Some of the Terms in Blackjack

If you are playing online blackjack, or any other card game recreationally, you might have occasionally stumbled upon people who were obviously talking about the game in a language that strongly resembled English, but you still weren’t able to tell exactly what they were saying. It is, of course not surprising to learn that this game, like so many others, has its own set of game specific terms. If you want to be able to in the future participate in such conversations, or at least be able to tell what those people are saying, this article is just the thing you need.

Burning a card: This is meant to signify the action of removing the top card from the freshly shuffled deck. This is done with the intention of proving that there is no cheating on the dealer’s part. Burned cards are sometimes shown to the players, and sometimes not.

Action: This is a term that can be heard when talking about any other card game, it is not specific to blackjack and it stands for the all the bets that have been made within a certain time frame, like in a single game.

Hole card: The term hole card is usually reserved for the dealer’s face down card, but it can technically refer to any card on the table that is positioned with its face down.

Basic strategy: This is a playing system that is thought to be able to ensure that you are playing with the best possible odds of winning in the long run.

Soft hand: Soft hand is meant to denominate a hand in which a drawn ace has a value of 11 and not 1, meaning that if you have a 7 and an ace, that would be called a soft 18

Hard hand: Is exactly the opposite, as you might have guessed, with an addition, it can either be a hand with no aces, or a hand in which the ace has a value of 1. A hand with an 8, a 7 and an ace would be hard 16.

Stand: Means that you don’t want the dealer to give you anymore cards and that you are satisfied with your current total

Hit: Is the opposite term, meaning that you want the dealer to give you a card.

Push: is another way of saying that the game is tied

Bust: Is what happens if your card’s values exceed 21. This means that you’ve lost the hand.

Pet hand: Is a hand in which the sum of the values of your cards is between 17 and 21

Surrender: Is an action that only some casinos allow. It means that you are forfeiting the hand in exchange for getting a half of your bet back. You can only do this when you get your two cards, and before you take any other action.

Double down: Is doubling your bet while you still only have your original two cards. If you decide to double down you are given one more card and that is it. You cannot choose not to take the card or to take additional cards.

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