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Party Promotes Notion of Ozawa Conspiracy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tokyo -- Ichiro Ozawa may be one of Japan's most unpopular politicians, but that does not mean he has no supporters at all.

PanOrient News discovered some Ozawa supporters on the streets outside Tokyo's Shinjuku Station collecting signatures in support of their man, and in protest to what they regard as being the abuse of prosecutorial power.

"We feel that there was a political agenda involved and that this prosecution is a bit strange," says Kiyoshi Katada, one of the campaigners.

"The mass media is not reflecting the real Ichiro Ozawa," he contends.

Katada believes that the American government is ultimately responsible for the persecution of Ozawa. The former DPJ leader had intended to adopt policies different from the former LDP regime, and Katada thinks that there is a link between Washington and the Japanese prosecutors.

"Ozawa wanted to make big changes in internal governance as well as diplomatic policy," Katada says.

The signature collection campaign is organized by a grouping called the "Richard Koshimizu Independence Party," which also believes in world conspiracies organized by Jewish people. They advocate the resurgence of Japanese power through the development of alternate energy sources to replace oil and gas.

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