An Important Announcement from FTE

In a letter dated January 25, 2011, Jon Buell, president of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics, informed the Texas Education Agency that FTE is withdrawing from the bidding process for submitting biology curriculum for possible use by Texas Schools. The letter reads in part:

Thank you for your assistance while we were participants in the bidding process to submit material for Biology 1 Supplemental Science Curriculum for the state of Texas.

After further consideration, we have decided to withdraw as a candidate or contender for such curriculum. Please let me know as soon as possible if this letter is not sufficient as our notice of withdrawal with IMET, in accordance with the requirements of IMET and the TEA.

In wishing to end speculation that FTE was an active participant in the bidding process, Mr. Buell stated, “we thought this matter had been taken care of with a short email from us to the TEA on November 15, 2010. I did not realize until speculations began to surface that a signed letter on publisher’s stationary was the only acceptable means stipulated by the TEA for withdrawing from the process. We now have submitted that official letter.”

Hopefully, by posting this announcement on our website ( speculation about this matter will end.

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The Foundation for Thought and Ethics advances initiatives for young people in important matters of world view, offering a scientific–not religious–rationale for the intelligent design (ID) of living systems. ID is the basis for the book, Of Pandas and People, which was at the heart of the attack by the ACLU in their suit of the Dover, PA school board.

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