Is having multiple migraines each month something to worry about?

For years I have been getting one migraine every month, but since January this year I have been getting at least 3 migraines a month. Would this be anything to worry about?

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Have you been under more stress? Something different in your environment? Has anything, even something small changed in your diet, anything that could cause this? If you have a history of migraines I would not run to the doctor, but if it doesn’t get better you might want to go, just for some advice or thoughts of what you could try to do.
on: 13th April 10

fioricet and xanax?

i took 2 fioricets thursday morning.

is it ok to take xanax today?

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yes, just dont take too many
by: Daniel J
on: 26th December 09

can fioricet get you high?

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I took fioricet for my migrains and at first it made me really really peppy. I guess cause of the caffine. But after a while it died down.
by: mm
on: 3rd December 08

will i be drug tested during the investigation of an accident that i caused?

i take prescribed fioricet for migraines… and i lost the pill bottle, so i just keep them in an unmarked bottle… will i be drug tested when my allstate agent comes and sees the damage to my car, and assesses[sp?] the damage. will i need a doctors note?
its not the unmarked bottle im worried about… its that if i did have to take a DT… id come up positive for barbiturates. :/ but now that i know i wont have one… :D yay!

Chosen Answer:

no you wont be drugtested,, only if you are taken to the hospital, they will run a tox screen on you,, but the insurance company can’t do anything to you, they know accidents happen and no one can make you get a drug test w/o a court order.
by: patrotjon
on: 18th May 08

Fioricet medicine, lasting time?

How long does the effects last, about how many hours?

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4-6 hours.
by: Avery Jane
on: 20th May 11

Can i get discharged for migraines in the air force?

I am in Security Force’s and the migraines do cause me to feel dizzy and nausea.

Chosen Answer:

I would keep it on the DL unless it impairs your ability to do your job. If this is the case, you may be medically discharged.
on: 21st October 09

what is fioricet & what is it for?

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if memory serves, its a barbiturate and is used for pain like headaches. Barbiturates are much more dangerous than benzodiazapines (tranquillizers also)
on: 4th November 11

I have chronic migraines and the cause is unknown, what do i do?

Yes, my girlfriend suffers from chrnoic migraines which come about just about every day. Problem is when she got a analysis, they couldn’t find anything wrong w/ her. No tumors, etc.. But she gets the headaches nevertheless. I wanted to know if there was any way to calm/remove the migraines, or just look more into what the cause could really be. Any useful information would be very much appreciated as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Chosen Answer:

so obviously they have done the CT and MRI scans. did they check her spinal alignment, that can cuase it, or it could be what they hought i had. its caled cluster headaches, and they cant really test fr it except by putting you on meds and seeing if they help.
mine turned out i needed glasses, but they wee migranes i was geting, so maybe get her eyes checked.
um.. obviously you are seeing a doc.
give them a undown of her general diet, stress levels, previous family medical contitions, and all that usual stuff, ask about clusters, have the spine checked.
thats the best advice i can give.
as for traeting them, cool water to drink, quiet dark room, and try nurofen migrane. doesnt do much, but takes the edge off a little bit.
some people can use those stripps you put over your head, but the last thing you want to do with a migrane is to muck around with cutting the damn things, so best for quiet, water and sleep.

oh and also make sure your GF drinks enough during the day. you can get shockers from dehydration, and they get serious

hope this helps
by: evelyn_swartz
on: 30th June 08

what is fioricet? is it medicine ?

Chosen Answer:

Fioricet and Esgic is made from a combination of butalbital (a barbiturate, 50 mg), acetaminophen (325 mg), and caffeine (40 mg). They are indicated for the treatment of tension headaches and muscle contraction headaches. Although not indicated, they are commonly used to treat migraines and other pain related ailments. Note that Fioricet (and some other pain medications) are implicated as causing repeat headaches with over-use (see NYT citation below)
by: shane_love
on: 16th August 11

Is fioricet addictive?

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Foricet is a Class lll controlled drug….butalbital. It is addictive if taken over a long period of time. I use it for migraines.
on: 2nd December 08