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N.Y., China Investigating Black Market in Bodies

Self-Admitted Participant of Bodies Black Market Described 'Body Runs,' Where Bodies Went for $200 to $300


Arnie Geller, the chairman of Premier Exhibitions, told ABC News he was appalled at the allegations that some of the bodies from his Chinese suppliers might be those of executed prisoners.

He said his own medical staff had seen no such evidence and that his suppliers have assured him that "these are all legitimate, unclaimed bodies that have gone through Dalian Medical University."

"If these can actually be attributed to even the people that we're doing business with, we would have to do something about that immediately," Geller said.

There is no hard evidence that executed prisoners' bodies ended up in Premier's exhibits, but the fact is, Geller's company does not know who the bodies are, or were; only that they came from China and were unclaimed bodies.

Millions of people have paid to see the bodies put on display by Premier Exhibitions, which has exhibits running in New York City, Las Vegas and at least a dozen other cities around the world.

In a statement from its general counsel, Brian Wainger, Premier said, "We look forward to having a thorough investigation that will allow the facts to reveal themselves in an unbiased way."

ABC News' Beth Loyd contributed to this report.

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