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Cherishing the heroic life Hong Gil-Dong
A pioneer of citizen's rights
Was born in Achisil, the land of calm
With a desire of a rock of tungtung,
With a spirit of Mt. Mudeung in his heart,
As a descendant of a noble family,
Enlightened the dark side of this land
Being a torchlight of the persons in rags,
Holding the resentment in his heart,
Tied in the hierarchical national law
Hong Gil-Dong , a proud Korean man-
built a kingdom in the sea for equality
In the Okinawa Islands far away,
A Strange land kilometers away in a ship
500 years after since he set out this land,
And he led a great action
In east sea of China,
We call him a hero.

Translation from the excerpt of thesis of professor Seol Seong-Gyeong, Yonsei University


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