to bet them, along with your original deposit, several times before you can cash out the money that you have in your online account. This is meant to keep you playing on a particular site for long enough for you to become interested, and to want to stay on that site even if your bonus money gets depleted.

Using that bonus money to play any of the listed games might amount to beating this system as you can make decisions that will constitute as bets, but will not be risky. For instance you bet on both the red and the black in a game of roulette and pretty much stay where you were when the money is concerned, and it would count as if you used you bonus to bet. After a couple of such bets you would be able to cash out your bonus, without giving the casino site an opportunity to make some money.

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