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I have a 1-foot tall concrete chicken statue that I decorate my garden. Since it is exposed to weather, over time, the paint peel off and some of the concrete is chipped. How do I fix it so that it will last long?

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We put in a large stamped concrete patio this year. We put quite a few plants in pots on the patio. When I water there is a white film left on the concrete. If it is mineral deposits from the water, how or can I get it off! And any ideas on how to prevent it from happening. Our patio would be empty without plants. so not putting them is not a option!
We had the concrete put in professionally. It is colored stamped concrete. The contractor did seal it a day after he put it in. It is a brownish grey color, so the white really stands out. I do have my pots on rollers, , but I guess when the water drains, it sits in the low stamped spots, and causes the white spots. Also I have used store bought potting soil for all my pots.

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