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Yoshikazu Sasaki

Yoshikazu Sasaki is an excellent hentai illustrator who had ever worked for M de Mink, a hentai game company famous for its high quality color effects rendering in CG. After drawing CGs for only two hentai games: Princess Knights and Danger Angel, he faded off his reputation from the hentai industry somehow. Now his name is even shown as “Undisclosed” in some official sales networks for these games. And the info of those games is scarce to be found in the Internet, as well as that of the artist. Anyway, both of his CG sets are supremely beautiful and worthy to be highlighted for every hentai lover’s permanent collection in the highest priority! They should be regarded as the best hentai CG sets.

Yoshikazu Sasaki Profile

  • Name: Yoshikazu Sasaki (佐々木良和)
  • Profession: Hentai Illustrator
  • Sex: Male

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Hentai Game CG by Yoshikazu Sasaki

Game Developer: M de Mink (エム・ピンク)

Princess Knights (公主騎士)

Cover of Princess Knights, Hentai Game CG Illustrated by Yoshikazu Sasaki Busty female knight taking bath in lake Very beautiful big tits of a cute princess sleeping in bed Cute princess knight without lingeries sitting with legs open, ready for sex Hot sex with a beautiful princess knight

(640×480, 371P, 153M, PNG)

Danger Angel ~異常進化~ Game CG

Danger Angel Thumbnail 1, Hentai Game CG by Yoshikazu Sasaki Danger Angel Thumbnail 2 Danger Angel Thumbnail 3 Danger Angel Thumbnail 4 Danger Angel Thumbnail 5 Danger Angel Thumbnail 6

(640×480, 250P, 58.7M, PNG)

Danger Angel ~異常進化~ Game Introduction Book

Cover of Danger Angel, Hentai Game Introduction Art Book Illustrated by Yoshikazu Sasaki Character settings of sexy female warrior in blue Chinese dress Character illustration of hot female pirate Two cute girls sticking together in bed Illustration CGs of very beautiful and cute queen, the main female character Beautiful young queen lying in bed with sexy legs

(1208×1754, 115P, 43.8M)

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5 Responses to “Yoshikazu Sasaki”
  1. Junky Says:

    I just got it. Those pictures are amazing! by the fashion I mean.

  2. KaZe Says:

    I really love the fantansy drawing style! Hope can download it~

  3. nggaz Says:

    man, they all dressed very well

    awesome… u did really good (let us not talk `bout the contents n basic story ^_^ but `bout your graphic design skill)

    all the pics have some value in the details


  4. Libertian Says:

    I’m fell little lost( my bad eng:() and i just dont get it…Where is password? (for DA) Sorry and thank you for upload? but really help me with password, please…

  5. H-Zip Admin Says:

    @Libertian: It’s “”

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