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This site is for anyone considering visiting Japan.


Don't visit Japan.

Don't do business in Japan.

Don't support the Tokyo Olympic bid.

The public image is that Japan is a modern functioning democracy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  P

Japan is a fascist police state, intent on ethnic cleansing & racial purity.

A former bilingual US Ambassador had the following to say:
"The Japanese are the most insular, parochial, xenophobic and clannish race I have ever encountered. One owes it to one's self-respect to express one's outrage at it."
Edwin O. Reischauer
This site is my peaceful, non-violent expression of outrage.

"They who would give up essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." 

Benjamin Franklin

 other "Bastion of Human Rights" 

Like in that other great bastion of human rights

The United States of America.....

You will be fingerprinted and photographed like a common criminal upon your arrival.

Welcome to Japan!

And if you refuse, you'll be strip-searched, body cavity-searched and then forcibly fingerprinted!

What a wonderfully warm Japanese welcome!

Japanese nationals are only fingerprinted when charged with a criminal offence.

 Your crime is being a foreigner! 

Welcome to the land of Government sponsored xenophobia!

And that's just the beginning!


You see, ONLY FOREIGNERS commit crimes

 in Japan.

 Only FOREIGNERS are terrorists!

But look closely! ALL of the faces on the "Wanted" posters at the police station are JAPANESE!

Meet Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara.

He's the Chair of the Tokyo Olympic Committee for 2016. He wants the prestige and the profit from holding the games in Tokyo. But he HATES foreign people with a passion! He's on record as calling foreigners "dirty dogs, who'll only kill and steal  from us Japanese if there's an earthquake or some other natural disaster."

Hardly in keeping with the Olympic spirit, is it?

Let's meet his personal friends!

These are his extreme right wing neo-nazi supporters longing for a return to the glorious days of the Japanese Imperial Army. You know, the one which invaded, raped, pillaged and enslaved its way across Asia.

The same ones who, to this day, say "we did nothing wrong!"

These are the people who are asking for the Olympics to be held in Tokyo!

A to Z
Convinced of its uniqueness and chosen place among nations Japan has been lauded for its economic miracle, its education system and cultural wealth. However, all of its treasures, including the land itself, is in tatters. Faced with a choice of recognizing there is a problem and working to solve it, the powers that be have instead chosen to bury their heads in the sand, and repeat slogans and mantras in the hope that everyone will be lulled back to a sense of contentment. Socially, economically and politically Japan is a disaster about to implode on itself. It's just a matter of time. That will be sooner rather than later. Future business, investment and cultural endeavors would be better done elsewhere in Asia.  Any corporation intending to do business in Asia should be based in either Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur. 
Japan is the sick man of Asia now.
A: Asbestos (Millions of Buildings Constructed Thereof) Corrugated asbestos buildings, long since town down for health reasons in other G8 countries are a mainstay of Japanese industry. There are ubiquitous here.

B: Bribery (Politicians, Businessmen, Police) Any favour you want, from having a railway stop put in near your house, to having laws passed in the Diet, to having your political opponent eliminated, is available for a price. get caught? Just deny! Deny! Deny!

C: Concrete (A National Obsession) Everywhere! 30 times the annual amount of concrete used in the 48 contiguous US sates combined is used in Japan every year! They even concrete river-beds!

D: Dango (Public Works Bid-Rigging) Corrupt politicians get 3% of the bid price as a favour for rigging the bid. Dirty business indeed!

E: Education (Failed System) The Ministry of Institutionalized Incompetence. Students learn "how to be Japanese" at school. That's all! Obedience, marching and conformity!

F: Fuji-san (The World's Biggest Toilet) 900,000 People a day climb Mt. Fuji in July and August. There are no chemical toilets, so all the effluent stays on the mountain surface. Someone who fell last year got tetanus from a scrape on the ice.

G: Gaijin (Foreigners: NOT Japan's Main Problem) Whenever there has been a crime committed the racists shout "foreigners!" The jails are 99% full of Japanese, many on death row for mass-murder. Foreigners are NOT the problem!

H: Health Care (System In Trouble) 55% of the population is over 65 years of age. Hospitals are closing down daily. Doctors move overseas for better working conditions. Drug companies push snake oil medicines. Government is "studying the problem!"

