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Green Coffee Bean Extract Study

It seems like every year, hundreds of new products are touted as the “solution to weight loss.” The newest product that seems to fit the bill is called green coffee bean extract. According to a recent study, these un-roasted coffee beans could actually be a legitimate solution to the obesity problem plaguing the United States.

Researchers at the University of Scranton conducted the study to determine if green coffee bean extract could effectively help participants lose weight. The study used 16 overweight people between the ages of 22 and 46. Researchers monitored the participants over a 22 week period while supplementing the participants with a low dose 700mg green coffee extract capsule and a high dose 1,050mg pill as well as a placebo.

The participants were instructed to take the green coffee extract pills every single day, about 30 minutes before each meal. Due to the bitterness of the pill, participants were also instructed to drink a lot of water with the pill.

Researchers also wanted to carefully keep control over the study, so they monitored each participants diet and exercise routine. They noted that through the entire study, participants consumed roughly 2,400 calories per day and burned 400 calories from exercise, which are nowhere near the levels that are generally required for weight loss.

After the 22-week trial was completed, researchers weighed the participants again. They found that the participants lost 17 pounds – a 10.5% decrease in overall body weight. They also noted a 16% decrease in body fat percentages as well.

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Dr. Joe Vinson, the lead researcher who conducted the study wrote that the participants could have lost more weight. However, because the participants received a placebo and lower dose during parts of the trial, the weight loss was less significant than if they were given the higher dosage throughout the entire period.

Vinson and his team believe that a chemical called cholorogenic acid is the cause of the weight loss. He believes that this chemical stops fat absorption and triggers the liver to metabolize fat much faster. His beliefs back up the claims of Italian researchers, who published similar results just three years ago as well.

Vinson explained that chlorogenic acid simply could dissipate when the coffee beans are roasted. This would explain why coffee would not trigger the same weight loss effects that his team found in his study.

Finally, Vinson found that the lack of health effects was rare and a positive sign for green coffee bean extract. He noted that many other weight loss products in the market possess hidden side effects, but that none of the participants mentioned of any negative effects during the trial.

So, is green coffee bean extract the solution to weight loss problems? It may be too early to tell, but since the study was published – hundreds of people have reported seeing immediate weight loss results. Therefore, green coffee bean extract could very well become the diet product that will finally provide true weight loss results that so many people desire.

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