DCI Judge Membership Renewal

All DCI Certified Judges are required to be actively judging events yearly. The specific requirements are based on certification level and can be found under Judge Level Requirements

In the month prior to a judge’s expiration the Judge Center will note the need for renewal at the top of the page after they login. Additionally the DCI will send out a warning of expiration a month in advance to the email on file with the DCI.

Judges are encouraged to fill out yearly renewal evaluation online via the Wizards of the Coast Judge Center at judge.wizards.com Renewal evaluations require a judge to take a test, it is recommended that judges take practice tests when they visit the Judge Center. Renewals are a self-evaluation form and comment box.

If you have trouble with the Judge Center try to reference the Site Guide for answers first.

If you let your judge membership expire, you will be required to judge a DCI tournament before your judge membership will be renewed.

For Further assistance please contact Customer Support at http://www.wizards.com/customerservice.