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10:00 - 11:50 a.m.

Session A
Literature Panel
: Atsuko Sakaki, University of Toronto
Regent Parlor

Panel-"The Text, the Body, the City: Space and Corporeality in Modern Japanese Literature"
1. "Inside the Tube of Myself": Open and Closed Circuits in Hagiwara Kyojiro's Poetry
William O. Gardner, Swarthmore College
2. The City as Matrix and Metaphor: Mapped Bodies, Embodied Space, and Detective Fiction in Japan
Amanda Seaman, Randolph-Macon College
3. Being a Part of and Apart from the Complex: The Modern Urban Life in Kanai Mieko's Corporeal Narrative
Atsuko Sakaki, University of Toronto
4. Discussant
Hosea Hirata, Tufts University
10:00 - 11:50 a.m.

Session B
SLA Research: Individual Papers
Ken'ichi Miura, Temple University
Sutton North

1. 正確さを表す指標の検証:口頭産出分析のための基礎研究
(Examination of Accuracy Indicators: Basic Research on the Analysis of Oral Production)

Masumi Tajima, Purdue University
2. Japanese Teachers' Back Channel with Native Speakers and with Learners
Junko Hino, University of Pennsylvania
3. Assessment Strategies by NS and NNS's interaction
Ritsuko Narita, University of Hawaii-Manoa
4. Corrective Feedback in Teacher-fronted and Pair Work Activities at Different Levels of JFL Classrooms
Nobuaki Takahashi and Yukiko Abe Hatasa, University of Iowa
10:00 - 11:50 a.m. Session C
Linguistics: Individual Papers
Moderator: Wesley Jacobsen, Harvard University
Sutton Center
1. Revisiting the "Given A Constraint": Analysis of Japanese Written and Spoken Narrative
Tomoko Takeda, University of Oregon
2. 「鼻音+子音の連続にみる音韻論比較:規則 vs. 制約」
(Nasal+Consonant Clusters: A Phonological Comparison between Rules and Constraints)

Makiko Asano, San Francisco State University
3. 「『さ』と『よ』の機能と性差」
(Functions of and Gender Differences between "sa" and "yo")

Yoko Collier-Sanuki, University of Alaska - Fairbanks, and Shino Takahashi, University of British Columbia
4. Referential Choice and Episode Transitions in Japanese Narratives
Fumio Watanabe, Yamagata University
10:00 - 11:50 a.m. Session D
Pedagogy/Technology: Individual Presentations
Moderator: Phyllis Larson, St. Olaf College
Sutton South
1. Kantango: A User-friendly Web-based CALL Program for Japanese Language Learners
Asako Hayashi, University of California, Los Angeles
2. 中級学習者を対象にした作文支援ツールの開発
(Development of Supporting Tools for Composition Writing by Intermediate Learners)

Maki Hirotani, Purdue University
3. Process, Pitfalls, and Product of Web-based Language Portfolios
Jane Blyth Warren, Kalamazoo College
4. Toward Effective Acquisition of Prosody in Japanese
Sanae Eda, The Ohio State University
11:50-1:00 LUNCH
1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Session E
Japanese Heritage Language-SIG Panel 1
Masako Douglas, California State University Long Beach
Regent Parlor

(Evaluating Tools for Measuring the Bilingual Language Abilities of Heritage Learners)
1. 日本語力テストの開発
(Developing Tests of Japanese Language Abilities)

Hiroshi Ono, National Institute of Multimedia Education
2. Bilingual Verbal Ability Test を使用したペルー系日系子女の語彙習得調査
(Investigation of Vocabulary Acquisition by Peruvian-Japanese Children Using the Bilingual Verbal Ability Test)

Shoko Takeuchi, Nagoya University Graduate School of International Development
3. OBCを使用した韓国語・日本語の二言語環境にいる韓国人児童の二言語能力 -母語保持・発達を中心に-
(Bilingual Language Abilities of Korean Children in a Korean-Japanese Environment Measured with the OBC: Focus on the Maintenance and Development of the First Language)

Hyun-Sook Joo, Ochanomizu University
4. Discussant
Kazuko Nakajima, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Session F
Discourse Analysis Panel
Chair: Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota-ILES
Sutton North

Panel- "Questions - Answers, etc.: The Larger Picture"
1. The Interactive Construction of wadan in Japanese Dyadic Conversations
Polly Szatrowski, University of Minnesota-ILES
2. 日本語の相談の談話の構造分析
(A Structural Analysis of Japanese Consultation Discourse)

Kyoko Suzuki, Waseda University
3. 日本語の「確認質問の単純質問」での返答について
(On responses to Yes/No Questions)

Kiyoshi Onuma, University of Tsukuba
4. 日本語の意見文の文章構造
(Organization of Japanese Opinion Texts)

Mitsuko Kido, University of Tsukuba
1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Session G
Literature: Individual Papers
Moderator:Sarah Strong, Bates College
Sutton Center

1. Erotic Triangles and Homosocial Desire in the Novels of Natsume Soseki (1867-1916)
William Ridgeway, University of Colorado at Boulder
2. Toward Androgyny: "Yugamasenai you ni" by Ito Hiromi
Ken'ichi Miura, Temple University
3. Rereading Tachihara Masaaki's Popular Stories from Postcolonial Perspectives
Yoshiko Matsuura, Purdue University
4. Staging Foreign Landscape: Transforming Chinese Ink Paintings into a Noh Play
Leo Shingchi Yip, Ohio State University
1:00 - 2:50 p.m.