I: Ijime (Bullying At All Levels Of Society) Overseas bullies are punished. Here the bullied are the bad guys. many children commit suicide because of being bullied. Company workers are also bullied by their superiors.

J: Juku (Cram Schools) After spending all day marching and sloganeering about how wonderful Japan is, the kids have to spend their evenings in cram schools to learn what foreign kids learn when they're supposed to: in school!

K: Kitanai (Dirty: Dumping Everything Everywhere) Old fridges, washing machines, computers, TVs, cars, dead name it, that's what you'll find while on a quiet countryside walk in Japan. Especially around and on Mt. Fuji!

L: Lies (Official Truth) The Government tells the TV stations and the newspapers what to print. Lenin and Himmler would be proud!

M: Money Politics (Government-Wide Corruption) Cash is preferred, as it can't be traced. At least in China they get a bullet behind the ear. In Japan they get promoted.

N: Nuclear Power (Accidents & Cover-Ups) Two sets of manuals. One is for the real maintenance work. The other s for cutting corners and lying when there is a nuclear accident. Nuclear accidents happen about once a month here, but they're covered up. Deny! Deny!

O: Overseas Development Assistance (Buying Overseas Friends) When you need to overfish an area, make a donation. When you need to dump toxic waste, make a donation! You get the idea!

P: Pornography (All Day Every Day Everywhere) Modesty is given lip-service here by little fuzzied out parts on porn pictures. But magazines depicting violent, S & M acts, shown done to children are sold everywhere, and are read on the trains and buses by salary-men and school children. And we wonder why we have horrible copy-cat crimes against children!

Q: Quality Control (Really?) Earthquake data falsified building plans, nuclear accidents, train accidents, bus fires, house-fires, food-poisoning, organ-transplants of sick kidneys, contaminated fruit and vegetables, corrupt police officers, politicians, business leaders, child-molesting teachers......ah! Yes! Japanese quality control.

R: Refugees (And Ex-Pats) Long term residents are leaving. UN recognized refugees are not recognized in Japan. And they want a UNSC Permanent Seat. Why?

S: Seku-Hara (Sexual Harrassment) 75% of women have been harrased at work or school. 81% of 16 year olds have been sexually assaulted, and/or treated for a STD. Child rape is common, especially by teachers and fathers. See "porn" and you'll understand why!

T: Theme Parks (Unnecessary and Empty) From a "Dog" Theme park where all the dogs had to be rescued from maltreatment, to, imitation Dutch Villages. All un-needed and un-visited and a waste of time and money.

U: "Utsukushi-Kuni!" (Beautiful Country!) Mr. Abe keeps repeating this mantra. What does he mean? Nobody knows. Maybe even Mr. Abe doesn't know either! Just sounds good.

V: Visual Pollution Wires, poles, flashing lights, signs, decrepid buildings, asbestos structures, no planning, higgledy-piggledy planning (none), noise, announcements, bells, gongs and whistles. Apocalyptic cities, promising depressing lives. Maybe this accounts for 100 suicides a day.

X: Xenophobia Do foeigners get hayfever? How long did it take you to drive to Germany? Can you use chopsticks? Are you American? Can you eat sushi? Your nose is long! Just some of the stupid things I've been asked or told. Worst of all is the foreign community tries hard to follow the rules in Japan. The Japanese themselves couldn't give a damn. See Kitanai/Dumping above!

Y: Yasukuni Shrine (Burial Place of Class "A" War-Criminals) Without the permission of the Emperor Showa (Hirohito) the son of the priest enterred the remains of Class "A" War Criminals in the Shrine grounds. Honorably, the Emperor never returned to pray. Only the die-hard right-wing militants do that. Japan will never make real peace with its neighbors if this continues. Japan will always be a war criminal nation which refuses to repent. Or be forgiven.

Z: Zaibatsu (Cartels) They scream the loudest when they are resisted while opening businesses overseas, but Japan's airtight cartels steadfastly refuse to let foreign companies operate on international rules in Japan. This is not a free market. Never was. Never will be.

Still want to visit?
Save your time and your money! 
Go somewhere you'll be treated with kindness and have your dignity respected. 
Go to Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia instead!

"The Japanese are the most insular, parochial, xenophobic and clannish race I have ever encountered.

One owes it to one's self-respect to express one's outrage at it." Edwin O. Reischauer
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