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Dance of Approval

John McCain Gives
George W. Bush Happy Feet

"...if he wants my pretty face standing by his side at one of these rallies, I'd be glad to show up."
-- George W. Bush (VIDEO)

March 6th, 2008
Ellen Taylor Wants to See Cheney Impeached -- She Also Wants Lunch; "I'm really hoping this will happen, because I would really like to eat a sub sandwich."

March 5th, 2008
Uniquely American; U.S. couples need $225,000 for health care in retirement | Canadian Household Can Go 120 Years on That

March 4th, 2008
Anti-Anti-War; "I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. Sen. John McCain has a lifetime of experience that he'd bring to the White House. And Sen. Obama has a speech he gave in 2002." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton | October 2, 2002 | October 10, 2002

March 4th, 2008
'The Iraq War Is Wrong. Why Can't Candidates Admit It?' Norman Solomon

March 4th, 2008
Students, Iraq War Vet Arrested for Mock Iraq War Raid; Dean says 'mimicking a true emergency' is scary | Tuscaloosa-SDS Condemns University's Actions; "That is life for people in Iraq."

See 'SiCKO' for Free!

March 5th, 2008
Once a Week for Five Years; "I can’t go with someone who says the war will go on for another 100 years."

March 5th, 2008
War on Terrier; U.S. citizens care more about dog than Iraqi humans

March 5th, 2008
War Comes Home; Decorated Iraq war vet may be killed by U.S.

March 5th, 2008
Local CodePink Only Member of Public to Attend Berkeley Rebuke Meeting

March 4th, 2008
Vermont Towns Vote to "Arrest and Detain George Bush and Richard Cheney"

Bring Them Home Now

Printable Representations: U.S. Deaths, U.S. Wounded, 'Excess' Iraqi Deaths