Session H
Pedagogy: Individual Papers
Moderator:Yuki Johnson, University of Toronto
Sutton South

1. Culture,Communication and Conflict Management: A Comparison of the Success of Five Styles of Conflict Resolution in the Japanese Classroom in the U.S.
Masako Hamada, Villanova University
2. Learning to Infer the Meaning of Kanji Compounds Effectively: Kanji-jyukugo o kookateki ni gakusyuu suru tame ni
Satoru Ishikawa, Itsuko Nakamura, Hisako Ueda, Emi Yamanaka, Toshitaka Ishiguchi, Harvard University
3. Content-Based Approaches to Listening Comprehension at Intermediate Level
Tomoko Fujimura, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
4. Incorporating Practical Writing into the Curriculum: The Case of Nakama and Genki
Ayako Yamagata, Lawrence University
3:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Session I
Japanese Heritage Language-SIG Panel 2
Chair: Hiroko Kataoka, California State University - Long Beach
Regent Parlor

Panel: 「補習校、継承語校における継承語学習児童の言語力とカリキュラム」
(Heritage Learner Children's Language Abilities and Curricula at Japanese Supplementary Schools and Heritage Language Schools)
1. 補習校在籍児童への継承日本語教育の可能性:米国中規模補習校の例
(Heritage Japanese Education at a Japanese Saturday School in the US Southeast)

Toshiko Kishimoto, Clemson University
2. 継承日本語児童の日本滞在による日本語能力の変化:ケーススタディー
(Changes in the Japanese Language Abilities of Heritage Learner Children After a Stay in Japan: A Case Study)

Masako Douglas, California State University - Long Beach
3. 補習校における継承語学習者のための日本語コースカリキュラム:可能性と実施について
(Japanese Language Course Curricula for Heritage Learners at Japanese Supplementary Schools: Possibilities and Implementation)

Hiroko Kataoka, California State University - Long Beach
4. アメリカ中西部における日本語継承語教育支援システムの構築 -オンライン教材を利用して
(Building a Support System for Heritage Japanese Education in the US Midwest: Use of On-line Teaching Materials)

Hitomi Oketani-Lobbezoo and Motoko Tabuse, Eastern Michigan University
3:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Session J
Literature Panel
Chair: Anne Sokolsky, University of California, Berkeley
Sutton North

Panel: "Figuring Modernity: Japanese Women as Agent or Object?"
1. Nostalgia and the Construction of Childhood: Women Writing for Children in Taisho Japan
Joan Ericson, Colorado College
2. Life After the Japanese New Woman Writer: Tamura Toshiko's Showa Period Writing
Anne Sokolsky, University of California, Berkeley
3. The Mystery of the Missing Female Detective Writer in Interwar Japan
Sari Kawana (Noya), University of Pennsylvania
4. Discussant
Faye Kleeman, University of Colorado, Boulder
3:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Session K
Pedagogy Panel
Chair:Mutsuko Endo Hudson, Michigan State University
Sutton Center

Panel: 「上級日本語」 -その教育とTA指導の試み-
"Advanced Japanese": Instruction and TA Training
(Issues and Solutions for Advanced Reading Comprehension Instruction, from the Viewpoint of Language Acquisition)

Yasumi Kuriya, University of Iowa
(Advanced Conversation Instruction Using Video Teaching Materials: How to Conduct Discussions)

Tomoko Shibata and Chiemi Hanzawa, University of Iowa
3. 「話し言葉中心・書き言葉中心の二本立て日本語4年コース」
(A Fourth-Year Japanese Course with a Dual Focus on Speaking and Writing)

Mutsuko Endo Hudson, Michigan State University
4. 「上級日本語教育におけるTA指導の諸問題」
(Problems in TA Training for Advanced Japanese Language Instruction)

Discussant: Yukiko Abe Hatasa, University of Iowa
3:00 - 4:50 p.m.

Session L
SLA Research: Individual Papers
Moderator:Sachiko Matsunaga, California State University, Los Angeles
Sutton South

1. Assessing the Difficulty of Japanese Reading Materials: A Zero Pronoun Perspective
Miho Fujiwara, Willamette University, and Mitsuko Yamura-Takei, Hiroshima City University
2. Analysis of L1 Use in JFL Classrooms
Yuko Nakahama, Nagoya University
3. Short-term and Long-term Effects of Mnemonics on Remembering Hiragana
Sachiko Matsunaga, California State University, Los Angeles
4. 日本語学習者の漢字に対する認識と学習ストラテジー
(Japanese Language Learners' Perceptions about Kanji and Kanji Learning)

Hideko Shimizu, University of Colorado, and Yoshiko Mori, Georgetown University
5:00- 6:00 p.m. General Session
Regent Parlor
Keynote Speaker: Donald Keene, Columbia University

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